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Fingolfin of Hithlum
08/Mar/2010, 06:35 PM

“But long before, in the first days of the North Kingdom, they built a great watch-tower on Weathertop, Amon Sûl they called it.” – Strider, Fellowship of the Ring page 209, A Knife in the Dark


Welcome to the ancient watch tower of Amon Sûl. Here the Dúnedain Rangers keep watch on the Northern Lands of Old. This is the ruling domain of the holder of the SCR of Aragorn. Only he/she may deliver prompts, aside of the threadrunner (Fingolfin of Hithlum) and the Rulers.

All members from ANY Region may join the Dunedain Rangers, but all members MUST be northern Dunedain men. Others may post here, but beware, for the Rangers of the North shoot first and ask questions later, and they are expert archers.

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What can you do at Amon Sul?

This is largely a free rp, but rulers and/or the holder of the Aragorn SCR may start mini rpg’s for members of the Dúnedain Rangers to play in.
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</font>Hoping to make this thread more active, a band has been - the Guardians of the West - has been formed to protect travelers venturing southward and to guide people in need to Rivendell. </font>
</font>The leader of the Guardians of the West is Hallas' character Rinon ; the SCR recipients of Aragorn may still RP her alongside the band on their adventures and whenever one has not been chosen, I will be RP'ing here sometimes. </font>


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Elennáro Mordagnir
09/Mar/2010, 06:06 PM
Bandonerth, ranger of the North

Bandonerth watched the breath of his mouth turn into white mist. The night was cold, and it was long yet. Soon, it would get even colder. The ranger was happy to have reached Amon Sûl now, as here at least he had refuge from the cold winds of Eriador, and firewood was easy to come by, as the Rangers tried to leave some behind for the next visitor if they could. Grateful for this, the long man moved a little closer to the fire.

It had been built under a shelter, so that the light would not be as obvious from a long way away - though some visibility was inevitable. At least, the wood was dry, and thus the fire did not produce smoke to give itself away during the day. Still, there wasn't much cause for worries. Yes, the lands had become more dangerous lately, but Amon Sûl itself had still been relatively safe. It was, after all, easy to defend, and also the creatures of evil seemed to have some fear of the dwellings of the old Dúnedain yet - though Bandonerth had no doubt that they'd quickly forget their fears if they could attack the hill with numbers that outclassed the defence. No, it was not in defence that Weathertop's greatest safety lay. Rather it was that the Rangers of the North were superbly acquainted with the lands, and Weathertop had more than one way to leave it. And few enemies would be capable of keeping track of Bandonerth in the wild. Indeed, few would match the rangers when it came to pathfinding!

Considering this, Bandonerth sighed and forgot his concerns as he took a leg of the pheasant he had managed to shoot earlier that day, and put it over the fire. As a delightful spread around the camp on the hilltop, he quickly turned to more pleasant thoughts...</font>

Angelikus Snape
10/Mar/2010, 10:52 AM
Emora ~ Ranger of the North

Emora kept quiet after stating what she had to say to Strider about the tidings that she had encountered before coming over here. Was it her place to intrude while another man was giving a report? In any case, she took her leave and proceeded to the top of the tower where she would be on watch. It was still dark and who knows what lay before the lands of Eriador ere the sun rises. But for now at least, the stillness of the night comforted her and realized that there is peace that still lay on Middle-Earth if one looks hard enough.

Hallas C. Pehwarin
10/Mar/2010, 11:02 AM
Hyarion~Ranger of the North

Hyarion kept quiet as he listened to his two friends Ogilian and Emora informed Aragorn or Strider as he was known in Bree by the townsfolk about the Orc forces that were now heading in their direction. It brought a grim expression to his face and he privately wondered, "Although our skill with the bow, spear, sword, and dagger is unmatched save by the Elves or our own kindred of the South how are we going to stop a force of two or hundred when we are only maybe thirty to forty man strong?" Hyarion's peircing blue eyes looked at his kindred and Chieftain patiently awaiting his decision regarding their upcoming battle against the foul orcs.

Fane Mordagnir
10/Mar/2010, 05:47 PM
Termon - Ranger of the North

The night was cold and he had been walking for many hours. It had been early morning when Termon had left his last camp. He had word from Bree that a large collection of Rangers had been heading east and the only place closer than Rivendell aside from the few small camps was Amon Sûl the fort that long ago fell to ruin. As he neared the fort Termon felt his spirits rise. Being closer to the old lands made him feel happy and his sword feel lighter on his hip. He had been in the south near the crossings of Tharbad but he had returned north to report larger numbers of travellers coming north up the Greenway. He had followed the road to Bree then east along the road until he came apon the old trails and followed them to Weathertop.

Termon found the path leading into the fort and climbed the stairs. He could hear talking above him and was sure that someone hadwatched him approach the place itself. Emerging from the steps Termon saw many other rangers in the fort along with Aragorn himself. Bowing at the door towards his leader Termon felt the honour at being in the presence of the the Heir of Elendil himself. Not that he hadn't met him before but still everytime he did he felt the honour of his ancestors and the hope that Aragorn had become. He had always said that he would fight to the death for his leader. Turning away Termon sat down at the fire next to another ranger (Bandonerth) What news brings such a large number to Amon Sûl my friend?

Miskin Comte
13/Mar/2010, 05:11 PM
Falathar - Ranger of the North

The wind was biting in the Lone Lands, and held an ominous tone tonight. Falathar glanced through his tighly wrapped hood up at the towering ruins on Amon Sul. The skeletal remains of the ancient watchtower appeared to shiver in the cold, a failing symbol of former glory. The darkness simply suceeded in reinforcing and galvanising this already foreboding atmosphere. Over the past months, the weather at Weathertop had been most damaging to the construct it held upon its summit. It was a chilling metaphor of what was occuring in Middle Earth as a whole: the slow, but sure erosion of whatever peace remained in these times. It would not be long before the erosion led to massive collapse and damage. The wind renewed its offensive against Falathar's face, and he began moving again, attempting to warm up his face by breathing hot air into hands cupped over his mouth.

He began scaling one of the least challenging sides of the hill; not that any of the sides were difficult to climb, that was one of the beauties of this place as a meeting area. The Ranger's heart began pumping harder as the terrain became tougher to traverse, but he did not break a sweat: his line of work made him far to used to this kind of travelling to not be well acclimatised to it by now. He reached the edge of the summit and quickly lowered his hood. He was well aware that he probably had two or three bows pointed at him as he approached, and he did not see fit to announce himself, he left it for his face to speak for his right to be here.

He recognised Strider, of course, and there were a number of other Rangers who he had worked with perviously, and a couple with whom he had not. He made sure to account for all faces that were here, and was struck by the numbers. They often met one or two together, but rarely more unless there was serious issues abound, the last time Falathar had seen a gathering like this was at the death of Steward Etchelion II, 20 years prior. But similarly importnt events had occured since which had warranted larger than usual meetings of Rangers: the last that Falathar had been asked to join was at the death of the last King of Dale, similarly so with the failed attempt by the Dwarves to retake Moria.

Falathar did not say anything, but proceed to make his own account of the tactical situation. The meeting had not started yet, and so Falathar wanted to take time to make sure the security was up to scratch. The Rangers were competent, but years of wandering in the field caused one to be rather paranoid in such matters, and few Rangers trusted anyone but themselves to get a job done. The first thing that Falathar took note of was the fire, which, if not properly hidden, could be potentially dangerous and easily give them away. It was shielded from sight, however, and appeared to be well hidden from anyone not directly looking at it on the summit itself.

After having done a full circle about the camp, he proceeded to wait for Strider to begin at the edge of the ruins. He recognised the wind came from the West, so he sheltered behind a weathered pillar at the South East edge of the watchtower, giving him a good range of vision over the South East of the Lone Lands, allowing him to see enemies approaching, if there were to be any. Falathar believed it to be a better strategy to assume that there were enemies, than to assume there weren't, and get caught out.

Fingolfin of Hithlum
14/Mar/2010, 01:54 AM
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn
Chieftan of the Dunedain

Aragorn listened silently as his men slowly but surely gathered. More and more were coming, but it would not be enough for a siege of the watchtower. It was an easily defendable position, but he didn't like the term "small army". He couldn't hold out against a small army. As he stood in thought, a plan went through his mind. Midgewater. Yes, Midgewater, he thought. He suddenly broke his silence. "Pack your things, men. alert all of our kinsmen to stay away from Weathertop. By tomorrow's eve the downs will be swarming with goblins. Get everything together, we must travel quickly." He looked around at the puzzled men and women. "Once they get sight of us, they will follow us by night. That is why we must be a day away- before we let them catch up, that is. It is four days trip for a ranger to the Midgewater Marshes and the Chetwood. Once they're trapped, there's no going out." A rare smile creased his lips. This was too easy. "Falathar, Emora, I have a task for you. Do not fail me. travel out now, and swiftly. Make for Bree-Land and find every ranger you can along the way. Spread the word to assemble around the borders of Chetwood. Remember, it is four days to the marshes, so get going quickly. The rest of you, we will leave tomorrow at noon. Leave traces for them too follow, remember it's an ambush..."

Angelikus Snape
15/Mar/2010, 02:34 PM
Emora ~ Ranger of the North

Emora listened as their Chieftain gave out the orders. It seemed to her that their Chieftain had the same thoughts as her about the term "small army". "Midgewater," she thought as she listened to Aragorn as he gave out the orders to her fellow Rangers. It was a good idea since the place was a good one to set a trap for those who would try to follow them during the night. Their Chieftain then called her and Falathar in order to go to Bree-Land and deliver a message that they should assemble at the boarders of Chetwood. She had to move swiftly and yet carefully so as not to be detected. After all, she would not want to get caught. It was Emora's assumption that she was one of the people sent to gather all the others because she could easily track people and animals in the wild despite her feminine appearance. This was the reason she was commonly known as "Tracker" in these parts. She gathered her gear and a few provisions since she was not going back here until much later. After thinking that she was ready, she gave a bow to the Chieftain and said "I will be leaving with your message now Sir! I would be meeting up with you on the boarders of Chetwood with as many Rangers as I can find within the span of 4 days." she then left with Falathar to go and find the Rangers in Bree-Land.

Hallas C. Pehwarin
16/Mar/2010, 08:57 AM
Hyarion~Ranger of the North

After a few tense moments the Chieftain had finally come to a decision regarding the upcoming battle. "Pack your things, men. alert all of our kinsmen to stay away from Weathertop. By tomorrow's eve the downs will be swarming with goblins. Get everything together, we must travel quickly." He looked around at the puzzled men and women. "Once they get sight of us, they will follow us by night. That is why we must be a day away- before we let them catch up, that is. It is four days trip for a ranger to the Midgewater Marshes and the Chetwood. Once they're trapped, there's no going out." Hyarionnodded his shaggy head giving his Chieftain a bowandquickly sprang into actiongathering up his equipment, and repacked his large green tent into theweather stained and faded brown leather pack. His thoughts raced, "An ambush!" "This will work to our advantage since we can easilyencircle our enemies and make them pay for trying to invade ourancient lands, that will maybe one day become the great Kingdom of the DunedainArnor again."

Hyarion let out a small sigh and noticed that his good and close friend Emora with whom he had traveled was given one the most important tasks gathering the rest of the strength and meeting them at the Chetwood. The seasoned ranger silently prayed to Eru to watch over her since this fight might his last, although, Hyarion was optiomistic about thier chances of victory against a larger force. He finished erasing signs of where his tent had stood and prepared himself to depart for the desolate lands known as the Midgewater Marshes.

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Malora Nubètar
18/Mar/2010, 12:00 AM
Aero~Ranger of the North

The Chieftain had finally come to a decision. It was good to. To keep the goblins guessing before they're brains, or what was left them, kicked in. Aero leaned against the walls of the watchtower his bow in hand. He watched Emora and Falathar being tasked with gathering the strength of the remaining Dunedain of the North. Interesting. It seemed that they would beemploying the ambush tactic. Great. Picking himself up from his resting spot, Aero picked up his quiver and headed over towards watchmen of Rangers watching for any enemy movement in the area. From what he could see, there was nothing. The night was quiet. Heading back over towards the Chieftain, Aero asked "What if they send a scouting force? I would love to be able to make sure they don't make it back..." he said, in a quiet and reserved voice.

Miskin Comte
18/Mar/2010, 01:07 PM
Falathar - Ranger of the North

The wind beat the hill of Weathertop severely still, and as the night drew on, it became stronger. Clouds had gathered overhead, brought East by the Sea's wind, and obscured the Moon from view. Much of the light that Falathar had used to keep an eye on the surrounding land had now gone, and his presence on the circumference of the summit was useless. He returned to the fire, and wrapped himself tightly, seating himself away from the other Rangers. Most of them had been given alias' by the peoples. These often differed from place to place, and reflected their nature and skills. Falathar never acquired any of these. His dislike of people in general meant that he felt there was no need to speak to people, unless he had some use for them. This attitude was no different with fellow Rangers, he worked with them, but that didn't mean he had to engage with them. This led to him addressing (if he had to address) fellow Rangers by their Breeland names. He was not accustomed to remembering names, and calling people by their talent served more than one purpose.

Soon after Falathar had sat down, Strider began to address the gathered strength. It appeared they would not be staying here long. The plan was tactically sound: the marshes were flatland, and heavily obstacled. The nature of marshes meant that Chetwood was the local high ground too, giving them yet another advantage. They would be highly outnumbered, Falathar noted, but that shouldn't be a problem. The training and experience of the Rangers far outweighed any Orc experience. Victory would be assured: but the death of even one Ranger damaged the Dunedain vastly disproportionately to any losses the Orcs could sustain. It was not his place to question, but he could only function effectively if he was well aware of all possible outcomes.

At this point, Strider turned to him and Tracker. They were to spread the word to all Dunedain in the area. Falatharexpressionlessly nodded, but secretly had misgivings about this. They were only two, and there was much land to cover between here and Chetwood. There were no horses tied up nearby either, which meant they had to accomplish this on foot. Even one Ranger more though was better than none, and so Falathar stood and drew himself up to full height, briefly sending a glance at Tracker, which effectively meant 'Hello', only with volumes of subtext. The left briskly, leaving Amon Sul by the West slope.

(Likus, do you want to go ahead and post in the 'Paths' topic to continue this?</font>)


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Angelikus Snape
20/Mar/2010, 01:31 PM
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Fingolfin of Hithlum
21/Mar/2010, 12:00 AM
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn
Chieftan of the Dunedain

Aragorn whispered a quick prayer as his messengers sped off. He just couldn't lose more of his men and women. His people were counting on him. This had to work. He collected his things, pacing around quickly. He walked amongst the rangers until everyone was fit to leave. He lead them all down the slopes and onto the lands around Weathertop. He gazed back up once more at Amon Sul. He couldn't believe he was just leaving it unguarded like this. But pride had no place here, he knew this. Reason told him to stick with the plan. When they were all assembled, he announced, "Alright men, we must move. We go full speed ahead towards Bree-Land. Do not cover your tracks, it is crucial that the orcs have a trail to follow. When we get to the marshes, scatter. Make for the quickest around them. When you have lost the goblins following us, hide wherever you can. I will expand on the plan in a few days when we get closer to our destination. Move out!"

GM: All rangers under Strider, post a few days journey in Paths of Eriador. Head your posts with"Flight from Amon Sul"</font>http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v115/moriestiel/TributeVilya.jpg</font>

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Master Eruedraith
07/Dec/2010, 03:01 AM
All Along The Watchtower
(Open RPG)

It had been a long few days journey from Imladris, but the day was getting on, and Eruedraith knew it would be nightfall soon. With the sun setting to his back, and a fierce north wind rolling in, he had to set up camp, and soon. Peering his way across the rocky feilds, his eyes fell upon a large hill in the distance, with rocks that seemed to be reaching for the sky, a great tower in in the days of old, Amun Sul. "There Nar-Aglar, we shall rest for the night. Its better to be up high in this treeless hilly country then to be easily taken out by trolls, roaming wargs or even rangers." Peering onto the great hill, he made sure to slowly make his way across the stoney feilds, for he did not wish his horse to become injured so far from home. As he reached the sides of the great hill, the stony path became only slightly clear, as they made their way slowly up and around the sides. Looking for a place to set a fire, he noticed a large space, open in the cliffside, facing eastward, but shadowed on both the north and south side, perfect for covering camp fire.

The fire was raging forth and the sun had slipped away and the stars were twinkleing in the night sky. "Mmmm, been a while since we had roast feasent. Well, at least out in the wild." Having his fill of meat, and took out a flute, made from blackened yew and began playing a song.

<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">"Over the Hills and across the plains
Through the ash soaked ruins and fog kissed rains
I push my steed to the bitter brinks
My mind consists of you, I think
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">The dust, it flows behind my path
my breath escapes within a gasp
Time leaps behind as I hide my past
and all goes to ruin
<DIV =WebWizRTE align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1">But there are those days, that i long to see
leaves fall to the riverbank, her eyes of glee
To rest my head apon your breast of peace
that embrace, warm and soft, i indeed seek..."

He quiting playing, knowing he heard a noise of some sort. But glanceing over, it was merely his horse moving around a bit. "That was a good song that you ruined..." Nar-Aglar just snorted and looked the other way. "Well, perhaps I was a bit rude in singing so late. Let us get some rest, for tomorrow we have a long journey ahead of us." And with that, he pulled his cloak up around his sholders and laid his head on his quiver, just staring off into the night sky, resting his mind and keeping warm from the fire.

20/Dec/2010, 09:38 PM

The night had decinded on this lone stoney region and two werry riders came from the north for a place to stop for the night. The wind from the north had died down after sunsetand was no more than a light breeze. The stars shone bright and a darken shape loomed up ahead. Amon Sul the watch tower of old was in front of them now.

Coming round to the east side of the hill Strider looked up at the ruins on top of the hill and thought he saw what could only be explained as a faint light. Who could this be up there, he thought. With out a word he motioned to Halbarad pointing to the faint flickering light. He then whispers to Halbarad, "What do you make of that? The Rangers keep a campingspot in thesmall dell that way." he point west.

21/Dec/2010, 01:28 PM

Halbarad stared up at the light for a few moments as Strider whispered to him, then replied. "Could be rangers, but probably not," he said quietly. "At any rate, looks like only one fire, and quite small. If we leave the horses there," he jerked his head to a small, shaded hollow, "We could get up there on foot without notice." Hand on his sword, Halbarad dismounted silently. They had seen little life on their journey, but he looked around first. After all, it wouldn't do for their horses to be stolen. "I can't see anyone around, so it's most likely not an ambush."

A couple of years ago Halbarad had been caught in a very nicely planned ambush that started in a very similar situation to the one they were in now. Thus, he would have liked to leave a guard with the horses.

22/Dec/2010, 08:29 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">Strider
<DIV =WebWizRTE topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="1">Strider looked over to Halbarad and said in a low tone, "Shall we make our way up and see what we can see?"

22/Dec/2010, 01:08 PM

Halbarad considered it for a moment, then nodded. He led his horse quietly over to the small hollow and tied him beneath a stunted tree. If the fire-builder was a friend, they could return later to bring the horses to a safer place, but here they would be good for escape. The ranger quickly shouldered his bow, then pulled the hood of his cloak furthur over his face. "Let's go." He made a quick gesture towards the hilltop then began the ascent, stepping softly and straying sometimes from the path where he knew he could be seen by others. He felt rather than heard Strider behind him.

22/Dec/2010, 05:08 PM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Strider
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Strider followed Halbarad up to where they had seen the light and found a fire yet noone there. Strider took a quick look about and saw nothing. "Possibly we scared whoever it was off?" he quized to Halbarad. "Well let's us the fire for ourselves to night. I'll take first watch, rest now my friend and we head out at dawn."
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">It was a clear beautiful night full of stars. From his vantage point Strider looked about and saw nothing durring his time at watch. The moon rose over the still silent land. It climbed high giving a little more light and Strider saw nothing. The moon set signaling that it was late night and Striders watch was about over. He threw more wood on to the fireand nudge Halbarad not to gently to wake him. "Time for your watch my friend. I have a bit of food and drink ready for you if you wish. Nothing is sturring this night so your watch should be uneventful."Edited by: Tolkus

22/Dec/2010, 05:28 PM

As Strider took the watch, Halbarad curled up in his cloak and swiftly fell asleep, too tired for conversation. It seemed like mere seconds had passed when he was woken, sitting up instantly with his sword drawn. Rolling his eyes at Strider, he thanked him and stood, making a circle of the camp before moving out of the firelight and sitting with his sword across his knees. He ate the food his friend had prepared, washing it down with a gulp from his waterskin.

Strider was right;Halbarad saw nothing at all throughout his watch. As dawn approached, he stretched and made another circle of the camp to wake his legs up. The fire was dying, but he didn't stoke it, knowing they would have to be off soon. Still, there was no point waking Strider yet. Instead, he sat back on a rock and, lifting his head every few seconds to check for movement, drew out a whetstone and sharpened his sword. The quiet rasping was drowned out by the dawn chorus, though few birds lingered in the empty lands.

As the sun came up, Halbarad went over to his friend. "Morning," he said quietly, kicking at a rock near Strider and knowing it wouldprobably be enough to wake him.

22/Dec/2010, 06:03 PM

Strider woke quickly and sat up, "Morning already I see." he said yawning. "Let us get moving, the sooner we're off the sooner we get to Rivendell." Striders mind then wondered for a moment of what at his journies end in Rivendell and a slight smile came across his face. They made thier way down to the horses and rode off with the dawn sun at their back.

Lhun Elcharion
01/May/2011, 06:54 PM
It had been some time since Aragorn, son of Arathorn, known to many as Strider had been to the great hill known to most as Weathertop. Amon Sul it was called in days of old, when a King still ruled in the Northern Lands. A great watch tower, long fallen to ruin had once stood on the crest of the hill. Now, he stood in a hidden dell looking up at the remnants of the once great watchtower as he waited to see if any of his kin would come.
He had left word in several places frequented by those known to many only as Rangers, dangerous folk who were known to wander the wilds. In truth, they were the last of the Northern Dunedain. They wandered the wilds keeping safe the paths of common folk and defending their own lands from evil. Recently, he had learned some news that had piqued his interest. He would investigate it and any aid from his kinfolk would be most welcome. For now though, he just needed to wait and see if any would come.
The wind picked up a little and pulled his cloak tight about himself. Night would come soon and set himself to the task of gathering some wood for a fire. He hummed an old lay as he went about the task, daydreaming of times long past when his people were not scattered......

26/May/2011, 04:11 AM
The Childrens Hour

The sun was fading on another day Celadon with Alorah had ridden for some days with little to no rest for he or his horse Breg. The sight of the old watch hill was a great welcome. Alorah was running a fever from the vennom of the snake bite and was in need of help. Celadon had done all he could but this was beyond his skill to heal. He would have to rest at Amon Sul there was no choice. As he rode up Celadon spied someone gathering woodso he called out in desperation, "Lo there I need help..." it was all he could get out. Fighting hunger and sleep Celadon hoped the stranger would come and offer some aid.

Rainelle Hérandil
26/May/2011, 04:49 AM
The Children's Hour

Alorah stirred, letting out a whimper. She didn't feel good. She felt hot and sweaty, but the sweat made her shiver with cold. She couldn't seem to get warm enough, there always seemed to be a draft of cold air coming in through a gap in the blanket around her. She kept trying to pull it tighter around her, but then she was too hot. Her arm still hurt and her hand felt painful and was still swollen, but she still held onto Kitty with her left hand.</font>

Lhun Elcharion
31/May/2011, 12:47 AM
The Childrens Hour

The fire crackled lightly as Strider gathered a bit more wood. Hopefully, others would come soon. The normally patient ranger was beginning to grow restless. The news he had learned was not of great import, but it was worth investigating nonetheless. As he continued to gather wood, his keen eyes spotted a lone rider in the distance. It looked like there were two riders. Both appeared extremely travel worn. Fearing he may have already been spotted, Strider thought it best to move clearly into view. However, he drew his hood close about his face so as to hide his features as a precaution. If this was an enemy, he hoped to appear as a simple traveler.
As the horse approached and he could see that it was a man and a girl, he heard a very weak cry of "Lo there I need help....", then the man began to slump in the saddle.
Strider did not hesitate. He dropped the wood in his arms and ran to the horse, calming it and leading it to the dell where he camped. It was obvious that the man was beyond weary. Then he noticed the girl. Her eyes were sunken, their lids half closed and the eyeballs themselves glazed over. Sweat beaded on her face, yet she shivered. He helped the man down off the horse, then lifted the girl down gently. He laid her on the ground near the fire and looked her over.
It did not take long for Strider to see the cause of the girl's condition. Her arm and hand were swollen and discolored. There was a telltale wound on the arm as well. She had been bitten by a venomous snake. By the looks of the wound, it had been some time since the bite. Immediately, Strider put some water on to boil. The girl moaned, half asleep and delirious from the venom. Shortly, the water was boiling and Strider added some of the Athelas that he carried. It was precious and in short supply, but he could not see this poor girl die. He quickly applied the treatment to the wound and bound it. Even in her semiconscious state, the girl recoiled as the binding was tightened. He pushed her head down and applied a cool, damp cloth to her forehead. He whispered to her softy, and several minutes later, she lay quietly. Then, he turned to the man.
"She must rest now. She should recover. You were lucky to find me. A few hours more, and she might have been beyond my aid. You should rest too. You look mighty weary. Here. Drink this." he said as he handed the man a small cup of the water that the Athelas had been steeped in.

Rainelle Hérandil
31/May/2011, 01:19 AM
The Children's Hour
Alorah leaned back against Cel, then someone picked her up. She managed to hold onto her toy cat, and whimpered as she had to move. Which of course also made her cold because of the air getting past the blanket. Someone tied something over her sore hand, and she whimpered again and pulled her hand back weakly.
"Cel.." She mumbled, thinking he must be there helping her or something, but she was really sleepy and hot and cold at the same time, and her arm hurt, so she actually didn't know much of what was going on at all. But something smelled good and made her feel better, something close by(The athelas). A cool cloth soaked in water was put on her forehead, and it made her head feel a little better, so she stopped trying to wake up and let herself go to sleep, hugging Kitty in her left hand, the one that didn't get bitten by the snake.

(ooc, I've never been bitten by a snake, so i have no idea how it would feel. but i have had a fever, so i can RP that pretty well! lol.
</font></font></font>oh and the bite was actually on the back of her
hand, but that's cool, since you wouldn't have known unless you read
the previous posts from Paths of Eriador</font>smileys/smiley11.gif)

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31/May/2011, 02:18 AM
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">The Children's Hour

<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">
<DIV =WebWizRTE marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" leftmargin="1" topmargin="1">Celadon awoke to find himself on the ground by a fire and man handing him a cup telling him to drink. Drink deep he did. Celadon felt the wearyness subside from his limbs and cleared his vision more. "Thank you sir, I fear we were near the end. I am Celadon Ranger of the North, that is Alroah." He paused then continued, "She was bitten by a snake a few days back. I did what I cold to get out the posion but it was not enough and some still flows in her veins." He stuggles to stay awake and tell the tale. "Breg here has been our savyor carring us for two days on little reest and water. Any help you cn give him I will pay you greatly." Peace and calm soon came over Celadon as the aroma of the Athelas reached him so he sat back and looked to the man for any answers.

Lhun Elcharion
13/Jun/2011, 02:33 AM
The Children's Hour

Strider sat quietly by the fire as Celadon explained what had happened. He reflected on the man's words for some time before responding.
Finally, he spoke saying, "Well met Celadon. You were lucky to find me. It is too rare</span>to see another Ranger on the road</span>of late. I am known among most folk as Strider, but you would better recognize my true name. I am Aragorn, Son of Arathorn. I will do what I can for your horse, but I will accept no payment. For it is a fine beast to come so far on so little rest."
He then took what was left of the steaming water in which the Athelas had been steeped and moved to where the horse was tied. He spoke softly in elvish and the creature seemed to relax. Then, he held the water near to the horse's snout and wafted the vapors toward its nostrils. It seemed to relax further, then slowly lay down to rest.
Moving back to the fire, he said, "There. He will rest well now. In short order, he will be as good as new."

13/Jun/2011, 11:48 PM
The Children's HourCeladon sat up and saluted his Lord. "My Lord, please forgive me not recognizing you. I am greatly tired." he said to Aragorn. Then he looked to Alorah and asked, "How is she? Were you able to extract the posion from her?' Celadon was excited to know. Soon the wearyness of the journey was taking over Celadon and he sat back and relaxed. "I thank you greatly my Lord for all your help. It was a blessing from the Vala that you were here.", Celadon said as he was fighting back sleep.

Rainelle Hérandil
09/Dec/2011, 11:34 AM
The Children's Hour</font>

It was the next day, and Alorah had made it through the night, thanks to Strider's assistance and knowledge with healing. But she still had snake venom in her system, and so it was vital that they press on to reach Rivendell, so the elves could help her recover more fully. Strider, after ensuring that they both were safe through the night, had to part ways and go on his own way. He had watched over them while Celadon rested and Alorah slept, while fighting the poison in her system, and he had helped her in whatever way he could. He also took care of the horse, Breg, so the horse would be well rested to help them to get to Rivendell faster. But when dawn broke, he woke Celadon and told him that regretfully, he had urgent business to attend to and had to leave them. He then left, leaving instructions to get the child to Rivendell as quickly as possible so the elves could take care of her.</font>

Alorah, despite the sweet smelling athelas that was helping to heal her, slept fitfully through the night. She still had a bit of a fever, though it had gone down considerably, and her arm hurt. But not as much as it had before. She tried to sleep, but kept waking up a little, then the nice man would talk soothingly to her and sing softly until she fell back asleep. Toward dawn she finally slipped into a more peaceful sleep, still clutching her dear toy, Kitty, tightly to her chest.</font>

12/Dec/2011, 02:03 PM
The Children's Hour</font></font>Celadon was awakened gently and when he opened his eyes he saw the Ranger that had taken care of them. Before he could say anyting the Ranger told Celadon of Alorahs well being and that his horse was well and rested too. Then the Ranger bid him fairwell abd got on his horse then rode away. As the Ranger left Celadon called out, "Thankyou my friend." and gave a wave. </font>Celadon went over to Breg and checked him over. He looked well rested and even a bit fatter than when they had arrived. Then he went to Alorah, laying there clutching her toy cat tightly sleeping well. He put a couple more sticks into the fire to keep in going for a few more minutes at least while he saddeled Breg and got him ready fro the rest of the ride to Rivendell. After Breg was ready and the fire died away Celadon gently picked up the sleeping child and got them both on to the horse. Slowly at first they began thier journey once more to Rivendell.

Rainelle Hérandil
13/Dec/2011, 06:18 AM
The Children's Hour

Alorah woke slowly to the clip clop of a horse's hooves and the rocking bouncing motion that accompanied riding on a horse. She rubbed her eyes with one hand while holding onto Kitty, and looked up at Cel sleepily. "Whey awe we?" She asked quietly, shivering a little. She wished her mommy was here, and she wondered if she'd be able to see her again soon. "Kitty's cowd." She said with a sniffle as she tried to cuddle closer to him for warmth. Her other arm was feeling a little cold and numbish, but at least it didn't hurt anymore.</font>

13/Dec/2011, 02:25 PM
The Children's Hour</font></font>Celadon felt the Alorah stur and then slowly wake up. He gave her a warm smile then Alorah asked where they were. Before Celadon could answer the child shivered a bit and said she was cold. Celadon reached back into his saddle bag and brought out his cloak. A faded green weathered stained thing it was, but it was warm. He wraped it about her and said, "That should feel better." Then he continued, "As for your first question, we are just beyond Weather Top and are about a day and a hlaf from the Last Bridge. These are the Lone Lands." Though that sounded bleek Celadon gave a quick wink and a smile of reasurance. "I have traveled these lands many times, it is a nice ride. Rest now little one." Celadon checked the cloak to make sure it was succure and spured Breg on a little more. </font>

Rainelle Hérandil
06/Jan/2012, 07:45 AM
The Children's Hour

Alorah smiled when he put a cloak around her, and she hugged her toy cat close to her as she leaned against him for warmth. She looked around a little as he told her where they were. She didn't know what weather top was, but nodded anyway. Lone lands sounded.. lonely. "Why d'you twavel the lony lands?" She asked curiously, looking up at him. She thought about the other part of what he said. "Why's it the lass bwige?" She asked. "A'en't they any afta it?" She wondered.</font>

16/Apr/2012, 01:59 PM
The Children's Hour</font></font>Celadon laughed softly at the questions of the child and did his best to answer. "Why do I travel teh Lone Lands?" he began, "This is my home, and I protect those that travel here." not sure if this was a satisfactory answer for the question Celadon plowed on. "It's called the Last Bridge because it is the last bridge one crosses on the way to the Misty Mountains." Then with a laugh he said, "No there are no more after it going the way were are going." Celadon knew better than to think this would be the last of the questions but he had hoped this would settle Alorah for the moment. </font>

Rainelle Hérandil
17/Apr/2012, 06:35 AM
The Children's Hour

Alorah </font>looked up at him as he answered her questions. "Oh." She said after the first part. Then, thinking about it a bit, she asked, "But why do othuh peopoh twavel 'em? If they didunt, you woulden have ta pwo...pwotek 'em." She pointed out, having a bit of trouble with the word protect. Then she listened to his answer about the bridge, and was curious about that even more. "Why dough? How come they didun' make moe bwiges so people won' miss the mountents?" She asked, misunderstanding that they were called the Misty Mountains, not that people were missing the mountains. Remembering something he'd said a bit earlier, she frowned. "Wha's weathah top?" She asked, even though he'd told her to rest. Sure she was sleepy, but she was also curious, and she could put off taking a nap for a while yet.

(ok in case you need a translation:
"But why do other people travel them? If they didn't, you wouldn't have to protect them."
"Why though? How come they didn't make more bridges so people won't miss the mountains?"
"What's Weather Top?"
it's hard sometimes to write legibly while still giving her the little kid way of talking and all, lol</font>)

Edited by: Rillewen Aran

24/Apr/2012, 03:26 PM
The Children's Hour</font></font>Celadon shook his head knowing these questioons were coming and half laughed to himslef. Then he tried to answer them as best he could to where Alorah may understand. "They travel these lands to find new places to live or hunt or fish or just visit." he paused a moment to try and make more sence of what he was saying, "People live in many areas aorund here and sometimes it's not safe to travel alone so they need protecting... and no if no one was here I'd not have to protect anyone." Celadon moved quickly to the next question, "As for the bridge it's called the Last bridge because there are no need of any more bridges west of it. Any water we come across going to Rivendell can he crossed by wading through it or walking through it."He had hoped that was a settled question and so Celadon moved on to the last one, "Remeber that big tall rock we were by the other day?That was called WeatherTop. It's the name given to it long ago." He looked down at the child as she was fighting sleep and he said, "Now time for a nap question can wait till after." Celadon began to hum a gentel lullby he knew from his own childhood.</font>

Beren Camlost
29/Apr/2012, 09:47 PM
<b style="color: rgb0, 255, 0; ">__________________________________________________ __________[/b]
</font>http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa393/1dr3am3dadr3am/Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20RP%20and%20Forum%20Image s/AnUrgentMatter.jpg
</font>- Amon Sûl </font>-</font>__________________________________________________ __________</font>
</font>Rise of the Guardians</font>
</font>[Private, only the Guardians of the West band may RP in this mini-adventure and those playing outlaws]</font>
</font> You must awaken, Rilya of Evendim, spoke Aragorn softly as he jostled the sleeping Elf maiden's shoulder, I've seen the Guardians approaching. Strider, clad in a dark shirt and trousers beneath a grey-green duster coat, and the green-eyed Elven traveler had made camp on the western flank of Amon Sûl where there was a sheltered hollow, at the bottom of which there was a bowl-shaped grassy dell. Rilya was a beautiful elleth, fair even reckoned among her own kind, red-haired and lithe ; she wore a bright linen shift topped by a fawn-brown cotton dress that looked well with the yellow garment and her fiery tresses. We can go to Rivendell now ? Rilya asked excitedly as she began to fit on her brown moccasins against her small, white feet. Aragorn chuckled ; the merry girl was hasty, eager. Perhaps, I have to speak to Rinon, the leader of the company. Come along now.</font>
</font> Aragorn began to step away but Rilya flew past him, making the chieftain of the Dúnedain laugh again. The son of Arathorn gazed upon the quiet earth surrounding Weathertop as he descended the hill ; for most part the lands were empty and featureless, except for copses of woodland toward the south, beyond which he could espy the moonlit shimmer of distant water. On the southern side of Amon Sûl ran like a ribbon the Old Road out of the west, winding up and down until it vanished behind a ridge of dark land in the east where grey-brown and sombre foothills sat beneath the much taller cloud-crowned forms of the Misty Mountains that gleamed white in the moon's luminescence. The Guardians of the West, a band of the Rangers of the North that would aid travelers reaching the southern realms and guide those in need to hidden Imladris, were trotting their mounts along the ancient East-West Road to come upon Amon Sûl where Aragorn had promised Rinon he would meet him. Hello ! cried Rilya in accented Common as she ran to the Dúnedain ; there were Rangers who patrolled the hills of Nenuial so she knew the tongue very well. Aragorn raised his palm so that Rinon and the others could halt.</font>
</font> Good evening, my friend, I hope your trek was peaceful, Aragorn greeted Rinon kindly, outstretching his hand for his comrade to clasp. I have brought the elleth, Rilya, with me, Aragorn began to explain. I was at Emyn Uial recently to spread news among the Elves and men that the Guardians band have a charge to escort folks to Rivendell or the south ; Rilya is the youngest granddaughter of the elf Edan Amrun, a captain in the Halcyon Guard, who dwells within Imladris. She would like to visit her grandfather so I've brought her with me so we can take her to Rivendell. Rilya jubilantly exclaimed that this would be her first time away from home. Rilya's mother, Anoriel, was a woman of the Noldor who settled in Ossiriand when the Fëanorians mingled among the Green Elves there after the Nirnaeth ; Anoriel had married one of the Laiquendi, Gernil, and in the Second Age they lived at Lake Evendim as did many of her husband's people. I was thinking we'd stop by the outlying townships along the northern border of the South Downs to see if any mortals are in need to visit Rivendell or the south before we journey to Imladris, what do you think ?</font>
</font>GM UPDATE :</font>
</font>Hallas, post as you will considering the approach to</font>Amon Sûl and words in reply to Aragorn, let's get moving to the South Downs ! *g*.</font>Sur, you can begin posting as your outlaws - Persia and her gang - in the South Downs ; Hallas will have us ultimately hear of her evil doings and the Guardians will have to investigate....*G*.</font></span>

Hallas C. Pehwarin
03/May/2012, 02:38 AM
<!--if gte mso 9>

NPC~ Rinon
(Stephen) Pehwarin~ Ranger of the North, lord of a noble minor
Númenórean family, and father of Hallas C. Pehwarin

Leader, Guardians of the West

Location: Approaching Weathertop or of old Amon</span> Sûl</span> from
the West

via use of the old Dwarven East Road

The valiant descendant of once mighty N</span>úmenor led his band the Guardians of the West
toward the last of the Weather Hills. The weather had been a tempest changing
its tenure every day. Now Rinon Pehwarin wore fresh ranger attire done
in hues of grey and green rested his dark grey cloak that was billowing in the
light wind that seemed to bring the aroma of Spring to those who still dwelt
here in Eriador and what was once long ago the Northern Kingdom of Arnor. Ever
present at his slim waist was a brown leather belt attached to it was his
dúnedain hand-and-half sword</span>Alcarmacil</span> </span>(Glorious Sword or blade) that rested
inside wooden scabbard wrapped in dark gray leather that crisscrossed down its
length.</span>The scabbard was capped with steel locket and an elegant steel chape
that match the conical steel pommel of this serviceable weapon. On the right
side rested two black leather pouches filled with wealth from his ancient
family occasional still sent by either his son Hallas or the Captain of
his families remaining House Guard Artamir Farador, herbs for healing
along with several bandages, and a small amount of pipe-weed from the Shire
Long Bottom Leaf. At the small of his back of the belt rested another scabbard
this covered in dark green leather. Inside rested a </span>steel
dagger that was of </span>Númenórean
design that had been forged by his son. Upon his forearms the veteran ranger wore a two-piece set of leather vambraces.</span> An inner
patterned guard and an outer plate of boiled beige</span></span></span></span></span></font> </font> leather tooled with</span></span></span></span></span></font> the sigil born by all rangers a single silver 6 pointed and rayed star.</span>

Now Rinon turned his weathered yet still fair face back towards those of
his band. His keen and bright green eyes glanced at each face They
included Khallador, Beren Camlost, </span>Tamlin</span>, Tarawen,</span> Aedán </span>son of
Artúr, </span>Dairen, and few note worthy other d</span>únedain or were once also called Arnorians.</span> Now the
leader of the Guardians soon heard voices crying out! That brought the 63-year
old northern ranger's keen and bright green eyes back toward the ruined
watchtower barely able to spy two figures slowly making their way down the
tower's ancient path. Soon enough Rinon threw back the hood of his dark
grey cloak to reveal his weathered features of his still handsome face. The
evening was quiet except for the sounds of their horses.

For this direct descendant of the 'faithful' ancient N</span>úmenóreans had</span> </span>a high oval forehead crowned with
thick jet black hair streaked with a few grey strands from his tireless efforts
to defend his long lived race and his Chieftain whom he'd served now for over
30 years, a pair of thin black eyebrows also flecked with grey, two keen green
eyes, on either side of the rangers' weathered face were two medium sized ears,
followed by a medium sized aquiline nose, set of pale pink lips that gave a
warm graceful smile to any fair ladies if they were nearby, and a nicely curved
rounded chin covered by a short black stubble of a new beard that was beginning
to once again reclaim the lower half of his face.

The 63-year old northern </span>d</span>únedain </span>now also raised his left hand that also bore his families signet ring on his index finger commanding his band to slow
their steeds including his own Nóla. Now Rinon noticed that his
Chieftain had an Elf(Rilya) with him and soon both spoke greetings. Rinon
nodded his dark and grey haired head in acknowledging that their journey
had been uneventful. Now the leader of the Guardians listened to
his Chieftain outline a plan for their first assignment as they would carry out
their duties while stationed here in the once great Watch-Tower of </span>Amon</span> Sûl</span>. "I was at Emyn Uial recently to spread news among the
Elves and men that the Guardians band have a charge to escort folks to
</span>Rivendell </span>or the south ; Rilya is the youngest granddaughter of the elf Edan
Amrun, a captain in the Halcyon Guard, who dwells within Imladris. She would
like to visit her grandfather so I've brought her with me so we can take her to
Rivendell.</span>" </font>
</span>The 63 year old ranger finally spoke his deep
baritone voice cool and even, " </span>Mae govannen Chieftain and lady Rilya." The descendant of ancient N</span>úmenor then placed his left arm and hand over his chest then extended it out in curterous display for elven customs of welcome and when departing. Turning his keen and bright green eyes to his lord Aragorn the Pehwarin patriarch continued to speak even while dismounting off of </span>Nóla</span>,</span>" Aye my lord we certainly can accomplish
all of the goals you've tasked us including myself."
</span>Rinon allowed
a wry smile to grace the pale pink lips that defined his mouth.</span> Now the leader of the Guardians issued orders to his band. "All right my fellow d</span>únedain let's make camp in the sheltered dell that is located to the east and south."</span> "We can be thankful the nature has not managed to remove this once proud structure that once held the chief palantír of the North." "Did you my lord Aragorn visit the ruins of Annúminas while traversing the hills of Evendim?" The veteran ranger and long time associate of his lord Rinon patiently awaited a response from either the two that stood near....


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19/May/2012, 07:53 AM
<b style="color: rgb0, 255, 0; ">[/b]</font>http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eHqxqHxnzhA/SlLcue9LnbI/AAAAAAAAALA/KlcvSD5_cjE/s400/housefire.jpg
(</font>Image Credit: SOURCE (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eHqxqHxnzhA/SlLcue9LnbI/AAAAAAAAALA/KlcvSD5_cjE/s400/housefire.jpg)</font>)</font>
<b style="color: rgb0, 255, 0; ">[/b]</font>
http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa393/1dr3am3dadr3am/Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20RP%20Character%20Ic&#111;ns%2 02/Han.jpg http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa393/1dr3am3dadr3am/Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20RP%20Character%20Ic&#111;ns%2 02/Persia.jpg
http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa393/1dr3am3dadr3am/Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20RP%20Character%20Ic&#111;ns%2 02/Chase2.jpg

</font></font></font>Rise of the Guardians</font>

Jorgrim</font> Post, South Downs</font></font>
"Let it BURN!" shouted Persia in elation, her bosom rising and falling with each gratified breath. The long raven hair descending to the level of her knees, unfurling behind her. Her bright red lips stretched in a wide wicked smile, and the spurs of her onyx thigh-high boots resonating as she sprinted across the ignited merchants' place of gathering amidst the hills. Grunting as he swung his hefty hand-axe down and cleaved an elderly woman's head open, Chase bellowed, kicking her helpless body away as her aged blood rolled off the hem of his leather vest. Han ran his fingers across his rich dark hair, flinging a torch and shattering a nearby window. Sending a number of screaming innocents fleeing for safety. Spotting a sadistic smirk, Han dusted the long black sleeves of his coat free of fresh ashes and embraced his lithe lover from behind. "Not, now!" protested Persia, shrugging off his amorous grasp and drawing her throwing knives. Slaying those who attempted to escape the torment and death bestowed upon them, courtesy of the young bandit gang that killed for sport and pleasure. "Don't be like that baby" whispered Han lovingly, spinning her to face him. "They're... not... all dead yet Han!" she grunted, struggling to push him away, "Give me some space, dang it!" Chase jogged up towards them, wiping the sweat welled above his brow and upper lip with the exposed skin of his right arm. "If yer finished now I think we should move on, once the smoke rises high enough, those damn rangers will be here soon enough" he rumbled. "So what" retorted Han arrogantly, moving to kiss his girl. Persia, uptight and discontent for the most part, turned her head left and right, evading the smooth lips of her persistent boyfriend until giving in at last. Han's gaze flicked to Chase victoriously as he locked mouths with Persia, winking at her and pulling her in closer to him. Han rolled his gray eyes, stepping back and running off to find Brianna, the blonde outlaw in their company.

Whistling through his teeth, Chase flicked his head, a gesture for her to follow him. No reason why she shouldn't, the only individuals left in the post for traveling salt vendors lay mortally-wounded on the ground, the last of their life fading from their four limbs. Persia craned her neck, allowing Han continue to smooch her ardently in that region. "Jealous much?" she asked Brianna boastfully, giggling as Han's lips did not cease. Chase cleared his throat, elbowing Brianna gently and pointing a finger into his mouth. "Ya make me sick!" he pronounced to the pair, inviting Brianna to come with him and leave the vixen and handsome thief to slobber the moment away. Coming to the entrance of a blazing structure, Chase coughed with an arm over his mouth. He had pointedly advised Han not to set the place on fire, for the attention that would follow was not wise for a group few in numbers. Nodding to Brianna, the strongest ruffian in the group kicked down the door and entered with a crowbar in one hand. As the flames danced around the only way to come in or out, Chase shouted back at his fellow criminal, tossing a diminutive wooden box with a steel lock through the black smoke and in her direction outside. With the roof collapsing at a dangerous rate, Chase told Brianna to get back. Then with a roar, Chase propelled himself through a weak point in the front wall and crash-landed out. Rolling forward and rising to full height, he and Brianna brought the case to the feet of the lusty couple. Stabbing through with his crowbar and caked in soot, Chase broke the lock, allowing Brianna to open the case. Persia and Han's minutes of passion stopped in its tracks, as the glimmer of gold and silver coins greeted them. Jubilant at the sight of this, whirling and kissing once more in an embrace, Chase seized the opportunity and stuffed a handful of the merchants' money in the pouch at his side, offering a handful to Brianna as well. No harm in taking an extra share without Persia and Han knowing so, considering it was them not they who had gone through the trouble of acquiring the case.</font>

Edited by: Sur Vanar Utírieste

Rainelle Hérandil
20/May/2012, 09:21 AM
Rise of the Guardians</font>

</font>Emeralda Hérandil
</span>Guardians of the West</span></font>

Emeralda rode steadily along with the band of rangers led by Rinon Pehwarin</span></font>. She held the reigns of her horse Ellerína and glanced around with her eyes as she rode. She had her long dark hair pulled back with a green ribbon, which matched the green cloak she wore over her brown dress. She wore such colors because she felt it helped her blend in with the surroundings a bit better.. like camouflage. She had the hood of her cloak pulled up, because it was a sunny day and she didn't want to get too badly sunburned. Plus, for some reason it just made her feel more like a ranger to have her hood pulled up hiding her face in shadows. She figured it was a silly notion, but she always remembered her father having his hood up when he went off on ranger missions and such, and that was probably why.

She stopped her horse with a gentle tug of the reigns when the band stopped. She was quiet as Rinon greeted Aragorn, their chieftan. She was pretty sure she'd never met Aragorn, but she'd heard he was very nice. She idly wondered if he had known her father, but she supposed there was no way of knowing unless she wanted to ask him, which she figured would be a waste of the chieftan's important time. It wasn't that important. She looked quietly around at the hills and the land, checking that there was nothing amiss.

</font>Sámion </font></font>
Tagging along at the rear of the Guardians</font>

</font></font>Sámion wanted more than anything to be a ranger, but he was always told he was too young. He usually spent his days in the stable at Osdolen, taking care of the ranger's horses and doing whatever his Uncle Roadan asked of him. But this time, he had decided he was going to prove that he was old enough to be a ranger. Just because he was only 13 didn't mean he couldn't handle this! He had his older brother's old sword hanging from his side. It was a bit heavy for him, but he was trying to get used to it's weight on his hip. And he also wasn't too familiar with the horse that he'd borrowed from the stable, but it wasn't too difficult to ride.

It wasn't as if he'd stolen the horse either, it was just an extra that was always there in the stables which he'd borrowed, and as far as he knew it didn't really belong to anyone. But he'd be returning it, so he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. He'd just needed a horse so he could keep up with the band of rangers that had set out for Amon Sul. He wore a big cloak that had belonged to his brother.. it was too big for him but it helped to conceal his identity a bit better as he tagged along at the very rear of the band. He was actually a bit surprised that he'd made it thus far without anyone seeming to notice him. Maybe he was better at this going unnoticed thing than he expected. He was already off to a good start, it seemed, to being a ranger.

When he saw the group up ahead had stopped, he tugged on the reigns until the old grey mare decided to obey and stop for him. He sat up a little in the saddle, trying to see what was going on ahead. Whoa, was that the ranger leader himself? He couldn't be sure, but he thought he'd seen Aragorn, and his eyes widened. He looked around some more, trying to stay unnoticed for the time being. As he did, he suddenly realized something. It was somewhere in this region.. he wasn't sure where.. that his parents and baby sister had been attacked by bandits and murdered. He swallowed quietly as he thought of that, pushing back the desire to go off seeking revenge or something. He'd have no idea where to begin anyway.

21/May/2012, 01:45 AM
Rise of the Guardians</font>

</font>Tamlin rode quietly along, not one to talk very much. As the group approached the ancient watch tower Tamlin saw some one there waiting on them. After coming toa halt. Tamlincould see it was his cheiftan with an Elf by his side. He was in awe of Aragorn, though he looked no more differnet than himslef Tamlin could feel an air of something more nobel about Aragorn. </font>Sitting on his horse looking about as Rinon and Aragorn spoke Tamlin looked about casually and made out the form of someone on a horse not too far off. He didn't speak of it but merely spyed him and took careful note noticeing things and the most prominet was how young the ridder was. After hearing the orders given Tamlin dismoounted and walked his horse Shilla over to the dell. He had been here a few times before and knew the area. Tamlin removed the saddle from Shilla along with his gear and placed it in the dell. His waterskin was getting low so he decieded to go to the stream close by, and to also get a bit closer to thier tag along. Tamlin put on his weathered green cloakpulling the hood over his shoulder leingth black hair and scarf to cover his face. With his ridding gloves covering his hands only his thin balck eye brows and dark eyes shown. He looked to the others and said, "I'm going to fill my waterskin does anyone wish me to fill thier's as well?" he awaited any reply.

Rian Eliowen
24/May/2012, 02:22 AM
<a href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CRGibs&#111;n%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cms ohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_colorschememapping.xml" target="_blank">
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mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";}

<!--></a> (file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CRGibs&#111;n%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cms ohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_colorschememapping.xml)
Dairen - Guardians of the West

Dairen looked about him as they arrived at their
– noting the faint shimmer where the line of the Old Road was just
visible in
the moonlit dusk as it threaded through the hills from east to west, his
sweeping to rest on the faint blur of the Misty Mountains away in the
Closer at hand two figures approached, descending from the ruined watch
–and they proved to be Aragorn and a young elleth whom Rinon greeted as </span>lady Rilya.
</span>When Rinon, the leader of the Guardians, gave his orders to make
for the night Dairen dismounted with the rest of their party.

As he </span>had somehow
become the Guardian’s </span>cook on this
expedition (whenever they had the opportunity for a hot meal, that was) </span>he knew he would be expected to rustle up a
campfire stew fairly quickly, so he called out to Tamlin, who was
heading for
the stream

“Yes wait for me Tamiln. and I will join you”

Dairen handed his horse over to one of the others
to be
cared for, and taking two buckets from the supplies, he headed to the
stream. </span>The water was cold but
refereshing all the same after a day of riding. He carried the full
pails of water
back up to higher ground where he found the others busy setting up camp.
was already a campfire </span>started so he
quickly got to work, chopping up vegetables and bacon and lentils,
the stew with a handful of herbs that were growing in the wild. </span>Dairen had become quite good at knocking out
a decent damper and once the stew was simmering away he quickly poured
out </span>some flour and a little of the special baking
soda that he had picked up in Bree into a bowl with a pinch of salt. He
rubbed butter into the flour </span>and
then </span>added some water, mixing it all
together and then kneaded the dough
</span>until it was ready for shaping. He let it rise a bit in a big
cast iron
pot and then buried the pot in the ashes and covered it with hot coals.
By the
time the other rangers had finished their tasks, and were ready to eat
would be fresh hot bread and stew for supper.<a href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CRGibs&#111;n%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cms ohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_colorschememapping.xml" target="_blank">


Edited by: Rian Eliowen

Rainelle Hérandil
29/May/2012, 05:10 AM
Sámion </font></font>
Tagging along at the rear of the Guardians</font>

</font></font>Sámion watched the group from several yards back, and when he thought it seemed as though there was someone looking his way, he decided he'd better get out of sight. Slipping awkwardly off of the horse, he grabbed the lead and led it off to the left, where there was some cover of the trees, where he would hopefully not be noticed, at least not as easily. He watched the rangers not far off, wondering when the fighting and stuff was going to begin, and hoping he wouldn't be in too much trouble. He glanced down at his sword, wondering if he'd know how to use it well enough when the time came.</font></font>

Hallas C. Pehwarin
16/Aug/2012, 05:00 PM
<!--if gte mso 9>
<!--></span></font>Rise of the Guardians</font></font>
(Joseph) Lossë (White)~ Ranger of the North, father of Hyarion

Location: West of </span>Weathertop or of old
Amon</span> Sûl</span>

</span>via use of the old Dwarven
East Road

</span>The single weathered Ranger
sat astride his equally rugged looking black palfrey as they rode along at a
slow clip toward the once mighty tower of </span>Amon</span> Sûl</span>.
The horse had no name as of yet but </span>Altéru</span> or Al called by his family and kin as well as
his friends now gazed out on the empty rugged landscape that was once part of
the great northern kingdom of the exiled </span>Númenóreans. For this
descendant was tall and lean like his fellow dúnedain Rinon Pehwarin.
Al stood 6-foot and 4-1/4 inches clad in the typical attire of his race
being mostly leather that was brown mixed lush forest green along with a summer
cotton cloak of dark grey. At the nape of his neck rested the customary silver
broach whose likeness with that of silver 6 pointed and rayed star. </span>About his somewhat thick waist was girthed a faded
brown leather belt that carried a typical ranger sword and two leather pouches
containing healing herbs, bandages, his pipe and some pipe-weed obtained during
the brief stop in Bree. His plain steed carried the rest of his
gear in two saddle bags that were girthed just behind his faded brown leather

Now the 58-year old ranger lowered the hood of his cloak to allow the slow
breeze cool his weathered rugged handsome face. Al had an oval shaped
forehead crowned with blond hair that now was receding due to hard life as a
ranger, matching blond eyebrows, underneath them rested his blue eyes,
in-between rested a large nose,</span> either side of the
rangers' weathered face were two medium sized ears</span>, pair of pink lips that defined his mouth which
always gave his loving wife </span>Laire(Theresa) a warm smile when arriving home from namely his skill at either woodwork or trying his hand as a blacksmith forging numerous items for his surviving folk of the once proud kingdom of Arnor and finally ended in a curved chin covered with the beginnings of a new beard that was actually of lighter blond color than the hair on his head!

So now did Al choose to speak out as he came to the base of the massive hill where once the great watch tower of Amon</span> Sûl</span> resided still though now called for several generations of Men Weathertop.</span> The 58-year old northern d</span>únedain took a breath then began to make his way toward the sheltered glen. As he neared it Al chose to speak his deep baritone voice calm and cordial, " Hail!" " Mae govannen fellow rangers who guard our ancient dwellings of old. " " I'm </span>Altéru</span> </span>Lossë and I seek my kinsman Rinon Pehwarin is he among you?" " For I heard tidings that he was leading a band of our folk in the defense of travelers bound for either Rivendell or north toward the Blue Mountains( S.Ered Luin), or south to aid the Rohirrim or our long sundered kin of Gondor." The weathered and weary ranger now awaited a response from his fellow rangers.....

Hallas C. Pehwarin
11/Sep/2012, 08:11 PM
NPC~ Rinon
(Stephen) Pehwarin~ Ranger of the North, lord of a noble minor
Númenórean family, and father of Hallas C. Pehwarin

Leader, Guardians of the West

Location: Weathertop or of old Amon</span> Sûl</span>

The now 63 year old northern dúnedain had spent a few weeks now guarding the ruins of once proud Amon</span> Sûl</span>. Yes it had been here that 1st High King of the exiled 'faithful' Númenóreans Elendil the Tall had gathered his armed forces while patiently awaiting the arrival of his fellow noble liege Ereinion Gil-galad the last High King of the Noldor</span></span></span></span> who'd brought his own army and together did they march into the dark realm of Mordor fought against the Dark Lord striking him down but at the cost of their lives and untolled number their followers. Isildur his eldest and heir had claimed renown by striking the final death blow against the Dark Lord claiming his Ring as a were-gild for the loss of his beloved father and brother Anárion.

Rinon shook his black and grey streaked haired head to clear away the thoughts of history, lore, and long ago events of the distant past to keep his mind keen and sharp. Now his keen and bright green eyes surveyed the landscape around him. Bleak and desolate since the Weather Hills were not inhabited except by travelers passing through to ply their wares in Bree or to head to the hidden refuge of Imladris. Rivendell in the common tongue spoken by the majority of those who dwelt here in the North. Clad in his simple ranger attire being of cotton shirt of green, then the exterior garments being mostly suede leather dyed black that had chain-mail at the sleeves ending at the wrist, and grey that including the leggings protecting the lower half of his tall lean 6 foot- 5 inch body, tall knee high leather boots of deep brown graced his feet, about his waist was a sword belt of bleached beige leather adorned with the sigil of Númenor; the White Tree of Nimloth the Fair in full blossum.

On it hung </span></span></span></span>his
dúnedain hand-and-half sword</span>Alcarmacil</span> </span>(Glorious Sword or blade) that rested
inside wooden scabbard wrapped in dark gray leather that crisscrossed down its
length.</span> The elegant steel locket and chape had been reforged now gilded in hard black iron. Upon the belt rested also the fine dagger from his son and heir Hallas resting in matching scabbard along with two leather pouches. They contained coin from his family, his weather worn wooden pipe that had traveled with him from Gondor long ago, Pipe-weed from Shire though it was nearly gone now, medicinal herbs, and finally a stash of fresh linen bandages. His form arms were protected with two-piece set of vambraces; an inner patterned guard and an outer plate of boiled grey leather. Its exterior tooled with the sigil of a single six-pointed and rayed star.

Though the last item was dark grey cloak of soft cotton since the summer had finally begun to wane into Fall. At its nape rested a broach upon which rested the emblem of the surviving dúnedain of once mighty Arnor; a 6-pointed and rayed silver star. For most of the surviving of the once northern realm were plain. Though Rinon's he himself had the center enlarged enough to set a single stone and its color was deep blue like of the ocean. He'd forged another for his son if he ever chose to leave the South Kingdom and its Stewards. In its center rested a light green stone for the month of August.

Now one of his fellow rangers under his command had informed him of the arrival of his kinsman Altéru</span> </span>Lossë! That brought to the middle aged ranger's leader's weathered handsome face a wry smile as he descended on the few remaining steps of a crumbling stairway that led down the slope of the fallen ruin of once majestic tower. The wind was up today and Rinon drew up the hood of his cloak its interior lightly lined with soft black leather. As he reached the bottom did the wind finally die down a little. Then did leader of the Guardians speak his deep baritone cool and warm, " Ah, Al at last you've found me!" Chuckling did Rinon move forward extending his right arm and grasped his kindred's arm in the warrior's handshake releasing his hold a moment later while his left hand lightly slapped him on the back. " So what brings you out here to Amon</span> Sûl</span>?"


(Joseph) Lossë (White)~ Ranger of the North, father of Hyarion

Location: West of </span>Weathertop or of old
Amon</span> Sûl

Al</span> did not have to wait long for a tall lean ranger had come down from the summit of the once mighty tower. His fellow ranger then spoke and did he, Altéru know that voice all to well! It was his kindred Rinon! He accepted the warrior handshake and curt slap of the back all the while listening to the simple query of what brought him out here. Smiling did 58-year old ranger speak his own voice equally cool and cordial, " To join you my brethren in defending the land that was once our mighty kingdom of Arnor." "You'll have me of course?" "I'm just as good at swordplay as you!"


At that Rinon laughed heartily then gave his kindred a wide grin as he spoke, " Of course Al you'll be my trusted 2nd as Halbarad is to our revered Chieftain." " In fact I'll need you here to guard this once mighty tower while a few of us go deal with some brigands in the South Downs." " They gotten into the hard heads again to raid and pillage." Then did the leader of the Guardians issue orders, "My fellow rangers and Guardians saddle your horses for we leave for the South Downs within the hour!" "Time to bring these brigands to heel with steel justice!" Everyone who was there knew that it meant battle......</span></span></span>

18/Sep/2012, 02:51 PM
Guardians of the West
Tamlin watched and listened to the new comer, "a close friend or kin of thier leadr no doubt", he thought. Then the order was given to mount up and ride south. Tamlin quickly jumped upon the back of his horse Elwin and checking his pack and weapons Tamlin was ready to ride. He awaited his leaders callto be on thier way.

Rainelle Hérandil
20/Dec/2012, 06:55 AM
The Children's HourCeladon shook his head knowing these questioons were coming and half laughed to himslef. Then he tried to answer them as best he could to where Alorah may understand. "They travel these lands to find new places to live or hunt or fish or just visit." he paused a moment to try and make more sence of what he was saying, "People live in many areas aorund here and sometimes it's not safe to travel alone so they need protecting... and no if no one was here I'd not have to protect anyone." Celadon moved quickly to the next question, "As for the bridge it's called the Last bridge because there are no need of any more bridges west of it. Any water we come across going to Rivendell can he crossed by wading through it or walking through it."He had hoped that was a settled question and so Celadon moved on to the last one, "Remeber that big tall rock we were by the other day?That was called WeatherTop. It's the name given to it long ago." He looked down at the child as she was fighting sleep and he said, "Now time for a nap question can wait till after." Celadon began to hum a gentel lullby he knew from his own childhood.

The Children's Hour

Alorah tried to pay attention while he was answering her questions. She looked around as they traveled, and wondered about some things. She nodded when he asked if she remembered the bit tall rock. "Oh." She replied. "Who named it that?" She asked. She hugged Kitty close to her and looked up at him. Then he started humming a nice song that made her sleepy. She tried not to fall asleep, wanting to stay awake so she wouldn't miss anything. But she started to get sleepier. She yawned a little and snuggled closer, then looked up at him. "When'll we get to Rivvybell?" She asked sleepily. Then she wondered something else. "Will.. Sammy be 'dere?" She added, close to being asleep already.

23/Jan/2013, 03:31 PM
The Children's Hour

As Alorah yawned and griped her toy tight Celadon knew it wouldn't be long before she was asleep. Yet, like most children she would fight it all the way, trying to ask question in hopes of staying awake. Celadon smiled and stoped his tune for the moment to answer her, "Not long now maybe a day or less." "Sammy?" he hadn't heard that name from her before and knew not of whom she asked so he answered as well as he could, "I don't know little one, we will just have to wait and see." With that Celadan began singing softly again to help send Alorah to sleep.

Rainelle Hérandil
24/Jan/2013, 04:54 AM
The Children's Hour

Alorah nodded slightly as he answered her questions. She hoped Sammy would be there, and Ben. She missed them, especially Ben since she hardly ever got to see her oldest brother. She didn't know where they were but she thought that they had been going to meet up with her brothers at some point, but those mean bandits came along before they got to Rivvybell to meet Ben and Sammy. The fact that her first question went unanswered, about who named the big rock that, was missed by her as she got sleepier. Before long, she slowly fell asleep to the sound of Cel singing.

08/Feb/2013, 11:47 PM
The Childrens Hour

Celadon awoke the sleeping child with a few taps on the shoulder. "Wake little one we are almost there." He waited a moment for Alorah to get fully awake before speaking again. "We are close to the Ford of Brumen and close to Rivendell." Celadon led his horse of the road to a nice flat grassy area. He dismounted and got the child down next. "Walk about a little, I know your legs must be as stiff as mine." he said with a laugh. "I'll have us something to eat shortly, and remember stay close or if you wish you could help me." Celadon though this might keep Alorah out of trouble if she was helping him or at least thought she was. How he hoped she would take up his offer. As he waited her reply, Celadon opened one of the saddle bags and looked for something quick for them to eat.