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Kingdom of Erebor</font>

you may explore life in and around the Dwarven Realm of Erebor. Where
do they live, what do they do for fun, where do they go? Traverse the
awe-inspiring streets of the lonely mountain, the majestic towers built
into the cliffs, and even the unexplored depths of the rebuilt kingdom.

is a Free-RP thread designed for Character Development. well as going
about your ordinary routine, small RPGs can be held here, and,
basically, any RP interaction that is within the Kingdom of Dain II

Remember That the Year Is TA 3014

Erebor is flourishing under the reign of King Dain II Ironfoot and the War of the Ring has not yet begun.

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• This is an In-Character (IC) thread.
• ALL races and members of ALL kingdoms are welcome to post here
• Please follow all Plaza rules.
• Please turn your signatures OFF
• Enjoy Yourself!!


(You may also create your own area to RP in, though it should be a place that would be found in Erebor &amp; surrounding Areas)</font>
The Front Gate

have seen it for miles but arriving at Erebor is breathtaking
nonetheless. Before you stands the great and enormous mountain of the
dwarves, from out of which flows the River Celduin. Before you stands
the tall and ominous gates to the Kingdom of the dwarves. Carved out
of the very stone of the mountain is a tall entranceway with a heavy
metal gate built onto it. A dozen dwarven guards stand watch, with
keen eyes attentive to all the actions of those who enter. Carts loaded
with many Dwarven wares creak along the paved road, on their way to the
Market at Dale. However, as days grow more dangerous and the shadow
lengthens, so the wariness of the Dwarves grows. Do not expect to pass
through the doors unchallenged and unquestioned - for the Dwarves have
not forgotten the cunningness of the Enemy and they guard their secrets

Towers upon the Mountain Sides

and winding stairs and narrow tunnels lead to the Towers. After many
twists and turns you arrive breathless but the magnificent view has been
worth the weary trek. The whole of Dale and beyond lies revealed before
you. Here you may also find ever watchful members of the Dwarven
Guard, heaps of stones and arrows stacked neatly by the outer walls,
ready to be flung from the tower slits at anyone foolish enough to
approach Erebor openly with foul intentions.

Residential area

under the Mountain lies the very heart of the Dwarven society - their
residential area. Only Dwarves and Dwarf-friends can hope to find it as
many twists and turns and false hallways hinder anyone from straying
here by an accident. The laughter of Dwarflings mingles with clanking of
cutlery and heavy sounds of a hammer. For even at home a hammer is
never far from a Dwarf's hand.

Market in the Mountain

to the front door lie many workshops and crafts offices of the Dwarves.
Bustling corridor is filled with sounds of hammering, sawing, cutting
and other less inteligible sounds of Dwarves being hard at work
interspersed with an occasional curse. Wheelbarrows and carts filled
with raw materials of all kinds mix with merchants from Dale browsing
wares, ordering new stocks and organizing shipments. Stern gaze from a
Guard warns you to behave yourself in this place of wonder. On one side
you spy a smithy, close by is a forge; sharp axes glittering menacingly
on display; chainmails hanging on the walls so intricately worked that
you would wear them to a ball. Not too far away your eye is drawn to
enchanting glitter of a gem-cutter's workshop. And can you pass by
jeweler without stopping? For many of Arda's famous necklaces, bracelets
and adornments of all kinds were Dwarven-made. Clank of hammer and
sounds of stone shattering break the spell and you're able to go forward
towards mason's offices. Rough wooden tables are over-flowing with
charts and if only you could afford it!

To aquire a shop in the
market simply begin setting up your store and post in it.

Members shops:

Foreign Quarters

to the residential district of Erebor, this area is a housing district
for foreigners. All who enter Erebor are welcome to relax in a house,
once they have been given a key by the guards for a place to stay.
Whether you stay one day, or a lifetime, you may reside here. Peddlers
can be found on the corners selling food, water, and trinkets from the
mines, keepsakes of one's time in Erebor. Toys and Gems of all shapes
and sizes for sale. A foreigner can find maps to the most visually and
historically appealing places in Erebor.

The Hall of the Ancients

to the throne room of Erebor, one passes through the Hall of Ancients.
Here is where the Dain Ironfoot has begun a great project, along the
sides of the walls, the great dwarven leaders of the line of Durin's
likeness have been carved. Great statues on either side of the road
leading to the throne room. One steps under the stern eyes of Durin the
Deathless, the great Thror, and even Thorin Oakenshield himself, with a
carving of the arkenstone, shining with many small diamonds placed into
it, in his hand. It is a testament to the great architecture of the
dwarves, and the greatness of that race. Several empty spots can be
seen for where the dwarves of the future will be carved. Noone lives
forever, but some deserve to be remembered forever. Great dwarves not
of the royal line, though not as grand of statues, can be seen
throughout the background tapestry on the walls, carved onto the very
walls. Azaghal under Glaurung, the forging of dragonhelm of Turin by
Telchar, the hobbit Bilbo talking to a raven, and the killing of Smaug
by Brand. Brand and Bilbo being the only two non-dwarves or ravens upon
the great tapestries along the wall. This room is a favored tourist
attraction by all who visit the great kingdom of the dwarves.


the halls of Erebor sits Ravenhill, the land of the ravens, the
dwarves' most treasured friends and allies. They have flourished in
recent years, Carc and Roac's race becoming great once again. Constant
movement can be seen as Ravens fly across the lands, keeping sentinel
eyes out for the dwarven guards and the people of Brand, even sending
messages to faraway lands for the Dwarves and Humans upon request. Come
here to send a message or visit the friendly birds. You may even play a
raven, living out his days in Ravenhill. Explore the world as a
majestic and beautiful raven, who knows what you will find.

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17/Jan/2011, 04:49 PM
NPC Alfskald at Ravenhill

Alf left his abode under the mountain of Erebor, and decided to go up to the Ravenhill, to find some calm and maybe some inspiration which might help him make something useful or beautiful, or perhaps both. He took a satchel with him which had a bottle of ale (his favourite of course) and some salted meat and a loaf of bread.
He hiked the way up to Ravenhill and watched as the ravens circled above the hill, and he looked in awe at the town of the men of Dale which the dwarves had reconstructed and made so beautiful since the great battle. The sun was shining across the mountain, and he couldn't help but be inspired by the beautiful grey sheen which looked so much like wrought metal. He wondered if he should invite Nim to come with him for a walk here next time. Since that time at the pub he had barely spoken to her. It wouldn't do to make her feel as though he wasn't giving her the attention she deserved. He wondered whether to ask one of the ravens to send her a message on his behalf, perhaps a poem, though it wouldn't do to quote elven poems, he'd have to make one for her himself. He kept watching the ravens and pondering what to write to her.

Taking a piece of parchment form his shirt pocket, and a lead pencil he wrote down a note for Nim -
"Come meet me where Arien and Tilion would appear closest, and the creatures of sky hover around in beautiful motion. Alf" He found a raven who had been hovering intently watching him compose his note, and asked him to take it to Nim. He was sure he knew where to find her. </font>

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18/Jan/2011, 02:34 PM

Having been used to finding the hilltop mostly deserted bar it's feathered inhabitants, Hermod had to admit to himself that he was slightly surprised to see another dwarf on the heights. He was still a fair way below the other but as he climbed began to be able to make out what was occuring.

Upon reaching a level he nodded to the other and paused to admire the view for a moment (in no way at all catching his breath back). "You found a friendly one then?" he asks rhetorically, more to make conversation than anything else, "there's a couple of the older ones who'd have your eye out for suggesting they fetch and carry messages when they're not in the mood." Well, thats if you believe everything they say anyway, he's been here a fair amount since arriving at the mountain and he's never actually seen any such assault. "The young 'uns though, full of keen. Best ones are keen for distant messages, means they get to explore a bit on the way, bring back tales to tell and so on." And that of course, is his purpose here, to try and coax stories of the past from some of the older ravens so that the great deads of days gone bycan be recorded in word or song.

18/Jan/2011, 04:32 PM
NPC Nîm at Ravenhill</font>

</font>Nîm had been pecked on the shoulder by a raven for the last ten minutes, and she kept swatting at it to make it disappear. "Get away" She scowled before swatting her hand at it again, but unfortunately she once again failed to get a solid hit in. As she turned around to confront the bird about just what his problem was she noticed a small scroll attached to his leg. "Oh.. sorry" She muttered before relieving the raven from the scroll and letting him fly off.</font>
</font>She unrolled the scroll and was pleased to find a message from the dwarf she had taken a liking to when she had met him in a pub a while ago. The message itself though, was more than a bit confusing to her."Come meet me where Arien and Tilion would appear closest, and the creatures of sky hover around in beautiful motion. Alf" She whispered to herself, wondering if it would become more clear when she actually spoke the words. Dwarven poets were rather rare, and though she found it highly romantic she hadn`t paid much attention to it herself.</span></font>
</font></span>"It`s so sweet.. if only I knew what he meant" She whispered to herself before thinking for a while. Closest to Arien and Tilion... that would be... a mountain? She looked around her and noticed Ravenhill sticking out high above all the other areas and figured that would be her best bet.</font></span>
</font></span>She climbed up the hill and was pleased to see that her guess had been a good one, as the first person she saw was Alfskald. She quickly patted her clothes straight and raked her fingers through her beard, trying to make herself look at her best, before approaching him. "Varkin, I received your note" She said with a warm smile.</font></span>

23/Jan/2011, 05:01 AM
Dorin Ironaxe
Front Gate

Dorin had come to the Lonely Mountain at long last. His family dwelt North, in the Iron hills, but he had desired to come South. For here in the Lonely Mountain was the heart of Dwarvendom these days. He finally had finished his long journey and it was now that he would begin the labors he had before him. He now had to find his place in the realm. If he had stayed home he would have had his place, but here was where he chose to come.

So as he passed through the Front gate he looked about him at the magnificent hall. It far surpassed the work in the Iron hills. Their the dwarves made a shadow of their former wealth, working Iron their servant. However, here the dwarves rivaled even their forefathers in the arts of sculpting and building. In weapons and jewels it was said they never would. But in the making of these halls they had created a place that dwarves of any age would be proud of.</font>

24/Jan/2011, 11:56 AM
Alfskald at Ravenhill

Alf looked at the approaching dwarf, he seemed vaguely familiar, but he had never had the pleasure of meeting him. "Yes, I guess I'm lucky that that bird was in a particularly inquisitive mood today. I wouldn't dream of asking one of the older Ravens to take a message for me for I think they are much more eager to bask in the sun than their younger counterparts. We all have our bad days and things we'd rather not do but those seem to increase with age. They are beautiful creatures though. I've always found ravens intriguing. Who knows what they can tell us about things which would oft go unseen to us. My name is Alfskald, and you are?"

Alf saw at a distance the dwarf Nim slowly clambering up towards them. The Raven had been fast in its task. "I'm glad that my poor attempt at being poetic was understood. I am not much of a poet, but I felt like making you use your mind, for if you didn't want to meet me you wouldn't have made the effort to decipher it! I'm glad that you are here. Isn't it beautiful?"</font>

03/Feb/2011, 11:02 AM
Nîm at Ravenhill

"You`re a whole lot more poetic than I am, there`s a reason why I used to lead the Burx Uzbans instead of the Ankixogs" Nîm responded to Alfskald when he told her that he wasn`t much of a poet. "I can never resist a good challenge though so when I received the note I just had to decipher it" She added after a while.

As Alfskald mentioned that the place was beautiful she finally started really looking around herself. She barely ever went to Ravenhill and she`d certainly never allowed herself the time to just stand there and appreciate the view. She was amazed by how much they could see from the hill though, and made a mental note to visit it more often. "It really is beautiful, thanks for asking me here.. I would probably never have seen how beautiful the view here is otherwise" She said with a smile.

"Do you come here often?" She asked after a while, wondering if Alf dealt with the ravens a lot. They were magnificent creatures but she`d never been once of those gifted enough to be able to tame them, they never seemed to want to listen to her.. then again she wasn`t a very patient person so she usually gave up sending a message after failing to tie the message to the bird`s leg. </font>

03/Feb/2011, 08:22 PM
Alfskald at Ravenhill

"Perhaps, I could be of help for you. You may write poetry for me, that way by practicing you may improve your already considerable talents. I am but an apprentice of the Ankixogs, for I am not yet too old. Perhaps you might return the compliment and write a riddle for me. Ah, you are one of the Burx then! Your clan's ale is some of the finest I have had the pleasure of tasting. Though I'm a bit partial to a drop of Dorwinion wine. "

He observed Nim looking down at the river running and the town of Dale. "It's beautiful isn't it, what the cooperation between dwarfs and men can achieve. We have yet to surpass the skills of our fathers, and I do not know if we will ever manage, but we will sure try"

He listened as she asked him with regards to visiting the Ravenhill. " I love it here, for some reason I have always had a fascination with birds, and these ravens are majestic. I haven't seen Eagles yet though. I am not much of a tamer, I enjoy seeing them free from all interference, but I needed to get a message to you so I tried my luck?" </font>

05/Feb/2011, 11:45 AM
NPC Dugrim Front Gate

After a long journey from the darkness of Moria, Dugrim finally arrived to his past home: The Lonely Mountain
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The awe inspiring entrance made him smile to himself when he noticed a figure moving towards the entrance. Dugrim runned up to meet him, as they entered the hall; “Hello my fellow Dwarf,” he said, “What brings you here to this magnificent place?”

11/Feb/2011, 04:00 AM
The Front Gate

Drifa stood before the Front Gate looking up at
the sky. It was a cold winter sky , the stars distant, like tiny
shards of ice. She took a deep breath, her beard turning white around
her mouth and nose. She was ready to find a warm spot in the local pub
where she could put her feet up and enjoy an ale when she saw a dwarf (Dugrim)
run towards the entrance. She grinned as he entered the hall. He
seemed a friendly type. She cleared her throat as he went past her and
'Greetings friend! Welcome to the Lonely Mountain! Drifa is my name! And who might you be?'</font>

17/Feb/2011, 02:58 PM
The Front Gate
Dugrim froze as he ran, noticing another dwarf addressing him(Drifa).</font>"Hello, Drifa, Dugrim at your service, and your family's!" he said, "I have come a long way, and I thought to enjoy a few nice, cold ales at the local inn, for a start. Care to join me?"</font>

21/Feb/2011, 04:53 AM
Dorin Ironaxe</span></span>Front Gate</span></span>
Dorin noddedsolemnlyto the guardson that stood at the gate and walked slowly in. Theguardsrecognized him from his numerous visits on business from the Iron Hills and let him pass without much note. He breathed deeply as he passed in. The gate never failed to impress him, it was wrought in iron and Mithril. The river nearby could faintly be heard. Raven's circled crowning the mountain. He left that world ouside and stepped into the cool hall in the Mountain. This was the realm he would now call home. His footfalls echoed as he walked deeper in to what would now become his new home</span></font>

22/Feb/2011, 01:27 PM
Front Gate

Drifa smiled as the dwarf froze as he ran. He then
introduced himself. Looking up at the cold sky for a moment before she responded,
deciding suddenly that she would rather go home and have a tea in front
of her hearth, she said.

'Greetings Dugrim! It is a pleasure
to meet you! I was thinking of maybe going for a pint or two, but have
changed my mind. This weather puts me in the mood for a hot tea and a
good book in front of the fire. Maybe we will meet up another time."

03/Mar/2011, 08:35 PM
The Front Gate

Dugrim waited excitedly as Drifa replied. The Dwarfette's reply dissapointed Dugrim a little, but he smiled even more and said, "Nice to meet you, Drifa, and I hope to see you again sometime soon!" and with a last nod hewalked off towards the inn.
As he went, he passed a Dwarf (Dorin)looking curiously around the gate.
"Hello, friend," Dugrim said, "Dugrim is my name, how are you this lovely afternoon? Would youlike going to the inn today, and have a pint or two, with this lonely Dwarf?"

16/Jan/2012, 08:59 PM
Residential Area </font></font>Khôrin moved his shoulders to ease their stiffness. The whole day he had taken down books and scrolls, and put them back onto the shelves. Now he was ready for some quality time. He walked along the familiar twists and turns until he reached his cousin's old place. The door, beautifully carved, opened after a forceful push. Khôrin looked around. Dust had settled on everything, the beautiful stained glass windows that opened out onto the outside world were crusted over with dirt and desperately needed a wash. </font></font>He sighed. No quality time yet. Not until he had cleaned up this mess. He went into the kitchen and looked down the well. Fresh water coursed past. At least something was still working. He threw down the bucket on the rope and hauled up fresh, clean water. Time for some more elbowgrease.</font>

06/Jan/2013, 11:08 AM
Residential Area

In her small rented quarters, Dis was looking over her meager possessions. She had arrived only lately in Erebor. She had wandered far, lost, for years. Her travels took her to the East first. She went there with her husband, Baldur. If only they had chosen another destination.

She had three changes of clothes-all in very bad repair and one suit of plate and chainmail armor. She ended up wearing that most on her travels as the rest was beginning to fall apart. She once had a fair amount of gold and jewelry. What remained was a gold belt and one ruby ring. Her weapons consisted of a dagger, a double bladed axe and three throwing axes. These were of the finest Dwarf-make. She had lugged them all over Middle Earth and had used them on occasion. One of the occasions she was living to regret for the rest of her days. They and the armor were relics of her days in the Royal guard. She had put them away in a trunk and did her best to repair her wardrobe. The boots were hopeless so she spent the last of her money on a new pair and some thread and needles to fix the rest. She also bought a 20 pound bag of beans because she didn't know when she would have money again. She toyed with the idea of selling her weapons: They would command a high price and she could replace them with something far less expensive.

She opened the trunk where they were kept and took out the battleaxe. Its gleaming half-moon blades were black with a mithril inlay. In a recess in the center was a glowing ruby. She wrapped it in a cloth and turned toward the door.

"Where are you going?" From a dark corner, a faintly luminous figure seemed to materialize. It was a large Dwarf with massive shoulders, piercing blue eyes and snow white hair and beard.

"The market. I need clothes."

"You don't need your axe at the market."

"I was going to sell it." Her voice was resigned.

"Sell the belt then."

"But you gave that to me."

"You cannot sell that axe. It was made to fit your hands: No one else's."

"But I will never use it again. No one with trust a crazy person who talks to invisible people to guard them. Why I wouldn't be trusted to guard a dust bin, much less anyone important. I need clothes -and food, Baldur. I'm not like you. I have to eat." She shouldered her bundle and walked out.

"If you sell it, I will get it back," he shouted after her.

Her voice echoed in the passageway outside. "I'd like to see you try."

06/Jan/2013, 05:26 PM
Residential area

Khôrin straightened his back and then threw the last bucket of dirty water down the drain. Finally his quarters looked clean and neat. Not that he liked cleaning much, but there was no help to it. At least now the bed was covered with a new straw matress, clean sheets and the sheep pelt cover had gotten a good airing and an even better wacking to get the dust out.

He was hungry. Time to get himself some provisions.

The door gave a sinister creak when he opened it again. Another thing he needed to fix. He was glad that his cousin had left him her quarters for he had no means to pay for a room. But he should have enough means to see that his larder was well stocked. Therefore he headed for the market.

The market

The market was a bit area close to the entrance of Erebor, to allow locals from Dale to sell their wares as well. Dwarves weren't big on growing things - except for mushrooms which did well in the dark caves. Khôrin had grown particular to greenery on his travels because that was often the only thing easily to come by. So he passed along the stalls to select fresh vegetables and split peas, flour, beans and taters. Much of the stuff would keep well, except for the vegies. It was also much cheaper than meat. He eyed a nice side of bacon and finally decided to venture the expense.

Having his basket full he strolled along the different stalls, and finally came towards the armourers. He looked with envy at the wonderful mailshirts although he knew he had no use for them. He knew how to fight, but not with weapons. A beautiful dagger caught his eye. It was finely edged, with an ivory handle and an opal set into its pommel. The weapon for a nobleman. Khôrin had no money to buy something like this but he enjoyed the marvellous craft that had gone into its creation.

He looked around as somebody bumped into him. He frowned. "Dis?"

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07/Jan/2013, 01:21 AM

clang! Dis' bundle landed on the pavement with a heavy metallic sound. She scooped it up and turned around ready to tell someone off for being so clumsy. "Khorin!" She was glad the cloth wrapping had not come undone. She felt her ears burn-she always blushed in the ears when she was embarrassed. Fortunately her thick hair hid them.

This was unfortunate: She did not want to be seen selling her royal guard axe by anyone who knew her. She held her bundle behind her back. "Nice cutlery they have here, don't they?"

09/Jan/2013, 11:59 AM

"Ah, out doing your purchases too?" Khôrin looked curiously at Dis' attempt to hide something behind her back. "Yes, that knife is particularly beautiful. But I haven't got the money to buy something like that." He sighed. "It's hard to find work if you have learned nothing of value." The work in the great library, although his passion, unfortunately paid nothing. And mining, the only thing he might be able to do - Khôrin shuddered at the thought. Not because he was too good to get dirty - he had an almost atavistic fear of delving into the depth. Very undwarfish, his family had always chided him.

"So, what are you out buying? Maybe we could buy stuff together. The merchants are more inclined to give a good price if the quantities are larger."

10/Jan/2013, 07:53 AM

"Eh-hem, Eer -actually, I'm window shopping today. I have mined before, but I lost my tools in my travels, so I haven't dug anything up that's salable yet. You know, you gotta sell in order to buy, in order to make something, in order to sell it -You get the idea. I did guardwork before -know of anyone who needs personal protection? -and mercenary type work." She adjusted her burden behind her back. "You know we could go looking for some gems. I used to know where there was a vein that yielded some nice sapphires. We could sell those to support that book habit of yours and my- eh, I don't have any habits anymore." She sighed.

12/Jan/2013, 11:35 AM

"Guardwork? That sounds - erm - easier than mining. I am... I don't like confined spaces." Khôrin knew that this sounded strange for a dwarf, but the dwarven halls were mostly spacious places, while a mine often allowed you to just barely get through while following a seam. He put it down to the experiences he had during his captivity.

"I think I am not much good at mining. Guardwork would be more my thing, but honestly, I don't often use weapons." He raised his hands. "Except for shooting with a bow I am using my hands and feet mostly. I don't think people would care for that sort of guard. But you - if I am not mistaken you used to be one of the berserkers under the old king. That should make it easy to get guardwork."

As he talked he began strolling towards the food market. "I'm going to buy some foodstuff. I'd like to invite you for a meal this evening. I'll see if I can find some of the ingredients for Viet Ma Bang. That's a speciality from Khand." Khôrin laughed a little. *Don't be surprised at me cooking Khandian food. While I hated my captivity there, I grew rather fond of the food. How about you?"

18/Jan/2013, 10:00 PM
Residential area - Dat Hammerfist

Dat was a recent arrival to Erebor. She looked like Dis, but with carrot orange beard and hair. She had a forelock that was unruly and tended to curl. So she kept it in a braid. She plopped her travois down on the floor in the newly bought quarters across the hall from Dis. Dis was yet to discover that her sister was here. Her fortunes were a little better. She was dressed a little better in new boots. Across her back was only a single bladed axe. In her belt were throwing axes. She had a dome style ruby ring. The stone was a very deep red. The ring wasn't as costly as her sister's--the metal was the same hard alloy as her armor and chain mail. She opened the chest to reveal four cloaks with hoods, each a different color. She had four changes of trousers. She still had coins left over from the bear she killed in what she considered a lucky shot with her throwing axes. She cracked its skull between the eyes. The bear was a largest game she ever killed. The lake town Man had paid her handsomely for killing the beast. So Dat began to make money hunting and killing animals, roe deer and the occasional hog. Her luck ran out when she ran into a very large Stag that scooped her up with one of his antlers. He dropped her in a river. She could not for the life of her, kill this creature.

She continued the set out her belonging on the chest of drawers--A large canteen with a stag on one side and a dragon on the other, a mug with the same artwork. These featured the two creatures she was never able to kill.

23/Jan/2013, 06:16 AM

"But now I have since been considered somewhat -ehm -batty. No one wants a nutter near 'em with sharp objects. Mebbe I got knocked on the head too many times in battle. I'm not what I used to be." Dis stifled a sigh. Those had been the glory days. She had always been small, but her size belied her strength. Now after years of inadequate food and misfortune she was even smaller and doubted her strength. The berserker tattoo on her face was now a faded blue smear. Mining was definitely something she could still do. The sale of the axe would buy both food and some mining tools. She would sell it another day when there was no one who knew her to see her humiliation of having to part with it.

When Khorin moved away from the weapons stall, she followed, hanging onto her bundle. "Khandian food, did you say? I don't believe I've ever had any. Anything sounds better than beans. I-if you don't mind, I'd like to stop by my quarters and change into something not so tatty as these ragged old things."

23/Jan/2013, 10:24 PM
Residential area

Another arrival to the living quarters looked like a red little cloud six feet high. Her leaves were so small that they look more like fluff in the light of the halls. She came scrabbling in on her root flare. Strapped to her back limb was her rucksack of doctor's supplies. In a branch she held the key to her quarters. Little did Oak know, she had an observer--peering out the cracked door across the hall was a Dwarf with an orange beard--Dat Hammerfist. Oak turned the key and pushed the door open. Inside was a desk--a wood one. Some Dwarf was kind enough to provide her with one. It was a start. Oak skittered in. The desk looked familiar. She looked down at one of the drawers and recognized the berry stain on one of the door knobs. Noli War Axe had sat in front of this desk stuffing her face with black currants as she guarded the entrance to the surgeon Kanal's office. Where was that dwarf? Some how the desk had ended up here in Erebor.

Dat Hammerfist
Residential area

Dat slipped silently out of her room. Mahal's nose--what was that red cloud thing? She had never seen anything like it. It looked like a round puff with --erm what were those--tentacles under it. Or was it a miniature tree? But trees didn't creep around on their roots. Dat watched as the thing inspected the desk/chest in its room. It unfastened its rucksack from off the limb on the back of its trunk and set it aside. It finally plopped itself down on the bed against the wall. It couldn't see her for its spreading crown. Did it even have eyes? Laying on the bed, at this point all that was visible of it was a round ball of red. Dat decided she should tell her sister about this strange neighbor the next time she met up with her.