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Angelikus Snape
03/Jul/2011, 08:59 AM
In Dol Amroth</span></span></font>

<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">TOWER
OF TALES</span>[/b]


the western spur of Dol Amroth is Tirith Aear; the Seaward Tower built
originally by the elves. By special permission of Prince Imrahil, here
meet the members of the Story Tellers Guild, who assemble in the highest
room once a month to craft their tales. Their group consists of the
greatest bards, poets and scribes in the land, and noone may doubt their
creativity and imagination, for it knows no bounds!</span></font>
month the Master of Stories begins a tale with a few short sentences
that introduce a theme, character or object. Each participant then takes
their turn to weave the tale, adding more to the story.</span></font>
Likus </font>is the Master of Stories</span></font></span>


</span>How to Play:
objective is simple, read the opening entry by the Master of Stories,
then reply to move the story along. You may introduce new characters,
alter the location, add twists and turns, add dialogue or insert action
to the story. Just make sure you don't write too much, around 300
characters per post is perfect. Each story shall last roughly a month,
and will be ended by the Master of Stories. Each month the best writer
will be selected byLikus to receive 15 Fanatics
Points from the rulers of the Shadowed Lands. Players, Rulers, Admin and
Maia from all regions are very welcome to play.
Hints and Tips- </span></font></span></span>Likus </font>is the Master of Stories and will end each tale- Stories are told in third person form- No more than 300 characters per post!- No double posting
-The Tale shall end at the end of each Month. This Tale shall take place fromJuly 3-July 31st.
-The winner of the previous tale has the opportunity to begin the next.

- Raven has won last month's tale so he will begin the tale this month.

- Have fun!</span>

03/Jul/2011, 12:03 PM
Cara stood by the window staring out over the fields. It was raining - it seemed like it had been raining for months. Water pooled in dips in the grass and trickled down hills, dripping from the leaves of the few trees nearby. Thunder rumbled above, and a sudden strike of lightning...</font>

Tári Helyanwë
04/Jul/2011, 01:24 AM
...burst from the sky, and startled her. She exhaled a few times, and wiped away the fog that had begun to form on the window. Why did it have to rain today? The old wizard had promised her that he would teach her a few things today, and her excitement was building...


Rian Eliowen
04/Jul/2011, 05:40 AM
...along with the stormclouds.She often wondered why sometimes she just knew certain things - at times she could guess what someone would say just before they said it - orknow peoples names before she was introduced.Sometimes when she was really concentrating on a taskobjects around herwould moved by themselves...Perhapswith the wizards guidanceshe might learn more.She heard a knock at the door and wondering who would venture through so muchrain she opened the door to find.......

04/Jul/2011, 04:08 PM
...oh. Just her mother, back from checking on their small clutch of chickens, drenched to the bone and looking miserable. Cara sighed, following her back through to the sitting room and setting a kettle over the fireplace before heading back over to continue her vigil. Surely a wizard wouldn't be so bothered by the rain? It was only water, after all. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching from behind, and she turned to see...</font>

Aerlinn Mordagnir
09/Jul/2011, 08:32 AM
...a strange old man. Cara didn't recognize him, but if she squinted and tilted her head a certain way it seemed like he could almost be the wizard. Her wizard. Was this another one? "Who are you?" she asked. The girl didn't get a real answer. "Come with me," the other said. It was a statement, not a request...</font>

09/Jul/2011, 11:12 PM
...and her feet moved almost involuntarily to obey. The old man stepped
out into the pouring rain and she followed, her hair and clothes quickly
drenched through. Who are you? she repeated. Where are we going?Are you...are you a wizard? Did my wizard send you? Whether annoyed by the barrage of questions or for some other reason, the old man halted and turned to face Cara. His eyes...</font>

Rian Eliowen
10/Jul/2011, 09:59 AM
..were like black holes through which she could see nothing but her own reflection - and then something more - a flash of silver as she heard the sound of hooves. Turning she saw galloping up behind her the most beautiful white stallion, the like of which she had never seen. The noble steed flashed past like a vision ofspringtime yet to come and then was gone.The wizard spoke saying: "The meaning of this omen is plain......

Aerlinn Mordagnir
10/Jul/2011, 05:43 PM
...we must move, and move quickly. Time is short and speed is needed." Cara blinked. "Time for what? Tell me what's happening!" But the old man was striding so quickly down the muddy dirt road now that the girl nearly had to run to keep up with him. Finally, annoyed and a little bit scared, Cara ran a few steps and caught hold of his sleeve. She stopped them in their tracks and glared. "Tell me who you are!" It was bravery perhaps, or foolishness. The wizard...</font>

Edited by: Aerlinn Mordagnir

10/Jul/2011, 05:48 PM
...turned again, and this time there was no flash of white within his eyes, merely darkness. I cannot tell you now. You must trust me. Like the Lord of the Mearas, time flies, and we must too. He set off at pace, and though Cara groaned and rolled her eyes at his complete refusal to tell her anything, she could not think to do anything but follow. They continued on...</font>

Rian Eliowen
11/Jul/2011, 12:03 AM
...until they came to a forest. The wizard entered but Cara hung back for a moment wondering where they were heading. There were dark tales told about the woods here and there was supposed to be a necromancer living within the shadowy trees. At the last moment before she could no longer see wherehe had goneCara decided to....

Aerlinn Mordagnir
12/Jul/2011, 01:39 AM
...follow. But first she bent to pick up a large club-like branch. It probably wouldn't be much use against a necromancer she knew, but the weight felt good in her hands. Cara hurried after the old man, doing her best not to fall on her face as she tripped over tree roots. After several minutes they reached a river and...</font>

12/Jul/2011, 12:42 PM
...after another minute or two of walking along the banks happened across a small boat tied to a post driven into the groud, bobbing gently in the stream. It looked ancient and less than safe to Cara, but the wizard got in and she had to follow. As she unhitched them from the post and set them floating downriver, she looked up and saw...</font>

Rian Eliowen
14/Jul/2011, 02:43 AM
.... a raven looking down at them with a bright beady eye, following them as they floated down with the current. Cara knew that some ravens could understand human speech and even speak themselves (she had heard that the Dwarves of Erebor trained ravens as messengers). She called out to the raven..........................

Aerlinn Mordagnir
16/Jul/2011, 01:50 AM
...hoping the wizard wouldn't mind. "Greetings, friend! What is this place? Do *you* know where we are going?" Cara could think of a million more questions to ask, but she felt foolish enough talking to the bird as it was. In turn the raven cocked its head towards her, its dark eyes unblinking. After a long moment, during which the girl had mostly given up on a response, it opened his beak and...</font>

21/Jul/2011, 02:45 PM
...began to caw. They were not human words but raven words - even so, Cara felt like they meant something, but her chance to ask questions had passed. At the sound of the bird calling, the wizard turned to his young follower, something seeming to flicker like fire in the dark pools of his eyes. Hush, he told her, his manner stern. The ravens of this forest...</font>

Rian Eliowen
22/Jul/2011, 12:29 AM
"...may be messengers of either friend or foe - and one can no longer tell on whose side they serve. This fate of this land hangs in the balance and we should be wary.You will soon arrrive at the house of one with the power to understand your gifts and then you may discover ......"

Aerlinn Mordagnir
22/Jul/2011, 12:49 AM
"...the answers to all your questions. Or some of them at least. Rarely are the answers to all our inquiries given to us." Cara had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. This was all very mysterious and full of adventure, but she wouldn't mind a few sentences of solid, practical information. Finally the strange man began to pole them towards the shore and...</font>

22/Jul/2011, 11:31 AM
...he stepped up onto the opposite bank, carefully tying the boat back up. Cara hopped up behind him, feeling more and more frustrated by the minute, but what choice did she have? She had no idea where they were going and what they were doing, but they were deep enough into these strange woods now that she would never be able to find her way back on her own. So she followed along in silence until...</font>

Rian Eliowen
22/Jul/2011, 05:36 PM
..they came to a low stone building, with thatched roof and small windows. It wasn't a particularlyinviting place, but Cara hoped to at least dry out her clothes and perhaps find a warm drink within. However when the strange man opened the door and bade her enter she had a moment of hesitation and doubt which was.........

Aerlinn Mordagnir
24/Jul/2011, 04:41 AM
...held at bay only by shear curiosity. "I found her!" the old man called into the house as they stood in the entry way. For a minute, nothing happened and Cara found herself fighting the urge to run away. Then quite suddenly a boy came skipping around a corner. He looked no more than 14, but there was something about him. Something about his eyes. They were old...so old...</font>

Beren Camlost
27/Jul/2011, 06:32 AM
....and evil. A wicked, almost demonic green ; he was clad in tattered black and cowled. A ring he wore upon the second finger of his left hand - gold, a fell serpent. I have been searching for her for a long time now, spoke the youth in a chilling raspy voice and smirked. And suddenly he no longer appeared like a boy to her......</font>

27/Jul/2011, 11:52 AM
but as an old man and then a spirit ancient beyond men all at the same time; despite his slight frame and childish height he seemed to tower over her, his presence filling the room. Cara cowered beneath his gaze, but her feet were no longer under her control (if they had ever been since the moment the wizard had knocked on her door) and she could not move away. And the boy...</font>

Rian Eliowen
29/Jul/2011, 02:17 AM
...sensing her weakness laughed in her face andwith a childish shout gave orders tothe strange wizard saying:
"Tie her up and get the cauldron ready". At that momentwhen all seemed lost there was a loudcrash at the door and a familiar voice called out to her......

Angelikus Snape
05/Aug/2011, 10:01 AM

</font>Sorry for the delay everyone! I'll get to opening a new thread and deciding on a winner soon! I just transferred to a new home and fixing my stuff at the moment. Thanks for your patience. smileys/smiley1.gif</font>

Angelikus Snape
05/Aug/2011, 08:40 PM
After reading all your posts several times, most of you violated the no more than 300 characters per post rule. However, after deducting from your total scores, the winner of this month's tale is Aerlinn Mordagnir! CONGRATULATIONS and you have the opportunity to open the Stewards Tower of Tales in the Telling for the month of August. Also 15 tribute points will be sent your way courtesy of the SL rulers. Congratulations again!smileys/smiley25.gif</font>