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Naith Liathant
30/Sep/2011, 02:49 AM


Court life at the Castle of Dol Amroth is a cycle of entertainments, hunts, and tourneys. Quests, battles against raiding Corsairs, and
military expeditions in the King's service punctuate the Court's pleasures. While waves crash against the cliffs below, the Prince and his
nobles feast, toasting one another's heroics with their bejeweled, golden goblets. Knights and their beauteous ladies dance in the Great
Hall to the melodies of the finest harpers in Gondor. Heroes rise to propose quests to far lands, and challenge one another to joust at
forthcoming tourneys. No wonder that even the other Dúnedain find the Prince's Court remarkably "Elvish."


Tourneys are the high point of the Castle's year. One is held each season, except winter, and the preparations — which last
weeks — occupy not only the Castle but also the Town below. In the Lower Bailey of the Castle, a tapestried booth is raised for
the Prince and his Lady, who judge the contest. Seats for spectators line the lists in tiers on either side, and pavilions for the
Knights stand at either end of the field. Knights who enter the tourney are randomly matched for jousts, but may trade to satisfy
challenges. Two Knights charge one another on either side of the lists three times; if neither is unhorsed by then, they dismount
and do battle on foot, using weapons of choice. A chivalrous Knight will submit when he is at a clear disadvantage. In a
particularly hopeless fight, the Prince will intervene, so as not to prolong the agony.

A tourney continues for days until a victor emerges. The champion is awarded 100 gold pieces, and receives a jeweled golden
sword which he may keep until he is defeated in another tourney. Knights may also claim a "ransom" from defeated opponents, one
quarter of the value of the opponent's arms and armor.* Tourneys are not only popular entertainment, but an excellent means of allowing
the Knights to gain peacetime experience in melee combat.


In this game you are invited to create a Swan Knight of Dol Amroth, the details of which follow:

Knights (S. "Requain;" sing "Roquen") are the finest horsemen in Gondor, an elite body of heavy cavalry. They serve under the
Prince's command and are distinguished by the curving silver Swan crest on their helms. These noblemen wear chain hauberks or
halfplate, carry normal shields, and are equipped with lances, long swords (S. "anket;" pl. "enkit") and short swords (S. "eket;" pl. "ikit").
They are trained to charge in close order on their huge grey warhorses, overwhelming all but the best-trained of enemy formations. Their
horses, many of which are imported from Calenardhon (Rohan), are strong, dependable, and quite capable of performing exceptionally
complex maneuvers.

Esquires (S. Ohtar) serve as Dor-en-Ernil's medium to heavy cavalry. Each Esquire serves a particular Knight and often aspires to be a
Knight himself. They wear chain shirts and greaves, carry normal shields, and are armed with lances and short swords. Esquires can either
follow the Knights they serve into the second rank of a charge, or they perform screening and reconnaissance missions.
The Knights and Esquires of Dor-en-Ernil are the most notable body of heavy cavalry in Gondor. The armies of Gondor depend on
Northmen auxiliaries for most of their cavalry arm, maintaining only small forces of medium and heavy Dúnadan cavalry for screening
and communications.

Both Knights and Esquires wear blue surcoats emblazoned with the Prince's silver Swan-ship emblem. They are organized into companies
of 60-80 men under the command of the chief Knights (S. "Arequain"), the Bannerettes.


Each player chooses a charger or a destrier mount. A charger is more dextrous and adds + 5 to your score for controlling your mount. A destrier is heavier and provides a + 2 to damage. Then you must place your heraldic shield upon the display stand. Detail the name of your Knight and give a description of him and your shield device.

The game begins with the Knights paired up. The first tilt will be called and signalled by a herald, your GM. Each participant will post their first charge to their designated opponent. Posts will be awarded Renown from 1 to 5 which in the game will be worth 5 - 25 points going up in increments of 5.

When making this charge post each Knight must designate two symbols, one from each of the following sets:

Winged Helm - Palantir - Sceptre - Star - Moon - Swan

Barad-dur - One Ring - Iron Crown - Horn of Gondor - Narsil - Eagle

The first choice selects a secret number for your ability to ride and control your mount, between 5 and 30. Your second choice selects a secret number that designates the accuracy of your strike between 5 and 30. Your GM has a list of symbols and their scores, which he or she will keep secret and safe.

You may attempt to strike the body or the head of your opponent. The body is easier to hit, the head is harder. The body will incur a modifier of + 5. The head will incur more damage to your opponent should you hit, but be at - 20 to your score.

A hit in this game causes 3 hit points damage. A head strike causes 6 hit points of damage. Heroism will score 1 point of additional damage per Heroism point.

Hit points are set at your plaza rank at the start of play. Your Renown will go up as the game progresses.

Once the scores are in for your first tilt, should the winner defeat his opponent by less than 20 points then neither player has scored a hit. Should the scores be within 10 points of each other, then the lances are broken. This awards each rider 2 tournament points.

Should the winner defeat his opponent by more than 20 points, then damage is struck. That damage will be 3, or 6, depending on the target area. It will have modifiers for Heroism or a Destrier added to it. Furthermore an additional point of damage will be inflicted for every 10 points above 20 that the winner defeats his opponent by. In this way it is possible to inflict a great many points of damage.

If you strike your opponent you get 1 tournament point. Your opponents damage is deducted from his initial plaza rank level. Should a plaza rank level reach zero then you have unhorsed your opponent. Should you inflict 5 additional damage in excess of the remaining hit points of your opponent then tragedy has struck! Your opponent has had such a nasty fall or injury that he or she dies! Jousting is a dangerous event!

Unhorsing your opponent scores you 3 tournament points and you gain one third of your opponents current Renown score. This represents the ransom mentioned in the event description.

Should neither player be unhorsed after 3 Tilts, the battle will continue on foot, with longswords. Your scores represent movement and defence, and skill in attack. No Destrier or Charger modifiers apply.
Attacking the body is worth +5 points, attacking the head is a penalty of 10. Exchanges continue until one Knight has hit points at zero or below.

As Swan Knight threads grow, you will be able to earn Renown and Heroism in Swan Knight RPs. They may be carried into the Tournaments.

Players of all Regions may participate.

30/Sep/2011, 04:26 PM
Knight - Sir Thurindir TavorMount - DestrierHeraldic Shield - Golden woodpecker on black fieldRenown - 0
</span>Each player chooses a charger or a destrier mount. A charger is more dextrous and adds + 5 to your score for controlling your mount. A destrier is heavier and provides a + 2 to damage. Then you must place your heraldic shield upon the display stand. Detail the name of your Knight and give a description of him and your shield device.</span>

</span>Sir Thurindir Tavor sat atop his Destrier, a huge black beast which paced restlessly upon the soft turf at one end of the jousting run. He was clad from head to toe in shining mail, and draped in a blue surcoat sewn first with the Princes' emblem of swan ship, and secondly with his own family crest. In his right hand he cradled his lance, and on his left arm he wore his shield.</span>Prior to taking the field he had placed his heraldic shied upon the display stand, decorated to match his tabard, golden woodpecker on black field.</span>
</span></span>Sir Thurindir Tavor hailed from castle of Cirith Dunrandir in south Belfalas, a small keep which watched over the narrow mountain pass in the southern spur of the Ered Nimrais. He was tall and hale, dark of hair and eye, and at sixty-six years of age, still young for a man of pure Dúnedain blood.</span>
</span>'Who challenges House Tavor?' the grim-faced lord called into the stand.</span>

30/Sep/2011, 10:54 PM
Knight - Sir Marco Vellis
Mount - Charger named Mindy
Heraldic Shield - Black anvil on a silver field
Renown - 0

Sir Marco Vellis walked his mottled grey charger into the tourney grounds, with fleeting hopes at possibly earning enough coin from this blasted event to finally have a half-decent meal. Noticably lackluster in his marred and pitted half-plate, Marco felt ill at ease surrounded by these shining knights and magnificent mounts. It mattered little, however, as these lists would allow most anyone with enough skill to become a knight, regardless of how ragged they looked. And ragged he was, his silver tabard worn down to a dull grey, tarnished with the occasional stain, and his banner in the same disrepair. It truly seemed that of all he brought with him to this tourney, the only part of him that seemed to fit in here was his polished, shining helm. A stark contrast from the scarred face held within, his helm was fairly standard for a knight of his station, save it had an extra spot of armor covering his left eye, which had been lost to some foolish adventure of youth some 25 years past.

Having none of the noble blood of the Dunedain, Marco looked every one of his 47 years. To look at him, you couldn't say you found any ounce of regal bearing, from the slouch that never left his shoulders, to the way he dragged his feet as he walked. For him to be here, however, there must have been something in him to prove that he earned a place in this tournament. "Lets see how today will fare," he mused to himself, watching the others milling about.

Seph Goodbody
01/Oct/2011, 03:56 PM
Knight - Roegalier Roscabal

Mount - ChargerHeraldic Shield - Three silver cups on green fieldRenown -0
Roegalier was hoping to win himself fame and fortune today, or at least the praise of some of the ladies at court. He had barely arrived three months ago before himself asked if he was competing in the grand joust. Roegalier had not known what to say at the time and had asked, like the fool he had been, what the joust was. A group of ladies standing nearby had burst into laughter and Roegalier had yet to live it down. But today was his day to prove himself, even if he did not win the tournament he hoped to unseat one person. Then all the training and expense would be worth it.
Roegalier had originally come to court to finish his knightly education. As a country knight he had not been much exposed to "society". Now aged 25 he was looking to better himself with exposure to the court at Dol Amroth and competing in the joust seemed as good a way as any to show off (assuming he did not humiliate himself, a thought that had occurred often). He was still fresh faced and unscarred, with short dark brown hair and brown eyes that apparently resembled those of a puppy. He looked around at the various older and more experienced competitors and inwardly trembled at the idea of facing them.

24/Oct/2011, 12:18 AM
Knight - Sir Sandor CleganeMount - Charger
Heraldic Shield - Three black coursing hounds on a yellow field
Renown - 0

Sandor Clegane detested the 'Sir' which had been foisted off on him by his family's onetime service and his father's rigorous training, hated the ceremony of tedious events like these, and above all, he loathed the pompous self importance of these noble swan nights in their pretty blue surcoats, idly amusing themselves and never thinking, these boys, that they might one day have to put their tournament skills to the test against real enemies. Still, "Sir" he was, and so he had come, to see what damage had been inflicted upon the Court this year. Clegane sat apart from the others, atop his charger, a large black beast who in sheer mass would outweigh many a destrier, but his proportions declared him the former type; a big, surly horse for a big, surly man. Sandor himself rose tall and broad-shouldered out of the saddle, heavily muscled but without the meaty look that so often accompanied a knight who used his muscles for nothing but show. His armor was black plate, and over it a surcoat which matched his shield, eschewing the swan-ship to which he was entitled. Above it all his sharp, grey-eyed face glared, twisted all down the right side by ropy scars which extended below his gorget and up into the ragged black of his hairline, upon which rested the top of his hinged helm. Separated now as it was, it seemed innocuous enough, if oddly shaped- but when Clegane would clap it down, the helm would assume the visage of a snarling hound, baring its teeth at whatever opponent dared to face him. He twisted his wrist, adjusting the butt of the lance in its place in his stirrup, and checked the destrier as it shifted impatiently beneath him- both awaiting the signal to begin.

Pele Alarion
01/Nov/2011, 11:34 AM
Knight - TelaldaionMount - DestrierHeraldic Shield - A green oak tree on a silver field
Renown - 0

Young as he was, barely nineteen, Telaldaion was aspiring to become a famous and steadfast Swan Knight. However his father had objected to him taking part in this tourney, since he was still only learning the skills of weapons and was not all that secure in controlling the sturdy chestnut steed he rode. Eventually Telaldaion's relentless whining wore his father out so much that he decided to allow the young man to have a taste of his first joust.

Thus he now rode proudly unto the competition grounds, his shoulders squared and his head held high. His armour shone in the sun, it having been bought merely days ago. Thus Telaldaion did not feel too comfortable in his new half-plate armour and helm, and the bracers and greaves felt like unnecessary hindrance. Holding his lance straight up, he guided his horse towards the pavilion designated for him.

Surely, luck would be on his side this day and the fame would accompany him when he would leave the lists, yet presently his only wish was to get rid of this horrendous helm and allow a breeze to rustle his shoulder length black hair. Telaldaion cast a wary look around at other knights and concluded that such a wish was not to come true presently, since everyone else was keeping their helms on. So he merely took to observing the armour of other knights and how they carried themselves.


Dirion Telpelen
03/Nov/2011, 03:52 PM
Knight - LemrohirMount - DestrierHeraldic Shield - Bronze anchor on a blue and white stripped field
Renown - 0

Before he was made Warden of the Seaward Tower and before he fought at the mouth of the Black Gate, he was known only as Lemrohir. An imposing figure with a strong back and hard hands from years spent at sea he was from long line of mariners.

A call had gone out across the land that it was tournament season once again and Lemrohir, being the eldest of his family at twenty eight years, was once more tapped for the occasion. His father had hoped his son could make an agreeable impression upon the Prince and his court and bring notoriety to the family on land for they were well know already on the sea.

Lem stood tall dressed in his armour set ablaze in the high sun. He mulled around the tent awaiting news of his pairing and the order of joust.

Naith Liathant
04/Nov/2011, 08:35 PM
Two more players and sign ups and will be completed for this game. I will PM players to relay the start date. Tilts will be updated every 48 hours in this contest from the starting time. Edited by: Naith Liathant

Rian Eliowen
07/Nov/2011, 01:00 AM
Knight - Eben of Edhellond<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Mount - Destrier
Heraldic Shield - White crescent Moon on a dark blue field
Renown - 0

Eben had only recently appeared at the Court of Prince Imrahil and despite the circulating rumours, there seemed to be little credible information available about him except that he had arrived bearing a dispatch from his father, the enigmatic Baron of Edhellond. Eben was certainly older than five and twenty, although it was hard to tell his exact age from his quiet well schooled features. He seemed to bewidely travelled and was certainly 'up to something' – although no-one was quite sure what. He had remained at the Court, but kept much to himself. With his esquire (a young darkhaired lad of about sixteen summers) he rode out alone quite often and would frequently not return until sundown. Therefore his skill and prowess were, until today, a matter of speculation, although there was something forbidding about his bearing and demeanour that discouraged the idly curious and suggested that he might well know what he was doing with hisarrayof weapons.
His skills were now to betested in public as he rode quietly into the arena,uponan impressive dark brown destrier wearing the uniform helm and blue surcoat embroidered with ith the Prince's silver Swan-ship emblem over a suit ofwell oiled armour. His esquire, after placing the heraldic shield of the Edhellonds (crescent moon on a dark blue field) upon the display stand,returned to his side, mounted on a smaller pale grey charger, and kept his knight's lance and shield until they would be called for.

Naith Liathant
07/Nov/2011, 01:16 AM
Thanks Rian, if you know of anyone else who might like to participate as the eighth and final player in the contest, please do direct them here.

Naith Liathant
31/Mar/2012, 04:28 PM
Sad to say this Joust is cancelled due to bad weather. It is perhaps an event we'll try again at a later date! Thanks to the seven who did sign up, I hope we can do something like this game in the future, but activity / interest levels were too low. I'll be creating a streamlined version to try out in any event.