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Dol Amroth is a seafaring port, and has grown from the original settlement of Lond Ernil to become what it is today. The Bay of White Ships comprises three distinct districts devoted to the nautical life: White Town, Middle Port and New Port. Here your characters can explore numerous locations in this roleplaying thread as you tell your stories together. There follows a detailed guide as to the purpose of
each distinct port and the key locations and figures from each, to assist you in creating a sense of continuity and realism. Occasionally locations and figures of note will be included in games run throughout Dol Amroth by resident games masters.


The White Town &
The Cove of the White Ships

The Cove of the White Ships houses the naval fleet of Dol Amroth. The White Town is built around the Cove of the White Ships and serves as Dol Amroth's war-harbor. It is the center of the local woodcraft, sail-making, and armorer industries, as well as being the only place in town where a sea captain can find specialists such as cartographers and makers of precise navigational instruments. Most merchant enterprises within the town are modest, and designed to cater to the residents alone.

http://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gifLocations in White Townhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gif

The Inn of the Blue Heron

This four story inn is owned by Edheldur and his wife. They have three sons and a daughter who help with the upkeep. It is a fine establishment and a favorite place of visiting sea captains who enjoy the hospitality and security of the White Town over the bawdy taverns in Gate Town and elsewhere.(Roleplay at this White Town location can be done in the Blue Heron Thread found HERE (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?16183-The-Inn-of-the-Blue-Heron))

The White-Shipwrights' Guildhall

This four story imposing structure is a mystery to those not of the guild. It has three secret subterranean levels, making it a seven level structure in total. Those who meet here call themselves the High Guild and enjoy their elitist status. Membership of the guild is a closely guarded secret also, and supposedly one must first be invited to join before enduring a stern initiation procedure. Careful observation might reveal likely guild members but it would be by no means conclusive, since many nobleman visit to petition the guild to construct or repair naval vessels.

The Metalworkers' Guildhall

The Armorer's Guild and the Smith's Guild meet here, though not always at the same time.

The Sail-makers' Guildhall

The sail-makers are a small guild of the elite, or so they consider themselves. They have influence and power though, for their skill and necessity commands respect.

The Navigators' Guildhall

If you do not know the local waters you would be a fool not to hire one of these trusty seafarer's. The Master of the Guild is Volumahn, and he also serves Prince Imrahil and advises the movements of the White Fleet.

The Halls of the White Fleet

This is the home of the barracks for unmarried seaman affiliated to the White Fleet, usually housing a high number of mariners at any one time.

The Melon Inn

Asdur and Asduriel, a father-daughter relationship, are the proprietors of this three story inn. A favorite of men of the White-shipwrights, this resplendent inn boasts fine food, seven superb private rooms, spacious lodgings, and private bathing rooms. The name of the inn is a nod to the founders of the establishment, supposedly elves who departed for Lindon long ago.


The Middle Port &
The Working Harbor

The Working Harbor is frequented by merchant vessels and trade ships pertaining to the industries of Middle Port. Businesses here often run their own shipping
concerns and so the naval traffic here is all related to those.Dol Amroth's Middle Port is renowned for its ship-building and fishing industries. Here, wrights trained in the ancient elven ship-making skills
produce the finest sea-going vessels in all of Gondor. The art of constructing the famous White Ships, similar to the elven Swan-ships, is still practiced in
this quarter, and the secrets of the craft are jealously guarded by the 'Nimgirdain' or the White-shipwrights.

The Middle Port is a home to the working class and so also houses sail-makers, coopers, smiths, carpenters, rope-makers, tanners and pitch-layers who all reside here. They labor in the well ventilated shops that line the streets near the quays. Unfortunately, these craftsmen produce a stunning array of harsh odors, and a
still wind in the Middle Port inevitably results in a disarmingly pungent air.

http://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gifLocations in Middle Porthttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gif

The Shipwrights' Guildhall

The Rondocorhoth Cirdain is the largest and most opulent of Dol Amroth's artisan's halls. It has a main chamber and many smaller meeting rooms assigned to various functions within the guild.

The Lampmakers' Guildhall

The lampmakers or Celerdain of Dol Amroth are highly skilled and receive commissions from all over Gondor. Their gaily lit four story guildhall is illuminated by their exceptional wares and bright lights.

The Fishermans' Guildhall

The Rondocorhoth Pisgedain maintains this five story building which contains meeting halls, a museum of maritime oddities, private guest quarters and a school.

The Fisherman's Market

By far the largest market in Dol Amroth, this offers the finest and most varied array of seafood in all of Gondor.

Aldamir's Smithy

Aldamir is one of the wealthiest smiths in all of Gondor and he dwells in the castle quarter. However his son Artanimir clearly feels the wealth is not enough, for he
loves Lothiriel, the daughter of Prince Imrahil, and vies for her affections. It would seem his romantic ideals are doomed, but that doesn't stop him working
very hard to make the business even more profitable, in the hope that amassing a larger fortune might attract the hand of the lady in question!

The Sea-Drake

A three story inn, the Sea-Drake boasts some of the best seafood dishes in Dol Amroth, on a modest budget. It is also famed for its array of ales and
for a retreat that is frequented by many artisans its owner always seems to be moderately impoverished. Ranlos is known as ‘Ranlos the Witless’ at the gaming
tables he visits in the Cliffs of Dol Amroth. His gambling vice has seen him squander more riches than most ever dream of, and so he has to work very hard
to keep the Sea-Drake profitable.


The New Port &
The Commercial District

The New Port is Dol Amroth's only 'open' harbor. Larger than either the White Town of the Middle Port, it accommodates wards serving visiting vessels and it's warehouses and markets are capable of handling the city's tremendous and varied volumes of commerce. Inns and taverns stand alongside the district's many storehouses and trading halls, serving those who wish to avoid the rambunctiousness of the Gate Town or the high prices found in the Castle Quarter.

http://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gifLocations in the New Porthttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/ltblue.gifhttp://laielinwen.com/Plaza/DA/rtblue.gif

The House of Fair Trade

This trading house is a large hall open to merchants, citizens and traveller's alike. It is a swap-meet where goods are exchanged for items of similar worth.

The Dol Amroth Auction House

The auction house is similar to the House of Fair Trade, save that all items are paid for in silver, rather than bartered in exchange, and items are bid on in the open auction rooms. There are several large rooms set aside for storage and private auction rooms also.

The Seashell

A restaurant serving a wide array of merchants and travellers, offering a less rowdy atmosphere for a meal than the quayside taverns and inns can provide.

The Butchers' Market

Although Dol Amroth is renowned for its seafood, this is the center of trade for those who wish instead for red meat, and poultry.

The Merchants' Hall

Second largest of the local guildhall's, the Merchants’' Hall accommodates most of Dol Amroth's general merchants' congresses and serves as the town's commercial court, a forum of arbitration used as an alternative to the Prince's Chamber of Equity, which is far more a High Court with similar purposes.

The Merchants' Exchange

A cooperative money lender owned in partnership by the Prince and the White-shipwrights' Guild.

The Waterfront & Eldahir's Brewery

A four story inn, the Waterfront is owned by Eldahir who also owns the local brewery. It boasts the finest ales and the only beer produced in Dor-en-Ernil. It also has a dark secret. The employees and family of Eldahir are in fact in part a circle of spies, under the employ of Tirdumeir of Umbar.

The House of Westernesse

This five story merchant house is owned by a mysterious benefactor and is the closest to an organized crime syndicate that Dol Amroth comes. Always discreet and cautious, the populace know that the House of Westernesse has money invested in many of the quayside businesses, but in quiet, it deals with smugglers and other underworld elements.

The Sign of the Seasick Sailor

One time mariner Cardacil manages this rundown establishment, where the beds are cheap and the drink is too. It stands three stories tall, and boasts a large taproom that often breaks out into drunken debauchery. Popular with the crews of visiting ships because it so affordable, it would make a roaring trade if Cardacil had a head for business. He loses a lot of his money due to petty thievery, ill-advised private ventures and poor investment.


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Naith Liathant
20/Feb/2011, 11:10 PM

New Port - The Seashell

The bustling port thrived on the coin of visitors from far and wide, and this day was no different than any other in that regard. Dozens of vessels sat in the waters of the Commercial District, as the grey skies overhead rained down on them in a listless, lazy rhythm. It was little more than a drizzle but constant enough all through the morning to have dampened moods and clothing.

Sir Maladros walked confidently and easily through the winding streets on his journey with the curious girl - thief he had laid eyes upon skulking about in the Court of the Prince during his open session that morning. She was a rebellious lass, and that much was for sure. She hated noblemen and it was clear also considered them fools, for lack of hardship. Sir Maladros could have laughed at that if it were not actually darkly ironic. The girl did not know him, but Sir Maladros knew of many such strays. However he did also know many Swan Knights, and for their grave high born concerns he could see why this girl and other paupers and commoners felt as she did. But that didn't stop him from seeing and knowing how hard life took it's toll on even the most fanciful seeming of nobles. Matters of estate, business, war, tangling with taxes amidst woes of missing ships at sea, lost cargoes, months of finances written off at the first sign of a Corsair cutlass or wicked scimitar. It was one thing to be starving yourself, but another to be responsible for the upkeep of lands you can barely pay tithe for, with your servants and staff starving and in need, depending on you.

Sir Maladros had always worked harder than anyone else he knew, and played harder too. He maintained in Court the image of the arrogant young Knight, recently inheriting the fortunes of his deceased father who had died at war. He had gone so far as to seem heartless in bearing and greedy also, by celebrating his windfall rather than mourning the loss of his father. The business propositions coming his way were laughable, obvious swindles assuming him to be of low intellect and like to squander his new found wealth. House Maladros was a sinking ship, apparently. Not so! Marrick was as keen a businessman as any about, and far more astute than any would believe. As an only child he had become so by necessity for he knew his responsibilities well and had them keenly hammered into him from very early childhood. Many was the time he had been belted or slippered for mathematical errors and the like, when his father tested him. Once he had spent a winter night in the woodshed, closed in and unfed 'til next morning while the roof leaked. Small hardships but punishment he had sought to avoid time and again after the first experience. Punishments repeated until he got it right.

On the practice fields, Marrick fought with ferocity, though not guile. Guile was something he picked up later, and as a result his swordsmanship and skill on the tournament fields was now better regarded than it was in his early manhood and youth, where he was bested too often and too easily by those better educated who had nothing else to do all day than play with swords and at being soldiers. Maladros was a quick study however, and took a long six month sabbatical from Dol Amroth that his father had thought was for the betterment of his numeracy at a college in Edhellond. In truth he had never reached that college but in the stead spent the entire of the time training each day for many hours to make his body harder, and stronger, his fighting prowess enhanced. This he did under the watchful eye of a swords-master unknown in Dol Amroth.

Arriving at last at their destination, Maladros self preoccupation ended as the two travellers entered an establishment called the Seashell. It was at this time busy, and yet it was not long before the waitress had secured them a table. Ushering the girl through, Maladros swept along in her wake, until they were sat at a table for two to one side of the main chamber, among the hum and murmur of steady conversation and the smells of rich seafoods from the bountiful harvest of Dol Amroth's fisheries.

" Peruse the menu, and choose anything you wish to eat." Maladros said, handing a leatherbound menu to the girl and appraising the waitress.

" To drink?" She queried.

" Freshly squeezed orange juice, thank you, too early in the day for anything harder edged." Maladros smiled. " Girl?"

She seemed absorbed in the menu.

" Same for the girl, we'll order the food in due course." Sir Maladros glanced about the hall in the Seashell and nodded his satisfaction. Packed in to the rafters! That was what he liked to see!

21/Feb/2011, 12:07 AM
New Port - The Seashell
(after a bit)

This was a place that she knew and knew well. Not as a thief though she often had come through this area hoping some passing vessel had brought word of her father, even after the harbor master had told her that there was no hope that he'd be found at all. If she was lucky she might find word of The Pelican.... her fathers ship. There had been no news of that either and as she came to the road that would lead from New Port to Middle Port she looked down that road. Middle Port was where she normally went for if her father came back with the ship that would be the port he'd go to. It was an odd thing when she thought back on it, all those years of beatings and starving half the time and even after she'd learned she could feed herself better stealing she'd waited for him, even after men had come and kicked her out of the house that he had put a loan against so that he could own his ship.

Her attention went back to where she was going, or more so on who was about where they were going, several times did she catch small smirks on peoples faces. She knew them as fellow thieves, and they would be questioning her possibly at knife point when this was all said and done. Not something that she was looking forward to. In New Port there were less of those glances but she knew the odd face and they worried her even as she was ushered into the Seashell, a place she had never been before and it was decidedly less seedy than the places that she bothered to go, and probably twice as expensive. She though taking a glance about as she followed the waitress to a table a few people moved to cut in front of her path but seeing the rather imposing man behind her they seemed to think better of it and waited for them to pass.

At the table she was handed the menu and stared blankly at it for a moment before opening it up and looking at it. It was a good lot of scribbles to her was what it was. And after the waitress was gone she set it down and looked hard at the this Knight Maladros and debated on kicking him under the table but managed to restrain herself. Stupid noble.

"I've been a thief for most of my life, and the other years were spent with a mean angry drunk of a fisherman father that would rather beat me than make sure I was fed and clothed. Educating me on anything but how to take a beating without crying was well beyond his care. How much do you think I can actually make out of that menu as you call it." She said in a hiss so that only he could hear it as she slid it across to him for him to read the darn thing.

Naith Liathant
21/Feb/2011, 12:34 AM

New Port - The Seashell

Sir Maladros was astonished at the outburst! At least it looked for intents and purposes that he was. In fact it was quite the contrary. he had half expected more squirming and less immediate admonishment, but this girl was full of surprises! He really liked her. She was perfect for what he had in mind and had just proven it beyond doubt. It was of course a shame she didn't know her letters though, a real shame.

" Ah, my apologies, dear girl. That was ill considered of me, and you must consider me most insensitive!" He tried to sound both remorseful and hurt, and then he made a show of reluctantly taking back the menu. " I had not thought that there would have been none to teach you your letters, and at that I realise and am thankful for my own education more so. I remember the pained days spent learning the dratted things though, and in many regards, I would think you are better off. Once you learn to read and write you seem to end up spending days and days and days pouring over records, ledgers, histories, business documents and inventory lists. It is enough to drive a man to drink!" Maladros laughed disarmingly and his penetrating blue eyes shone.

" I intend to order the mussels, for they set you up for the day and are not too rich for stomachs unused to seafood and sauces. They can sit rather heavy mind you, and fill you up for a good long time. If there is anything else you have a fancy for to eat, let me know and I'll get you it."

The waitress walked back to the table and placed the orange juices down before taking Marrick's swift order.

" I may add to that once the girl has experienced the mussels. I'd like a tomato and seafood sauce with them please, and not too much onion." The waitress left the table nodding politely. " Bloody onion! Like thief-catchers, Swan Knights, and soldiers, they are just there to catch the poisons. Know what I mean?" Sir Maladros smiled. " Pick them out or ignore them when you receive your portion." The Knight was meaning well, for there was truth in his words.

" We need to begin from a basis of trust. Everything you have said to me so far makes me wish to employ you. My name is Sir Marrick Maladros of Dol Amroth, and I am a Swan Knight - for my sins." He paused. " My father died at the Poros in recent conflict and I mourn his loss though we had our differences." He stopped and grinned. The mussels were on the way.

The waitress placed them down, and Maladros supped some orange juice. She departed shortly thereafter.

" Your turn. I would like you to start from the beginning. If I am to help you, and provide for you, I would like to know something of who I am helping and providing for. In return, I will do what I do for all those under my employ. I will pay attention to your needs, I will protect you taking all measures necessary and I will provide you room and board. Let's hear from you, girl. You have my attention." Sir Maladros popped a mussel into his mouth and began to chew.Edited by: Naith Liathant

21/Feb/2011, 04:32 AM
"Don't play with me knight." She sad narrowing her eyes, at his comment about reading and not knowing. "Feigned apologies earn you no respect in my world, and respect is worth far more than trust. Thieves don't trust anyone." She said hoping he would choke on an oyster once they arrived. She said sipping at this juice that he had ordered, she'd never bothered with juices. Most of the time it was water or something a good bit stronger. It was good and she took a second sip of it, she was not above showing she liked something when it was as far as she was concerned free. Though she gave him a hard look at the thief-catchers comment.

"If the onions here work like the thief catchers since you are a knight and not a thief catcher, I'd say they don't work well and we should avoid the mussels all together since they I managed to get to survive in Dol Amroth for ten years." She said taking a drink of the orange juice.

"As for your father I would say sorry for your losses but I don't know you beyond what you'vve just said nor do I know anything about your father. If he was anything like mine a congratulations would be in order." She said calmly after the oysters had arrived. He ate one of the oysters and was looking at her intently to tell him about herself and she licked her lips and picked up one of the oysters and held it out to him like a glass "To the chance of death with every morsel." She said with a laugh and slurped the thing from its shell.

"As for telling you anything about my past, I've told you plenty about it that you should know my beginnings well enough for my liking, and considering you seem to think your offer is my only choice and that I could not say no to it. But you've failed to tell me anything about your uses for me, beyond that you have issues at the docks. If you wish to know more I suggest you actually tell me what my job is for if it is something I will not do there is no use of you giving me room and board or anything else, and there is no point to me telling you anything more about my past than I have. Though between what you know and your prince knows you could probably piece together a good bit more." She said eating another mussel eyeing the knight intently.

Edited by: Taelindwyn

21/Feb/2011, 08:07 AM
Year 3004

She woke up shivering, it was cold in the small shack that her and her father called a home, She rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand. She was hungry but there wasn't much food left in the house and what was there was for her father but he would not be back for another few days she was sure. She sat up and wrapped her thread bare blanket about her small puffs of air showing in the chilled air. The one small window showed that it was still a bit before sunrise, which meant she would have the entire day once again to try to find some food since she had no money to buy any. She licked her lips and bundled up as best as she could given what she had to wear. Her feet and hands were wrapped in rags to keep them warm and she headed out of the door towards the market square.

When she arrived vendors were already there setting up their wares most of them looked at her with contempt, and all of them shooed her away when she came to ask if they had any food that was going bad or to old. As the sun rose the market began to get busy and she found herself getting pushed aside for people with money a few of them looked at her sadly but most ignored her pretending she did not even exist. It was useless she decided and headed out of the market and towards the docks. She shuffled her feet and kicked at a pebble and stayed out of the road as much as possible quite afraid of some of the large horses that the Knights rode. Her father told her that those horses ate bad little girls like her and so she tried to avoid getting close to the horses at all. Until she was safely to the Middle Port.
She sat on the dock wishing her father would come home and hopefully have had a good catch, because that would mean he would be in a good mood and then she would get to have some potatoes and maybe even some fish with him.

Naith Liathant
21/Feb/2011, 10:01 AM

New Port - The Seashell

Sir Maladros sat back in his chair, and wiped his chin. He was puzzled by the oysters, but the girl had ordered well. Mussels and oysters? He slipped his oysters forward for the girl and popped another mussel in his mouth, chewing it thoughtfully, before he swallowed.

" A chance of death with every bite? I think I'll let you have my oysters!" He grinned, and laughed mercurially. Then he took his cup and drank some more juice. The girl's expression said she was enjoying hers, and that was good.

" The job I would have you begin with would be simple. You receive room and board, square meals and three silvers per week deposited at the exchange. There you will have a small account. You can either let it build up or claim it weekly. I will introduce you to some work colleagues of mine, men under my employ mostly. They will occasionally issue you with instructions. You will obey those missives as though your life depended on it, and with attention to deal. Due diligence. The rest of your time is your own, but try to stay out of Stonegate, and try not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Your principle duty will be to walk from the New Port, to the Castle Quarter, or to the Cliffs. Then to walk back. This will be your duty daily, though there will be days when it is not required. On these days I would expect you to spend your time gathering information, observing activities throughout the dockland, and keeping your nose clean. On those walks I mentioned you will be carrying parcels, small, often easily concealed about your person. You will make delivery to me or to one of my household retainers at designated locations and in turn you may be called upon to collect such and take them to other locations throughout the ports. So what do you say?"

Maladros ate another mussel and watched the girl's face studiously.Edited by: Naith Liathant

21/Feb/2011, 06:36 PM
New Port -Seashell

"You are going to pay me to run parcels about for you and gather information on the happenings of the docks 3 silver a week, as well as feed me, and give me a place to live as it were." She said slowly her food forgotten, granted there did seem to be a lot of work involved in staying out of trouble. This was a deal she did not trust, 3 silver was more than what a normal messenger would get, she'd stolen a weeks wages from more than one of those in her time. However she'd be a ruddy fool to refuse the offer, She leaned forwards slightly.

"Taelindwyn, and if you cross me knight I will disappear and you'll spend the rest of your days praying that I am dead because if I am not one day I'll be back take your penance for it from your hide." She made sure to look him in the eye while she spoke her agreement as it were to the knight.

22/Feb/2011, 04:01 AM
Year 3004

Father didn't come home that day even though she really wished he would because that would mean he had a really good catch since he was home early. Instead though it was nearing sunset and she headed back up to the market square that was close to the small shack to see if there was any food that had fallen or clothing that had been disguarded. There was none, the vendors of course thought of her as a beggar though she did not know it and so they preferred not to encourage her since if other beggars and thieves saw them helping her out they would have to help them out as well and it was not something they wanted to deal with at all. Taelindwyn bit her lip, her stomach growling loudly as she headed home, no food in her belly at all for the day. She curled up under her blanket and held her stomach with her hands she was very very hungry. She stared up at the window, the sun had gone down now and she could see the sliver of the moon that was rising she'd been told once it was made of cheese and she wondered if she could climb one of the mountains and grab a handful of cheese from it or if that would ruin the moon. With that thought in mind she remembered no more than an aching belly for the night.

23/Feb/2011, 05:47 AM
Year 3004

She woke up in screaming in pain as her hand was crushed beneath the healed boot of her father early in the morning as he ground it into the ground. she hit at his leg which caused him to stumble back and kick at her which she scrambled out of the way of but he was fast enough to grab her by the back of her shirt and hold her up in the air. The smell of drink was heavy on him and he had a hard time focusing on her which was well enough for her because any blows would have a chance of missing. She sat her breath coming in short puffs in the darkness that was slowly being tainted red from a sun slowly raising itself above the horizon.

Her father said something drunkenly that she did not fully understand but it didn't overly matter she was flung at the door and soon her fathers dirty clothing was flung at her as well and she headed to wash it knowing that was what he was yelling at her for. Not being awake to wash his clothing when he got back. Since he was back and drunken already she was willing to bet that it had been a bad catch. She sighed as she traveled through the abandoned streets towards the public washing area. Nobody used it now in the winter except her and a few others. But nobody but her was there at this hour and the icy water felt good on her now throbbing hand that was starting to swell up.

Naith Liathant
23/Feb/2011, 08:39 AM

New Port - The Seashell

Sir Maladros nodded, and drained his juice, popped another mussel in his mouth and quickly chewed. He spoke as he finished the morsel. His hands suddenly busy, as he palmed a coin that appeared from nowhere but seemingly out of the air, slipped it under his cup and slid that vessel across the table.

As Taelindwyn took in the speed of that movement she might have missed his words.

" No time like the present, we have an accord. That means an agreement. Now drink up! We have work to do!" He produced a small velvet lined pouch and tipped his mussels into it, not worrying about the water that tumbled with the shells. " Those are tasty and certainly sustaining but we neither of us are getting any younger. So you have these," Sir Maladros said, placing the bag in front of Taelindwyn as he stood. " Grab what you want from this fair, I'll settle this up and then we'll take a walk you and I." He signalled the waitress who was serving at another table.

The Knight turned and awaited for a few moments before he took a few paces and forcibly paid the waitress for their meals and drink while she irritably tried to deal with that and her customers. Quickly Sir Maladros was done, with a quiet word to that waitress as he handed her coin.

Swiftly then was he returned to Taelindwyn, who was doing what previously starving and underfed people would do.

" Come on Taelindwyn, let's not tarry here. I've some interesting people for you to meet. First we go to the Merchant's Hall." With that Marrick began to sidle out of the Seashell, and fully expected the girl to keep up...

He was soon stood outside on the wharves, with the rain fall slightly harder now, under the canopied entrance to the Seashell. His bright blue eyes taking in every detail of the dreary streets and alleys wending away from the establishment.

23/Feb/2011, 08:58 AM
New Port - The Seashell

She blinked at the knight as he poured his food into a velvet bag and then set it before her. She hardly was able to comprehend all that he had said with his flurry of activity. but she got that she should take what she wanted from the plate. Of which she took a few mussels for oysters were best eaten quickly and she did not know what Sir Maladros was doing. She did however gulp down the sweet juice before he managed to make it back to her. She picked up the bag (it seemed the knight expected as much) and followed him out.

"Interesting people?" She mumbled barely keeping up with the knight once he started out of the Seashell. Twice she got separated from him but managed to slip through small openings in the crowd that most others would not manage. She also out of pure habit had lifted a coin or two from patrons that were not paying attention while she was attempting to keep up with the knight and stuck them in one of her pockets. She looked up at the Knight though almost in shock once they were outside.
"You're taking me to the Merchant Hall? I'd really rather not." She said nervously. The Merchant hall was like a court, and she'd been there once when she was young. The person that was there said he didn't want to see her or hear her name again or he'd send her to the Stonegate. It was not generally a place that thieves liked to go to.

Naith Liathant
23/Feb/2011, 09:19 AM

New Port - The Wharf

" In view of your preference, walk with me." Maladros face shadowed, for he was now thinking of alternatives and with an impatient sigh he turned in haste down a backstreet alley and briskly cut across New Port. As they closed on Middle Port, he stopped - outside 'The Merryman's Mercery'.

" This will do then, let's get inside. I have a friend who is an exquisite tailor of unusual note, but we'll not find him here! He is rather more important in the trade than Mister Merryman! A charlatan name if ever there was one." Sir Maladros entered the two story building and continued to explain.

" Your attire is bedraggled and I am certain you have not had a change of clothes for a time now. You cannot survive on what you have found in the markets. Pick out whatever takes your fancy, and if we need a fitting I'll arrange it. I'll wait over there." He pointed to the counter, where the ruddy faced and sullen looking Mister Merryman eyed Marrick, cheering up visibly and subconsciously rubbing his hands together as he spotted clients! He hated rainy days but perhaps this one might be better, the man was thinking from beneath his tasteful flatcap.Edited by: Naith Liathant

23/Feb/2011, 09:32 AM
New Port - The Wharf

She caught the annoyed look clearly enough but he did not push and for that she was glad, however he was saying a bunch of stuff that made very little sense to her and when she finally did understand him, he was saying she looked bad! And dirty. And that she could not survive in them. She quite clearly could and she thought about giving the knight another small bit of her mind but decided against it.

She could agree with the dirty. Thieves of her caliber were not known for having excessive wardrobes and so when he said pick out whatever took her fancy she ended up standing her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. She'd never bothered with shops like this only traveling merchants selling clothing. He motioned that he was going over to the counter and her hand shot out and grabbed his arm.

"No. You stay right here." She whispered. "I've never been in a store like this and I don't know the first thing about picking out clothing other than warm and able to hide stuff in it because it's too big." She whispered softly. This was really starting to be too much. "All I know is no dresses the things are useless." She hissed looking up at him almost pleadingly after all she'd agreed to running parcels and watching things happen and gathering information. Not change her entire attire!

Naith Liathant
23/Feb/2011, 10:18 AM

New Port - The Merryman's Mercery

" Ah right, forgive me..." Marrick trailed off frowning down at Taelindwyn and rubbing his chin absently. " Look if you are going to work with me, I need to work with you." He said, hastily dragging her by the arm around the aisle to take her out of Merryman's sight. " I need you to be able to seamlessly move from the ports to the wealthier districts, like the Cliffs - as I said. You can't go wearing mismatched pilfered clothing if you are to do that. I'm not saying high fashion, Taelindwyn, but I am saying 'blend in' and at the moment you just won't do that. You do want to do that don't you?" He sounded hurt. Then he smiled suddenly. " How about this!" He said grabbing down any old shirt. " Ah no, this won't do..."

He took a step away from the startled looking girl, and he smiled back at her. " This!" He took down a some fine hose and a plain light blue shirt, and then he hunted out a black waistcoat, one with pockets. He grabbed a yellow shirt down next, and then another pair of hose and some leather workman's hose. With those came braces or suspenders as they were known in some parts of the world. The yellow shirt had some frills to it, but nothing ostentatious. Marrick had made a quick study of the girl and her size and he was usually right about such things. He found for her a smock or two to keep her clothing protected and he could see one lined with inside pockets. He put one back and took two of these. He finished off by taking a flat cap down such as many sailor's and dockworkers wore. He threw in a quilt lined doublet, button up, and these were simple clothes, such as any young man might wear.

" If I require something more feminine for you, I will have it sent to you." Marrick sighed. " This should do eh?" He smiled, looking so clearly pleased.

Soon she was trying a few items on in the fitting rooms, alone, and thereafter, with a clearly impressed Marrick doing the paying, they were stood with Merryman who was grinning ear to ear like it was his wedding day.

Mere minutes later, dressed in her new attire, Taelindwyn was stood with Marrick out on the narrow streets.

" You look a picture." He said, referring to the phrase used by artists and the like to indicate perfection or looking one's best. " Now on to the cobblers." The smile had vanished after all, when he looked down at her feet...

" Ah but by way of the bathhouse." He added upon reflection. " I'll leave you on your own in there while I get the shoes for you." He walked briskly to the bath houses on the Wharf and paid for Taelindwyn to get herself clean.

The cobblers was not far, so soon she would have shoes too, but again with the guessing. As they parted, he carrying the clothes in excess, and she being escorted to the bathing chamber, he only wondered briefly if he would see her again. That said Heolwyn was known to him and he knew she would keep an eye on the girl. Besides he wasn't going far away.Edited by: Naith Liathant

23/Feb/2011, 05:58 PM
Newport- Merryman's Mercer/Bath House

She had just nodded and allowed him to dress her and was quite pleased at the lack of dresses and found herself smiling perhaps for the first time all day It was as she'd managed to steal an entire coin purse of gold. Which most other people would frown about but that was the best day she'd ever had. She'd even managed to stay in an inn that night and eat a real meal. So this was perhaps one of the best days of her life.

"I am sorry," She said once they were out of the shop and following the Knight a bit like a lost puppy that had finally been fed by someone. "I quite honestly have never bought clothing so I would likely have come up with something silly." She said softly. Though she had absolutely no clue what like a picture was though she did understand the cobblers. SHe brushed her hands over the doublet happily making sure that the two coins she'd taken from earlier where safely in her pocket. It was very warm and she liked it very much as they headed towards the cobblers thought eh Knights stopped again and led her into some other place. She knew it wasn't a cobblers and she was quite confused at first. and soon she found herself being led away by two women with instructions to get herself clean.

She found herself in a small room with a tub and a fire which kept the chill from the air and steam was raising from the tub as a third lady poured another bucket of hot water into the tub. There was some clucking and some soft noises from them. All of which confused her having never had a mother at all The motioned for her to get undressed and put her clothing (which they found most inappropriate for a girl serving a Knight) on a chair and get in the water.

She did this a little worried after all it wasn't exactly hot outside which was when she normally bathed outside of town in a river as best she could and that was always cold which was why she did it on hot days. However after a little more prodding she was in the tub despite a small yelp in surprise at how warm it was (she had NEVER had a warm bath) she found water being poured over her head. Heolwyn figured the little stick could hardly know how to clean herself properly after all just looking at her hair was enough fr the woman to take special interest. She'd not have Maladros wandering around with a dirty street rat, if he had to run around with a street rat at all. She and one other lady scrubbed away as the girl washed herself they made sure she was actually clean.

It was about half an hour later and the water was looking quite dirty but the girl was looking quite clean as she dried off with one of the towels handed to her. SHe was on the skinny side Heolwyn decided as she could count her ribs and see a few places where she was a bit more gaunt than what she should be. She was also unimpressed by some of the bruises she sported like any mother would be A girl should not have bruises ans scars across her back and arms. She could only guess what they were from as she quickly slipped back into the hose and shirt she'd come in. Heolwyn grabbed a comb and took to the girls hair and soon it was tangle free and much much longer than Heolwyn or even Taelindwyn would have guessed and it soon lay tumbling down to her mid back. Taelindwyn immediately grabed at it and put it into a loose braid after all she didn't know if she would have to start working today or not and this would keep her hair neater longer. Now all that was left was for Maladros to bring back shoes.

Naith Liathant
23/Feb/2011, 06:15 PM

New Port - The Bath House

Maladros was however waiting in the front foyer when Heolwyn and her ladies were done with Taelindwyn. He was hardly surprised, for he was sure it would take some time to get the lass cleaned up. She had been a mess, but Sir Maladros was accustomed to judging that a rough diamond was better than no diamond at all. It certainly beat polished glass which was all you ever found at Court.

" You look much refreshed." He said, curiously absent of the large volume of clothing he had purchased for her. However he did hold out some shoes, which were of dark brown leather and practical, soft soled but thick enough. Good for stealth actually. " I do hope these fit, I tend to have a lot of confidence in my estimation of sizes but I occasion to err once in a while. Not that I do this kind of shopping very often!" He laughed easily, and naturally.

" Ah Heolwyn," He said, " I am ever astounded at your ever shining beauty." He closed ground with the woman. " Here is the coin for the girl, you have done wonders in scant time."

" I'd have done more wonders, Marrick, had I been given notice! Why is the girl to dress in men's clothes? She has the most beautiful hair and is quite pretty under all that muck, but for the bruises and such." She lowered her voice at the last.

" She dresses how she wishes, and she wishes how she dresses!" Marrick glowered. " As for bruises, well, keep your voice down. She has had some bad experiences of late which led to her being in the state she was in. She is the daughter of my late uncle's second cousin, and she is in my care!" He growled. Then his tone softened. " Thank you once again though, Lady Heolwyn, I will send her to you once every two weeks. More frequently if the need arises." He smiled.

" We must go, girl!" He said to Taelindwyn. " Come along!" With that Marrick strutted out of the Bath House, wending back along the wharf and toward the Merchant's Exchange.

" So how are the shoes?" He asked Taelindwyn, as she hurried to keep up.Edited by: Naith Liathant

23/Feb/2011, 06:28 PM
New Port - The Bath House

She caught the womans question as she was putting on the nice soft shoes. Which actually were not that soft since the were new and she had never worn new shoes before but they where quite comfortable and a lot closer to her fit than her last pair had been. Perhaps only half a size off which meant she didn't need to stuff them at all really. She stiffened a bit, she had not told the Lord about any bruises. And she watched them closely as they spoke. Though she did not catch all of it she could tell that he was a bit angry about the bruises and the questions. Though she was going to be sent here far more frequently and he said something she didn't understand about an uncle and a cousin.

Of course when he commanded her to come along she was on her feet following after him as swiftly as she could though his steps were quite long and she found that she had to walk incredibly quickly to keep up with him.

"The shoes are quite nice." She said concentrating on keeping up. She knew they were heading towards the Merchants Exchange a place where a lot of money traded hands really. She would have to do her best to remember she had two coins in her pocket already and a bundle of new clothing which she only realized now were no longer in Maladros' arms and she had to wonder at what he had done with them. And new shoes and she had just been scrubbed from head to toe in warm water. She flipped her braid over her shoulder and picked at the end of it as they traveled hoping to keep her hands busy with it rather than in the pockets of others.

Naith Liathant
23/Feb/2011, 06:57 PM

New Port - The Merchant's Exchange

Entering the imposing four story building, Sir Maladros was accompanied by Taelindwyn, a young girl none had seen before within the busy Exchange. Marrick breezed along among the teeming merchant's and agents of the Exchange as though he knew every nook and cranny.

" I am pleased the shoes are to your liking, Taelindwyn. Come with me upstairs." He said, as they came to a flight of steps leading up to the landings of the first floor above ground floor.

At the top were many small rooms, offices in fact, and Sir Maladros took the left and began to walk around the landing until they reached a door six down from the turn. Taelindwyn could see down into the ground floor, at the mix of hats and heads, going to and fro. Sir Maladros rapped on the door and soon it opened.

" Sir Maladros!" A little man said, his face weaselly and thin, his long nose of character, but quite crooked. " Ah and no doubt a lady of the court! Do come in." Said the little man, of quite some years, his hair grey and balding.

Sir Maladros gestured for Taelindwyn to go inside and he held the door for her. Soon they were before a polished mahogany desk and sitting in the nicest chairs with padded velvet seats.

" Let me introduce you. Taelindwyn, this is Falcir of the Exchange. He handles people's money for them. He keeps it in a nice strong box in his vault, and maintains exact records of deposits made. Withdrawals are a simple process, you need only visit a man who handles your account. In this case, Falcir. He is therefore what you will call your accountant. I am about to open you an account since your trip from Pelargir will doubtless leave you in need of a Dol Amroth trust. Falcir?"

The weasel faced man seemed much amused. His rheumy blue eyes shone with mirth though and he opened a ledger.

" Taelindwyn? Well aren't you a lovely girl indeed. How are you spelling that?" He inquired, prepping a quill.

There was an uncomfortable silence. Sir Maladros was staring out the window to the left.

" Well girl?" Asked the accountant, frowning ever so slightly. Marrick snapped back to the present.

" As it sounds." He said, a little snap to his tone, that sent that quill scrawling across parchment as though the little man were fencing with it.

" Now to the small matter of a deposit?" Asked the weasel faced man amicably.

Marrick placed not one, not two but three silvers down on the table's surface.

" Taelindwyn here must not be spendthrift. I will forbid you from allowing her to withdraw this money until one week has passed." Marrick insisted. " After that I will have three more silvers deposited each week, when I make my usual deposits and withdrawals."

Falcir nodded and scrawled down some squiggly patterns on the parchment.

" Very well." Falcir smiled. He opened a box. " Pick one." He said to the girl. Signet rings. Swan, rose, tower, crossed swords, two dozen other emblems. Marrick placed a hand on Taelindwyn's gently.

" She will carry my house signet." He said coldly to Falcir.

" She is your daughter? I didn't know you had wed, Sir Maladros much less had a child!" Falcir chuckled and looked even more amused.

" She is my late uncle's second cousin's daughter!" Maladros growled. " She will have my house signet. Now close the damn case!" He snapped.

Falcir hastily closed the case and swallowed hard, his darting eyes taking in the girl with no further sign of amusement.

" That's better. Now when this girl comes to collect her money, any of it, you will accept her signet and her signet alone. No signatures." Maladros said.

" That is most unorthodox, Sir Maladros, I don't know that I can allow..."

" Allow? Falcir! You either want the account or you do not!" Maladros said. " I can always move my money without use of the Exchange."

Falcir rubbed his nose. " Very well, I agree." He sighed.

" Good, pleased to hear it!" Maladros stood. ' Come Taelindwyn. Falcir knows you now and you him. You come here to this office if you ever want to make a withdrawal. Do you understand?" Asked Marrick, looking at the girl where she sat.

Falcir smiled again at her, sheepishly, nodding.

" Yes, you just come to me girl and old Falcir will sort your account for you." He said in his slightly high voice.

23/Feb/2011, 11:53 PM
New Port - The Merchant's Exchange

She had her hands clenched into the end of her braid as she walked into the swarm. She didn't pick up on their rich clothing or anything of that sort. No she picked up on their coin purses. Most jingling loudly and she was quite relieved when Maladros led her up away from the throng of coin purses. The second floor was almost completely deserted save for the odd person walking so she relaxed her hands from where they were in her braid and looked over the railing to the crowd below. From here they looked quite different and she wasn't staring at their coin purses, from here those were hard to see anyways.

Suddenly the door opened and she was asked inside she glanced to Maladros but played the part well enough walking in and sitting down carefully rather than flopping down. She was a bit nervous but did her best to hide it especially when she was asked to spell her own name. She glanced to Maladros who seemed to be staring out a window until the accountant repeated himself a bit annoyed. She watched closely as the three silver were set out for the deposit. She was a bit annoyed at the condition but she had a few coins already at least so she was not to worried about it. She could survive a week easily without his coins she'd survived ten years already.

She was sort of shocked when Maladros put his hand over hers and gave Falcir a look she'd not like to be on the receiving end of. His hand stayed put and tightened just slightly as the accountant was difficult however as soon as it tensed it relaxed. She was confused as to what was happening but gave a nod when she was asked if she understood that Falcir was the person that she needed to see to deal with money.

She stood up giving Falcir a small smile and nod and looked at Maladros who knew where they were going next. She was going to stay quiet until they were out of the exchange she had a few questions for the knight though, that way she might be able to stay out of trouble better.

Naith Liathant
24/Feb/2011, 01:36 AM

Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Once more on the streets of New Port, Marrick walked hastily with Taelindwyn, and spoke not for a few long moments. They were pacing their way from the Commercial District toward the Working Harbour, and Sir Maladros passed the Sign of the Seasick Sailor in his wake, which was good for Taelindwyn that he did.

After a few minutes of walking, and with the girl struggling to keep up, Marrick turned down a side street and soon stopped. It was three story inn and above the pair on the rain splattered street a sign creaked from where it hung. It depicted a sea monster of sorts, rising up out of the squalls, and the monster was green. The rendering was actually very good, though the beast likely mythical. The words 'The Sea Drake' were gilded beneath in large letters.

" This is Middle Port, as you probably know full well. This is where you will stay, I am going to pay for a room for you here until I secure something more permanent. You will call this place home for at least two weeks though I should think. It's not bad as inns go around here, and the food is good. At least better than any you will get from the inns and taverns of New Port. Also it is central to the waterfront so you are pretty much in the best spot. That is important. They call this the Working Harbour, because many of the artisans and true labourers ply their trades here. The people you will find in this tavern are not so rough as the ones you might find frequenting, for example, the Seasick Sailor, which we passed on the way." Marrick paused. Now are you ready to go in?" He asked the girl.Edited by: Naith Liathant

24/Feb/2011, 03:49 AM
Middle Port - The Sea Drake

She followed him into MIddle Port everything here was incredibly familiar to her. This was where she had grown up. She was glad to see them passing by the Seasick Sailor not far from where they were was the harbour where she had spend weeks after the storm waiting. Hungry and cold and forgotten/

"I know this area very well Knight this is where I grew up though my home was a good bit closer to the Sailor. And I know the harbors and the type of men that work at them just as well." She said calmly looking at him. "You have me almost in my comfort zone Maladros, I will ask though who my father is before we go in, since you seem to know more about my past than I do. And a good thief keeps their lies straight." She said softly so that prying ears would not hear her. "And while we are at it I should probably know you're late uncles name as well. Otherwise lead the way." She said motioning to the door she was now a lot calmer though she kept watch of their surroundings, not because she felt she should for the Knight, but because she was use to such things to survive in this part of town.

Naith Liathant
24/Feb/2011, 10:52 PM

Middle Port - The Sea Drake

" You need not concern yourself with those details. Both my uncle and his second cousin are now dead. Bled out at the Poros. Most people I know are aware of that. So my saying about you travelling from Pelargir was to help them fit the pieces together. They would already have been thinking some tragedy had befallen, so they are not likely to ask you and force you to go into difficult emotional territory. My advice is that if anyone you meet asks, to look sad and say you don't wish to talk about it, it's still too raw." He smiled, showing no attachment to the dead people in his family. " That usually works."

He placed a hand on the door and entered, holding it open for Taelindwyn.

" Is there anything else before we head in? I'll introduce you to Ranlos if he is about. He is the landlord." Marrick explained.

24/Feb/2011, 11:12 PM
Middle Port - The Sea Drake

She raised an eyebrow at the knights answer. She doubted that that would work on everyone in Middle Port that saw her about. "I already know Ranlos to see him, and he may know me to see me, but I do not know if he will recognize me at the moment." She said stepping in after all she was now dressed properly and cleaned from head to toe, she knew Ranlos well enough he had owned this establishment for a while and she had seen him many times looking about. She was not a drifter after all come from some other city she was born here in this area of Dol Amroth. She saw him off talking to a patron in the pub his back turned to her, she had heard several times that he was poorly suited to keeping money in his pockets and at no fault of the thieves of Middle Port either. She paused inside the door waiting for Maladros.

Naith Liathant
24/Feb/2011, 11:51 PM

Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Sir Maladros swept into the taproom after Taelindwyn, and he broke into a grin as he saw Ranlos sat with his back to them, with a few friends, sharing a drink. The inn was busy as well it should be on such a rainy day. Good for business and lining its landlord's pockets. No doubt a relief for a the gambling man.

" Ranlos, my friend!" Sir Maladros greeted. " I have a young lady to introduce to you."

Ranlos's head snapped round, and he shifted in his seat, his ruddy face startled.

" Marrick! A young lady to introduce! That sounds encouraging!" Ranlos laughed.

" Manners!" Admonished the Swan Knight. " She is assisting me with a few business concerns. I need a room for her, her name is Taelindwyn."

" Apologies, friends, business calls." Ranlos said to his drinking partners, before shifting out of his chair and standing up. He was not so tall as Taelindwyn might remember, but the middle aged man was hale, despite his penchant for strong liquor that gave him a ruddy face. It also went some way to explaining his lack of finesse at the better established gaming tables. " Over by the bar then." Ranlos said, rubbing his hands down the front of his shirt to get some spilled ale off them. " One room? For how long?"

Marrick walked easily over to the bar, very relaxed.

" Three weeks initially. I want one with a view of the main thoroughfare through to New Port." He said, as if the detail though relevant to him, was matter of fact and not unusual. He was so adept at this that Ranlos didn't even stop to think to question that.

" I have the perfect room then, let's go." Ranlos led them out back, through to a hall, and upstairs. The walls were mainly beige skirted with green, and there were some nautical paintings on the walls here and there, mostly of ships, not of sea monsters.

They stopped on the third floor and walked to room sixteen.

" Here it is." Said Ranlos, fishing out a key and turning it in the lock. " Now young lady, the rooms are not anything grand, but they are in good shape, and I'll expect it in the same shape when you leave it." His smile was warm unlike the sentiment, as though he was saying it by rote and not really meaning it, or even thinking much at all.

" Wardrobe, wash basin, water basin, bed, cabinet. Privvy is on the ground floor. Breakfast is served between six and eight, you miss it you miss out, it's included in the room price. Otherwise your food and drink expenditure is extra, but we serve good meals daily. Questions?" Ranlos raised scruffy brown brows on his craggen features and waited.

Marrick was standing behind Taelindwyn at the door, watching with interest.

25/Feb/2011, 03:33 AM
Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Taelindwyn smiled at Ranlos, comforted by the fact he did not seem to recognize her, as he lead them up to the third floor. She walked into the room calmly glancing at the bed, straw likely, she figured but the linens looked clean and she could see for a long distance. She gave a small nod as he went over everything.
"Everything sounds good by me. Breakfast seems to be at a decent hour." She said absently standing at the window. It was quite a large window, something she was not overly use to having but she looked down the street picking out land marks that she knew normally from below from a much different angle.

"I take it you are the only other person that will have a key to my room then during my stay?" She asked heading back to Ranlos and Maladros who had stayed by the door where he had been when they were first shown the room. After all she had no use for a room that any idiot could walk into. She looked up at him, though she wasn't craning her neck as she had as a child she did her very best not to wrinkle her nose in disgust at the smell of alcohol. Something that she did not mind to drink but on men it only brought back sour memories of her father, for that was the only way she ever saw him. Or feeling the effects of not drinking but he still smelt the same either way.

25/Feb/2011, 07:02 AM
Year 3004

Her hands were blue and stiff from the washing, well one of them was blue. One was fairly purple after having been crushed. Her shirt was soaked as she carried the wet clothing which she had wrung out as best she could with frozen hands back towards their home. She hoped that father had managed to start a fire which would mean she could dry her clothing and his clothing and maybe warm up. It had been a very long time since she had actually been warm. Though truth be told it had been just over a week, but to a child a week was an exceptionally long period of time.
She turned a corner and could see home already she was walking quite quickly and was mostly ignoring the people about her that were asking if she'd do their laundry too, she needed to get home fast so that father wouldn't be angry at her. That was not to be though a drunk tottered out of the Seasick Sailor and right into her. Angry at her for being in his way, she got shoved sideways hard into a wall and a bottle smashed beside her head before she managed to dash away down the street to the relative safety, if anyone wanted to call it that, of her home.

She just hoped her father was in a better mood.

Naith Liathant
25/Feb/2011, 07:10 PM

Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Ranlos nodded and patted his belt.

" In my safekeeping, child, no worries there." He grinned. " You know these are good locks here, and you'll have no troubles. That said, if you do, please feel free to bring them to me." He finished. " I am sure you will enjoy your stay at the Sea Drake and as Sir Maladros is covering the bill, I assume you are about to begin working for him or something. That goes a long way to keeping you safe unless you seek out trouble!" he laughed, but there was a nervousness to his laughter.

" Thank you Ranlos," Said Marrick, as he stepped away from the door indicating the innkeep was no longer required to be present.

" Right, well if that's all..." Ranlos trailed off, shuffling to the door.

" That is all, my friend, return to your drinking partners." Marrick spoke, kindly. Ranlos did just that.

Marrick closed the door.

" I'll have your clothes brought here this evening. For now, I have business to attend to. You may do as you please, but I will expect you to be at the House of Westernesse in two hours. If I am not there, be so good as to say who sent you, and I am sure you will be made welcome. If I am not there, rest assured I will be checking up on you regularly. Your safety and happiness are important to me." Sir Marrick said to Taelindwyn.

26/Feb/2011, 02:57 AM
Middle Port - The Sea Drake

She gave Ranlos a nod as Ranlos patted his belt stating that he did have the only other key. "I'm sure there will be no troubles at all." She said calmly though she doubted his words at working for Maladros would go a long way to keeping her safe. But she was a thief she doubted what everyone said until proven otherwise. With that the man was dismissed and Marrick shut the door.

She still was not entirely certain of the knights intentions and there had been nothing about the House of Westernesse in what the job included but she had agreed to it and she would at least show up today and then it would depend on what happened as to whether or not she stuck around.

"The House of Westernesse?" She questioned. He was fairly certain she had made it clear to him she did not know what that was. "What does the building look like and in which area is it?" She asked finally rolling her eyes as the knight, if she knew that she could find it easily enough. He was occasionally very ignorant but at least she should be able to cover her own backside in case something went wrong and that was where her priorities lay.

26/Feb/2011, 05:07 AM
Year 3004

She arrived to find her father sitting on the edge of his bed a bottle in his hand. That was never a good sign she might be young but she knew that all to well she quickly headed over to the fireplace where she started to hang the clothing so that it would dry, eventually.
"Come on girl we've got to go speak with the high and mighty prince." She was grabbed by the scruff of her neck and dragged from the house just as she was finishing her self imposed task. She wasn't quite sure what her father was talking about, she didn't know what a prince was and she didn't know where they were going. She just hoped that she wasn't going to get a beating.

"Now don't you take your eyes off peoples shoes, specially the princes. Likes of you are more than likely to scare him off." She was confused and before she could bite back the question it slipped out.

"Why papa?" Her answer was a swift and hard backhand which sent stars dancing before her eyes as she was dragged on down the street.

"Because I said so you worthless runt." He slurred out at her heading straight for the Princes courts. She fell silent and tucked her hand up against her chest it was starting to hurt now again and she was scared mostly because she didn't know what was going on.

Naith Liathant
26/Feb/2011, 11:40 AM

Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Sir Maladros laughed at the eye rolling and exasperation from Taelindwyn. He stood in the doorway about to leave, his hand outstretched to draw it closed.

" Now if I told you everything, where would be the fun in that?" He asked with playful humour. " Besides, I believe I said two hours." Marrick chuckled. " Ample time surely, for a daring thief such as yourself to discover it's location!" He closed the door, that smile on his face. This left Taelindwyn to her own devices.

OOC - If you want to RP your movements around the harbour, I'll play the odd NPC or set the scene occasionally, posting around what you write.Edited by: Naith Liathant

27/Feb/2011, 12:01 AM
Middle Port - The Sea Drake

Taelindwyn glared at him tempted to punch him in the face. So much for having time to herself, she thought as the door shut. Daring thief the man was clearly a fool, but that would make her one as well. She knew at least wharever this House of Westernesse was it was not in Middle port she knew all of the buildings there. which left New Port and White Town. What chance a thief had in White Town she was not sure but she doubted even cleaned up she'd last long in White Town.

That left New Port as her first place to search for this House. She knew a number of the buildings there so she would lookat the others first. She headed to the window, the was a way out that way but at this hour it would draw too much attention to herself. With that she headed out the door locking it behind here before heading for New Port.

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Naith Liathant
27/Feb/2011, 03:49 PM
New Port - Taelindwyn - Outside the Dol Amroth Auction House

Stepping out of the Dol Amroth Auction House, the stately old man, of part Dunadan heritage, looked about, his sea-green eyes unusual, but the only thing that was about him.

He espied, as he began to walk from the Auction House, a lone girl, idling along. She looked a little lost, but was well dressed, not some street urchin. Likely some Lord or other's daughter, or maybe a wealthy merchant's daughter. Though eyeing her, she didn't walk like one, and some aspects of her clothing were simple. If tasteful.

" Excuse me, are you lost child?" he asked, his deep voice a strong timbre. " My name is Lord Volumahn Liathant. I may be of help to you." He smiled, and his grey-silver beard and weathered features seemed serene and friendly.

27/Feb/2011, 04:52 PM
New Port - Outside the Dol Amroth Auction House

She was at the Auction house and looking about at the buildings across from it, she walked slowly only to have some old come up behind her. She knew he was coming and was starting to wish she looked more like a a street urchin. At least then people left her well enough alone.

"Unfortunately I know I know where I am so lost is not quite the right word for what I am, and if you can knock some sense into me that would be most helpful." She said with a smile. "And hopefully knock me right out and toss me into the Sea while your at it that way I don't do any more silly things like what I've agreed to." She said her smile growing slightly bigger at the prospect of not having to deal with this anymore.

This not being a forthcoming solution to her problem she sighed resigned to the fact that she was going to have to deal with Maladros anyways there was no way this old frail looking man no matter how stately he was was going to be able to do what she had asked. He was old and with her luck her own instincts would kick in and she'd end up sticking a dagger in his belly and running away, she had done it before to another man, though he was younger and had not expected her to react in such a way or to be armed at all. "Actually I"ve been told to meet someone outside a building but I've no idea which one it is I don't suppose I've been here long enough." She lied. After all if Maladros said she was from another city she could say she was from another city "The House of Westernesse?" She asked looking terribly confused. "Something about his work being there I believe." She said biting at her bottom lip, if this old man gave her directions she'd have a good half hour likely before she needed to be there. Maybe add a few more coins to her pocket while she waited after all it wasn't like she could actually use the three silver that Maladros had laid down.

Naith Liathant
27/Feb/2011, 06:31 PM
New Port - Outside the Dol Amroth Auction House

Much of what she said suggested or implied she was ill at ease with her undertaking. Then she changed tack and spoke openly of her destination. Volumahn knew of it.

" Ah, Westernesse, yes." He stroked his beard in thought. " Why that is some sort of merchant house I believe." He smiled kindly. " I do know roughly where it is, girl. If you continue as you were, along this main thoroughfare to the wharves, turn right at the brewery, and it is a big old building, at the end of that street." He smiled again.

" Mind you, girl, you should not let people push you around. I have told that to all of my boys. Mind you, I had them trained with Knights, so I think they had an advantage where you did not!" He looked sad for her. " All I am saying is, don't do anything in life you are not comfortable with. Now I suppose I must be off, unless I can be of more assistance to you?" The aged mariner and master navigator's voice trailed off, as he raised a bushy white eyebrow in question.Edited by: Naith Liathant

27/Feb/2011, 07:11 PM
New Port - Outside the Dol Amroth Auction House

"I'd say." She said with a laugh at his mention of his son's having an advantage since they were trained with Knights. "I shall be fine thank you." With that she wandered off She knew the brewery well enough down the road, and she knew the big old building htat he spoke of. It had it's comings and goings though she steered clear of it. A few of the older children when she had first been orphaned told her that if you got stealing around there that you disappeared for good. She had of course seen a few people thieving around there in her later years so put it off to some tale that older thieves told so that they didn't get over run with young urchins.

She followed the main path towards the wharves for a while but turned well before the brewery following a narrower street one that had fewer people cluttering it so she could travel a bit more swiftly with less people looking at her and that was what she was use to.

She slipped out into a larger street and headed for this old building that the man had described it was quite large, as she looked up at it, five stories it was a neatly kept merchant house from what she figured. She walked about a few times keeping mostly to alleys where people avoided after all this was the place where she'd been warned against as a child. She did not know if it was all falsities or if there were some tiny merit of truth to what they said. What she saw if it though it looked like a regular merchant house and she still had some time before Maladros was to be there to speak with her, she slipped out of the alley and onto the main thoroughfare where merchants and peddlers traveled for the most part. One merchant actually was silly enough to have his coin purse wide open, and she could see the silver glinting in it. She did a quick check for Knights, and Maladros and walked past the man slipping two silver coins from his purse and up into the sleeve of her doublet without even bumping him before heading to a peddler just a bit further down the road to 'look' at the loaves he was selling after all she needed to stay in the area until Maladros arrived so she best not be too suspicious. And she did have the coin to pay for a loaf with ease. After all they were generally only a copper and she'd managed one of those at the Seashell.

Naith Liathant
27/Feb/2011, 11:23 PM
House of Westernesse

The raven haired man was ageing, his cheeks beginning to jowl, and his square face lined with the passage of years. The silver flecks to his sideburns added what he thought was a sense of austerity to his looks, a distinguished gentleman of nobility. He scoffed, and chuckled at the thought, as he looked away from the mirror having finished his shave. He cleaned off the razor. He sighed deeply. Almost time to entertain the child. He had been told she was a little simple, but naive, feisty, some-what easily led. He had his missive for Marrick, and the Knight had rarely erred. He did agree that an illiterate 'thief' was a perfect choice for what Sir Maladros had in mind. He just couldn't help but keep reservations as to whether this girl was going to be up to the task. He would judge her soon. He would so hate having to end her young life prematurely if anything went wrong or she started acting all rebellious on him. He placed the gleaming razor back on the mantle.

Somewhere over the bay, the sun was sinking, and the night was moving in on dark wings. All harbingers took to flight then didn't they? His work truly began under the shadows of evening's fragile pall.

Graven Steel moved from the wash-room to the upper floor landing, and began his descent, through the storey's of the House of Westernesse...Edited by: Naith Liathant

28/Feb/2011, 11:17 AM

28/Feb/2011, 10:52 PM
New Port - The House of Wsternesse

Taelindwyn watched as the sun sank lower onto the horizon, SHe had been up all day which was an oddity for her, normally she would sleep for part of it that way she could be awake for the night and morning. She was certain now though as the sky turned pink that the two hours were pas and she could not see Maladros anywhere despite the fact there were plenty of paths to take to this building. She though the thief in her screamed that something was not right about this building. A Merchant house hated having gaps and alleys near it and places for people like her to disappear to and yet there it was huge and looming with several paths leading to and from it. She looked up at it after giving one last look for Maladros down the paths she had found, since she doubted he would be climbing over roof tops though that appeared to be an option as well when she looked he was not there.

He had said though to let her self in by stating that he had sent her, or something to that effect. She shifted her path slightly so that she was heading towards the door, there were a few men gathered out near it and they perked up at her approach one even moved into her path stopping her before she reached the door.

"It's late little lady, you should go home the House is closing soon and you wouldn't want to be caught on these streets alone." He gave her a grin, that probably was meant to be friendly but Taelindwyn did not read it as such, but then she also had never seen a merchant house with men blocking the path outside of it once it was closing, normally that was meant for someone inside the door. And the thief, the survivor in her, screamed again that the old man that she had been talking to was wrong about this being a merchant house. It rankled her something strange and she frowned at the man.

"But I was sent here by Maladros." She said calmly at that the mans eyebrows twitched up if only for half a moment before his face was schooled again. She did not like this, she did not like this, Mordor is a lovely vacation spot compared to this, that lying knight Maladros he's trying to kill me by getting me into deeper water than I can take her mind screamed but there was another voice in there as well, and it was the one she was following for some reason as the man stepped out of her way and led her into the house.

He promised and that was all it said over and over and over.

Naith Liathant
28/Feb/2011, 11:55 PM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Graven Steel

The men brought her in to then smoking lounge, adjoined to the dining room. Graven was puffing on a pipe. The window open to a balcony beneath the stars, overlooking the harbour districts.

" Ah! There you are! Not a moment too soon." He said, his voice tinnier than that of Maladros, his speech as eloquent though. " My name is Graven.' He said. " You can call me Mr. Steel." He smiled pleasantly and gestured to the luxurious arm chair, padded and covered in soft supple leather, across the table from him. The table was a polished mahogany bowl-leg, skirted with engravings of fruit and leaves. It was remarkably clean, but a hot cup of something sat in position waiting for her!

" Well now Miss Taelindywn, won't you be seated? Since you will be under my watch and I have my instructions, I would like to get to know you. Perhaps if you would sit down and tell me what you think your finest skills are and how you my benefit the House of Westernesse - beyond these missives of Lord Maladros. I like to get to know all employees, so I can develop what I like to call a 'career plan', for them. Also it helps with creating a good working relationship." He smiled again, but his eyes were curiously hard. There was a certain indefinable sense of lethality about this Mr Steel...

01/Mar/2011, 12:51 AM
New Port - The House of Wsternesse

She followed the men closely looking about her, the men that were in the merchant house made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. The man that spoke to her perhaps had the strongest effect and while she obeyed sitting down. Every muscle in her body was poised to run. Where she had no clue, nor did she even know why, though looking at this 'Mr. Steel's' eyes she was fairly certain that she was not in to company of some business man or well known man. She glanced at the cup she could see steam coming from it but she dared not drink from it.

She was taken aback by what he said though a quick flicker of emotion, what it was exactly even she was not entirely sure, passed through her eyes before she slammed the door upon those emotions, she had felt this before many years ago she would not go through that again. "Employee?" She repeated her eyes narrowing she was going to have a word with Maladros. Maybe even a dagger with him in a few weeks once she had is signet so she could get her silver from the accountant. She had agreed to no such terms aside from running him errands she should have known better.

She stood up slowly having decided the best course of action was simply to leave.
"As far as I am concerned, I agreed to work for Maladros, and not you. If the money he pays me with comes from you and he chooses to pay me with it, that is an issue for you to sort with him." She stepped away from the table and chair and looked at the cold man where he sat, with that she turned and headed for the door.

Naith Liathant
01/Mar/2011, 01:29 AM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Graven Steel

" Stop - RIGHT - there, girl!" His voice was cold, authoritative. A little threatening. " Sit back down, and let us talk about this like adults! For that is what we are in the trade. I know of your agreement with Lord Maladros. I am a man who can further your talents! But I must first know what you consider them to be! Maladros has given you ample free-time. You can spend that time watching the seagulls peck at scraps, eh? Or you can find out how best to go whaling!" He glowered at her, and raised his preened brows. " Do you understand what I am saying to you, girl? This is not an offer given lightly. If Maladros sent you here, he sees something in you girl. And if he sees it, I must know what it is he sees. Besides an all too feisty spirit! You are will full aren't you? Sit down - drink. It's a fine roasted coffee bean ground, from deep Harad. It won't harm you but it will get you through the night and you can sleep tomorrow day time."

Mr Steel relaxed, sitting back, gesturing to the chair...

01/Mar/2011, 05:41 AM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

At his voice suddenly two men appeared blocking the path. The threat in his voice was clear that those men would not be letting her leave. Not unscathed anyways. She turned and glowered at this Graven Steel as only a young woman can do, it promised him all manners of pain and humiliation later. However when she did not obey the men at the door came inside and one of them with an iron grip guided her back to the seat and sat her down. She went to stand right back up but found hands on her shoulders holding her firmly in place.

"I take it this is not an offer but a demand then." She hissed glaring at the cup called coffee because she was quite sick of looking at the preened man beyond it. "I do not know what you want to know, you seem to know all I'd be able to tell you. If you want to know what he sees in me you would be better off asking him, I just mouthed off to him in the Prince's Courtyard and he asked me to walk and talk with him in return for a meal." She said shrugging off the hands on her shoulders since her movement was unexpected.

"Go away. I"m sitting and behaving you don't need to hold me in place, I already answered his question." She said as brute of a man grabbed at her shoulder again. He hesitated but decided that yes she had in fact started to behave as was asked of her and he did not however remove himself from directly behind her chair. Just in case she decided to try to leave again before she was dismissed by Mr. Steel.

Naith Liathant
01/Mar/2011, 02:43 PM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Graven Steel

He sighed.

" Stop! If the ungrateful girl wants to go let her. She is Marrick's girl so let her. BUT" Graven hastily added. " I do think that Sir Marrick would be most upset to discover his latest protege wouldn't even sit for a civil conversation, now wouldn't HE?" There was emphasis on key words in the man's tinny but constricted accent. He was having to control a great deal of anger, and he seemed to be doing a fairly decent job.

He drank from his coffee, and tapped out the bowl of his pipe into a small dish.

" Go girl, if you must, I can't imagine why on earth Sir Marrick sent you here, but I suppose he did intend to be here himself..." Mr Steel was most unamused. " Go on get OUT!" He snapped, but the men behind her had been told hands off, and they had left. It was down to her.

" I have more important things to do with my time than to sit around talking to unmannerly, snot-nosed little street urchins! I am going to give Sir Marrick a piece of my mind when I see him! Talented!??? Uncouth more like." He went on.

" Well go on then, go girl..." His voice dropped imploringly. He wondered if his big show of anger and disdain, for her and for Marrick, might prompt something out of her. He wasn't sure...Edited by: Naith Liathant

01/Mar/2011, 03:21 PM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

She swallowed hard she had heard an accent like that before, many many years ago, back when she was weak and starving and hiding scared and unsure of what to do in their house. Her father had been gone for a month, dead though at the time she had not understood that that was what had happened. They had kicked the door in and dragged her out leaving her blanket, her one possession, behind in the house and had burned it while someone had watched he had only spoken a few words but they were in absolute rage and they sounded just like this Mr. Steel. But she knew exactly what those words were and they were that he had wanted the man burned in the house.

She got up slowly checking that the brute was gone from behind her, she wished for her shoulders to be bruised no further. "I only can be what I've been taught. If that's uncouth so be it, I didn't have help surviving the last ten years. You're no better than my father a man who found me good for laying his anger out and breaking bones and starving me while I watched him eat and drink till he was drunker than a fish only to see how much worse he could break me while drunk." She paused, regarding him for a moment before continuing, "The only difference between you and him is you as far as I am aware have done me no harm aside from telling me I'm worthless just like he did. Or I'd be trying my best to sink a blade into your skull, and he's already dead so I won't have the satisfaction of repaying him for seven years of torment, pity he didn't die in the fire like that man wanted that might have satisfied me as well if I had understood back then what he was." With that she walked away but paused at the door.

"Maybe that's why Marrick can see something he's willing to look rather than demand answers that I can't give."

With that she was gone from his room and heading for the streets hoping to get away from this Mr. Steel and his men.

Naith Liathant
01/Mar/2011, 05:32 PM

New Port - The House of Westernesse

The bounding on the stairs was abrupt. Storming into the room came Sir Marrick Maladros with thunder in his face, his eyes hooded with malice. He stopped on entering, shouldering past the surprised hired muscle outside the lounge. Dining room in wake.

He saw Taelindwyn, looking angry - even hurt. He saw no immediate sign of mistreatment, but he had heard those raised voices. Damn that Graven!

Mr Steel had stood up the moment Marrick entered, and his eyes, so hard and cruel, went wide with an emotion Taelindwyn recognised well, it was cold fear. Dread.

" Sir Marrick! I thought you had been detained..." He said, worry etching his brow. He pursed his lips and sucked in his lower lip after. Nervous then.

" It's as well I arrived in a timely fashion then! What is going on here?" He glowered.

" The girl," Graven swallowed hard. " She won't work out as planned." He stated.

" The hell she won't!" Maladros burned. " What part of treat her nice didn't you understand?" Maladros raged.

Taelindwyn could see Steel raise his brows and gesture wildly to the room, the coffee, the balcony, the star-lit view.

" I did! She refuses to have a civil conversation!" Snapped Steel, angry now, his choler rising at being confronted.

Maladros folded his arms, looking unimpressed. He looked to Taelindwyn and she could see something brewing.

" Taelindwyn, please wait in the dining room. Do not worry or fear the 'gentlemen' there, they won't harm you." He said it and his strong voice seemed to imply that if those men did they would soon meet their graves.

She really had no choice. Something was happening here or about to, and it was clear she needed to be out the chamber fast.

From outside the lounge she heard Maladros unleash...

" I said to you to treat her with respect! RESPECT!!! What have you done, what did you say? If you have ruined my plans for the girl I will destroy you!" He raged.

A raised voice back, in protestation, tinnier, shrill.

" I did! I did! I swear I bloody did! She is glib and loose with her tongue and uncouth! I cannot use her! She refuses to talk to me!" Steel's voice.

" You have displeased me, Steel. Do NOT do it again. You get one chance with me and one chance only!" Maladros, his voice calming like fires in the sea.

" Listen, Marrick, I think I know the girl..." A lower voice, she was not supposed to hear or eavesdrop, but these eaves had to dropped upon! " I think I know her. I think her father..."

" Yes?"

" Wary of nightbirds, Marrick! Methinks her sire, Gabrael. We palavered with the Cowled Man, oh, t'was - must've been nigh on ten years ago now. We rattled his cage, but he was a rum choir bird! More ways than one, nothing but a scab. Threw his salutes to the jolly sailor, got addled. Sloppy. Spared his kench, didn't we? His gaff was in the elbow grease, but he was nazy, as I say. So he wasted it. Miffed the Cowled Man, and you don't do that! Now that mot out there, she's Gabrael's mot. She near said as much." Graven exasperatedly explained.

" I know she is kinchen, but she is no mawke, son, and I'll stake my claim to that! But you have got her pretty brim. Now she might not budge, and that is unacceptable! Make sure your burrow-apes keep their mitts off, else they'll all be right backed up, down the wharf, with no bread, but they'll feed fishes! You fly?" Maladros scowled.

" She lamps nesh, flash, she lamps muchly nesh. Too nesh for the likes of this caper. Mark my words." Steel warned.

" What else?" Marrick was heard to say, sounding resigned.

" There was a glow in the light-house and the ship sailed to sea." An admission? " Your mot was a straggler."

" Graven, we are done here. Leave the girl to me." Maladros finally said.

He came into the dining room. He looked at Taelindwyn.

" Come girl, forgive me this, much was there to it that was unforseen. This is not the House for you." He gestured his hand to her at the door, his eyes beacons of fire in warning to the two pig-eyed thugs on vigil.Edited by: Naith Liathant

01/Mar/2011, 07:33 PM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Marrick was there suddenly and a bit of an uproar followed him, the two men that had been so intent on her backed right off as he came up to her, there was trepidation all over their faces and fear, in this Mr Steels. His words were clumsy suddenly as Marrick entered and she looked back at Marrick who seemed to be concentrating on burning Graven alive with his stare alone. She had never seen anything like it from him before and she stood glancing between the two wanting to make sure she was reading this situation right. Steel was under Maladros she knew that just from the facial expressions however Marricks gaze turned to her. It was annoyed and brewing, and it told her unless she wanted to see something die she needed to get out of the room. However that did not seem to be a threat directed at her so when she was asked to head to the dining room she obeyed without question.

As soon as the door shut behind her she heard Maladros. He was angry, she didn't even need to see his face Mr. Steels voice was strained and timid in comparison protesting against the anger that was being thrown at him however she had been told the dining room and she was not about to make it so she had to contend with Marricks anger. She slipped down into the dining room where two men looked up at her with leering grins on their faces. She paused remembering what Marrick had said that they would not harm her, they didn't look intent on harming her, more thinking she was likely some play thing to amuse them. And she was not about to be touched by either of the beady eyed creeps.

"I'm with him." She said coolly point up at the office that she had just come from and the two of them backed right away. She made a note of that reaction and wondered if it was because he was a knight, though she was beginning to wonder about that though she didn't put much thought into it. People had taken to calling her 'lady' as soon as he'd dressed her up in half decent clothing, and quite frankly for 3 silver a week she wasn't sure if she cared especially if he did keep her from being food for sharks.

It was several minutes later Maladros was in the dining room and she was sitting calmly on a chair, he motioned for the door and she stood calmly and headed for it, she noted the two men watching him as well as her as they headed out the door.

"I will agree that is not the House for me." She said softly, not wanting to be heard by men outside as they headed into street. "Nor will any house you send me to that calls me their employee and demands to know what YOU see in me." She hissed giving Maladros a glare, "I agreed to work for you and not for them perhaps you should tell your next underling you'll be introducing me to as much? And you should tell them I am not you, and as such I have no idea what goes on in your head." She cocked her head to the side a small annoyed gesture, she had recognized who had been the master and who had been the servant immediately in the exchange between the two men. And it certainly was not Maladros as a servant.

Naith Liathant
01/Mar/2011, 08:02 PM

New Port - The House of Westernesse

She was a hell-cat! She hissed and glared and spat her vitriol. He waited for her to calm down as they stood in the shadows of the lengthening evening, beneath the House of Westernesse. He realised he had lost her faith to some degree and he now needed an immediate recourse to that. He scowled inwardly, because he did have vitally important business to conduct, but he then sighed. She was an investment. You have to take care of your investments. First rule of business. But he needed her to be on the back-foot again and dispel some of the conclusions she was reaching.

" Firstly I never told that man you were an employee, I said I felt the House could use your skills, that you show talent, and I wanted him to further them! I cannot help it if he misconstrued that!" He glowered but his anger was not at her, as he scowled up at the House. " Secondly Steel is no underling, of mine - or of anyone's - not really." Under his breath he knew otherwise and mumbled something almost nonsensical. " Not since the departure of the Cowled Man, leastwise."

" Steel is more of an..." He searched for the right word. " He can be a useful man to know and he is a business acquaintance. However you are right." He thought quickly and smiled.

" Very well Taelindwyn, would you follow me to Gate Town? I know a man, well a young lad really, who I think might be good company for you. He might do what the House of Westernesse certainly will not be now." He smiled. " His name is Finnegan, but his friends call him Finney." He raised an eyebrow and smiled. " You are a file, all right, but maybe Finney is a sorcerer!" He laughed easily. " He certainly knows a few tricks."

Edited by: Naith Liathant

01/Mar/2011, 09:15 PM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Taelindwyn gave a nod to Maladros,"His face said otherwise." She said softly though she was quietly pondering what the Cowled man meant. She looked down the back alleys as they walked she was still annoyed that she had needed to deal with Steel, but her anger was as swift to dissipate as it was to rear its head, at least externally.

She looked at Maladros with a raised eyebrow, a sorcerer? And he would be what the House could not, it was all strange to her but she gave Maladros a nod and followed him wondering at this 'Finney' that he was talking about. She was sure she was going to learn soon enough.

Naith Liathant
02/Mar/2011, 07:54 PM
Cove of the White Ships - Naval Dockyard

The long haired and emerald eyed youth looked out over White Town, and the high cliffs, up to the Citadel and out to the Seaward Tower of Tirith Aear. He had grown tall these past few years, and yet a little lonely too. He was the son of the former Captain of the Ships and was expected to have become a mariner and an officer. He had no love of the sea however. Instead he had a love of the sword, and with his father still having a valuable tactical role in all matters naval, the lad had been trained by Knights of the Swan. He was a fantastic swordsman, showing promise to become un-fightable. He practised every single day for hours with the blade, and then with twin blades. Many Knights rated him as one of the most promising swordsmen they'd ever seen. He was proud of that and it gained respect from his father and his brothers.

He liked archery too, but the sword was his true obsession. There was something romantic about a sword. Something brave and courageous, at least there was to an adventurous spirited sixteen year old, who wanted to show the world what he could do. His older brothers had departed, two years apart. Erethan and Naramael were their names. They were missed sorely by the boy. They had both been skilled woodsmen, and they had benefited from similar training at the insistence of their father as this lad had. They were also keenly noble, with high expectations on them. Since none of them seemed to love the sea as their father did, he was sending them to Gondor. He said Imrahil needs his Knights, but Gondor needs soldiers, and every honest Gondorian should send his sons to the border to keep those borders safe and the lands free. Naith was sure his father was right. The House of Liathant's three heirs were therefore sent to war and Naith was the last to go. He couldn't wait to be in Harlond harbour or Pelargir. Whichever port this ship would berth in. He wanted to get to Minas Tirith as quickly as possible and enlist in the army, or become a ranger like his brothers. He was a little scared but only as was healthy. He had never seen war or death so Naith had no real fear of it yet. Not in the way he might if he had seen what it really looked like. It was still an adventure to him. It had a romantic 'band of brothers' idealism to it. Naith, like his brothers before him, was very naive. But then he was a young man. Inexperienced. He would learn. Battle tempers the steel of a man.

He looked forward with hope in his heart to the day he rejoined his brothers and celebrated their togetherness. He wanted to win battles with them against the Shadow, test his skill against theirs, and show them how good he was now! It was these dreams then, that filled his heart, as the ship finally set sail from the Cove of White Ships.

Unbeknownst to young Naith, a very different vessel was coming into the Bay of Dol Amroth at the same time as the military ship was departing. It was a merchant vessel with a few hired hands. One such hired hand was a man greatly missed by the young Naith, but a little changed as to how he was remembered by that boy. Sure, the dark hair, the emerald eyes, they were the same. But there was a stretched, hollow eyed gauntness there to the face, and much that was once handsome was now darkly sinister. Obsessed. The hollow-eyed man stared darkly at the settlement, the rising levels of Dol Amroth with hate in his heart and a sickness about him.

Yes, Naramael Liathant was returning home. He dearly wished to see his father...

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06/Mar/2011, 12:52 AM
New Port - Streets

Taelindwyn slipped into New Town and immediately cut to her right and was up on the roof faster than an alley cat on a pile of fish heads down on the harbour. She quickly looked about catching sight of the older man, he'd picked up his pace which was a good thing it meant that he would be putting more distance between himself and the jackdaw she just needed to keep up to him. She took one last glance back at Gate town hoping that Finney was alright since from where she was she could see neither him or the sickly man. With that she ran ahead she had to move quickly there was an alley that she could use to hide him away in ahead only several buildings ahead of where he was. She raced along the roofs silently near the front edge of them so that she could keep track of him easily. He seemed to have been set off by something and she wondered if it had been the spectacular crash that her and Finney had caused.

She glanced back after leaping onto a sloped roof she started to slip but quickly caught herself and scrambled up and over it's peak. Two more houses and then she would have to slip into the alley way and grab the old man hopefully before the Jackdaw came through the gate.

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 01:28 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

Leaving Gate Town in her wake Tael scurried up onto the roofs of the clustered buildings trying to sight the old man. At length she sighted him, disappearing around the corner of the main street down to the wharf and close to The Waterfront, a four story inn on the other side of the street.

Volumahn for his part had lengthened his stride, and was making good progress on his intended stroll, having turned the corner now and being on the waterfront, at the Waterfront! He saw the great brewery and realised that the smell of the salt breeze and the smell of the brewery at night, was why he was here. He loved that smell! It was a revitalisation of the senses. He soon forgot that sense of being followed and made his way through the cool night air in Dol Amroth's beautiful harbor.

Back behind Taelindwyn, drunken song was interrupted by angry shouting, and a brief scuffle. The voice of the night watchman and the crier rang out on the breeze and booted feet on stone, in flight. Time would tell what had happened to Finnegan. Time would tell what had happened to the jackdaw...

06/Mar/2011, 02:56 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

She heard a shout in the distance and hoped that it was not Finney hoever time was running out ashe dropped from her roof top path down the side of a building facing the harbour, it was near the house of Westernesse and she slipped out of the alley and glanced down the path behind the old man she was perhaps half a building away from him. She looked past him happy to see that thus far the jackdaw was not on his tail. She had her hands up and outstretched knowing that people did not normally pop out of alleys in front of you for a good reason. She knew because she had done it more than once.

"There is someone odd following you." She said bluntly hoping that he wouldn't run back the way he'd come. "I need you to follow me." She finished, wide eyed hoping that the older man would recognize her and give her the benefit of the doubt. She'd never tried to help anyone before she was a bit new at this.

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 03:35 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

" My word!" The old man took a step back. " You gave me quite the shock! I didn't see you there girl." He frowned. " Didn't I talk to you earlier... Yes, yes it was you." He said in wonder.

As he listened to her word he found himself frowning deeper, his old face creasing up, and he did wonder again!

" You know I had the strangest sense as of being followed or being watched, not so long ago. But I quite forgot myself when I reached the wharf. One is easily startled in the night, I told myself." He was troubled, but playing down his earlier startle.

" Where is it you would take me to, girl?" He raised his bushy eyebrow. " And who is it you think is following me?" Volumahn found the girl most curious, but she seemed so young, and if he hadn't felt the creepy sense of being watched in Gate Town, he would have dismissed this. But he had felt that sense of being followed, and now he was sure he had been. But was the girl part of it? He shook his head. He was an old man, but not a fool. The girl could have opened his belly had she a blade in the moment she stepped from shadow. He needed to dwell on that, for it unwise to lower ones guard, even when at home in your known surroundings. There were still elements of rif-raff about. " I will follow you for now, but do answer my questions, please girl. I'm not accustomed to all this." He said, not certain as to what ' all this' really covered...
Edited by: Naith Liathant

06/Mar/2011, 04:00 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

She motioned for him to follow. "You were and by more than me." She said grabbing at his arm and pulled him into the shadows of the alley. She glanced back out of the alley not catching sight of the jackdaw and took a moment then to explain as swiftly as she could.

"I don't know who he was but I didn't recognize him and he was a mighty bit nasty looking." She said softly. "Me friend didn't recognize him either but the both of us saw you marked by him sure as day. We started following you as well near the Round Theatre." With that she started leading the way a soft grip on the older mans arm as she wound her way through narrow back alleys glancing about each corner. Trying to get this man well away from any beaten path that he would take normally until she could get him to safety.

"Me friend got hurt when we tried to intercept you in gate town, decided to try to delay the jack dunno what happened to him." She said softly pressing up against a wall and checked about the corner it was clear and she led the elderly man into a small back alley that looked like it was a dead until one got right into it and then tight squeeze for the older man but an easy sidle for her lead between two buildings.

"Now you have a choice, I can take you to where I'd hide to get away from everyone till the jackdaw's lost your scent, or I can take you to the guards and you get them to get you home safely, and you don't go no where without someone guarding you cause you weren't worth marking for stealin' nothing from so why he was after you I don't know but it weren't to be friends. Either way is square by me." She said glancing out to the street, it was brightly lit and she could see a few city guards already. The other way was dark, and did not smell so good a forgotten dark corner of the Ports. She looked back to the older man and waited for his answer. Either way she figured looking at the tight squeeze his pretty outfit was going to get a might dirty as was hers.

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 04:17 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

" I'm the Master of the Navigator's Guild, girl." Said Volumahn, eyes wide for he had not heard utterance of the term 'jackdaw' since his youth, referring to an assassin or like rogue. It was street parlance and Volumahn had heard enough of that from low born sailors and commoners, many of them hale of heart and full of vigour. Good men. Not all who spoke the vulgar tongue were vulgar, as this girl seemed to prove.

" If you can get me via these back alleys to the Navigator's Guild I shall be most grateful!" He intoned. " I shall be safe there, for I've the keys, and most nights ample company." The man said, but even as he did so he was not sure that would be enough. Some assassins were not too concerned about how many people they killed to get to their target. But since this one had not struck in Gate Town, he doubted he would strike at the Guild, where there would be up to half a dozen men, and some of them considerably more able to defend themselves than old Volumahn, though in years past.

" I tell you, in my day, I would confront this fellow..." He said, as he prepared to follow the girl.Edited by: Naith Liathant

06/Mar/2011, 05:15 AM
New Port - The Waterfront

She glanced back at him when he said what he wanted to do. She could manage that. At least she thought she could. "I'll do my best." She said softly giving him a small nod. She would have to take the gate to get into White Town she couldn't rightly get this old man over the wall the ways she'd go. With that she backtracked their path one building and led him down a narrow space one that normally she would use to shimmy her way up to the roofs, it was faster that way but she doubted the old man could scale a building safely. she looped through the alley way pausing a few times to let a few other thieves clear out of the path before her, it was hard to see behind them, the older man was still taller than her and a bit bulkier but she made sure they did not have any tails.

She rushed them through the back alleys until they were right by the White Town Gate. She glanced out of the alley keeping her head in the shadows as she did so making sure the sickly looking man was not about. She couldn't see him at all and she lead the Master of the Navigator's Guild and headed for what she thought was the Guild that he was talking about mostly because she new what the other buildings for the Guilds were from her father, he used them the Navigators one he never went to she was taking a round about way through a back alley that was a good bit more like a small side street would be in Middle Port or even New Port. Harder for thieves and unsavory folk to practice their trade in such open spaces. Also harder to hide Taelindwyn thought as she rushed along as quickly as she dared.

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 03:32 PM
Middle Port

She led him through a maze of narrow alleys and gaps between buildings, mindful of his age and lack of physical dexterity. Volumahn padded along behind the girl, increasingly astounded to be following the waif through the dark streets of the Commercial District.

That said, they soon broke cover and hit the wharves, albeit briefly and with cunningly minimal exposure to the harbor lights placed along the harbor by the lamp-wrights.

They passed in quiet over the stone bridge of the quays, heading into the Working Harbor of Middle Port. They passed the lampmaker's hall and headed through the now abandoned fish market, always wary.

" What is your name, child? Mine is Volumahn." The old man offered, as they skulked along in the shadows, heading for the inland bridge into White Town, over the canal.

06/Mar/2011, 05:30 PM
Middle Port

They were into middle port with ease, this was where she was the most comfortable. She had hidden from knights and men that were looking for her (for what purpose she had not known) as a child right after her father had been taken away She'd dodged them for months until they finally had given up. for the most part she did not need to hesitate in Middle port, she needed merely to make sure the grey man was not their and the path was open. She glanced up occassionally as well to make sure that some other thief as not going to try to intercet

"Shh." She said coming up short and pressing the old man back into the shadows hard against the wall and glancing about intercept them the same way that she had intercepted the older man. She thought she had heard something strange, something that wasn't the typical alley rat. Had she gotten to careless in her own domain? She didn't know this grey man perhaps he was better at tracking than she knew. If he was tracking her there was no place in the world that this old man would be safe. She had taken routes thieves rarely used, they weren't needed, and guards never used them because they had choke points that made swords and bulky armor impossible to wear through them. She peaked about the next corner and looked back at the elderly man. "Taelindwyn." She whispered in a hushed tone before beginning their flight to the White town once more.

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 09:28 PM
Middle Port to White Town

The passed Aldamir's Smithy, but it was closed down for the night, of course. It was getting late of hour now. The Sea Drake and other notable places were nearer the wharf but Taelindwyn was taking the inland bridge, fearing the jackdaw might take the other, if he had seen Volumahn walking into New Port's harbor and wharves.

The old man was hale and he kept up well, and fortune was with them beneath the starry skies, for they soon traversed the bridge with it's stone work and balustrades of swan-wings and crossed the canal into White Town, the upmarket and well-to-do dockland, but also the dockland of the naval fleet of Dol Amroth. Even White Town had it's rougher districts.

The Navigators' Guild was close to the water's edge, and so they wended their way through the buildings of White Town, finally arriving outside the four story Guildhall. Dim light shone from third story windows. The way to it looked clear...

" Taelindwyn, do you wish to come inside with me for a drink perhaps? Or do you need to be getting back somewhere?" Volumahn asked. " The way to the Guildhall is clear, and I thank you for bringing me here safely." Said he, wondering again at this brave young girl. " I'm indebted to you." He said, without cheapening that by offering paltry coin.

06/Mar/2011, 10:34 PM
Outside the Navigators Guild</span>

</span>Taelindwyn paused at the offer of adrinkbut shook her head. "I'll stick about long enough to make sure you're in the guild and then I've got to get back to Gate town." She said softly wondering what had happened to Finney. He certainly would not have bothered following her in the harbours, he didn't know where she was going. She doubted he would bother to even try to find her after all he was hurt. " She glanced out there was no one that she could see lurking in any of the shadows. "Who knows maybe you can save my hide sometime." She said with a small smile and motioned for him to go to the Guild hall. Watching for any movement in the Shadows and especially for the grey man.</span>
</span>As soon as she knew the old man was in the Guild hall she would fly back to Gate Town by the straightest route Swan Knights, and the Night watch be darned she'd go over the walls easily enough she knew their low points.</span>

Naith Liathant
06/Mar/2011, 10:42 PM
Navigator's Guild - White Town

Volumahn nodded and smiled, grateful to the girl. He walked quietly to the looming silhouette of the Guild hall and removed his key, looking over his shoulder and back at Taelindwyn, with a reassuring smile.

He fumbled with the lock and then finally corrected his error, before opening the wooden and iron door, stepping into the dark confines of the ground floor of the Guild. He knew the other Navigators and old time mariners who were here this late would be upstairs.

Removing his overcoat, he put it on the peg of a cloakstand, after closing the front door and locking it again. Sighing heavily he made his way to the stairs and began to climb up toward his own chambers...Edited by: Naith Liathant

Naith Liathant
07/Mar/2011, 04:02 AM
Navigator's Guild - White Town

It is a curious fact that some times when we know our fate, and take actions to avoid it, we end up bringing about that very fate. Ask anyone who has ever visited a fortune teller!

Taelindwyn had done everything she possibly could for Volumahn Liathant, and the old man had complied, gone along with it, and even become caught up in it himself. He really had believed perhaps there was a 'jackdaw' out there, after him. But he supposed the days of his being a target for the enemy were over years ago. Few knew of his tactical role with the fleet. He sighed, safe now, in the Guild.

Which is why his heart stopped when he reached the second story and entered the common room. There on the table was a wooden box, padded and lined. It was quite large and he frowned at this 'chest' for he had not see it before.

But what caused his alarm was that there was Minaermal and Culrandir, one lying on the ground still twitching, having tried to pull his bloodied body to the lounge beyond; the other sitting back in a chair by the window, his throat open in a second smile, but the expression on his face one of true horror.

" Valar..." He breathed.

" No father, not quite." A voice rang out from behind him!

He turned fast, for an old man, and took a step back, holding up his lantern which he had used to light his journey up the stairs.

There on the landing, by the door to one of the lodge rooms, was a large man, in dark greys, his hollow and sunken eyes a pale greeny-yellow. His face gaunt and his chin covered in ashen grey stubble. The broad shouldered man wielded a longsword, and the pommel was circular, engraved, depicting the concentric walls of Minas Tirith. It was a Minas Tirith blade. Somehow Volumahn could not believe he was staring at his son, Naramael. Yet know it as truth he did.

" Naramael! What has happened here? What's going on?" He stammered, afraid as his mind groped for explanation. Had an assassin visited and slain these men? Someone Naramael had tracked from Gondor, hence his sick and exhausted appearance? He sensed evil though and malice in the expression of Naramael.

Naramael eyed his father. A cold pit in his stomach, a dead void where his heart used to be. He felt so much pain, so tired. He was feeling stretched thin, he needed to return to Mordor! Damn the little drunk who had delayed him. He had run to the Guild, knowing his father would check in here. Picking the lock he had fought to do the deed quick. But the men here were not his father. They were just men. Dead ones now. Score two more for the witch! But he only had boxes for one head.

" You took your time father. What kept you?" He hissed, advancing, blocking off the stairs.

He watched his father back up, his emerald eyes fearful. Volumahn placed his lantern down on the table in the common room. Next to the box Naramael had delivered to the Guild with his father's name on it, earlier that day. He had been asking for his whereabouts, and decided this was where he would do the deed. But then he had grown concerned that his father might have left the port.

" What... what's happened here? An assassin?" Volumahn clung to his hopes, wondering if he could reach his dagger and draw it before Naramael attacked. Why would Naramael attack?

" No father. It was me." Naramael nodded slowly, sadly, matter-of-factly. " You were not here and I got bored." He said, smiling wickedly, sickly.

" What happened to you? What happened son? Why have you done this? Eru forgive you!" Volumahn's eyes grew ever wider.

Naramael blocked out the pathetic words of his father. He listened to a different voice now. He heard that voice. The voice he needed. If he couldn't feel the Dark Lord's will filling him, then he NEEDED those dark whispers.

' You know what you must do...' The words echoed through him and he remembered. Yes, he knew what he must do.

" Father, I have seen such power." He said distantly, drawing back his sword, point level with his waist. He walked forward slowly. " I have seen the darkness inside men's souls. I have seen the darkness in my own soul that YOU made me ashamed of, made me reject! I have been shown how to embrace and accept myself, my true self! No more foolish, pious pretence! No more stupidly high expectations! No more sacrificing myself for the greater good! I have been shown..." He paused wondering what it was he had been shown. " True freedom!" He decided.

His father looked confused and afraid! Naramael felt his power grow. He felt the Eye of the Dark Lord open inside him. He saw the cruel, wicked crimson eyes of the witch, her sly smile. Her coldness, so aloof. He saw Barad-dur!

" You have become a monster!" Volumahn grabbed for his dagger, but Naramael had been expecting that.

" I have become liberated!" His stepped in and his sword thrust caught Volumahn in the sternum and punctured through... He plunged it deep and twisted, angling the blade up as he pushed it on. " I know what I have to do..." He smiled sickeningly, as his father doubled over his killing blade, light paling from his once bright emerald eyes. Now dark. Dark as the soul of Naramael. Naramael watched with interest as his once hale and domineering father, one time Captain of the Ships, died. That there were no old heroes was untrue, but there was one less now!

" Father! I am free. Free of thought, free of pain, free of suffering. All I have to do is obey. I don't have to think any more... Be happy for me." He said, pushing his father off his sword, and Volumahn had heard every word as he slowly died for his demise was not instantaneous. Blood frothed from his lips.

Elation. Euphoria! Naramael stooped to take the head and place it in the chest, then he closed it up and locked it tight. He had a smuggler ship to get to so he could return to Pelargir. From there he would have to approach Mordor from the south. At least he was going back to the dark embrace of Lord Sauron, where the words of his witch would make everything simple. He hoped his deed would bring a smile to her Eldarin features. He hoped his service to the Dark Lord would please his new master. That was all that mattered now! He knew she would surely feel some satisfaction that the nightmare she had threatened him with, had been brought about BY him! He smiled. He had thought it a nightmare. The witch was simply showing him the path to the liberation of the soul from guilt, remorse, and expectation. He was now expected to simply serve. It was all much more simple now.

Why had he been so afraid of this? Distantly in the cells he remembered, not wanting to yield his father to the witch. But why? This felt good. It felt right. It was power! It was a liberation!

Naramael lifted the box. Spat on the corpse of his father, and laughed a dark laugh. He had wiped his sword on the tunic of the Master Navigator. " You have kept me from Mordor long enough, old crow." He said to the body.

" May the Corsairs of Umbar enslave you all." Naramael later spoke in parting, as he stood on the wharf, boarding the smuggler's ship. The sentiment was aimed at Dol Amroth, and Naramael meant it. He traversed the boarding plank carrying his box.Edited by: Naith Liathant

07/Mar/2011, 05:30 AM
Middle Port - Year 3004

She had slipped away from the guards at the castle and was sitting watching as the men took her father from her home, tears streaming down her face, not because she loved him, no that would not describe it right, but he was the only thing she'd ever known. And that was being taken away now even as dark clouds gathered over the seas just outside of the harbour.
She stayed hiding in the shadows as the guards took him to the wharf, she followed them from a distance and watched as they shoved him and all of his belongings onto the small ship and launched it Seeming almost relieved to be rid of the drunkard. When they turned though the caught sight of her standing watching. One of them looked mortified but she only saw him for a moment before she fled from them as well disappearing into the back alleys of Middle Port where they could not find her.

10/Mar/2011, 06:49 PM
Middle Port - Year 3004

Weeks went by and her father was gone she slipped down to the wharf almost every day since he was put out to see even when all the birds had flown inland and everyone else braced in their homes for the storm she was down at the docks hidden away wehre she could not be seen, so the harbour master didn't chase her away or report her to the men that were looking for her. She was now quite certain that if they found her they'd put her in a small skiff and shove her off like her father as well.

However as time passed the knights seemed less and less interested in finding her and she was growing more and more desperate. Food. She needed food there was none at home, she 'd hazarded going back there in the dark of the night before. and she had managed to only find a few scraps that had been put out for someones dog. She'd almost been bitten for her troubles. Water at least was not an issue though she was now constantly cold.

11/Mar/2011, 04:34 AM
Taelindwyn was resting as best she could in the bed. It was the first time in a very long time that she had actually had a bed to sleep in. Part of the issue though was she felt exposed. And it was not helping that the Jackdaw was still about, there were a few hours left yet before breakfast would be served. And she planned on eating and hoarding a bit as well for when she woke up that way she wouldn't have to pay for more food in the day. She rolled about in the bed a bit more and tried to get the few hours of sleep that she knew she could afford.

They did not come. Every time she was about to fall asleep she woke with a start thinking she'd seen the skulking grey man slipping about the shadows of her room. She then of course searched her entire room just to make sure nobody had entered each time her fears were alleviated no one had been in her room but that did not make sleep come any easier.

Soon there was a stain of pink and with a sign she headed downstairs after changing into a pair of hose and a clean shirt to get herself a meal wondering what exactly breakfast would be.

Upon reaching the main floor her stomach was growling noisily to the smell of porridge and toast and sweet jams and what looked to be pork of some sort. As well there was a handy bowl of fruit She'd take some of those for later she decided. Her plate was heaped with food, an egg, a few pieces of toast and what most people would call an unhealthy amount of jam as well as a bowl of porridge and an apple. She sat down and demolished the meal much to the shock of the men sitting about her. Women did not eat like her, she ate like a hard working man tha would have a full day ahead of him. Except her eyes were dark underneath and there was a distinct look of lack of sleep to her.

12/Mar/2011, 01:44 AM
She finished her meal and walked out of the room holding the apple that she had taken, looking like she was about to eat it too. Of course as soon as she was in her room she stuck the apple in the pocket of her doublet and stared ruefully at the rising sun, it was going to be in the window the entire day. At least she mused darkly there would be no shadows in her room for the skulking grey man to hide in. She thought slipping back into her bed and hoping desperately now that she had ate and the room was filling with the sun that she would be able to sleep an not wake every five minutes thinking the jackdaw had found her.

Naith Liathant
15/Mar/2011, 12:06 AM
Middle Port - The Sea-Drake Inn

Peg leg sat there looking at his breakfast gruel with all the enthusiasm of the condemned. Though one eye reckoned if he was a man facing his last meal, this would not have been top on the list of requests. There weren't much work for a one-eyed, one-legged mariner these days and maybe there never was, not in any day.

He had been told to come here though and come here he had, so he had ordered something none too appetising so he could sit and stir in for a few hours. Not look too much like an old sea-dog waiting on someone to show their face in the dawn. Of course being the old pro he was, Peg-leg Portis had been late. He didn't jump to it no more, no matter who was doing the telling. Leave that for the kids. He came and went when he was ready and not before, and besides that he'd been at the grog last night and his skull felt like that blade that had dislodged his eye was in his head fishing around for the other one.

So he just sat there, stirring his gruel about in the bowl and mulling over what Sea-sick Seth had told him this morning when he crawled out of his hole in a stupor. Something about a blade's work last night. In White Town too. Now that was bold. Rumour was that some old coot had gone and lost his head. Pretty forgetful that! Times changed, supposed Peg-leg Portis, but that didn't mean they was getting better, now did it?

15/Mar/2011, 04:59 AM
The Sea-Drake/Middle Port

She woke with a start, and glanced out the window the sun told her it was still a bit before noon, and while she was still tired but she could not go back to sleep she knew that much. She slipped out of bed, and slipped her shoes on trying to decide what to do. Slipping on her doublet she decided it was best if she went out and searched to see f she could find the jackdaw since she would not be able to find Finney she was sure.
She slipped out of her room locking it behind her and down and out of the Inn giving only a quick cursory glance about for familiar faces before she was out to the street where she slipped away into the crowd. She wandered the harbour for a bit listening to the thieves that spoke too loudly; there were whispers of guards on high alert. A mass murder of some sort and she was curious as to how a mass murder had been carried out. However the thieves had very little information beyond that which meant that she would have to go and see what she could find out from the Swan Knights and the guards of the city.
She wandered through the markets following a few guards listening to their conversation, it seemed that one of the Guildhalls had been attacked. She licked her lips, and broke away thinking to head to White Town to make sure that it had not been the navigation guild. She made it to the bridge to cross to White Town when she heard a cry from behind her.
“That’s her!” She turned looking confused, she had not done anything improper on her way here she was among the many that stopped several others confused. She caught sight of the man that had spoken, and she bolted she had been spotted by the night before upon entering Middle Port. She’d almost run him over in her rush to get back to Finney. She stood still, not feeling the need to run, after all she had done nothing, in fact she had for once actually apologized to him though it had been over her shoulder while she had been running along.

She blinked as guards and Swan Knights surrounded her weapons drawn. “She’s definitely the one I saw fleeing from White Town.” She stood her hands out in confusion.
“She was at the Princes court yesterday as well I saw her their plotting something; just before the Guildmaster arrived she was spooked off.” One of the Swan Knights said grabbing her arm twisting it behind her back.
“Silence murderer.” She fought then but soon found swords shoved in her face and her hands were bound behind her back .
“Murderer-” She managed to squeak out before her arms were pushed up a bit higher causing her mind to end her protest as she was turned about and marched back through Middle Port. She glanced about wildly looking to see if she could see Maladros anywhere, but he was nowhere to be sen even as she tried to form some reason as for why she was being called a murderer, yes she had been at the court but she did not know what had happened there aside from her staring at a dagger on the belt of a Swan Knight and having to deal with a creepy Jester. It was not making sense to her she needed to get her hands free and get away that much she knew.

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18/Mar/2011, 05:13 AM
Middle Port/the Wharfs

She wriggled her wrists slowly working a hand free the guard behind was leading her by her shoulder since she had not fought at all as they led her or even when they had apprehended her she’d been in such shock so they had relaxed a good bit. So none of them were prepared when she threw herself backwards into the guard and grabbed at his dagger with her hand. She caught it and drew it stabbing him blindly her hands still behind her back. He let out a yelp and went over causing her to fall with him rolling she held onto the dagger and was on her feet and running. She didn’t even realize that she’d struck an artery and the guard was dying and two of the knights were trying to stop the bleeding. She was just running tossing off the rope that was still around her other hand as she disappeared down an alley two Knights following her as fast as they could. However she dodged down a narrow alley tucking the dagger away in her doublet, and bounced side to side until she was on top of the building to her right and she ran then hard and fast leaving the Knights behind as they tried to track her from below.

She was heading for the wharfs if she could get there it was a straight shot to the cliffs to the north of the city where the Knights and their horses could not go. She leapt down onto a shorter building and then off of it and down over the wall that separated the port city from the wharf and ran hard causing a few cries but the Knights had called up several more of their fellows who were all after her and one of them was perhaps a few hundred paces behind her. Her heart was pounding, she had not seen Maladros in her run but she was no longer looking for him she was looking to make sure that she was not going to run into a guard or Swan Knights. So anyone that did not look like a peasant, or poor fisherman was avoided like the plague in her flight.

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19/Mar/2011, 04:21 AM
The Wharfs/ Cliffs

The knights were catching up to her perhaps twenty feet behind her as she reached the wall that protected the wharfs and seperated the city from the cliffs she scrambled up it and pearched on top of it the cliffs were right there and the Knights below her seemed to realize her plan now and their eyes went wide as she turned as they started up after her and scrambled along them on razor edges that any man that tried would not manage and she only managed it because of her size, a frame made small and delicate by the lack of food but muscles made strong from constant use. The Knights for their part called for her to come back that it wasn’t worth plummeting to her death, she did not believe them or trust in them, and continued on until she was out of sight.

She kept going until her arms ached and her fingers felt like they were freezing from the cold rock. She clung to the rock face and tried to find some place to rest and hide. There were none though and she tried to keep going however she needed to find a place to rest. She cried pitifully as her fingers started to bleed from sharp rocks but she finally found a ledge large enough that she did not need to cling desperately to the rocks and she sank to her knees and looked at her hands. She did not know what to do, she had panicked and run, even if Maladros would have defended her before she doubted he would now. She did not know what to do or where to go, but Dol Amroth was not an option any more she was certain of that. She sat crying for several more minutes her hands clutched tightly to try to stop the stinging and the bleeding. She slowly found her feet again and glanced out, there was a decent amount of cliff to cover before she was able to get away from the cliffs, she only hoped that the Swan Knights weren’t searching for her beyond the cliffs. The only thought that gave her ease were the Knights trying to talk her back off of the cliffs from beyond where they could go, they thought she would die on those cliffs. Perhaps if she could find another better place to rest she could perhaps wait a day or so before she tried to navigate the rest of the cliffs.

By the time she reached the far side3 of the cliffs she was sickly looking and starved and only the gods knew what had managed to keep her on the rock face at times but as she stumbled onto the rocky beach she was pleased to see that there were no Knights about. All she needed to do now was to keep traveling until she was well away from where the knights could catch her.

Red Daghul
23/Mar/2011, 04:16 AM
Learning the ropes... er lines</span>

Robin FealonJust outside of new port
The wind in the air whipped around Robin as he planted his feet on the upper deck of one of the great ships of New port. Trying to keep his balance was something new to the Dunedain, as the mater stood, being on a ship out this far was something new to him. It was a strange thing he had come upon just two nights before at one of the inns while he was having a drink and was joined by a captain of a ship called the Shining sun and the name did it justice. The captain was explaining how the art of sailing worked, but was not doing it as well as he had wanted and offered to take Robin on a trip if he liked, and with nothing else to pressing to do it seemed like a worthy adventure.
Two days later he found himself boarding a huge ship and out to sea in a mater of hours. The trip would last a night and a day, for it was just a testing trip for a new crew which meant it was the perfect time to learn more about this craft of seafaring. Even more so. as the captain stated, today was the best possible day to sail, and Robin could see why with the wind out and the sun beating down.
After the first slow minutes passed as they reached out into more open seas the speed and the roughness of the waters grew. Soon the ship would raise on a huge swell then plummet down into the sea before making the trip back up. Frankly it was tiresome and he was beginning to understand why seamen were tough guys.
Trying to listen and watch as commands flew across the deck like "pull the main sheet in" and "tie down that jib" all meaningless at the moment, but the Dunedain slowly was putting two and two together, but mostly coming out with 1. The sails were huge white clothe that seemed to capture the wind, or at least force it to go around the sail and in doing so would push the mass forward. At least that was the simple view Robin held on the mater. As the day moved on he was able to understand most of what was said, though the captain promised that he would explain more at dinner.

Red Daghul
28/Mar/2011, 12:00 AM
Learning the ropes... er lines</span>Robin FealonJust outside of new port
The winds began to pick up as the day moved on, and the waves took a rough stand point as if they wanted to show their true power. The white sail was tight in the wind, and gave speed to the boat as it sliced through the waves. The Captain stood at the helm over seeing his sailors moving around on the deck tightening lines, not ropes as he had been corrected, and loosing others. It was truly a confusing sight.
Robin made his way over to the captain who had called for him only a moment before "ah, so what do you think of my ship Robin" he said these things in a confident and joyful tone as he scanned the seas as if it could not over take his boat.
"It is a thing of beauty and gracefulness, my friend" he replied in a honest voice as he took the final step up to the captain "I have to say you run it with true elegance, thank you again for your kind offer to take me along" he gave the captain a small nod as well.
"Well my boy, it was a pleasure... but I feel I have been a little crafty in my ways" Robin gave him a questioning stare as if to ask for more details "Well, this is not really just a practice run, the truth i we are moving some cargo just to the other side of the bay" the dunedain was confused why should that have him filled with much guilt.
"Well, I thank you for your honesty, but it doesn't bother me at all captain" he was surprised that the man felt the need to tell him this at all, and he began to wonder if there was more to the story.
"Well yes, but there is more, I asked you to come because we have been having problems with... well pirates" that was when it all made sense. The whole night at the inn seemed to click in place. The captain had been there looking for young sword men who might join him on his trip across the bay. Even more so ones who seemed skilled and looked tough.
"I see, well I hope that is not the case" there was a little anger hidden in his voice, for Robin Fealon did not like to be played a fool, but he was already on the ship miles from land. Even more so deep inside the ranger was the longing for a good fight, and that small secret part of him felt the excitement growing in him. [b]Red]/b] would love this if he were here, may even be sad of the chance to have a adventure like this... then again he had not really been himself since they left.
Still Adventure was on the edge of the horizon and who knew when it would strike, but it didn't mater when it came he would be ready with sword in hand.</span>

Red Daghul
30/Mar/2011, 05:43 AM
Learning the ropes... er lines</span>Robin FealonJust outside of new port
</span>The flash of steel whirling in a blur caught the dimming sun light and shot rays off into the sunset as Robin swung</span></font>Thorontur his long sword in a series of attacks. A smaller faster craft had appeared on the horizon not even a hour after the captain had told him of the pirates, and just as the sun began it's fall under the earth they were upon them using hooks to pull the craft close and swing aboard. The ships were full of Corsairs of Umbar a dark skinned people who were great sea men and were known for their piracy. The ranger had heard about these people and there dangerous habits.</span></font></span>
</span></font>Robin pulled his sword across slashing towards the man he was fights chest, but it was easily parried by the mans scimitar. The man wore dark leather armor with red clothe which hid his face which Robin felt sure hid his ugly face. The Corsair returned the attack with a blow aimed for the head, but it was deflected by the dunedain blade which he brought down and was used to beat the man in the gut. The man fell back and Robin finished him with a kick and a quick thrust of his blade. A small pile of three men lay around his feet as the ranger looked around at his fellow ship mates who mostly were in combat using spears and short swords vs the Corsairs curved scimitars.</span></font></span>
</span></font>While he watched a bolt from a cross bow flew pass Robins face and he took cover behind one of the ships walls where he found the captain taking shelter "well, Robin it is good to see you have faired well" he laughed as if he was slightly out of his mind "come my boy let us show them who they are dealing with. Follow me" with that the man moved before the young man could answer. The captain took hold of a line that was hanging from the ship and launched himself over to the corsair ship leaving Robin in unbelief at the man.</span></font>
</span></font>Seeing no real other way to help the Captain Robin fell into the idea of crossing, but alas there was not another line about. Quickly dodging another volley of arrows he moved down over the deck to the stern of the ship where it was closer to the other craft. Coming upon a corsair about to thrust his sword into one of the crew men the dunedain drew his sword down in a arc slicing the mans back and forced him to cry out and fall back. Before the crew men even got up Robin was already grabbing a line he hoped would hold him and take him to the other side.</span></font>
</span></font>Jumping back to get a running shot Robin ran and launched himself across the gap full of sea. Just as he took to the air a stab of pain stretched across his left shoulder where a arrow had just sped by leaving a gash. Slipping on the rope as the pain shot through his arm Robin fell hitting the corsair deck hard. Hearing the sound of surprised men and the drawing of a bow the young ranger began to say good bye to the world. The shot never came, but instead the sound of the Captains insane laugh rolled out. Looking up the man stood over two dead corsairs, but he was not unharmed the man had a arrow in his leg and one that hung from his clothes.</span></font>
</span></font>"you are one crazy lad, come we are not nearly done" he beckoned Robin to his feet, and the sound of the corsairs coming to greet and welcome them to their ship could be heard. It seemed like the battle was just beginning, and Robin couldn't believe he had gotten himself into this.</span></font>

Naith Liathant
11/Apr/2011, 12:58 AM

New Port - The House of Westernesse

Sir Marrick Maladros was having a bad day. He sucked on his teeth and tongued them as he listened to Peg-leg POrtis talk utter nonsense. The man was as careless with his lies as he was with his limbs.

" You had two hands when you walked in here, didn't you, Peg-leg?" Scowled Maladros.

Graven Steel flashed a wicked grin across his stern countenance. His hand clutched the razor more tightly, as the esteemed and distinguished gentleman took a step close to the chair in which sat Portis.

In truth Portis was having a worse day than Maladros, as these things go. He had woke up still drunk to rumours from Seasick Seth of a blade's work in the port. Then to realise he was late for a meeting with the latest patsy of Maladros. Some young mott who had turned up in the hands of the warden and taken to Stonegate. It was doubted she would ever emerge - since she seemed to be responsible according to the guard of slaying the Master of the Navigator's Guild.

" I had one leg and one eye, but both hands, and I don't mistake your meaning, Lord, but beggin' your pardon I can't change the way the wind blows, now can I? The mott's in stir and there ain't nothin' I can do!" He protested.

" You were to inform her of her duties and then keep your eye on her." Maladros seethed. " Was that so much to ask? You were drunk, late and lazy. So tell me why I should let you leave here without lessening your load? You said when I told you I needed a hand with this that I only had to ask. And ask I did." Maladros gave a cold look to the old mariner.

Steel took another step closer, and held the razor back, ready to attack. He sniggered when Maladros said about needing a hand.

" When you said you needed a hand, I didn't think you meant literal! Look! I implore ye! The mott was strife! She's best off kept in the dark." Portis further protested. It was a reference to the Tower where there were no windows.

" On that I am now forced to concur." Maladros clucked his tongue angrily, and turned away from Portis, facing the door to the smoking lounge. " Let him go, Graven. He has told us what he knows, and will be of no use at all if we harm him further."

" Oh thank you Lord, most gracious, Lord!" Blurted Portis, making to rise, grabbing for his crutches.

" But one more mistake, Portis, and I will have that hand you offered me, and I won't be having it lent. I will be having it for good." Maladros turned back to the ancient man and stared through his heavy lidded eyes, for tiredness was upon him. " Get gone. I'll summon you when I have need." Maladros snapped.

Peg-leg Portis made to rise, and this time was not interrupted. Soon he was hobbling out of the House of Westernesse, cursing the steps down to the ground floor as he went on his unsteady way.

Maladros and Graven Steel watched the man go from the balcony beyond the smoking room.

" The Guard are wrong." Steel said, matter of fact, in his croaky voice as if he were speaking through a throat of parched leather.

" I bloody know that!" Maladros glowered onto the streets below. " Taelindwyn takes the fall but in the meantime there is a blade in my City chopping people up!" He was not pleased. Information was the staple diet of any man who wanted to survive in Dol Amroth. Or anywhere.

" A rival wanting Volumahn out of the way?" Steel inquired.

" Who? Volumahn Liathant had no enemies, other than the Corsairs. Even so, I doubt one of their allegiance would make it into port without my knowledge of it. This is very concerning. Any news on my father?" Marrick was worried.

" Yes." Steel sighed. " News came from the smuggler last night, a message from the Silent Tower. He is in their care and recovering well from his wounds."

" And any word of when he will be returned to us?" Marrick didn't hold much hope.

" None. In fact a message that he will be returned when he is healthy for travel, but only after several favours cover the cost of his recuperation." Steel leaned back on the supports and watched the smoking lounge, no longer interested in the streets below.

" Well, that was expected. They are sending an envoy or emissary?" Maladros looked at Steel, his expression further worried. The last thing he wanted was someone from the Silent Tower over here telling him what to do, taking control or taking over. House Maladros was his now.

" I'm afraid so." Steel shared the pensive look, but not the worry. " Of course, if something untoward should befall that envoy before they talk to you..."

" No!" Marrick hissed. " We can't take that risk. In fact, the reverse. We must do all we can to ensure any emissary comes to no harm. Otherwise we'll have the full weight of the Silent Tower down on us and my father will never see these shores again."

" Would that be so bad?" Steel was a cold and dispassionate man. " I mean, with you at the helm."

Maladros eyed his compatriot ruefully.

" Unfortunately there are House and trade secrets my father alone knows. Half our fortune is tied up in ventures of only his involvement. In time perhaps, if I make all the right moves, it wouldn't matter. But we can not simply give up on that kind of finance. Opportunity." Maladros would not shed tears over his father otherwise of course.

" So we must be seen to accommodate then. I'll make preparations for our visitor. You might want to reconsider between now and then, how important your father's interests are to you." Steel advised.

" I will give it careful thought. If the emissary makes demands too great, then I think perhaps my father did die at the Poros." Marrick said, with only a subtle hint of sadness.

" Good, because the Tower can't land their strength here, so you are safe save for assassins." Steel said. " And they won't get blades in."

" No?" Inquired Marrick. " To my mind they already achieved that, Graven. Without the knowledge of this House. And they took the life of one of the Court's most trusted retainers. What clearer message are they sending me?"

Graven Steel shuddered, and flinched. It was possibly true.

" Yes my Lord. Concerning. I will endeavour to leave no stone unturned in discovering the identity of the last night's blade. And the why of it. And who hired him."

Marrick nodded.

" I must attend Court later, a closed session has been called. You attend to this matter! I have on other lead to chase up too." Marrick was thinking of Finnegan. He sighed. No rest for the wicked.

Rainelle Hérandil
14/Apr/2011, 12:21 AM
White Town

A young girl walked along the street, her sapphire blue eyes downcast. She would be turning sixteen in a couple of days, but she looked closer to fourteen, with a very pretty face framed by long, glossy black hair. This was probably due to the fact that her mother had some amount of elven blood in her, but Rainelle didn't know exactly how much, since her mother had died when she was only seven. Now she lived with the man who was supposedly her father, but she wasn't so convinced of it, as she looked nothing like him, and acted nothing like him, and he didn't like her one bit. Because of the way he was always hitting her and yelling at her, she returned the not-liking-him feeling quite strongly.

She had her hands stuffed into the pockets of her black and red trimmed dress. Had her hands been visible, anyone close enough would have observed, though she was wearing black fingerless gloves, that her fingernails were colored black with ink from a quill pen, done carefully by herself. On each fingernail was a tiny bat drawn in red ink, surprisingly well drawn at such a small scale. Especially since all those on her right hand were drawn with her left hand, while all those on her left would of course be drawn by her right. Her feet were clad in sturdy black boots, and a small black kitten perched on her shoulder like a parrot, balancing easily as he looked around with curious green eyes.

Rain was very out of place here, as she was most definitely not from any noble or rich family , but she had come here out of curiosity, and maybe for a bit of adventure. Her father, or stepfather more like, had sent her to get him more ale, or something of that nature, but she wasn't going to do that. She had wandered around sulkily for a while, then decided to completely ignore his demands and do what she wanted to do. She would be in for quite a beating upon her return home, first for being so late, and second for not even bringing any of his precious liquor back with her, but she would concern herself with those thoughts until later. Rain made a face as she thought of that alcohol stuff he loved so much. She couldn't stand it, and tried to stay as far away from drunken people as she possibly could.

Suddenly a loud commotion close by startled both her and Onyx, the kitten on her shoulder and her beloved pet. Rain jumped and spun to see what was going on, accidentally causing Onyx to slip off her shoulder and start to fall. He gripped onto her shoulder, then hopped down to the street, his tail all fluffed out with fright at the loud noises. In a second, Rain realized that she had just happened to walk by the metalworkers guildhall as they were starting up their work, and she shook her head at herself, rolling her eyes. Getting startled by that, how ridiculous of her. As she reached down to scoop Onyx up into her arms, a couple of men walked by, talking noisily and almost knocked Rain</font> over in their carelessness. To her alarm, she watched with a gasp as</font> Onyx took off running, frightened by the loud noises and noisy men.

Rain glanced back and cast a glare in the direction of the men before taking off to try and catch Onyx before he was hurt or lost. She bit her lip and tried not to run too fast, so not to frighten the kitten further.</font> "Onyx!" She called softly.</font> "Kitty kitty!" She peered into an alley and tried to spot the black, 6 month old kitten. The problem was, Onyx was very easily frightened by men. He was very attached to Rain, and she was attached to him. She had raised him from his birth, when his mother died shortly after giving birth to nine kittens, Onyx being the only one who had survived. She loved Onyx more than anything, and he was almost always there with her. But, due to her frightening step father, usually drunk and angry and yelling, and hitting Rain, Onyx had developed a fear of men, though he was fine around women and children, and especially with Rain.

She was worried though, because Onyx wasn't familiar with White Town, and neither was she. She hoped he wasn't in danger, and she knew she needed to find him as soon as she could. She kept walking along the streets, calling his name worriedly and hoping to get his attention wherever he was, and as the time passed that she didn't find him, she began to get more and more worried, and to search more thoroughly.</font>

* * * * *</font>

Onyx, meanwhile, having been frightened by the noises and the men, had instinctively run. He shouldn't have, he should have stayed with Rain, she would take care of him. She wouldn't ever let anyone hurt him, and he knew it, but he'd been frightened! Now he was lost in this strange place with all these people around, and he couldn't find Rain! Huddling in a corner somewhere, he mewed pitifully and looking around with big, frightened eyes at the big buildings and the many people who walked by. </font>

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18/Apr/2011, 04:30 AM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Gwyntel was the name she was going by these days. Her hair had been bleached using vinegar and lemons. Not only was thisan attempt to disguise her dark hair, but also to disguise her tell-tale salt smell. Fortunately her complexion was naturally a bit lighter than what was normal for her people so that this didn't stand out so much. Gwyntel clenched her fist to stop the shaking of her left hand, hidden in her dress pocket and tightly graspinga document.

This was a gutsy move, spunky even.

Gwyntel knew something of Marrik Maladros from what she had heard from the numerous folk who made there way in, out and through the Shipwright's Guildhall where she was a meager swab (or so everyone guessed - at least Gwyntel hoped so). This was how she had been able to get her hands on the document. She heard things and knew a lot more than she ever let on ... there was an upside to being considered low, common and dull by the many important people who came around the ships she was assigned to maintain. She decided not to try to convince anyone otherwise as a general rule, to appear as unassuming and non-threatening as possible.

Gwyntel stood in front of the main door of The House of Westernesse, turning quickly so that her body blocked the view of any onlooker behind, Gwyntel unfolded and peaked at the document again just to make sure that she didn't slip up and bring the wrong one (boy would that be a mistake!). Yep - this was the one.

Secret blue prints for a ship designed with numerous hidden compartments - perfect for smuggling (versionA - the safe version, after all, she didn't know how much she could trust this Maladros character as of yet).

This was a moment of truth! A divergence in the path of what was and was not possible. The local law enforcement was starting to get tighter - looking around more and asking lots of questions - about smuggling. Could Gwyntel and her people find common ground and common interests with Maladros? Enough so to help them with their recent increased difficulties ... and the difficulties that threatened to come? This would be the first test.
Or would she be taking a fall for this ... and be disbanded by the smuggling circle for her risky behavior if it backfired instead? They didn't know that she had come here today. She had tried to convince them, but they wouldn't listen. Perhaps the othershad good reason not to trust Maladros. Gwyntel would certainly find out, wouldn't she?

Gwyntel did not like being a person of shadowy countenance. But when the shadow falls upon you and you are not of noble bearing ... what can one do but learn to use the shadow to advantage (especially when it insists on shrouding you and dogging your steps relentlessly)? There was certainly nothing glaringly shady about Gwyntel's appearance. She had even picked out a nice (discrete) sundress to wear and placed her normally wildly unkempt hair in a neat braid for this encounter. Actually she didn't look half bad, almost feminine ... maybe even ... attractive? She hoped it wouldn't bring trouble!
Heck! She even shaved and brushed her teeth today! Life on deck as a swab didn't always afford such luxury ... and there was an upside to not being the most attractive female on deck at times. An upside to every down, that's how Gwyntel tried to approach things.

Gwyntel lifted the heavy and ornate knocker and let it fall ... like rolling the dice ... the knocker fell with a bang, almost in slow motion as her adrenaline started to rush and distorther sense of things. She was on! This was it!

25/Apr/2011, 08:50 AM
White Town

</font>Dark...horrifying...these manner of names meant very little to the shadow. He watched the people as they went about there day, the smell of salt rich on the wind from the glistening waters not too far from where he rested; taking residence in the bed of one of the inns he had come across, its rickety make and lack of detail or expression, making it perfect for him, keeping the ostentatious away from here and to leave the commoners wanting more, this inn built for only those who had little else place to go...

It was relatively easy for him to find a vacant room in the dead of night, entering through an unsecure window and make that room his, bewitching the handle so that it would not budge, even with the key needed to open the tumblers and release the door. From there he merely listened to the sounds of the night, gazing upon the room and began to dream until daylight and he was allowed to move forward on his journey...

From rooftop to rooftop, he crossed over each one to avoid the eyes of those he did not wish to see him and did better to keep himself hidden from those that patrolled the rooftops, slicking across walls to make his way around them and to keep himself as stealthy as the air they breathed. The man was starting to make plans to leave this place, when he saw her. A beautiful young woman, her stature benign but otherwise illusive, the glow of her sapphire eyes captivating the dark being for the moment and watcher her from afar, feeling as if he had met her somewhere before...but was not sure where...

Eventually, he witnessed her losing her beloved feline in the crowd and went on the search to find the cat, and the being decided to amuse himself. It was rare these days that he consorted with anyone, especially one so young and frail looking, and so he took this opportunity, already tiring of keeping himself unseen from the darkness. So as to not lose sight of the cat yet, the being fell down the side of the two closest buildings he was near, descending down the alley like fallen being from the heavens and softly touched down on the ground.

Once he landed, he shed off the copious black robes, revealing his traveling suit of heavy black underneath that had been torn, stitched and studded with small barbs. His onyx armor covered only his arms and hands, as well as forming the greaves for his lower legs. He brushed a hand through his long mountain of white hair, which in the front reached clear down to his neck line while at the back it reached to the very small of his back, breezing about as he attempted to straighten it, his stride long and imposing, quickly demanding attention from the naves and commoners he passed, these folk quickly getting out of his way not only for the impending fact that he may trample them, but his ash colored skin also reminded them of the undead and provoked fear in many of them...

The being slightly smiled as he finally came across the final alleyway and found the scared cat, carefully leaning down and picked up the cat in his arms, smiling evilly so his almost vampiric fangs were exposed, "Ahh, got lost have you? Well not to worry...we'll find your Master soon enough..." And with there he carried the cat back to the mouth of the alley where he previously saw the woman, but now the crowd had infested itself and made it harder for him to find the girl...making him briefly gnash his teeth in frustration, for he hated being in large crowds for this very reason...

Rainelle Hérandil
25/Apr/2011, 07:30 PM
White Town

Rainelle pushed her way through the crowd, searching down low in the hopes of seeing her cat, but it was hard to see anything through the crowds of people. Frustrated, she finally stopped and leaned against a building, sighing. "Onyx.."</font> She called quietly, peering up and down the street. But her cat was nowhere to be seen. Tears threatened to form in her eyes, but she closed her eyes and forced the tears away, telling herself firmly that she would find him and that he was alright. "Onyx!"</font> She called, moving on.

She peered into a dark alley, wondering if Onyx would have ventured in there. "Nyelecca..?"</font> She called down the alley, using the elvish form of the cat's name. "Where are you Onyx?"</font> She asked in a whisper, mostly to herself though it seemed to be directed at Onyx. He was such a small little cat, he could easily get hurt, or trampled.. and this was a big town and neither she or Onyx knew this place. He could easily get lost, and.. what if she never found him again? The thought was almost too much.. Onyx was her only friend, she loved him more than anything!

"Please come back.."</font> She said softly, brushing a hand lightly across her eyes to remove a tear that was in the corner of her eye against her wishes. She hated to cry, but at least with this it was over the possiblity of losing Onyx forever, and not just because her step dad was hitting her and yelling. "Onyx!"</font> She yelled, ignoring the people passing by who looked at her in slight annoyance, as if they didn't like that she was yelling. She didn't really care, she wanted to find her kitten!</font>

* * * * *

Onyx shied away from the hand that was reaching for him, and let out a soft kitten-hiss, swiping at the hand with one small paw, but couldn't prevent the man(Guruthos) from picking him up. Then he squirmed and tried to get down, not liking this. He loved for Rain to hold him and pet him, but he didn't trust male adult people. He mewed quietly, a long pitiful wail, hoping to convey his desire to be put back down, so he could run away and get as far from this person as he could!

He was scared and wanted Rain to be there to hold him and cuddle him in her arms, not this scary man person who might be going to hurt him. He put his ears back flat on his head and tried to get down, but the person was holding him too tightly. Regardless, he dug his small claws in where he could, hoping to force the person to let him go, not understanding that the person was trying to find Rain so he could return Onyx to her.</font>

Naith Liathant
25/Apr/2011, 08:58 PM
House of Westernesse

The ageing man with the raven hair stood behind the great bear of a man in the doorway. What could be seen of him bespoke of hidden meanness. His cheeks were beginning to jowl and his mouth was pinched, silver fleck to his sideburns lent an air of dignified austerity to his stately demeanour. His appearance did not speak of a killer.

By contrast the oaf was precisely what you might expect of any oaf. Barrel-chested, broad-shouldered and hamfisted, his pig-eyes bulging and his lank brown hair unkempt atop his ugly features.

" What the bleedin' 'ell do you want?" He said uncouthly and with no nicety about him, when confronted by the woman on the threshold in her sundress. The oaf stared down his pug-nose at her, and his ruddy cheeked face held no warmth. If looks could murder a person, the woman would be dead.

A hand pushed on the side of the man, whose name was Halfdan, though there was nothing half about him.

" Now that's no way to speak to a lady, Halfdan." Admonished the older man who was lean and fit, looked like tempered steel so his name did him justice. " I am Graven Steel, dear lady, Guild Master of the House, and you may call me Mister Steel. I fear you have me at a disadvantage being both unexpected and unknown to us. You lack an appointment and catch us at an inopportune moment. However if your business is of interest perhaps I might make some time for you." He smiled. It never went to his cold, flint-bleak eyes. He was a man of danger - no amount of noble attire and guile could disguise that.Edited by: Naith Liathant

27/Apr/2011, 08:09 PM
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<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">One coarse and oafish voice: " What the bleedin' 'ell do you want?"
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Followed by quite a shady one: " I am Graven Steel, dear lady, Guild Master of the House, and you may call me Mister Steel. I fear you have me at a disadvantage being both unexpected and unknown to us. You lack an appointment and catch us at an inopportune moment. However if your business is of interest perhaps I might make some time for you."
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<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Gwyntel smiled unassumingly after first doing a double take between the contrasting faces greeting her on the other side of the threshold.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">"Ahh right an appointment ... well ..."
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Gwyntel attempted to think fast on her feet. The problem with the appointment thing was that it would give the rest of her smuggling circle time to find out what she was up to and stop her before she could prove the merit of her risk to them.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">"So, I have something ..." Gwyntel stammered ... she was not the smoothest at talking .. she looked up with one eye closed, lightly tilting her head to the side,
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">"I have something that the master of this house might be veryupset about missing out on hearing first". At the end of that sentence, Gwyntel widened both eyes and leaned forward for emphasis.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">"and ...." Gwyntel drew out that word in order to think through the words on her feet a bit as she looked down at her shoes ... she looked up again "there might not be anything left to talk about if we wait to make an appointment."
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">She frowned, realizing that more information might be helpful. Choosing what details to reveal carefully, she added, "It could be worth a whole lot of money to someone. But if your household is too busy then I understand".
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Gwyntel took a step back, trying to keep out of arm's reach of the slightly threatening Mister Steel.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Remembering something else that might help her with her business pitch (and realizing her own ineptness at playing the 'talking/negotiator' role rather than the 'spying/information soaking/evesdropping role'), she quickly added, "I have some highly sensitive and time dependent information about a thing that I think we might share an interest in regarding trading .... mmm ... policies." Gwyntel lightly smiled. She added finally ... "and procedures" she finished with a nod.Edited by: Tsermina

28/Apr/2011, 10:38 PM
White Town

</font>The being slightly reeled from the cat's first, initial attack, but with his armor, it was not a problem for him to bypass the cat's offensive and hold onto the furry creature despite its struggling. He couldn't really blame the creature. His skin, in its gray, ashen form, would frighten most without a will against imposing appearances and his overall disposition probably did not help him in winning favor with the animal, but it was not as if he cared about that. A cat was not very useful in itself. Mortals were more useful and he wondered what use this woman could be to him...feeling this strange pull to her that he could not exactly fathom...

"Antiquity must have a reason..." He pondered aloud as his eyes continued to scan the area around him until he saw the flicker of hair that passed into one of the other alleys, and heard the ancient word from the Elves. "So you're name's Onyx eh?" He softly chuckled, looking at the cat before he crossed the street, shoving his way through the people to reach the woman...

"Excuse me..." He politely spoke, trying to keep his voice as normal as possible, so that his ancient tones would not reverberate through his throat. The voices of the Maiar could sound unearthly if not properly tuned and it has been too long since he spoke with mortals on an even plane...with exception to his most recent altercation in the village near the forests that he left behind, "Please...try to relax...I believe this is yours?" And he outstretched Onyx to her, careful that the cat would not be flustered from the motion or pained. </font>

((OOC: Does anyone know of an actually good Elven translator? I've been scouring the net for one and I haven't found a single guide that can say a simple "Hello". smileys/smiley31.gif ))

28/Apr/2011, 10:46 PM
OOC Rath: Sending you a PM.

Rainelle Hérandil
29/Apr/2011, 04:32 AM
White Town

Rainelle didn't see Onyx in the alley, and her shoulder's slumped slightly as tears came into her eyes. Would she ever see her dear pet again? Then she jumped slightly at the sound of a man's voice behind her, and she spun around quickly. Then her eyes widened with relief when she saw Onyx out stretched in the stranger's hands. "Oh.. thank you..!"</font> She exclaimed, gladly and carefully taking Onyx from him, and hugging her beloved cat close, but not too tightly. "Onyx, I was so worried about you..."</font> She murmured to him, hugging the small black cat to her shoulder and bending her head down close to him as she cuddled him. Onyx pulled himself up a little higher on her shoulder and buried his face in her hair, still frightened by the scary man.

Rain looked up from Onyx after a few seconds and smiled. "Thank you sir, thank you so much, I was afraid I'd lost him forever.."</font> She said, sincerely thankful. She observed the man's appearance, how dark and possibly menacing he looked. She thought his armor looked really cool though, but she wasn't sure she should trust him. She always had a very hard time trusting or even being comfortable around men. She was grateful to him for bringing Onyx back to her, but could he have had some ulterior motive for it? She bit her lip and tried to smile so not to appear unfriendly, thought she couldn't help feeling uneasy being near a man she didn't know.

A quick glance at Onyx proved that the cat was frightened and didn't trust him either. Though she didn't want to seem rude or anything, so she tried her best not to figdet or look uncomfortable or anything, doing her best to smile. "Um, I'm Rain, and this is Onyx, in case you hadn't heard me yelling his name."</font> She said with a slightly nervous laugh. She petted Onyx with one hand, trying to calm him down and sooth the poor frightened cat.</font>
Edited by: Rillewen Aran

05/May/2011, 07:31 AM
White Town

The shadowed being slightly smiled and exhaled a breath of relief, feeling glad that she was at a better peace now that she found her feline companion...though he did not understand why one would bond with an animal in such a way, he had grown accustomed to the sightfrom his travels and he rested his back against one of the sides of the alley, watching her for the moment...

His mind was wandering as she spoke, and it took her last words of her speaking about herself to him instead of his cat to make him wake up and he softly nodded, making a slight bow as a courtesy, "It is nice to meet you Rain...and Onyx. If it is not too much to ask...tell me...what brings you here to this town?"

The dark being hopped that he was not being too intrusive for just meeting her; he did not want to offset her with uneasiness, not before he knew what role she would play in his existence. She seemed pretty enough...beauty was something that he could not completely grasp...though more and more his emotions were coming loose and he could feel them stir as he looked into Rain's eyes and along her figure...

It was just had the seer had told him...he was becoming more of a Mortal...and he was not sure if he could handle it...not yet...</font>

Rainelle Hérandil
06/May/2011, 03:30 AM
White Town

Rain smiled faintly at him as she petted Onyx, then her small smile faded altogether when he asked what brought her here. She shrugged slightly and looked down. "Um, well I live in Dol Amroth."</font> She replied. "I'm not really familiar with White Town, but I live down in New Port." </font>She said vaguely, then stopped, not wanting to give out any further information. She thought for a moment, realizing she hadn't actually answered the question.

"I.. really just decided to explore a bit."</font> She said with a shrug. Onyx looked back at the stranger and started to growl softly. Rain glanced at him, then, wincing slightly, she pried his claws out of her shoulder and held him comfortingly in her arms. "Sorry about him, he's.. really uncomfortable around certain people."</font> She said quietly, blushing a little. She left out the part that he was uncomfortable around men, and that she was as well.

She looked down at Onyx for a moment, then glanced back at him. "And what about you..Sir? What brings you here?" </font>She asked, then realized she didn't know the guy's name, but she didn't want to overload the stranger with questions.</font>

Edited by: Rillewen Aran

Naith Liathant
19/May/2011, 06:35 PM
House of Westernesse

The steel eyed Mister Steel stared at the audacious and spirited woman. He raised one steel flecked eyebrow. A real turn up for the books.

" The House of Westernesse is always interested in new business acquaintances looking to turn a 'fast' profit - why didn't you say it was about such a venture?" He shouldered Halfdan aside, the big man looking beyond the woman now, and his own eyes darting about the streets, seeking the shadows of the day for watchers.

Graven held the door now, and beckoned the woman in.

" Introduce yourself, dear lady, and we'll talk more openly in the lounge upstairs." Said Steel, wondering if it might be an idea to simply batter the woman a bit and force her to talk. But then perhaps she represented some small party and rough treatment might jeopardise any future relationship. Best to play it straight and see what news this woman had, and what the proposition was. Fascinating she should bring it here. Clearly whoever she spoke for was not entirely lacking in knowledge of Dol Amroth even if he, personally, had never laid eyes on this girl before today and was sure of it.

" Follow me." Graven Steel offered, and he briskly set off across the foyer and up the carpeted stairs, his hand trailing along the mahogany bannister, polished to a rich hue.

On the second floor landing several doors hinted at many rooms behind which business could be conducted, but turning sharply left, Steel led his new acquaintance through into a private study of sorts, or a library. It was lined with bookcases and cabinets, containing scrolls, charts, maps and leather-bound volumes. There was no desk, so no, not a study. There was a small table before a cushioned and padded couch, finished with leather and with a strong, embroidered wooden base, with the typical sea birds of the Port ornately carved into it.

However here they did not linger, but now turning right, Steel opened a door into a comfortable lounge, with a bow leg table placed between two padded armchairs, also finished in leather, and flanked by two larger couches that could seat two people in each, known as love-seats for no discernible reason other than that a couple could sit together comfortably in them.

Opening the doors beyond this chamber, a breeze came into the room, and the woman could see the dockland, over the balcony outside.

Returning, Steel gestured for her to sit. Halfdan came in from the room that must have been a library after all, and he placed a bottle of wine down. He also placed two goblets. Then a pewter tray for ash. Nodding respectfully, the giant fellow went out of the smoking lounge as Graven Steel prepared his rosewood pipe.

" So, let us discuss this proposition." He said. " Feel free to smoke, and do sample the vintage. It is a Morthond Vale 2988, a distinctive wine - I feel sure you'll enjoy it." He smiled easily, and poured them both a measure. Then he sat back, swilling the wine around in the goblet gently before sipping it. As if in fact to say, have no fear, this wine is not poisoned. But I am sure it crossed it your mind that it might have been.

Then he placed his goblet down in favour of his pipe and stacked the bowl before striking a taper. Soon a plume of blue - grey smoke wafted upwards, on its coiling path for the balcony. It smelled rich and yet not too strong. Hornblower most likely, and if so it had come a long way to reach Mister Steel's finely carved pipe with the ivory handle.Edited by: Naith Liathant

19/May/2011, 07:55 PM
In the House of Westernesse

Gwyntel was silent as she allowed Steel to lead her through the house to the lush and comfortable room. She secretly felt important and like some kind of high class spy (which - alas - she was neither).

" So, let us discuss this proposition." He said. " Feel free to smoke, and do sample the vintage. It is a Morthond Vale 2988, a distinctive wine - I feel sure you'll enjoy it."

Gwyntel was so naive as to have never even considered the possibility of the wine being poisoned. She was a young thing, little more than a child, really. Like some stray animal she ate scraps and did spying (limited to eaves dropping until this moment) for her smuggling friends - living the life of a deck swab. She didn't mind her free-wheeling life as it was now and had no real idea about just how bad things could really get. She had seen some murders and things before but had always been in the (hidden) observer role, not being quite mature enough to understand that she could be one of those victims if she wasn't careful.

To Gwyntel, the poshness of the room and its ornaments was truly grand and she began losing her head a bit (but not totally - she had set clear boundaries in her mind about the limits of her 'experiment' at this step of it). She greedily grabbed the bottle of wine with both hands, leaning over so as to show anyone who was looking some things she would have guarded more carefully if she had known what it was really like to wear a sundress. She pulled the wine bottle closer to read the label. Remembering every detail about a situation was a thing she was good at (even if she didn't really understand those details). Then she poured a full glass and slammed it back! Just like she had seen other seamen doing (with rum). Alcohol was a thing she was used to drinking(especially at sea)- but not this kind. She wrinkled her nose and made a face at the strong flavor. Gwyntel may have been good at hiding, but she was not very discreet once out in the open.

Then Gwyntel got out her secret ship schematics(the safe version - version A). With one hand sheoffered it to Steel, with the other, she poured another glass of wine, saying glibly "I found this". Then shewatched him carefully with one eye while taking a swig. Her face suddenly took a more serious and careful shape as her body tensed for his reaction into fight-or-flight mode. She had no idea how he might react and stepped again out of arm's reach.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Theschematicsshowed a ship withhidden compartments and devicesbuilt into it. At the top it read "version A (safe version)" and next to this was a strange symbol. The symbol showed an anchor in a circle with water splashing around it. To the trained eye, the splashes formed the image of the flower symbol used by the greater smuggler's network.

Naith Liathant
19/May/2011, 08:18 PM
House of Westernesse

Steel hid his amusement as the young woman lost a few years before his very eyes. She seemed little more than a child as she gleefully accepted wine and slammed it back like she was doing shots in some bawdy taproom. Up until then she had done quite well at disguising her impropriety but now the veil was off!

The girl wasted no time with pleasantries and it seemed perhaps that such discourse was not familiar to her. Steel wondered at the kind of people who would send one so inexperienced to the House of Westernesse. Their reputation must be slipping, he mused, as he examined the schematics of a ship design, with pursed lips.

He sniffed, and absently tapped the bowl of his pipe out into the pewter dish, and cast a wary eye at the girl as she visibly tensed, her little eyes equally wary and darting sidelong to the door and then to the balcony. Probably considering the best escape route should he decide to threaten her. Steel didn't feel like it. His paymaster had recently lost such an urchin to happenstance and a lack of discipline to Stonegate and perhaps this girl might be of some use.

" Found this, eh?" He mused. " One wonders where such a design so finely and intricately detailed on quality parchment might be laying about. Certainly not the gutters of New Port." He thumbed the fine parchment. " More likely the Navigator's Guild, or the Guild of Shipwrights'." He name dropped these likely locations and watched for a reaction. He had noticed the watermarked symbol and did not recognise it. " A vessel uniquely crafted for a particular purpose." He stated. " But why bring it to me?" He smiled a sly smile, amused to think what the girl might be up to with this. The House of Westernesse of course had dealings with many smugglers, though often through tried and trusted channels, located in Gate Town. This was an anomaly and the design looked like none he had seen. He could have Peg-leg look it over. He would know if this bird would be seaworthy or not, and if this structure would really allow so much room for contraband.

19/May/2011, 09:25 PM
House of Westernesse

" Found this, eh?" He mused. " One wonders where such a design so finely and intricately detailed on quality parchment might be laying about. Certainly not the gutters of New Port." He thumbed the fine parchment. " More likely the Navigator's Guild, or the Guild of Shipwrights'." He name dropped these likely locations and watched for a reaction. He had noticed the watermarked symbol and did not recognise it. " A vessel uniquely crafted for a particular purpose." He stated. " But why bring it to me?" He smiled a sly smile, amused to think what the girl might be up to with this.

Gwyntell opened her mouth as if to say "Shipwrights". She stammered a bit, thinking about how much she ought to really give a way. "Sh-ship wrights" she spit it out with a nod. "I swab the decks" she grinned with pride.

Once she had decided to 'spit it out' it started coming like the breaking of a damn.
"Yeah, I just found it there on the ground. But I know it works. And ..." (she almost said that there are others, too ... but caught herself) ... "and I just swabbedthis oneyesterday. It's for hiding people but you can fit all kinds of things in it."

Gwyn sat for a minute, deciding not to mention the extra pressure on them recently from local law enforcement - she would save that point for later. "It might be worth something to you to either make more like that or use one first that we already have ..."

She stopped to wait for a reaction, still keeping herself out of reach (and stepping towards the balcony).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OOC ( Steel or anyone watching might notice people hanging around suspiciously outside of the balcony as if they were watching or trying to listen in. - and this is a narrator's note, but Gwyn was set up and those outside are waiting to help her if things go the wrong way )

Naith Liathant
19/May/2011, 10:47 PM
House of Westernesse

It was all quite baffling, why the girl would bring this here, and now, until she spilled out that last. The first time she had confirmed the 'we' he assumed lurked in the background.

" You already have a vessel such as this built?" He growled, a little too menacingly, for there was some measure of anger. He took a sip of wine to calm down, and drew on his pipe. He exhaled a blue ship in smoke, or close approximation.

" Who is 'we' girl?" Steel leaned forward. " We might be able to do business, but I would want to see this ship. Talk to whoever is in charge among your smuggling ring. Clearly smuggling is what you are about and I have to warn you and your friends, you could be getting yourself into great danger, without our help." He added this last with emphasis. " It isn't merely the customs officers you must avoid here, but there are other factions, girl. Some fairly nasty factions, that won't take too kindly to outsiders working the Bay of Dol Amroth."

He hinted at these factions being other than the House of Westernesse. In the back of his mind, he realised that Thaenar would love nothing more than to see this girl strung up. But Thaenar could do with some industrious opposition. If these people ended up being more a nuisance and hindrance than help, he could always turn them in and never jeopardise the working relationship with the Sloop.

" We could guarantee your safety from such factions. But I would need to meet with the designer of that vessel and whoever you answer to. Sending you here was unobtrusive and I would ascertain risk free." By that he meant, whoever was behind this, doubted their own clout, and sent someone expendable. Not that it was a risk free venture to propose a partnership of sorts.

" If your friends want to sell the design, I'd urge them caution in who they show it to. If they want to begin production on a few more ships, and talk about manning them, we can perhaps do business." He concluded, awaiting the response from this young urchin.

19/May/2011, 11:38 PM
House of Westernesse

Gwyntel started inching back towards the balcony as Steel growled in anger " You already have a vessel such as this built?". She stopped when he appeared to calm himself and was disarmingly delighted by the blue smoke ship. She forgot her worries for a moment as she watched it slowly dissolve in the air while keeping its shape fairly well. It was a welcome distraction for her as she tried to handle the sobering words the dangerous looking fellow began to levy at her.

"We are smugglers yes - but we aren't originally from here ... we're f ... we're new to the area." Gwyntel thought it unwise to reveal their status as refugees just yet. And the name of Mordor never won any favors. This she had learned quickly in her travels and attempts at starting a new life. She didn't even remember the place, really. She had been an infant when her family had fled and narrowly escaped.

Gwyntel looked around, "Well, I don't know how to build it actually but I know that late at night some of em sneak - ooh" Gwyntel covered her mouth as she realized that maybe she shouldn't tell him that.

Suddenly she stopped, not being quite sure what to say because it wouldn't do to ask her friends for an appointment since they had appeared to be against reaching out to this household to begin with. She had brought it up with them many times and every time they had said the same thing "forget it", until finally they had asked for her silence on the matter entirely (which she had not granted them). The status of the house of Westernesse had become vaguely known to their organization as they started to "work Dol-Amroth" and spy out the territory. In fact she had heard the name (and the namesof its inhabitants) on more than one occassion during her eaves-dropping which is what had peeked her interest so much. She feltcertain that this house couldprotect them from the customs officers who were getting a little bit too nosy of late.

As Gwyn was scratching her chin and frowning about what more to say, a bottle of murky brown glass was lobbed onto the balcony, smashing as it fell. Gwyn turned and wondered at what it could be. A piece of parchment was left among the shattered pieces. It's edges flipped in the wind but the shards of brown glass held it down.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In case the letter is read it says:

"If you are interested then come out and raise your right hand - perhaps the girl was right about coming to you after all."

Naith Liathant
20/May/2011, 05:40 PM
House of Westernesse

Steel looked at the broken bottle and his face twisted up quizzically as if to say 'is this for real?'

The anger clouded his vision, and he darted over to the door, summoning Halfdan. Halfdan bellowed down below, and shouted 'streets, opposite the balcony'.

Then Steel was kneeling by the broken bottle as Halfdan closed the door, and locked it. He then turned his ugly gaze on the girl.

" You sit there, mott." He spat.

Steel had found the note in the meantime, while trying to get a glimpse of the streets and the corner of the alley he reckoned most likely to be the source of the disturbance.

He glanced over the script. The tone! The tone! The impudence! He shook with rage. Then stood up.

" You throw bottles at my bloody house I'll rip your damn throat out and wear this girl's entrails as a scarf!" He shouted.

He glared back at the girl, stepping away from the door to the balcony for he wasn't a fool and knew where one missile came in, another might follow.

" You have some pretty stupid friends, girl! This is NOT how you go about conducting business! This is the stuff of thugs and dolts! It beggar's belief that you and your damn fool friends have survived this long - are the custom's officers really that lapse? If so I might stop paying them to turn a blind eye, when the eye is already so bloody perfectly blind!" He seethed.

Halfdan stood at vigil, there was no escape from the room.

Steel shook his head and sighed, looking at the letter. There was the sound of shouts and scuffling on the streets, and running feet. He ignored it.

" Listen girl, and listen 'good'. If your friends want to talk then they should talk, not throw bottles and send waif's. It is obvious coming here was your idea and in that you made your first wise choice. Now you have one more choice. I hope it is equally wise when made. You can go back to your friends, and tell them to rescind all business in Dol Amroth and never return to this port on pain of death; you can return to your friends, and tell them to grow up, show some maturity and put their cards on the table - and also bloody well apologise for this!" He pointed at the broken bottle. " Or you can die right here, right now. Then I'll run your little band of idiots out of the port, or dump their fresh corpses into the canal by moonlight - one by one." He paused and sighed, heavily. " Your decision." There was nothing gentle about the hard edged anger in his cold, flint grey eyes.

20/May/2011, 06:19 PM
House of Westernesse

" Listen girl, and listen 'good'. If your friends want to talk then they should talk, not throw bottles and send waif's. It is obvious coming here was your idea and in that you made your first wise choice. Now you have one more choice. I hope it is equally wise when made. You can go back to your friends, and tell them to rescind all business in Dol Amroth and never return to this port on pain of death; you can return to your friends, and tell them to grow up, show some maturity and put their cards on the table - and also bloody well apologise for this!" He pointed at the broken bottle. " Or you can die right here, right now. Then I'll run your little band of idiots out of the port, or dump their fresh corpses into the canal by moonlight - one by one." He paused and sighed, heavily. " Your decision." There was nothing gentle about the hard edged anger in his cold, flint grey eyes.

If Gwyntel had had any confidence in her ability to "talk her way out of things" then she might have tried ... but she knew better. She wasn't convinced that coming here had actually been a wise choice. She had to bite her tongue to hold back her tears. She refused to cry in front of him, although she wanted to.

"Well, I thought it might be worth ... ". She started and stopped.

"We'll scram."
They would have to. With the customs office on them already and the House of Westernesse against them, it was clear. Hopefully whoever had written the note was already making arrangements for "moving out" as quickly as possible. If she hurried, Gwyntel wouldn't get left behind. This hadn't been the first time they had had to get out of town quickly.

It never occurred to her to question Steel's word. She started walking towards the door, paying more attention towards holding her composure than anything else.

Naith Liathant
20/May/2011, 08:24 PM
House of Westernesse

Halfdan looked like he was going to unlock the door, but he wasn't. He instead man-handled the girl, grabbing her wrist and twisting it up behind her back, quite expertly causing just enough pain, pinching the nerve.

" You sure about this? Letting 'er go?" He growled.

Mister Steel came into view and looked into the frightened eyes of the girl.

" You have guts, girl." He said through clenched teeth. " And more about you than your stupid friends! You ever change your mind about who your friends are, let me know. Or I fear you may suffer their inevitable fate!"

He nodded to Halfdan, who raised furry brows and then let her go. He unlocked the door.

" Reckon you best scarper, lass, and count yourself lucky. Last winter some drunk threw a brick through the downstairs window and he ain't never thrown no more bricks since, if you catch my meaning." He snarled.

" Show the girl out." Graven Steel said, scowling.

He would be sure to have her followed...Edited by: Naith Liathant

20/May/2011, 09:16 PM
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">House of Westernesse
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Halfdan looked like he was going to unlock the door, but he wasn't. He instead man-handled the girl, grabbing her wrist and twisting it up behind her back, quite expertly causing just enough pain, pinching the nerve.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">" You sure about this? Letting 'er go?" He growled.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Mister Steel came into view and looked into the frightened eyes of the girl.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Gwyntel shuddered in Halfdan's arms. In those moments while Steel looked in her eyes, she did a lot of growing up. She now felt herself in a position that she had many times only observed, and had some idea what it felt like. The illusions of the invincibility of youth and separation from such events shattered.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">He could kill her, really kill her, if he wanted to.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">The thought made her sick. But then Mr. Steel gave the command to let her go. Once released, Gwyntel ran. She ran through the house and out the door. Once outside she stopped to look back. How stupid she felt ... and yet ... she didn't understand how things had really gone wrong. She just didn't understand. But now that she was outside, she sniffed, and the tears came. But that part of her which had just experienced a growing spurt took over.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Maybe you will never understand. But at least try to survive.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">She started running again, this time for the Shiprights.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV align=center marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">***
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Shipwrights
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">Gwyntel had to stop to rest several times along the way. By the time she reached the guild hall she was short of breath. Happy to be back "home", she made her way into the familiar area where she was assigned to swab decks. But when she tried to pass through, two guards barred her way. "Guildmembers only", the one on the left said, without making eye contact. "But I work here", she said. "No, you don't", said the guard on the right, meaningfully.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">This was bad. Gwyntel was crying,now. She left dejectedlyand started wandering towards the docks. Some mighthave thought she had self destructive intentions as she weaved about in pain, unable to fully understand all that was happening yetjust beginning to reckon with those understandings now, the hard way. But she had no such actual intentions, she was too washed away by emotion. No thoughts could weather the emotional storm, not even destructive ones.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">As she stood near the edge of the far dock on the right, she peered over the edge, looking at her own reflection. It seemed bigger, different than she had remembered before today. Something in her had changed and was threatening to change even more.
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">
<DIV marginheight="1" marginwidth="1" topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" ="WebWizRTE">As she looked up,Gwyntel saw a familiar ship setting sail from the harbor ...Edited by: Tsermina

06/Jun/2011, 08:42 PM
The being softly smiled as he listened to her words and he pondered on her questions, wondering what he should tell her, until he came to the answer he naturally gave, and so he felt no unease in telling her, "That's understandable. Animals are closest to their masters. I am a traveler as well. I traverse these lands to enjoy their scenery and culture, a task I have undertaken for a long time and it has been quite some time since I was last here. Doesn't seem to have changed much...if anything it's gotten more congested."

He then lightly leaned against the wall, looking up at the sky in the small sliver of space that the alley provided, watching as the clouds slowly dragged across the blue sky, "It never ceases to amaze me how much things change...never staying the same. It's always interesting to watch as things grow...becoming more then what you once knew them."</font>

Rainelle Hérandil
06/Jun/2011, 09:42 PM
White Town
Rainelle and Onyx

Rainelle folded her arms and hugged Onyx close, suppressing a giggle as the kitten burrowed his head into her hair, as if trying to merge himself into her dark hair. She too was a little uncomfortable here. She nodded when he said that animals were closest to their masters. "Yes. Onyx has been with me since he was born, and his mother died when he was very little, so I took care of him. I guess I'm kind of like his adopted mother."</font> She said with a nervous laugh. She looked around. She wasn't sure what he meant about the place not being changed much, but then she hadn't really been to White Town all that much, so she figured he knew more about that than her.
</font>She bit her lip and glanced around briefly, then cleared her throat quietly. "Um... well, I should probably be going home soon."</font> She said, a little timidly and also a little regretfully. She didn't want to go home, she hated it there. But her drawing stuff was there, and she wanted to draw some more. Plus, as friendly as this guy seemed, she didn't trust men, and she was a little nervous whenever she had to be near them. "Thank you so much for bringing Onyx back to me, I was so afraid I'd never see him again."</font> She said quietly, smiling slightly.</font>


Rainelle Hérandil
14/Jun/2011, 09:22 AM
(Another day)
Residential area of New Port

Rainelle walked slowly down the street in New Port, heading for home. Onyx balanced on her shoulder, purring. Her new sketchpad and pencils and things she held in one hand, the pad tucked under one arm. She glanced around as she neared her stepfather's house. She took Onyx off of her shoulder and tucked the little black kitten into her jacket, buttoning it up a bit. She quickly opened the door and looked around the first room, seeing that it was empty. 'Good.' She thought, closing the door softly behind her. She bit her lip and went quickly but quietly up the stairs to go to her room, but when she got upstairs, her stepfather was there in the first room, which she had to pass through to get to her room. And there was another man there with him.

She stopped short when she saw them there.</font>
"Well, 'bout time you got here."</font> Jake said with as scowl. Rain glanced at him fearfully, and then looked at the other man. The very look of him gave her shivers. He had a very frightening and evil look to him, intense, stern, and dangerous. He had dark hair, his face shadowy under the hood of his black cloak, dark eyes with a dangerous and malicious look in his them. He was staring at her with a look that frightened her, made her blood run cold. She had a feeling that this guy was far worse than Jake could ever be, and was someone to avoid at all costs. His mouth twisted into a faint, cruel smirk as he stared at her.

Rain swallowed and switched her gaze back to Jake, uncertain what was going on. He jumped up and strode to her, Rain instantly jumping back the second he moved toward her, but he was quicker and grabbed her arm, slapping her across the face. She cried out, and tried to back away but couldn't because he was gripping her arm. Her face stung where he had hit her. The other man seemed mildly amused, she noticed out of the corner of her eye. Jake hit her several more times, while Rain kept her arms wrapped over Onyx, who was still under her jacket, to protect him. She was very sore and bruised when Jake grabbed her by the hair, pulled her upright, and shoved her into her room, slamming the door after her.

Rain gasped in pain as he grabbed her hair, and spun around after he shoved her into her room. She grabbed the doorknob and tried it, but it was locked. She kicked at the door angrily, then folded her arms and scowled at the door. She let a frightened Onyx out of her jacket, and he ran across the room and jumped onto her pillow. Outside the door, Jake laughed slightly as he heard her kick the door.</font>
"Now, shall we get down to business?"</font> He asked as he turned to Mordrin.
"That's the girl?"</font> Mordrin asked rhetorically, his tone flat. Jake nodded.
"That's her. Shall we talk about price?"</font> He grinned and folded his arms. Mordrin raised an eyebrow.
"Shouldn't you, I don't know, keep her in sight? Make sure she doesn't escape or anything?"</font> He asked. Jake waved a hand dismissively.
"She can't get out of there. The tree outside her window has all the branches on that side chopped off, she couldn't possibly get out through her window, and we're watching the door."</font> He pointed out. "Plus, you've got your men down in the room below us, so even if by some miracle she does manage to get out the window and into that tree, they'd see her through the window of that room."</font> He explained. Mordrin leaned back and thought for a moment, then nodded.
"Alright. I'll give you five hundred gold pieces."</font> He offered.
"Five hundred?!"</font> Jake repeated, as if insulted. "That's far too low a price. I want a thousand."</font> He demanded.
"Ha, don't push your luck." Mordrin scoffed.</font> "Five hundred fifty, if you're that greedy." </font>

Rain stood listening at the door, her face white as she heard them discussing prices. Prices, for her. She started to tremble as she realized what they intended. She was to become a slave. As she listened, she heard the other man say something about Mordor. Her heart start beating faster, her eyes widened in fear. Mordor.. they were talking about selling her, and Mordor.. that could only mean... that the man was from Mordor, was buying her as a slave of some kind, and would be taking her to Mordor with him! She couldn't let that happen! </font>She knew they would haggled over the price for a while, and that they would eventually meet in the middle somewhere, but she didn't intend to stick around long enough to find out what agreement they would come to. She had a limited amount of time before they came for her, and she hoped to be long gone by then! </font>

As quickly but quietly as she could, she started to rush around her room, fighting panic. She grabbed her backpack that was shoved under the bed, half packed already in case she decided to finally run away. She had a little bit of food stashed in it, and some changes of clothes as well. She got all her drawing supplies, including the items that she'd gotten today, along with the money that she had been going to use to buy those things with, before that man Bruthane had so kindly done so for her, and packed those things into her bag, then shoved her blanket in, and some trinkets that had been her mothers, the last things she had from her. She packed everything she could into it that she could think of to put in, which would fit and she deemed necessary to bring, then she glanced around once more. She was leaving, for good.

Picking Onyx up gently, she tucked him into her jacket and buttoned it up, once more. She put her pack on, and then silently pushed her window open. Now came the problem. She had heard them talking about how she couldn't possibly escape. She knew there were men down in the room below hers, and would see if she tried to climb out and down the tree. That option was out. Pity too, since she had long since discovered how to use the tree to climb out of her window, despite him having chopped off the branches.
"Guess if we can't climb down,"</font> She whispered softly to Onyx, "we'll just have to climb up, won't we?"</font> She smirked a little to herself despite the terrifying situation, then climbed carefully out of the window and stood on the sill. She held tightly to the frame, and glanced down slightly.

The way the house was built, there were two stories, but as you travel around the side of the house, the ground slopes downward, and there was another story to the house partly in the ground, like a basement. So from the front of the house, there appeared to be two stories, but in the back there were three stories. She swallowed and gripped the window frame tighter. She did not want to fall from here. She had a couple of times in the past, and it was very dangerous. She's broken an arm one of the times. Better not to think too much about it, she decided. She'd thought about running away several times in the past, but she always lost her nerve before she actually went through with it. Not this time. She nodded firmly to herself, determined to go through with this.

Looking up, she was glad to see that there was not much distance up to the roof. She would just have to be careful. Very, very careful. She took a few deep breaths, knowing that she would not only have to be careful, but she'd have to be very quiet as well. She slid the window closed as quietly as she could, using one booted foot to push it down. She checked on Onyx quickly, then reached up and grabbed onto the edge of the roof, glad for her adventures with tree and rock climbing, to get her prepared for this. She managed to find a couple of footholds on the window frame, and finally pulled herself onto the roof, belly down. Onyx clawed his way out of her jacket so he wouldn't get squished, and sat down a few feet away from her on the roof, watching while Rain wriggled her way further onto the roof. She pushed upper body up with her arms, then flipped over so she was sitting on the edge of the roof. Standing slowly and carefully, she balanced on the rooftop and looked around.
"Come on Onyx.. let's get out of here!"</font> She whispered, gently picking him up and tucking him into her jacket again.

She bit her lip and thought about what to do now. She decided it best to get away from the edge. Her pack was heavy, and she was afraid it would unbalance her and she would fall off the roof backwards. That wouldn't be good at all. She knew roughly where each area of the house was, so she knew the general area of the roof to avoid walking over, lest the men in the room inside heard her walking on the roof. She walked as softly as she could around the edge of the house, until she got to the other side of the roof. From there it was not so far to climb down, and she thought for a moment about the best way of going about this. She didn't want to jump, but she knew she would if there was no other option. She'd fallen from longer heights than this before, so she wasn't really scared of that. What she was scared of was those men inside, and where they would take her if she didn't escape.

Taking a deep breath, she went to a corner of the house that she knew was slightly closer to the ground than the others. Looking down, she was pleased to see no one around. She knew they were probably in the other side of the house, guarding her empty room. There was a vine of ivy growing up this side of the house as well, one her mother had planted there long ago. She had often thought that it looked sturdy enough to climb, but had never tried before. Well, now was the time to find out. She hoped that this would work, with no injuries or mishaps. She sat on the edge of the roof and pulled Onyx out of her jacket, setting him on her shoulder.
"Hold on tight."</font> She whispered, then flipped over on her stomach, wriggling backward until she managed to find a good foothold among the ivy and wall of the house. She lowered herself until she was gripping the roof with her fingertips, then tugged on a bit of ivy to see if it was sturdy. It seemed to be, as it was wound around and around a protruding bit of wood that was attached to the edge of the roof. Hopefully this thing would hold her weight.

After several minutes, what seemed like forever, Rain had climbed down the vine painstakingly slow and carefully, and jumped the last couple of feet to the soft grass below. She looked around, and was relieved to see that no one seemed to have observed her descent from the rooftop. She smiled to think of how her mother had planted that vine so many years ago, and this evening it had helped Rain to escape, thus saving her life. In an indirect way, her mother had just saved her life. She then she pulled Onyx into her arms, holding him to her shoulder as she walked briskly away from the house, intending never ever to return there. As she left the New Port area, she broke into a run, heading East toward Gate Town. She wanted to visit her mother's grave one last time, even though she had just come from there, then she would run away from Dol Amroth and never return, not for anything!</font>

Edited by: Rillewen Aran

10/Sep/2011, 03:40 AM
New Port - The House of Westernesse

Gwyntel didn't know what to do so she sat down. She sniffed and wiped off her nose and face as she gazed at the sailing ship, the boat she had just missed! As she watched it sailing away, carrying her old life, family and friends with her, a part of her died inside. She really began to question who she was inside anymore. Gwyntel was no longer "Gywn the deck-swab" because the Shipwrights wouldn't even acknowledge her anymore. She was no longer daughter or sister to anyone. She had no identity, no place anymore in the world. She looked down, the tears flowing again. She realized that in fact, it was all her own doing! She had betrayed her own people and crossed a line - one that was never meant to be crossed. It was as if that line crossed right through her heart now, tearing her in two.

As the sunset set in, its beauty was missed by Gwyntel who was dwelling on her own self loathing now and yearning for what she had just lost - it had slipped through her fingers so swiftly. Night brought with it some cold hard realities. Where could she find food? shelter? money? These concerns were so immediate that she began considering something that only sheer desperation and an encounter with the rock-bottom of life can bring. Even knowing the nature of the House of Westernesse, Gwyntel couldn't think of any other option at the moment. It seemed that now that she had stepped over that line to the other side, this is where she belonged. She stood up as if growing up from child to adult as she straightened out. Then she walked calmly back .... the the House of Westernesse. She was not rid of all her naivite just yet so she didn't think to wipe her eyes or otherwise mask her recent feelings. So with a tear-stained face, she returned to the familiar front doorway to face what she had done and take her consequences. Gwyntel knocked at the door of the House of Westernesse, hoping someone inside would still let her in.

Red Daghul
10/Sep/2011, 06:26 AM
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<o:Company>Hope Community Church</o:Company>
<!--><!--if gte mso 9>

Learning the ropes... er lines</span></span>

Robin Fealon</span></span>

Just outside of new port</span>


Robin </span>brought his sword between him and the oncoming
horde of Corsairs before they could get the better advantage over him. The pain
in his left arm was more a memory in the heat of battle and the thrill of
adventure was taking hold of the young man. The Captain faired far worse with
arrows sticking out of his leg, yet he stood ready was the flood rushed to meet
in battle. Robin </span>struck first
aiming a slash towards the first pirate, and then dropping into a duck to avoid
meeting his end at a corsair blade. </span>


Bolts flew overhead as the
Ranger pushed his sword forward in a thrust hoping to inflict a wound on the
second corsair who was at least twice Robin’s size in weight. None the less the
pirate was fast dodged with ease and swung his own strike which missed only by
a thread. The two corsairs slowly pushed forward forcing Robin to take steps
back his sword parrying blows left and right as crossbow bolts thudded into
wood around him. Trying his best to avoid a deadly blow Robin made a wild step
forward bringing his blade forward in a last attempt to throw his foes off
balance, but not knowing the sea as well the force of his blow sent him reeling
to the deck with the two giant men looming over him, and their blades like
nasty teeth baring before the bite.</span>


It was then that the sound
of creaking wood and the snapping of beams thundered through the two boats. As
well, with the thunder came the earthquake as both boats slammed to each other sending
one corsair near Robin to the water and the second to the ground. Seeing the turmoil
the sea dogs were in Robin took his chance stomping his boot into the man on
the ground’s face then bringing his blades upon him he left him with only his
last breath.</span>


Looking around the ranger
scanned the scene before him with a beating heart as he watched the two ships
battle each other for survival. The corsair’s ship faired worse as the
starboard side seemed to be falling apart though the captains ship was in
better it still looked bad. Corsairs began to stream back to the boat as in
retreat. </span>


Feeling a hand on his
shoulder pushing him along Robin spun bringing his sword into offence he was
surprised to see the captain urging him towards his ship. Blood seemed to paint
his face which mixed eerily with his pale skin, but behind that he saw triumph
as he sped back weakly to safety.</span>



Hours past and Robin watch
the night sky take hold as they came to a halt at the end of their trip for the
day. What a trip this had been so far, and it was only the first half. Part of
Robin wanted to be done with this and head back to his home by way of horse,
but another part… a wilder part maybe the young man in him longed for adventure
that was only a foot away. It was that part that would win in the end for life
was to short in Robin’s mind, and his heart told him that this was where he was
suppose to be. On the edge of danger, and in the heat of it.</span>

Veowyn Girarion
26/Sep/2011, 06:56 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
year 3002 TA

Meet me at the Inn of the Blue Heron, just as the sun is setting... I have a surprise for you.
With love,
Uncle Maerion"

That is what the note the little hawk of her uncle's had brought her, just as she neared Dol Amroth early that morning. His note before that had been a just as brief "Please come to Dol Amroth." Veowyn was curious as to what her uncle was up to and why she had to come all the way to Dol Amroth to find out. Her uncle always had a secret about him, like there was a quest he had to complete, but no one could know about it. Was she finally going to get to learn what her uncle was all about?

Normally, her curious self would have sought him out now, instead of waiting until sun set. She liked to learn her surprises sooner, the guessing and searching for clues almost as much fun as the surprise in the first place. However, the moment the salty sea air had touched the nose of this young elleth, she was entranced. The crashing waves whispered a song to her pointed ears that she longed to sing along with. Her feet soon found her standing on a cliff jutting out into the bay. She just stood there, letting the wind wash the salty air over her. Her white, flowing elven gown billowed out behind her, much like the sails of the ships in the harbour. Her hair was a wild mess of medium brown curls that shimmered in the sun light. Her blue eyes were shut as she just let her other senses take in this moment.

"Oh the waves roll low</font>," she started to sing, a song from deep in her memories. "</font>And the waves roll high.</font>.." She sang, her voice ringing louder with passion with every word. Her mind blank of every thing, but the waves and the words. "And so it goes, Under a bright blue ... Endless sky..</font>." Could she have been here before? She could barely even recall where she knew the song, but it was not of her own imagination. "Waves try to measure, the days that we treasure..." </font>Her mother's face now was clear in her mind, the words taking on a different meaning. "Wave hello, and wave goodbye." </font>

As the song came to an end, Veowyn started it again, trying to keep the comforting feeling of her mother there with her, not wanting to let it go. She soon heard footsteps behind her, though she did not look back, and she did not dare stop singing. Whoever it was would just have to take in the sight of her, without explanation. She was not even sure that if she opened her eyes she would really see any one there.

(the song belongs to Disney)

Edited by: Veowyn Girarion Alarion

Maldir Ethring
04/Oct/2011, 12:16 AM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg
</span>There was a fine and splendorous sunrise that early morning when youngMaldirwalked upon the craggy shoreline northeast of White Town. It was an ideal time for him to make good of his day off from woodworking apprenticeship in Middle Port and partake in some relaxing deep sea fishing along the secluded stretch of the coast. A westerly sea-breeze was lightly blowing as he sat his wicker creel down upon a flat-topped rock and cast the line of his long, self-made wooden rod into the briny sea.
All was still and quiet with the exception of a few gulls squawking as they flew by him, yet quite soon an unfamiliar and pleasant sound came to his keen ears. It was far off and faint at first to him, yetMaldircould unmistakably make out that it was a fair voice singing...the fairest voice that he had ever had the pleasure in hearing. More than distracted from his fishing, the young man stuck his pole solidly betwixt the rocks and turned himself around curiously to see where the enchanting song was coming from. He cocked his head sideways up towards the high cliffs overlooking the Cove of White Ships and espied the silhouette of a lone feminine figure standing against the wind.
Maldirblinked his blue eyes as he took a few steps away from the coastline and towards the narrow pathway which lead up to the cliffs as the words of the fair song grew clearer and louder to his ears...he simply had to find out who this mysterious woman was, for he had heard many a song sung before by many people in Dol Amroth, yet they paled in comparison to what he was hearing at that very moment. Hastily the young man winded his way up the chiseled walkway towards the top as the song repeated itself once more, the thought of fishing having completely left his mind...truly, he was entranced.
Once he had reached the top of the spiral stone stairwell,Maldirbeheld the sight of a young lady clad in white at the edge of the cliff, still singing with her eyes closed shut. As he drew nearer to her,Maldirwondered if she had even known of his presence, for she did not skip a beat in continuing the song." That is truly the loveliest song I have ever heard...", is all the young man could manage to say, for he did not want the melody to stop on his accord...he simply just stood there smiling as she continued to sing...</span>

Veowyn Girarion
25/Oct/2011, 02:21 AM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
3002 TA

His voice finally flitted to her ears as she sang the last two lines of her song. Almost like it was a transition from her memories, back to reality. His voice coming in as she sang the word "hello" and her mother vanishing as she sang "goodbye". Her heart filled with sorrow as she lost the vision of her mother, as she opened her eyes. She almost thought of continuing to sing, as obviously the song was the reason why the man was now beside her.

The wind still whipped and billowed her gown around her as she slowly turned to look at him. Her blue eyes looked the man over, head to toe. She found that he was just as much a boy as he was a man, but he looked familiar. Almost like her uncle Maerion. She arched an eyebrow at that thought. Would her uncle have a child that she did not know about? Obviously it would have been with a woman of the Second Born, but her uncle was the type of man that would not neglect his own child. Unless, that is, he did not know about such a child... Was that why she was here? Did her uncle have a child that he wanted to tell her about?

She shook her head of these thoughts. It was all impossible. But none the less, Veowyn felt a strong connection to this man. She brought her eyes back up to his, and stared for a moment, as she felt like she was staring into a small mirror, that focused on her own eyes. She blinked a few times, before speaking in his own language. "Thank you. It was something my mother used to sing. I never knew the power behind it, until I saw the ocean myself."


Edited by: Veowyn Girarion Alarion

Maldir Ethring
25/Nov/2011, 07:53 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span>
</span>It was not often that this young, yet practical man would up and leave his favorite pastime of fishing on a random whim, yet the allurement of this enchanting melody proved far too enticing for him to merely overlook...Be it vain or not, Maldir in his impressionable youth truly thought that the song was intended for him to hear. " Y-you've never seen the Great Sea before? Where are you from then?, I don't know how I'd feel if I didn't get to watch the tides at sunset and fish here in the morning as often as I can...probably sad and miserable, come to think of it...", the eighteen-year old man who was coming of age said in a rather precocious response to the lovely songstress fit in flowing white.</span>
</span>There then came a moment of utter silence between the two figures atop the breezy cliff side. It seemed not at all like an awkward pause fromMaldir's point of view. On the contrary, even though he didn't know what to make of this pretty newcomer to the Bay of Belfalas as yet exactly, he could not deny the fact that a hidden part of him, deep, deep down inside, strongly felt that somehow, in some unbeknownst way, that he had known her all of his life...The very notion actually tingled his every sense, for never had he felt so strong a sensation before.</span>
" Are...you here to visit someone?...or...are you simply passing through Dol Amroth? ", Maldir asked of the young lady in a quizzical kind of tone, hoping that the former part of his query was true...Only then could he rightly ask to help her out in finding whomever it was that she was going to meet...Truly, he wanted not only to speak with her more, but simply just to get to know more about her for some odd reason. " What's come over me in thinking such things? ", the young, fair-haired man thought to himself rather anxiously in awaiting her response...

Veowyn Girarion
29/Nov/2011, 08:35 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
3002 TA

Veowyn smirked as the young man seemed amazed that she had never seen the ocean before. She brushed her loose hair behind her pointed ear. "I am from a place now called Mirkwood, perhaps you have heard of it? Well, it is no where near the sea, and the nearest lake is not that impressive really. It is a boring bucket compared to..." She turned and opened her arms wide toward the waves. "all of this</font>." </font>Then she turned to his notion of sadness without the water. </font></font>"I could have lived my entire life without seeing this, and been happy, but now that I have seen it, I might not be able to leave.</font>"

What are you saying? You have lived thousands of years without it, you will return home just fine. Better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all right? She silently chided herself. Thoughts of her husband and son filled her mind. Yes, she'd have to drag herself away from here for them. This fair haired young man might be what she needs to help her.

</font>"Visit someone?</font>" Yes, she was here to meet someone, but she decided to keep that to herself. Since she didn't know why her uncle called her here, she responded "the reason I'm here is a mystery.</font>" She could have used this as an excuse to be on her way, but she did not want him to leave yet. " However, it won't be solved until this evening. So, I needed something to distract me for the remainder of the day. Now it almost seems I need a distraction from the waves..."</font>

Maldir Ethring
04/Dec/2011, 09:40 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span>
</span>An expression of sheer delight suddenly came upon Maldir'sface in seeing the fair songstress subtly reveal an Elven ear as she began to speak of her homeland. " Oh, I should have guessed right away that you were Elvish by the most pleasant tone of your singing voice...and...well, there just are not that many women who could dare compare with your attractiveness here in this princedom of Gondor...through my eyes, anyway..." , the young man blurted out in a straight forward comment towards the Elf-maiden with an assuring nod of the head.</span>
</span>" Mirkwood, you say?...Hmm...ah yes, the Woodland Realm far, far away up northeast of here. I recall reading about it in a book of Elvish history during my schooling a few years back, that would mean that you are then...Sindar, correct? I'd be willing to bet that the woods there are a far cry from the ones here, great for bow hunting wild game, I'd imagine! ", his thoughts first reminisced back to the latter days of his schooling in Dol Amroth and the moments he enjoyed in daydreaming of having adventures of his own in those far off lands.</span>
</span>" A mystery, eh?...Well, I'd be more than willing to show you around the Bay of White Ships, if you'd have me as your guide Lady...Dear me, where have my manners gotten off to?, we haven't even been properly introduced to each other yet! I am Maldir, Maldir Ethringat your service! ", the young man bade to the Elf-maiden in an absent-minded, if not forgiving, apology to her with a chivalrous bow...Young, brash, and foolhardy, yet ever the gentleman in a lovely lady's presence. </span>

Veowyn Girarion
16/Dec/2011, 08:10 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
3002 TA

It have been a long time since any one other than her husband had given her such open compliments. Her cheeks almost turned a light shade of pink. Her blue eyes sparkled and danced. "I can see why many a noble elven lady has fallen for the likeness of Men, your flattery does not go unchecked. Especially for a woman who is a few thousand years your senior.</font>"</font> She lightly teased.

He then spoke a little knowledge of elven history, and she gave a small smile. "Your assumption would normally be correct. My father hails from Imladris while my mother was from Lorien, upon not agreeing which homeland to chose, they decided on neither one and chose to live in Mirkwood, when it was still Greenwood the Great."</font> Then her blue eyes darkened with views of the past. "As for hunting, there is more "game" there that will hunt you more than you will be able to hunt. And a game it would be to them, I assure you. However, if you are adept at both your bow and your knife, your triumph would be most boast worthy."</font> She looked down at her arm and the long scar that ran the length of her forearm. "The creatures there sure leave a lasting impression.</font>" She looked back to him. "Perhaps some day you will find yourself trying to tame the wild?"</font>

She smiled as he offered to show her around, and then introduced himself. She was not sure she wanted him to know just yet. She could leave him later, and pass as a dream if she remained nameless. She smirked as she answered, "My name, too, shall remain a mystery. You may call me what ever you wish, Master Ethring, for it changes naught who I am.</font>" Earlier she had not meant for to play the mischievous, and cryptic, elf full of riddles, however now she was finding out just why her kin so adored teasing and tricking Men. He was very kind, so she felt a little shame for toying with him, but it was such fun. "I would much like to have a local as a guide, to show me all the sights worth seeing. Maybe at the end there shall be a reward for your 'service</font>'." How much would his mind carry that into his imagination, she wondered.

She had left her pack back several paces, so she turned and motioned to it before moving to pick it up. She snatched it up quickly, so quick that a few things came out of the side pouch. A little wooden whistle and a carving knife. The knife stuck straight down, but the whistle started to roll down the hill. "Oh my.</font>" She said, starting after it, hoping it would not go too far, or break.

Maldir Ethring
30/Dec/2011, 05:30 PM
True Siblings
The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span>
</span>Indeed, there was undoubtedly more than meets the eye underneath the fair skin of this newly-found, mysterious, and lovely creature, yet Maldir brushed all of those intriguing inquiries that popped in his head aside for that moment in time...Curiosity had certainly gotten the best of his better judgment in dealing with complete strangers this go around. " A place where the hunter can easily become the hunted, eh?...To tame such a land sounds a bit much for the likes of me to take on, yet perhaps one day when I am more skilled and ready to leave my homeland I might take you up on that proposal. ", the young, fair-haired man replied with a look of uncertainty, for, outside of his dreams, he knew well that such an adventure for him to undertake at that trying time in his life would be merely folly.</span>
</span>Maldirwas taken back by the Elf-maiden's further words. He was, after all, quite the ladies' man among even the most attractive lasses of his age in Dol Amroth, and had seen his fair share of the wily ways of young women, but never had he been so stupefied towards a female's words, not even his foster-grandmother's scoldings in his youth compared to this feeling of...helplessness in servitude...She had accepted his company in seeing the sights about the Bay of White Ships, yet continued to keep her name to herself and remained anonymous to him with a gift for his generosity afterwards?...He dared not make any sense of it as he stood there dumb-founded before her for a brief moment as he tried to come up with words that would not sound too bold or express any ill intentions her way. " Well, um...I see...Very good then, shall we be on our way? ", he managed to blurt out as the Elf-maiden turned behind her in haste to tend after her pack.
Suddenly however, from out of a pocket of her pack, fell a short-handled knife and whistle upon the craggy cliff. The blade managed to stick fast into the ground, yet the whistle tumbled down the pathway which Maldirhad walked up that led back to shoreline where he was fishing. The Elf-maiden quickly chased down the path after it with her pack barely on and the young man pulled her knife out from ground before following after her himself. Luckily, her fleet feet caught up with the elusive, rolling whistle just before it reached the waves of the tide and she snatched it up in her hand hastily. " That is a finely crafted whistle, are you its maker and did you carve it with this perchance, fair lady? ", Maldir asked while he handed her back the carving knife handle first. " Come now, there's much for us to see and the day is wasting away, let's be off...", he said rather rashly in noticing the sun rise ever higher in the sky.
The two of them then proceeded to walk further down the same path, and soon they found themselves alongside the docks of the White Harbor. Maldir proudly told the tale of the haven's long history as he pointed out several of the Guildhalls to the Elf-maiden as they walked by, yet came to an abrupt stop at the gate entrance of White Town to direct her eyes upward towards the majestic Seaward Tower overlooking the Bay. " That, fair lady, is Prince Imrahil's Citadel...quite a sight, no? ", he jested her way, knowing well that she had probably seen much more elegant castles in her travels, but to him nothing would ever compare to the Seaward Tower...not yet in his young life, anyway.
As midday approached, Maldir led the Elf-maiden through the cobbled roads of White Town to a place nearby where he thought would be good for the both of them to kick up their feet. " Ah, here we are then, the Melon Inn...I haven't been in here in quite awhile, but the food and drink are excellent for Man and Elf alike...What do you say, fair lady?...My feet could stand a rest and it would be my treat...",the young man posed her way with a brow curling upward rather anxiously...

Veowyn Girarion
22/Jan/2012, 09:01 PM
True Siblings</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships - White Town</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">3002 TA</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/ic&#111;ns%20I%20am%20not%20currently%20using/ShaniaTwain1-3-1-1.jpg[/b]

<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">
[/b]"</font>You are wise to know that in your youth you are not yet ready to leave home.</font>"Veowyn was happy that he was not of thenaive sort who thought they were ready for anything, like many young people were. "Though I only had half your maturity to my age when I found that I could not tame the wild, instead becoming consumed with it.</font>"She let him in a little to a side of her that few people knew, and even fewer remembered.When he handed her the knife and complimented her whistle, she smiled. "Thank you. Yes, it is my own work done with this very knife, which I also made. Wood working is my trade of choice. It was a hobby to my mother's family, but it suits me better as a life style.</font>"Her casual tone took on a more passionate edge about her work, before she returned to the tour. "No more talk of it for now though, let's be off</font>."
She followed him, taking in the large ships in the Harbor. She'd only seen small vessels that were for traveling rivers and lakes. She stared up at the Seaward Tower as he spoke of it. "I am sure through the ocean mist, to the sailors, it is just as majestic as Lord Elrond's Imladris in the early light of morning, or the talons of Lothlorien in the silvery light of the moon."</font>Her blue eyes looked into his. "Or your eyes to all the young girls in Dol Amroth.</font>"She winked at him, just for effect.
She continued to follow Maldirthrough White Town. "The 'Melon Inn', how clever</font>." She teased with a light, playful hint of sarcasm on her voice. "Though a meal and somewhere to clean up before this evening would be perfect. And you can tell me more of Dol Amroth and yourself</font>."She was mainly curious about this young man, his interests, his life goals, every thing about him. Though she could not justify her interest. She'd probably never see him again any way.
That thought shocked her with a small stab to the heart, but she hid the disappointment with asmileand let him show her in the the inn. "Thank you.</font>"

Maldir Ethring
11/Feb/2012, 05:01 AM
True Siblings
The Melon Inn
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span><br ="Apple-interchange-newline">

" Splendid! They do offer a few private bathes in here, emphasis on being private from any...prying eyes, fair lady...", the young, fair-haired Maldirreplied back rather anxiously while he courteously opened the front door of the Melon Inn for her to walk in first. The decorum of the establishment inside boasted fine woodworking from Elf and Man alike, which enhanced its vivid appeal to the eye...It held the comfortable air of a home away from home to Maldir'severy sense for some odd reason.
" Ah, Asdur, so good to see you in such a long while...Can you accommodate the lovely lady and I with a table for two please?...and...have you a private bath vacant for my guest?...", the young man said in greeting to the well-renowned proprietor of the Melon Inn while he procured his coin pouch from off of his belt. Asdur simply nodded his head cordially to Maldir'squeries, as he was busy tending bar for a few patrons at the time. " Spare no expense towards the lady's bath then please, I'd like her to have the best one, you know, the big, fancy one with the full assortment of scented oils and fragrant soaps of her choosing at her disposal...", he furthered Asdur'sway rather boldly in order to receive his full attention, to which he made certain of after he placed more than a few gold coins on the counter top.
" Very good then young Maldir, your bath will be ready before you walk up the staircase miss, last door on the right at the end of the hallway...", with a broadened smile the proprietor spoke to them both as he handed her a key and then hurriedly motioned towards one of his chambermaids to fetch some hot water with a snap of his fingers. " I will be seated at that cozy-looking table over there in the corner when you are finished, fair lady...", Maldir said the Elf-maiden's way with a slight bow as Asdur set a flagon of malted-beer on the counter before him.

Veowyn Girarion
03/Mar/2012, 02:41 AM
True Siblings</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships - White Town</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">3002 TA</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/ic&#111;ns%20I%20am%20not%20currently%20using/ShaniaTwain1-3-1-1.jpg

[/b]"Prying eyes?</font>" She feigned a look around the room as her eyes adjusted to the light. "These good patrons? I am sure there is not a soul here who would consider it."</font> She smiled innocently at Maldir, but she knew very well the types of people in the world. She was sure that there were few in that room who would not allow their eyes to pry, given the opportunity. However, her need to clean up was a greater concern.

Veowyn listened as Maldir did business with Asdur. She raised an eye brow at Maldir when he paid for her to have the best the proprietor had to offer. Asdur then handed her a key and told her it was all but ready. She smiled demurely at the inn keeper, hoping he would not notice her ears and question the young man about her too much. After all Maldir did not even know her name. After looking at the table pointed out to her, she nodded and looked back to Maldir. "Very well, Master Ethring, I shall not be long.</font>" She turned up the stairs and headed to the the room she'd been directed.

After turning the key to open the door, she quickly entered, and closed it behind her, setting the key on the side table. She pulled a change of clothes from her bag, laying them out on the chair beside the tub, along with her hair comb and a fresh ribbon to tie her long curls back with. She then disrobed and sunk down into the hot water. She let out her breath, and relaxed. She then sat up and sniffed the different oils and soaps. She chose the scents of lilacs and lavender, deciding that the soft smells would be a perfect contrast with the rough look of her clean clothes. She then proceeded to wash the salt of the sea from herself, unaware of the commotion outside of her room.

Asdur himself was unaware, though he should have been keeping better watch of his own son. The young lad, of 14, had heard the chambermaids pouting about how Maldir had brought in a woman, and elven woman at that. And now they had prepared a bath for her. Ashdun did not have the sad thoughts of the young women with the implications that Maldir might now be taken. His thoughts went straight for the elven woman in the bathing room. He slipped upstairs without being noticed, and stopped at the room he knew the girls had just filled. He looked both ways before lowering himself to look through the key hole. He'd peeked on women before, but most were old, or just plain ugly. And never had he had the opportunity to spy on an elleth.

He had heard that elves had sharp hearing, so he held his breath, and tried not to grumble when he found that the tub was not in a position enough for him to see her well enough. However, he could see her clothes laid out in the chair, so all he had to do was wait...

Maldir Ethring
11/Mar/2012, 07:43 PM
True Siblings
The Melon Inn
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span>
</span>Maldir fingered the handle of the foam-topped flagon before him on the bar counter and slowly lifted it up to his dry and parched lips for a lengthened sip of the cold brew he found most pleasing to his palate. " Ah, that hits the spot...Good stuff as always Asdur, I'll take my leave of you with it now and have a seat at the table...", the young, fair-haired man bade the way of the busied proprietor with a contented nod of approval before he turned to amble his way towards the aforementioned table-for-two off in a remote corner of the barroom near to the stairwell.
It was not long after Maldir had sat himself down at the candlelit table when Asdur's beautifuldaughter Asduriel hadapproached him, bearing a small basket of fresh, sliced bread. She was a tall and shapely young woman with long, dark hair pinned up in a bun who was a few years older than Maldir, yet that subtle age difference never stopped the business-minded Asdurielin voicing her opinions and the feelings she had for him. " Good afternoon Maldir...so, who's that elleth you're with?...Can't rightfully say if I've ever seen the likes of her around these parts before...", Asduriel gave him in a bold and posing query as she wrinkled her nose with a glare up the staircase. " I...do not know her true name yet Asduriel, we just met on top of the Ciffpoint this morning...she's new here to Dol Amroth...", he gave her back in reply before he drew another sip from his malted-beer.
" You don't even know her name yet and you're spending money on her?...Pffft!...You should spend your coin and time on someone more...upstanding and refined in this city...like me...", the co-proprietor of the Melon Inn said rather presumptuously back his way with an amorous look behind her batted lashes as she placed her hands upon the table and leaned closer his way. " I...um...only know her as an acquaintance in need of a good meal and bath my dear Asduriel, that's all...Now what would you recommend as a meal this evening? ", Maldir said in truth back her way, then quickly changed the subject to sate his grumbling belly. " Well why didn't you say that in the first place?...That is a different matter altogether, handsome...The catch of the day is sea bass and we serve it grilled and seasoned to perfection, I highly suggest you order some before they are all gone..." , Asdurielrecommended with a smile back on her face, quite contented that the elleth in question held no spell over Maldir.
" Oh, that sounds tasty Asduriel, I'll have that, yet I better go and see if my friend would like that too before placing her order for her, please excuse me for a moment, my dear...", the young man nodded back her way in agreement towards her tasty suggestion, then pardoned himself from the table to head up the stairwell with all haste. Much to his chagrin, however, instead of merely going up to rap upon the last door on the right at the end of the hallway to ask his guest what she would prefer to eat, Maldir chanced upon none other than the mischievousAshdunpeeking through the keyhole. " Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tan your hide for this invasion of privacy! ", the fair-haired man exclaimed in utter rage to the adolescent with fists clenched and eyes with piercing daggers in them.

Veowyn Girarion
18/Mar/2012, 05:35 AM
True Siblings</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">The Cliffpoint just outside the Cove of the White Ships - White Town</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">3002 TA</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: left;">http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/ic&#111;ns%20I%20am%20not%20currently%20using/ShaniaTwain1-3-1-1.jpg

Ashdun[/b] wanted a way to see more. The keyhole only offered a limited view. He was slowly turning the knob, to get the door to open just a crack. He was in deep concentration, and was not paying attention anything else around him. So when a loud voice shouted at him, the poor lad was startled. With his hand still on the knob he somersaulted through the door and landed on his back. He stared wide eyes up at the elleth who was looking at him from over the side of the tub.

Veowyn had heard some one outside her door, annoyed that peeping eyes were after all on her. She had foamed up a layer of soapy bubbles on top of the water, so that they would not get a good view of anything if they did try to crack the door. She had also heard some one else coming up the steps, she had a feeling that even though the eyes were caught, they would still be on her. She reached for the towel right as the teenager fell through her door. She looked from him to the Maldir in the door way.

She stretched the towel out, and used it as a sort of screen between her and both young men, as she stood up. She slowly stepped out of the tub, knowing that she would lose her elven mystery if she slipped and fell. She looked back to the boy, and gave him a piercing stare. She then looked to Maldir nodding toward the boy, choosing to let him handle the lad as he saw fit. She slipped behind the changing screen with her clothes, all too aware of their stares that had followed her, and that a faint silhouette that would be seen by them on the screen.

"I.... Miss.... oh Mister I didn't mean not'in' by it..... Please don't hurt me!" He choked out his plea, as he sat up. But his plead lost sincerity as he watched the elleth's shadow drying off and getting dressed. He then looked back at Maldir and gulped down a whimper of fear.

She dressed as quickly as she could, then came out wearing a gown that was similar to those that the fashionable women in the city wore. It was very different then her elven clothes from earlier, but she had decided she had wanted to try to blend in when she went to meet her uncle later. And she had decided that she had brought enough attention to her and her new friend, she did not want more. She went to the small mirror to comb her hair, pretending to ignore them. Her silence would add to the boy's flustering, and to the curiosity her current companion already had for her.

When she was finished, she turned back to them. "Now are elves really all that interesting?"</font> She had fashioned her hair in a way that her pointed ears were hardly noticeable. She approached them in a manner that said she was ready to leave the room, and put this all behind her.

Maldir Ethring
18/Mar/2012, 11:31 PM
True Siblings
The Melon Inn
year 3002 TA</span>http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/Marie_Sarabeth/ic&#111;ns/Choices%20a%20nd%20DPs/Michael/Derek_Hough_July8newsne-1-1-2.jpg</span>
</span>The sudden and cacophonous display of displeasure byMaldir at the bath door proved to be so unnerving to the adolescent Ashdun that his forward momentum pushed the door wide openwith him tumbling through head over heels. Such a clamorous spectacle did not go unnoticed by the pair of chambermaids tending to their duties in the other rooms upstairs, one of whom immediately bolted down the stairwell and whispered what had transpired into the ear of her employer Asduriel. " He was caught doing what?...Oh, that meddlesome brother of mine...If father caught wind of this I'd never hear the end of it...I'll just have to handle this on my own once and for all...", the busied co-proprietor of the Inn murmured back in resounding composure to the chambermaid under her breath, so as not to attract any further attention towards the embarrassing predicament at hand.
" Ha! Serves you right Ashdun, maybe this will teach you a lesson more so than the backside of my hand! ", Maldir could not help but chuckle towards the boy lying flat on his back next to the tub. His eyes slowly turned upwards to meet those of the toweled elleth who, quite surprisingly to him, had remained remarkably calm about the intrusive incident. " I'll not lay a finger on you if you promise that your wandering eyes remain fixed on me and not her as she gets dressed Ashdun...Really! You need to get out more of here more often and go find yourself a young lass more your age to sate that curiosity of yours, else a jealous man might very well cut out your eyes someday! ", he replied sternly to the boy's cowardly imploring, hoping that his words would sink in his thick skull.
" Well, well, well, what have we here? Ashdun! You should be ashamed of yourself, get out of my sight and tend to the pots and pans in the cookery right this instance and I might just spare telling father about this! ",a glaringAsdurielrebuked the way of her younger brother with her hands on her hips and a foot that tapped rather impatiently in the doorway of the bath. Ashdun became even more fearful after he heard his sister's words of warning, and bolted off so spryly out of the crowded bath that he nudged her smack dab into Maldir. " Oops! How utterly careless of him...good thing your strong arms were there to catch me handsome, I might have slipped and broken something...", Asduriel spoke in contented relief as Maldir instinctively reached his arms out to catch her, though he soon found that her own arms were snugly wrapped around him. " Yes, that's quite a posing query : Are elves really that interesting to you Maldir?...", the woman in his arms glanced towards the elleth with a wry smirk, then looked up into his eyes dreamily.
" I...think we should all head back downstairs...", Maldir said a bit uncomfortably while he panned his widened eyes between the elleth and Asduriel. " Maybe I don't want to go downstairs just yet, maybe I like where I am right now...Answer the question without weaseling your way out of it...", she furthered his way rather boldly. " I...think you are both interesting, you are both beautiful and I'm glad to know each of you...", he managed to blurt out on the spot. " Well, that wasn't so hard for you to admit then, was it?...Come now, let's head back down to your table...Oh, what would like for supper this evening miss?...Maldir here forgot to mention to you that the specialty of the day is grilled sea bass, a rather tasty dish if I do say so myself...", a very contented Asduriel chimed out as she released Maldir from her arms and led the threesome back downstairs in a nonchalant saunter.

Beren Camlost
23/Oct/2012, 05:57 AM
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</font>Arin and Medlidor : The Legendary Journeys</font>__________________________________________________ ______________</font>


</font>Set before the events of</font><i style="font-family: 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; ">The Runaways[/i]</font>http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_images/bullet.png (http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=241690&amp;PID=7521260#7521260)and</span></font>The Trials of Wilwarin</span>:</span></font><i style="font-family: 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; ">An Interlude - Leave No Stone Unturned[/i]</font>http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_images/bullet.png (http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=242062&amp;PID=7519565#7519565)</font>
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</font>Dramatis Personae</font>

Arin Montagna: Lady Knight of Gondor, noblewoman of Dor-en-Ernil ; the lover of Sir Halion</font></span>
</font></span>Medlidor: Arin's steadfast man-at-arms, a foreigner of Palisor</font></span>
</font></span>Penimiel"Penny"Tathval- An unfortunate laundress of Dol Amroth, daughter of a deceased wealthy banker ; endangered by a powerful sorceress who thinks she may know the location of her hidden treasures her father knew about</font>
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</font></span>Mardil Herion: A Gondorian adventurer, veteran soldier ; brother of Gaeril Herion, cousin of Haldor</font></span>
</font></span>Gaeril Herion: A Gondorian adventurer, veteran soldier ; brother of Mardil Herion, cousin of Haldor</font></span>
</font></span>Taylin the Mad: A strange and witty Gondorian adventurer, veteran soldier</font></span>
</font></span>Celdrion- A Gondorian seer, divined that Lady Knight Montagna must embark on an adventure to deliver a young girl from the wrath of a greedy sorceress</font></span>
</font></span>Fanariel: A wealthy and exotic beauty of the Cliffs, an evil sorceress ; she will do anything to amass her fortunes. An ice cool woman who will destroy Penny if she won't reveal the location of her father's treasures, relics from Westernesse.</font></span>
</font></span>Assassins of the House of Westernesse -Employed by Fanariel</font></span>
</font></span>Criminals from the Sign of the Sloop and Sworfish- Mercenaries hired by Fanariel</font></span>
</font></span>Sir Halion- Swan Knight, nobleman of the Belfalas Highlands ; the lover of Lady Montagna</font></span>
</font></span>Egros- A drink server and also works the gaming tables at the Sea-drake, Penimiel's friend, who wants to leave town and see the world...and gets his wish ; he's a commoner thrust into adventure</font></span>
</font></span>Gowestor- A moneylender at the Merchants' Exchange ; a friend and colleague of Penimiel's father,</font></span>Paryonaon</font>
</font></span>Bangon- Storage officer of the Dol Amroth Auction House</font></span>
Chapter Two : What Gowestor Knew</font>
</font>Dol Amroth, The New Port</font>TA Autumn, 3014</font>
</font> " 'Hello. Has any moneylender who worked here and his wife passed away recently ?' "Medlidor, mimickingArin's feminine voice, asked sweetly andLady Montagnaslugged her bodyguard's muscular arm, rolling grey eyes."Well, it does sound strange in my ears,"Medlidorconfessed as they emerged from the Middle Port ;Arinhad posed the same question at every bank they had visited in the Bay of White Ships.</font> They were in New Port now, Dol Amroth's onlyopenharbor. It was larger than either the White Town or the Middle Port ; its storehouses and markets handled the town's large, serpentine avenues of business. Inns and taverns stood amid the district's many warehouses and trading stores, catering to those who seeked to avoid the pandemonium of Gate Town or the high prices over at Castle Quarter.</font> "Well, I'm not sure how else to approach this,"Arinadmitted following a heavy sigh."Hello ! Goodman !"Arinhailed a passing commoner."Do you know where the nearest bank is ?"she asked in a friendly manner ;Medlidorglanced at her, having detected a melancholy undertone in her query.Arinwas so busy away from Dor-en-Ernil that she didn't know the areas of her home all that well.</font> The fellow was a shipwright by the looks of him ; he wore knee-high boots, breeches, and an open vest over white short-sleeves. His hair was tied back away from his face and his skin was tanned from much exposure to the sun.</font> "The Merchant's Exchange is down this street, milady,"the young worker replied, noticing the regal beauty ofArin's green silken high-collared gown, guessing she was a noblewoman of the realm and thatMedlidor- the shipbuilder had glanced at the short-sword at his side - was her man-at-arms."It's a loan service that's well-liked in this part of town, owned in partnership byPrince Imrahiland the White-shipwright's Guild."</font>
</font> "A Lady of</font>Ered Tharonion ; your presence is an unexpected pleasure, Arin of</font></span>Oron Cardh ; we don't see many persons of your station here at the Merchant's Exchagne, milady," the moneylender, Gowestor, spoke warm and cordially as he took a seat behind his expansive desk ; he gestured hospitably for Montagna to perhaps occupy one of the chairs before the work space here in the carpeted office that shone in the ruddy sunset light beaming through the long windows ; Medlidor leaned against the white room's back wall, looking menacing somehow without even trying.</font></span> Arin smiled. Gowestor was an older, portly gentleman with wavy salt and pepper hair ; he had trouble with his sight so Gowestor wore spectacles to improve his view of the world. The moneylender wore a long, brown linen tunic that was belted at his paunchy waist that was embroidered with gold thread at the cuffs and neckline.</font> "I honestly had no plans to visit your bank until last evening when I spoke to Celdrion the Seer at the Black Spar Inn, sir," Arin replied, causing Gowestor's graying brows to raise.</font> "Lovely Lady Montagna," the loan officer intoned, obviously intrigued, as he leaned forward pressing the tips of his fingers together, "at first you had my curiosity. Now, I must say, you have my attention."
</font></span> She told him, straight-faced, that the oracle believed that she needed to save the life of a young woman whose father, a moneylender from Dol Amroth, and mother died years ago ; it was important to her investigation as to how they died and what their names were, where their daughter lived now.</font></span> "Seers have been right before, knight errant ; it is known," Gowestor acknowledged clearly and settled back against his chair ; his mouth a grim line for a moment, perhaps as he was weighing his options ; if Gowestor divulged no data from what he knew then this girl's life was would probably be in jeopardy. "It's my duty not to reveal personal information about my fellow co-workers and their families to just anyone however you are a very important someone. Aren't you, Lady Montagna ?" His eyes twinkled.</font> "One would think so, I suppose," Arin responded, suppresing a smile and blush.</font></span> Gowestor nodded and began to speak of what he knew. "Well, you're in luck ; this gentleman,</font>Paryonaon Tathval, and his charming wife, Sellian Gwaren had only one child,</font></span><b style="font-style: italic; ">Penimiel Aidora Tathval[/b], and she survived her parents' deaths. She lives at 4444 Dock Landing Road here in Dol Amroth at the Middle Port. Penny -" Gowestor smiled sadly "- we all called her that here, the adorable lass...." Emotional, Gowestorpaused for a moment and then continued when he could master his feelings.</font> "Penny was orphaned at the tender age of thirteen ; the comforts she had known from a well-to-do lifestyle vanished when she became homeless. She has only a few close relatives but they have never been financially stable enough to support another mouth to feed. IndomitablePenny works night and day, has for years, as a laundress from her small home in the Middle Port, catering to the commoners who work there - the sail-makers and coopers, smiths and carpenters, rope-makers and tanners, pitch-layers and ship-wrights.</font></span> "Penny has become a very quiet and serene, introverted woman, a shut-in ; being the recluse she is, Penny doesn't speak to most people unless it's business but I was able to catch her on the sidewalk a few days ago and we chatted briefly. Penny hopes that one day she'll have the funds to pay for the costly</font>medical apprentice fees</font><i style="color: rgb153, 102, 51; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">that will allow her to train as a promising healer, a surgeon." </font>[/i]Gowestor sighed heavily. "I would like to help her but she's a stubborn, determined maiden who wants to support herself - despite having little time to rest and making scarcely more than what she needs to survive - without any help."</font> Arin smiled tautly, grey eyes filling. "I like the girl already," she remarked, being a headstrong and willful female herself. "So how did her parents die ? Was it....a particularly strange accident ?" Arin asked, swiping her tears away.</font></span> "How odd you should ask that question, milady, yes, it was a bizarre circumstance indeed." He took a deep breath and loosed it slowly. "I know because I was there. It was Penny's birthday and the family and I were celebrating the child's thirteenth name-day at the Seashell, a pleasant restaurant that was</span><b style="color: rgb153, 102, 51; font-style: italic; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Paryonaon[/b]'s favorite eatery which offered a less rowdy atmosphere for a meal than the quayside dives and inns can provide ; the establishment isn't far from where the house they used to own stood in Santaer, the Sea Garden. The community is a friendly, woodsy place home to a lot of the upper middle-class folks.
"I'm rambling, forgive me. While we were having supper, just as the cake was brought to the table, before Penny could make a wish and blow out her candles,</span><b style="color: rgb153, 102, 51; font-style: italic; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Paryonaon [/b]and</span><b style="color: rgb153, 102, 51; font-style: italic; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Sellian [/b]started having trouble breathing. This was after they had consumed a side of baked flounder. In three</span></font>terrifying minutes....</span><b style="font-style: italic; color: rgb153, 102, 51; ">Penny[/b]'s mother and father had expired."</span> "Did any medics examine their bodies ?" Arin asked forthrightly, on the edge of her seat. "It sounds like they were poisoned."</font> "The healers discovered no trace of any harmful substance during the autopsies, milady, nor had they swallowed any bones of the fish. No piece of their meal had been caught in their throats. The deaths of </span>Paryonaon </span>and Sellian remain a mystery to this day."</span></font> "And Penny....she didn't have any flounder ?"</font></span> "The girl didn't eat anything until the cake was brought ; she was being childish, wanting only dessert....which might have saved her life, I suppose."</font></span> </span>Arin sat in thought for several minutes.</span></font> "Did the family have any sort of enemies ?" </span>she asked.</span></font> "None at all," Gowestor was apt to say as if the idea was preposterous, "they were well respected in the city."</font></span> "Just a few more questions, sir, and I'll let you get return to business."</font></span> "Proceed, madame ; take your time."</font></span> "I find it unusal that Paryonaon left nothing for his daughter in a will -"</font></span> "He did," Gowestor interrupted.</font></span> "Oh ?"</font></span> "Penny must not open the box he has left for her here in storage until the appointed time though. Her Twenty-fifth birthday at the end of the month ; we still have both the container and its key."</font></span> "....that's certainly interesting. Thank you for your time, Gowestor."</font></span>
</font></span> "Thoughts ?"</font></span> "You don't have any ?" Arin asked pointedly as Medlidor closed the door of the bank once she had stepped beyond the threshold and onto the portico.</font> "Poison," Medlidor stated firmly.</font> "Untraceable," Arin added as they walked down the steps of the roofed and columned porch. "Or perhaps Fanariel's magic but somehow I think the witch may have had an assassin do her dirty work. And she had probably wanted to kill off Penny as well however the child didn't eat the bad flounder."</font> "I heard at the Sloop and Swordfish that there are shady people belonging to this order called the House of Westernesse at New Port here in the Bay of White Ships, Arin. It's based at a merchant house somewhere in this sector of town and owned by a mysterious benefactor, closest thing to an organized crime syndicate that this city has. Discreet, cautious, the House of Westernesse has money invested in many of the quayside businesses but in the quiet it deals with smugglers and other underworld elements."</font> "Which might include assassins," Arin deduced.</font> "Should we pay the Seashell a visit ?"</font></span> "No," Arin responded after a moment of hesitation. "We don't want to attract too muc attention. In fact, I think we should leave immediately after I see my father. We need to make haste to Lebennin quickly to rally <b style="font-style: italic; ">Haldor[/b], his kinsmen, and <b style="font-style: italic; ">Taylin [/b]; then speed our way back here to protect, <b style="font-style: italic; ">Penny[/b], if it's not too late. If we do the reverse, if <b style="font-style: italic; ">Fanariel [/b]is sending her hunters, we might be overwhelmed without support. And we'll lose <b style="font-style: italic; ">Penny[/b]...and both our lives. So let's get back to Nimrilien's house and pack."</font></span> Arin was already briskly walking away, forgoing now the grace of a southern noblewoman ; she looked like the soldier she was, striding to war.</font></span> "Right behind you, Your Worship," Medlidor muttered wryly, hurrying to catch up.</font></span>
</font>TO BE CONTINUED....</font>
</font>Chapter III : The Drawing of Four</font>will appear inThe Fiefdoms of Gondor</font>http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_images/bullet.png (http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=239960&amp;PID=7298595#7298595)soo n</font></span>whereArinandMedlidorwill visit their friends</font>Haldor, Mardil, Gaeril, and Taylin to request their aid to help</font>save Penny Tathval from the minions of the dangerous sorceress Fanariel......</font></span>

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1 ~ Working Port

"Land Ho!"

Dhalion looked up towards the Crows nest as the call echoed throughout the ship, the voices of the sailors who crewed the Rugged Swan carrying hard and swiftly upon the open sea breeze, and with the sight of one of Gondor's greatest cities, the flurry of activity upon the trading vessel from Pelargir increased in momentum. The ship gracefully gliding through the water towards the harbour, its bow cutting perfectly in the small swell that urged the ship towards home. And home it is, for the many sailors who crewed the Rugged Swan, and home for the lady who bore her crew back home safely.

Standing with the helmsman, the tall Gondorian stood silently, letting the cool winter breeze ruffle his reddish brown hair, and though the breeze kicked and flicked and played with his grey cloak, he stood steadfast and despite the tired look upon his face and the slight weary lines, the crispness made him more awake than the sight of a home that he has not seen in many a moon. His grey eyes scanned the horizon, barely glimpsing the shimmering white tower of Dol Amroth in the distance, like a beacon from the ancient west. Dol Amroth, his home and the cause of his leaving.

"Ho! Dhal!" First Mate Taskir climbed the stairs and gave the man a hearty slap on the shoulder. "Home sweet home, me lad!" His toothless grin shining in the morning sun, even as his laugh burst into the air. "I know its been ages since you've been back to Dol Amroth, an'all, but its a sight for sore eyes, she is, and better yet when I can see the sight of me missus and girls!"

Dhalion simply smiled at the ship's second in command and let his own eyes wonder out into the distance. Despite that their passenger was a quiet, brooding young man, the ship's crew treated him as a fellow man from Dol Amroth, despite the slight wear and tear of his clothing, and the constantly sheathed dueling sticker at his hip. A rapier, by all means. Even though the circumstances of why their Captain had allowed a penniless vagabond on board their ship, was a mystery, Dhalion didnt have a shortage of crew and passengers willing to talk his ear off.

"Yes, Master Taskir. There is no place like home." The First Mate beamed at him, before going back to his duties, calling out orders with laughs and threats of a backside kick.

Opening his cloak and placing his left gloved hand on the pommel of his sword, he let the sea breeze buffer against his white shirt and leather leggings. Without a thought, he raised his right gloved hand and ran it down his tired face. Yes, there is no place like home. If there is a home to come back to. Sighing, Dhal let his thoughts run away with the breeze, even as the harbour became more and more clearer within his vision.

The Rugged Swan made weighed anchor within the bustling Worker’s Harbour. Dhalion, with his pack containing meagre belongings, walked down the gangplank and planted his first steps onto Dol Amroth, even though it was nothing more than the rickety dock that he landed on. It didn’t feel like a home coming, and his tired mind was simply in too much of a haze to consider what actions he would take after his first steps.

“Dhalion!” A boom of a voice roared behind him, who could have only belonged to the Captain of Rugged’s.

“Captain Dorbor.” Dhal stopped and waited for the beefy mariner to walk up to him.

With a grin, Dorbor turned Dhal around and laid a heavily muscled arm around the young man, steering him away from the ship and towards the bustling crowd of the harbour side. “Well, welcome home, lad! I’m glad you actually made it back, with your head on your shoulders!” He laughed, before lowering his voice. “Now, I know you an’ I had many adventures in the past, and history and honour and all that sea garbage, but just bear in mind that many things have changed since you have left, boy.” Dorbor was the sea Captain that first took Dhal on his first voyage, even though it ended in adventure and mischief, and more so the latter than the former.

“And I know you’d like to see your family and what not, but…” The man’s blue grey eyes glinted in all seriousness. “Just be careful, lad, I’ve not had many dealing with your folks and rabble, but even a crusty ol’dog like me can hear a few things from the stray gulls.”

Dhal raised an eyebrow. “I’m sure I’ll try to be careful.” He reached out a hand, and Dorbon grasped it and nearly crushed it in a man’s shake. “Thank you, old friend. And thank you again for giving me a free ride.”

“Free? Nah! I’ll collect in wine, women and song!” His grin broadened, “Now, Im off to see ol Jinna, the old crone is probably waiting for me to come a knockin on her door!” He winked and bade Dhal goodbye before disappearing into the harbour side crowd.

Shaking his head at the fortunes of meeting strange and wonderful people, Dhal swung his pack over his shoulder and made his way into Dol Amroth. There was business to attend to. Reaching into his shirt pocket, he took out the note that had found its way to him many months ago. The contents engraved upon his waking thoughts.


Come home! The Melon Inn! Ask Asdur ‘’what is the colour of white’’


There was a matter of urgency to have him called back to the city that he had tried to avoid. Dhal smiled wearily and looked up at the white towers of the most beautiful city in Gondor and wonder whether or not he should have simply kept away from this splendour. No matter how glittering and noble a city looked, it was still a city and many mysteries waited within. He shrugged and meandered his way through the crowd, a grim smile on his face, and a sense of foreboding in his heart.

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2 ~ The Melon Inn

Going up the step and pushing through the door, Dhal let his grey eyes get accustomed to the dim light of the Inn. A change from the brightness of the outside as he blinked his vision into focus, absorbing the warm and bustling environment of the lunch time crowd. He took a step forward before a nudged against his shoulder threw off his balance as another patron shoved his way into the inn. A barely contained sniff introduced the other person as Dhalion regained his footing. With barely a look back nor an apology, the patron moved further into the inn, with no loss of step.

Dhal was about to call out to him, but he bit his tongue when he noticed the other patrons in the Inn. They were well dressed, and clean, and probably smelled very flowery. He shook his head, years upon a long road and this was what he came back to. Granted his appearance was one of a man who was thrown into a dustpit, with the odd makeshift tailored patch, and he stood out for the moment. He mentally shrugged and meandered his way towards the bar, pulling up a stood and sitting down. Ignoring the sidelong glances that was placed his way, over their mouthfuls of morsels and the rim of mugs. He sat down and nearly sighed, shrugging off his pack and placing it on the stood next to him. It has certainly been a long time since he had sat upon something stable.

“Hullo, there lad!” the Barkeep called out, “What can I get for you?”

“Ale, please.” Dhal smiled as he took off his gloves.

“And what sort of Ale, would you like? We have the Four Brothers Dark, Double Hops, Pelargir Light, and…”

“Um… The Four Brother’s will suffice.” Dhal never thought there would be so many different kinds of ‘Ale’ within a bar.

A pint of the dark frothing ale was placed in front of the young man. “And that will be two silver pieces lad.”

Dhalion pursed his lips as he patted his pockets for some sort of monetary items. “Lets see, I thought that I…” In all honesty, he was penniless, and he was too tired to have reminded himself that he was. He pulled out a handful of tidbits from his pants pocket and placed them on the bar. A piece of plaited string, a copper piece, a ball of fluff and a gleam caught his eye. “Well, I can’t seem to find my funds, Barkeep, but how about this?”

Reaching down, Dhal lifted up the item that seemed to shine with hope in amongst the rubbish on the bar. The slight green light glimmering reflectively in the bar keep’s eyes. “This is called a beryl, I’m not sure you would have seen one in these lands, but even up north, these are rare.”

“That gem for a mug of ale?”

Dhal shook his head. “How about twenty mugs of ale and lunch and tonight’s dinner, with a room for the night?” And so they haggled until it was agreed that the Dhal would receive three mugs, lunch and dinner from the Melon Inn. The Dol Amrothian took a sip from his pint, the thick brew going down his throat.

The barkeep returned a little while later, pouring Dhal his second pint of ale, while a pretty young lady placed a meal of roast beef and vegetables coated in thick gravy in front of him.

“So lad, I take it you are not from these parts?” He wiped an imaginary spill from the top of the pristine bar.

“Actually, yes. I am.” Dhal turned his plate and began turning his attention onto the food. “I was born here.” Between mouthfuls of food. You would think that Dhal hadn’t had a decent meal in months. The irony is, he probably hasn’t. “I just recently arrived into Dol Amroth.”

“Ah! Welcome home, lad.” The barkeep grinned, and his manner became more friendly. “I guess I should thank you for visiting my Inn on your first day of arrival. I can see you are a man of travel, and I would like to hear any tales that you may have. I am Asdur, proprietor of this fine establishment.”

A young lady’s voice called out from the other end of the bar. “Father! You can be less proprieting and more working, meals are getting cold!”

“Ahh… there’s the real boss, then, ay?” Asdur nodded his head to Dhal, and left him in peace to finish his meal.

A little while later, after Dhalion pushed his empty plate forward, Asdur returned, the lunch time crowd slowly dissipating with the flow of time. Dhal took another sip of his ale, his head starting to feel fuzzy from two pints. “Tell me Asdur, I came here for a reason, to fulfil a question, actually.”

“Oh? What question would that be, lad?”

“I’m curious, what is the colour of white? I know, a silly question, but..” Dhal’s eyes watched for any sort of reaction.

“Ah, that sounds like a paradox to me lad. White isn’t a colour, it’s a shade, or something along those lines. The local artists would more than likely have a better explanation about a colourless colour. What do you think it means, lad?” Asdur started pouring another pint, and Dhalion downed the remains of his mug.

“What is the colour of white?” He nodded his thanks and took a sip of his new mug, ignoring the slight sweet taste that came from the dark ale. “White is its own colour, because it’s forgotten what colour it’s supposed to be.” He took another sip as his heart started to beat faster, and his body felt like it was becoming fluid.

“Ahhh… that is very true lad.” Asdur smiled sadly as the young Dol Amrothian heard his last words in a fuzzy haze, as he slid off his stool and onto to floor. Dhal’s vision blackening with spots and the words of the patrons becoming a groaning buzz in his ears. Darkness taking him slowly as he gave a slight moan followed by stillness and silence.

“Asduriel!” Asdur called out to his daughter “Help me out here. I’ve got a lad that can’t handle his drink.” He wiped the bar clean of an imaginary spill, while his other hand flicked the small empty vial into a basket of rubbish that would be later taken away.

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Middle Port, Liante

Her wandering feet take her this way. Liante has always loved the hustle and bustle of the marketplace and she and her friends have often frequented it, since childhood - getting into all sorts of trouble on the way, of course; stealing fish, running errands, knocking over people's stalls in their madcap games of tag and returning home to be soundly scolded, covered in dust and dirt. She has been walking barefoot, boots in her hand and toes digging into the dust of the road - Liante enjoys walking barefoot in the grass, and is often scolded even now for grass-stains. Although all the admonitions her Mother makes these days are empty. They are so largely meaningless babble that Liante often even ignores the small amount of sense she sometimes makes.

But before she reaches the main Market, she stops and returns her boots; not only does she no longer wish to be seen as a careless child, but the stones can be slippery and dirty as the fishermen haul their catches in, the glittering silver heaps that flick their tails and gasp their deaths in the bright Sun, glinting over the bays in Dol Amroth.

The sights and sounds fill the air - but it is the smells that reach one first; the smells of the fresh fish, the particular smokes of the smithy, accompanied by the ringing sounds of hammers at work, the smells of new rope and oil and of people at work, selling fruits and meats, and above all, the smell of the sea that lingers everywhere, the clean salt. It is a strange cacophony, but Liante loves it, as she always has; she stops to bargain for three small fish. She makes a perfunctory check of the catch, the scales, the brightness of the eyes and the firmness of the flesh - but the fishmonger she buys from is one she trusts. She concludes her haggling with a laugh, holding the fish up bound by a length of twine, before reluctantly, thinking of turning for home. Liante knows she needs no herbs, as they grow their own; and in truth, she has not the money to spend on careless trinkets.

Eliad Belegaur
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http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v490/Roawyn/Chrisiconittybitty.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Roawyn/media/Chrisiconittybitty.jpg.html)

White town, Middle Port--Docks (Anyone welcome!)

It was stupid to be here. They would know he was here. You don't become a notorious pirate without people knowing about it. But he knew how to avoid naval interference, and stayed away from the brighter parts of town.

But his piratical past was just that. The past.

He didn't want to be here, but he had to. His footsteps were heavy on the rough wooden docks, worn down with the bustling commerce that was the Middle Port. He kept his head held high and his gait fairly moderate, in the guise that he was someone who had somewhere to go to.

Not really. He was here to observe. It was a long shot, really, but he'd heard something. It was nothing, probably, but he hoped against hope. A pirate raid had destroyed his family homestead and his family, but he had never found the bodies. He always let out a bit of hope that they were still alive, even though there was no reason to believe otherwise. And yet there were clues. Rumors. His younger sisters were well-known in their little town for their bright red hair, and they were twins. His mother was known for her skill with a needle and embroidery. If they were as clever as he knew them to be, they would have fled and changed their names. The pirates knew that he had been sending money and bits of treasure back to them, and had assumed their homestead was full of loot. And there were rumors of a woman and her daughters, newly arrived, who were gaining a good reputation for their seamstress skills.

A long shot. Why would they come to a place like this, instead of disappearing into the woods, and heading inland maybe even as far as Edoras? His eyes flew upwards to the tall sails of the naval fleet, off in the distance. Actually, this probably would be a fairly safe place for them against pirates...

"Heya, watch where yer goin'!" a surly dockworker yelled at him from under a crate of tomatoes. Eliad jumped out of the way just in time.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly, adjusting his coat as he skirted by. He didn't look nautical, at least, his shabby waistcoat that was more patches than coat did wonders for people pretending not to notice him. Though at times like these, he really missed the sea. He missed the creaking sounds of the rope on a moonless night, when the stars spread their light nigh onto forever over the inky blanket that was the ocean.

Stop that. There was absolutely no point in getting sentimental over something that was to never happen again. He held his chin up higher and continued walking along the docks, taking in the sights and hoping...hoping against hope that he would see or hear something that would give his heart reason to live again.

Red Daghul
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http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah276/Red-Daghul/Robin%20Freebird_zpsu98qfate.jpg (http://s1382.photobucket.com/user/Red-Daghul/media/Robin%20Freebird_zpsu98qfate.jpg.html)
Robin Fealon
Where the Wind carries us

A strong breeze took hold of the white sail of the Sea Lion with it's golden lion blazing in the sun that hit the sail which is rested upon. The bay seemed alive today with waves crashing all about, and fish leaping from the cold water through the air till they crashed back into the dark waters of this gondorian bay. The smell of salt filled Robin's nose as he sighed at the relaxing smell, and he stretched his body tall feeling the cold breeze bring a new life to his body. Of course, just as he reached his full height the ship made a unexpected shift as it started it's tact. Had it been a year ago the young sailor would have been thrown across the deck to the ground, but as time had gone by he caught himself spun on his tip toes and grabbed a line that hung low.

Shooting a stern glare towards the helms men he yelled out "Come on boy!" his voice was rough but that was just how the people of the sea spoke "give a warning next time" Robin shook his head as he put his hand to the sword hilt at his side and went back to his routine of walking the deck keeping a hawks eye on the sea. It had been about six months since he had found employment on the Sea Lion as a body guard, and it had surely been quite the few months fighting pirates and other odd foes on top of the seas dark depths. The plan had been to work on his sailing skill, and some of his sword play. Mark or Red as he had been going by these days, had been pushing for him to join the rangers, or at least the white cities army which he couldn't lie had caught his eye, but he felt that he still wanted to enjoy a few more months of freedom. To be honest the idea of being a captain of a ship kinda fixed his fancy. There was so much adventure to be had, and places to explore over this vast ocean. No one knew what was out there, and he was feeling the desire to go when there was little chance to do so.

The ship rocked with the wind and the waves pulling the boat through the blue waters slicing through the white capped waves giving wake behind the ship, and all was quiet... To quiet for robin's fancy and his eyes started to scan the waters around him, for deep in his bones he was getting a chill that seemed to speak of danger coming swiftly.

Red Daghul
16/Oct/2015, 04:57 PM
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Robin Fealon
Where the Wind carries us

It wasn't that there was some sign that danger was coming, or even the proof to support such a feeling. All that was there was a gut feeling that something was wrong, and maybe it was just the way the "lion" was rocking today, or the way the wind blew, it wasn't odd for a sailor to feel off when the wind blew from a odd direction, but what ever it was it had him on high alert. Many older sailors had described the feeling to him before, and they were a superstitious group of people believing that the wind was alive, or the water had anger and the such. They would tell him now that he should do more then just be on alert when this feeling came upon him... something to the beat of tossing something over board like a loaf of bread to appease what ever spirit was giving "attacking" him.

Robin was a more of a see it to believe it kind of guy, and though he trusted his instincts that is all the were. The idea that a spirit was trying to kill him or warn him made him laugh, and so with this feeling of alertness he used it to start checking the waters around them for danger, and pulled on lines here and there making sure the were tied tight. Out on the water it was a hard life, and though it had it's pros the cons could stack up pretty high as well.

"[b]Mister Fealon!" came the booming voice of the captain a older man in his forties dressed fairly simple for a merchant captain, or so Robin thought, but he had a good heart and a loud voice "what has you moving about like a fish out of water, son" his voice got softer which was still loud for most people.

"can't put my finger on it, sir, just a odd feeling something is off"

"well now!" his voice came out with a echo he was sure with how loud it was mixed with almost a cheery kind of smile "did you through a loaf of bread into the water, you know you have to feed the water spirit least he eat your soul" he ended his mock question with a bit of a laugh. The jest was to poke fun of the night that Robin had been told to do just that which the captain just so happen to be there for.

"Very funny Cap'n, but I can't shake that something is off" the young sailor looked around as other men moved about doing there jobs, and making sure the ship was in tip top shape "I don't like it".

The Captain took a more serious tone, and for one almost dropped his voice to a whisper "Don't just shrug off instinct, son" he put a hand on Robin's shoulder "they often know better then we do, see things we can't see, and often enough save us from danger. Keep a strong eye out, for you never know what the wind will bring you" with that he patted the young man on the shoulder and turned on his heel and started barking orders to the crew. Mean while Robin finished his inspection of the ship before finding a place to stand where he could watch the surroundings as well as far off to the horizon where he could just see the land of Gondor going about it's day. Where ever the feeling of danger was coming from it wasn't it's time to reveal itself, and if the Captain was right then it would come like the wind, sudden and with out warning.

Morwen Daegomir
02/Feb/2016, 06:23 AM
The Middle Port & The Working Harbour -- Docks
Zevarion Ræghár Grey

Zev put a hand up to shield his grey-green eyes from the slanting mid-afternoon sun. His bare feet gripped the decks of the ship with a sureness that came from long years aboard a vessel. It had not been an easy journey, though; and he did not look forward to setting foot on the docks again. For the past three years he had worked up the courage and stomach to maintain himself on board a ship, and progress had been incredibly slow. Every time he had given up and set foot on land once more, his partially acclimated sea legs had wavered underneath him, and he had been unable to hold onto the contents of his stomach. But the struggle coming off the ship was nothing compared to what he went through when he started afresh on board a vessel.

He cringed visibly as he recalled his first few times on board a ship. His greatest fear in all the world was water, and he had absolutely no inclination toward sailing. Not only that, but he had the stomach of a three week old babe on the deck of a ship. But after everything he had been through, and the fear of being held back by his own shortcomings, he had determined to break himself of it.

The thing was, breaking oneself of one's greatest fear turned out to be a bit easier said than done. Even now, after three years spent on and off the deck of a ship, his stomach roiled if he lost concentration. On a calm day like today, it was an annoyance. On a windy day, it was terrifying and horrendous on the stomach. And in any sort of storm... Zev shook his head of stark white hair, his hand unconsciously reaching up to tug at the small leather binding that held a tail of white hair together at the nape of his neck. He did not want to recall his most recent memory of that. It had been only two days ago, in fact, and no one was apt to let him forget it. He had hoped they would grow used to his ... difficulties, but it turns out one's crew mates did not quickly forget it when one turned into a terrified shivering heap and vomited across the entire deck. He had come a long way, but it was still a struggle.

Sometimes he wondered what the point of it all was. If he still was reduced to such a state, why had he bothered to work so hard? Was he really so different than the 24 year old man, fresh out of the Hyandaner Division, who had decided to resign his post to overcome a fear that had held him back his whole life? But he had to give himself some credit. He might still struggle now, but he was often able to control his fear, fight it down into a sharp knot at the pit of his stomach. At the beginning of those three years, he would have had the same desperate reaction simply standing on deck a calm ship. Nay, simply standing on the dock near the water. He still feared those fathomless depths. They went down forever, with no knowing what lay at their bottom. And once the sea grabbed ahold of you, her cold grasp never let-

"Arghh, Zev, get a hold of yourself!" He muttered, but although he was irritated, a slight quirk of a smile tugged at the edge of his mouth. He wasn't one to stay serious for long. His grey-green eyes took on their usual sparkle of mischief. Some things had changed, he knew- his time sailing with corsairs and pirates had taught him many hard lessons he had never intended to learn- but some things never would. And he was ready to move on.

Dol Amroth had been good to him. Great, in fact, if perhaps a harsh taskmistress at times, but he was ready to go back to the White City. Minas Tirith. He had missed it.

But despite everything, he was hesitant to leave the ship. Despite all the fear and pain the water caused him, there was salt in his veins, as some of the sailors liked to say. They couldn't explain it to him, but despite the number of times they had seen him reduced to a shivering mess on deck, they said they knew the look of a sea dog when they saw one, and that was he. Zev could feel it. It had changed him, his time here. After being off and on ships for the two years of his attempts, he had decided to stay on board until he felt he had achieved what he needed to. Today would be his 367th day on board. The other sailors called him mad at times, but there had been sailors on lengthy voyages before. They just generally took time off when they reached port. But today he could feel something different. Something had changed in the wind. The other sailors would not laugh if he told them this; in fact, he could see in their eyes that they had already read his decision in him as he stood there on the deck, looking down at the ramp leading to the dock.

Glancing down, he focused his gaze on the tattoos on his forearms he had gotten, no earned, on board the Silver Blade. He would miss the ship, though he had cursed her more times than he could count. He pondered on the ways she had changed him. His hands were calloused hard from working the rigging, his arms well muscled and tanned, and though his frame was slight and he only stood 5' 6", every bit of it was winnowed away to sinew and bone. He bore new scars along with the tattoos, and his army uniform and weapons he had left in storage in favour of bare feet and loose, billowing trousers tied at the ankle. His chest was bare, and his scars stood out the more prominently now that his skin had darkened some through long hours in the sun. He also bore piercings now, as many of the sailors around him did, including multiple rings high up on his ear, well as in his nose. He certainly didn't look the same as he had. And just as his muscles had been hardened, so too had he. There were memories enough for several lifetimes in the past three years.

A mischievous smile broke through his somber veneer suddenly, and he let out a light but audible laugh. Well, he may have changed, but he was always ready for a good bit of tomfoolery. He hoped Minas Tirith was ready for him. Or perhaps it would be better if they weren't.

Giving a last lopsided grin and a wave to his shipmates, he bounded forward across the planks connecting him to the dock. "Land ho!" He called, leaping forward energetically, still looking back at the ship he was leaving, and brashly not bothering to check his footing. His sea legs betrayed him immediately, and he felt the world lurch under him as he catapulted off of them and went flying into the water below, landing with a chastising splash. The world disappeared for a moment as he was submerged, and familiar panic threatened to engulf him. Zev pushed it back fiercely, but with the practiced firmness of one who had long fought his inner demons. The seconds seemed to last forever under the water, but he had not wasted his time aboard without learning how to swim well. His legs scissored out powerfully, and as his head broke the surface of the water, he let out a huge hacking cough and inhaled deeply.

"Oi, Salt Lick, you all right down there?" Several of the sailors were leaning over the ship rails looking down at him, guffawing loudly. "Yeah, Salty, you all right, mate?" Salt Lick. They liked to call him that because of the lick of salt white hair that stuck out on his head. Growing out the tail at the nape of his neck hadn't helped with that. A few of them had simply started calling him Salty Tails.

"I'm simply top sail, thanks ever so much!" He called sarcastically, spitting water up at them. Naturally, it fell far short. They were a good group, they just liked their jokes. Zev could certainly understand that. He had come to really like these men.

"Say hullo to our good Lord Faramir when you get to the White City, eh Salty? Will ya do that?" Called another mockingly. They didn't believe that he had been a Ranger in the White City, and they had laughed in his face for claiming he had met Lord Faramir. Well, he had met him. He'd show them. All right, maybe he didn't like them that much after all. Maybe just one or two of them.

Kicking out powerfully, he cut cleanly through the water, slicing his way toward shore, trying not to think about what might be lurking below him or the water's powerful cold embrace.

He was headed to the White City at last.