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31/Jan/2010, 07:33 AM
</span>Cleaning the Mountain</font></font></font>

“Their plans were soon made. With the women and the children, the old and the unfit, the Master remained behind; and with him were some men of crafts and many skilled elves; and they busied themselves felling trees and collecting the timber sent down from the Forest” – The Hobbit

Following the death of Smaug the relief effort to rebuild the merry town of Dale was extensive with every man, woman and child playing their part. Although Smaug’s target was Dale, his damage to the Lonely Mountain had long since been done. Entire Halls and caverns were damaged with no signs of the prosperity that once blessed them. Skeletons of the Great Worm’s victims littered the chambers with years of dust and broken arms surrounding them. Now that our foe is dead the relief effort inside the Mountain can begin and we have much work to do. Inside the mountain our long dead foes must be laid to rest properly and the chambers cleaned out and restored to their former glory. Moreover, the stench of the dragon emanating from his main chamber needs to be stamped out and the feeling of triumph and glory re-instated throughout the place. Furthermore, the lands surrounding the mountain need to be cleaned up as they are barren and burnt where once lush vegetation grew.

Obviously this is quite a big task and so we need all hands on deck, well mountain, and this is where you guys come in. Everyone is welcome from any part of the Wilderland, however, as it is a dwarven project, a dwarf NPC is requested if you’re not RPing a dwarf as your primary plaza character. No RP experience is necessary just enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck is what is needed here so feel free to hop into the mayhem at any time. However if you are new then simply put “new participant” at the top of your page so we can see that.</font></font>

</font></font>If you wish to be a part of this new RPG then simply post here with your name, region, NPC (if necessary) and a suitable opening post where you enter the mountain IC and choose an area to work on and begin working.</font></font>


Open to All (But with a dwarven character/NPC)
OOCs to be whited out
All posts must be over 200 characters long
Any questions can be directed to the GM (Anteor) at Anteor.Imperishable@gmail.com </font></font>

Have fun!</font></font></font>
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Queen Nerwen
02/Feb/2010, 07:45 AM
Nerwen - Wilderland - Front Gate

Nerwen stood before the Front Gate with her hands on her hips. She had always been a business like dwarfette and a project such as this demanding that sort of thinking. Within the Mountain that was a citadel to all dwarves lay the waste and ruin of Smaug the Worm. No dwarf would be happy living in dragon filth so it was up to them to get indistrious and begin the big Mountain Clear Up!

As all logical minds would agree, the place to begin, was at the beginning. And that meant the Front Gate. Groups of masonry dwarves would be needed to rebuild and repair the mighty stone work. Every little helps however, so Nerwen started moving smaller bits of rubble to the sides so as to clear a path into Erebor. It was certainly going to be a long job!

02/Feb/2010, 08:53 PM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>Moros – Wilderland – The Southern Slopes
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>There were very few times when Moros would actually help his fellow Dwarves just for the sake of helping. This wasn’t one of them.
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>When he had heard that King Dain and the Queen had requested all able bodies to help in the restoration of the great fortress under the mountain, the Dwarf had scoffed and turned back to his wines. The damage that Smaug had wrought was extensive, and Moros knew that a high price could be levied from the monarchs in return for his aid; his family was very skilled in the working of iron, and he knew they would come calling eventually, at which point Moros would have an estimate waiting for them.
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>However, when his general manager Lar had pointed out that the lands surrounding the mountain were also in need of attention...now that caught Moros’ ear. Besides ironworking, the other thing that Moros had a particular skill for was property management. And properties needed managing now, for clearly they were being neglected by the state—who better to take care of them than the House of Austri? So Moros had set out the previous morning from his villa with Lar in tow, along with a number of baskets of food and wine packed onto the back of a mule, and now found himself in the shadow of the mountain, clutching a scented silk kerchief to his nose. The Dwarf had seen the desolation here beforehand, but now he looked upon it with new eyes, eyes that saw gold flowing from tall stalks of barley and wheat and into his pockets.
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>“Yes, this will do nicely....”Edited by: Moros

03/Feb/2010, 11:25 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginheight="1" marginwidth="1">Anteor - Wilderland - Front Gate

With his leather tunic creaking slightly as he walked, Anteor look up at the Mountain with a mixture of trepidation at the task before him and excitement as he imagined this once splendid Mountain up and running once more. Determined not to be daunted by the sheer scale of what had to be done he approached the Front Gate of the Mountain out of which his ancestors had no doubt feld all those years ago when the dread Smaug had first desended upon their home. Pushing aside the rubble and fallen branches Anteor noticed another dwarf (Nerwen)stood just outside the main gate clearly there to also do what he had come to do. "Varkin," he hollered " a daunting sight isn't it. We shall need all our man-power for a job such as this. Yet when it has been completed it shall be counted a wonder among our race"

09/Feb/2010, 01:25 AM
Narvi of Moris -wilderland - Southern Slopes

It was like a Free Stuff Buffet.

"Cleaning", they called it, bless them. All over the countryside was strewn the wreckage of the great struggle for freedom waged so valiantly by so many for so long against so great a set of odds. The foregoing can be phrased more succintly as "there's free crap everywhere and lootingis highly encouraged." Narvi had lain low during the whole dragon situation, made a livable living for himself by collecting weird rocks, broken axe handles, and general trash, and hauling it off to Bree to sell to idiot Hobbit tourists who could be duped into believing damn near anything was an "authentic ancient Dwarven antique magic trinket". That was in the Iron Hills, of course, where a good day's haul was usually composed of a couple pieces of cutlery, some old beef jerky and maybe a few pieces of clay vaguely shaped like thetorso of Durin I. But here -- people'shomes had been destroyed, their livelihoods ruined. That meant old furniture, maybe some clothing, even jewellery dropped bypanic-stricken townspeoplefleeing for their lives from an unspeakable evil! It was fantastic!He had spent his whole life preparing for this.

So he arrived at the southern slopes, five oversized potato sacks in hand. To his annoyance, there was another there, some rich pompous type who was probably there out of "civic duty" or some other laughable reason. Narvi gave him a long look, making sure it wasn't someone who'd caught him stealing their patio furniture at some point in the past, and then set about scanning the terrain for his ticket into the middle class.

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09/Feb/2010, 12:09 PM
Dfira - Wilderland - Leaving Dale

Drifa heard that Nerwen was up the mountain and she needed to talk to her about some wood. So leaving the Toy Market, she got herself some supplies and headed towards the mountain. She still found it hard to look upon the devastation of the area since her arrival from the River Redwater valley a short time ago without feeling sad. Nothing was tidy. And she was quite strict when it came to tidiness. Tidiness made her happy. Also, she had visited the Mountain before the worm had did his thing and it had been a lovely place indeed. It could be lovely again, she knew, with some hard work and dedication.

With this thought in mind, she found herself at the foot of the mountain. She noticed two other dwarves. One (Moros) looked to rich for her liking and she wondered where he hailed from. The other (Narvi) looked like a regular petty dwarf, sacks over his shoulder. Not paying to much attention to them, she started her way up the slope. There was so much debris, it was overwhelming. She decided to pick it up as she went and pile it together. This way she figured, fires could be lit and what ever could be burnt, would burn, and what ever couldn't could be disposed of by cart. She hummed softly to herself as she slowly zigzagged up the mountain, finding pieces of different things. A moldy scarf, a metal spoon, a broken wooden bowl; a large chair with a leg missing and one broken. It must of been for someone important. It was quite heavy but she managed to drag it into the pile. Soon she was sweating. It was good to be doing something useful though and she was enjoying herself.

09/Feb/2010, 02:08 PM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Narvi - Southern Slopes
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Half a potato sack of ash, some piece of worthless charred fabric,one third ofa pencil and a button that turned out to be his own, having apparently popped off when he bent over to pick up the third of a pencil. He told himself it had only been a couple minutes, the good stuff was around here somewhere, just be patient -- and then this new arrival saunters by, and without a word, or apparently the least bit of effort assembles a pile that would have rivalled some of the legendary hauls of his youth! Scarf, broken bowl, spoon, a chair with two functional legs!! She was a savant, a genius. What did she know? Had she already scouted out the terrain? Did she understand the patterns underlying the crap distribution that to him had always seemed random, unpredictable, untameable by any natural law of the universe? She seemed to be making her way up toward the gate. Narvi was torn for a moment - follow her, and study the ways of the master, or stay downhere where there was less competition? In the end, one meant climbing uphill and the other meant possibly finding out where the rich guy kept the spare key to his mansion, and his decision was made. He would remain, and find what he could. Hey, was that a dead newt over there??Edited by: Narvi of Moris

09/Feb/2010, 11:04 PM
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>Moros
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>The Southern Slopes
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>Oh great, the rabble was coming out to sift through the junk, potato sacks and all... For the most part, Moros had tried to ignore the various dirty figures wandering around the foot of the mountain and focus instead on his job of surveying the land to find the most profitable and arable tracts of soil. However, now people kept getting in his way. And staring at him. For very long periods of time. And then running off to poke at dead newts.
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>Turning to Lar, Moros sighed and gestured towards what he perceived to be the most proficient newt-poker. “Go talk to that one, will you? If he’s working for us, then he won’t be in our way. Tell him he is going to carry luggage for me, and I will cover his meal for the day.”
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>At this, Lar nodded in agreement and then hurried off to fetch the Dwarf whom his master had indicated. Coming up to Narvi, the general manager looked him up and down and-
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>“No! Not that one, Lar!” Moros’ bellowed from afar, “That one is a terrible newt-poker! The OTHER one, there, with the fancy hat!”
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>
<DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt" align=left>Ah! Too true, that really is a magnificent hat. Lar thought as he saw the flourish of colours and ribbons and—was that a chicken wing?? Impressive AND delicious, genius! “Good luck with your, er, newt, buddy.” Lar said to Narvi as he eyed the Dwarf and his potato sacks again and brushed past him.

10/Feb/2010, 01:02 AM
IT WAS!!!!!!!!

Narvi knew an innkeeper from Michel Delving who'd pay a solid 4 shillings for the dead newt that Thrain I had used to slay the Goblin Warlord Gerard three hours before his wedding. Thrain's wedding or Gerard's wedding, whichever got the best response from the other drunks in the street marketin Bree (http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=236315). Point was, the day was looking up, as Narvi knew it would.

Narvi himself, too, was looking up, albeit in a less poetically virtuostic sense.A shadowhad passed over his newt mid-poke, its death-bask interrupted bythe body of a dwarf Narvi hadn't noticed. He noticed it now, giving him a long professional look. A quickscan of the situationtoldNarvi that thedwarf was withRich Pomposity, who waslooking over this way and yelling something Narvi had no interest in attending to.

"So what are you then, some kind of butler for the bigwig over there?" Narv asked, giving afellow anexpeditionary poke withhis newt-gathering stick."I knew a butler one time- Percy, we called him, I think. You know him? You guys got some kindaunion or something?Y'ought to. In this economy--" And then whatever inanity Big Money had been yelling must have proved more interesting than Narvi's conversation, as his company wished him a cold farewell and toddled off. "Kind of turds, butlers," Narvi observed to himself. "Ain't nowonder their life expectancies are so low, I guess."

It was then that Narvi noticed who the butler was walking towards - another fellow looter he hadn't noticed, but this one was no stranger. Hatfield "Big Hat" Throark was the only other dwarf man enough to make it in the trans-Middle-Earth fake antique racket, and as such he was Narvi's sworn enemy and bitter business rival. It was no surprise to find him here, horning in on Narvi's scouring turf, as usual; but suddenly panicked thoughts of Hatfield and Moneybags doing business together, forming a syndicate or whatever high-poweredcads do, and monopolizing the industry were racing through his head. This could be a disaster - or a chance to vault himself to new heights, if he played it right. "Oy! Butler!" he yelled, trotting towards the retreating window of opportunity that was Lar."See that dwarf over there? You know his hat's made of straight asbestos, right? And he stole it from a small child. And he's got semicontagious gout. Hey, you and your master or duke orwhatever you're supposed to call him want any help with the loo-- cleaning??"

12/Feb/2010, 07:16 PM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Deciding to go for a stroll around the site to both clear his head and get a better perspective on what was to be done, Anteor set off through the woods just north of the slopes. Ordinarily it would have been quite a task for a dwarf of his stature to be trampling through the thick undergrowth but alas there was none. Any greenery that had survived Smaug's devilry had been burnt to cinders in recent years as the dragon took to extending his realm. "Curse you Smaug!" he muttered under his breath, "I would not normally speak ill of the departed but your death was no loss to our realm and perhaps now we maybe permitted what is rightfully ours, you cold worm". Nothing had survived. Trees had been smitten and ash and dead twigs lay where greenery had once been. The other side was no better with the view of Dale obscured by a tattered mass of black and charred stumps with a few crisped leaves in and amongst them.

GM Post

There was nothing else for it, they could delay no longer and work had to begin. Strolling back to the front gate, he cleared his throat and stood as tall as a dwarf can to make his announcement "Now then everybody AHEM" he cleared his throat again in order to gain everyone's attention and continued "You hardly need me to tell you the enormity of the task that has befallen us.With a might foe's death comes a mighty task. This land belonged to our foprefathers and we are fortunate enough to be able to restore it to its former glory. We will once again be reknowned for our craftsmanship and prosperity but we shall need every single dwarf we can muster. What I wish to know is everyone's expertise. Are you craftsmen? Masons? Smithies? Or perhaps something else entirely? I for my part am a mason, wood and rock mostly although I do dabble in the occasional smithy's task.Edited by: Anteor

Queen Nerwen
13/Feb/2010, 04:35 PM
Front Gate

The dwarf Anteor was in charge of what Nerwen liked to call 'Operation Clean Mountain'. Granted it wasn't the most imaginative title in the world, but every little helps, and it was just for her own amusement! Leaning on her broom, she listened to what the dwarf had to say. She enjoyed his fervour and energy, his enthusiasm and his clear love for Erebor. Every dwarf should be dreaming of seeing the Lonely Mountain rebuilt and reborn, not as it was, but so much better!!

"Sir" she said, calling to Anteor from her place in the entrance of the mountain, "I know joinery and basic masonry. I prefer to work with wood but I will turn my hand to anything. A thought though, sir, would it be wise and possible to send word to our neighbours, the Men of Dale and even the elves for their assitance?"

13/Feb/2010, 04:42 PM
Front Gate

"Sir" a voice piped up whom Anteor knew well. ""I know joinery and basic masonry. I prefer to work with wood but I will turn my hand to anything. A thought though, sir, would it be wise and possible to send word to our neighbours, the Men of Dale and even the elves for their assitance?"

Anteor's beard twitched as he thought abput her suggestion. "A very good idea Nerwen" he turned to the whole group "We were considering a jaunt down to Mirkwood for supplies such as wood but perhaps the men of Dale could be persuaded to help restore the Mountain. We are after all practically neighbours and the sooner a strong relationship based on mutual respect the better. I propose we organise ourselves into two groups. One shalltravel down to Dale to gain support from the men of the Lake and then return here to begin planning the excercise out. The other shall hastento Mirkwood to gain support and supplies. We have a hard task ahead of us and the more we can get of both the better off we shall be. How does this sound to all here?

14/Feb/2010, 10:51 AM
Dfira - Wilderland - Half way up the south slopes towards the front gate.

She rushed up to the front gate from the middle of the mountain in record time. She had heard an announcement with her super sonic ears that they were all suppose to gathered at the front gate. And so here she was, albeit it would have been impossible for an ordinary dwarf to have heard the dwarf at the front gate speaking but, she wasn't any ordinary dwarf. Oh no, not her. She had zoomed up the mountain like a fart exploding from a dragons butt. She had yellow leggings and a big letter D on her chest. She could fly!!
Drifa jerked suddenly and woke up. She look about, her legs stretched out in front of her. She had taken a breather from collecting the rubbish that littered the mountainside and had propped herself up on a warm rock for an afternoon nap. And what a nap she had. She was rested although she had had strange visions of flying, and yellow leggings zooming through her dreams. Laughing quietly, she rose to her feet and looked up the mountainside towards the gate.
She didn't have far to go now. Turning she looked down and saw the small piles she had produced in a zigzag pattern up the mountain. She could longer see the dwarf with the potato sacks or the pompous one with the hankie to his nose but, she was sure she would see them again sooner or later. Grabbing up he pack, she hoisted it onto her back and continued up the mountain.

19/Feb/2010, 12:57 PM
NPC Phundin - Wilderland - Hurrying to the front gate

Always late, he always had to be late. This was supposed to be a very important time in which everyone would come together to restore their home, but where was Phundin? Asleep as usual. He never seemed to be able to wake up on time. There could be a rampage outside of his bedroom, a battle could be going on and he would still be dreaming about mining. Luckily, as bad as his sense of time was, his hearing was all the better. As Phundin ran up to the front gates, he was able to hear the announcement Anteor was giving about maybe making trips to their neighboring areas to gather supplies and aid in restoring the Lonely Mountain. Traveling was never one of Phundin's greatest of desires, but one couldn't find wood inside of a mountain, and maybe having allies would help out in the long run. "It does sound like a good idea. We'd need to get carriages to carry all of the supplies. And what would our neighbors get in return for their graciousness?" Phundin could only speak for himself, and he knew that if it were him giving up supplies and helping out, a simple thank you would be nice, but definitely not enough for such a big effort as this.

21/Feb/2010, 07:25 AM
Running upto the group came another dwarf, Phundin. "Better late than never," thought Anteor privatley. "Varkin Phundin you are just in time. we are just gathering ourselves together for the journey ahead. In answer to your question our wealth since slaying Smaug has increased many times and so it is possible that we may be able to bargain with some of that. Alternatively we may be able to offer our services as blacksmiths, that is to say forging their weapons and other battle implements. What do we all think to those ideas everyone?"

22/Feb/2010, 10:47 AM
Drifa finally made her way up to the front gate. Her hair and beard were tousled from the constant breeze that blew across the mountain side. She had a wind burn on her nose and cheeks she could tell by the tightness of her skin. Breathing deep, she grinned and thought, what a wonderful place to live.

Making her way towards the other dwarves that stood before the gate, she bowed low and said.
"Greetings! I finally made it. I was collecting debris and piling it up attempting to tidy things up so to speak and that is what has kept me. There was another dwarf behind me rummaging through the piles though, bah, so I do not know how neat there are now." Looking towards Nerwen, she then continued to speak.
"My queen, it is good to see you! I have some business I would like to discuss with you, when you have the time?" Than turning to the two other dwarves she said.
"Drifa is my name, and tidiness is my game! Where would you like me to start?"

Queen Nerwen
25/Feb/2010, 01:05 PM
Nerwen winked at Drifa and went to shake the dwarfette's hand. Drifa was one of the most dependent dwarves under the sun, and she possessed many useful skills that Rulers and all had utilised in their time. "Of course, my friend, you may speak of any business to me at your leisure. You know where I am!" She grinned and then turned back to Anteor who was in charge of this whole operation, "Lord Anteor, I think we should go first to Dale as that is nearest and see what men we may recruit for muscle is what we will need in abundance and though my dwarves are all strong and hardy one can never have too many hands on deck! Then before any of us dive into the woods of Mirkwood we should consider what we require from the fair folk." She stood hands on hips, looking at the debris that cluttered the Front Gate. Though the damage out here was bad it was nothing compared to the halls within.

26/Feb/2010, 11:55 AM
Drifa bowed low before her queen. Rising she listen to what Nerwen had to say to Anteor and then as they waited for him to respond, she took her by the arm and moving aside said.

"The reason I am up the mountain is to help in anyway I can of course and will but , mainly it is to see if we can have a few dwarves from the Toy Market head out to purchase some wood from Mirkwood to repair the shops. There are a few that are willing to go but one thing, I believe, is holding them back right now. Do you have any cash?"

01/Mar/2010, 03:23 PM
As a few more budding dwarves trickled into the scene, Anteor nodded in appreciation and was just giving their next move further thought when Queen Nerwen volunteered a very useful suggestion. "Lord Anteor, I think we should go first to Dale as that is nearest and see what men we may recruit for muscle". Beard twitching, Anteorgave an approving smile at the ingenuity. "A superlative suggestion my Queen and one which I hope will bear fruit, or in this case, machismo." Turning to the rest of the group Anteor cleared his throatand the hub hub died down. "Now then everyoneas it seems we have everyone up here who is going to arrive let us march down into Dale. I'd wager theirfolk would be most helpful and we certainly cannot tackle the task before us as we are. Then,if and when support is forthcomingwe can consider what weneed from the fair folk which may be consdierably more than stocks and supplies. Right then everyone, let us proceed" he turned towards the path leading down the mountain and bgan to descend, his thick leather boots creaking as he went.

05/Mar/2010, 12:42 PM
Drifa heard Anteor, the dwarf in charge, telling them that they were heading back down the mountain. She turned and looked at the queen hoping to get an answer from her before they did. If she could get the gold, she could kill two nasty midges with one swat and get the wood for the Toy Market at the same time. Drifa watched as Anteor headed down the mountain path. Looking at Nerwen she said. "So can we?"

05/Mar/2010, 02:48 PM
NPC Phundin

Phundin was very satisfied when he heard the offers that they would be giving to the people who would help out. He didn't have to wait very long until it was time to head out. Having never left the lonely mountain before, Phundin didn't know whether or not he needed to pack anything for the journey, but then he was sure that he could sneak a drink of water or ale from the nearest dwarf whenever they weren't looking. He was, after all, very very sneaky. He watched as Anteor started down the mountain. Wondering why they should wait any longer, Phundin whipped his beard over his shoulder so as not to trip on it and began the treck down.

07/Mar/2010, 03:42 PM
Tornihyanda - Running to the Front Gate</span>
</span>Tornihyanda rose his eyes as his stood in the front a small hill, close to the Lonely Mountains. It had been a long time since the last time he had placed his eyes over those mountains and deep inside, he felt joyful and happy. The presence of Smaug and affairs out of the country had kept him away from the land he so much loved, but hopefully, everything was now gone and belonged to the dusty past.The old flying scum had been defeated and his reign of terror had been buried forever. It was incredible and stunning how a small arrow, made of wood, could defeat a giant of the skies, covered in jewelery and gold.</span></span></span></span>With a smile on his face, he patted on the head of his companion, the raven </span>Kroäc, who faithfully accompanied him wherever he went, always standing watchful on his shoulder. "My good friend, it's wonderful to be back. Don't you agree?" asked the Lord of the Mountains in a soft whispered. The raven croaked and opened his wings in agreement. "Alright, alright! Calm down, pal! You can go ahead if you are so eager!" laughed merrily the old Dwarf. </span>Kroäc didn't hesitate for a second and elevated his tiny body in the air, dashing down hill at amazing speed.</span></span></span></span>Not willing to be left behind alone, </span>Tornihyanda hurled his bag back to his back and with a cry of joy, hurried to follow his pet. The soft green grass was smashed under his heavy boots, leaving a trail of footprints behind him. In spite of his hurry, the wandered had to be careful not to stumble in any small rock that crossed his way. It wouldn't be nice at all announcing his return with a broken leg and a nose leaking blood, no, not nice at all! Even the dirtiest goblin would agree!</span></span></span></span>

15/Mar/2010, 02:20 PM
GM Post. NPC Dragbar

Crawling through the undergrowth, Dragbar could smell nothing but the dampness in the air and the smell of smoke and dirty men rising from that blasted Lake Town down below. If it hadn't been for those igorant excuses for beings he would have been away with his squadron now, back to his mountain home. As it was he had been stranded here along with8 survivors with nothing except the armour on his back forced to scratch a living off the rocks. He didn't care how long it took, those Lake Men would pay dearly for their insolence and for the bodies of their comrades. He froze suddenly, his ears pricking up as the sounds of footsteps were coming his way. Were they Men? No, too heavy? Dwarf? Very probably. Cautiously he peered out through the curtain of foliage and saw a band of dwarves coming down the path towards him. They were clearly going to the town, although for what purpose he could not guess. 'Well they won't get very far'. Licking his scimitar, he motioned behind him to his fellows. They came stomping through the trees towards him ' Quiet you maggots. There's a band of dwarves a-coming this way. And we are gonna get 'em. Right? On my mark. NOW!" Leaping out from his hiding place, Dragbar greeted the dwarves in as polite a manner as he could muster "Afternoon maggots. Dying time!" before his comrades followed suit and surrounded them.

15/Mar/2010, 04:28 PM
Oro Stonefist
Guard of Erebor

The Sergeant of the guard was standing by, his left hand holding his pipe to his lips, his right gripping the tip of his craghammer upon his back.The large weapon was shifted so that in a moment's notice he could release it from his back and wield it in battle. The dwarf, at 232 years old, was still in the prime of his life, but those years were dwindling. The many scars across his body showed that he had seen many wars: The Battle at the Mirrowmere, The Battle of Five Armies, and many small skirmishes with orcs and goblins along the way.He was a relic of times past, his raven black hair starting to see signs of gray whisper through it.His leathery hand gripped tight the haft of the hammer.

As he stood watch he saw a shimmer of movement in the brush above.A moment later a large orc jumped from the bushes and down onto the path right in front of the working dwarves.Without hesitation the Sergeant of the Guard pulled his craghammer free, dumping his pipe and slipping it into his purse with a single motion before taking a second grip on his hammer.Pulling it up before his head, he moved forward, motioning for the other dwarves to let him take the front.He was old, but he was battle hardened and experienced. He knew how to take lead against a few orcs.With a smile he stepped forward,

"Dontcha be thinkin ye can slay one of me people. Ill take ye all on!"

His face a grimace of anger, he yelled out a dwarvish warcry before flying forward in a frenzy of motion, his hammer ready to strike at the orcs.

15/Mar/2010, 05:15 PM
To his delight, one of the dwarven upstarts leapt forward, weapons at the ready and a steely look of determination in his eye. "It speaks;" Dragbor hissed cackling delightfully "I shall enjoy raising you to the ground. Just as my people did to your land of Khazaddum long ago. Raising his scimitar he leapt forward at his soon to be fallen foe"

GM notice: Anyone feel free to leap in, I will be RPing the others in due course. I just thought we could with spicing things up a smidgen round here.

Queen Nerwen
18/Mar/2010, 09:19 PM
Top of the hill, within Front Gate

Standing before Front Gate, Nerwen watched Anteor jog off down the hill, followed by Phundin. She turned back to Drifa and raised her eyebrows as if to say, dwarves! in the same exasperated tone human women used on the subject of their hasty men. "Right Drifa, I can certainly supply the money we will be needing for wood. We can just..." It was that moment that a horrible sound floated up the hill..."Drifa.." the Queen paused, "Do mine eyes deceive me or are Phundin, Oro and Anteor surrounded by Orcs?!"</font>

19/Mar/2010, 07:43 PM
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Marching a little way behind the company and thinking what their next move ought to be, Anteor's attention was suddenly drawn bya group of Orcs who had surrounded him and Oro with murderous intent in their eyes. "I shall enjoy raising you to the ground" he heard one of them hiss at Oro before leaping at him. Deciding these were in fact not intending to help with the expedition Anteor drew his axe "Khazad!" he bellowed and leapt onto the offending orc, knocking him squarly to the ground befoe his scimitar shed the blood of his comrade.

19/Mar/2010, 10:28 PM
Drifa was pleased when she heard that the queen would give them some money for the wood. She was in the middle of a thankful bow when she heard Nerwen exclaim. "Do mine eyes deceive me or are Phundin, Oro
and Anteor surrounded by Orcs?!"
Rising, Drifa squinted and looked down the hill. She was surprised that the queen would think that she thought she saw orcs. Beorn had cleaned the area of the foul beasts and the wood elves had also been vigilant. But maybe a few had found a hole to hold-up in and now here they were.
More of a lover than a fighter, Drifa looked at the Queen and said. "What do we do? The only weapon I have is my walking stick." Do you have an extra axe on you?"

Queen Nerwen
19/Mar/2010, 10:33 PM
Nerwen spread her hands wide to show Drifa, "An extra axe? I don't have one axe!" This was perfectly true, Nerwen was more of a blade dwarfette though she did own axes, but as she had believed that all enemies had been got rid of she was not armed on this fine day of mountain clearing. "The only weapons I have right now are my fists and between them and your walking stick I don't think we'll do much damage" The Queen jogged back inside the Gate and eventually found some guards who were evidentially not doing their job very well. With a curse or six, Nerwen sent them off down the hill, "There" she said, "Now I propose we remain here, out of sight and prepare for the possibility of injuries!"

19/Mar/2010, 10:41 PM
"There will be blood?!" Drifa cried staring wide eyed at Nerwen. She felt her head suddenly grow light and then she saw little black spots in front of her eyes and they weren't eagles. She looked at the ground in front of her. It appeared to moving up towards her face. Strange, she thought. And then she fainted.

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Fingolfin of Hithlum
20/Mar/2010, 01:26 AM
Dwarf of Erebor

Zorlin hummed an old dwarven tune as he stumbled his way up the hiil. He had just come back from a long walk through Dale, and he was ready for a good nap. He noticed, however, something quite strange. It seemed that many dwarves were travelling about with piles of things in their hands, like they were cleaning. He moved up farther towards the gate to get a good look when a cold voice rang out around the gate. "goblins, here? How?" Zorlin was a little shocked that someone had let the fiends find their way so close to the mountain. Why, they were nearly at the gate! He ran up by the crowd when he noticed a group of guards running towards the skirmish. He reached to his back where his short bow always was, but it was not there. He couldn't believe he had left it at home, but then again he had only intended on going on a walk. Luckily, he always had his belt on, which housed his six throwing knives and his axe. Zorlin wasted no time in drawing two knives and running straight to the battle. Two goblins in the back of the group made prefect targets. He heard one encircled dwarf let out a cry of "Khazad!", and Zorlin answered with a bellowing "Baruk Khazad! Kahazad Aimenu!" He threw his knife straight at a surprised orcs throat and lept upon its wild friend. He planned to cut it right open with the throwing knife in hand, but the goblin gave him a good fight. He pushed harder and harder, kicking the goblin's knee. He was rolled over, however, and nearly brushed with death. The goblin missed a swipe with it's blade and in frustration aimed a headbutt right for Zorlin's nose. It hit him square in the face, and he cried out in agony. He dropped his knife and the pair rolled around, reaching for each other's necks. He finally got a god hold and tried to snap it, but the orc got the better of him. It slid from his grasp and rolled over to grab its sword. Zorlin was prepared this time. He sprang up and reached to his right side to pull his bearded axe. Before the goblin could get up, it got a good bashing to the side of the head. It tried grabbing at his leg, and he kicked at it's side. The wretched creature would not give up the fight. Zorlin had never taken this long on one beast. It grabbed his leg and he fell atop it once more, but he had the better stance now and gave it a good pumelling to the face. He reached for his axe and while still sitting on the orc, he swung at its head. "For Dain!" He picked up his fallen knife and stabbed the goblin's gut, then tearing it open. "For The Mountain and the Iron Hills!" Blood spilled all over the corpse of the mountian scum, and its entrails were hanging out of its body. Zorlin stood up and, picking up his axe, gave it one last swing for good measure. "MORIA!" he cried. He and his clothes and weapons alike were now covered in disgusting black blood. He retreated from the battle, and gasped for air. He knew he had broken at least something.

As he stumbled away, he saw two familiar faces. He stood straight, best he could. "Your majesty, I'm sorry for this..." Zorlin turned, his axe still in his hand, when he heard the footsteps of an orc chasing him away from the scene. "Ahhh! You messed with the wrong dwarf!" he exclaimed as he swung his axehead around, clotheslining the running fiend. Whether it was dead or just knocked cold, he didn't care. He bowed once more to the queen before propping himself up against the gate and passing put of exhaustion.

22/Mar/2010, 03:42 AM
Oro Stonefist</font>

GuardingErebor</font>The roar of his comrade came from the side as the dwarf Anteor knocked the lead orc to the ground. Not taking a moment's pause, Oro came rushing in, his broad shoulders heaving as he pulled tightly on the hammer in his hand. With a flick of his right wrist, the hammer soared high into the air. And with a deep exhale by the powerful warrior, the large stone fist slammed down onto the skull of the offending orc. With a sickening crunch, the orc's life was ended. A small splatter of gore was never enough to slow Oro down, and without hesitation he turned, his shoulders aligning with his next pray. A large orc with a scimitar and shield stood before him. Oro rushed forward, his feet sending dust flying, as he shuffled his feet keeping his body low. With a roar he slammed his hammer in an arc in front of him. The orc ducked to the side and smiled, its keen teeth shimmering in the sunlight. With a roar he slammed his scimitar on his round shield and rushed forward. No words spoken between two hated foes.</font>
</font>Oro saw the charge and held his ground. Never one to back down from a fight he waited till the last moment before bringing the haft of his weapon into the path of the orc. The scimitar slammed down. Sparks flew. As the orc's blow was stopped by the metal haft of the great weapon. Oro grinned as he pushed upwards on the haft of his weapon, causing the orc's scimitar to go up high. Waiting till the last moment he shoved with a mighty roar and the scimitar flew upwards in the air, still in the orc's hand, but up over his head. With a grin, Oro slammed his head forward. Right into te waiting orc's shield. The wooden shield, old and rotting, slammed into a thousand pieces in a loud bang. Oro, dazed by the impeding wooden object, took a step back and shook his head. Blood ran down his face from several cuts and bruises, and he was fairly certain his nose was broken. Smiling, he flipped his weapon up in the air with his right hand, wiped his face with his left, and then caught the weapon again. The orc, sitting on his rear-end, in total shock, looked up at the powerful dwarf. His shield gone, his other hand numb from his previous blow, he began to backpedal. Oro spit to his left, a maroon tinted saliva ejecting towards the orc. </font>
</font>"Thought ye could mess with a dwarf? Ill teach ye a thing or two bout fighting. Only thing be harder than a dwarf's head, is a dwarf's hammer. "</font></font>
</font></font>And with a mighty slam of his hammer into the backpedaling orc's chest, he crushed the life from his foe. Turning he saw two more Orc's engaged with a poor dwarf. This dwarf wielded naught but a walking staff and seemed much out of place. Roaring, Oro rushed into combat. The first orc didnt see him and but heard him and turned, just in time to bring it's large spear up into Oro's path. Oro spun out of it's path at the last moment,receivinga scratch to his forearm. Oro stepped between the orc's and the dwarf, nodding for the dwarf to back away, he had it under control. The dwarf nodded back and backpedaled to a new position where he could find another dwarf to help. Oro grinned. The orc's grinned back. Two on One. This wasnt fair. At least they didnt think so. Oro knew it wasnt fair. Not for the orcs. The first orc, wielding just a spear, came rushing Oro. The second waited his time and started to circle behind the aged warrior. Oro kept it all in focus. As the first rushed, he stepped to the side, letting the spear cut dangerously close. With an elbow to the orc's face he sent it sprawling. Falling in front of the dwarf. Oro's boot slammed onto the orc's throat. The orc grunted pushing up on Oro's foot, trying to save it's own life. The other orc saw its chance to attack.</font>
</font>Rushing forward, axe in hand, it raised it high, shouting a warcry. Oro spun around, hammer at the ready. The orc slammed it's weapon down, as Oro brought his warhammer up. The blade met the stonefist, and the two weapons collided. With a burst of sparks and a spray of metal, the axe shattered into a thousand pieces, a few cutting into Oro's arms, but mostly landing harmlessly. The orc stared at it's broken weapon. It started to run, Oro turned his weapon around, the crow's beak (a pitchfork blade on the back of the hammer) turned towards the orc. With a mighty heave, he sent the weapon flying end over end. The blade slammed home into the back of the orc. The orc fell silently. Oro turned, pulling his dagger from his boot. The orc who he had stomped, was now standing, spear in hand. Regaining it's composure. Seeing the dwarf with only a dagger he charged forward. Oro put his hand forward, tossing the dagger up into the air in a curving arc towards the orc, as if he was tossing it to a friend."</font>Catch!" He yelled with a playful tone. The orc, confused, reached up for the dagger. To its dismay, the dwarf hadnt stopped with just throwing the dagger. His fist followed. With a crunch, he slammed his fist into the orc''s nose, splattering it across it's face. Smiling he kicked the shin of the orc who was reaching for it's nose. The orc fell to its knee, dismayed. Oro slammed his knee up into the jaw of the falling orc, shattering it's jawbone. Before slamming his elbow onto the top of it's rising temple. The orc fell, broken, before the powerful dwarf. Bending to pick up his dagger, Oro looked around. Found his hammer, and then proceeded to look for another opponent. Would any orc dare face the dwarf after such a display? Hopefully not, for them.</font></span></font></span></font>

24/Mar/2010, 05:43 PM
@ Oro: Nice post but could you please not post in that colour, its not too easy on the eyes!

Gungbar, Orc Chieftain

Gungbar's hands brushes against the dusty ground as he crawled into the terrain to see all hell breaking loose. Not that he knew him but their captain (Dragbar) and two of their comrades were getting a thorough pasting from a particualrly fierce and deadly looking Orc. One thing was for certain, a face to face confrontation was not going to happen. Since his friends were being flattened, Gungbar had the opportunity to use the element of surprise which he did. Hiding in the undergrowth he crawled along until he was within sight of the fracas. Grabbing his scimitar he held it steady, waiting for the right moment. Drawing back, he threw it with deadly accuracy, it hit one dwarf but whether it was his intended target he couldn't tell.

Anteor, dwarven warrior

"Khazad!" he bellowed, swinging his axe with all the force he could muster. "For Erebor!" his blade made contact with another orc and he was pleased to see the foul creature fall instantly to the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Oro plainly enjoying himself with three of the blighters. Out of concern for his friend (he was after all getting older) Anteor made for him at once but what he intended to do when he got there, he didn't know nor did he ever find out. As he was getting closer he felt something soar through the air and a seering pain in his side. Glancing down he saw blood flowing out from under his tunic and he fell to the floor, clutching his wound

30/Mar/2010, 07:54 PM
@ Anteor: No problem pal, I was planning on waiting to give someone else a chance to post, but it seems I am alone in this quest to rebuild Erebor, at the moment. At least you and I are together. Lol.

</font>Oro Stonefist</font>

Oro was turning, looking for a foe, when he saw Anteor rushing to his aid, a kindhearted yet foolish attempt to help the elderly dwarf. Many felt that his aging process weakened his body, but he had not yet reached the age of muscle degeneration, and probably wouldnt for another ten years. He saw a glint of steel in the light and raised his arms to signal Anteor to drop, yelling at the same time, but the blade flashed into the side of the youthful dwarven warrior. With a scream of rage, Oro rushed to Anteor's side, catching him as he fell. Lowering Anteor's axe to the floor out of his hand, Oro slowly laid him onto his back, raising his arm and yelling, "MEDIC!!!!</font>" in his dull baritone voice, seeing several dwarfs rushing to his aid, he yelled out, "Fallen DWARF!" as he stood. Another dwarf replaced him as he looked down at Anteor, "Thank ye, dear friend. I shall not let you take that injury in vain." and with a shout, turned towards where the scimitar had come from. Most of the orcs were down or dead, and he only saw two still fighting, surrounded by two dwarves each, battles that would end soon in dwarven favor.

Then he saw it, movement in the underbrush, with a shout "GET OUT OF YOUR HIDING PLACE, Ye COWARDLY DOG" His hammer slamming down onto the rock, causing cracks in the ground. Throwing the hammer in the direction of the movement, he knew it would not hit, but smiled when he saw the orc (thinking he had been seen) stand up and run away from the hammer's trajectory. The cowardly orc had given up his position. Oro grabbed the twin blades at his waist, pulling each dwarven broad sword from it's sheath. Two arm length blades, four fingers wide each, stood up in the air already out of their sheaths. Charging the orc, the Orc pulled a long sword from its belt and held a shield up at the ready. With a wicked smile, flashing many sharp teeth, it shouted and rushed the dwarf. Oro spread his stance and waited till the orc was in range, sending one broadsword in an arc at the shield, he quickly followed with a jab from the second. The orc raised it's shield to block the first sword, and the long sword intercepted the second attack. Oro twisted the left sword's angle downwards, pushing the longsword away from the orc's body. That brought both their bodies close together. Smiling Oro slammed his forehead into the chin of the taller orc. With a splat, the nose of the orc squished against his forehead, blood sliding down it's face. The orc was stunned and Oro crashed bodies with it. The orc fell to the ground, rolling along the ground.

Stalking toward's it, with a rage unbecoming a trained warrior, Oro rushed in due to anger at Anteor's injury. The orc, regaining it's wits and suddenly very afraid, grabbed some sand and threw it at the dwarven eyes, those twin orbits of rage heading its way. Oro felt the sting of the sand, looked away for a moment, but heard the whistling of the shield flying his way. Spinning to the right, he felt the wind going by him. With a frustrated shout, he wiped his eyes clean and looked up. The orc was getting up, one sword in it's hands and looked like it wanted to run. "Ohh no ye dont." thought Oro as he ran in the orc's direction. Nearly on it's feet the orc heard the dwarf before he saw him. Squealing like a pig, the orc rushed away from the dwarf, spinning to face him while backpedaling, sword in front of it. Oro shouted in anger, its left sword careening with the long sword of the orc, hitting it not once, not twice, but three times in rapid succession, blasting the weapon from the suddenly numb fingers of the orc. With a shout, the orc tripped backwards over a rock, onto the ground. Oro's sword found its chest a moment later. Then the other. Both driving into and out the back of the orc. Blood seeping down onto the rock beneath it's body, Oro drove the swords down to the hilt, bringing him face to face with the orc, "Dont ye ever think to be hurting me people again, this will teach your people a lesson! " And then pulled backwards with both at once, nearly ripping the orc in half. Cleaning the blades on the orc's clothing, he sheathed them and went off to find his hammer, not bothering to see if combat still went on in the valley around him.

02/Apr/2010, 10:43 AM
Drifa opened her eyes and found herself on the ground. She got up slowly her head aching from the fall. She had cracked her head good on the hard rock. She could hear shouting and the sounds of a fight. She didn't know what she should do and looked at the Queen.
"I apologies my Queen, but the sight of blood has that kind of effect on me. Is there anything else I can do that doesn't involve having to help the injured hands on? Maybe I could prepare a place for the injured just inside the Front Gate? "

11/Apr/2010, 06:06 PM

Moving towards Oro and Anteor
Tornihyanda couldn't simply believe in what was happening. He had expected to arrive at Erebor and have a nice ale waiting for him, and comfy bed inviting him for some sleeping and friendly face welcoming him back. However, it seemed all the stress accumulated through his wanderings couldn't yet be swept out of his body.Dwarves were running from one side to the other, shouting and crying. Here and there, Orcs jumped out of dark holes, murdering the great warriors that guarded the Lonely Mountain. The Dwarves had certainly been caught by surprise, not surely expecting such ancowardand malicious attack. Goblins were experts on those, but Dwarves were also good fighting them back. Well, the time for reflection andbewildering was over, it was time to act.Drawing his twin axes out of the their sheaths, Tornihyanda quickly scanned the Halls around him and spotting a fellow Dwarf in trouble, his swung his weapons over there. With a roar of fury, he kicked the Goblin on the leg, causing the nasty creature to stumble to the ground, helpless. With no sign of mercy on his strike, Tornihyandaquickly ended with the life of the frightened Goblin, rising his hand towards the fallen Dwarf and helping him to stand back to his feet. "Thank you..." was all Tornihyanda could heard before a high pitched sound drove his action to his back.With little time react, the Lord of the Mountains crossed his axes and parried the coming blade with a fierce and determined strength. His teeth clenched as he held the sword from his opponent, with his tensed muscles trying to do their best to not let that blade move a inch closer to his chest. With a war cry worthy of Mahäl, Tornihyandapushed away the weapon from the Goblin and as he uncrossed his axes, he wide opened his arms and closed them again, making his axes to split the Goblin in two. Sweat was starting to run down his forehead and before cleaning it with his dirty sleeve, he looked once again around to make sure he was safe.Another shout made him to return to his fighting position, but this time no Orc was coming. That voice, he knew its owner! Oro, where were you? It was hard to find his friend in the middle of the confusion, but after a while, he managed to spot the other Dwarf, standing close to Anteor. With a smile on his face for finding a friend in the tragedy, he hurried to approach them, killing all the Orcs he found on his way.

Fingolfin of Hithlum
13/Apr/2010, 02:04 PM
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<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">When Zorlin came about, the scene was still chaos. Many orc were dead, and that was a good thing. There couldn't be that many of them, no large party could have made it this far without being caught so nigh the mountain. He tried to stand up, but was too exhausted he propped himself up agianst the gate, clutching his short axe. He wished more than anything to have his bow right now, the filthy litte creatures would think twice about attacking this mountain again if they felt its sting. Another dwarf had ran up to join the guards and the others in the peacemaking. He cursed that he had not the strength to join them. He breathed heavily,and made another attempt at getting up. No good. He had definetly brokensomething in his leg, for the pain seared through it like fire when he tried tomove it. A cry of agony came fromAnteor, and he fell,cut by a thrown blade. The dwarf with him wasted no time in tracking down the attacker.Zorlin lostsightof the two, but from the noise coming from around the corner, he knew who hadwon. He saw now no more goblins, and for that he was thankful. He looked around for a helper, when he spotted a few healers about Anteor. "Can I get a hand over here!" he shouted. He preffered to be found sonner than later...
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17/Apr/2010, 05:39 AM
Grangor (Orc Captain)

Scimitar drawn and spurred on by the direct hit one of his boys had just
scored on who appeared to be the dwarven leader, Grangor slashed this
way and that, fending off the scum. Suddenly, he became aware that their
numbers were dwindling. Not only were Gungbar and Dragbor fallen but
the entire battallion was now down to a small number and he was becoming
increasingly edgy about sticking around. To his right he saw one of his
fellows being cloven in two by a dwarven dog (Tornihyanda) and that
made up his mind. " Retreat men! He who flees the safer way; lives to
fight another day!" Leading his men out of the field of battlefield, he
charged away from the dwarven band back to the caves from whence they
had come"

Anteor (injured, being tended)

</font>His vision was blurry. Figures swam in and out of focus as the pain in his side worsened. Glancing down, he saw where the blow had struck. The gash in his side was about four inches deep and was currently being tended by a few healers. Gratifying it was to see his comrades slaying orcs left and right. He grimaced slightly as a sharp pang in his side hit him like a lightning bolt. Suddenly, an orc's shout rended the air and, looking up as best he could he saw them turning on their heels and escaping to the hills. "Well done my friends," he said quietly, "we showed 'em" before passing out</font>

GM notice:</font> Right guys, well done, good fight. The task now is to get me to Dale and some medical attention before they come back so that we may continue on our journey</font>.


Queen Nerwen
17/Apr/2010, 05:45 AM

Front Gate</font>
</font>When </font>Drifa </font>fainted, </font>Nerwen </font>nearly burst out laughing. A dwarf fainting at the sight of blood was fairly rare and therefore a bit hilarious. The Queen wasn't worried, </font>Drifa </font>was a hardy dwarfette and would come to her senses eventually. The fight below was a swift one and </font>Nerwen </font>felt very proud of her dwarves. Once Drifa woke up and proposed to go inside, Nerwen patted her shoulder, "</font>Yes you tell the gate dwarves there are injured dwarves. I'm going to go and find said injured dwarves, you go and sit down" </font>She winked at </font>Drifa </font>and set off down the hill.</font>
</font>She walked past </font>Anteor</font>, flashing the captain a smile as a healer worked on him. The dwarf had clearly done his duty. </font>Nerwen </font>heard a cry for help and going a little further she found </font>Zorlin</font>. "</font>Master dwarf" </font>she said, dropping to her knees, "</font>I would have you keep still until we can take you up to the Mountain." </font>Over her shoulder the Queen cried, "</font>Healers, come here." </font>Two of them hurried over, "</font>You will carry Master </font>Zorlin </font>inside the gate and then set his leg as if it were my leg broken. He has served his Mountain and you all perfectly." </font>She gripped his shoulder and stood up.</font>
</font>Further down the hill she saw </font>Tornihyanda</font>, he seemed to be standing guard over the entire hill. There was no sight of orcs or goblins, "</font>Lord </font>Tornihyanda</font>" </font>she called, "</font>Come back up to the Mountain."</font>

17/Apr/2010, 08:18 AM
Drifa was relieved when Nerwen patted her shoulder and told her what to do. "Yes I can go tell the gate dwarves there are injured dwarves" she said with relief. Watching the queen head down hill, Drifa turned heel and headed towards the gate as fast as she could. Her head was still aching but just knowing that she would not have to deal with any kind of blood made the ache seem less painful. Stress was an awful thing for a dwarf. It made the already deep wrinkles on their faces, even deeper.

Attempting not to frown, Drifa looked towards the gate. Of course she had to squint to see who was there because like most dwarves, she was short-sighted. This caused deeper furrows between her eyes and deeper crows-feet. There was no winning the war against wrinkles for a dwarf. But she may be of use against the orcs. Hurrying along, she hoped there were enough gate dwarves to deal with the injured.

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23/Apr/2010, 05:29 PM
Anteor, being tended</font>

As the pain in his side worsened he notied Queen Nerwen hurrying past him, having winked at him in a reassuring manner. "We should make for Lake Town at once, the blood flow has stopped yet both mine and others wounds will require tending. I should be able to manage the walk it sonly a short way if we take it steady. "Dwarves" he said in as loud a voice as he could muster. "Come, we have no time to lose" let us march onto Lake Town we can do nothing further without aid from the Lake Men. He stepped forward and the pain in his side doubled. He allowed his mind to wander into thoughts of Dale re built and prosperous again, that made it a little easier"</font>

02/May/2010, 06:39 PM
TornihyandaAt the Front Gate
Tornihyanda seemed to have arrived too late. Not that the events had turned bad against the brave Dwarves, no, not at all. Late in the sense that he missed the most part of the fun. Nevertheless, it had been a nice warm up and his hunger for action had been temporarily satisfied. It was now time to turn towards the hounded and heal them.</span>The voice of Queen </span>Nerwen made him look backwards, lifting him eyes up the the small hill where she was standing. Up there, she had certainly a good view of the area and by her expression, he could feel that the Lonely Mountain was free or Orcs and Goblins for now. "Here I come, my Queen!" cried the Lord of the Mountains as he unsheathed his blades and prepare to head over her position. However, in the last minute, he remembered his friends, </span>Oro and </span>Anteor, the last one who was certainly feeling some pain after such a massive blow. "Are you alright?" he wondered, helping </span>Anteor getting to his feet.</span>Despite his worries, it seemed that the elder Dwarf had nothing to fear, because the small speech his companion made showed that he was ready to go through his pain and much more. Patting on the shoulder of his companion, he smiled to him and whirled on his heels towards Queen </span>Nerwen, who had, in the mean term, moved a bit downer, closer to the ground where hundreds and hundreds of both Goblin and Dwarven bodies leftlifeless, with their spirits moving slowly to the Halls of their masters. "Rest in peace..." mumbled </span>Tornihyandaas he passed his eyes over the face of friends and foes. "Where am I needed?" he asked aloud, waiting for the answer of the Queen to proceed.</span></span>