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Naith Liathant
31/Jul/2010, 01:23 AM

Lone Lands Adventure Game ~ The Travelling Tinkerer

Through the barren hills, over broken roads, a man with no home travels tirelessly, selling his wares across Eriador. The dusty road is his life, and he has been on it since he was young, and bought his first cart and horses. Life on the road has toughened him up, and the long years have broadened his mind and his battered old cart was replaced in time with a wain, then a wagon, then a caravan of sorts. If he calls any place home it is this caravan, and he stops periodically along the way, journeying always, never in one place too long. He is looked for and the sign of his passage is marked by those who would visit his colourful stands in the wilderness or the towns and villages he visits, even in these dark days. He is the travelling tinkerer, known as such or simply the peddler, and he is happy with either name. Wizened is he, and full of stories to tell by the campfire if you've a mind to stay a while where he stops.[b]


Players from the Lone Lands Adventure Games - Vaults of the Valiant - may spend their gold with the tinkerer or trade up their experience points in return to be taught new skills and feats. These hold an individual in good stead, and also groups of adventurers who team up from to time when they form parties.

No player may at any one time carry more than five weapons. No player at any one time may possess more than one Armour type, one Helmet, one set of Bracers or more than two shields, since while one can be slung over the back, carrying a shield on each arm is impractical.

Players may buy as much equipment as they wish, and if there is a piece of equipment unavailable on the list then just ask the tinkerer, for he may have something in his possession that is perfect for your needs.

Also the tinkerer is a tough man, and never has he run amok of trouble at the hands of evil. His is a safe place to leave your gold between adventures.

Finally since this is a new game variation, I do reserve the right to change any and all aspects to the rules herein if I deem it necessary to maintain balance. If a feat is too unbalancing or some other aspect, I will always 'refund' experience points you may have spent on that skill should I need to remove it from play.

Also in the future there will be Party Adventures, where groups of 4 players will be banded together to achieve a mission objective. At this time that is the goal for 'Lair of the Goblin King'.After that the plan is update the expansion to the game to suit the needs of the players and in relation to feedback, in time for another Party Adventure which will be called 'The Cold Drake of Carn Dum'.

Defence Items:

Value 1:

Shield 100 Gold
Bracers 100 Gold
Helmet 100 Gold
Leather Armour 100 Gold

Value 2:

Chainmail Armour: 200 Gold - Any damage less than 2 in value does not harm the wearer of Chainmail. Damage of 2 or higher destroys Chainmail
Mithril Helm: 500 Gold - Any damage less than 2 in value does not harm the wearer of a Mithril Helm. Damage of 2 or higher destroys the Helm

Attack Items:

Value 1:

Sword 100 Gold
Axe 100 - This axe may be thrown, and is deemed lost after use as any weapon is that is value one.
Bow 200
5 Arrows 100 - Arrows can be purchased multiple times to a maximum of 20 Arrows. These are ranged weapons. Obviously possession of a bow is necessary to use them.
Spear: 100 - May be thrown at a target but is deemed lost of course!

Value 2: You may carry only one Value 2 weapon at any one time, excluding Quest Treasures.

Battleaxe: 200 Gold - Any enemy that requires only attack value 1 to slay is killed by the Battleaxe without losing the Battleaxe. Any enemy requiring 2 or more to slay will damage the axe irreparably!

Greatsword : 200 Gold - As above with the Battleaxe.


Torches ( 3 ) - 25 Gold - Light a darkened area for the time it takes you to use up 3 Endurance points for moving.

Tinderbox: 5 Gold - All you need to light those pesky torches without scrounging about the area for kindling.

Rope and Grappling Hook : 50 Gold - Climb sheer surfaces, assail the walls of a keep, the climb will still cost endurance without the climb skill, but this is a useful bit of kit!

Toolkit: 100 Gold - This will enable you to disarm certain traps you may find through searching.

Whetstone: 50 Gold - Once a game you may repair a Sword or like item after use, using the Whetstone.

Rations: 20 Gold - It costs 20 Gold for each allotment of rations, and rations return one endurance. You may carry 3 lots of rations maximum.

Healing Balm: 100 Gold - You may carry a maximum of two pots of healing balm, and these when applied will restore two endurance points.

Lockpick : 20 Gold - You may carry up to five of these, and they will enable you to pick locks!

[b]Adventurer's & their possessions and experience points:

Raven with 2025 Gold Coins, a Hithlain Cloak worth 300 Gold Coins that enables a player to slip away unseen whereas normally you would need to expend a Shield ) and 20 experience points.

Eirien with 1770 Gold Coins, lockpick, a climber's kit, a tool kit, elvish rope, quiver of arrows, Medallion of Eagles ( 200 GC or + 2 to search totals at the start of every game ) and Mithril Chain Vest ( 500 Gold Coins or 4 shields in defence and anything of lesser damage cannot harm thee ) and 7 experience points.

Pele Alarion ~ with 1350 Gold Coins & 2 experience points.

Oro Stonefist with 1300 Gold Coins, a lockpick and 6 experience points.

Pellaadarion with 1240 Gold Coins & Numenorean Dagger ( 300 Gold Coins ) & 5 experience points & a Seashell Charm.

Nienna with 545 Gold Coins & 5 experience points.

Turin with 210 Gold Coins, poison, a glibtongue potion, some cram and 4 experience points.

Afor with 200 Gold Coins of Treasure & a Lucky Rabbit's Foot & 3 experience points.

Arothir with 200 Gold Coins of Treasure.

Surion with 100 Gold Coins of Treasure & a Lockpick.

Tinuviel with 100 Gold Coins of Treasure.

Haldred with 50 Gold Coins of Treasure.

Dirion: Lembas ( 1 ).

Skills Available:


Balance: 5 XP - You can traverse narrow ledges, wooden beams and otherwise difficult surfaces without any penalty that might apply otherwise.

Climb: 5 XP - You are an expert climber and climbing does not cost you any endurance points ( beyond the usual 1 Endurance expended for switching locations ).

Directional Sense: 5 XP - Be it you are underground, or you are in thick fog, or in total darkness, you will always have your compass bearings.

Jump: 5 XP - You are particular adept at leaping about, and so might traverse chasms and pits others could not entertain to! This skill can sometimes negate mechanical traps.

Hide: 5XP - You may hide in an area or location instead of fleeing from an enemy, or going into parley ( if your enemy doesn't see you when you arrive! ). Alternatively you can use this skill to hide in a location rather than leave it, and you will be unseen to anyone else who arrives.

Pick Pocket / Loot: 5 XP - When in parley you may elect to pick the pocket of your adversary! Instead of exchange and barter you may steal any one item from their backpack or up to 50 Gold Coins. You may also pick the pocket of any monster or adversary you are passing, or loot a scene of an item, even if the enemy is undefeated. You may take damage as you do so of course.

Search: 5 XP - So adept are you at foraging in your surroundings that you gain extra searches! You will begin each game with 5 Searches instead of the usual 3.

Stealth: 5 XP - So stealthy are you, that rarely will your movements attract attention. This is a great skill to couple with Hide. Also if you strike from Stealth, your weapons will count double. So for example one Sword would count as two, when attacking from stealth. This skill however gets most use when sneaking beyond an enemy you do not wish to fight, for a player with Stealth does not expend a Shield to do so.

Swim: 5 XP - Swimming in difficult circumstance is not impossible for you, so although it may still cost you endurance to swim for long periods, the skill reduces the amount expended. It also makes it possible to swim in dangerous circumstances where otherwise you might drown. This can open up areas of a game to you.

Track - 5 XP - You may find tracks and trails left by men and creatures that others would certainly miss, or you may be able to follow tracks that have been concealed by either the weather, the passage of time, the terrain, or by intent.


Feats: Improved Sword / Axe / Spear Strike:

When attacking with any sword you inflict one more damage than normal. 10 XP per weapon type.

Swift Shot: Can fire a bow twice in a single attack. Cost 5 XP

Toughness: May add three to Endurance total. Cost 10 XP, may be purchased two times.

Dodge: Once per game may dodge any blow from any enemy! Cost 5 XP

Immunity to Poison: Any poison doing only 1 point of damage does none to this player. Stronger poisons may have their effect reduced by one point. Cost 5 XP

Improved Defence: Once per game the player may defend any attack, no matter what the damage, with any single piece of armour no matter how low it's value. 5 XP

Uncanny Reflexes: Once per game this player can avoid a dart trap or similar mechanical trap like a pit trap. 5 XP

Improved Uncanny Reflexes: Twice per game this player can avoid a dart trap or similar mechanical trap such as a spear trap. 10XP

Death Strike: Once per game this player can turn any weapon based attack into an instant kill, provided the enemy does not see the assailant, and does not know the assailant is there. Cost 15 XP

Iron Will: So toughened to horror is your character that you receive 4 Will at the start of every adventure instead of 2. This cost 15 XP

Move Unseen: Once per game this player can move past an enemy unseen without using a shield to do so, even when the player's entrance into a location gives his or her position away, which negates the use of a Skill like stealth. 5 XP

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Naith Liathant
03/Aug/2010, 03:22 AM
The quiet scene in the forest was disturbed by the presence of the caravan, and just a way from this site the ramshackle temporary shelter of the tinker faced the dusty road. Between Bree and the Forsaken Inn the traveller had set up, for a brief sojourn from the constant journeying.

He stood in his breeches, with a big tough leather belt and buckle at the waist. He wore large broad brimmed boots of old cracked leather, and a shirt, with waistcoat that was open and also of hide, patched up so many times it seemed to be of many colours. Upon his head was a broad rimmed hat of hide, and this kept off the sun from his sweaty brow. It was a hard life, alone in the wild. It was not always an unprofitable one.

The tinker looked to his dog, and laughed, swigging an ale from his keg, after a hard few hours work setting up on his own.

" Well, Brewski! We are ready my friend! Is possible we soon will have visitors, no? How late is it?"

The dog looked at him confused...

RP Your approach to the stall and buy what you want! Don't see it? Ask!

For the purchase of skills and feats, just include the details in your post.

04/Aug/2010, 02:23 PM
She had been surprised when she had reached her room in Bree just how much treasure she had managed to amass, and it hadn't been long before she had found a trader in that town who had been more than happy to take the treasures off her hands in exchange for a hefty bag of gold. Of course, gold was no good on an expedition. All it did was weigh you down - you couldn't attack an enemy with it, nor use it to protect yourself from harm. So, here she was, visiting the travelling tinkerers before heading out into the Weather Hills.

Gathering an armful of useful items down from the pegs on the walls, she approached the weathered man sitting in the corner of the stall with his scruffy-looking dog. Hello, kind sir. I will take these, if I may. As she set her new things down to be counted, she took a closer look at the chainmail armour she had chosen. It looked sturdy enough, sure, but she knew from last time what dangerous things lurked in the Lone Lands, and she was not sure it would be enough. If you don't mind my asking, do you have any armour stronger than this? She still had a fairly heavy purse, even after buying all these things, and surely it couldn't hurt to ask.


Bracers: 100 // Helmet: 100 // (Chainmail Armour: 200 if nothing better on offer!)
Greatsword: 200 // Bow: 200 // 10 x Arrows: 200
3 x Torches: 25 // Tinderbox: 5 // Rope and Grappling Hook : 50 // Toolkit: 100
Whetstone: 50 // 3 x Rations: 60 // 3 x Lockpick: 60

Total: 1350 gold

Skills & Feats

Balance: 5 XP // Jump: 5 XP // Swim: 5 XP // Swift Shot: 5 XP

Total 20 XP

(I didn't realise I'd managed to get such a ridiculously high amount of money</font> smileys/smiley3.gif)</font>

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Beren Camlost
05/Aug/2010, 05:46 AM
Owan, NPC mortal

When the Peddler was about, word regarding the Tinkerer traveled rather quickly. Owain, a young adventurer, had heard stories of the wizened, itinerant merchant and knew of the wares he sold to intrepid folks who desired to quest. Owain was feeling the wanderlust again and he yearned for the chance to go a-prospecting once more so he decided to leave his rooms in Bree to seek out the Tinkerer whom he knew had struck camp 'ween the bustling city and the Forsaken Inn.

He was a well-built man though he was a bit short ; his hair was unruly and auburn, his face stubbled. He wore sturdy, worn boots and his breeches were brown as well ashis unbuttoned coat. Good day to you, peddler ! He hailed brightly once upon him. I would like to take a look at your wares and see what I can purchase today, added Owain who removed his coin pouch from off his belt. Owain smiled at the Tinkerer's dog and moved his hand towards the canine's nose so it could take a sniff.

Defence Items :

Shield 100 Gold
Helmet 100 Gold
Leather Armour 100 Gold

Attack Items :

Sword 100 Gold
Axe 100

Equipment :

Rope and Grappling Hook
3x Rations
2x Healing Balms
3x Lockpicks

Skills :


Improved Sword Strike
Improved Axe Strike
Death Strike
Iron Will
Improved Defence

Gold Total : 1,020 Gold
Skill Total : 25 XP
Feat Total : 70 XP

Pele Alarion
06/Aug/2010, 08:58 PM
Pele was already a bit rested and recovered from her previous unwanted adventures. What was worse, now she longed for more, even though danger lurked everywhere. Having gotten rid of the items she had managed to carry off from the barrows, including the dress (almost cost her return to the living, she imagined), she now owned quite a heavy pouch filled with golden coins. She thought it best to spend it wisely, before someone found out and robbed her.

The rumour reached her about a traveling tinkerer, and she set out from Bree in search of him. It did not take long to find him, and she approached his stall eagerly.

"Greetings, good man," she said, upon seeing the "merchant". "May I have a look at the things you have for sale? I just might need some to replenish my traveling items."

Pele glanced around the things he had set up for seeing, and chose some that she thought necessary.

"Here, I would have these!

Defence items:
- bracers - 100 gold coins
- chainmail armour - 200 gold
- mithril helm - 500 gold

Attack items:
- greatsword - 200 gold

- 1 healing balm - 100 gold
- whetstone - 50 gold
- 1 lockpick - 20 gold
- toolkit - 100 gold
- rope and grappling hook - 50 gold"

She counted the total in her head and added, "It would be 1320 gold coins, if I am not wrong. Also..." she hesitated a bit, and then continued. "Could I leave 30 more coins for you to keep them safe for me? I don't think I would need them right away."

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Naith Liathant
08/Aug/2010, 03:31 PM
The tinkerer talks to the people briefly, shaking hands and handing out sweet honeyed oat and nut cakes. He then talks to Raven alone.

" All these I can do for you, but this armour? This is good strong armour you have from me now! I have nothing with me better, right now, my friend." He lifts his hat and scratches his balding pate concealed beneath, putting the lie to the long straggly hair hanging down and tied in a tail. " I tell you this I can do, next time you are here, I bring you something you will really like from a smith in Erebor. It is good quality, I will make sure it is to fit!" He grins and exchances coin for goods.

" Ah, Aigronding my friend! These things I cannot sell you! When you have coin my friend! I will gladly sell you everything I have!" He laughs and offer Aigronding an ale. " I am sorry, I cannot let you take it without paying!"

OOC - Aig, the tinkerer sells to people who have coin built up from previous game. You will be able to take advantage of his wares after Wildmen is concluded and you have some stash.

Finally the tinkerer smiles at Pele and closes the deal.

" Dear lady, I tell you, it is good to see you! I think me for a time that few people come here! Now I am happy! These things I will sell you!" He gives Pele an extra honeyed oat and nut cake to express his gratitude.

08/Aug/2010, 11:44 PM
Oh, I don't question the craftsmanship involved in this armour, sir, she replied with a smile, sure he had not taken it that way but wishing to reassure him just in case. I'm sure it will serve me well on this expedition. She nodded along as he promised her something she would really like the next time she passed this way, and her smile widened into a grin. Aye, I'll look forward to that, then, next time I see you. Counting out the coins and handing them over to the weathered salesman, she held the pouch with all her remaining coins up for him to see. In that case, I still have a rather hefty purse here. Would you be so kind as to take care of it for me?</font>

09/Aug/2010, 05:15 AM
|Attack: 4|
|Defense: 4| |Will: N/A| |Endurance: N/A| |Searches : N/A| |Experience: 1| |Backpack: Below</font>|</font></font></font>

dwarf knew naught where he was, his mind was a flutter with action and inquisitive thoughts. He had been attacked. A bandit. He was sure of it, he looked over his body, he had no armor or weapons and suffered a large bruise upon his temple, obviously he had been defeated in combat, he flushed red for a moment wondering how Aule could let something like this happen to his paladin, but he quickly overcame this with a second thought, "How did I escape?" and then he realized that Aule had saved him

A grin crossed his face as he stood and wiped off all his gear, he still had his backpack which was worth a hefty sum, and he had learned from his adventures, He had learned that maybe being more stealthy </font>would be helpful in his next journey. He grinned and threw his pack over his shoulder and began moving down the road he had magically appeared upon.

Soon he came upon a merchant, "The tinkerer" and was engrossed in buying and selling wares. Soon he had sold all his items and given up everything he carried, except a lone lockpick and was buying a storm of objects that he thought would be useful. With no cash left over, he left with a backpack full of stuff and gear to protect and aid him. </font>

</font></font>Lockpick [x3]
Rations [x3]
Toolkits [x2]
Healing Balms [x2]
Greatsword [x1]- +2 Attack [Cleaves +1 Defense]
Swords [x2]- + 2 Attack
Chainmail [x1] - +2 Defense [Immune to +1 Attack]
Bracers [x1]- +1 Defense
Shield [x1]- + 1 Defense
Gold- 0.


</font></font>Stealth: [5 xp] </font>So stealthy are you, that rarely will your
movements attract attention. This is a great skill to couple with Hide.
Also if you strike from Stealth, your weapons will count double. So
for example one Sword would count as two, when attacking from stealth.
This skill however gets most use when sneaking beyond an enemy you do
not wish to fight, for a player with Stealth does not expend a Shield to
do so.


10/Aug/2010, 08:34 PM
<DIV>By some lucky twist of fate, Eirien had gotten out of those gloomy, dark tombs full of traps and monsters that promised death. But the adventure had left something more concrete than once lived horror in her pocket: quite the amount of gold, a few very useful items and couple of true treasures. All in all she could be happy with the outcome.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

<DIV>And now she had turned her attention to a new adventure: rumour had it that a pursuit of savage wildmen that had robbed and violated a whole village not far from here was on. She smelled the opportunity and would not leave it unused!

<DIV>The evening was darkening when something colourful, like a canvas stirring lightly in the wind, and twinkles of light caught her eye. She travelled the road onwards toward the light, and as she neared she came to find that the twinkles were a dozen of lanterns giving light to a travelling caravan. It was not just any caravan either: it was the travelling tinkerer, famous where ever he travelled. Eirien was very fortunate to locate him.

<DIV>Once she had greeted the tinkerer, he allowed her to freely study the offerings. So many useful items there... almost too much to choose from. She kept asking about prices, and soon enough she had collected the items she wanted:
<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">[/B]
<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Equipment[/B]
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Torches[/I] (3) - 25 Gold
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Tinderbox[/I] - 5 Gold
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Rope and Grabbling Hook[/I] - 50 Gold
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Healing Balm[/I] x 2 - 200 Gold
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Lockpick [/I]x 4 - 80 Gold

<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Skills[/B]
<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Swim: [/B]5 XP - Swimming in difficult circumstance is not impossible for you, so although it may still cost you endurance to swim for long periods, the skill reduces the amount expended. It also makes it possible to swim in dangerous circumstances where otherwise you might drown. This can open up areas of a game to you.

Defence Items - Value 2
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Chainmail Armour - [/I]200 Gold

Attack Items - Value 1
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Axe[/I] x2 - 200 Gold

<B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Attack Items - Value 2[/B]
<I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Greatsword[/I] - 200 Gold

<DIV>I believe I owe you 760 Gold Coins for these? Eirien said in an inquiring voice, perhaps hoping to bargain the top of the price off.

<DIV>I have heard that you keep treasures for their owners as well. Is that true? If so, I would like to trust these 1010 Gold Coins to you for the time being. I will come and claim them back soon enough, and you can trust, in return, that I will do more purchasing at that time. Can I trust you?

<DIV>Previously she had found a magnificent treasure, a Mithril Chain Vest, in one of the underground tombs. Her instincts told her to keep it close, and so it would travel with her. The Medallion of Eagles would come with her also. After formalities here would be over with, shed be ready to go hunt down some villains and their ill gained treasures!

Naith Liathant
16/Aug/2010, 06:46 PM
The Tinkerer trades with all the colourful people in the wilderness, selling a number of weapons, items, equipment and armour. He makes a few promises to find items for people, making mental notes.

After a time the folk leave the old man to his business, and he turns his attention to his dog, who looks at him quizzically as if trying to make up it's mind about something. Soon it's mind is made up, as the Tinkerer puts down some water and food for the little fellow.

The sun dies the skies pinkish red, and night starts to take hold of the land. Stars appear in the firmament, and the days trade is at an end.