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07/Jan/2010, 05:11 PM
Original credit to Borromino</font>


Erebor Thief Hunt

It was party night in Erebor and the crowds would soon be gathering in the pub. As Queen Nerwen was combing her beard she reached over for her platting gems but came up empty. One was missing! Calling for her guards she quickly had an elite team of investigators gathered to save the day. All they had to do was find the missing jewel before her arrival at the party. Succede and they would have the heartfelt thanks of the Queen, fail, and they'd probably become intimately aquinted with her axe...

Who stole it?
Anteor, Balfur, Dain, Daywalker, Dis, Drifta, Hermod, Idesinholde, LittlePeople, Moros, Nain, Norin, Nwyfre, Oin, Queen Nerwen, Ranlinde, Sirom, Star Flower TMM, Tornihyanda</font>

Where has it been hidden?
The Ale Cellars, Census Room, The Depths, Fighting Pits, The Front Gate, Gemcutter's Workshop, The Great Chamber of Thor, The Great Hall, The Market, Miner's Halls, Guard Station, Open Air Pub, Ravenhill, Residential Quarters, River Running, Royal Chambers, The Side Door, Smaug's Lair, Thorin's Burial Chamber, The Western Flanks</font>

What was stolen?
Albite, Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Hematite, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Oynx, Pearl, Peridot, Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz</font>

The OOC stuff:
-Rounds will last 48 hours (approx)
-At the end of a round, hints will be given relationg to guesses given
-Each round select a thief, a location and a gem
-To win you must guess all three correctly and as a result you will move up the Investigator's table.
-Posts must be roleplayed and a minimum of 200 characters long.
-Open to members from any region

Investigator's Table
Rank 1:
Rank 2: *</font>
Rank 3:
Rank 4: *</font>
Rank 5:
Rank 6: *</font>

*</font> (May select two thieves)
*</font> (May select two locations)
*</font> (May select two gems)

07/Jan/2010, 05:47 PM
<DIV =WebWizRTE leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1">Oh joy, the queen had lost one of her plaiting jewels and now Moros had been roped into helping find whoever had 'stolen' it. A more likely answer to this amazingly unimportant quest was that she had probablydropped it somewhere while skipping around or something, but at least if Moros was busy doing this he wouldn't have an excuse not to talk to Lar about property management and income statements and blahblahdeblah. So, standing near the back of the room, Moros shouted out the first three things that came to his mind: "Anteor, in the Ale Cellars with the lead pipe! ....I mean, lapis lazuli!" Ha. There. Now at least he was looking busy.

07/Jan/2010, 06:23 PM
Was that Daywalkersneaking away through the The Side Door? Idesin could not help but frown as she saw that. Was he the one who had stolen the Emerald? Rumeours were running wild in the Lonely Mountain about the dear old dwarf who insisted she had not lost her Emerald but someone had stolen it. However who she had no idea. Thus most of the dwarves were looking suspiciously at one another and wondering if they were looking straight at the culprit. Deciding to follow who she was starting to suspect Idesin hoped to figure out if he was innocent or not. Considering he was someone she considered as a friend she was rather hoping for innocent.

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Nwyfre Hammershaft
08/Jan/2010, 02:03 AM
What? Queen Nerwen had lost a platting gem? Who could it have been... Nwyfre thought long and hard... He whipped out his handy dandy notebook and got right to work. He knew that he was innocent, so he immediately went to question his good friend Drifa</font>. He found her in the Open Air Pub</font>, he walked up to her and asked, "Did you see who took the Ruby</font> from Her Majesties chamber?"

08/Jan/2010, 11:19 AM
'That queen of us is really, really greedy, if she is going to make all this fuss about one little missing gem." Balfur thought when he was walking in the direction of Dale. He had just heard the news of the so-called theft, but the young dwarf plainly thought Nerwen</font> </font>had a serious case of dragon-sickness. He tried to get the matter out of his head, but when he looked up, he saw a strange silhouette crouching around at the Ravenhill. He quickly ran after the person and saw no one else than the queen putting a shiny stone in her pocket, cackling madly.
Shocked Balfur turned to the camera and asked the audience: "Did I just see Queen Nerwen</font> put her own stolen Diamond </font>in her pocket?!

Míriel Aditu
08/Jan/2010, 12:50 PM
Aditu did not often leave her own home, but she heard that a thief was loose in the Lonely Mountain. That sparked her interest; she had not hunted for a thief in what seemed like ages. She wandered around The Market </font>for awhile, looking over the goods for sale and eying the other people in the area, she saw Tornihyanda</font>, who looked very suspicious to her. He was wearing a large Ruby</font> necklace that caught her eye at once.

Alaron Alcadir
08/Jan/2010, 02:40 PM
Learning that a thief had been committing, well, thefts at Erebor, Alaron was intrigued. Taking time off from his Cavalry duties, he rode over to the Lonely Mountain and immediately began an investigation. His first suspect was naturally Star Flower </font>though why he could not have said. In search for the dwarfette, he spent some time at Smaug's Lair </font>where he knew she had last been seen. But what could she have stolen? Perhaps it was Citrine</font>...

08/Jan/2010, 02:56 PM
Morwyn was up for a challenge, and also for a change of scene. Her cavalry training sessions had been rough, but very good, and she felt she would reward herself with a bit of time outside of Rohan. Perhaps the Lonely Mountain was a way to go in order to seek some respite, but she had heard of a thief hunt going on and felt she wanted to contribute.
When she arrived there were already several characters there, each one trying out their own hand at finding the thief. It would help to know what they stole, it could be a garnet,</font>anything at all, she thought to herself, but carried on.
The first place she looked was the Census Room.</font> </font>Clues were not forthcoming. "The only person I can think of is Norin</font>, but that's quite possibly because that is the only person I know."

09/Jan/2010, 06:58 PM
Erebor's newly appointed head of Royal Security, Naror Ironfist, inspected the reports from the 'volunteers' infront of him. This was not really the way he wanted to start his new job but he got the feeling that it wouldn't be his job for long if he didn't clear this case quickly. Scratching his beard he refuilled his pipe and wrote a note to all those working the case.

Dear Investogators

I've been going over your provisional reports and these are my conclusions;
1) I find all the dwarves you have named to be of impecable character and upon investigation my deputy finds that they all have a satisfactory alibi.
2) The areas you have been investigating show promise. Please continue along these lines.
3) I have myself been conducting an inventory of Her Majesty's jewels. This is an ongoing search although i started with those you suspected. I must report however that they are all present and correct.

Good luck

09/Jan/2010, 07:13 PM
Oh snap, the Royal Security guy was an Ironfist?? Well, that made Moros smile at least. He always knew his kinsmen were ambitious, and this Dwarf had risen to a very prestigious position. Moros stored this information in the back of his mind for a later time; there may come a time when a well-placed bribe to this Naror fellow could be of value. At this point though, Moros was stuck doing all this investigating stuff, and apparently no one was getting anywhere fast. Scribling down a few more ideas onto a piece of parchment, Moros then handed over his report: Oin, Ale Cellars, Pearl. Moros liked hanging out in the Ale Cellars!

09/Jan/2010, 07:16 PM
The little candle watched with amusement all the dwarves and humans who were running around trying to find the Queen's missing jewel.If it wouldn't benefit her own waxiness to search for something, then why worry about a growly old Queen? However, the word "reward" was whispered as a last resort and heard only by her super-sensitive wick. Maybe she could outsmart all these investigative types that worked for free and come away with something worth her while. Wax wasn't cheap you know.

Hopping off her little table, the candle first thought of her little brother Narv. If anyone would understand a thief it would be he. Heading directly for where she KNEW he would be,The Ale Cellars, poor Waxy only found his worthless second-cousinSirom. Deciding that he was probably just as guilty as anyone she quickly began searching his person for the missingHematite.

09/Jan/2010, 07:55 PM
At least it was possible that Morwyn was starting off in the right place, but just to get a wider scope of the problem at hand she ventured forward out of the Census Room, and towards Smaug's Lair</font>.

Not the most beautiful of places. The young rider felt a bit nervous as she entered the lair, something about it (likely everything to do with dragons) was putting her off. This would need to be a quick investigation. She looked around. The place smelled, but she didn't dare investigate as to what was causing it. She tried to imagine what she would have done in this situation, had she been the one to purloin the pearl</font>, or whatever it was. Maybe she would have come to hide here, after all it wasn't the most desirable of locations. Then she tried to imagine the thief. One of the other faces she could remember was TMM</font>, though it had been a long while. TMM was not normally that kind of character, but stranger things have happened.

09/Jan/2010, 10:04 PM
But as she went through The Side Door she realised that it was not Daywalker she was seeing at all it was someone else. Making sure to keep a distance as she did not want the other dwarf to recognize her, Idesinholde wondered if it really was the Emerald that was stolen. The rumours were so many no one was sure who the guilty one was anymore. If she had been the thief (not that she ever would) would she not have picked something else? A Sapphire to go with her eyes perhaps? As her thoughts wandered to how to get a hold of such a gem with how little she got to shop for she seemed to have lost the suspected thief. Oops?<DIV ="WebWizRTE" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">

Alaron Alcadir
10/Jan/2010, 06:22 AM
Having reached a dead end in his previous line of investigation, Alaron decided to change course. Remembering his lore, he traveled through the restored tunnel in the Lair up to the The Side Door</font>. There was no-one around. Nevertheless, this seemed like a good place to hide a stolen object. Perhaps some Opal</font>s? As he looked about for any sign that his hunch might be true, he wondered who the thief could be. He hadn't seen Dis </font>around for a while. Could it have been her?

Míriel Aditu
10/Jan/2010, 12:11 PM
Dain </font>walked into the Market</font> and looked around with a haughty expression. It had been a rather dull day and others were milling about discussing the various events of their lives. Dain was wearing a heavy cloak and a strange Amethyst </font>pin was stuck in the folds of the cloak. An unknown dwarf could not take their eyes off the amethyst pin, he was sure he had seen it somewhere before, but he had never seen Dain.

10/Jan/2010, 01:36 PM
Balfur had reported his findings to the head of Royal Security, someone called Naror, but to his regret he had been mistaken. He had made his way to the Open Air Pub</font>, just to get a whiff of alcohol in himself. He was absolutely positive it would have a positive influence on his research. He ordered a beer and for a while the dwarf did not think of anything else than drinking.

After his fourth, or his fifth, he was surprised to find an Aquamarine</font> lying next to him on the bar. It had been used to pay by the dwarf who had been sitting to his right. Sadly enough Balfur had no idea who that could be, but he remembered the dwarf had just left. When he shot a glance over his shoulder, he caught a glimpse of Hermod</font>'s back, while he was making his way out of the pub. The young dwarf quickly paid his bill and rushed back to Naror</font>.

11/Jan/2010, 05:15 PM
Now, Naror hadn't got to his current position without learning to cope with pressure, but even he'd have to admit that having the Queen pacing around the room, carrying her sharpest axe was making the atmosphere a little tense. Having had time to go over the investigator's latest reports he started writting his conclusions.


I feel we are making good progress in some areas but less so in others;
1) Having read through the statements of those you suspect, I can not shake the feeling that there is something fishy that I just can't yet put my finger on. Please continue your inquiries along the current lines.
2) Thank you for narrowing the search. Again, I feel positive progress is being made and would urge you to continue as you are.
3) My inventory of the Queen's jewels continues apace but I'm afraid to say that all those you think you've spotted are safe and well in a secure location. More than that I can not divulge, but I fear you must continue your search as you see fit.

Best of luck to you all.

Míriel Aditu
11/Jan/2010, 08:16 PM
Dis</font> came running through the market</font>, screaming like a banshee and holding up a piece of Quartz </font>over her head as she ran. Everyone around just stopped what they were doing, some dropped the goods they had been examining, socked into immobility by the sound of the screeching.
Dis made it to the edge of the market and then glanced back over her shoulder and threw a scathing look at the immobile onlookers, she then dashed out of sight!

Alaron Alcadir
12/Jan/2010, 08:39 AM
Thinking on it a moment, he decided Dis was a reasonable suspect to pursue. With that in mind, he sauntered back through the tunnel and then </font>Smaug's Lair</font> </font>and into the Mountain proper. He was not yet certain what the stolen object could be. Perhaps it was Onyx? It seemed to be something worth stealing.</font></font></font></font>

12/Jan/2010, 02:00 PM
Closer! Something in the air told Morwyn that she was actually getting somewhere in the investigation. She was going to stay put in Smaug's Lair</font> for a while and see what else she could find. Before long another rider, Alcadir, entered the lair. She shot him a kindly smile but at the same time she didn't want to give away the clues she had gathered and so distanced herself.

Maybe it's Hermod,</font>she thought, putting a finger to her lip and biting her nail as she reflected. It was a name that had been going around, and it was as good a guess as any. Yes, Hermod stole the peridot.</font>

Nwyfre Hammershaft
13/Jan/2010, 02:59 PM
HAHA! The young dwarf had found relief: it had been confirmed that Nwyfre hadn't done it. Well he knew that it wasn't him, he was no thief, but the fact that everybody else now knew that it wasn't him, took a great weight off of him... He continued his investigation by questioning Dis</font> in Smaug's Lair</font> about the missing Quartz</font>...

13/Jan/2010, 07:41 PM
Having managed to distrack the Queen from the matter at hand by having one of his underlings aquire a keg of ale from the cellars, Naror had chance to take a deep and indepth look at the reports that had been submitted. Once his considerations were complete he reached for his pen and started writing again;

Dear Invesigators

I find myself mildly concerned at the small number of reports today, if you should happen to come across any of your fellows who've got lost in the ahllways, do please point them in the right direction, I hate to have to inform her Majesty that we'd lost some good dwarves and, well, foreign-types int he course of this hunt. Anyway, that aside, I'll share with you the latest conculsions;
1) I've looked in detail at the alibis and statements from the two individuals that you have named and must admit that I can find no falsehoods contained therein. You may need to go back over the other suspects and look again.
2) In contrast, I'm now fairly sure that you're on the right lines again here. My lads have been searching the other locations and have come up empty handed.
3) At this point I'm afriad I must make a confession, I got my lists mixed up and infact checked the stones you didn;t suspect. However, since I found them all to be present and acounted for, I must conclude that at least one of you has the right train of thought on this one.

May Aule grant you the wisdom to complete this task and may Durin keep you axes sharp.

Nwyfre Hammershaft
14/Jan/2010, 02:00 AM
Nwyfre was deeply concerned when he read the message of Naror. Several dwarves had gotten lost? Impossible... oh well, maybe they'd turn up later... He shook off his weariness and went to find Idesinholde</font>... he found her in Smaug's Lair</font>. He approached Ides and said, "Have you heard that Queen Nerwen's favortie Topaz</font> is missing?"Edited by: Nwyfre Hammershaft

Alaron Alcadir
14/Jan/2010, 06:12 AM
Leaving Smaug's Lair</font> behind, he walked deeper into the Mountain. So far, he was still certain that Onyx </font></font></font>was a reasonable thing to steal. Dis, however, was no longer on his list of suspects. Instead, he caught sight of Sirom</span>. He pursued the Dwarf. Something told him he would be led to something.

14/Jan/2010, 01:50 PM
What if it had been TMM</font> all along? Morwyn was certainly beginning to second-guess her instincts, but at the same time she really felt as if there was still something more to be found in Smaug's Lair</font>. Maybe it was just a draft, or maybe it was more peridot</font> shaped. Morwyn sat down on the nearest rock and began to think very hard. If anything she wanted to solve this mystery just so that she could get out of this accursed mountain and back home.

Míriel Aditu
14/Jan/2010, 05:34 PM
Idesinholde </font>had heard rumors that down in Smaug’s Lair, </font>there were still some treasures to be found. Things hidden that had not yet been discovered, that sounded very interesting to the dwarf and she stole down there, hoping to find something worth wild. She peeked in all the corners and all she found was a bit of Peridot.</font>

15/Jan/2010, 08:25 PM
Given how insistant everyone had been about Smaug's Lair</font> Naror had moved his investigation there and summonded all the invesitigators to him. Resplendant in his brightly shining scale he tucked his helmet under his arm, cleared his throat and proclaimed to the amassed dwarves (and others);


There is something not right in this place and it can not just be the taint of the newly vanquished dragon! I am positive that the stolen jewel is to be found somewhere here and that it's just a matter of time before we uncover it.
As for the thief, well, since I thought there was something fishy about some of the alibis but couldn't place it I've set one of my Sgts onto the task and he reckons that you're on the right track so keep digging. Metaphorically speaking of course!

Chuckling slightly at his oh so witty joke he then continued.

The inventory of the Queen's jewels, which I'd hope to have finished by now has been held up by the slight.. err.. well, the Royal Gemologist has decided that the best place or them is inspecting a new face that's opened in the mines. As such, we have been lacking our expert but the lads have pulled together and we think we've identified everyone but those you said.

We're getting close on this! I can feel it in my beard. Lets crack this case and get to the pub before the bloody miners drink the lot heh?

(Edited for clarity)Edited by: Hermod

Nwyfre Hammershaft
16/Jan/2010, 02:22 AM
Now in the terribly smelly Smaug's Lair</font> with his fellow investigators something didn't feel quite right to Nwyfre... When each of the three remaining suspects were brought in by Naror's men the young investigator walked up to Idesinholde</font> and said "You took the Onyx</font> didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!?!?"

Alaron Alcadir
16/Jan/2010, 07:16 AM
They were gatehred at Smaug's Lair</font>. Alaron felt excited, certain that he was close to the end of the chase. There were only three suspects left, after all. He glanced at Sirom</span>. He was still suspicious about this Dwarf. Perhaps he had been on wrong track about the onyx however. Perhaps it was the Topaz</font> that had been stolen.

16/Jan/2010, 11:30 AM
Aha! So the correct hiding place had been Smaug's Lair </font>all along! But hadn't she pretty much already looked everywhere? Taking a moment to ponder the thief, perhaps it had not been TMM all along, perhaps it was Idesinholde. But then what was the stone? She had been so sure of the peridot, but was now beginning to doubt herself. It couldn't be the topaz, and she was fairly sure it wasn't the onyx....maybe the </font>quartz</font>! Yes, it was entirely possible that this was indeed the correct combination!</font></font>

16/Jan/2010, 10:55 PM
From what Idesinholde
could gather the hiding place was indeed Smaug's Lair and had been all
along! As for what was stolen she had not quite pieced that together yet.
Perhaps the quartz? If she had been the thief she thought; I'd
have chosen something more valuable! Then again who knew how thief’s thought?
She sure did not because she would never even dream of stealing anything! Though
if she could have gotten away with taking something she probably would have…<DIV ="WebWizRTE" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">

17/Jan/2010, 08:20 PM
Given how close the invesitagtion was to catching the offender and returning the Queen's jewel, Naror sat with each investigator personally to go through their submissions to see if they had cracked it. Working on a 'last in, first out' principal he started with the foreigners and in many ways it was fortunate he did, as he could rule both out on exactly the same grounds.

"Honoured Guests

I must firstly thank you for your continuing and tireless efforts on behalf of her majesty. However, I fear that as you do not seem to have as strong a knowledge of gems, which is entirely understandable given you are not of Durin's race, you boh seem to have indicated stones which have already been accounted for."

Turning to Ides he adds;

"You however have no such excuse, do try and pay attention!"

Sighing slightly and shaking his head he turned to the last submission, Nwyfre's. He read it once to himself then paused briefly, straightened his beard, and read it again, before passing it up to one of his sergeants. After a brief whispered conversation the junior dwarf nods once and leaves in a hurry, heading in the direction of the Royal chambers. Turning to those gathered, the chief announces;

"I do believe my young friend here has it! Well done lad, you've done yourself proud! I knew it would be a dwarf who solved this one!" After a moments pause he adds hasitlly "With the valued assistance of our friends from other lands of course." Strightening his beard again before continuing (this whole remembering to be nice to foreigners thing was proving quite hard for him) he then bellowed "Guards! Arrest the thief! I'm sure the Queen will be wanting words. Sharp, pointy ones if she's still of the same mind she was last I saw her.

Turning back to Nwyfre he adds, "I could do with investigators of your calibre on my team. Congratulations Lad, I'm now awarding you the role of 'Investigator: Level 1'." Leaning closer he whispers "Sorry, it's not a very investive title, but we only just got the system up and running so we didn't have time to come up with anything fancy. If you have any suggestions though..." That said straightened up again and gave his final announcement.

"The Queen will by now have been informed of this and I have every confidence that a quick search of the room will reveail the missing gemstone. I'd like to thank you all for you time and efforts and I'm sure I'll see you all in the pub later!"

Edit to add - (OOC: Thanks guys. If anyone has any feedback etc then please feel free to PM it. I'll get another game up in a day or two</font>)

Edited by: Hermod

Nwyfre Hammershaft
19/Jan/2010, 04:44 PM
Nwyfre took the hand of Naror and shook it vigorously. "Thank ye sir, thank ye! I knew we could figure it out." he was then told his official new title and slightly grimaced when he said. "Why not grant the titles:"

Deputy Investigator
Grand Inspector
High Inquisitor

"Or sommat similar?" he smiled, adding to Naror that he did an excellent job of leading the investigation and he ought to be properly congratulated... </font>