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Įllącan Beorhtlig
30/Nov/2009, 03:36 PM
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<DIV align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Fancy a fight? Got a beef to brawl over? Havethe need to knuckle a noggin?Well this is the place for it!
<DIV align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">In the dark caverns and caves of the mountain, there can sometimes be little justice and much anarchy - but in the area ofscuffles and scraps,they have a code of law! The law of the fight pits. Its fairly simple; squabbles are settled here. Anything goes, any weapon allowed, any way to settle the score. To enter, take your case to the ring-master, and do your best to keep under control until your turn, or you may end up being bait for the warm-up act... and you don't want to know what that is!
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<DIV align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">To brawl, fill in the challenge form below for the Ring Master. Styles include: 'fisty-cuffs', 'struggle and scuff', 'free-weapon fight', 'blood-bath', and 'to-the-death'. If you are challenged, and choose to refuse a challenge, you remain at the mercy of the ring-master - who shall choose a suitable punishment for cowards.
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<DIV align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Name:
<DIV align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Opponent Challenged:
<DIV align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Reason for Fight:
<DIV align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Choice of style:Edited by: Įllącan Beorhtlig

Norin Deathfoot
04/Dec/2009, 03:20 AM
Name: Norin Jenfoot

Opponent Challenged: Ellisiva Ylva (the Jenling!)

Reason for Fight: Because I love her? And we are dwarves!

Choice of style: struggle and scuff.

Norin Deathfoot
05/Dec/2009, 08:30 PM
(actually, I thought this was the new KD, so we don't need to fightsmileys/smiley1.gif)

10/Dec/2009, 10:31 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1">
<DIV align=left leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" ="WebWizRTE">Name: Cethina
<DIV align=left leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" ="WebWizRTE">Opponent Challenged: Allacan Beorhtlig
<DIV align=left leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" ="WebWizRTE">Reason for Fight: Restlessness
<DIV align=left leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" ="WebWizRTE">Choice of style: struggle and scuff (is that hand to hand? )

Įllącan Beorhtlig
18/Dec/2009, 08:57 PM
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">I accept!
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Struggle and scuff - No weapons allowed, you are allowed to wrestle, but only minor biting, scratching and hair-pulling allowed. Total - 3 posts each!
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Įllącan entered the pits. She had taken the advise from one of those on the side-lines and attempted to grease her bare arms a bit with fish oil. Unfortunately, while it made her more likely to dodge and wriggle out of Cethina's grip, she also stank horribly and was already wordering if the act had been worth the sacrifice. She circled the open arena, cursing the other woman for putting her courage to the test so soon. She hadn't wanted to back down - oh heck no - but then she would have liked a chance to enjoy watching a few games before being dragged into one herself. Still... one couldn't always have one's cake and eat it! And at least she hadn't been the warm-up act - the floor was still slippy from that horrid experience!
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19/Dec/2009, 06:41 PM
Name: Idesinholde
Opponent Challenged: Uruva
Reason for Fight: She's too pretty!
Choice of style: 'fisty-cuffs'

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21/Dec/2009, 11:22 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Struggle and Scuff with Įllącan
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Cethina was as eager as anyone to fight, and in her impatience she had selected to challenge the first able bodied person that she spotted. Įllącan seemed to be a worthy apponent and she was forced, more or less, to accept, lest she be labled a coward and pinned for humiliating punishment.
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=left marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Cethina watched as she lathered herself up with fish oil and she did the same, quickly smearing a thin layer of grease on her forehead and cheeks so the punches would roll off easily. She entered the ring, which smelled of sweat and fresh blood, with the intention of throwing Įllącan off a bit. Today she would be fighting southpaw and stood with her right hand and foot forward to mirror her opponent. Her feet were bare so that she could better grip the ground beneath her. I wonder what sort of fighting style she will be using, Cethina thought to herself as she watied for the match to begin. The struggle and scuff was explained as being a wrestling type match with biting scratching and hair pulling allowed. She didn't usually condone the later three but today she would use them as needed. And in order to size up her apponent she allowed her to strike first.

Įllącan Beorhtlig
11/Jan/2010, 06:17 PM
OOC - So sorry for keeping you waiting, you know what the holidays can be like!

She was pacing backwards and forwards, and Cethina took up a stance that suggested a fighting style. Įllącan paused, re-assessing what this might mean, before changing her stance to a low one, bending her knees and bringing left shoulder and arm forward, placing it in a fist upon the floor, the other arm free to the side. She didn't like to strike first, but Cethina was clearly not going to do so... and Įllą was impatient to get this started. She knew a stubborn opponent when she saw one.

She lifted her balance, her toes splayed across the floor as every part of her was compacted and controlled into a movement forwards. Not a run, she knew better than to force all her momentum into an initial attack - you risked being dodged and knocked aside. Still, once within a few feet, she pushed herself forwards through the air towards Cethina, adding swiftness that was all too used to being used as a deadly attack to something she knew was nothing more than a feint. Her body curled and extended, a foot reaching out to kick at Cethina's in an effort to unbalance her and then slam her with her weight. But at the last moment, Įllą checked both her momentum and hert strike, and dropping low suddenly, her right hand came shooting out - aiming a punch at the neck to wind and surprise more than damage.

14/Feb/2010, 08:16 AM
Name: Cearu
Opponent Challenged: Allacan Beorthlig
Reason for Fight: Would be fun
Choice of style: Free-weapon fight

10/Mar/2010, 06:40 PM
It was good to be back. During his travels around Middle-Earth, he had the chance to fight, but it had been field battles, with weapons and blood, not an inside brawl he so much enjoyed, specially if the brawls occurred in a crowded and drunk pub. Well, he wasn't heading this time towards a pub, no sure, but a fighting pit worked for the same purpose. Besides it, pit and pub had the same number of letters, started by the same letter, so, they were like cousins.

However, shamelessly, it seemed Tornihyanda wasn't going to have any brawl anytime soon. The pits looked kind of empty and cold, with no cries of fights and fun. What had happened? Had the fellow Dwarves lost the love for brawls while he had been away? Hopefully not, because otherwise, he would certainly have to visit the Black Land of Mordor to find there some opponents. Surely the Goblins and the Orcs still liked to brawl, specially if it was to struggle against a Dwarf. Still, those brawls weren't that fair, because the nasty creatures would certainly use their cunningness and malice to win a brawl, even if they had to use sharpen objects. Hopefully he could find some fun in here."So, what? Is there anybody out there with the guts to face me?" asked aloud Tornihyanda, looking around for a brave fighter.
Opponent Challenged:Anyone, really!
Reason for Fight:I need to warm up, it's a cold Winter!
Choice of style:Struggle and scuff</span>

Yew Zername
13/Mar/2010, 01:45 PM
Name: Yew
Opponent Challenged: Idesinholde
Reason for Fight: Her dog stole my pants!!! (No, not really. And this is a reference to DOA.)
Choice of Style: Struggle and Scuff

It was a good day in Moria... until that stupid dog stole his pants! Now he was wearing his half- brother's short shorts. And NO SHIRT! So he knew it was time for some Scuffing and/or Struggling. He yelled out "Cummere, ya coward! I'll bite yer pants in two and shove em' down yer throat! Take your daily medicine of whuppin' and one to grow on! RAHHHHHHHH!'"

Rior Laegiel
13/Mar/2010, 04:29 PM
NPC Silverbeard ~ taking Torni's challenge

Though the dwarf had been living in the lonely mountain for some years, and though many dwarves both in - and outside of - the lonely mountain knew him or of him, only about a handful knew him by his first name, most knew him only as Silverbeard. Feeling a bit restless as he walked down one of the tunnels of the lonely mountain, it had been too long since he had had a decent brawl and it was beginning to get to him and it didn't exactly improve his mood. He needed a visit to the fighting pits in the mountain.

Stepping into the pits he heard one of the dwarves (Torni), who looked familiar but he was sure they hadn't been properly introduced, asking if someone had the guts to face him. "I do" Silverbeard answered as he stepped further into the pits in Torni's direction. "The name's Silverbeard" he introduced himself with a short nod in greeting as he sized up Torni and decided his opponent would indeed prove a worthy challenge.</font></span>

Įllącan Beorhtlig
16/Mar/2010, 06:14 PM
Olly and Torni - Enjoy</font> smileys/smiley4.gif</font>

Struggle and scuff -</font> No weapons allowed, you are allowed to wrestle, but only monir biting, scratching and hair pulling allowed Total - 3 posts each!

</font>Cearu - "I accept"</font>

Free-weapon fight - You may choose up to a maximum of two hand-held weapons to use during this fight. The fight continues until first blood is drawn. No dirty fighting, although you'll only be punished if you get caught.

The next challenger wanted to add a little more spice to the fight by adding weapons. Įllącan </font>barely had time to assess her opponent - and young lad with more length to him than muscle - before she was being prepared for the fight. </font>For a moment, she wondered if this
person knew she was just as deadly with her bare hands as with her
weapons, before she pushed that too from her mind. this was a fight to
blood - not to the death. </font>For her weapons, she chose a short one-handed sword and a dagger, and she stretched and twisted her wrists and arms as though warming them up for the battle, although in truth it was purely for show. Įllącan's bitter life had taught her too always be ready to fight, or die.

The grease she had worn for a previous fight was now stinking and sticky, but she did not have time to clean or change so she forced it from her mind. Her predator eyes read every move that her opponent made as she entered the arena. Her feet placed themselves firmly, her balance neutral, even as she watched to seek his balance and placement. Turning herself so that her sword-side was partly forward, she turned the dagger in her hand so that the blade ran the length of her forearm rather than extending out. It was a subtly defensive move - but then, to mistakenlt think that was her only reason for doing it might easily be her opponent's downfall.

She waited patiently. this time she would not be the one to make the first move.

16/Mar/2010, 07:44 PM
"Mr Yew - I accept!" Idesin yelled at the muppet daring to challenge her. He was clearly mad making all kinds of accusations that made no sense to her at all. Shrugging at the stuff he was yelling she went closer to pull his hair. "How dare you, you mad short haired creature, how dare you challenge me? Oh I am gonna give you a hurt real bad!" With that she went forth to grasp his hair and pull it out if she could. Hopefully that would hurt and she'd get it out with the roots and he'd bleed and know better than to challenge her.<DIV ="WebWizRTE" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">

16/Mar/2010, 07:56 PM
Tornihyanda had been waiting for long and he was almost going away when he suddenly felt somebody touching on his shoulder. "What?" asked the Lord of the Mountains, almost forgetting he had made a challenge earlier. "Oh yes, finally someone with the guts to face me! Come on </span>Silverbeard! Show me what you've got!" laughed out loud </span>Tornihyandaas he grabbed the other Dwarf by an arm and dragged him down into one of the pits."Uhmm, </span>Silverbeard... I've met a couple of Silverbeards before, but I don't think I've ever seen your face before. Am I wrong?" smiled the old Dwarf, shrugging his shoulders as a little warm up. While waiting for a response from his opponent, he moved both feet away a bit and elevated his arms, swinging them around, never shifting his eyes off </span>Silverbeard's.</span>"My good friend! Yes, because now you are my friend! Someone that offers himself as my box training bag, will always be remembered as a friend!" laughed out loud </span>Tornihyanda."Now, as I was saying, I give you the honour of making the first step! Come on, what you are waiting for?"</span></span></span></span></span>

Yew Zername
16/Mar/2010, 08:16 PM
"You honor me with this fight. Thank you for this chance," said Yew politely. He looked down at his half-brother's pants. He clenched his fists and stopped himself from taking her on directly. He kowtowed slowly and arose. He stared at her blankly. He got on guard and then realized something. "Oh, me, hit you first? No, no, no. I was waiting for you. After all, tradition states both ladies first, and challenger after challenge-e." Another kowtow was shown, and he put his guard back on. He was ready to deal with anything she could dish out, and retaliate in kind.

17/Mar/2010, 02:15 AM
Vorin Ireheart
Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, and Gladiator</font>Mountain Fighting Pits</font>
</font>He wasnt overly large by dwarvish standards, nor was he substantially more muscular than the average dwarf, but the dwarf who marched into the fighting pits caused all onlookers to take a step back in awe. Standing at about four feet, ten inches tall and weighing in at nearly one hundred and eighty pounds, Vorin Ireheart seemed much larger than he was. Maybe it was the way he walked, maybe it was the way he held himself. But the dwarf was a proud and angry creature, his body filled with a deep desire to fight and spill blood. Down his back flowed a mane of dark red hair, tangled and unkept it flowed to his mid back. His leathery skin, from years of traveling and battling on the roads showed that he was a mercenary by trade, and a warrior at heart. His eyes were dark brown, and sharp. A scar across his left eye showed where a blade had nearly taken out this eye. His fiery beard sprouted from his face and was held together by a single iron ring with the dwarven rune for war carved into it. He wore a full suit of dull gray iron chainmail and under this wore a black suit of leather armor to cushion him. His thick leather boots where black and thick soled. Across his back he wore a large twohanded sword, a claymore of dwarven fashioning. On his hips he bore two twin weapons. They were morningstars, large spikey metal balls on chains ending with a wooden handle. He bore one in each hand and was very dangerous with them, as well as the sword. Stepping up to the ring master, he handed him a scrap of paper with his information scrawled on it. He was here for blood, he was ready for battle and his body yearned for the rush of adrenaline that came with it.</font>
</font>Name: Vorin Ireheart</font>Opponent Challenged: Anyone</font>Reason for Fight: Because He is hungry for blood.</font>Choice of style: Any</font></span>

Įllącan Beorhtlig
21/Mar/2010, 09:26 PM
Ides and Yew -</font> Struggle and scuff -</font> No weapons allowed, you are allowed to wrestle, but only monir biting, scratching and hair pulling allowed Total - 3 posts each!

</font>(Although its entertaining to see you banter, you might want to actually fight smileys/smiley31.gif Still, maybe I should introduce a round for insults only, inspired by you two. I could call it "Foulmouth Feuding" and it could be like that scene in Hook, lol)

</font>ANYONE FOR ORO?!</font>

22/Mar/2010, 09:05 AM
<DIV ="WebWizRTE" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">
( We're very into 'Foulmouth Feuding' we are! *g* )

Blinking at the strange one before her who suddenly went from mad to polite to mad again." Very well you foul smelling scoundrel son of a fish, I'll punch you first! In your face even it might improve the look of it! Though I mean you harm and no favour!" With that she aimed her clenched fist at his nose hoping to hear the cracking sound of it breaking; nothing else would please her as much. However half way she changed her mind and tried to grab a great big chunk of his hair to pull. Now that she knew from experience was painful, a broken nose she'd only heard hurt from other sources. She was going to get a hurt on; for the other person that was.

Edited by: Idesinholde

Rior Laegiel
23/Mar/2010, 06:04 PM
NPC Silverbeard
Struggle &amp; Scuff with Torni

"Gladly" Silverbeard grinned as Torni dragged him into one of the fighting pits. "Well, I have lived here in Erebor for some years, but I guess one indeed meets a lot of dwarves here in the mountain, so it's no strange thing if you don't remember me" he nodded "Or perhaps it's age?" Silverbeard grinned teasingly, to tell the truth though, he himself wasn't quite as young as he used to be.
"Nothing much" he replied while warming up some, then he closed the distance to his opponent, grabbinga piece of Torni's hair, and pulling it.</font>

Yew Zername
26/Mar/2010, 04:49 PM
"Alright, is that the way you want it? Take advantage of my good will? Well then, take this, you goblin-loving,uruk-smelling, troll-looking boot-licker!" Screamed Yew. He let out a blood-thirsty yell and clocked the girl of the pants-thieving dog, and then slid away while he had the upper hand.

27/Mar/2010, 05:22 PM
OOC (I shall except your challenge Oro if you like? - shall we say "free weapon fight", even though I don't know what it means, as it sounds good)

NPC Source
Dwalf Thief
(lets not go through complications that Source was recently killed by the balrog smileys/smiley4.gif - for those that read/were in Raiders Guild of Moria)

The pits were dark and deep but once you have been through Moria you have seen the darkest depths of middle earth. Source walked with his head held high from his 3 and a half foot body. He looked into the fighting pits were already there were a couple of fights going on. Source couldn't tell who they were but he imagined they were too into the fight to worry about the outside world. As Source moved slowly around onlookers, takeing some of their gold bags and placing them in his pockets, he saw a dwalf standing near the ring master giving him somthing. He was a beast of a dwalf and made Source shiver with thought. A perfect target for a fight.

"Oi, lardo! Yeah you with the spicky balls! I've seen babies with bigger bottles then those spikes. You looking at me now yeah. See this blade" Source shouted across the pits at the dwalf (Vorin) whilst taking his long sword out. It was gold plated around the handle and made in the finest elven forges, and had one previous owner. Well if you wanted to keep such a fine sword then don't go to sleep near Source, but back to the banter. "I'm going to cut you so much that when you go running home to your mine they will think its just an orc!"

Name: (NPC) Source
Opponent Challenged: Oro
Reason for
Fight: Needs a new blade so why not take it from somebody
Choice of style: Free Weapon Fight (explain rules please)

THEODEN EDIT: Free-weapon fight - You may choose up to a maximum of two
hand-held weapons to use during this fight. The fight continues until
first blood is drawn. No dirty fighting, although you'll only be
punished if you get caught.</font></span></font>

Edited by: Įllącan Beorhtlig

11/Apr/2010, 06:17 PM
Struggle&amp;ScuffwithSilverbeard (Olly)

"Calling me oldie, young one? Well, I will certainly teach you a lesson! I'll show you and I treat smart boys who think can be impertinent with the older!" warnedTornihyanda, smashing his fist against his hand, in a threatening gesture.</span>

However, it seemed that Silverbeard didn't feel that frightened by the menace posed by the Lord of the Mountains, because he had just pulled some hair out of his head. Ouch, how he hated that! Now, he was really angry and if Silverbeard wanted a cherry brawl, he had just made the right move. The time for words was over and the Lord of the Mountains let the rush ofadrenaline go through his whole body, impulsinghis limbsand cleaning his mind. "Give me back my hair!" he shouted as he jumped in the air towards Silverbeard, with both hands stretched out looking for the other Dwarf's throat. He had always liked that move and in his opinion, it was one of the most effective ways of starting a fight, grabbing your opponent by the neck with one hand, while the other was entertained punching his opponent on the face. Hopefully, Silverbeard would fall into the ground as he charged like a furious rhino and that would make his task even easier. Easier and funnier...</span>

16/Apr/2010, 05:21 AM
The mad creature attack her and then slid away. What was going on here? Idesin was too confused to even yell insults - so she just stood there dumbfounded wondering if her challenger leaving the arena meant she'd won.

Yew Zername
26/Apr/2010, 06:58 PM
"Hello? HELLOOOOOOO? Idesin, I just clocked you. DO SOMETHING! Look, I'm turning my back and lowering my defenses. sigh... look, I'm making this easy for you. I'm not going to knock myself out. Hello? HELLOOOOOOOOO? sigh...

03/May/2010, 04:29 AM
I sent you a PM Yew http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/smileys/smiley4.gif

10/May/2010, 08:17 PM
Struggle&amp;ScuffwithSilverbeard (Olly)

Uhmm... Something was wrong with that pal. He had outlined what roughly looked like a reaction, but it was all that he had done, a sketch of a response against the threat that Tornihyanda posed towards him. Was he drunk? No. If he was drunk, that he wouldn't have even managed to snatch some of his hair in the first place. Maybe he was losing his senses? That was a possibility, but then, the fact that Silverbeard still stood on his feet threw that theory to the ground. Well, to tell you the truth, Tornihyanda couldn't simply dismount that mystery and now, the situation drove him toa dead-end with no way out. End of the road, boy!, his father would certainly tell him if he was next to him in that moment.</span>In one hand, the apparentinertiaof Silverbeard could be used as an advantage. If he was opponent was unresponsive, then no way he could punch him back. In the other hand, it collided againstTornihyanda's ethics beating adefencelessopponent. In another scenario, in the war field, he wouldn't certainly hesitate and take him down. In those moments, it was kill your enemy or be killed. However, in that arena, it was a "friendly" combat, a simple brawl between two Dwarves thirsty of some fun.</span>Now that I've presented you Tornihyanda's dilemma, how would you advise him to proceed?</span>

13/Aug/2010, 09:45 PM
Name: Saracklus BronzeBeard
Oponnent Challenged: Cearu
Reason: A good fight a day keeps goblins away!
Choice of style: Free weapon Fight