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This is where you may write a detailed biography of your Dol Amroth-based characters.
Posts can be of any length, but characters must be based in Dol Amroth.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to learning more about the characters you have created that live in Dol Amroth!

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Hallas C. Pehwarin
12/Feb/2011, 08:45 PM
Ah a fantastic thread Laie a great addition to the rich culture that is descended from the proud tall men who came from the isle of Númenor.

Name: Rávo</span>,</span> </span>last name forthcoming and be in Quenya

Race: Southern D</span>únedain

Current Occupation: Naval Officer, rank; Captain and Commanding Officer of the Crimson Swan</span>

Family: Father, Manveru (Michael) who is one of many minor lords of Rohan and rules a large sized village called Folcan, located in West March in between the rivers Isen and Adorn) but is also of Gondorian descendant due to his family lived in Rohan, when it was called Calenardhon</span>. Mother </span>Túre </span>(Victora), who is a noble woman from a minor southern D</span>únedain family, who had lived for the most part in the fief of Belfalas under the rule of Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, who was also the titular lord and his family had been since the time of Elendil the Tall. Brother-in-law Hallas Corintur (C.) Pehwarin and his long and ancient family having made the journey across the sea with Elendil's faithful. There his proud and valiant ancestor heard Elendil's words as he strode forth finally after arriving in Middle Earth in the realm of Lindon under the last High King of the Noldor, Ereinion Gil-galad. "Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta" ("Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I have come. In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world").

Bio: Rávo </span>was born in the fief of Belfalas in his mother's family's small castle in the year 2983. The same year as Faramir younger son of the current Steward Denethor was also born. The family had chosen to return to the realm of Gondor to see her family and enjoy some peaceful times. The young man was taught vital skills by his proud father </span>Manveru being in swordsmanship, use of the spear, lance, and ranged weapon the longbow. His mother took care of his spiritually development in the beliefs of the elves being the lords and ladies of Valar along with the Eru (the one). He grew to the height of 6-foot and 1inch, being muscular in the arms and legs. His facial features though mirrored some of his father and some of his mother. A medium oval forehead, two black thin eyebrows, either side of his face covered by his black hair were two medium sized ears, two grey eyes keen and bright, resting in between them was his medium sized aquiline nose, two medium sized cheekbones tanned from staying in the south warmer climate, a set of pale pink lips formed his mouth, and a nicely curved chin.

In 3011 the young minor noble had established himself as a vintner,( wine maker and distributor). While at the same time he was courting a beautiful lady </span>Ríne (Stephanie), eldest daughter of the proud northern d</span>únedain lord Rinon Pehwarin. Who was serving as a Ranger in the far north, and managed to return to his family's vast holdings in the fief of Lebennin in secret for a brief time to see his daughter wedded in one of the more purer blood strains of the faithful of Númenor. They were wed in his mother's small castle with minimal pomp and ceremony. There he was introduced to his wife's young brother Hallas Corintur (C.) Pehwarin, whom had spent the last few years trying to find his father to get more skills to use when serving as a soldier of Gondor. Rávo</span> had managed to due all right providing for his wife's two children Evan and Carliegh from a previous marriage that did not go to well. The young d</span>únedain loved greatly both children along with his own two sons Brody and Quintin born by his fair and graceful wife. Three years later his valiant and noble Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth and Lord of Belfalas had appointed him as commanding officer of the Swan Fleet's newest naval vessel, the Crimson Swan.
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14/Feb/2011, 08:12 AM
Name: Arothir
Position: Swan Knight, Lord
Biography: Arothir was born to Lord Angrod, of the House of Fangcaran, in 2979. He was sent off at a young age to learn the ways of being a Swan Knight, mainly because his father preferred him to take on a role in the military as Angrod's minimal naval experience had taught him that a millitary career in such times would be of great use to one in Belfalasian politics, considering Umbar's advantage at sea. It was under the tutelage of a kinsman that Aro gained experience against a few hillmen and peasant revolts as a squire that would give him a foundation in tactics and domestic politics that would benefit him when he would assume the mantle of Lord. This did not mean that he was without any naval experience, having been permitted to serve as a man-at-arms in a marine contingent on a few short missions in the Bay of Belfalas. Sadly, this time came rather soon, as in 3000 Angrod's ship was lost at sea, with the witnesses last seeing it in combat with a corsair vessel. It is with this loss that Arothir became lord of his familial estate south of Dol Amroth, far enough south that if he was to go and serve the Prince it would take significant preparation.

Upon assuming the lordship, Arothir gained the spurs and duty of serving Prince Imrahil as a Swan Knight, though he would often be needed on his estate, as many lords would, and so he can often be found in either place, or in transit between them. He does, when he fails to shave, show an odd feature of his family, a reddish beard, whose origins are often speculated by various family members.

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Ankala Teaweed
16/Feb/2011, 01:43 AM
Name: Matharin
Position: Swan Knight, member of the court
Biography: Matharin was born to an old family of Dol Amroth. He is now 30 years of age, slender and tall with long dark hair and grey eyes. Always seen wearing a rich blue woolen cloak; whose interior lining is done in soft grey velvet including the wide hood. Pinned to the front of the cloak are a pair of steel clasps shaped in the likeness of seabird's outstretched wing.

Tales handed down over the long years in his family spoke to a long history in service and roots going back to the early days. Matharin had the concept of some few dozen generations of grandfathers having served with honor and as many generations of grandmothers all of whom had put the well-being of the land and its plants and animals in highest regard. He had no idea whether or not it was true that their family might have been one of those in this area by the sea with mixed Númenórean and Elvish roots, but he took seriously the responsibility of such a legacy. In any event, his was an ancient family with close ties to the community.

[OOC]I have been too busy at work to do any research toward creating a last name and further family backgroung for Matharin. I will get around to it when I am able! That being said, if anyone has some suggestion of a name you would like to see used, PM me and I would be happy to use it if it fits?</font>Edited by: Ankala Teaweed

16/Feb/2011, 02:41 AM
Name: Taelindwyn
Position: Thief/Rogue
Bio: Born to a poor family and being the death of her mother there was not a lot of love for Taelindwyn, which may or may not actually be her name. She's not quite sure. Her 'father' was a miserable fisherman and a drunkard. Which never boded well for Tae. As such at the age of 7 she found herself homeless when the taxes on their house were not paid and her father was out to sea fishing during a storm. He never returned, or if he did she was not there having no food she slipped to the back alleys of the markets and stole food and clothing and whatever else she needed to survive, as well as the occassional beating for getting caught stealing Until she learned her lessons well enough that she could move to less familiar territories and practice there. She has little love for where she was born (or any place for that matter), and even less love for men, of any variety, elf,dwarf, man or orc. Her dad did not help with that one. She's never met a hobbit... She'd probably hate them to if she did though.

As such she has survived remarkably well stealing for herself, and occasionally for others for pay.

Pele Alarion
24/Feb/2011, 09:12 PM
Name: Aidan
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: rather tall for his age and skinny; dark, dishevelled hair reaching down to his shoulders and a pair of keen and lively grey eyes. Aidan usually wears a pair of baggy trousers with pockets stuffed with things and a tunic a bit too large for him and hanging on him like a sack. Sometimes he enjoys running around without a shirt and catch what sun he can. He usually walks barefoot or wears a pair of heavy boots. However, he does own a rather nice and good-fitting layer of clothing, which he wears only upon necessity.

Character traits:

- adventurous: likes to get into risky situations, often leading him into trouble and mischief;

- slightly rebellious: doesn’t always obey the orders and has a strong will of his own;

- lazy: if he can get away without doing the work, he will;

- good-natured;

- curious and inquisitive;

- has a habit of biting his nails when bored or nervous.

Background: Aidan comes from a lower class family of fishermen in Dol Amroth. He lost his father to the sea when he was about 9 years old and since then his family became even poorer, with his mother trying to provide for him and younger brother and sister. However, when he was eleven, Aidan began to spend more time on the streets and grew more rebellious against his mother. Finally he was overtaken by his adventurous and restless nature and found a place of a cabin boy on the ship.

28/Feb/2011, 11:41 AM

01/Mar/2011, 12:13 AM
Name: </font>Brandy

Age: 25

Occupation: Barmaid, The Jolly Juggler (Gate Town)

</font>Physical Description: [from a post in Gate Town] </font>Brandy was a rough-hewn beauty, with a
thick mane of dark roan bound at her nape by a scrap of velvet... The light from the front window caught
her in its morning beam as she turned, illuminating the high cheeks and
straight nose, clothed in skin that was fair, but weathered by the salt
wind of the port. Her work-calloused hands told the same story, and
though far from warlike, her body had obviously never known leisure.
Set into the dimpled face were a pair of quick dark eyes that could
flash and smile with equal fortitude, though the tug of amusement or
disapproval at the corner of her mouth was a better indication of her

Bio</font>: Brandy was born in and has lived in Dol Amroth her entire life. Her father, as the story goes, was a fallen Swan Knight who had married far beneath his station, wedding a tavern woman who won him with her song. Unfortunately he was lost at sea when Brandy was very young and she has few memories of him. She lives now caring for her aging mother and working as a barmaid to support them both. Always around her neck she wears a braided chain of silver, the relic of a love who sailed into her heart on the spring tide and away as swiftly into the sunset, never to be seen again.

TBC, no doubt.

01/Mar/2011, 02:07 AM
Name: Tom

Age: 27

Occupation: Jester to Prince Imrahil, part time help and preformerat the Jolly Juggler (Gate Town)

Apperance: He stands 6' 3", Black hair long to about middle of back, dk brown to almost black eyes, dk skin like a really deep tan, chiseled faceal features, close cut black beard, well toned body lean and agile

Bio: Tom was born in Haradand Tom is not his real name. He lost his fatherand brother when they were killed durring a raid into Gondor territory. Wanting to know more about those who had killed his father and brother, at twelve Tom stoawayed on a ship that landed in Dol Amroth. After wondering the area for six months he was befriended by a Swan Knight. The Knight was kind and very truthful with Tom and taught him much of the history of Dol Amroth. At the age of 15Tom was sent North to the Knights Dunedain kin and was taught the ways of the Rangers. After ten years Tom returned to Dol Amroth and spent a year honing his singing, juggling and acrobatic skills. After putting in a word to the Prince by the Knight Tom was made the Jester to Prince Imrahil.

Red Daghul
22/Mar/2011, 08:04 PM
http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah276/Red-Daghul/Robin%20Freebird_zpsu98qfate.jpg (http://s1382.photobucket.com/user/Red-Daghul/media/Robin%20Freebird_zpsu98qfate.jpg.html)
Name: Robin Fealon</span>

Race: Southern Dunedain</span>

Age: 23</span>


Born in the home of </span>Eruantion and Andromeda Fealon in the western
part of Gondor Robin’s childhood was full of adventure as he explored the lands
under his father and mothers watchful eyes. From a early age Robin was taught
to serve others, to be humble, and
to be just. Not that he always followed these things, but they were built into

Eruantion role modeled the way he wanted Robin to act, helping
others and not asking for much in return. Always looking to help when possible,
but Robin was a wildly one, and always seemed to get into fights and scraps for
seemingly nothing or so most thought. Robin held a need to protect, and most
times fought because of a bully, or mean commit said.</span></span>

At the age of 14 Robin was known as one of the towns biggest
trouble makers, not just for the fighting but he also had a big sense of humor.
Pranks were one of his favorite things and the normal adventure to places he might not have been allowed to go. It was decided that Robin should spent
a few years up north with his aunt Alanna and uncle Urúvion with their two kids
Mark, and Estelwen. There he learned how the rangers of the north worked for
Urúvion was of northern dunedain, and so Robin learned to move through the land
swiftly, and fight with bow and sword.</span></span>

Returning at the age of 22 after a attack upon the family, who
most believed was directed by his cousin Mark, but Robin knew better. None the
less there was nothing he could do to help Mark other then help him flee to the
south, but he could not remain with his friend and blood as Mark needed to find
his own way. Now he was returning home.</span></span>

Appearance: </span>

Long dark hair that falls to his shoulder, grey with green
in his eyes, and tan skin. Most see him in his dark brown cloak and leather
armor, and his short sword at his side.</span>

Family ties: Is the cousin of Red Daghul</span>

Rainelle Hérandil
13/Apr/2011, 10:24 PM
Name:</font> Rainelle (she isn't quite sure of her last name</font>)
Nickname(s):</font> Rain
age: </font>16
gender:</font> female
race:</font> her mother, Víriel, was half Elf, half Gondorian. She doesn't know what race her father was of, but she hopes to discover it..
Appearance:</font> Rainelle appears slightly younger than she is, due to the elven blood in her. She has long black hair, wavy and glossy, and quite pretty, which she usually wears down and flowing, and often hides parts of her face with it (to hide any bruises</font>). She has a pale complexion, but smooth and pretty at the same time. She has deep blue eyes, the color of sapphires, and are very pretty, though they often show a spark of mischief or defiance. She stands at 5'4 and pretty much always wears black with complementing dark colors. (gothgirl!</font>) She often colors her fingernails black with a quill pen, with some design on each one, usually in red, such as a bat or spider.

Personality:</font> Rain could be considered to have a complex personality, due to certain reasons. She is very bold and defiant, sarcastic most of the time, and mischievous. She is usually friendly towards other people, but also a bit shy and timid at other times. She hates anything to do with drunkenness, cruelty, and violence. Yet she tended to get into fights at times when she was a bit younger. She isn't afraid to fight, to defend herself or to defend a friend or someone she cares about, or something she believes in. She is polite to people, but to people who treat her badly, like her stepfather, she is openly defiant, sarcastic, and will refuse to show respect. She can be very stubborn, and slow to trust people, but with animals she is always gentle and kind, and very patient, and loving, especially with cats. She finds comfort in the darker things that most people fear, such as bats and spiders and ghosts, and supposedly haunted cemeteries, though she is firmly against the Dark Lord and the orcs and things. She is adventurous and brave, but at the same time she is cautious and afraid of being hurt. More specifically, she isn't afraid of climbing up a cliff or tree and falling and getting hurt, but she fears being beaten and abused, by her stepfather, and she fears the things that any man might do to her, and therefore avoids men the best she can, and is very slow to trust them.. and she can be very stubborn.

Bio:</font> As far as she knows, Rain was born in Dol Amroth. Her mother named her Rainelle, from the quenya words Raina "smiling, gracious, sweet-faced" (VT44:35, PE17:182) and élë "flashing of starry light" (VT45:12;)
Rain was always led to believe that</font> her father</font> was </font> the man her mother was married to at the time of her birth</font>, but Rain does not believe this. She looks almost exactly like her mother, with the exception of that her mother had grey eyes. She looks nothing like her 'father', and he has grey eyes as well, though with a dull, slightly greenish tint. Where she got her blue eyes seems a mystery, and this is why she believes that her real father is someone else entirely. These questions didn't occur to the young girl until she was about ten years old, three years after her mother's death.
When Rain was seven, she had been out playing on the beach, drawing, all day, and when she came home, it was to be tragically informed that her mother had died. It was said that a man broke into the house and attacked her while her 'father' was gone, and that he came home and found her dead. But after a few more years, in the back of her mind, Rain began to wonder if it was really him who beat her mother to death. As she has no proof of it, she can't really accuse him, and so she holds her peace and keeps her ears open for any kind of evidence that may somehow surface, though she remains suspicious and fairly ocnvinced that he is the one who killed her.
Her stepfather is a terrible alcoholic, and is very abusive to her. He yells at her a lot, beats her, and forces her to go out and get him more drink when he doesn't feel like venturing out. She lives in fear of him, and hates him, but despite her strongly defiant nature, she usually does what he says, although she does show her stubborn rebelliousness at times. She isn't even sure of what his occupation is, besides drinking all the time, and when he's away, she knows nothing of what he does other than going to taverns and bars and drinking until he passes out, then he comes home the next day and makes her suffer because he is angry and doesn't feel good. She avoids him the best she can.
When she was 15, she found a cat in an alley, heavy with unborn kittens. Naturally, she immediatly felt the need to help the cat. She took it in, and cared for it the best she could, secretly so that her stepfather wouldn't know about her. Then the kittens were born, but sadly, the mother cat died shortly after giving birth. Rain loved all the kittens and took care of them as well. They were possibly the most precious things that Rain had, but slowly, the 9 kittens all began to get sick, and though she did everything she knew to do, one by one they all died, all except one. The runt of the litter, who managed to survive.
This one she named Onyx, and she loved him more than anything, and although she was broken hearted that the other eight died, she was glad that this one had survived, as he was the only black kitten out of the whole litter. She takes good care of him, and has raised him up since he was born, feeding him milk from a little baby bottle until he was big enough to eat solid food, then she began to always take a portion of her own food to give to her kitten. He is now almost 6 months old, and Rain nearly always has Onyx with her, either buttoned up under her jacket, or riding on her shoulder, or cuddled in her arms.</font>.

30/Jul/2011, 01:06 AM
[Photo Credit: "Alexandra Daddario; Percy Jackson & the Olympians" - SOURCE (http://n4hr.org/up/uploads/n4hr_13491263204.jpg)]

Basic Information

Full Name, Nicknames, etc. - Penimiel Aidora Tathval; her parents were bankers and nicknamed her "Penny" for short.
Year of Birth, Age - 2990 of the Third Age. She is just over 24 years old.
Gender - Female.
Race and Ethnicity - Man, of Southern Dúnedain descent.
Relationship Status - Single. Penny has never been engaged, married, or in a romantic relationship.

Place of Birth - Sea Garden district, Dol Amroth. Penny's parents also had a lovely summer home in Belfalas.
Current Location - Middle Port, Dol Amroth.

General Description - Penny is 5'4 in height, of medium build; she has long dark-brown hair, milk-white skin, and striking sea-gray eyes. She is fond of knitted clothing but wears a nurse's dress, slippers, and headdress for the most part.

Additional Information

Honorary Titles and Education - She attended a private grammar school in Pelargír and went on take pretigious courses in the House of Healing. She earned the title of Master Healer, but no more.
Occupations - Penny was once the youngest master healer in the Healing House of Dol Amroth, but is now a laundress who works from home.
Interests and Pastimes - Healing and surgical procedures are her passions, but Penny also delights in constant reading and watching stage plays.
Skills and Aptitudes - Penny can mend even the most severe wounds, a testament to her once master healer rank in Dol Amroth. However, she also has an impeccable knowledge of anatomy and high familiarity with the proper use of various and rare surgical tools; even makeshift ones.

Personality - Mannerly, introverted, and serene. Penny is a reserved young woman, harmless and submissive by nature.
Best Friends - Egros (Aigronding's NPC).
Horses and Pets - Viejo, a hefty old donkey with bushy eyebrows and dull gray coat. Slow in both mind and body, with thoughts only of his next helping of barley straw.
Weapons and Special Items - An aged but efficient washing board and the best laundry soaps in Dol Amroth.

General Biography

Penimiel Aidora Tathval was born in the year 2990 of the Third Age. The only child of her parents, Paryonaon Tathval and Sellian Gwaren, residents and bankers of Dol Amroth, who perished at the hands of a sorceress known as Fanariel. Though they had attempted to eradicate Penimiel's own life as well, she survived, only to lead a quiet and lonely life thereafter. For at the age of 13, the comforts she had known from a well-to-do lifestyle were gone upon becoming an orphan. With the help of close family friends however, Penimiel learned to make a small living from what she could do best with her own two hands. Weeping in private, but never giving in to her pitiable circumstances. Despite the reminder that her aspirations to become a medical surgeon, would never come to pass.

Now at the age of 24, Penimiel works day and night as a laundress from a small home. Generally content, despite having little time to rest and making scarcely more than what she needs to survive. Penimiel however, has not relinquished her dream, and hopes to accumulate enough one day for medical apprentice fees; and live a much less toilsome life than the one she's had for years now. Penimiel understands very little of the world beyond the City of the White Ships, and is haunted occasionally by the brutal loss of her parents, caused by reasons she knows not. Yet.

[To be continued...]

03/Sep/2011, 10:31 PM
yay, here is my Dol Amroth character http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/smileys/smiley2.gifshe's not in any roleplays yet, but maybe one day...

Name: Redhril

Race: Rohirrim/Southern Dúnadan/Nandor

Redhril was born T.A. 2992 in Minas Tirith. Her mother is of Southern Dúnedain descent, witha father beingone of the Laiquendi. Her own father, Aedelfrid, served at the time of her birth as fourth Marshal in the Rohirrim cavalry. The family went to live in Edoras, butAedelfrid died in battle a few years later. Young Redhril and her little sister Eiliannelwere then brought up by their mother alone, who earned a few coinswith her beautiful voice,singing for the soldiers and sometimes in the houses of Rohan's nobility.
Redhril helped the family to make a living by taking on jobs on farms or as a household help for the richer families. But she could never stop dreaming about foreign countries and the sea; she was always impatiently awaiting the days of celebration in the Golden Hall, when she would sit with the guards outsideand listen to the bards singing their songs of strange places and times long gone.
When her sister Eiliannel was 12 years old, Redhril left Edoras with a group of travelling dwarves. The dwarves, a merry company with long wild beards and golden rings in their ears,offered their services throughout Rohan and Gondor as blacksmiths, farriers and salesmen of many a metal-made tool. Redhril tried to learn their trade (under much laughter from the dwarves' side) but had eventually to accept that she was not made for this kind of work.
Instead, she started performing in the villages and towns they visited: singing, story-telling, and playing the lute, harpor flute (which she had learned from her mother). The villagers liked her voice, and often gave her some coins or food as a reward.
Redhril could be a bit shy, but she had always enjoyed doing things with her hands. So she started to perform tricks as well: first to liven up her stories, later, as she gradually became better,instead of storytelling. She taught herself to juggle with five balls, forwards and backwards and crisscrossing their course, dance with the fire, and play with a pair of whirling poi, which she enjoys more thananythingelse.
After nearly three years of travelling together, the company split up. Some of the dwarves returnedto their mountains, some went north to Eriador, and Redhril decided to go back to Minas Tirith, the city of her birth.
There she worked as street performer during the dayand asa barmaid at night.Randír, one of her bestfriends, also taught her the usage of a fighting staff.
With new self-defence skills, Redhril went travelling once again with the intention of finding the sea that she had been dreaming to look upon for such a long time now.
Finally, after spending some time on shores of Belfalas, she made her way to Dol Amroth. From the first glance at its towering yet noble walls and insular location, surrounded by cliffs and anchoring places for boats and tall ships, she knew that this would become her new home... for a while at least.

Redhril is 5'9/1,71m tall, has light brown, wavy hair with a coppery shine, and amber eyes. Contrary to her little sister, she has not inherited her mother's slightly pointy ears, which annoys her sometimes. Her upper left ear is pierced with a small silver ring.
She likes to wear colourful garments,skirts and the like, and has even mastered the art of riding in them.
Weapons: dagger, knife and long staff

Redhril is cheerful and lighthearted most of the time andenjoys to laugh. However she can be a bit shy, which interferes with her job as a streetartist. She enjoys walking around the markets, visiting the different stalls and talking to people,and likes animals.

her name means "strayer, wanderer"
Redhril owns a Fennec named Glîn that she bought from a Harad merchant. She hopes to be able to train him and make himdo tricks... though so far, heseems to berather immune against all her attempts to teach him.

Glîn, the fennec

06/Feb/2012, 01:05 AM

Name: Lady Naerwen of House Dűr Esgar Age:</span> 23
Gender:</span> Female
Position:</span> Minor nobility.
-Father Tharion, 53
-Mother Egleril, deceased at 27
-Stepmother Curulaeril, 45
-Full brother Aethor, 26
-Twin half-siblings Brannion and Bronwehel, 21
-Wet-nurse Mirabelle, 53

Biography: Naerwen's family is the House Dűr Esgar, a minor fief on Belfalas’ northernmost coast between cliffs and straggling forests. Though not as idyllic as the southern coasts or more inland areas, it had enough resources for a few determined lords to settle down--and the same lacking appeal of the northern coast kept the worst of the Corsair raids at bay, though they still had their hands full aiding refugees and the winters were too wet to travel. The village hovers from four to five hundred, a mix of fishermen, woodsmen, and farmers.

Naerwen’s father Tharion was the eldest of three children, inheriting the fief at twenty, and three years later he met the Lady Egleril--a willowy, auburn-haired woman who lived near the Ringlo. Tharion was neither rich nor renowned, but he kept his house in good order and Egleril was enchanted by the windswept rocky coast. Once he and Egleril were wed, they had a charmed life; the fief flourished and their first son Aethor was born hardly a year after they married.

A few years later when Egleril was pregnant again, they considered it another reason to celebrate. But the Corsairs began moving farther north, and during the winter to boot. The village was besieged: They were a few days’ ride from Dol Amroth in the best weather, but winter conditions made the journey twice as long; and once the Corsairs’ black ships appeared on the horizon, they knew they couldn’t risk sending boats out to fish for long, so their supplies dwindled faster than expected.

They lasted two and a half tense months until the Corsairs lost interest, and the constant stress in Egleril’s condition triggered early labor. With the siege amplifying the usual waves of winter illnesses, the healer’s stores were spent and he couldn’t do much aside from relieving her pain. She caught a fever and died a month after giving birth.

Tharion found a wet-nurse for the baby and called her Naerwen, meaning “sorrow”--a romantic reminder of his grief. As the years went by, it gained the more personal meaning of disappointment: He hoped Naerwen would be like her graceful, charming mother in looks or demeanor, but instead she was tiny and solitary, with black hair and sharp features. Facing pressure from his family, he married Lady Curulaeril. While distant at first, he grew to sincerely love her and their twins, Bronwehel and Brannion.

Naerwen spent her childhood wondering why Tharion hardly spoke to her, and why everyone but her family gave her pitying looks when she asked. At thirteen she turned from seeking her father’s love to getting his attention. Over that decade, she gained an eclectic mix of knowledge; some things, like learning Sindarin, needlepoint, singing, and dancing, were expected.
Others were rare but not unheard of like riding, swimming, and gardening. Still others were completely out of nowhere because she just wanted to make Tharion notice her, if only to tell her off for doing common work; she bullied Brannion into teaching her archery, sweet-talked Mirabelle into teaching her fishing, and hung around the kitchens until the cooks got fed up and let her help with meals.

Nothing got Tharion’s attention, so Naerwen sought refuge with her family and Mirabelle. She was proud when Aethor became a Swan Knight, helped her stepmother run the castle, and looked after Mirabelle whenever her nurse’s arthritis got troublesome. On Mirabelle and Brannion’s insistence, they rode to Minas Tirith on pretense of experiencing the Guarded City. (Of course, everyone knows that it’s really to get Naerwen away from her father.)

Appearance: Born almost two months early, Naerwen has always been tiny; well into her twenties, she is only five feet tall. She is lean rather than slender, movements brisk and efficient. She spends much of her time with her chestnut mare Sandpiper, and is nearly as tan as her brother Aethor. When next to slim, green-eyed Bronwehel, one would think they were servant and mistress rather than half-sisters.

Her clothes are made with the finer grades of fabric and she has likes contrasting colors and subdued patterns; her favorite cloak is deep gray wool with sunset-red birds. Aside from that, the only thing that marks her as a noble is her hair--black, pin-straight, and nearly to her hips. She mostly wears it in a loose braid, but lets it down during celebrations. She has deep brown eyes in a squarish, angular face that looks harsher due to her personality, but when she’s with her family or her horse, it softens into a quiet dignity. She is rarely lighthearted, and has an air of resignation that makes her look older than she is.

Personality: She is very close to her nurse and family, but the lifetime of her father’s emotional neglect has turned her into a woman with nearly no self-esteem. She has a livid aversion to “being a burden” on anyone, even when injured or ill. Her family wonders if it was because the only one she really wanted attention from was Tharion, but not even Mirabelle can work up the nerve to ask her.

Though determined to get her way and often nicknamed ‘the Lord’s mad daughter,’ she is in fact well-mannered and sociable if approached. She is also quite helpful and empathizes keenly with those in need. Ironically enough, this makes her an easy mark for less savory characters.

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Name: Lord Brannion of House Dűr Esgar.
Age:</span> 21
Gender:</span> Male
Position:</span> Minor noble.
-Father Tharion, 53
-Mother Curulaeril, 45
-Uncle Belegon, 59
-Half-brother Aethor, 26
-Half-sister Naerwen, 23
-Twin sister Bronwehel, 21
Weaponry:</span> A sword, a lance, and an oak bow with twelve arrows.

Appearance: Brannion is well-built from riding and weapon-training; he is a proficient swordsman, but personally prefers lances for the greater reach. Though short at five feet and seven inches, even he feels like a giant next to Naerwen. His hair is a mass of black unruly curls, framing a cheerful face with large hazel eyes and pale skin. He has trouble keeping still and fidgets most of the time--usually nodding along or tapping his fingers to whatever song is in his head. This frequently gets him one of Mirabelle’s raps on the shoulder.

Though he dresses well for special occasions (mostly because his family won’t stand getting embarrassed and pick his clothes to be safe), in everyday life he has no concept of fashion--he wears strange (often eye-smarting) colors, gaudy or mismatched patterns, or completely unnecessary accessories. He seems to think his favorite pair of boots go with everything--and not his blue dress boots with silver trim. His everyday, worn out, dark-green boots that most people would use just for travel.

Biography: Lady Curulaeril married Lord Tharion a few years after his first wife died, and for the most part they got along; but until their twins were born, the grief of Tharion’s first marriage kept him at arm’s length.

Brannion and Bronwehel grew up comfortably in Dűr Esgar’s seaside castle, but they didn’t like how their father ignored Naerwen and so spent a lot of time compensating for it. Among other things, they looked for her when she “got lost” (as in, went into the forest until someone noticed she was gone); encouraged her less dangerous pursuits (swimming was good, but swimming just before the tide went out wasn’t); and more often than not, they made up stories for the injuries they couldn’t handle by themselves.

On the rare times Naerwen sneaked out to the watchtower to cry when she thought nobody else was up, one or both of the twins would stay up with her. It was usually on her birthday, when Tharion all but dropped the pretense of caring about her. At this point Brannion acts more like Naerwen’s older brother than younger, and it doesn’t help that he’s so much taller than her.

Personality: Brannion is very close to his half-sister and likes cheering her up. He’s approachable, easy to get along with, and usually seen smiling. He is energetic and a fast learner; he loves music, is proficient at the sword, lance and bow, and is the best speaker of Sindarin in his family. He has a blue roan gelding called Sea-Foam, and enjoys riding him whenever possible.

On the negative side, being so accommodating to his sister means that he really can’t say no to her--or anyone else who puts on a sad front, for that matter. He’s the one who bought Sandpiper for her, and she famously strong-armed him into teaching her archery. He panics quickly if something goes wrong, has a hard time thinking things through, and is extremely easy to rile up.

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Name: Mirabelle
Age: 53
Gender: Female
Position: Nurse to Lady Naerwen.
-Mother and father, deceased
-Brother Ryan, 57
-Brother Jonathan, 53-Husband Travis, deceased at 30-Daughter Terri, deceased at 1 and a half
-Daughter Ruby, 32
-Niece Marian, 21
-Grandson Gregory, 14
-Granddaughter Agnes, 8

Appearance: In her youth she was a well-built fisherman’s daughter, but her hair has been gray for the past few years and liver spots are creeping along her arms and shoulders. Her eyes are faded blue, nearly gray. She’s never seen without a raven-headed black-oak staff, but she really only needs it during cold or rainy weather. She uses it mostly to reprimand misbehaving servants, the lord’s children, or the castle’s dogs.

She wears practical dresses in wool and linen, with a few dressier outfits for special occasions, and has a cloak in the House’s colors: Deep blue trimmed with a silver braid.

Biography: She has lived and served under House Dűr Esgar all her life. The oldest daughter of three, she was the best net-maker in the village when young. She transferred that aptitude to the weaving arts, and planned to go to Dol Amroth. At twenty-eight, after the first Corsair siege in her generation, she lost her second daughter to the illnesses spreading through the crowded castle. Soon afterward, Lord Tharion’s wife gave birth too early and caught ill as well; in need of a wet-nurse for his new baby, he asked Mirabelle.

Initially she only accepted for the money and wanted to leave once Naerwen was weaned, but after the usual two years she noticed Tharion’s growing lack of interest in the girl. She stayed a bit longer out of sympathy, until Lord Tharion married again. Unfortunately, that was when Naerwen was five and had learned to recognize that her father didn’t pay her half as much attention as his other children. Mirabelle felt too guilty to leave then, even with Lady Curulaeril there, so she planned to stay for a year or two more.

Nearly a decade went by, and she was running out of excuses not to leave. Luckily (or unluckily) Naerwen’s desperate attempts to get her father’s attention reached dangerous levels; and so Mirabelle decided to stay for good. After all, someone had to keep that daft girl alive. Occasionally she wonders how things would be if she’d actually left, but she has no regrets about her life now.

She’s the one who decided to go to Minas Tirith with Brannion and Naerwen--hopefully without Tharion’s disappointment looming everywhere, Naerwen will start acting like a normal girl instead of a tired old woman. That’s Mirabelle’s job, anyway.

Personality: Mirabelle has always been sensible and practical, but the years have made her crafty and knowledgeable. She can tell most people’s personalities after talking with them, and knows just which strings to pull to get her way. She has taken things in stride for much of her life, growing up in a fisherman’s family, but she is not without compassion.

Her humor is often blatantly bawdy or rude, though she sticks to safer subjects in polite company.

Mirabelle’s quite able to take care of herself and her wards, but she finds it more amusing to feign frailty when she needs to haggle, find a place to sit, or get through those blasted market crowds. Young folk always fold when there’s an old woman with a staff--after all, she was young once and did just the same things.

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~ Bridget Regan : Sources HERE (http://www.sword-of-truth.com/sot/images/episode_stills/213/LOTS%20Production%20213%20Image%204%20-%20Kahlan%20-%20LOTS2_8442.jpg), HERE (http://wallpoper.com/images/00/33/47/83/bridget-regan_00334783.jpg), and HERE (http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/11900000/The-Confessor-bridget-regan-11999153-1920-2560.jpg)~

*Name:Lady Arin Montagna
Gender :Female
Race:Mortal, of Southern Dúnedain Descent
Position: A Dor-en-Ernil noblewoman turned adventurer
Weapons: Favors longsword and shortsword, trident dagger, glaive, morning star, and recurve bow
Horses: Sindacallo, a grey stallion which Arin rides amid the fiefdoms of Gondor ; Rochíril, her thoroughbred bay mare that Arin uses for a mount abroadbeyond the southland
Personality: Arin is an honorable and wise but hot-tempered female ; the young intrepid woman is approachable but, since she's so stubborn and narrow-minded, it's nearly impossible to get Montagna to change her mind when she's set on accomplishing her chosen goal...even if it really is crazy.
Appearance : Slim, lithe, and athletic. Beautiful and leggy ; her eyes are grey and Arin's luxuriant tresses are a lovely dark-brown color. She wears a brown or black leather battle dress when she's abroad fighting ; Arin is fond of white or silver, green or red silk, linen, lawn, or woolen gowns when she's not upon errantry but at home at the family manor or visiting Gondorian cities.
Parentage : The daughter of Lord Orodir, a nobleman of Ered Tharonion, and his deceased wife, Lady Alfirin, who had been a noblewoman of Lebennin.
Marital Status : Unmarried but enamoured with Sir Halion, a Swan Knight of Belfalas.
Estate : Oron Cardh
Location : Dor-en-Ernil
Biography :

Lady Arin Montagna, the southern relative of the Eriador Montagnas and a kinswoman to Khallador Galerida by marriage, was born in the year TA 2984 amid the majestic mountainous beauty of Ered Tharonionin Dor-en-Ernil within the clan's manor home, Oron Cardh ; the Montagnas of the South had been aristocrats since Chieftain Bëor's crossing over the Ered Luin in the Elder Days through the Rise and Fall of Westernesse to the present though the Montagnas of the North declined in power as the greatness of Arnor collapsed in the Third Age. At Oron Cardh, Arin was tutored in the Grey-elven tongue, Sindarin, and the scholastic language of the Noldor, Quenya, as well as Common and learned the general studies appropriate for the education of a highborn woman of Dor-en-Ernil.

When she was sixteen years-old in TA 3000, during a travel to Lebennin to see her extended family, the family was attacked by bandits ; despite the valor of the Montagna men-at-arms and Orodir's prowess with a rapier, Alfirin could not be saved. Injured mortally, the matriarch's life bled away by the waters of the Serni River. From that moment, cradling her mother's corpse in her arms, Arin vowed herself to a life of protecting innocents. Despite her father's worry and slight dissatisfaction with his daughter's choice, Arin registered at Archam's school at Old Town ; it was the best warrior's academy south of Minas Tirith.

There, she resisted the taunts and bullying and coldness of most of her male peers to excell in the martial arts, armed combat, sailing, war tactics, diplomacy, foreign languages, and other courses ; she became swift friends with an honorable and intelligent young man in her class, a nobleman of Belfalas her age named Halion. In a couple of years they developed passionate feelings for each other which Arin would inevitably regret. In the year TA 3004, having exceeded the expectations of Curudur and her other professors, she passed her education at Archam's school ; instead of becoming a dame of the Swan host, Arin opted to adopt the life of a knight errant. She would roam the lands of not just her own country but other realms of Middle-earth fighting evil much to the heartbreak of Halion who chose for himself the life and duty of a Swan Knight - his adventures would be, for the most part, in the South.

They sadly ended their promising relationship but remained close friends, or something like it, even to this day though still attracted to each other. For 10 years, TA 3004 - TA 3014, Arin Montagna has traveled abroad with a tough, scruffy mercenary - Medlinor, an older man fourteen years her senior, whose service she enlisted at the Sign of the Sloop &amp; Swordfish during the onset of her peregrinations - performing great heroic deeds. Arin will always consider Dor-en-Ernil her home and, whenever the longing for sight of her father and Oron Cardh becomes fervent, she returns to the hills for some time and seamlessly slips into the role as Lady of the household until wanderlust and the call of justice she can no longer deny.


Beren Camlost
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~ Jason Statham, Source HERE (http://static.go4celebrity.com/wallpapers/Jason-Statham/Jason-Statham-016.jpg)~

Name:(Real : Sir Cathan) [Alias :] Medlinor
Gender : Male
Position: A Mercenary with a secretive, tragic past.
Weapons: Favors Broadsword and warhammer, throwing knives, garrote, and crossbow
Personality: Alert and risk-taking ;solemn but rough in a fight ; serious and enigmatic. Very loyal.
Appearance: Medlidor is heavily muscled and stands 6'2'' ; he's fair in a rugged sort of way and balding.
Parentage: The son of Lord Seth and Lady Arling, rulers of Mertigar in Palisor.
Marital Status: Medlinor is a widower.
Estate: No permanent abode, any inn which his employer, Lady Arin Montagna, chooses to rent their lodging at ; permitted a room at the noblewoman's estate, Oron Cardh, in Dor-en-Ernil
Bio :

Cathan was born in the year TA 2970 in the east of Middle-earth, the region Palisor, at a town called Mertigar ; a wealthy and mighty city ruled by his parents, Lord Seth and Lady Arling. Shortly after he became a knight commander in his 23rd year, Mertigar was besieged by forces of darkness that sought to convert its inhabitants to the worship of the Dark Lord ; Sir Cathan's parents were murdered in the onslaught and his wife, Susannah, was taken by the tyrant leader, Abraxas. Cathan led a rebellion against the host but he failed and escaped with a legion of his men. Cathan rallied more sympathizers to his cause, mortals influenced by the Blue Wizards who would resist the domination of Sauron's servants, and in two years launched an attempt to retake Mertigar by force - his first endeavor to bring peace and freedom to his region, Maldonia. Cathan was successful but Susannah, married against her will to Abraxas, was brutally murdered by the Rhűn usurper just as Cathan killed his way to the throneroom ; if Abraxas couldn't have her, no one would.

Cathan slew Abraxas but gave up the fight for liberty in Maldonia, overwhelmed by grief ; he could no longer abide there and he chose Markan, his chief lieutenant, to supplant him and.....left. Cathan decided to make a new start elsewhere ; he chose Gondor, knowing that perhaps its military would welcome mercenaries to aid them in their wars against Mordor. Wanting to make a fresh start, and hoping to elude assassins that might have been hired to kill him, Sir Cathan changed his name to Medlinor, a word of the Sindarin tongue meaning Bear-like. In the year TA 3004, Medlinor, who in anguish had relied on alcohol as a crutch, was encountered by a beautiful and adventurous noblewoman at Gate Town's Sign of the Sloop and Swordfish Inn.

Unsavory folk and misfits were willing to take on almost any task someone with the right money could appoint them to undertake there so Medlinor, when he wasn't serving an employer, made it his business to frequent that five story, reddish stone establishment. The highborn lady, Arin Montagna was her name, had become a dame of Dor-en-Ernil but chose not to become a member of the Swan host ; she wanted to be a knight errant and needed a partner. She would pay handsomely for his contract of a ten year service. Medlinor couldn't say he was skeptical at all of Arin's abilities ; back in the East, there was a contingent of female knights he had trained himself. Medlinor agreed. And hasn't, for ten years regretted his time with her. They have become close friends this decade and Medlinor is beginning to think that he'll stay her bodyguard indefinitely.

02/Oct/2012, 05:11 AM

*Sir Haldor "Carandol" Raelwen

~Joakim Nätterqvist, Source HERE (http://www.cinelogue.com/images/1167.jpg)~

Gender : Male

Age: 32

Race: Southern Dúnedain

Position: A Gondorian warrior, now Knight Errant of Dol Amroth

Weapons: Karkand (http://draftingwa.com.au/wp-includes/images/crystal/narnia-king-peter-sword-569.jpg) (Quen: "Longfang") A Knight's sword forged at the dawn of House Raelwen, a shield bearing a blue field and the banner of his family's house; a white rampant lion.

Horse: Lendënil (Quen: "Traveller") a dark bay gelding

Personality: Haldor began as a rather carefree individual but his tribulations and experience in war has acquainted him with loss and hardened him from sorrow. He is a rather stone faced, stubborn, and purpose driven individual with a strong sense of right and wrong. In times of mirth, however, some of his old, less hard nature may shine through.

Appearance: A bit tall, average build, handsome if a bit rugged, blue-grey eyes and dark red hair. Usually wears a hauberk of chainmail with long sleeves and a studded leather tunic for combat. When not in the field he prefers shades of blue linen and cloth, mostly practical, if rich clothing.

Parentage: Youngest son of Lord Haldir, Patriarch of House Raelwen in the northern estates of Dor En Ernil, and Lady Vardiel of Lamedon

Marital Status: Unmarried

Estate: Ost Imraun Location: Dor-en-Ernil

Biography :

Sir Haldor of the house of Raelwen (Quen: "Lionheart", Motto: "Karka ar Raka" Quen: "Tooth and Claw"), descendant of the Numenorean Dunlan family (and hence distant relatives of the Darthelyns of Eriador), was born in the fall of the year 2982 of the Third Age. His family had survived the fall of Westernesse in the Second Age and aided the faithful Lord Elendil and his sons set up their kingdoms in exile. The Raelwen's had long lived in Belfalas before it was ruled by the Princes of Dol Amroth or even the advent of their family name. Haldor was raised in the Northern provinces of Dor-En-Ernil where he was taught, amongst other things; lore, language, and more importantly, how to uphold his family's revered name as a knight of the realm. He spent much of his childhood at the family's estate of Ost Imraun and sometimes visited his kin further north in Lamedon where his mother's family lived.

It was in the year 3000 of the Third Age, when Haldor was just eighteen that his heart was smitten one lovely spring night at a ball where he gazed upon the Lady Glorfiel, fair haired daughter of the Lord Crebain. He quickly found he could think of nothing else and so set out to befriend her. The two were close before the elderly Lord found out about the two, and, disapproving of Haldor's status as a second son, forbade them from seeing one another much to the misery of his daughter. Haldor was not deterred, however. And the two later met in secret many times behind their family's backs despite the risk of being found and dishonored, possibly even outcast. Neither cared for their detractors, they were in love.

Later that year, the two resolved to leave their families behind for the sake of their love. That very night whilst he walked home upon the bridge of the river Gilraen under the lovely stars, he was stopped by Bercalion, Glorfiel's eldest brother. He insulted Haldor, taking his father's side of disapproval and threatened to have Haldor and his own sister locked away from each other. Against his will, Haldor was forced to fight a trying battle against the older squire but eventually won, though he refused to hurt or kill his assaulter. Turning away from the man proved to be a fateful choice as Bercalion, in his shame, charged once more, this time skewereing himself upon Haldor's blade and staggering off the bridge into the river below. Unsure of what to do, Haldor panicked and hid at his home until Bercalion's body washed ashore and was found. His family, though sure of the boy's innocnence, was forced to hand Haldor over to be tried in the courts. Normally such a crime would induce to most capital of punishments but the pleading of Haldor's eldest brother, Branon convinced the courts that such an act would deprive Gondor of a capable fighting man. Instead of death, Haldor was sentenced to ten years of exile, to carry out his sentence of penance in Harondor.

It was a grievous blow to the still young squire, but more still to Glorfiel who despaired, believing she would never hear from her beloved again. But before Haldor left, he gave to her words of hope and promise that he would return. The two parted in sorrow and Branon gave to his brother the best arms he could find, wishing him a valiant service. With that, Haldor boarded the next boat to the east and watched the green hills and white shores of his homeland drift out of sight behind him.

His years in the bleak sands of South Gondor were hard. The land was contested between many cruel warlords and the remnants of the beleaguered forces of Gondor. Haldor quickly learned the shortness and brutality of living in such a place and the things he saw changed him and made him hard, even cynical sometimes. He was not without friends though, fortune smiled upon him that there he met the kin of his mother; two brothers also serving there and their mentor who looked out for him and he for they.

Ten years passed ever so slowly and by the end of them, Haldor returned to Belfalas with no notice at all. His return was celebrated by his family and his many honors in battle ensured that his debt was payed and he was given proper title and standing. But he cared little for any of this and was soon to more sorrow as he learned that his Glorfiel, fair flower of House Crebain, had died just a year before, her heart broken by their separation. So it was that Haldor took up again his arms and swore an oath of wandering that would never cease as long as he lived. For four years now, Haldor has roamed Middle Earth; north, east, south, and west. There are few places he has not seen or known and many deeds he has accomplished with the aid of kinsmen who love a good adventure.

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(SOURCE (http://mimg.ugo.com/200904/20255/hamish-campbell.jpg))

Mardil Herion


(SOURCE (http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/2004_King_Arthur/004KAR_Joel_Edgerton_015.jpg))

Gaeril Herion


(SOURCE (http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k541/Warork/Steven.jpg?t=1349116028))

Taylin the Mad

Gender: Male

Age: Top to bottom: 32, 29, 34

Race: Mortal

Position: Gondorian soldiers and sellswords now adventurers with Sir Haldor

Weapons: Mardil favors a warhammer (http://www.heavenlyswords.com/images/C/bk627.jpg) and a round shield (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110421024261/pjdf/images/0/02/Anglo-saxon_viking_round_shield_front.jpg), Gaeril favors a combination of a trusty hand-axe (http://www.hill-interiors.com/images/large/S5729.jpg) and short sword (http://www.medieval-weaponry.co.uk/acatalog/SH1010-1000.jpg), Taylin favors an assortment of dirk-daggers (http://www.knifeworks.com/images/products/detail/CS88SD.jpg) and carries a recurve hunting bow (http://hunarchery.com/catalog/images/assyrian_extra_iii_composite_bow.jpg) with a quiver full of arrows.


Mardil: The soft spoken older brother of Gaeril, though he doesn't tower over most men, his girth is ample for the purposes of intimidation, although outside of battle, he becomes more of a gentle giant but is quick to laugh and come to the side of his friends.

Gaeril: The loudmouthed younger brother of Mardil, he is a shrewd and mischievous man who loves more than anything a good laugh or trick. He often relies on his swift wits to settle his affairs though swiftness of tongue often gets him into trouble that his comrades may be required to help him out of.

Taylin: The wise cracking third wheel of the group, Taylin is a friend of the two brothers who showed up in Harondor more than a bit green. Though the man has a reputation for being a bit strange, his uncanny ability to know when something is wrong has lead him to have the respect of the soldiers around him. Although they could do without his half wit smiles and self serving mumbling.


Mardil: Squat and burly, Mardil only moves when he wants to and by no other command, those that try to force him will often end up on the business end of a rather large arm. Both he and his brother are straw haired and rugged with bulldog-like faces. He and his brother both can be found wearing rather simple clothes when not in battle where they favor studded leather and mail.

Gaeril: A bit shorter than his brother and a little smaller in build but otherwise similar in appearance. Most consider Gaeril to be the fairer of the two brothers...but not by much.

Taylin: Somewhere in the middle of the two brothers in height, he has pale skin, dark hair and eyes which some have described as "like coal ready to spring into fire." Not very impressive build wise but skilled and coordinated nonetheless. Many have underestimated him by his looks but few have not regretted it later.

Parentage: The brothers are the sons of the Herion family (Haldor's mother-kin)in Lamedon.

Estate: The Herion lands in Southern Lamedon

Bio : The two brothers were simple shepherd boys tending their father's herds in Lamedon when the call to arms was sounded and the Lord of Lamedon called for warriors to be raised. Bored with their lives on the farm, the two brothers went together to the east to see faraway places but soon wished they had stayed home. Years of battle followed and it was only by the aid of Taylin, also from Lamedon, that the two survived at all. During their service they also met Haldor (whom they named "Carandol" for his ruddy hair) their cousin whom they also fought with and after going home for a while after years of service, were reunited with the errant knight for yet more wandering.

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[Photo Credits: "Alison Pill, Pillars of the Earth" - SOURCES 1 (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5gW8Z4MVg08/TO6Axmq8B_I/AAAAAAAAABw/np6FiU1DEm8/s1600/0000068775_20100706150036.jpg), 2 (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk2h4cntRk1qelclno1_500.jpg), 3 (http://p8.storage.canalblog.com/81/12/878269/66834570.jpg)]

Basic Information

Full Name, Nicknames, etc. - Gwendolyn, daughter of Gwyndon, of the noble House Ringelén.
Year of Birth, Age - 2983 of the Third Age; she is 31 years old and will celebrate another birthday soon.
Gender - Female.
Race and Ethnicity - Man, of Southern Dúnedain descent.
Relationship Status - Widowed. Gwendolyn lost her husband early in their marriage.

Place of Birth - Castle Isléthor, Dor-en-Ernil.
Current Location - Ost-en-Ernil, Dol Amroth.

General Description - Gwendolyn is 5'7 in height and has a stout build, as a result of the rigorous training she undertook to become a Swan Knight. She has long reddish-brown curls (an oddity for someone of her heritage), which she tames every morning with a comb. She is a round-faced button-nosed woman, with rosy lips and peach skin; and her eyes are dark-gray.

Gwendolyn has owned an extensive and elaborate wardrobe since she could remember: gowns, circlets, and robes set with precious gems and fragments of gold. Gwendolyn however, wears her Swan Knight armor as much of the day as she can help it. Preferring the weight of mail, rather than silks. Her surcoat and shield, bearing the Ringelén coat of arms - a rampant bear in a ring of four-pointed pale stars.

Additional Information
Honorary Titles and Education - Gwendolyn received a personalized and costly education from the best scholastic tutors in Dor-en-Ernil, but was never given the opportunity to apply such knowledge. Instead, Gwendolyn was forced by her parents to chase "elegant" pursuits because of her title as a "Lady".
Occupations - Swan Knight; Gwendolyn was only a wife and then widow - until she found her place in the host of Prince Imrahil.
Interests and Pastimes - Her needlework was renown in Dor-en-Ernil, and attracted many a guildmaster and merchant to Castle Isléthor, however, fearing it would deter her from a "proper" Lady's reputation, Gwendolyn's parents removed this pastime long before she came to Dol Amroth. Now, Gwendolyn delights in physical training with her fellow knights, and has no other interests.
Skills and Aptitudes - Painting and sewing from her early education, but is recognized as one of the most enduring, strong, and strategic Swan Knights.

Personality - Dry and serious. Gwendolyn is emotionally detached of all things and is not easily provoked.
Best Friends - Halion (Aigronding's NPC) is the closest individual Gwendolyn has to a friend.
Horses and Pets - Tírenglar, a horse imported from Rohan, with a bay coat and dark mane. Gwendolyn took her husband's horse for herself when he died and Tírenglar has proven to be just as loyal to her as he was with him.
Weapons and Special Items - Longsword, hefty warhammer, and dagger.

General Biography

Gwendolyn Ringelén was born in the year 2983 of the Third Age, the fifth child of Sir Gwyndon and Lady Eliswen of Castle Isléthor in Dor-en-Ernil. Born into a life of disciplined nobility, in which she had little say in anything. While other families raised their children to embrace their life as nobles, Gwendolyn was taught to do nothing but seek an advantageous marriage and pristine reputation. In her youth, Gwendolyn was prohibited play in the gardens of Isléthor, much less with her siblings and the offspring of visiting nobles. Gwendolyn was also prohibited from doing anything that could tarnish her attire or leave a single hair out of place. Taught to express neither joy nor sorrow, but master her emotions and present herself levelly at all times. Gwendolyn never countered such upbringing, and submitted to her parents' wishes, even when they sent her off to marry another noble - twelve years her senior - in Dol Amroth.

Their marriage, which had been arranged since her birth, was short-lived and uneventful. When a fever took her husband's life only weeks after their wedding, Gwendolyn was left both pregnant and widowed. Only to add to her abandonment, the infant died stillborn, and thus Gwendolyn was left both without husband and child. Nevertheless, Gwendolyn did not mourn either loss; instead of returning home with her failure as a Lady - to marry and give birth to children, Gwendolyn remained in Dol Amroth and assumed her deceased husband's place in court without hesitation. She went on to enlist and train under the commanders of the Swan Knights, and earned her place among them herself. Requesting she be sent out on the most perilous and challenging assignments, Gwendolyn earned a new reputation for herself. Now at the age of 31, she continues to serve with a ready shield and weapon as one of the harshest and unafraid Swan Knights.

Beren Camlost
17/Mar/2013, 12:45 AM

~Cillian Murphy : Source HERE (http://i2.listal.com/image/1253291/600full-cillian-murphy.jpg)~

Basic Information
Full Name, Nicknames, etc. - Halion Falconis ; nicknamed Hal by close noble friends.
Year of Birth, Age - TA 2984, 30 years old.
Gender - Male.
Race and Ethnicity - Man, of Southern Dúnedain descent.
Relationship Status - The beloved of Lady Arin Montagna.
Place of Birth - Ered Tharonion, Dor-in-Ernil. Halion's family has a spring hunting lodge east of river Lefnui .
Current Location - Castle Mar Thoron, Ered Tharonionin in Dor-en-Ernil.


General Description - Halion stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall, his frame is hard and trim. The knight's short black hair is straight, parted and combed stylishly. He has an arresting gaze, icy-blue eyes. He is soft-spoken and has handsome, patrician features.

Additional Information
Honorary Titles and Education - Halion received a noble's education from private tutors at the family manor but was instructed in a knight's military training program at Archam's academy in Dol Amroth's Old Town district during his late teenage years.
Occupations - Swan Knight. Master of the Falconis estate in the Belfalas mountains since his father's health is detoriating.
Interests and Pastimes - Hunting and sailing, fishing and camping, reading, attending plays. Plays both the harp and violin, performing in concerts at Ered Tharonionin, Dol Amroth, and Minas Tirith on occasion.

Personality - Intelligent and proper, warm-hearted and friendly, calm and dependable, chivalrous and romantic.
Best Friends - Gwendolyn Ringelén (Sur's NPC), Arin Montagna (my NPC), and Medlinor.
Horses and Pets - Celenar, a powerful thoroughbred grey stallion. Meldir, a gentle and affectionate bloodhound for the hunt. Miel, a playful Lindon blue female cat Arin had bought him last Yuletide
Weapons and Special Items - Longsword, a trident dagger, crossbow, and stiletto. A rose-gold signet ring bearing the emblem of an eagle in flight, a symbol of House Falconis since the Elder Days.

General Biography

Lord Halion Falconis, a descendant of old nobility from Numenor and Beleriand, was born in the year TA 2984 in Minas Tirith where his parents - Amaron and Nimmel - had been visiting and was raised in the mountains of the Prince's land at the clan's fair castle, Mar Thoron, located near Tharonion Falls. During his childhood, Halion befriended Gwendolyn Ringelén who was the stern, dutiful child of a noble family close to Lord and Lady Falconis ; Halion's relationship with Gwendolyn strengthened over time, enduring through good times and bad, even til present day. He was privately educated at home but when he was sixteen, Halion enrolled in Archam's Academy in Dol Amroth to master in that school the knowledge befitting a knight and moved to Dol Amroth.

He became warmly acquainted with young Lady Arin Montagna there, one of the few women who had registered ; Arin and Halion developed a strong bond and, falling in love, eventually became a couple. He planned to marry his girlfriend but Arin, politely refused - she didn't want to be wed just et, desiring adventure abroad. Halion became withdrawn and melancholy following her departure but has ever remained her beloved. Consistently for years Halion has accompanied Gwen on errantry, fighting for the Prince and Gondor in the realm and in lands far away, punishing enemies of the South. His father has recently been stricken with a wasting disease and lays presently on the brink of death, deepening Halion's sorrow ; subsequently, Halion has become the master of his estate alongside worried Nimmel.

21/Mar/2013, 07:40 AM
Source > Jaime Alexander (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7c/48/af/7c48afeb67a307a1ac13abad5d18df40.png)

Name : Lady Ilisys Azrubęl
Age : 32
Occupation : Swan Knight (hopeful)
Residence : Castle Azrubęl, Lond Col
Relationships : The only daughter of the Lady Eressild and the late Lord Araldur. Niece and heir to the current Lord of the estate, Lord Edhelmir.

Appearance : Isys has the potential to present as the younger image of her elegant mother. She possesses the same striking features, soft doe eyes of an ambiguous misty hue, and rich dark tresses that fall in gentle tendrils down her back. When subject to a committed host of servants, she is always impeccably groomed. However, she is all too prone to wandering and dreaming, that such thoughts of pristine conditioning can seem irrelevant after she has twirled in great joy underneath the torrent of a rain shower, or lain in overly tranquil contemplation in a grassy field.

Personality : She is something of a dreamer, seeming to hold little focus on any given subject unless properly motivated, but she is by and large a kind and generous, young woman. She finds the traditional judgement of women tiresome, and will not willingly subject herself to such. Therefore she is more prone to avoiding great social occasions, effectively blending into the background of such an environment. Because of her family's great wealth, however, she is often the subject of unwanted attention. In truth, she actually finds great satisfaction in spending time with the servants on her family's estate; all of whom adore and admire her. She has few friends of a class equal to her own and has grown to view her mother's efforts to impress such acquaintances upon her as an ordeal.

Biography : Isys was initially a reclusive little girl who tended to be cowed by her proficient and regal mother, though she had been much revered by her charming and spirited father before his untimely demise. As a young woman, she tried her hand primarily at some of the more maidenly pursuits encouraged of her gender and found them disenchanting. Whereas her handmaiden insisted that ladies only secured handsome husbands through the courtesy of etiquette and decorum, in time even the girl's mother conceded that Isys had little interest in such "trifling" affairs, and so, while it may prove a fine thing to fashion much embellished garments and heighten the skill of song and dance, there were clearly other ways by which a woman to make herself useful in the world. Of course, Isys never possessed anything like her mother's ambition and was by and large considered as an aimless young woman with far too much time on her hands.

The only other of her age that dwelt in Castle Azrubęl was a young boy, "Warder", who served as the stablehand, and the closest thing that Isys had to a playmate and confidante. Despite her mother's misgivings, she would often seek him out to share with secrets or while away her day, and on one fateful such occasion, in so doing, she encountered an attempt by brigands to pilfer the estate's noble horses (of prized Calenardhon stock, no less). The girl stood between the thieves and the only exit, brandishing that flaming torch she had lit to guide her way hither. Proclaiming herself the daughter of her father, she threatened to burn the stables down around them all, rather than allow the theft of the steeds. This courageously reckless bluff incited a checkmate until the stablemaster roused the estate's guard to arrest the thieves. The entire incident not only bonded Isys and Warder for ever after, but also left Isys with a welcome rush of advocating justice and defense of those in need

Long had Isys been a dreamer and now the notion of re-building the support of knights, squires, and men at arms allied to her formidable house was one that appealed to her heart. It was somewhat of an anticlimax when she eventually summoned up the will to broach the subject of attending school in warfare. Of course, both her mother and her uncle chose to ignore the chance that she was seeking out a far more perilous vocation, by investing in the best of educations they could finance, and what arms and weaponry would best protect their heir and "princess". With her trusted aide at her side, and her family's wealth and power behind her, she is surely to prove an interesting if unlikely force amongst the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth.

21/Apr/2013, 12:27 PM

Source > Matthew Mercer (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7Y2P01X0AEbvpB.jpg)

Name : Anardil "Warder" Thavron
Age : 30
Occupation : Began as Page to Lord Araldur Azrubęl, fell to the role of Stable-hand after the Lord's unexpected death. Now frequents as an aide/squire to Lady Isys Azrubęl
Residence : Castle Azrubęl, Lond Col
Relationships : The only son to Lady Sirdis of Emere, and the late Captain Gaerindil Thavron.

Appearance : He stands unlikely to draw the gaze of any else but who already know him and might thus seek him out. His dark hair falls in mostly straight a fashion to his shoulders, and tamed to look upon when required; most oft about company to whom it is expected that he should impress. His focused eyes are slate grey and his features keen. His build is well, and his gaze of great composure. Likely viewed as serious and rarely will he smile but in company of those he trusts enough to share his true opinions.

Personality : Devoutly loyal to the House of Azrubel, thanks to whose kindness he and his mother were salvaged from financial ruin long ago. Calm and resolved in the face of guarding an unpredictable young noble-woman. He remains to this day as a faithful hound or comfortable old pair of slippers to serve as needed, and contentedly he does so. He is proud of his late father's dedication to working a way out of relative obscurity, yet equally as proud of his mother's determination to forsake all manner of wealth and title in the name of love. He revers the ideals that he was raised on, of the chivalry in Swan Knights, and can be a little disappointed to realise that even the greatest warriors are only human. He is both eager and humbled when in true noble presence, and feels honoured to assist in whatever manner he is able that Lady Isys rise up unto recognition as her late father before her.

Biography : He was born of an unforseen alliance; his mother Sirdis being the only daughter of a notable Lebennin family, who willingly surrendered her fine prospects and inheritance the both in order to marry a man of lesser standing. Gaerindil, the boy's father, was enamoured of the sea and had compromised his own family profession in carpentry in order to pursue this dream. Eventually recognised in court for his small part about a naval achievement, the young sailor/ship's carpenter came to the attention of Lord Araldur Azrubel, a swan knight. By consequence and association, he thus won the greater affections of the Lady Sirdis Emere; who was visiting with Araldur's wife, the Lady Eressild. Sirdis was swiftly enamoured of Gaerindil and he was hard pressed to refuse her charm. Their son they named Anardil, after the famous ship-loving monarch of Numenor in ages past, which allowed to satisfy the noble kin of Sirdis; though the namesake had also ever been a patron saint of woodsmen and of carpenters, which appeased also Gaearindil's more modest kin.

Though Gaearindil would not give up the sea, he and Sirdis consented to send their only child to serve Lord Araldur at House Azrubel, as a Page. And so in time, when age and training had allowed, young Anardil would have eventually followed his liege lord into battle. Alas, before that day came upon them, both the boy's lord and his father were killed aboard a celebratory birthday cruise ship by maurauding corsairs. All hope of military exploits fell then by the wayside as Lord Araldur's mild-mannered brother, Lord Edhelmir, inherited all manner of title and rank about the House of Azrubel. Edhelmir was not a Swan knight, or a soldier but a scholar unused to the ways of war. Sirdis took her son and withdrew unto grief, thinking to tend to her equally grieving father-in-law. The old man though swift followed his son unto the grave however, owing to a faulty heart. The carpentry business was seized by the old man's apprentice, and Sirdis and her son thrown out onto the street.

Anardil was ill and Sirdis desperate when she finally accepted the charity of her old friend, Lady Eressild. This formidable acquaintance thus secured the boy's health and return to Castle Azrubel, where Eressild assured that Sirdis could sustain herself. Though there was now no knight, nor small hope of any yet abiding among the estate again, Anardil found use in aiding the aged stable master. Old Rube had lost his son in the fateful shipping disaster, as Anardil had likewise lost his father, and the two found some manner of comfort in the support and the company of one another.

Being as the only other child about Castle Azrubel, the boy retained his calling as a shadow to the noble girl-child, Isys. Soon titled thus as the young lady's "Warder", the name stuck, for he was more able to keep up with her than the fussing servants who soon tired of such games. Years later, when it occurred to Lady Isys to attempt to enter the military force of Dol Amroth, with ambitions for a Swan knight, her faithful Warder both encouraged and assisted her. Having witnessed her courage when horse-thieves sought to rob the rich estate, Warder recognised the same worth in the young lady that he had once admired in her father. He will follow her to whatever purpose the Prince Imrahil demands, fulfilling thus both of their young dreams.

07/May/2013, 02:29 PM
Source (http://movie-roulette.com/photos_big/ivanhoe-1982-2-1.jpeg): Sam Neill

Legrin Mîr

Name: Legrin Mîr
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Position: Lord of the House of Mîrdain
Race: Southern Dunedain.
Current Location: Ost-en-Ernil

Appearance: Legrin Mîr is not tall but of average height. He is powerfully built as all knights of Dol Amroth are. His eyes are dark and piercing, and some would even say haughty.

Occupation: Swan Knight. Master of the Mîrdain estate located south of the Ringlo. Also owns several merchant ships which conduct business along the coast, and occasionally which double as privateers when the buccaneering spirit takes Legrin. Currently residing in Ost-en-Ernil as a Swan Knight of the Prince.

Personality: Simply put, Legrin is a proud and arrogant man. He is faithful to the Prince and fights underneath his banner, but to him alone does he owe allegiance. He strives for power in the court and has few friends mainly because of his arrogance. In a pinch he can have some vestiges of nobility but otherwise he is simply seeking power.


Legrin was born in TA 2882 to Lethran and Lanthir Mîr in their home in Dol Amroth. His family was a dying breed from earlier generations when they proudly stood among the foremost of the defenders of the Prince. At the time of his birth they were but a shadow of their former glory, the sole survivors of an extinct house. Legrin was raised to think of himself as the last chance the family of Mîrdain had to retain their honor and power. From the age of seven he practiced with arms, building up his prowess for future times. When his mother and father passed in his youth he redoubled his resolve to rebuild the family. He began by swearing his allegiance to the Prince as had his ancestors before him.

07/May/2013, 06:18 PM
Source (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YKzDRB_0KGo/T5DUUMaINOI/AAAAAAAACMM/myrB8-EXpgQ/s1600/ivanhoe.png): Anthony Andrews

Barthon Glass

Name: Barthon Glass
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Position: Squire to Lord Mîr of the Mîrdain family.
Race: Part Southern Dunedain, part Northman of Rhovanion.
Current Location: Ost-en-Ernil.

Personality: Introverted and shy, unwilling to speak up even if the need arises. Willing to die for his abusive master, but desperate to get out of the trap which he is in.

Appearance: Barthon is tall and lanky, strikingly distinct from his master Legrin Mîr. He has light brown eyes and sandy hair - a trait from his mother who was of the Northmen of Rhovanion.

Occupation: Squire to Lord Mîr.

History: Barthon was born in TA 2997 TO Barthid Glass and his wife Fritha. They were lesser nobles who lived in Belfalas, making their living as weaponsmiths since their family had fallen on hard times. It chanced one day that Lord Mîr, when purchasing a piece for his armoury, noticed the young lad and took a fancy to him. Since none of the other nobles would allow their sons to be squired to Mîr, on account of his personality, he was forced to settle for a lesser noble. As such Barthon is constantly reminded of his station and the great favor that has been done to him. Mîr sees in Barthon the chance for his family rise again from the bottom up.

Lost Tales
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This (http://magali-villeneuve.blogspot.in/2013/04/jon-snow-game-of-thrones-lcg.html) image is being used with permission by the artist.
It is copyrighted to Fantasy Flight Games

Name: Lord Merenon (Merry)
Affiliated House: House Imrazôr
Age: 33 (born TA 2981)
Occupation: Swan Knight, Spy for Prince Imrahil
Relationships: Distant cousin to Prince Imrahil; his older brother, Lord Berendîr who is also a Swan Knight, and his brother's wife, Lady Barawen
Appearance: Merenon is about 6'2" tall and well-built. He is handsome with short, straight, raven black hair that falls in bangs over his forehead and clear grey eyes with laughter lines about them. He has a devil-may-care attitude and a certain air of recklessness about him that tends to attract the ladies.
Attire: When at home he can be found in long tunics and leggings of rich material and colours. He tends to favour deep blues and golden hues. When off acting the spy he is a master of disguises.
Personality: He is quick, sharp and witty. Loves a good laugh, and a good adventure even better. He always prefers to engage in a battle of wits rather than to clash swords with an enemy. But if he must do the latter, he is one of the best swordsman in the prince's army. He is a good mimic and has moved many an audience to tears of laughter with this talent.
Weapons: Long sword, spear, shield as a Swan Knight. When out as a spy and adventurer he carries a set of throwing knives, a long dagger, and a quarter staff.
History: Merenon was born the younger son to Lord Berenon and Merwen on three years after his older brother, Berendîr. It was said he was something of a miracle baby, for they had not expected him to survive being born more than two months ahead of his time. The first two years of Merenon's life were spent in a sick room. If there was any sort of virus going about, it was sure to get a-hold of this infant boy. Much fuss was made over this baby as every available member of the household who could help with him, was on constant stand-by. There were times when his parents despaired of his surviving past his first birthday...and then his second, the third, fourth and fifth. By this time Merenon had proved to be a rather stubborn little boy, with an adventurous spirit and a mind of his own.

He grew to hate the fussing and took it upon himself to play truant every other day. On one of his escapades while the whole family was out looking for him, Merenon stumbled upon his brother Berendîr, absorbed in a book under a tree. Up until that moment, these two boys had never had the opportunity to interact much with eachother. The one was a bookworm, the other was an invalid. However, as the five-year-old and eight-year-old sized eachother up that day, a bond was formed. Berendîr helped hide Merenon for the rest of the day, and regalled his eager younger brother with stories of knights and ships and brave heroes. It was to become Merenon's ambition...to be a knight and an adventurer.

Having crossed his eight birthday, the young boy began to show signs of shedding his various illnesses, becoming mighty strong in body and stronger in will and mind. He insisted that he be trained in the way of the sword along side of his brother. Lord Berenon gave in, albeit apprehensively. However, seeing that his younger son was able to bear up the strains of training he began to be glad as it was well-known to all that Berendîr was leaning towards becoming a scholar.

By the time he was twenty-one, Merenon was drafted into the service of Prince Imrahil, and rapidly rose up the ranks for his bravery, combat skills, and quick tongue. He is currently one of Prince Imrahil's most trusted spies and friend.

The bond he had with his brother has only grown deeper and stronger through the years, and is perhaps why he is greatly affected by his brother's sorrow in his marriage. He cannot abide Lady Barawen and holds her in great scorn. However, it takes much effort on this part to keep a still tongue in his head when his brother is around, refusing to rise to his sister-in-law's remarks and taunts that it might end up hurting and humiliating Berendîr.

Lost Tales
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Name: Lord Berendîr (Berendîr the Gentle)
Affiliated House: House Imrazôr
Age: 36 (born TA 2978)
Occupation: Swan Knight
Relationships: Distant cousin to Prince Imrahil; older brother to Lord Merenon; and is married to Lady Barawen of the House of Curunor
Appearance: Berendîr is 6'1" tall. He has sensitive looking dark grey eyes that tend to get dreamy at times, and he wears his long black hair tied at the nape of his neck. He sports a thin white scar that runs from across his chest right up to the left side of his neck.
Attire: He tends to favour long rich tunics of grey, silver or white when he is not on duty.
Personality: He has a very sensitive nature (not touchy) -- is very sensitive to other people's moods and feelings. He is soft spoken and gentle. On the battlefield he is a brave soldier, and is highly respected for his skill with sword and spear. However, he never kills unless and until he has to. Berendîr has the tendency to smile with his eyes, and those very eyes are open windows to his soul. He is not the sort of man a person can make an enemy of. He is more wont to inspire another to keep an eye on him and make sure he is okay. He loves art, music, literature, history and gardening.
Weapons: Long sword (one handed over to him by his father, Berenor. It has a gold hilt of elvish make with a big sapphire stone in the heart of a diamond cut), spear, shield.
History: Berendîr was born to Berenon and Merwen in TA 2978. He was the first child to survive after four others. He was followed three years later by Merenon. For the first few years of his young brother's life, Berendir had barely know or seen the little chap. Merenon being so sickly, he had had much of all the attention the household could afford to give, and thus Berendir at the age of three and for five long years after, had been much neglected. Berendir took to exploring his father's fairly large library, and books became his constant companion.

However, soon enough his brother would become one of the most important people in his life. Merenon proved to be a hardy little boy in spite of his physical ailments, and he had begun to sought out Berendir's company for he was the only one the younger boy could trust not to coddle him. Their bond grew strong, and, in spite of the vast differences between the brothers, Berendîr and Merenon became inseparable. While it was always clear which path the younger brother would be taking, Berendîr struggled to decide between following his scholarly heart or following in the family pride and tradition. At the end, to his parents' surprise, he chose to do the latter, but still manages to find time for the pursuits that are close to his heart.

In TA 3009 when he was 26 he married Lady Barawen from the House of Curunor. They had been betrothed to each other from the time the latter was born, thus, officially fulfilling a long-time wish of Lady Merwen and Lady Gwenlyn who were like sisters. However, the young couple were off to a rocky start when their personalities and interests clashed. Lady Barawen proved to be a clever and ambitious young woman, full of fire and vigour. This was too much for the gentle Berendîr who soon took the backseat in their marriage and allowed Barawen to take over the reigns.

Currently, he seeks comfort in books, his garden, and closest friends. He never says anything of his unhappy marriage, nor is there a hint of how much he wished he had the courage to make it work.

Lost Tales
29/Jun/2013, 09:42 AM
This (http://magali-villeneuve.blogspot.in/2012/03/game-of-thrones-lcg-dragonstone-convert.html) image is being used with permission by the artist.
This image is copyrighted to Fantasy Flight Games.

Name: Lady Barawen
Affiliated House: Married into House Imrazôr; family from House of Curunor
Age: 32 (born TA 2982)
Occupation: Lady-in-waiting
Relationships: Married to Berendîr, a Swan Knight and distant cousin to the Prince
Appearance: Barawen in about 5'9" tall. Her hair falls in deep reddish-brown waves down her back. She is not beautiful, merely pretty, but her grey-green eyes are full of fire.
Attire: One always finds her in court robes of velvet, satin or silk.
Personality: Barawen is fierce, passionate and very ambitious. People are both drawn to her magnetism and repelled by it. She is not an easy person to get along with. She associates only with people who are, in her eyes, not weak. She has no time to waste on 'fools'.
Weapons: She always keeps a slim, gold hilted dagger somewhere on her person.
History: Barawen is the only child of Lord Barador and Lady Gwenlyn. Only a few days after her birth she was promised to Berendîr, only four years old at the time and son of Gwenlyn's best friend, Merwen. She was given whatever she ever wanted, and was raised to believe herself a princess as she was aware she would some day become part of Prince Imrahil's household.

Her marriage to Berendîr has proved a disaster so far. She does not suffer fools gladly, and she believes her husband to be the weakest and most foolish fool there is. She can not understand his gentle nature, and holds him in great scorn. She has often times remarked to her mother that Merenor, Berendîr's younger brother, would have been more suited to her with his dashing looks, adventurous spirit and his wit. (Merenor thinks her the very devil.)

She currently immerses herself in intrigue between the various noble houses.

15/Jul/2013, 03:30 AM

Sir Branon "Wédehund" Raelwen

(Source) (http://www.gameof-thrones.fr/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/calendar2012-7a.jpg)

Sir Branon Raelwen

Gender : Male

Age: 40

Race: Southern Dúnedain

Position: Knight of Dol Amroth

Weapons:Rakand (http://www.fableblades.com/Photos/Longclaw/Longclaw9.JPG)(Quen: "Longclaw") A bastard sword given to Branon after his original weapon broke while guarding the warning beacons of Gondor in the White mountains. The sword is said to be as old as the warning beacons themselves.

Horse: A black coated destrier stallion (http://wallpaperspoints.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Modren-Black-Horse-Photo-Wallpapers.jpg) named Terkhes (Quenya: "Herald of Winter")

Personality: Cold but approachable. Dutiful, with a strong sense of personal honor that he adheres to.

Appearance: Is usually seen in fur trimmed, dark colored clothes when not in battle or preparing for it. Wears his personal suit of plate armor and a black surcoat bearing his personal coat of arms; a white rampant wolf, otherwise. His helmet (http://www.valyriansteel.com/shop/images/uploads/hh4-small.jpg) is also said to be quite terrifying

Parentage: Eldest son of Lord Haldir, Patriarch of House Raelwen in the northern estates of Dor En Ernil, and Lady Vardiel of Lamedon

Marital Status: Married to Lady Helwyn of Rohan, they have a 16 year old son named Alrik

Estate: Ost Imraun Location: Dor-en-Ernil

Biography : Sir Branon of the house of Raelwen (Quen: "Lionheart", Motto: "Karka ar Raka" Quen: "Tooth and Claw"), descendant of the Numenorean Dunlan family (and hence distant relatives of the Darthelyns of Eriador), was born in the fall of the year 2974 of the Third Age. His family had survived the fall of Westernesse in the Second Age and aided the faithful Lord Elendil and his sons set up their kingdoms in exile. The Raelwen's had long lived in Belfalas before it was ruled by the Princes of Dol Amroth or even the advent of their family name. Branon was raised in the Northern provinces of Dor-En-Ernil where he was taught, amongst other things; lore, language, and more importantly, how to uphold his family's revered name as a knight of the realm. He spent much of his childhood at the family's estate of Ost Imraun and sometimes visited his kin further north in Lamedon where his mother's family lived.

In the early years of Branon's knighthood the prince of Belfalas asked for volunteers amongst his kin to go to the aid of those guarding the warning beacons north in the White Moutnains. Branon was one of the few who answered. The job of guarding the summits where the beacons were built had become more and more neglected over the long history of Gondor but Branon was keen to prove that some strength still lay in the kingdom's blood. It was on a forray from the mountains further north into Rohan that Branon won his fame with that people. After his party had run afoul of a wildman ambush and lost their leader, it was Branon who led them on to find the lost Eorlingas. Find them he did; in a snow flurry and under attack. There he met and saved the life of the party's leader, a Rohirric warrior named Hadwyn who was wounded in a similar ambush that Branon had fought through earlier. It was for this action that Branon would be known as the Wédehund ("mad dog") by the Rohirrim from then on. The leaders of the two parties became friends and Branon soon met the man's sister, Helwyn, who he promptly fell in love with after enough time amongst the Rohirrim.

In the year 3000 of the Third Age, Branon and his family were put through the grief of saying farewell to his younger brother as Haldor headed off for Harondor. He would not see his brother again for ten years. In that time he has forged his reputation amongst the knights of the prince as the "warden of the north" and the "watch hound" and several other names he doesn't really care for. To this day he continues his tours of the mountains with the dog-like loyalty he has been known for.


(The rampant wolf sigil Branon uses personally)

29/Jul/2013, 01:50 AM
Source > Tara Fitzgerald (http://www.filmfansite.org.uk/actress/f_actress/f_actress_pictures/fitzgerald_tara_1.jpg)

Name : Sírdes Thavron
Age : 48
Occupation : Recently appointed "Companion" to Lady Eressild
Residence : Castle Azrubęl, Lond Col
Relationships : Widow of Captain Gaerindil Thavron. Mother to "Warder".

Appearance : Once as like to look upon that people thought her and the Lady Eressild as sisters. But the years and grief have worn away the smoother contours of sweet Sírdes. The long dark hair that once amassed about her slight form with as much vibrancy as all her hopes and dreams now lays bridled about the crown of her head so that she can most effectively look to those labours which distract her from her mourning. The girlish play about her lips has not yet wholly abandoned her with time, although the glistening sea-blue eyes that once mirrored her optimistic glow no longer burn quite as brightly as before.

Personality : Sírdes is largely a romantic although a romantic who has been ravished by the test of time. If she is as foolish as her friend sometimes proclaims, then she is an honest fool. For she wears her heart on her sleeve and can not bring herself to attempt anything that she does not believe in. She is very much an all or nothing sort of woman. She is affectionate and considerate. Her son is very dear to her, as is her friendship and unquestionable loyalty to House Azrubęl. Unrepentant of her decision to marry a man of lesser fortune than that which her father had long worked to afford, she is proud and seeks to remain independent. As to her father and mother themselves, her feelings are the more to do with fearing to witness their disappointment in her, rather than any manner of hated or blame for their inevitable withdrawal from her life.

Biography : Sírdes Emere was born of Lebennin and raised in good standing, owing to her father's status as a lesser nobleman. And so she did live joyfully, educated well in all manners that a young woman of her position should be. Her best and dearest friend was Eressild Aglarân, the daughter of a local baron. And so when Eressild was become the wife of Lord Araldur in fairest Dor-en-Ernil, Sírdes was invited to visit Castle Azrubęl less than a year after the wedding. She was young and despite the misgivings of her friend and hostess, she soon fell in love more deeply than she ought, with a dashing sailor/adventurer who she met at one of Lord Araldur's infamous parties.

The sailor was named Gaerindil Thavron, a man whose kin were not of any ancient or the least noble of lineage, except in good standing as a long line of carpenters inhabiting Dol Amroth. Despite his father's encouragement to uphold tradition, Gaerindil took up with the notion to become an able seaman. Using his youth, his strength and his father's teachings as qualification, he made good mention of his family's reputation for quality craftsmanship, and eventually managed to barter a position as ship's carpenter in the crew of an obliging captain. He and his comrades won some manner of renown, sailing a captive Corsair vessel back into Dol Amroth as a prize in the name of Prince Imrahil. Such a deed was worthy testiment enough for him to be noticed by the nobleman swan knight, Araldur Azrubęl; an equally adventurous soul.

Sweet Sírdes was thus introduced to the valiant young carpenter/sailor via their mutual acquaintance and she took fast the notion to her heart that Gaerindil was worthy of her love, conspiring with Lady Eressild to prospect a marriage which she hoped might anchor the object of her affection long ashore. Alas the undying devotion of Sírdes was not enough to quench Gaerindil's longing to live dangerous and free. He gave his young wife a son to raise however, satisfying her great need for company, and showered her with attention whenever he returned to shore.

Sírdes was gratified by Lord Araldur's support of her humble-turned-celebrity husband, and greatly honoured by his offer to take up the education of her son as a page in his noble household. So great a bond had come atween the two families by this point that when the flamboyant Lord Araldur planned an extravagant excursion into the bay for his birthday celebration, it was agreed that the festivities should occur on the infamous captured corsair ship, and it was Gaerindil who ensured that this might happen. To their everlasting detriment. For that very night, the corsairs stole through silent waters where the ship was anchored and lay waste to her and all aboard, a crime of retribution and long-assumed emnity.

Sírdes and Eressild were therefore both made widow, as Lord Araldur and Gaerindil and countless others of both kin and friendship were lost to the sea. In those days of great mourning, her grief was abounding as her father-in-law perished of a broken heart, and even the modest carpentry business was seized by unscrupulous opportunists. However, she was too proud to accept the position of governess to Eressild's daughter, Isys; fearing that such a position would put strain to their long-beloved friendship, much less put Isys' current governess out of employment unfairly.

However, owing to both her past refined education and Eressild's esteemed reference, Sírdes managed to obtain employment as a governess for another noble house of Dol Amroth; relieved in the meanwhile to know that her son remained in safe hands with their friends in Castle Azrubęl. Sírdes has recently ended her occupation as governess as her charge is grown, so Lady Eressild as ever has stepped in and insisted that Sírdes agree to stand as her companion, ensuring that her friend remains close and well at her estate. It remains to be seen whether two old friends can co-exist in such a strained relationship of class, particularly when the forlorn Sírdes is the only woman that Lord Edhelmir, Eressild's mild brother-in-law, has ever looked to love ...

29/Jul/2013, 01:52 AM

Source > James D'Arcy (https://katieglasswriter.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/james-darcy.jpg)

Name : Lord Edhelmir Azrubęl
Age : 49
Occupation : Lord and Master of Castle Azrubęl
Residence : Castle Azrubęl, Lond Col
Relationships : Brother-in-law to Lady Eressild, Paternal uncle to Lady Isys.

Appearance : The Lord is tall and fair and wise. To look upon he stands of no great stature for his most practiced of muscles are about the fingers that spend hours over art and/or maps. For just such a reason does he oft bear stains of ink in places that he can not ever seem to thoroughly make clean. His grey eyes are as two silvery moons, and though his brother Araldur was considered more handsome, there is an almost ethereal quality to Edhelmir, which demands a second, closer look. His hair is dark as the greatest of all depths and kept immaculately pristine, seemingly due to his calm and restrained manner of motion. He is not known to prove as either an active or impulsive character and, as is clear from his utter lack of a tan, he spends a good deal of time indoors.

Personality : He remains to this day an under-spoken man, particularly when he finds himself in exalted company. The exception is amongst his family, whom he loves dearly. Even in their midst however, he will not venture opinion against any whom he feels that it might offend, unless there should be great cause, for he dislikes conflict even of harsh tongues. A watcher of souls, he learns fast how to read another and reacts accordingly, so that he can adapt to many an encounter with relative success. Having spent long time outside the spotlight of his elder brother, he bears a predisposition of modest self-worth. If any should chance to offer him their time or compliment, he will attach great faith and respect in return. However, few are like to view him as a man of great note. He is often totally shadowed by the lure that most outsiders are compelled about his stunning sister-in-law and his enigmatic niece.

Biography : The wealthy house of Azrubęl had maintained it's estate and manor in it's full entirety by way of the primogeniture ruling, which means that the eldest child inherits everything, while younger siblings are expected to obtain other means of occupation. The inheritance of land and titles would not be divided and thus lessened throughout the passing of time. Edhelmir was the younger of two sons, and never looked to even attempt challenging his brother Araldur in character or standing. He was more than satisfied by the lot that he had drawn, and found great comfort in more lonesome recreations.

Alas that Lord Araldur (perhaps best known for his frivolous spending and generosity as much as for his all too brief stint in service as a Swan Knight) fell to unexpected and untimely a demise, when his rather audacious jaunt into the bay for a birthday celebration transposed to catastrophe, an unexpected victim of a sudden raid by corsairs. Having evaded the superfluous merriment himself, the reserved Lord Edhelmir inherited the family estate and therein much of the responsibility that he was unwilling to confront. Most formidable of all else that he now is inferred to command, is the care and welfare of one Lady Eressild of Lebennin, widow to Lord Araldur and mother of young Isys.

His relationship about the household is most often awkward in nature. He is in name the master of all that abounds within the borders of his land, and yet he is more like to allot duties to those others in his close association who would prove more capable than he about the task(s). He understands his limits and does not expect to come unto a lordly figure all at once. Slow and sure he has sought education from those learned in the duties that he must now undertake.

His youth allowed him great and lengthy pastime in his chosen interest, of which the majority are lonesome diversions. Ever reading, ever learning, ever thoughtful, he will not commit to anything unless he has afforded it all of the proper time and long consideration; weighing up the pros and cons. Such is his affection for the Lady Sírdes Thavron, whom he had admired when she first arrived in Lond Cor as an esteemed guest of Eressild. Before ever he could work up the courage to speak to her without turning quite red and crumbling unto a stutter, he was forced to watch as she fell hard into great rapture for another: one of Araldur's more adventurous friends, no less. Realising his comparative offerings to be less than hoped, he has never spoken of his feelings. And though the Lady is now widowed, thanks to the self same disaster which killed off his brother, Edhelmir is now raised to a point of social standing that he should not look to marry someone who has no dowry to speak of, and has fallen largely from the social circles which he is yet disinclined to enjoy. So he can not tell of his affections, and has long proven as merely a shoulder for the widow, Sírdes, to rely upon. The great shame being that she is still willingly shackled to her late husband, and is like to weep and find great sorrow when Edhelmir seeks even to offer kind words. Which leaves him in greater torment that ever, that he has upset her.

29/Jul/2013, 01:53 AM
Source > Julia Ormond (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9a/98/b8/9a98b8a1784d8c9582757a5fa8c20fd7.jpg)

Name : Lady Eressild Azrubęl
Age : 51
Occupation : Lady of Castle Azrubęl
Residence : Castle Azrubęl, Dor-en-Ernil
Relationships : Mother of Lady Isys. Widow to the late Lord Araldur, and sister-in-law to the current Lord Edhelmir. Best friend of Sírdes Thavron

Appearance : Was considered a great beauty in her youth and now yet retains much of that enduring glamour, maturing well, like the best sort of wine. Eressild still wears her long dark hair free of restraints, a quality she has not looked to alter since the days when it afforded her much attention and gained her a husband. Her eyes burn with the intensity of a gathering storm cloud, and evoke much interest that is hard to ignore, as does she often prove. Eressild was born of enough class and money that she knows how to make the best of herself, and expects no less now, though her husband be gone from her side. She dresses as though for the best of occasions, that she never be surprised or shamed in front of others.

Personality : Fine, elegant and intelligent, the lady of the House of Azrubel basically runs the estate with little protestation from her ruling brother-in-law, Edhelmir. She is refined and merciless, a master tactician when it comes to organising social events, and manipulating others to her will. For her own amusement, she will play at match-making, which sadly she is not particularly good at. Eressild is proud, rather than vain, and yet quite rightly so. For she has long since now evolved from a precarious young blossom, plucked to sit about great wealth and power, to her current disposition as an iron rose; as fair to look upon as she may prove in judgement. Her home and her family are her greatest interest, the welfare and reputation of both enough for her to set mind thus about safeguarding. But she would see justice and charity endowed upon the smallest, and most insignificant of those people who fall under her family's protection.

Biography : Eressild was born the daughter to Baron Aglarân, a rich man of great influence about the fief of Lebennin. Her elder brother followed her father into the trade of acquiring and trading in jewellery so that, even as a young woman, she was never short of valuable trinkets. Not spoilt in spite of this, she proved more practical than her simpering mother, and exhibited a head for business from an early age. When she was presented as a debutante to Lord Araldur, nobleman and Swan knight, she was fortunate enough to find a lover who not only admired her beauty but also her mind. Her eventual husband taught her much more than even she had learnt within her father's house, and though she watched his gambling habit with some growing concern, even she had to admit that he seemed blessed, for rarely (if ever) did he lose. And he was charismatic and assured, living a life of plenty with apparent ease though no great concern.

She loved him, though was not the type of a woman to make much of this attachment when in public. She but hung as though an afilliated ornament upon his chivalrous arm, quiet and obedient to all eyes until he came to her (as she knew he would) for counsel. They were partners, and largely successful in whatever project that they chose to undertake. Until the day his luck ran out, and he was killed by corsairs. Now his widow, Eressild has not looked to re-marry and, although unbeknown to most, the portrait of her lord which she ordered removed from pride of place above the staircase out of grief abounding, actually now holds secret patronage in her most private chambers. That he remain ever still close to heart.

As a mother, Eressild is greatly devoted to her only daughter, Isys. However, she is not the type to make a fuss or overly embarass herself over sentiment. She favours power and control over faith and trust, and yet she loves with fierce desire, more so than most may realise. Though she primarily looked to secure a match for her reluctant daughter, and secure the lineage of their ancient house, she finally resigned herself to the fact that many suitors looked with far more interest upon the family's great riches than toward young Isys herself, when considering a courtship. She would rather see her child happy in a dream unlooked for, than to mould her into something that the young lady is not.

So when Isys requested the chance to take up her father's place as a Swan Knight of Dol Amroth, Eressild looked on her daughter, now grown full to womanhood, and could find no degradation in the proposal. Her mother is, after all, a somewhat enterprising model of what a high-born woman can accomplish, if she so has the courage (and the power, not to mention the money) to substantiate. Besides which the Swan knights hunted down every which corsair who had taken part in the attack which killed her husband. Eressild considers the gift of her only child unto their auspicious ranks as a return of that debt. The fact that Isys cared enough to choose it matters much to her mother, for Eressild is well aware of her daughter's flighty and uncertain temperament. She hopes that riding with the order of Prince Imrahil's knights may help to build her daughter's confidence and mind.

As to her mild-mannered brother-in-law, this stately noblewoman means not to be cruel or unkind in her dealings with Edhelmir, and yet always is her disappointment most transparent following all necessary dealings with him. She has nimbly usurped all actual authority and power in the family homestead, to which he sits as little more than figurehead, albeit far the more approachable of the unlikely pair.

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Name: Lord Radest Tantia

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Occupation: Lord of House Tantia

Weapons: Dunedain Longsword and Shortbow

Personality: Strict but fair. Kind and regal as a member of the court

Appearance: Radest has hair up to his shoulders, grey eyes, natural pink lips and fair skin. He’s sculpted but not bulky when it comes to his body structure

Biography: Radest is the lord of castle Tantia situated in Belfalas where most Swan Knights are situated. He also owns a battle ship named “Swan’s Grace” to fight alongside other ships in their fight against the corsairs off of Umbar. He is noble born and the only child of Gifardus and Isabelle Tantia. He inherited his father’s position and title because of his father’s old age. He learned the skills of the longsword and the shortbow from his father at the age of 7 because his father told him that it was important to learn this art because he had to learn how to defend himself. His father was strict while he was training but was kind and fair outside of it. Through careful observation, this was how he inherited these traits from his father into his own life. From his mother, he learned grace poise and acting as a regal. He was always taught by her mother to stand up straight and to ‘glide’ while he walked.

As a Swan Knight, he took pride in this position but never allowed it to go to his head. He took it as an honor and a privilege to serve Prince Imrahil. As such, he is mostly found either at his estate or at Ost-En-Earnil serving Prince Imrahil in a military capacity.

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II of IV
Shadowed Ladies:

of Dol Amroth
(bio (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?16179-Character-Submissions-and-Database&p=654396#post654396))

She was little, climbing cliffs, sand stuck between her toes. She tilted her head up towards the heavens, her freckled face a reflection of the starry night above. Pale, almost white-blonde hair fluttered behind her. When she asked why she looked so different from her family, her parents joked that they found her, that she fell from the sky, a little seabird that lost its wings. She didn't believe them: she wouldn't have lost them, they must've been misplaced.

A little part of her was still looking for her wings.

But then her uncle from the North handed her a bow and arrow, and she felt like this was close. She loved how it could reach further than she ever could. She loved how it listened to her, but how she had to prove her strength to it first. She loved the way after she released an arrow, the bow hummed back to her through her bones. A friend, a rival, an accomplice.

She didn't much care for any sort of schooling. Her parents were soldiers, were of the common folk. They were both middle children from large families. Large families meant there were always those who rose. (Also meant they were those who fell.) One of her aunts and uncles were wealthy merchants and thus offered them access to the education and parties of higher society. Her parents may not have grown up with it, but if their children desired opportunity they wanted them to have it. She had a younger sister who joined her wealthy cousin at the parties and the rest of her siblings took advantage of the education.

She attended lessons sporadically, often wandering town instead, preferring a different society to educate herself. And the town noticed her. A small sharpshooting slip of a thing, eager to listen. They noticed how much she liked to learn, how much she liked to earn. That was the thing about someone who was always looking, who was always listening...they got good at finding, at delivering. These were qualities that could become useful. People started asking her to look, to find, to seek, to solve. There were lots of puzzles in this world, big ones that great folk would handle but there were little ones too. She liked puzzles, it reminded her of cliff climbing. You had to be a few steps ahead, you had to be just fearless enough to try but have enough fear to cling for your life.

She also liked stories as much as she liked puzzles, especially stories from history. She liked to think of magic in this earth, of castles of old and distant wars. She liked the people that worked this land, liked things earned. She did not really show this side of herself to many people. The dreamer hidden in the perpetual explorer. There was no specific reason for it but she did not trust easily, did not easily reveal her hand or her compassion.

Sometimes people called her selfish. She liked that. It scared her sometimes to see how selfless people were. How the guard and the soldiers offered themselves like they were something disposable. How easily they tossed their own lives aside to protect others. So call her selfish. She wished her selfishness could protect the young soldier that stepped in the path of a spear. Or the farmer who spent his time in the fields and the rest of his time paying his dues. Or the sailor who brought the things their city ran on and saw his son once a year, unrecognizable, growing like a tree. She wished she could be selfish enough for the whole world.

She was born blind in one eye and she felt like that made her want to look twice as hard. She saw everything, she kept her eye open. She slipped through cities and ports, ships and warehouses. She listened when people spoke. She listened when people asked. She'd tell you she did it for the earnings. She'd tell you she was just selfish. But the truth was she liked delivering to those who asked. If she were the type to make promises, she imagined it'd feel like a promise kept. Despite all her eye-rolling and judgments, she knew of want and of feeling lost. She knew everyone deserved some selfishness. Knew that everything worth doing did not have to be for the greatest good or highest honor. They could just be because you wanted it.

She believed there was always something that was worth seeking.

About: Shadowed Ladies is a series of character studies (for lack of a better term) for each of my SL characters. Find the others here: I (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?20142-Character-Biographies-Minas-Tirith&p=657117#post657117), III (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?20151-Character-Biographies-Ithilien&p=657196#post657196), IV (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?20145-Character-Biographies-Umbar&p=657727#post657727) and find the more traditional biographies here (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?16179-Character-Submissions-and-Database&p=654396#post654396).


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The House of DIMAETHOR, the Silent Warriors

Name: Abrazimir of the House Dimaethor [Abrazimir is Adunaic for "Steadfast-Jewel", while Dimaethor is Sindarin for Silent Warrior. He can also be called Himîr, which is the Sindarin equivalent of Abrazimir.]

Race: Man, Southern Dúnedain

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-six.

Occupation: Aspiring Warrior.

Weapons: Small, family dagger, heirloom of his house, reputedly from Númenorbefore the downfall.

Personality: Proud and austere, Abrazimir was raised in a strict, no-nonsense scholarly household, instilled with patriotic and racial beliefs in the supremacy of Númenor[hence the Adunaic naming conventions, which the other Houses of Belfalas would no doubt look down upon]. Of a brooding nature, his anger can be quickly visible, though he is capable of pity and laughter should the mood come over him. Still young and untested, he is quite eager and optimistic of mind to achieve greatness through deeds of valour on the battlefield, knowing from his studies that war is often the mover of history and the chief way of one earning their place in history, if even as a footnote. As per the customs of House Dimaethor, the House of the Silent Warrior, he can exhibit antisocial behavior, though more of a demeanor commissioned to him by an even prouder father than through any real desire of his heart and mind and like all young people, desires companionship and belonging.

Appearance: A tall man as one befitting of the Race of Sea-Kings, Abrazimir stands at an even six feet, with dark curly hair down to his shoulders. He has the keen sea grey eyes of his race, having been born and weaned within sight of the great ocean, and a fair face, though generally marred by a lack of reason to smile. He is broad shouldered and long limbed and goes against convention by allowing his beard to grow out in a scruffy manner about his jawline.

Biography: Abrazimir comes from an ancient, proud House, the House of Dimaethor or the House of the Silent Warrior, settled in the Second Age and passing on into the Third. The line has continued unbroken during the end of the Second Age and into the Third, though twice it has been broken and continued on through the cognatic line of succession through a daughter or sister, as was law in ancient Númenorwhen there was no eligible males. The men and women of this house, though adhering to the policies of the Faithful, have long had great pride in the lost realm of Númenor, even going as far as to adopt not only Sindarin but old Adunaic in their daily speech, before the latter became adopted into Westron and the common speech utilized in the present day. This has often clashed with the other noble houses of the region, for though the House of Dimaethor had always followed the heirs of Elendil, they are often accused of sympathizing with the Black Númenoreans, the descendants of Kings Men, in the south. This was most exemplified during the Kin-Strife in the middle of the Third Age, in which the House of Dimaethor supported the Usurper, Castamir in the wars against King Eldacar. This was the final breaking of the male line of Dimaethor, to which Lordship of the family was given over to a sisters-son, who changed his name and ruled, along with his descendants, right to the present day.

Abrazimir's father is the aging Patriarch of the House and a vassal to the Princes of Dol Amroth. Lord Zâinabęn [Earth-Servant] is a robust, traditionalist noble, even going as far as to partake in agricultural work alongside the peasants and people of his fief. He has three children, of which Abrazimir is the middle child and only son, for which the hopes and legacy of his House is owed to his success in life. At a young age, his father denied Abrazimir the life of a "slothful upbringing", preferring to set Abrazimir to work in the fields and hills alongside his people, rather than follow an education pertaining to lore and the sciences as most other nobles might partake. At the age of six, he had learned to ride a horse and drag a plough across the fields. By eight, he was manning his own ship and sails, activities in which he found some relief from the mundane, repetitive nature of farmwork and labour. Little joy or freedom did Abrazimir have to follow the pursuits of a child, earning little friends and finding little intimacy or affection within his home. His mother was a woman of another great house, who marriage was arranged to his mother and was thus loveless, carried on by duty and responsibility to one another and to their families first and they were often distant, for his father pushed conservative values of segregation within his own household.

The literate arts, though restricted, were often his favourites growing up, perhaps due to the lessened chance to indulge his minds in the great tales of heroes and far off lands. Once a daydreamer himself, Abrazimir often chose to retreat to such places within his mind during the long hours of labour inflicted upon him. Something his father often disliked and rebuked him for, Abrazimir chose to distance his mind from his reality, portraying himself as the dutiful son while secretly relishing the thought of adventure and the infinite possibilities of the wide world. As he grew into the fullness of his manhood, Abrazimir, now strong and hardened by field work, would soon transition into the greater part of his education, chiefly being the songs of the sword and service to the Prince of Dol Amroth and Steward of Gondor. It was perhaps the first obligation set by his father to which he showed any true eagerness to follow and is soon to set off to Minas Tirith to present himself as an able bodied man for whatever work or service the Realm might require of him, for his father refused to allow him to use his family name to garner rank or position at the court of the Stewards.

Name: Zâinabęn (Adűnaic, Earth-Servant) Dimaethor.

Gender: Male.

Age: Fifty-eight.

Occupation: Lord and Patriarch of House Dimaethor.

Personality: Proud and stoic, Zâinabęn has fully dedicated himself, mind and body, to the recovery and glory of his family. An ardent traditionalist, Zâinabęn espouses strong belief in the ancient customs of Numenor and clings heavily to the legacy of his House despite its recent decline in fortunes. He believes wealth and prosperity led to a measure of decadence and fragility on the part of his ancestors, which in turn led to the downfall of his family. An energetic man, he seeks to return to the roots in which his House was founded upon, agriculture and horticulture, and enforces such a mandate upon his own children as well, working alongside the commoners and peasants despite their familial status. Despite his claims to humility, he is very judgemental and believes nobles and commoners should remain apart outside of daily work.

Appearance: A tall man, Zâinabęn lives up to his name sake in being enduring and strong like the earth itself. Once a warrior, he has his fair share of battle scars from his service, with rough hands and a weathered face brought on by age and endless toil enforced upon himself. Though his face is wrinkled and his gait beginning to stoop, in his late age he returns a deep raven hue in both his beard and hair, a youthful element he perceives as a sign of his pure Numenorean blood. He has stern grey eyes, like pools of frozen ice.

Biography: Zâinabęn was born in the period of time when Sauron returned to Mordor and thus it has ever remained like a dark cloud upon his thought, from childhood up until the present day. As a young child he endured the impoverished condition of his house, dwelling under an arbitrary father and a distant mother who had a loveless marriage, of which he was an only child. Even as a young boy, he was strictly an opportunist, never acting without great thought to what he may or may not gain on the basis of his actions and words. He was not prone to merrymaking or playing as children of his age were accustomed to. He disdained slothfulness and sought to harden himself as much as he could, disliking the weakness and frailness of his father. So great was his zeal that many times he threatened to undo his own life or harm himself greatly in the process, for he enjoyed the climbing of inhospitable mountains and the enduring of icy waters in the winter upon his flesh, forcing himself to endure.

Ever he gave thought to the status of his once proud family, snubbed and slighted, and the perceived coming of the End, which ever weighed urgently upon his mind. As a young man, he lied about his age and enlisted in the service of the Prince of Dol Amroth, attaining the rank of Swan Knight through his valour and might and participating in the border wars of Gondor for many years. He developed both a fury and a begrudging respect for the Haradrim and was merciless in his dealing with the folk of the Black Land across the River. He married in his twenties, arranged in the fashion of his House, to Orelnith of Lossarnach, who was nine years younger, yet of like mind in tradition and custom. He was with her in the beginning for only a few short weeks before returning eagerly to his service, for he saw marriage not as a joining of two hearts but rather as another duty, to beget children and continue the legacy of his House. Above all he ranked the survival of Dimaethor above even his own wants and needs and those of his children.

He was not kept from her long for soon after the birth of his first child and eldest daughter, he was wounded in a naval skirmish off the mouths of the Great River, sustaining a leg wound that made Knighthood and campaigning nigh-impossible with his limped gait. Having lost this ability to actively participate in the service to his Realm, he then turned to inflicting such a passion into his own children, daughters and son all, now restricted to the confines of his home after his thirtieth year. He took to the reformation and reordering of his small, severely reduced familial fiefs, increasing its profitability slightly while trying to turn back the hands of decay and decline in its boundaries. Tirelessly and endlessly he worked, for in every reform he seemed to find two more faults that needed correcting and in this pursuit he used his children as lieutenants. No longer would the children of the House of Dimaethor sit in ease and learning within its ancient manor, but rather take more actively to the fields and grounds, to strengthen one’s mind and body and prepare for the coming tribulations.

Name: Orelnith (Sindarin, Morning-Star) Thȏrphen.

Gender: Female.

Age: Forty-nine.

Occupation: Lady and Matriarch of House Dimaethor.

Personality: Soft-spoken and traditional, Orelnith can be said to be as delicate but enduring as mountain flowers. Rarely speaking, she is known to be a great listener and watcher, picking up on non-verbal cues as easily as spoken words. Committed fully to her husband with whom she was arranged, Orelnith devotes herself solely to running of the family household and retains herself to the traditional gender role of a Matriarch of a great house, serving as an ambassador or diplomat to others. She has great faith in the Stewards and believes all should push themselves to aid the Realm in however they can. She is well-read yet narrow minded, restricting herself solely to the things she knows and believes in.

Appearance: Orelnith was said to have been beautiful in her youth, with fiery red hair and bright blue eyes. Yet the poverty stricken conditions of her house, taken from the mountain values to the shores of the sea, seem to have aged her prematurely, her hair already streaked with grey before her fiftieth year. Her hands were worn from the traditional seamstress role, of which she burdens all the household demands for upon herself. Yet having passed three children into this world, she is also stricken with a permanent exhaustion that sags at her flesh and demeanor.

Biography: Orelnith was born in the peaceful mountain vales of the White Mountains, near the city of Minas Tirith which she often visited with her many brothers and sisters. She did not share her sibling’s desire for exploration and trekking through the mountains, preferring the comfort of her abode and the crafts she could wrought, considered to be very dour handed and skilled, though never once had she laid hands upon any sword or weapon. She is a peace loving creature, given to song and reading, but deeming her place in life to be that of a homemaker than an adventurer or warrior. In her late youth, she was wed to Lord Zâinabęn by decision of her father, with whom she happily complied.

She knew not what it entailed and the first few years were a deep disappointment to her, disillusioning her with the prospect of happiness in marriage, seeing it rather as a cold duty in which she must partake and fulfill for her family’s honour. At first her husband was aloof of her after their marriage and left her behind in Dimaethor alone and without assistance. Slowly her joy faded as she was forced to watch, alone, the slow death of her father and mother in law, while her husband was out at war. Upon her own shoulders she took the upkeep of the manor and grounds, holding it in trust until her husband returned. She was much grieved when he did, for he returned not in honour but in sorrow, injured and invalided out of the army. Three children she bore him, though only the youngest was of like mind to Orelnith, or rather as she had been in her youth.

In the present day, she is a blind follower of her husband and though she may not agree fully with his views at times, she commits herself fully to the role of a dutiful wife, supporting Zâinabęn in all he does or endeavours. To her children, she is ever open as counsel, though she would also discuss what secrets they may tell her with her husband, which has slowly caused a rift between her and her youngest two, as she also believes against keeping secrets from her spouse as well. For though she may approve of their wishes, Zâinabęn does not, desiring them to be full adherent to the growth of their House, in which he commands and rules over.

Name: Zôrzimril (Adűnaic, Fire-jewel) Dimaethor.

Gender: Female.

Age: Thirty-two.

Occupation: Married to Lord Morfindir Gilorn, a minor noble of Lossarnach.

Personality: Zôrzimril shares much of her father’s mood, being a calculated woman with a strong work ethic and a traditionalist view on life. She is determined and quite easily ruthless in her pursuits, refusing to forsake any deed or quest upon which her mind has been set. She has a passionate demeanor, outspoken in her convictions and is a very principled woman. Though she follows after her father, she is not the son he wished for and despite this silent disappointment, she still endeavors to please him however she may, much like her mother in being a blind follower to the family’s direction.

Appearance: Zôrzimril borrows from both her mother and father, possessing her mother’s red mane of hair for which she is ultimately named, though she is grey eyed in the manner of her father. Obeying her father’s wishes for his children not to be idle or arbitrary, she has taken with a zeal the tilling and working of the fields with the other women of Dimaethor. Toiling under the bright sun however has worked to prematurely age her, and though she is still beautiful and tall in her increasing age, the telltale signs of aging are already upon her.

Biography: The eldest child, Zôrzimril did not meet her father until she was six years old already. She was not given the chance to explore the merry life of a child, kept close by her mother during the short tenure in which Orelnith was entrusted with the ruling of House Dimaethor in Zâinabęn’s absent. His return however did not necessitate a move towards a normal life, but rather a continuation of the desperate straits in which the family rested upon. In the upkeep of Dimaethor, Zôrzimril was conscripted and utilized as a lieutenant for her father, used however she might in the furthering of the family’s status and power.

Little independence or means of individuality did she have a chance for, at once put to work and adhering to a strict upbringing overseen by her father, in which strength and endurance were prided above learning and lore. Following her mother’s example, she was arranged and wed off in the manner of nobility to a minor Lord of her mother’s home, in which she now dwells. The dowry it is said nearly ruined the fortunes of House Dimaethor, though by all means it was considered quite handsome and lavish. No feast, party, or wedding has followed in the years she was married off.

As a young girl, Zôrzimril is said to have had the dream often, of earth shattering earthquakes, of fissures in the ground, or great rumbling and thunder-filled sky, all to be eclipsed by a dark wave that rose up to consume all the chaos.

Name: Azrâindil (Adűnaic, Sea-flower) Dimaethor.

Gender: Female.

Age: Nineteen.

Occupation: Lady of House Dimaethor, unwed.

Personality: As sweet as honey, Azrâindil is the embodiment of rebellion against Dimaethor, at least in thought. She is entirely prone to daydreaming and is infected with sea-longing, even preferring the swaying cradle of a moored boat as a bed than the soft, still feather mattress of her home. She is hopelessly optimistic and does not think much of the future, taking each day as it comes. She is not very hard working by nature, but a single rebuke from her mother or father can set a determined fire in her, if only to escape their wrath and all the sooner return to her shore wanderings and deep water diving.

Appearance: Dark haired and grey eyed, Azrâindil is very slender and it is often jested of how miraculous it is that she doesn’t blow away with the wind. Still in the prime of her youth, she has yet to be hardened by work and toil and is considered the greatest treasure of Dimaethor to be produced in many centuries. It is however difficult to find Azrâindil in a state befitting a high born Lady, for she swims or lingers by the waters of her home, soaked and dishevelled in her explorations of whatever secrets there may be under the waves.

Biography: The youngest child of Dimaethor, her mother nearly passed away in giving birth to Azrâindil. Yet despite this arduous beginning, she has been nothing but a ray of sunshine upon her family’s lands. No cloud could dampen her spirits and she had a free roaming mind that dreamt of everything from elves to oliphaunts. Though she had little choice but to endure the indoctrinating policies of her father, she somehow managed to escape with her mind intact and not broken into that of an obedient adherent of the family cause.

She is terrified of heights yet loved ever the depths of the sea, which she felt a deep longing for ever since she could remember. In this she shared her father’s longing for enduring, pushing herself little by little through her childhood and early adulthood into plunging deeper and deeper into the sea, seeking to hold her breath for as long as she could while exploring the seabed near the shore. In this, she picked up the art and hobby of pearl collecting, fetching many of the precious stones and hoarding them with a zeal. This she shared with her mother once, who unfortunately told her father and had her first collection confiscated, for Azrâindil kept them for their beauty, while her parents wished to sell them for wealth and gain for the House. Yet she was not dismayed and she continued to dive and collect, when she was freed of her daily chores.

Being the last child however brought with it a measure of protectiveness on part of her siblings and parents. Harmless though her hobby might be, it is often discouraged and frowned upon, as is anything she might do that puts her out of sight or watchfulness of her parents or retainers. This she resents at present, seeking instead to push further and further away, turning more to her sport and dreaming of things related to the great sea.