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Inn of theBlue Heron</font></span></font></span></font>




The Inn of the Blue Heron is an ancient building which stands within the White Town; the settlement which has grown around the Cove of the White Ships. Built near the First Quay (reputedly the city's original wharf), this establishment is known as the favourite lodgings of visiting sea captains. Edheldur is the proprietor of the four-story structure. He resides in the rear of the second floor, along with his wife, a daughter, and three sons.
The blue heron is Edheldur's family's sigil, and represents his ancestors' history as fishermen of Belfalas.</font>
</span>A large hall contains over a dozen tables, each surrounded by a number of high-backed chairs fashioned by the talented master carpenters ofMiddle-town. A long, horse shoe bar hewed from a single trunk of oak extends outwards from the rear wall; behind this bar Edheldur labours. On the upper 3 stories, two-dozen rooms are available to rent, and give breath-taking views across Dol Amroth's three harbour quarters.
This inn is of considerable renown, and caters for many esteemed guests and travellers from throughout Gondor. Knights of the order of the Swan, and the occasional Courtier from Ost-en-Ernil are also knwon to dine here. Edheldur serves a fine selection of Belfalasian wines, and the inn has a small kitchen, preparing fresh meals; a wide variety of fish and shellfish are available, even during this winter season.
</font>Popular tipples:</span></font></font>Dorwinion Red- An exceedingly expensive and vintage wine imported from the north-eastern realms of Middle-Earth.</font></span>Belfalasian White- A moderately expensive wine from the vineyard estates of southern Belfalas.</font></span>Gondorian Brown- A cheap ale imported by the barrel from Anorien.</font></span>
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Trey Andurandir
04/Dec/2009, 04:17 AM
Treyan pushed the door to the inn open, stepping inside. Her black hair flew about her face as the chill sea-wind blew past her into the common-room. She let the door close and walked to a table near a window that faced out over the docks. She had spent the morning there, as was her wont these days, searching for any sign or news of the Ëaráca, her father's ship. She had little hope now, with Narlos now at her hip, that she would ever see the ship, or her father and brother, again. The news brought by Deivon had been dire indeed; the whole ship lost and he the only survivor. She counted herself lucky he had found Narlos to bring back to her. With a soft sigh, the young girl stared out the window, watching the activity outside and wondering what she should do. Where would her life take her now...?

04/Dec/2009, 04:54 AM
The outline of a woman in the window caught his eye as he walked past the Blue Heron.

He nearly passed the establishment and continue about his business, but something in him told him that he should stop. He turned on his heel in the middle of the street and entered the inn, standing in the doorway for a moment. The woman he had seen in the window was the only one here now. He looked at her for a moment before addressing her, "I hope you do not take offense to my saying, my lady," he said. "But that may be the most forlorn face I have ever seen in the window of this inn. And I feel it would be some sort of crime if I did not at least offer you a beverage and my ear, if you would have either."

He stood in the doorway, not wanting to assume any more than he already had by randomly addressing her. He had never met this woman in his life. But that crossed the young man's mind that made it seem to be the right thing to do to stop. "Oh, but where is my courtesy?" he said, remembering himself now. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aramir, at your service," he said with a slight bow of his head.

"And also let me qualify, that this offer may only be good today as I am nearly due to return to my duties in Minas Tirith," he added. He had obtained a short leave to visit his family, which livedtwo day's ride outside of Dol Amroth to the southeast. But he would soon need to return to the White City and resume his study and his training. While he was currently only a soldier of moderate station, he hoped to soon garner a leadership position and become an officer. It was something that he seemed to have prepared his whole life for.

He considered his own offer at this moment in the inn in his head for a moment and wished he had approached the situation differently. Yes, he considered, it was odd for a total stranger to offer such an offer to a woman. Many men might offer a similar proposition with dishonest motives in their head. Whilehisoffer was now- andalways hadbeen to others in the past- pure, still, there was plenty of reason for her to be skeptical of his motives. And suddenly, despite all his study of chivalry and courtly behavior, he felt extremely awkward trying to apply it in an everyday setting.

Trey Andurandir
04/Dec/2009, 02:23 PM
Trey paid the people walking past the inn little mind, focused more on the docks beyond, and so she barely noticed the young man who turned so abruptly and walked back for the inn. Like as not he was just someone who had spontaneously decided for a warm drink before continuing on to wherever his destination might be. It was no concern of hers. She had little enough of those now, and kept mostly to herself no matter where she was - one reason why she was glad she was the only one in the inn as of yet.

But the young man now entered, the chill wind swirling about him as it had her for he also stood in the doorway a moment before entering fully. She paid it no mind, save to brush her hair out of her face. His footsteps echoed in the silent room as he stepped inside enough to shut the door, but Treyan assumed he was merely starting towards the bar to order that drink. She blinked and looked up in surprise when he addressed her.

His speech was courtly, to be sure, and she had never heard such aimed at her save perhaps when Amrothos was being over-dramatic. She seldom saw the older boy now; at seventeen summers, he was old enough to join the ranks of the Swans - as an Esquire - and had already enlisted. But this young man spoke more surely in that manner than Amrothos ever had. Trey could only assume he had been brought up with it.

She was not entirely sure what to do in response. "...I thank you for your offer,"</font> she said, her voice quiet. "There is no offense taken."</font> a pause. She felt there was something she ought to do as well here. "...please, have a seat,"</font> she said hesitantly, indicating the chair across from her. It would be rather impolite if she forced this courtly young man to remain standing through whatever conversation they might have. Did that mean she had accepted his offer, as well? Perhaps...she was uncertain yet of that, but seemed amenable enough. She nodded in response to his introduction, giving one of her own. "I am Treyan. Well met, Aramir."</font>

Perhaps, she thought privately, offering for him to join her was not the wisest course of action. She had never met the man before, and had no idea what his motives may be for making such an offer with such a qualification. Returning to Minas Tirith? Perhaps he was a member of the Dagarim Arandur...his courtly manner did not lend itself well to the plain City Watch, in her estimation. But if such were so, if he did have duties to tend to in Minas Tirith, that meant he could be trusted, did it not?

Her father had spoken often of the qualities of the men of the White City, and decietfulness had never been among those he had mentioned. She would give this Aramir a chance, it was only fair that she do so. If he proved false, then it was a lesson learned, and she was certain she could handle herself should such an occasion arise. But if he proved the opposite, then perhaps she would have some friendly company for a change...she had been alone for some months now, and was starting to feel the sadness more keenly. Some conversation, even just for the day, might help to keep that sadness at bay.

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05/Dec/2009, 12:43 AM
"Thank you," he said, taking the seat offered. "Is there anything I could get for you? Food? Drink?" He inwardly cursed himself for sounding like a waiter. Now that he was sitting down, the sudden realization that he had no idea what he was doing washed over him, as it had pretty much every other time he attempted to be courtly. Maybe because in most cases, the extent of polite exchanges lasted no longer than the "hello" stage.

"I hope I don't seem to be too odd," he said, though after saying it, realized that apologizing of sorts for appearing odd would only make him appear moreso. "But the way I could see you gazing out across the sea seemed like you could use the company. Not intending to pry into your private life or anything, but please just allow me to say that the weather today is beautiful for this month, the fish stew here is excellent if you enjoy fish, and that I hear that the open sea has been rougher for a lot of sailors recently as the season turns deeper into winter," he said, just offering out three jumping points for possible conversation.

But then he hadn't even thought about it before and added, "Though I would suppose you probably would know all three of things if you're a native of the city." He laughed to himself, "Here I am more or less the stranger and pretending like I've lived her all my life. Truth is, I've never actually lived here in Dol Amroth." His family's land was on the outskirts and now he lived in Minas Tirith while serving with the Dagarim Arandur. "So where do you hail from?"

He supposed that was the point he was trying to get to all the while, and now kicked himself for not having just started with that instead of rambling around the point. Practice. Practice would make perfect eventually.

Trey Andurandir
05/Dec/2009, 01:22 AM
"No, thank you,"</font> Trey replied, offering Aramir a small smile. It brightened her eyes slightly, giving a hint to the laughing young maiden she had been until just recently. The young man seemed slightly awkward now, and Trey wondered why. He seemed a decent sort of fellow, really. So far, so good. And really, he needn't have worried about embarrassing himself in front of her; Trey wasn't exactly used to courtly manners of any sort. But they were nice to see.

She cocked her head as he spoke again. He was slightly odd, now that he mentioned it, wasn't he? And observant too, apparently...she could use the company, and was already rather glad he'd sat down. Had it really been that obvious, she wondered? She supposed so...it wasn't as though she was trying to hide anything, after all. She listened as he spoke, nodding slightly in agreement with each of his three points. The first two actually got her to smile wider, but the third erased it and she looked down at the table in front of her. The sea was rougher indeed...she knew that all too well.

But he was still speaking, and she looked back up. He wasn't from the city? But he was from the principality, with that accent. She'd know it anywhere. Trey smiled a bit at his question. "My home was a small village on the cliffs, about a day's ride out from the city. Father kept a small apartment here in town - he was a mariner, captain of the Ëaráca - and we'd come visit him when he didn't have time to come home for a while. "</font> she hesitated. "...you're right, the seas do get rougher toward winter. And the fish stew is rather good, though Mother's was better. Her recipe had more thyme in it."</font> she smiled faintly and cocked her head again. "If not the city, then, where did you hail from, before Minas Tirith?"</font> She turned faintly shy then, wondering if her next question would have her coming off as just another child eager to hear of places she's never seen. "And...what is the White City like?"</font>

06/Dec/2009, 05:58 PM
"My father is a small-time Lord around these parts," he said, somewhat proudly. Although his family didn't control a vast amount of wealth or influence, their land holdings were respectable and they served the Prince admirably for many years. His ancestors were gifted a small tract of good flat land after the service of of his ancestor Sir Beren, who served Dol Amroth as a knightand was named after the Steward of Gondor at his birth. Beren aided Gondor during the battle at the Crossings of Poros during 2885 and was rewarded for it.

"It's a little more than two days ride to the south and the east along the pennisula. The fog rolls in heavy during most mornings and the farmers must wait til the sun burns it away to begin work. The land is good and we grow much that is stockpiled for ourselves and other areas during the winter." he said. "My surname is actually Hisende, 'Land of Fog,' though I rarely use it. I'd rather not get any special treatment just because my father is a peer."

Although he did know that his father's name and standing did play a part with his entering the military academy in Minas Tirith, but since getting in the door, it had been his own merits that elevated him toward the top of his class. He hadn't told few in the White City of his social standing. Among other men in training, occassionally he had omitted parts of the truth, just saying that his father was a man 'in the service to Dol Amroth.'

"Minas Tirith?" he checked when she asked it. "It's a magnificent place, even to behold from afar when you first see its white walls butted to the mountains behind it. In some respects it functions as a much bigger version of this city. Take the good things of Dol Amroth and multiply them, and likewise take the bad things and multiply them.

"But the best thing, I think, about Minas Tirith, is the opportunity," he said. "Maybe a farmer can't rise to be a noble, but it is a place where with some determination, a person can move past their history and make a new life. Even for me, while life was by no means bad at home or even here, when I walk the streets of Minas Tirith I am just another face in the crowd. I know that for anyone to know me, it will have to be my deeds and not my name that separate from the rest. And really, I like that."

He paused for a moment. "But if you have never been, it is a site to see."

Trey Andurandir
06/Dec/2009, 07:06 PM
Trey listened attentively as he spoke. The son of a Lord, huh? That did explain a bit. Certainly about his courtly manners; he'd grown up learning them. And she knew of the area he spoke, as it was none too far from her own home. The land there was fertile even by the standards of the Principality. What was the name of that family again...she didn't really remember it, not being one to pay much attention unless there was reason to do so. She didn't have to wonder long, though. Hisende...yes, she knew the name. At the least, she knew names of those who held rank in Dol Amroth.

She smiled, then, at his explanation for why he seldom used it. It made sense, rather a lot of it. Names meant little when put next to deeds; even the highest name could commit the foulest crime. There was plenty of evidence in the old tales and histories for that. Her father had told her many of them, sitting by the fire on those rare times he was home for more than a day. And then Aramir's talk turned to Minas Tirith. She nodded when he checked with her, and leaned forward a little as she listened.

Tales said that it was a place of great honor and nobility, that the men there were among the best of Middle-earth, descended from the Numenoreans of old. They said also that it gleamed in the sun, a city of white at the foot of the Whie Mountains. They seldom mentioned anything bad about the city, as Aramir did, but Trey supposed it made sense. A larger city would have the same problems as a smaller one, just more of them. But he was still speaking, and Trey continued to listen.

A city of opportunity? A place to make a new life? His words intrigued her. Could she make a life there, as young as she was and a woman besides? There was little keeping her tied to Dol Amroth now...perhaps one day she would go and see. Perhaps she would even see the rest of Middle-earth, only time would tell. she smiled again as he finished. "I hope to see it myself, one day," </font>she said.

"And I would agree that being known by deed, rather than by name, is the preferable state of affairs. My father used to say that names meant little, deeds meant more; we have but to look into our own history to see the truth of this. High names have done horrible things, and those without rank can be the noblest of all."</font> She shrugged a little. "I hope to do as he did, judge men by their actions and not their name. Like you, for example,"</font> she smiled. "Your actions so far tell me you're a man I can trust, a man I could come to call friend, son of a Lord or no."</font>

07/Dec/2009, 04:41 PM
He beamed a bit inside to hear that he could be trusted, and he knew that perhaps he would indeed do well in his goal to become a true knight. "Thank you," he said quietly, allowing himself a small smile.

"You mentioned men of high names," he said, more quietly than he had been speaking before. "There are whispers around the White City of the Steward himself. They are mostly rumors, but they are of dark things. I don't know if I believe them, but things are not right in the Seventh Circle. I've heard he keeps himself isolated most hours of the day and that he has become old and frail within very few years since his lady wife has passed.

"But whether or not the Steward is well is of no matter to me, I suppose. The armies of Gondor still fight the Enemy and defend our land," he said. "I suppose I don't know what it's like to lose someone close like that."

Trey Andurandir
07/Dec/2009, 06:48 PM
Trey returned Aramir's smile, then blinked and leaned a little closer when he lowered his voice. Apparently, what he had to say now was not something that should be bandied about like dockside gossip. And she was right. Her eyes widened. "The Steward? Lord Denethor?"</font> she repeated, worriedly. If something were wrong with the Steward...what might that mean for Gondor, and in turn the Principality she called home? Her expression grew graver the more she listened. Rumor was a hard thing to ignore; it was the voice of the city, not just its people, and one fully ignored it at one's own peril.

"Perhaps,"</font> she said, slowly, "or perhaps not..."</font> Her father had had a different view of things. The well-being of one's lord was everyone's concern, especially in times such as these with danger and darkness at every turn. The last thing they needed was for something to happen to the Steward. True, he had two sons, both noble and leaders of men, but the loss of their father...she knew what such could do to a person. "...It does not surprise me,"</font> she said softly, "that rumors say such things of the Steward. The loss of someone dear to you...it is a hard thing to bear. My mother passed away of illness three summers ago, and my father and brother were lost at sea but recently."</font> She smiled vaguely, the expression tinged with sadness. "So I suppose I know a little of what it is to lose a loved one. I am glad that you do not."</font>

07/Dec/2009, 11:15 PM
Húrinloved visiting the Inn of the Blue Heron. It was very well-known amongst the circles of sea captains and most of them loved to lodge there. The reason he loved to visit the Inn was because he wanted to hear the stories that visiting sea captains brought, or to simply just learn from their personal experiences and stories. He aspired to become a sea captain himself one day, so he took great interest in all matters pertaining to his future profession. Bowing his head against the chilly wind, he shrugged his cloak a little higher up to cover his neck. The waters today were choppy and the waves were capped with white foam. Húrinhurried a little more, making for the reputed establishment up ahead. Shouldering the heavy wooden door open, he stepped into the warmth of the building.</font>

</font>Rubbing his hands together, he took a look around the inn. It appeared for the most part to be fairly empty save two or three people. However, his eyes were drawn towards the pair sitting by the window. He caught snatches of their conversations regarding the White City, the Steward and other such affairs. His curiosity and interest was piqued as he made his way somewhat shyly towards the pair, hoping he could join them. Húrinhad visited the White City on several occasions, but never stayed extensively or long enough to explore its streets and Circles. He shuffled a little closer and then remembering the proper etiquette, smiled politely at the two. "Good day to both of you. My name is Húrinand I was wondering if I may be allowed to join your conversation,"he said. Húrinwas still young and it was mainly his youth that prompted him to be so curious. He had an inquisitive mind and sometimes, he was gently rebuked by his parents for asking so many questions. He, however, truly believed that knowledge was power and that he would only benefit from more knowledge. His grey eyes shone with curiosity for more news concerning the White City, as looked hopefully at the pair.</font>

08/Dec/2009, 12:10 AM
NPC Failin

Failin walked into the Blue Heron, though not to socialize much. He walked up to the bar and said, "Ale." Which the inn keep promptly gave him a large mug of. The man was olive of skin, with dark hair and eyes, appearing at home in the warm climate of Belfalas. He wore a tunic of red, trimmed in yellow, and hose of brown tucked into short boots, suited for traveling on ship or land. On his belt hung the purse from which he paid for his ale, then went into the back of the room, appearing somewhat busy, yet watching intently, drinking just enough to more involved with his drink, though he really was looking to those at the bar, the ones who were the most lively, a young girl, a nobleman's son, and one who appeared to have seen his fair share of the sea.

08/Dec/2009, 10:58 AM
"I'm sorry to hear that," Aramir said after hearing of Trey's recent losses. Now he wondered to himself if he had offended her talking about rough seas and close losses and the like. Before he was able to apologize for any indiscretions, they were approached by another man, Hurin.

"A good strong name!" he said rising from his seat and shook hands with the newcomer. "Aramir," he said introducing himself. "I wouldn't mind having you join us if it is OK with her," he said, motioning to Trey. "We were just talking about the Swan Knights," he lied, wanting to move away from the direction of the conversation he was having with her anyway. "I hear they just recently returned triumphant from a battle at the Poros."

Trey Andurandir
08/Dec/2009, 12:06 PM
She waved his apology away with a small smile. "Don't worry about it,"</font> she said, trying to reassure him. It didn't bother her too much to talk about it. But before she could continue, another young man walked up. She looked up as Aramir rose to greet him, and raised a hand herself as a hello. "Treyan,"</font> she said, "and I don't mind in the least."</font>

She glanced at Aramir when he mentioned the Knights, then went with it and nodded. What they had been discussing was not something to be repeated. "Indeed. A hard battle, but one that we'll be hearing tales of for months to come, no doubt."</font>

08/Dec/2009, 09:47 PM
Húrinwas delighted to be welcomed into their conversation. The man who had just introduced himself was Aramir, and the lady was Treyan.He returned Aramir'shandshake and waved back at Treyan. Pulling up one of the high backed chairs, he settled himself in, eager to hear more about the Battle at the Poros. Being allied with the White City, it went without saying that the province of Dol Amroth would support Gondor in her battles. Húrinsometimes thought about joining the Swan Knights, the finest cavalry in all of Gondor. However, his desire to be a sea captain, or perhaps even an admiral eclipsed that of becoming a Swan Knight. So in the meantime, he was content to just listen to the exploits of the Swan Knights. Húrinhad been receiving a trickle of news from visiting captains about the battle and was glad that he had come today to hear that it was finally over.</font>

</font>"What joyous tidings!"he exclaimed happily. No doubt many fine men wouldn't be returning to Dol Amroth, but Húrinknew that every one of them would have given their lives willingly to protect the lands of Gondor. His cheery spirits were slightly dampened by this thought, but he would honor them. "Any news regarding how many good men we lost to Harad?"he asked. Húrinhad several friends among the Swan Knights and hoped fervently that they hadn't fallen at the Crossing. "I hear that the sons of Rohan also had a share in our battle?"he asked, checking his facts.</font>

09/Dec/2009, 10:47 AM
"I haven't heard," he said in answer to Hurin's question of casualties. "Although I do know the Swan Knights had the better end of that stick." He had seen more than a couple horses return to Dol Amroth riderless, but he didn't have a good count or idea of the totals.

And then Hurin had mentioned the Rohirrim, to which Aramir was slightly confused. "I hadn't heard anything about Rohan," he said. The Riders had, he recalled, aided in the more notable battle at the Poros in the days of his ancestor Sir Beren, but he wasn't sure of this most recent battle. "It's an awfully long way away for them, so unless they were passing through for some reason, I don't know. I haven't seen any of the Rohirrim around the city lately either."

09/Dec/2009, 12:31 PM
NPC Bar-Imrazor

He did come on a short visit to the White Town of Dol Amroth. On his way he decided to visit the well-known inn called the Blue Heron. After all, he was coming to the City after many months as his responsibilities of his estate keep him perpetually busy. His family estates is situated on the coast of the Bay of Belfalas, on the shores of the deep blue sea. After the sad demise of his father, Bar-Imrazor has now to shoulder all the responsibilities. Thus he cannot be a frequent visitor to the White Town. The Blue Heron is a place where a man can relax, find some old faces and even make new acquaintance. It is known to be frequented by the Swan Knights of Dol-Amroth, the Prince's Guard, besides commoners and noble men and women of the land. Imrazor's dearest and deepest desire is to become a Swan Knight...

Gently pushing the doors open, he entered the spacious Inn. And spacious and large it was, and quite homely. He had always loved this place, though he was never a frequent visitor. The high ceilings were supported my six strong and, broad and tall columns of marble and also by a large rectangular wooden framework covering and bearing the whole ceiling. In front of him were numerous and graceful wooden tables and chairs and many of them were occupied. Bar-Imrazor was garbed in a lightweight tunic with brown leather breaches and a similar shade of riding boots. From observing the embroidery and the fine cut of his tunic, anyone could say this was a noble of Dol-Amroth. He was quite tall and had a noble, graceful yet gentle bearing. His eyes were sea blue and his features were sharp and clean-shaven. He was quite young to look at, yet his eyes had many experience behind them.

He noticed a small group of people (Aramir, Hurin, Trey, ). Not finding anyone else whom he knew, after an uncomfortable moment, he decided to meet them. Walking up to them Bar-Imrazor asked them in a friendly manner and gently," Good day everyone! I was wondering if I could join you?"

12/Dec/2009, 09:36 PM
The Blue Heron...what kind of name was
that for an inn? Given the location perhaps the place was not
inappropriately christened after all, but one thing was certain-it
had been considerable time since Nightshade had entered such a fine
establishment, or a business of any quality whatsoever. The lowest
of pubs and taverns were more her habit, but every now and then even
such a woman as the Serpent felt the urge to stray from her usual
territory. For a while she had been in hiding after an incident in
one of those pubs that had resulted in the death of a man-truly not
her fault, for once!-and a vengeful brother of the deceased in
pursuit. But now the would-be avenger lay in a grave of his own, and
Nightshade was once more free to wander as she wished, at least until
the next 'incident' occurred...

Cautiously Nightshade opened
the door to the Inn of the Blue Heron and entered with a sharp look
around to insure that no one was already present with an ax to grind
for one or another of her many misdeeds-force of habit and all.
There appeared to be no risk to her life or health as yet, so with a
deft flick of a wrist the woman swished the dark cloak from her
shoulders and around to drape softly over one arm, revealing her garb
of choice for this outing. This was a sight rarely if ever seen by
her acquaintances...in defiance of her usual habit Nightshade was
dressed all in white, a silken gown that did not expose most of her
back, concealing the snake tattoo from which her best-known nickname
derived, with long fitted sleeves-another miracle!-bodice cut close,
skirt flaring out gracefully from hips to hem. The neckline was
scooped rather low, but considering her usual style remarkably little
deep-toned skin was showing. Even her midnight-hue hair was done in
a (mostly) decorous style, pinned up with a few stray tendrils
working loose here and there. The overall effect was that of a grand
lady entering her domain, the queen of whatever she chose...an effect
spoiled only by the glimmer of mischief in this lady's dark eyes.
This act was one she would keep up as long as it amused her, but
could be dropped at any second if that would be more entertaining, or
better served her purpose.

A number of patrons were present
already, a semi-interesting bunch they were too. Perhaps this visit
to the inn would prove profitable, or amusing, or in some other way
would be worth the trouble, impossible to say as yet. Gracefully
Nightshade stepped forward and approached the group. With a sweet
smile on her scarlet lips, voice almost a purr, the dark woman
inquired of any and all, 'Is this a private party, or can anyone

13/Dec/2009, 03:19 AM
Húrinwas pleased to hear that they had fared the better in the battle. Somewhat relieved, he made a note to check if his friends had returned or sent word to their families. However, it seemed that someone had given Húrinfaulty information. Shrugging his shoulders, he appeared puzzled himself. "Ah, well in any case, you sound like a much more reliable source of information. I overheard some men down by the dock talking discussing the Rohirrim. They were merchants from the north,"he explained with a shrug. "Say, you sound like a man familiar with the White City. Can you tell me more about it?"he asked curiously. "You see, I have only been to Minas Tirith several times and have only explored a tiny fraction of it. For example, what kind of buildings are in the highest Circle?"he asked.</font>

</font>It wasn't too long before they had company. Looking up at the voice, Húrinsmiled politely back at him. "Good day to you too sir! I am Húrinand I wouldn't mind you joining us if the rest of my companions are fine with it,"he said with a slight nod back at the table. After all, he himself had just recently joined the pair. Judging by his boots, Húringuessed the man had traveled horseback to the Blue Heron, and thus Dol Amroth. He appeared to be one of their kin, but perhaps his family owned an estate farther out in Belfalas. In any case, he wouldn't mind his company. And then before he knew it, they were greeted again, this time by a much softer voice. Looking back up, a dark-skinned lady stood before them in quite a spectacular looking dress. It was interesting the way her white gown contrasted with her skin tone. Smiling warmly back at her, he stood back up and pulled a chair up for her. After all, it seemed impolite to keep a lady waiting and standing. "Why hello there! I'm Húrin,"he said with a smile. "Once again, I don't mind your company if my companions don't,"he said with a nod. But he was quite sure his companions were gracious folk and wouldn't care. The lady didn't seem to be a native of these parts, but it wasn't in his place to ask her. That seemed a bit rude considering the fact that he didn't even know her name.</font>

15/Dec/2009, 04:34 PM
Aramir pushed out some chairs for the others who were joining them before turning back to Hurin. Apparently he had become the source
of information about the White City. He wasn't intimately familiar
with the city, but he did know several things outside of the general

"Well, the Seventh Circle is off limits except to those who have business with the Steward, mostly," he answered. "There
is the Citadel and the Tower of Ecthelion and the Hall of Feasts and
the Fountain and, of course, the White Tree. I've never seen it
myself, but I hope that someday I may have an audience before the
Steward and get to see it all for myself."

He was hoping that he would rise to the rank of Captain within the
next year or two and earn himself the right to meet the Steward. He
hoped someday that he would rise to become a protector of the Steward's
household - that maybe someday he would be able to serve the Steward's
son Boromir and the family that he would undoubtedly raise. That he
might serve the Steward as one of his most trusted swords was the
highest aspiration he could hold.

"But the city itself is an architectural marvel, one that I still
cannot comprehend not matter how many times I see it. From the
humblest home to the Tower itself like a spike of pearl into the
heavens, it is a magnificent thing to behold," he said.

16/Dec/2009, 11:38 PM
Húrinhad heard of the Steward as a keen and astute man, wise in lore and powerful in mind. And furthermore, he had chosen to marry their fair Lady Finduilas, the daughter of the Prince Adrahil. He had never personally met the Prince, but his father had dined with him on several occasions and was almost always requested to attend formal functions and the like. Húrinhoped to be requested someday as well and serve the Swan and Ship. "Ah, I see. How is the Steward keeping these days? I have not heard much of him after he married our fair Finduilas,"he remarked. Of the places Aramirdescribed, he had never been to any of them. He has only seen the Tower of Ecthelion from a distance, but then again, the Tower itself wasunmistakable. It was especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset when the sun glinted off of the Tower. As for the White Tree, he had only heard of it by mouth. All in all, Húrinhoped to visit all these places someday.</font>
</font>"I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors friend! What is your profession, if you don't mind me asking?"he queried. Aramirwould have to be someone important if he was going to have an audience with the Steward. Húrincouldn't agree more with Aramir'sstatement that the White City was an "architectural marvel". For example, the walls themselves were quite impressive. It was almost as if a giant had shaped those walls in ages past. But he knew that it was due to the architectural skill of the Númenoreans. "Indeed! And to think that Minas Tirith is but a shade of the Númenor's former glory!"he exclaimed in awe. How impressive!


12/Jan/2010, 12:57 PM
"The Steward?" he said, wondering whether he should say as much as he had before. He probably should have even said anything to the woman, Treyan. "I don't know much except that he still leads the kingdom with as much resolve as any Steward. No matter how dark the shadows to the East grow, he will lead us to oppose them."

As Hurin asked him of his profession, he answered, "I'm just a soldier, sir," he said. "A Rochben of the Dagarim Arandur. I went through training in the academy to become an officer of the great army of Minas Tirith. I hope that someday I might earn myself a post within the Citadel itself, serving the Steward and his family, although perhaps I get too far ahead of myself.

12/Feb/2010, 11:29 AM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">The sounds coming from the Inn could be heard even over the bustling of the streets as she neared the door. Surely the dining area was packed with drinkers and merrymakers, so Cethina would definately be avoiding that area. Though she had heard of the establishment and the special wines and menu that it was renown for, the girl had decided to skip eating altogether in order to avoid mingling.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">As she entered she was very aware of her appearence. Her hair was untamed and the hem of her grey dress was soaked nearly 2.5 hands up. Even her eyes seemed to be glazed over with weariness. Relaxation and a bit of grooming was desperately needed, and if she was lucky she wouldn't be interrupted. Cethina was not in the mood for smalltalk, she just wanted to be left alone. No problems, so questions asked. She had a lot on her mind these days and she needed solitudeto brew. On top of that she felt disgusting and there was nothing like sleeping in a bed (not having to be on constant alert for scouts and wild animals) that was very attractive.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Pushing passed the wooden door, the somewhat muffled sound could be heard much clearer and glancing into the bar she could see a great group of people gathered about. They all seemed content and it looked as though her entry had gone unnoticed. She left them all behind and approached the counter, ready to check in to some peace and quiet. "I'll need a room for the night. One that is as high up as it gets, if it's at all possible. I don't like noise." she said in a cranky tone, her eyes moving to where the voices could still be heard. She shifted the bag she carried on her shoulder and turned back to the person behind the counter waiting most impatiently to be issued a key.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Edited by: Cethina

29/Sep/2010, 04:33 PM
Rath placed his booted feet onto the hard wooden table in front of him. The Knight - Archer of Dol Amroth grumbled at the state that he was placed within the esteemed ranks of the Swans Knights. A demotion! He was demoted to serve as the personal aide of a sea Captain, the liaison on land for the seafaring man who had barely even introduced himself to the cheeky swan knight. It wasn't his fault that the merchant's wife didn't tell hinm that he was married. Nor that he was told that the merchant himself was the cousin of a major guild master, nor that the guild master was the best friend of Sir Toldy, who was the Cousin and Personal Knight of Earl Rosentil of the Prince's Court! If only he knew! Then he would have saved himself a whole lot of trouble!

With a loud whack his booted feet was smacked off the table by Edheldur the Publican. "Oi! Get your dirty boots off me tables, or you'll be getting more than a friendly whack Rathyris Parthain!" The man placed a pint of beer in front of the grinning Swan Knight and wiped away a wet drink circle with a damp cloth.

With his grey eyes twinkling, Rath pushed back the stray lock of his black hair and pushed up the cloth on his forehead that served as a bandana. "Careful, friend Edheldur, or you might get a friendly whack back!" He took the free pint with a relish and took to with gusto.

"What do you have here?" Edheldur asked the young man, lifting up the sign that was on top of the table, facing towards the doorway of the Inn.

"Its the recruitment for our dashing new Captain here in Dol Amroth! The Prince's new ship in the Harbour down there. For she is a sleek cruiser, fine of sail and fine of bow!"

"You haven't seen this ship have you?" Edheldur raised an eyuebrow.


Shaking his head the Publican placed the sign down. "You're hopeless."

The Sign Read:
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">WANT TO BE A SAILOR OR A MARINE IN THE SERVICE OF THE ALL MIGHTY <STRIKE>RATH </STRIKE>PRINCE?
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">THE CRIMSON SWAN IS RECRUITING!!! THE NEWEST SHIP IN THE BAY OF BELFALAS
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">SEE THE MAN AT THIS TABLE FOR DETAILS
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">Specify if you want to be a Sailor or a Marine

"Nah, I'm awesome." He gave the innkeeper a grin.

"Save your grin for the ladies, they won't work on me." Edheldur walked away as Rath laughed. Taking his pint and taking a gulp, the Dol Amrothian watched the door to any unlucky sods who wanted some work.

Hallas C. Pehwarin
29/Sep/2010, 06:02 PM
NPC: Rávo: brother-in-law of Hallas C. Pehwarin

Rávo(Leo) now strolled down the streets of the sprawling seaport of Dol Amroth
wearing a long-sleeved dark navy shirt, black woolen pants and tall
brown leather traveling boots. Over these simple garments the tall 6 and
3 inch muscular grey-eyed dúnedain wore a short-sleeved black leather
jerkin, under it was a hauberk</span> of light steel chainmail, over the pants rests a faded black leather traveling skirt, which
has series of light
steel rings sewn into the fabric and finally to a plain black cloak
resting over his broad shoulders completing the outfit. Around his
narrow waist was a plain brown belt and attached to</span> one side
rested a plain wooden scabbard covered in black leather, and on the other side rested a plain black leather pouch containing several gold and silver coins given to him by his generous brother-in-law Hallas. Inside rested a
Gondorian longsword whose circular pommel carried the motif of Gondor,
the White Tree. He had picked it up in Minas Tirith from his new
brother-in-law Hallas while traveling south towards Belfalas in hopes of joining the proud naval forces based in Dol Amroth under the command of wise and fair minded Prince Imrahil, kinsman to the Steward Denethor.

He had just turned thirty-one and considered spending some time in the famed Blue Heron Inn. His keen gray eyes finally spotted the Inn in the distance by its large sign bearing a motif of a Heron posed to get its meal of fresh fish. The young dúnedain was busy brushing off the dust that had accumulated on both of his gray hard leather vambraces with a quick swipe from his large hands. He opened the faded wooden door and stepped inside empty Inn and stopped short at a new sign that was facing towards the front :


Specify if you want to be a Sailor or a Marine

Rávo's gray eyes widened in surprise at the sight of this sign! His thin black eyebrows shot up into his thick shoulder length black hair. "Well this is definitely a stroke of luck for me and my bustling family of five!" The tall southern dúnedain now searched for the person who had placed this advertisement for those wanting seafaring life. He spotted a single tall Dol Amroth and moved over to where he was seated with a tall tankard of ale resting in his hand. Rávo spoke in curt and polite tone, " Sir I am interested in joining the crew of the new vessel that has been constructed to join our naval forces.?" Rávo now patiently waited for a reply to his query since things could always be worse in life.

30/Sep/2010, 01:26 PM
Rathyris Parthain

Looking up, Rath saw a man enter the Inn and stopped to gaze at the sign in front of him. "Oh by Eru..." Rath muttered under his breath, even as his grin stayed in place unmoving. "Poor sod..." The look on the man's face said it all. He wanted to be part of the Crimson's Crew. Rath nearly burst out laughing at the thought then stopped himself and placed his most beaming grin at Rávo.

As Rávo spoke the words: "Sir I am interested in joining the crew of the new vessel that has been constructed to join our naval forces?" Rath nodded and nodded and took a long swill of his ale.

"Noble words, good sir!" Rath beamed out and pulled out his clipboard and slid it across the table, before leaning back, looking over the rim of his tankard.

"Simply write down your name, the name of your next of kin and sign at the end, and we're away! You'll probably get the call out very soon, cause we're actually short of a few people. So you're in luck, my good mate!"

Hallas C. Pehwarin
01/Oct/2010, 03:42 AM
<!--if gte mso 9>
<!--><!--if gte mso 9>

</span>NPC: Rávo</span>: brother-in-law of Hallas C. Pehwarin</span>

Rávo smiled broadly as the tall Dol Amrothian passed him clipboard which
has a series of blank papers attached to it. He listened intently to the next
words spoken with pride, "Noble words, good sir!" "Simply write
down your name, the name of your next of kin and sign at the end, and we're
away! You'll probably get the call out very soon, cause we're actually short of
a few people. So you're in luck, my good mate!" </span>Rávo was honored to be joining this fine company that was being draw from all across the realm of Gondor to crew its newest warship.</span> The tall dúnedain glanced
down the empty sheet:</span>

Name: Rávo</span>

</span>Next of Kin: Hallas Corintur(C.) </span>Pehwarin, </span>currently serving
in Minas Tirith’s armed forces as an Ethyar or spearman with the rank of Othar.</span>

then the tall d</span>únedain signed his name at the end of the sheet.

</span>Rávo</span> </span>

After finishing writing out the crucial
information needed for the records to be given to the Captain of the new vessel
and to the wise Prince Imrahil who ruled from his castle Ost-En-Ernil. Rávo then
returned the clipboard to the tall Dol Amrothian. He then spoke curious tone,
“Sir, might I know your name and are you also on planning to serve with us on
Dol Amroth’s newest addition to Gondor’s naval forces?” The tall dúnedain then
looked around the Inn with his gray eyes searching for the Innkeeper to order a
drink for him and another for his recruiter.</span></span>

Edited by: Hallas C. Pehwarin

Angelikus Snape
16/Oct/2010, 07:20 PM
NPC Radest: A Swan Knight

Radest rode to the Inn of the Blue Heron with his White Horse for a drink when he saw a sign for a new ship in the Bay of Belfalas. He did not like boat nor ships and some such and ship rides occasionally make him queasy. But then again, he liked adventures. He has no knowledge of boat parts and which ones go where and maybe it was time that he learned, if he does not get sick on the ship ride first.

He had a bearing of a Swan Knight as he entered the inn. His light brown eyes scanned the area as he removed his helmet and let his long, black and silky mane shine inside the said inn. "Hey how you doing? It's been a long time since I've seen you last Rath? How is sea faring?" he said. "Look, I think I need to get used to sea-faring. I'm not really a ship-type person and prefer to leave my feet on solid ground but it's high-time that I learn the ways of the sea, being in Dol Amroth and all that. Hope you don't mind the occasional sea-sickness though." He then took a piece of paper and wrote down his name. He also indicated that he wanted to be a Marine, if that option was still available. He then handed the paper back to Rath and said, "Here you go!" and went over to the bar keep to get him a mug of ale.

17/Oct/2010, 09:50 AM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Rathyris Parthain<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><O:P></O:P>[/B]
“Well then <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Ravo[/B]! You’re in, our glorious Lord, <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Prince Imrahil[/B] will announce the start of a great new voyage!” <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Rath [/B]grinned broadly and raised his mug of ale in a salute. “To glorious times, my new old friend! May we get treasure and the lovelies and the great barrels of ale that we’re going to take from the Umbarian Pirates. Oh wait… I just made myself sound like a pirate…” The Swan Knight made a quizzical look, pursing his lips in thought as he thought about what he just said. He quickly took back his clip board and placed a massive tick of approval beside Ravo’s name.<O:P></O:P>
But he was saved when a fellow Knight of the City of Swans entered. “If I damn live and breathe! Its <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Radest[/B], you rogue scoundrel!” Rath tilted his head to the side. “Seafaring? Ay? Eh? What’s that? In not on the sea here, faring!” The Dol Amrothian laughed and banged his pewter mug on the top of the wooden table, spilling beer as he laughed and coughed. “Nah, I’ve been banished to this watering hole, to recruit the new lot for the new fleet that our Lord has decided to commission out into the bay. I’m landlocked, old fella.”<O:P></O:P>
Taking a swig from his mug he nodded and grinned. “What’s this? A Knight of Dol Amroth not knowing anything about the sea? What’s the world coming to?” Rath lowered his voice. “Though, if you actually think about it, that rascal <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Dhalion[/B], who is alive and back in Minas Tirith, doesn’t know anything about sailing either. What farce is this?” Grinning he slid his recruitment clipboard forwards and placed his quill in front of Radest and watched the Knight sign his life away. ”Don't forget your next of kin." Rath grinned innocently. "Just in case..."<O:P></O:P>
Emptying his mug, Rath waved for another pewter of Dol Amrothian heavy beer.<O:P></O:P>Edited by: Dhalion

Hallas C. Pehwarin
17/Oct/2010, 06:05 PM
NPC: Rávo</span>: brother-in-law of Hallas C. Pehwarin

The tall </span>d</span>únedain then took a seat next to the tall Dol Amrothian who was named </span><b style="">Rathyris Parthain</span>[/b]. The Swan knight then congratulated him on joining a fine crew and ship. . His camaraderie and booming voice carried across the empty Inn, </span>“To glorious times, my new old friend! May
we get treasure and the lovelies and the great barrels of ale that
we’re going to take from the Umbarian Pirates. Oh wait… I just made
myself sound like a pirate…” </span>His benefactor then turned his attention to another of his comrades who had entered the Blue Heron. </span>Rávo</span> could not help but smile wide his pale pink lips parting to reveal his pearly white teeth. Rath's booming voice sounded with utter surprise as another of his kin had decided to join the crew of Dol Amroths' newest naval vessel. It was hard not to block out the tall Dol Amroths' boisterous tone,</span> “If I damn live and breathe! Its <b style="">Radest[/b], you rogue scoundrel!”</span> The proud </span>d</span>únedains' gray eyes brightened as he remembered that he himself had been on the water as a young boy on the River Anduin for he had no fear of the sea but respected its mysteries, and his own longing one day to find the top of the isle of N</span>ú</span>menor said to still be above the clear waters of the wide and deep ocean.

He managed to get the attention of the barkeep </span>Edheldur</font></font></span></font></font></font> and ordered a tall mug of ale. He listened hoping to learn of few new things while serving in the Princes' naval forces maybe one day become a great sea captain in his own right! This adventure was sure to bring him and his family many treasures as well as prestige to use in the court of the Prince and within his brothers' large extended family who lived within their large family manor estate nestled high within the White City, though he could not remember exactly what circle it was located in! The though brought out a grimace since his brother-in-law Hallas should come down one of these days and enjoy some time away from the pressure of running a noble house and spend time with his lovely sister and his nephews and nieces. He did not have to wait long for his ale taking a long drink of it. </span>Rávo</span> let a contented sigh escape his pale pink chapped lips and wondered who else might join them on this historic adventure?</span>


Edited by: Hallas C. Pehwarin

Lord Imrahil
21/Oct/2010, 12:03 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">SirSathormir Renortied his destrier to the hitching post as he scanned the busy street, people hurried past stalls and kiosks, arguing, laughing, eating, haggling, his nostrils flared as he breathed in the city's perfume, the aroma of thousands of fine foods and spices combined in a tantalizing aroma that made his stomach rumble. Spurs and mail jingling he opened the door andducked to avoid clipping his head on the door-frame of his favorite Inn. Once inside he shut the door behind him and straightened tolook around thecrowded room. He handed his cloak, helm and bladeto aservant and wove through the crowd.
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Hesat down at an empty table and ordered aroast and some ale, he wasmostly through the roast and hadjust finished his second drink when he heard three men, aGondorian, an Amrothian and the Swan Knight who's horse he'd seen outside.
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">He frowned at the Amrothian for a moment and listened to what he was talking about as he wrote down names on his documents.
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">He sat as his table for a few moreminutes and thenstood from his table, threw a tip andthe pay for the food down and walkedacross theroom toRaithyras Parthain.
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">"Buy you gentlemen a drink? I overheard your conversation and Iwas wondering if you hadroom for another Swan Knight? If you're wondering about my qualifications, I've seen action against Mordor, Khand and Harad, in whichI fought light and heavyas a footsoldier, a knight, in sieges, and in raids and scouting missions. And I saw action on land and on sea in mytwo yearson Vengenance's Marine contingent when she was raiding up and down the southron coasts."
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">He took a pull from his ale and waited for answer.

21/Oct/2010, 11:14 AM
<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Knight Archer ~ Sir Rathyris Parthain<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />[/B]

<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Rath[/B] pushed away his previous pewter mug and took a swig of his new drink. Just as a beer was placed in front of him another new comer came towards him. He gave a grin, looks like another jolly scally wag that’s going to join the crew. He waited patiently as the man joined the rest of them.

“Of course you can buy me a drink! I’m not about sure these fellows though.” The Dol Amrothian hiked his thumb at Ravo and Radest. “Let me just finish this one first…” He took a mean gulp of the fresh beer that was just recently bought for him.

“What this? Another Knight? No wonder I haven’t heard of you, I hear the Vengeance was a mean service to serve with.” Rath grinned and let his grey eyes laugh as he took another sip of his frothing beer. Before he placed his recruitment clipboard out in front of him for <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Sathormir[/B] to sign up on board the new vessel.

“Sign your life away, Sir Knight!” Rath dipped the quill and handed it over to the man. “Just put your name and the name of you next of kin, that way we have someone to send the treasure to, in the event of… um… that you’re still out in sea?” The Dol Amrothian laughed merrily and leaned back in his chair, letting the wooden legs creak with his weight.

Lord Imrahil
21/Oct/2010, 06:39 PM
Knight- Sir Sathormir Renor<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">

<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
Sathormir grinned and found himself instantly liking this Raithyras Parthain.
He raised another ale to his lips and then set it down, after the first drink you didn't know what it was anyway. So he set it down and moved his arm out of the way of the barmaid as she reached over to take his tankard.

<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
The Inn had gotten fuller if that werepossible and despite the crowd it had gotten quieter, more soothing.A soft sweet song was being playedacross the room andSathormir felt himself relax, well as much as he ever relaxed, he'd had too many people trying to kill him overhisthirty-six years of life to let his guard down. Granted, none of them had succeeded but that was because he hadn't let his guard down. Well. . . he rubbed at the scar that ran from his forehead to his chin, once, when he was young.

<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
"I'll gladly buy you all drinks, seeing as your to be my fellow shipmates and Marines." So saying Sathormirplacedfew coins on the bar. "What's your pleasure gentlemen?"

<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">
Sathormirchuckled atRaith's. . . differentbrand of humor,took the clipboard and signed his name and after a moment he wrote 'none, divide my shareamong marines'where his next ofkin would have been.He and his brother had grown up own their ownwhen their father died in a skirmish with Haradhrim. His brother had been killed a few years later leading a charge against a company of Khandish Cavalry. If his mother was still alive (Father never spoke of her) then she could anyone anywhere.

<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">"I don't suppose the Swan has room for mydestrier and remounts? If not I'll stable them at the keep and come aboard the Swan, if that's all right."

Maldir Ethring
19/Jan/2011, 04:04 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.

The front door slowly creaked its way open to show a shadowed figure obscured by the rays of afternoon sunlight flatly emanating from behind. With one hesitant step forward through the doorway, the distinct form of a rather tall man was then clearly seen : Blue-eyed and fair-haired with a well toned physique and complexion, and appearing to be that of a young man coming of age in his late teens. Clad in a blue tunic with matching trousers, the bright-eyed lad stood there and took in the well crafted woodwork decorum of the establishment for a brief moment, then made his way through the grandiose hall towards the near side of the oaken, horseshoe-shaped counter.

Somewhat surprised to see that no other patrons seemed to be in attendance there thus far that fine afternoon, the young man shrugged his shoulders in a care free manner, procured a coin pouch from out a side trouser pocket, and helped himself to a seat at one of the bar stools. There was good reason for him to be at the Inn of the Blue Heron in such good spirits, the day before he had just received his first payment of wages for a week's work as a carpentry framer's apprentice in Middle Port and this was his day off and was eager to celebrate.

Soon from the narrow doorway behind the counter emerged Edheldur, the well-known proprietor of the Blue Heron with a raised brow and quizzical look seen on his face after looking the young man over. " Now where have I seen you before, lad?...I never forget a face, but I don't recall you ever being in here before...", the barkeep inquired while running his thumb and forefinger across his chin. " Good day to you sir Edheldur, I am Maldir, the boy that Malurin and Anfalla Ethring of the Cliffs took as there own grandson long ago...", he gave back in a cordial reply. " Malurin Ethring?...the old ship wright?...Ah yes, now I remember those golden locks of yours from perusing through the shops in Middle Port...it's been quite some time since last I saw you, how is Malurin and his lovely wife these days? ", Edheldur chimed out in a cheery tone as he stepped closer to the counter top. " Very well, thanks...it's been about two years since that day, yes...might I have a pint of Gondorian Brown, if you please?...I am eighteen now and do have some coin to spend...", Maldir answered back with a grin while jingling his pouch before the proprietor.

" Bouncing barnacles! Where is my head at?, Haha!...One Gondorian Brown coming up then, lad...", Edheldur chuckled as he came to his senses and saw to fetching a brew from the huge tapped barrel just behind him. Maldir smacked his lips in eager anticipation and could not help but feel somewhat grown up.

Veowyn Girarion
20/Jan/2011, 04:13 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.
NPC Maerion

Eighteen years. Eighteen long years! It has been eighteen years, and Maerion was still searching for that boy. A boy he had never met. A boy who he was starting to believe never existed. His sister had been delirious, maybe she had never had a baby in the first place. Maybe she was mixing memories, in her confused last moments. A sigh crossed his lips, as he had this internal fight many times before. Every time, all it took was one night away from his search, to get a fresh start on his goal.

So, tonight he was going to let loose. The Inn of the Blue Heron was a well enough place to put his mind at ease. Some Dorwinion Red would do just the trick, he knew. So, the elf adjusted the hood of his gray cloak, so that his pointed ears were covered, while his face was clearly visible. His blonde hair and blue eyes both shown under the lamp light. His clothing matched the current styles of Dol Amroth, but the colors were simple. Green for his tunic, tan for his pants. A simple smile, of expectant relief, detailed his face.

"Edheldur, one ... " The barkeep looked up and immediately recognized him. "One Dorwinion Red? Coming right up Maerion." The ellon laughed, as he came and sat near the young man at the counter. He looked over and grinned. "Come here often enough, he will start remembering you, by even the sound of your footsteps going in the door." Maerion laughed, then took a better look at the boy, while they waited for their drinks. He looked familiar, but he knew they had never met. He almost thought he was looking in a mirror when they looked each other in the eye.

As he accepted his drink, he looked away. Had he been looking for the wrong boy this whole time? He had expected to find a dark haired boy, with slightly pointed ears, and gray eyes. He had never thought that he could be blonde haired, with blue eyes, and human ears! Could he have spent all this time, only to have passed up the boy many times over? Maybe this boy was him? Maerion took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, before turning back to the lad.

"I am Maerion. I is a pleasure to meet you." It was then something shiny caught his keen eyes. It looked so familiar. "Mie..." He gasped to himself, before a quick recovery. "May I guess that the trinket is from some young lady who has given her heart to you?" It was the best way to start a conversation about it, without letting on to what he really thought it was. Eighteen years and he finds the kid, just when he is about to give up?

Maldir Ethring
22/Jan/2011, 03:29 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.

Although Maldir had previously endeavored in consuming assorted varieties of spirited beverages quite extensively in recent years amongst a few of his more mischievous peers, this little afternoon outing of his proved to be the first time he sought to do so in a public place. He had had this Anorien ale before then, naturally, and although it was a tad bitter and tasted mediocre at best to his palate, he knew that it wouldn't matter much to him really, for the sensation of self-content he was feeling that day would certainly give the pint a more robust flavor. While awaiting the arrival of the lightly frothed mug of beer in solitude, however, another patron had entered the idle Inn. This cloaked newcomer seemed to have frequented the establishment quite often by the opening remarks he gave to the proprietor Edheldur, yet Maldir was sure he'd never had the pleasure of meeting or even seeing him about Dol Amroth before...but, then again...there was something about that face of his that did have a sense of subtle cordiality about it somehow.

" Verily good sir, though I believe he remembers me more so by my fair hair, not many around here have it...In fact...You are the only other one I've even seen since a Rohirric trader came through nearly a year ago in Middle Port...", Maldir said back to the curious gentleman as he saw to sitting down right next to him. The look he gave almost made the young man feel uncomfortable at first, the kind of look given as if he was just recognized and about to be reprimanded for doing something wrong, yet softened after they were both distracted by Edheldur arriving back with both of their beverages placed before them on the counter top.

" There you go gents, I'll see to running up a tab for the both of you as I'm sure you have a lot to talk about...", the proprietor chimed in rather abruptly and unexpectedly before returning back through the back room doorway. " Whatever did he mean by that, I wonder? ", Maldir uttered to himself quizzically. His eyes darted back to the man sitting next to him, only to find that he was now staring off in the other direction, seemingly in deep thought. He then shrugged his shoulders and helped himself to the pint of Gondorian Brown he had long been anticipating to kick back and enjoy. With one simple sip, his mind was then set again on having a good time.

Upon reaching towards the filled mug before him, from underneath the blue tunic he wore slowly slipped out a silver chain and locket on his chest. Maldir took no notice of it coming into plain view as he partook in his brew heartily, yet it then seemed to be something of interest to the fellow patron after he introduced himself formally. " The pleasure is all mine Maerion, I am Maldir, the adopted grandson of Malurin and Anfalla Ethring of The Cliffs...Oh this?...No, this is just a keepsake Anfalla gave me not too long ago...She likes me to wear it, says it brings out the sparkle in my eyes, haha...you know how women can be...I do like the picture of this cute little girl inside though...", Maldir chuckled somewhat in embarrassment from his grandmother's doting while he unhinged the face of the locket and showed the picture to Maerion. " I think it's Anfalla when she was young, but I never asked and I'm not so sure..." , he concluded as he took another sampling of the ale.

Veowyn Girarion
23/Jan/2011, 08:22 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.
NPC Maerion

The lad was probably right about Edheldur remembering the boy by his hair. It was a rare sight in these parts. Maerion himself had been subjected to stares for his own golden lock, that is, when they were not staring at his ears. Luckily this boy did not seem to have that problem. "Well, my hair color is not a result of a Rohirric background. What about yours?" It was a simple enough inquiry, but the boys answer to it would answer so much more.

After the barkeep brought their drinks, and made his comment, Maerion shot him a look. Edheldur knew that Maerion thought this might be the boy he was looking for. He was relieved that the man knew to retreat and leave him to his questioning of the lad. Maerion had to keep himself in check, as to not get too excited. Even if this was the boy he was looking for, he might not want any connection to his other family. He might think he was abandoned, because he was not loved or wanted. Did he even know that he was adopted by who ever had raised him?

He took small sips of his wine, as he listened to Maldir speak. How fitting that his name already started with M. His grandmother had given the trinket to him, and even though Maldir seemed a little embarrassed by it, he could tell the lad loved the dotting his grandmother focused on him. Maldir then leaned over and showed Maerion the picture of a little girl on the inside. Maerion thought he might pass out when he saw it. There, in Maldir's hand, was a picture that Maerion knew very well. "I painted that." He managed to say, "and I have another similar with me." He reached into the leather bag he had, and pulled out what looked like a leather bound journal. He flipped through it really fast, until he found that same picture, and showed it to Maldir.


"Her name is Veowyn." Maerion said, voice straining with excitement. A grin slowly crossed his face. "She gave that trinket to her mother, a very long time ago. 109 of the third age, to be exact." Maerion could not contain himself any longer. He just started blurting things out. "Then, she she gave left that with you, that night...that fateful night... Oh, you have no idea how much you look like your mother. Yet, no one would suspect your mother was an elf. Poor Veowyn does not even know her mother lived... She will have to be brought here, she will never believe the news, unless she sees you with her own eyes...."

Maldir Ethring
25/Jan/2011, 04:07 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1">
<DIV leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" ="WebWizRTE">~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.

" Honestly, I do not know for certain Maerion, I always assumed that my natural parents hailed from Rohan, or at least that one of them did anyway...I never knew who they were though...As an infant, I was left on Malurin and Anfalla's doorstep as a waif, I think swaddled within a basket or some such as far as I can remember Anfalla telling me...never gave it much thought after that though, I am who I am now...", the young, and quite impressionable, Maldir uttered back to the new, and rather inquisitive, acquaintance halfheartedly...he did not usually mind telling others about what little he knew of his unknown past, yet, in this particular instance, did show some sign of appearing a bit uncomfortable. " How could a man don blonde hair and not be Rohirric, I wonder?...unless?...no, he can't be! ", his inner voice whispered quite curiously of Maerion, which impelled the young man to try and sneak a peek at the ears partially obscured by the hood of his gray cloak...that is, when he was sure the mysterious fellow was partaking in wine and not noticing...to no avail.

Everything suddenly seemed to change though when Maldir displayed the little painting within the locket around his neck to Maerion. The air grew still when he stated that the picture was drawn by his hand, and furthermore, had proof positive of it in an exact replica of the portrait in his possession. " How...can this be? That's nearlythree thousand years ago...An elf?...M-my mother was an elf? ", the young lad stumbled in his words, then hurriedly kicked back the last swig of his ale in reaction to the sheer astonishment he was experiencing to the revelation just thrust upon him. He felt as if he was within a waking-dream state while Maerion continued on in his words. It was as if every emotion one could feel was flooding his mind all at once. He was so overwhelmed in his thoughts that he had hardly even taken any notice that Edheldur had seen the emptied mug and returned back before the two of them on the other side of the oaken counter.

" You look like you could stand another brew lad. " , the proprietor chuckled Maldir's way. " Yes...please...though I think I'll nurse this one a bit more, thank you...", his words trailed off to Edheldur with a blank stare, then shifted his eyes back towards Maerion. " And another round for my friend here too, good sir...it's on me...", he added with a slight grin. " Very good then, coming right up...", the barkeep concluded as he tended to their vassals once more. " Veowyn...so then she is my sister, I am to believe? ", he stared at the painting of the little girl looking back at him while leaning over to whisper close to Maerion, subtle yet clear enough for only him to hear. A smile seemed painted upon his face at that moment, the mere thought of actually having a sibling swept away any notions of doubt in the matter and left him feeling warm and fuzzy all over for quite some time.
Edited by: Maldir Alarion

Veowyn Girarion
26/Jan/2011, 08:30 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~Year 3002 T.A.
Maerion could see the ideas start forming in Maldir's mind. This was good, it meant that the boy was open enough to the new ideas that Maer was going to put there. The boy was looking at him, like he was trying to see past his hood. The elf smirked to himself. "You never once wondered, or even dreamed, of where you came from before that? It would not change who you are just to know your heritage." He did not add, how he thinks that the answers he needed were the ones he had.
Once it was out in the open, Maerion could not stop smiling. "Indeed she was lad." His words softened the tiniest bit, as he spoke of his sister more. He missed her. Even finding the missing link of hers, he still missed her greatly. He took the last swig of his wine to wash his memories back enough to focus. He heard Maldir say that he wanted to buy his next round. He did not want to insult the boy by refusing. "And after that, the next round is on me. Keep 'em coming Edheldur." The barkeep nodded as he turned to look back at Maldir.
"Stand up lad," Maerion stood himself, taking his drink with him, and went to the corner of the room, where a small table held a bowl with pointed darts in it. On the wall, a length down, was a small painted target. "Let an old elf teach you how to play darts." Maerion slid his hood from his head, as he weighed the darts in his hands. "We shall talk here. I shall answer all your questions, and you will tell me what you have been up to while I have been searching the past 18 plus years." Maerion looked up at Maldir, while he threw the first dart without looking, it smacking the second inner circle.
"Veowyn is your half sister, yes." Maerion offered up the picture again. "Look at the girl's eyes. Then look in that looking glass there on the wall. They are the same as yours. I painted that in 109 of this age, I could not be playing tricks." Maerion offered Maldir one of the darts of a different color, then continued. "Besides, I would know. I am her uncle. Your uncle." He watched Maldir for his reaction.

Maldir Ethring
27/Jan/2011, 03:42 AM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.

" Well, I'd be lying if I said that the missing pieces of my past haven't crossed my mind from time to time Maerion, it's just...I got so used to hearing Anfalla and Malurin telling me not to fret over it too much that it quelled any notions of me pursuing my lineage...the love,kindness, and caring ideals they both shared with me when I was growing up proved to be more than enough for me to accept exactly who I am...", Maldir spoke wholeheartedly in a softened voice back to Maerion, such the way he usually did when talking about his foster grandparents...he cherished them both dearly for the way they had brought him up, teaching him right from wrong and how to live life to its fullest extent through showing kindness, consideration, and respect towards others...and, more relevant at this time, to not be too hasty in decision makings and keep an open mind as much as possible.

The two patrons were in the midst of a whispered conversation when Edheldur sat their refilled refreshments down before them. " Well then, just give me a holler if either of you need anything, I need to fire up the grill in the back and make ready for the dinner guests sure to be arriving shortly...", the barkeeper blurted out in a huff after he realized how late in the afternoon it was getting by the darkened shadows growing longer outside a nearby window, then hurried himself back into the rear room behind the counter. " Here's to life, love, and the eternal pursuit of happiness Maerion...", Maldir gave as he raised his frothy Gondorian Brown in a toast of good tiding with a softened grin.

Just after they both clinked their mug and glass together in a cordial toast, Maldir took a small sip and was just about ready to ask Maerion another question when, however, he was asked to get up on his feet and partake in a friendly game of darts. " Sure, I've never played before, but I'm up for learning the game...", he replied back while picking up his brew and following him off into the far corner of the dining hall. He placed his mug down next to the bowl of darts on the small, round table once they had both arrived. The young lad stood in awe as Maerion struck clout with his first dart thrown while speaking or even bothering to look at the round board made of elm fastened on the wall. " I'm certainly glad we're not playing for coin! ", Maldir chuckled aloud lively while fingering one of the projectiles in his hand. " There are a few queries I have still, yes...such as you speaking of my mother in the past tense...I take it she's no longer alive then? " , he asked while eying the board in a determined glare and then flicking the dart intently. " Ha! I might have had to look but I trumped your first shot! " , he boisterously blurted out after his first shot stuck just inside the outer first ring. Then Maerion spoke while he showed the painting of Veowyn inside his journal again, which caused Maldir to forget all about the game for a brief moment. " Yes...I do clearly see the resemblance...and I believe you Maerion, you have proven yourself without taking advantage of my naive youth...Do...do you have a sketch of my mother then within that book...uncle? " , his words trailed off in a near whisper as he stared into the mirror and then back to the painting in the book...then returned his blue eyes back to Maerion with a few subtle nods.

Kylestiall Embersong
06/Apr/2011, 12:15 AM
The sudden rain had driven
Kylestiall to find a place for the night a
little earlier than planned. He headed to the bar in hopes of some
hearty food, and hopefully to make some new friends.
“ He spoke to the keeper, Edheldur, “I'll
take which ever you prefer, no ale's though.” </span>

pleasure good elf.”</span>

The man went and fetched tall glass and poured a sip of Dorwinion
in it.</span>
“Tell me
what you think of this elf-friend, it's the best I've got and it
ain't cheap.”
gave it a sniff, raised his brow and downed it. With a nod of his
head he handed the glass back to the man,</span>
“That will definitely do, thank you.” </span>With
that </span>Edhuldur
topped it off while give the elf a kind wink. Once it was full again
the elf turned in his seat and began to take in the scene around him.
From what he could tell there was a man hiring others for some sort
of ship crew, this caused him to brow to raise yet again as he took
another sip, that could be interesting. He began to day dream as he
watched the jovial men take toasts and down drinks, an elf on the sea
in the company of men... what a thought indeed. He shook his head to
break his trance, noticing the empty seats on both sides of him,
hopefully someone would come sit in and strike a conversation, until
then though he turned to regard the inn-keep once more.</span>
“Edhuldur is it? Tell me something good, as this wine has me in the
spirit for listening.” </span>With
that they formally introduced each other and then man began telling
him of the town and other things to keep his attention as he walked
about the bar performing his chores. </span>

08/Apr/2011, 11:50 PM
Brandy - Barmaid from the Jolly Juggler

</font>Though the boisterous and (sometimes) less reputable quarter of her home was Gate Town, Brandy regularly ventured out of that district of inn and market to other parts of the city nearer the sea. The wharves and quays were no stranger to the barmaid, who at five-and-twenty had grown up among their bustle and noise. Long ago she had lived nearer here, before coin became more precious and life more difficult. Much of that time was beyond Brandy's memory,but her sojourns here still served to remind her of their simpleness and plenty. Today she had come near the First Quay to the inn of the Blue Heron on a mission for her employer; Breothad purchased his Dorwinian Red through Edhuldur, and a heavy bag of coin was sunk deeply into the barmaid's inner skirt pocket to pay for the latest shipment. She reached in to make sure it was still there and clutched it briefly, before pulling her hand out to hang at her side. Even in this reputable district, it wouldn't do to draw attention to oneself in a manner suggesting one had reason to be robbed.

Standing on one side of the cobbled street, Brandy raised her head to watch as a cavalcade of horse and carriage came by; some foreign merchant, no doubt. The wind of their passing ruffled her skirts, their simple brown freshly cleaned and brushed, as was the unbleached cotton of her full-sleeved chemise beneath the firmly laced bodice. One work-roughened hand reached up to push back the thick, dark roan strands of hair from her face, tucking them back behind her ears. She was a rough-hewn beauty, was Brandy, slim but hard, with high cheeks and a straight nose, fair skin clearly used to a life of salt and sun. The long mane of her hair was bound back by a scrap of velvet, revealing the dimpled face and a pair of dark eyes which could flash or smile with equal fortitude, thoug they were more inclined to the former. Once the procession had passed, Brandy gathered her skirts in her hand and darted quickly across the street, to the front door of the Blue Heron. Even as she pulled the door open, a sudden gust of wind rolled up the street and caught her, twisting the skirts about her ankles as she slipped through the door, causing her to half-whirl to unwind them and exclaim in surprise.

"Oh! That'll certainly teach me to stay away from the sea and forget its wilfullness." She shook out her skirts to straighten them and made for the bar, where Edhuldur was serving... an elf (Kylestiall)? Brandy looked at him curiously as she approached- there seemed to be an influx of elf-kind in Dol Amroth of late, first the group which had come to the Juggler, and now this ellon? It was as though all the years she had spent never having even seen one of their kind were making up for themselves in mere days. "Good day Edhuldur!" she called as she came to the bar. "I have Breothad's payment for you, in exchange for the manifests." She extended her hand, and the inkeeper took the bag of coin from it, nodding before disappearing into the back to fetch the appropriate parchments. Brandy stood at the bar, but after a moment of silence and chewing her lip lightly in indecision, she turned to the ellon with a smile. "Le suilannon," she said quickly, bobbing a curtsy. Though she had never met an elf until recently, Brandy was proud of her limited scholarship, and only hoped that be greeting him in his tongue, the ellon (Kylestiall) would not assume her fluent, for then her ignorance would be laid bare. "Your pardon, sir, I did not mean to intrude."

Kylestiall Embersong
09/Apr/2011, 01:38 PM
Peaking over his shoulder he looked, expecting another salty man or newly hired Crimson Swan crewman to be coming through the opened door. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, he had never seen all that much beauty amongst the other races, but as this one whirled in he couldn't help but be impressed. He absently watched her (Brandy) walk up next to him, and handle some business with Edhuldur. He yet again wasn't left unimpressed as her scent was very sweet, yet not too powerful as most of her kin would wear. He sipped his wine, its taste just making everything seem so much better.Unexpectedlyshe turned, and regarded him in his own tongue, smiling he responded as she curtseyed before him, "Suilaid! And you are fine, I was actually getting to be a bit lonely. " He turned in his stool to face her more directly, pushing his glass towards Eduldur as he had finished it. "My name is Kylestiall, man eneth lin?" He figured he would test her knowledge, more for curiosity than anything, though his tone made it pretty obvious the question he asked.

He let his eyes roam her form, so different from his kin. He was very young, even by elven standards, yet he could still sense the youthfulness of this one. She held herself very womanly like, but that inner sense still remained. More than a few times Kylestiall had been frowned upon for his youthfultendencies, rare though they were, thus he couldn't help but respect her more.

10/Apr/2011, 07:51 AM
Brandy - Barmaid from the Jolly Juggler

</font>"I eneth nîn Brandy," she replied, a faint blush dusting her cheeks. He watched her openly, but not with the brazen stare of men who frequented the Juggler, his gaze seeming more appraising than anything. "Please, I have no great education in languages, only a few words picked up from songs and what little study I have been afforded," Brandy confessed. "I would not mar the beauty of your tongue by my ignorance in speaking it further." She hoped that Kylestiall would not be offended. She knew that in some places it was common enough for men to speak in the tongue of elves, but here was not such a place. It was difficult to divine the ages of the elf-kind, especially for one who had so recently encountered them for the first time, but Brandy seemed to feel that this ellon was not as aged as those who had come to the Juggler. Still, that could mean he was any number of centuries older than she! Unable to contain her curiosity, she continued. "Please, I do not mean to pry, but I wonder if you would tell me from where you come, and what brings you to Dol Amroth? Only the other night a group of four elves came into the Juggler- that is, the tavern Jolly Juggler in Gate Town- the first I have ever seen in my life, and now here you are as well. Do you know them, or is it coincidence that brings you all here at once?"

Kylestiall Embersong
10/Apr/2011, 08:13 AM
Yet again, he couldn't help but impressed by Brandy. Did he really have so much to learn of the other people of this world? "I completely understand, to be honest I was even a late bloomer in fullycomprehendingour tongue! I considered music my first language for a long time! But be assured, you spoke it very well and should continue in your studies!" He suddenly felt a bit stupid and looked up at Edhuldur, his face saying "just what kind of wine was that again?" But the innkeep just smiled and continued to work on a dish he was preparing...
"Anyways.... as for the company you encountered earlier, I do not believe I know them. I am here on behalf of my late father. As I am slowly beginning to learn he seemed to have business in many different places with many different people."
Tapping his leg softly he continued,
"In fact, I am not even very sure of what I am looking for here just yet. I have only arrived earlier today and this is my first visit. The only lead I have is that he had looked into something and scribed out information for someone here, whom never ended up paying him..."

He couldn't help but be uneasy now, though he was enjoying getting to the see the world he had never before seen, it was all very new, and the only reference to anything he had was his fathers unkept and eccentric library.. "So, " He continued regaining his thoughts,
"Here I am, hoping that something might stick out or maybe I'll just be walking down the road and someone will notice me, though hopefully that doesn't lead to any trouble. I am not even here tonecessarilycollect on anything, I am trying to figure out what all my father was in to...."
He had no idea why he was telling Brandy everything, she had mentioned she was a barmaid elsewhere, so maybe she might no something? Or maybe... maybe he just needed to get it all of his chest....

Rainelle Hérandil
11/Apr/2011, 12:19 AM
The door to the Blue Heron opened and a young girl with a very pretty face, framed by her long black hair, came in timidly, her sapphire blue eyes downcast as she stepped into the pub and closed the door behind her. She started to brush a lock of her hair behind her ear, then stopped her hand and instead arranged a bit of her hair so it covered part of her face. She wore a dress of mostly black, trimmed in dark red. Her favorite colors. Her fingernails were colored black with ink from a quill pen, done carefully by her own self. On each nail was a tiny spider of red ink. The highly artistic girl looked to be about 14 years old, but she was actually nearly 16. Her feet were clad in sturdy black boots.

Rainelle folded her pale, slender arms against her stomach and walked -very unenthusiastically- up to the counter with a slight scowl, not at all happy to be here on an errand for her father. In fact, she didn't even believe he was her father. She thought he must be a stepfather, because she didn't look or act anything like him. She didn't even like him, and he quite obviously didn't like her. With her dark hair hopefully hiding the light bruise on her cheekbone, she glanced up at the bartender. She hated it in places like this, and she couldn't stand alcoholic drinks. It made people different that they should be, and in her dad's case, it made him even worse than he normally was. And she even didn't like him when he was sober.

"Whatever that stuff is my 'father' gets."</font> She mumbled to Edhuldur with a sigh of annoyance, rolling her eyes and going back to her scowl, feeling the need to show defiance in some way, even if it was just in making annoyed expressions. Edhuldur would know that it wasn't for her, as her father usually spent many evenings here, getting drunk and such, but sometimes he didn't feel like going out anywhere, and then he always made Rain go out and bring the stuff back to him so he could get drunk in the comfort of his own home. And she always stayed outside, or away from home, when he was doing such. Rain couldn't stand that stuff, and she hated to come to such places and be anywhere near anyone who was drunk or getting drunk.

While she was waiting on Edhuldur to get her father's order so that she could bring it home to him, she glanced around hesitantly, then blinked in surprise when she noticed the person sitting at the bar a few feet from where she stood; an elf! (Kylestiall) Her blue eyes widened in surprise and for a second she couldn't help staring. Her mother had been a ½ elf, or a ¼ elf, or something like that. She didn't know for sure, as her mother had died when Rain was only seven years old. There was so much that she wished she could ask her, like who her real father was, for instance, and if he was still alive, if he knew about her, and what he was like. She had never actually been told that her 'father' really was such, but she just.. knew. And she was pretty sure that he didn't believe that she was his daughter, either.

She looked down and stared at the counter, arms still folded tightly over her stomach. She hoped that he hadn't messed with her drawing. She'd been busy drawing a picture of her cat, Onyx, when he burst in and hit her so hard he knocked her out of her chair to the floor. Fortunately, she'd heard him a second in advance and so had managed to lift her pencil off the paper, and kept it from messing up her drawing. Onyx, the best she could tell, had hidden under Rain's bed, safe from the man, who had proceeded to yell out demands that she go get him more.. ale, or whiskey, or whatever it was. Maybe wine, she never really paid attention. She'd first refused to go, then he'd slapped her and grabbed her by the hair and shoved her out the door with just enough money, leaving her little choice but to go do it. She clenched her teeth angrily, then exhaled slowly as she tried to stay calm while she waited on Edhuldur.</font>

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Kylestiall Embersong
13/Apr/2011, 03:30 AM
Suddenly, the door flung open once more. And yet again another young female walked in this one much younger looking than Brandy, though he could only assume as they all looked so young…</font>
She seemed to walk with a purpose and kept her defenses about her. He had to do a double take when she went up to the bar and placed an order, just what kind of bar is this? He thought..</font>
He noticed her gaze slowly make its way to him, and once it set im, his ears probably, her eyes grew wide. He was grown used to this now in his travels in the world of man, but still it was interesting to him. He figured the ears were what gave him away, but it could of been a multitude of things, from his emerald crusted vest with leafy design, to his curved blades on his back. He gave her a polite wink and looked back to Brandy, figuring she might know a bit more of the situation..</font>

Rainelle Hérandil
13/Apr/2011, 04:34 AM
Rainelle almost didn't notice the elf wink at her, as she had looked down a bit quickly to avoid staring at him. She was surprised to see an elf here in Dol Amroth. She'd always wanted to see an elf, but it had seemed she would never get the chance, aside from her half-elven mother, or fourth-elven, something like that. She bit her lip and stared at the counter.

She wished she had been able to grab Onyx before she left, but he hadn't given her time to get the cat. Now she worried about her beloved pet. What if Onyx ventured out from his hiding place under her bed and he hurt the little cat? As Edhuldur came back and set a large bottle of some alcoholic drink on the counter in front of the young girl, Rain blinked and looked up slightly. She stared at the bottle with a scowl, and contemplated pouring out the contents along her way home, and bringing him back an empty bottle..

The thought of it brought a smirk to her face, and she held back a snicker as she shoved a hand into her pocket. Of course, she knew better than to do such a thing.. he would beat her badly if she did. But the idea was amusing and she really wished she dared do something that bold and defiant. She'd have to figure out another way to show her defiance.. Edhuldur told her the price, and she nodded slightly. '</font>Meanwhile, we're out of food..' </font>She thought irritably. Then she paused, her hand lifted to hand the coins over, and thought for a moment. Maybe she ought to simply not get the stuff, and use this money to buy something more important? '</font>Not like he needs this horrid stuff..'</font> </font>She thought, biting her lip hesitantly as she eyed the bottle with disdain.

"On second thought.."</font> She said thoughtfully. "He's perfectly capable of getting this himself.."</font> She looked up and her blue eyes met Edhuldurs' eyes with a slight smirk forming on her lips. She opened her palm and her eyes flicked down to quickly count the coins to check how much she had, then looked back up at him, closing her fist once again as her hand went down to her side. Dare she do this? She hesitated. She was hungry, as there was no food left in the house, and she hadn't eaten all day. She would be in for quite a beating if she came home without his precious liquer, but right now she didn't care much about that.

"I'd like a bowl of clam chowder please."</font> She said with a defiant smirk as she hopped onto the nearest empty stool, tossing her head slightly to cause her long black hair to move out of her face, with a brief sideways glance toward the elf, and then she looked back to Edhuldur with a sweet smile. She frowned slightly as she contemplated the problem of how she would get food to Onyx, since he too had had nothing to eat all day, and she worried more about getting her kitten fed than she did herself.

Then she had an idea and her features brightened slightly as her face once again lit with a smile. "And a fillet of salmon as well, please.. to go, if that's alright."</font> She added, deciding that she could most likely climb in through her window upon her return home, and hopefully he wouldn't notice her being there, at least for quite some time. She could only hope, anyways. And hopefully, by the time he did discover that she had returned, she could convince him that she had already brought him his bottle and that he simply didn't remember it...

While Edhuldur nodded and when about getting her food order, Rain glanced to the side toward the elf and gave a smile, hoping to seem friendly.</font> "Mae govannan, mellon.." She said a bit timidly, hoping she was using the right language and that he'd know what she said. Be her luck she'd be speaking in Quenya to a Sindarin elf, or vice versa. She wasn't even sure which of the elven languages it was that her mother had taught her, or how to tell from whence an elf hailed, and therefore she had no idea what elven language this elf would speak, and could only hope for the best.</font>

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Veowyn Girarion
14/Apr/2011, 07:38 PM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.

"Ah, yes. I knew you would catch that quickly." Maerion said as Maldir asked why he was using the past tense when talking about Miewen. "Though I was hoping you would wait to ask." A faint smile touched his lips as he watched the young man's dart fly to the board. "It is a story that tells of why you were raised by... Anfalla and Malurin you said? I wish to meet them some day, to thank them for taking good care of you. Though, I have no doubt your sister will be more likely to be the one to actually do it." He sipped his drink, while thinking of his own sister, and the night that started this long search.

Then the lad asked if there was a picture of her. Maerion smirked, willing to answer that, before he told the Maldir the story of his birth. "I only have the picture from the same time I painted the one of Veowyn." He flipped the old pages carefully, passing the one of Veowyn's father, Aradal. Then came to rest on the one of his sister, dressed up for Lord Elrond's wedding, back in 109 T.A.
"Being the elf that she was, she did not change too much, between this and when you were born." Maerion smiled softly before starting the story. "In fact, she was just as beautiful, even in her last moments, when I found her.

Now, from the time that Miewen had 'died' the first time, back so
long ago, to this moment, she had forgotten her past, her daughter, and
her home. But in her last breaths, she knew me, and every thing. She was
able to tell me how she had wandered for many years, not knowing who
she was, or any thing else. She was almost as lost and new to the world
as the first elves created by Illúvatar. Your father found her, while
hunting one day. He brought her to Edhellond, and called her Idril. The
night you were born, your father had gotten into some sort of trouble with this group of thugs. They were out to kill him, and all of his family. They knew of his elven wife, but not that she was with child. So the night you were born, your mother ran with you, from Edhellond to here in Dol Amroth. She told me that she knew a nice couple who did not have any children, that would give you the love and care you would need to grow up good. Then, she ran all the way back, trying to make it to your father's side, before the thugs got there. She was only able to hold him one last time. During this time, I was in Edhellond on my own business, and heard the fighting, and was trying to find it in the dark. They must have heard me coming, for by the time I got there, the men where gone. Leaving only your parents to be found laying in the dark."

There were tears forming in Maerion's blue eyes. "Once your mother had told me her story, and asked of your sister, she closed her eyes joining both your father, and Aradal, in the Halls of Mandos. Leaving me to try to find you, with no real clues as to where you were. But, now here you are." The ellon smiled again, though tears still threatened the corners of his eyes. "Is there any thing else you want to know of your mother?"

Then something came to Maerion's mind. "Veowyn... I do not know how she will take this, at first. Now, I have no doubt that after the shock wears off she will try to be the best sister to you, but it won't be easy for her to take at first. Your sister does not know that her mother did not die with her father. She believes that Miewen died a few years after these pictures were painted. It will change her look at her past." Maerion gave a sad sigh. "Without any one left to give her all the answers to the questions she will have, she will not know what to think. However her husband, and son will help her focus on present and future."

16/Apr/2011, 09:48 AM
Brandy - Barmaid from the Jolly Juggler

"An uncertain quest, to be sure." Brandy said, sympathizing with the ellon. Such a search could not be easy for Kylestiall, coming to a place he did not know, among a people he did not know and who would surely be curious at his presence. His story intrigued her though- she had only known her own father a little, and the search for information was one to which she could relate. And yet more intriguing was the lack of answers to the other question she had asked: from whence he came. Perhaps the answer was entirely innocent and he had been more pressed to tell why he had come, than where from. Still wondering, Brandy had just been about to open her mouth, mind spinning to come up with a way to repeat her question without seeming to pry, when the door opened and she glanced over her shoulder to see who had come in. A young girl (Rainelle) had entered, clad darkly and looking dour. She approached Edhuldur and made an order- clearly not for herself, which the innkeeper when off to fill. Briefly the barmaid wondered if he had forgotten the papers he was supposed to be fetching for her; when he returned, however, he paused before her to hand over a sheaf of parchment with a nod and a smile. "Regards to Breothad." he said, before taking a bottle over to the girl (Rainelle).

Kylestiall seemed interested in the newcomer, and Brandy watched her as well, sidelong from her position on the ellon's opposite side. Scruffy was not precisely the word to describe the girl… more, trodden upon. The corners of her mouth tugged down in disapproval as she watched the girl counting her coins. Something was not right with this one, though Ulmo only knew what ill had befallen her. The girl's expression changed rapidly as Brandy watched, from angry and sullen to considering, to sly and sweet. Whatever her troubles were, it seemed that for the moment, she had put them from her mind. Just as well, the barmaid considered; she had long ago learned not to meddle in the affairs of strangers if it could be helped. This girl piqued Brandy's concern, though, and she opted to stay, though having the manifests she had no need to, and Breothad would wonder if she were gone long- there was still the mystery of Kylestiall as well. A little more time away from the Juggler at this time of day would not hurt, she assured herself. The girl (Rainelle) had turned in their direction- the ellon's direction, really, and Brandy would not fault her for that, he was surely as unusual a sight to her as he had been to she herself. When the young one spoke in his language, the barmaid gave her a small encouraging smile, not wanting to interrupt.</font>

Kylestiall Embersong
16/Apr/2011, 04:33 PM
Kylestiall went from being alone to having two young lasses standing next to him, oh how things can change... "Suilaid," he responded to the girl (Rainelle), with polite bob of his head. He wasn't quite sure what to say... "I over heard your order, and change of it, I'd say the clam chowder to be a better choice." He winked, not fully knowing why she had changed her mind, still just assuming it was aspontaneousdecision of some sort. He began spinning his black thump ring around in his fingers, his telltale trait of being absentminded... He snapped out of it, and then looked back at Brandy, "Sorry, I seemed to get carried away rambling about myself... I am currently residing in Mirkwood, though my true home lies in Lorien. Do you know where the elves you saw were from?" He asked, trying to get back on topic and keep a conversation going.</span>

OOC Moriel: "Do you know them, or is it coincidence that brings you all here at once?"- Was answering more that specifically heh, you</font></span>sleuth</font></span>you.</font>. )</span>

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Maldir Ethring
16/Apr/2011, 11:02 PM
~An Unfinished Chapter~
Year 3002 T.A.</span>
</span>" No, your tale has sated my curiosity in full ...I only wish I could have known them...Indeed she was beautiful...", Maldir uttered in a low, sullen tone back to Maerion, his misty eyes transfixed upon the artistic rendering of his birth mother on the page before him. After a moment's time in deep thought, his eyes returned towards the newly found uncle with a glimmer of hope. " I feel compelled to meet with her now, regardless of how she will take to this unknown and sad ending of our mother...Even if Veowyndoes have a hard time accepting me as her brother, I would very much like the opportunity to see her face to face Maerion...My mind will not be at rest until that day comes...", Maldiranswered back with certainty clearly heard in his voice towards the words about his sister, then kicked back the remnants of the mug of Gondorian Brown in one lengthened swallow.</span>
</span>" The present and the future...yes...loved ones do often help guide us through the most uncertain of times, don't they?...But enough with the melancholy memories and queries we both cannot answer ourselves, this was to be a day of celebration for me before I even met you here Maerion, let us focus on the positive...after all, we have both succeeded in our quests, no? ", Maldir chuckled out loud after heshook his head rigorously with a sudden feeling of mirth overwhelming him once again...Quite possibly due to both the notion of not being an only child any longer and, more so, the hastened and generous amount of ale he had just consumed. </span>

Rainelle Hérandil
17/Apr/2011, 07:07 AM
Rainelle smirked slightly upon hearing the elf's(Kylestiall's) words. She also heard what he said to the woman(Brandy) that was there, apparently in reply to something she had asked him before Rain came along. So he was from Mirkwood? Interesting.. and Lorien too? This made her wonder, but she didn't want to assault the elf with a barrage of questions. At least, not right now. She'd not even met him, and he also seemed to be in the middle of a conversation with the woman. Rain glanced at her, and after a moment she remembered seeing her in another tavern somewhere, once when her stepfather had made her go get him some of that horrid stuff.. what was that place called? Juggling something or other, wasn't it? She wasn't all that concerned.

She smiled back at the elf, having noticed that the woman wasn't saying anything at the moment. "Yes, I agree too."</font> She replied to what the elf had said to her about her order change. "Which is, in fact, why I changed it."</font> She added with a smirk, snickering softly to herself. She thought for a moment, looking down at the counter while Edhuldur was busy getting her soup ready. "I was uh, sent to get that.. other stuff, for my... father." </font>She said quietly, making a slight face and rolling her eyes at the mention of it. She guessed that the elf was curious, and was probably why he had even mentioned anything about her change of order to her. He probably wondered why she ordered some kind of liquor, only to change her mind as soon as it was brought to her, and order some food instead.

She smirked slightly to herself. "But I'd much rather have supper than take him more liquor he doesn't need."</font> She added with a small laugh, a slightly mischievous look in her blue eyes. She smoothed her skirt slightly, brushing a few small black cat hairs off. Not that she really minded at all about having cat hairs on her dress. In fact, it only made her miss Onyx more, and hope that everything was alright with him back at the house. Then she realized that she hadn't introduced herself or anything.

So, being curious herself as to the elf's name and why he was here, she turned back to him with a smile. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself."</font> She told him. "My name's Rain, it's nice to meet you..."</font> She smiled at both the elf and the woman(Kylestiall and Brandy) and paused, not knowing yet either of their names. Turning to the elf(Kylestiall) she tilted her head to the side slightly and smiled. "May I ask, though I'm sure you've probably told this a hundred times and are probably sick of telling, but I'm curious about what brings an elf from Mirkwood here to Dol Amroth..?"</font> She asked, a bit hesitantly, but curiously.</font>

Kylestiall Embersong
14/May/2011, 07:30 PM
Kylestiall</font> nodded and smiled as </font>Rain</font> explained herself. When introduced herself he replied in fashion, </font>" </font>Rain</font>, it is nice to meet you as well. My name is </font>Kylestiall Embersong</font>. My story for being here is an odd one at that!" </font>He smiled and took a sip of the water the barkeep had brought him.</font> "My father was an incredibly knowledgable man, sought after by many different people far and wide for both his advice and his way of finding the answers to peoples questions. After his death, when word was brought to me it came with his bloody sword, a few lesser items, and a book." </font>The sword was now sheathed at his side, and the book safely kept in the folds of his jacket.</font> "For the first few years the book was nothing but a riddle, it took me a long time and the help of others to just begin to understand that which he wrote. He had created his own language it would seem, all original. Slowly I have begun to understand it. It holds many details about journeys he had endeavored, and more specifically, the accounts of which were unfinished. Once such account has brought me here. Seeking a man whom never paid my father. "</font> </font>Kylestiall</font> hushed his voice, realizing he was talking louder than he intended.</font> "All I know is that he is the captain of a ship, and claims to have a vast amount of wealth. I fear he maybe a pirate of sorts." </font>he adverted his gaze to </font>Brandy</font>, and shrugged.</font> "So for now, I rest and learn what I can. If anything I have gotten to see that which I never had, and am glad to have done so thus far..." </font>he finished his glass and motioned to the barkeep he would not need another.</font>

Rainelle Hérandil
14/May/2011, 08:40 PM
Rainelle nodded and smiled as Kylestiall introduced himself. "Nice to meet you then."</font> She said with a smile, then she found herself leaning forward slightly as she listened to his tale, highly interested. At least some people, it seemed, had fathers they were proud of, who didn't hate them. She longed to be able to say as much for herself, but the only 'father' she had known was one she was afraid of and hated to have to be near. She leaned her elbow on the counter top and put her chin in her palm, listening intently while the elf spoke of his adventures.

In fact, it sounded like a really fun thing to do, traveling to different places and all that. She thought it must be nice to be able to go wherever and have adventures. And, she also thought it was pretty admirable that this elf was journeying so far just to find out answers about his father. "Have you found very many of the answers you seek, as of yet?"</font> She asked after a minute, curious. Pirates? She had heard a bit about the pirates, more so than most girls might, since she lived so near the sea and was always wandering around on the beach and harbors and such. She did not fancy meeting up with any pirates, not ever, and the thought of what things pirates might do to her made her shudder slightly.

"He made his own language? That's really impressive!"</font> Rain added, hearing him say that his father had apparently done so. She had always thought it would be neat to have her own language that no one else knew, but then knowing elvish usually sufficed well enough, since not many people around here knew the elvish language. She started thinking about her mother, and wondering things about her. Things Rain had always wanted to know about, but never had answers to. Over the years she continued to wonder about such questions, but sometimes she didn't think about them.

Now those same old questions reared back up in her mind and she wanted more than ever to find answers to them. Like where her mother had been from; Lothlorien? Mirkwood? Some other place? Had she even lived with elves at all? And also, was her father really the man she had known as her father all her life, or was it someone else, and if so, was he still alive? What was he like? And why did her mother not stay with him, and go instead to Dol Amroth. These things puzzled her and she wished she knew the answers to them, but she didn't know how exactly she might find such answers to those questions, and she was almost afraid to find out, in case the answer was yes, he is your real father so deal with it.

Sighing quietly, she looked down at the counter. That was when Edhuldur put her soup on the counter for her. Looking up, she smiled and pulled it closer as she picked up her spoon and started to eat. She was really hungry, and the soup tasted delicious. She hooked the heels of her boots on the bottom rung of the stool she was sitting on, still thinking somewhat about her questions, but then her thoughts turned back to the problems more at hand. Onyx would be hungry, but she would be bringing a filet of salmon back to him.

The problem was, should she climb in her window or go in the front door? If she went in the door, it was far more likely that she would be confronted with him, but it was fairly dangerous climbing in the window as well, since she had to climb up a tree and edge out on the branch and step over onto a ledge to push her window open, which was difficult to do while carrying things. Oh well, she figured. She would cross that bridge when she came to it, she decided. She glanced back up and smiled a bit at the elf while she waited to hear what he would reply to her questions that she had asked concerning his quest, hoping that she wasn't seeming too inquisitive.</font>

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Kylestiall Embersong
04/Jun/2011, 09:01 PM
He considered her question, what had he learned? "</font>Well</font>," he began, "</font>aside from the fact that my father was a very busy man, and had conducted business all over the land, I haven't learned much about him.</font>" He reached up and scratched the back of his neck. </font>"However, I have learned a lot about who I am. Being placed so far from home amongst people whom I am a stranger too, has really taught me to be true to myself.</font>" He reflected on what he has said for a minute and then addressed her next question with a small chuckle.</font> "Ha, yah it was a written language, I still only know very little of it. I've shown it to a few scholars and they have been able to help some, but most are just as lost as I.</font>" He raised his eyebrows and smiled a bit. He had to wonder if his father knew he would spend so much time studying it, he had to wonder if maybe his father meant for him to, as if it was some sort of last gift. With a fury though he remembered the images he had seen in Galadriels well a few months prior, of his fathers final stand. Some things would probably always remain a mystery...</font>

Rainelle Hérandil
04/Jun/2011, 11:09 PM
Rain listened while the elf spoke to her, nodding slightly as she ate, and she wished she could go on an adventure like his, to find out more about her father. She knew in her heart that Jake, the man she'd always been told was her father, was not really her father. She wished she knew who her real father was, and that she could go on a quest like Kylestiall's to find out the missing pieces of her family. But she wouldn't even know where to start. Plus, any time she ever thought about leaving, and running away from all this, she would always lose the nerve too soon.

She finished the soup in the bowl, and wished she could get a second, since she was still hungry. But she had no more money, so she couldn't. The salmon fillet she had ordered was on the counter next to her, wrapped up and ready to go. She smiled back at Kylestiall. "That sounds really interesting."</font> She said sincerely. "I hope you find the answers you're looking for, and I hope you figure out how to read that language your father invented."</font> She smiled, almost wishing she could help him somehow, but she doubted she'd be of any help. Though the made up language of his father did sound rather intriguing.

"I wish I could somehow help, but..I have to go." </font>She said, disappointed. She looked down and thought about staying a while longer, but then she remembered that Onyx was home all alone, and hungry, so she knew she ought to get back soon to get him his salmon. Plus, she knew the little kitten would be afraid all alone in the house with Jake there. She stood up and grabbed the salmon, making sure it was wrapped well so the juices hopefully wouldn't soak through the paper it was wrapped in, then she stuffed it in her jacket pocket. "It was really nice meeting you."</font> She said to him, and meant it. She was glad to have met the elf, it wasn't everyday that she got to meet elves.</font>