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22/Oct/2011, 10:35 PM
Stick-Ball! - A Game</font>
(Brainchild of Aigronding Mordagnir)

http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/accresce/st&#111;neshat.jpgvs.</font></font> </font>http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/accresce/sceptreshat.jpg

Rangers of the North maintain constant vigilance in the lands of
Eriador to weed out evil at its roots. However, one fine and crisp fall
afternoon on the North Downs there seems to be a dearth of evil-doers .
. . for at least five minutes. In these long minutes of boredom, the
rangers have formed an impromptu game of Stick-Ball, using a carefully
trimmed tree branch for a bat and a regular old ball of leather.
They've gathered some large growths of dark moss for the bases, and
everyone is ready to play!

Two teams will face off in the first-ever Rangers of the North Stick-Ball game--the Sceptres vs. the Stones!

teams will face each other in an epic battle of eye-hand coordination!
Each team will have nine players, to be divided into positions as
follows: 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 4 infielders (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, shortstop), and 3 outfielders (left, center, and right field).

Posting colors:
#666666</font> = Sceptres; #</font>003399 </font>= Stones; #339900</font> = Spectators

Game Play:
Rules/Game Play of Baseball
There are 9 players per team.
Each player occupies a unique place on the field (while on defense) and
on the batting order (while on offense). The field is set up as
follows, with players positioned where their titles are written:


on the field are played by the defensive team. The pitcher pitches to
the batters (in batting order) one at a time. Pitches can go one of
three ways: a ball, a strike, or the player hits the ball (which in turn
can turn out multiple ways).
1. A ball occurs when the
pitch was out of a reasonable "batting zone" (generally defined as being
within the width of home plate and between the batter's knees and
shoulders) for the batter to hit; it's like giving the batter extra
chances when pitches are poor. Four balls means that the batter gets a
"walk," that is, a free walk to first base.
2. A strike occurs
either when a batter swings at a pitch without making contact or when a
pitch is within the reasonable "batting zone" but the batter does not
swing at it.
3. The batter will hit the ball. Types of hits are as follows:
--- A single means that the ball is hit far enough away/trickily enough for the fielders to handle that the batter can run to first base and arrive safely by touching the base with any part of his or her body.
--- A double means that the ball is hit far enough away/trickily enough for the fielders to handle that the batter
can run to second base and arrive safely by touching the base with any
part of his or her body.
--- A triple means (you guessed it!) that the ball is hit far enough away/trickily enough for the fielders to handle that the batter
can run to third base and arrive safely by touching the base with any
part of his or her body.
--- A home run means that the ball is
hit "out" of the park, out of reach of the fielders in the outfield.
This means that the batter can run to all three bases and lastly come
and touch home base, thereby scoring a run.
--- Foul balls, for
those of you familiar with the game, will not be played in this RP. If
you're not familiar with them, don't worry about them. smileys/smiley4.gif

team has multiple chances to score a run each time they are at bat.
The offensive team can have batters scoring and hitting until there are
three "outs." Outs can happen in any of the following ways:
- A batter reaches three strikes without successfully hitting the ball and before getting four balls.
- A batter hits a ball up into the air and a fielder catches the ball without letting it touch the ground.
- A batter hits a ball that bounces on the ground to a fielder, who either tags the runner with the ball before the runner gets to the base s/he's trying to reach OR the fielder steps on the base the runner is approaching while holding the ball.

a team has reached three outs, the teams switch and the team previously up to bat
takes their positions on the field. A cycle of each team having their
turn to bat until they get three outs is called an inning; there are
nine innings in a traditional baseball game. For the purposes of this
RP and to keep things moving, we will be playing 5-inning games.

Where running the bases is concerned:
If there is a player on first base and the current batter hits a
single, for example, the runner already on first base must run to
second base while the batter who just hit the single runs to first. This progression continues
until a batter reaches home and scores a run, even if there are three
players on base.

Sequence of Play:
- The pitcher will RP pitching
- The player up to bat will RP batting
All others will RP their reactions after an update from me about
whether or not the pitch was a strike, a ball, or a hit (and if a hit, I
will specify what kind).
- At each update, I will include a diagram of players on-base.
Dice determine the course of game play, and rolls will be included in
each update. The primary die used will be 12-sided, with outcomes as
1, 6 = ball; 2, 7 = strike; 3 = pop fly, in which case a 6-sided dice will determine if it is caught or not caught (1, 3, 5 = caught; 2, 4, 6 = not caught); 4,
8 = ground ball, in which case a 6-sided dice will determine if it the
player is safe, one out or hit into a double play (1, 3, 5 = 1 out; 2, 4
= double play; 6 = safe); 5, 9 = single; 10 = double; 11 = triple; 12 = home run

Updates will include the above information as determined by the dice as well as who was doing the fielding if a ground ball is fielded or pop fly is caught; players involved can then RP their actions while others RP their reactions.

will be a 48-hour sign-up period. Players may sign up one character to
participate using the form below. If we do not have enough to make two
teams of 9 players after 48 hours, players will be allowed to add a 2nd
NPC on a first-come, first-serve basis. After sign-ups are closed, I
will post the team rosters and batting orders. Spectators are welcome
to post their reactions to the game!
Sign-up form:
Preferred team:
Preferred position:

- General Plaza rules apply
- ALL are welcome to play and spectate, but your character should be a ranger.
- Please post in the color designated to your role/team in the game and white out OOC comments
- Updates will be posted in RED</font>
- Sigs off, please
- Have a great time!

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22/Oct/2011, 11:00 PM
Sign-ups are now open!
The first round of sign-ups will last 48 hours.

RP your arrival on the field and include the information on the sign-up form.</font>

Aerlinn Mordagnir
22/Oct/2011, 11:36 PM
So much that needed to be done...so many other things that were more fun to do, Caranor thought with a wry laugh. Oh well, the world was just going to have to wait while he took off to the Downs for the impending game of Stick-Ball he had heard tell of. It had taken several minutes of digging through his gear for his old leather glove, but now the ranger was ready to go and whistling as he walked over to the field. He wondered where he would end up playing. It had been so long he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Infield maybe, get a little dirty...

Name: Caranor
Preferred team: Stones
Preferred position: 2nd Base</span>

23/Oct/2011, 01:22 AM
"Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd. For it's one, two , three strikes, you're out..." Elegost has sung the same song to himself all the way to the </font></font></font>location of the first Stick-Ball game. He loved the idea of an afternoon without being on his toes constantly, a chance to relax and have fun. Nothing like a little friendly competition between Rangers in a wonderful autumn day. Elegost jogged, arriving to the outskirts of the field. Masticating a small piece of chewing gum with his falcon Hérion on his left shoulder. "Your not working right now" he told his pet, stroking the region between his eyes, "go watch, or hunt something good to eat" The bird flew off jovially while his master looked to the field. Elegost thought about what position he would want to play, he figured a bow might have given him a good arm for throwing.

Name: Elegost
Preferred team: Scepters
Preferred position: Pitcher


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23/Oct/2011, 01:49 AM
Word of a game had carried to Darasin as he sat on a rock contemplating Eru and the Universe. He had always enjoyed games, and fancied himself an able player. Setting off down to the Downs he noticed that the weather was beautiful and the grass was a fabulous green, perfect for sliding all over. He was not really sure where the best place would be to play, he had a keen eye and fast hands, so there was potential. He cracked his knuckles and hurried over to the sign-ups.

Name: Darasin
Preferred team: Sceptres
Preferred position: Catcher/First Base, fine with any</span>

Rian Eliowen
25/Oct/2011, 02:22 AM
Dairen had heard about the friendly game from his friend Elegost, and although he had never played it before and had only a very sketchy idea of thetechniques involved from reading the rules he was determined not to be left out. He was more of a football man himself when it came to sports,but as he was skilled enough with a sword -he hoped thatsurely a wooden stick or club must be similar. He decided that he would even up the numbers and so signed up for the stones team. He went back to studying the rules while the others waited for more players to arrive.

Name: Dairen
Preferred team: Stones
Preferred position:1st Base

25/Oct/2011, 03:28 AM
Tarawen had been enjoying the warm sun beating down on the open field, its touch on her skin welcome in the now-chilly fall air. When shouts cried out of a game beginning, she sat up straight amid the grass to see what was happening. A group of her fellow rangers had gathered to form an impromptu game of stick-ball, a well-loved but little-played game in the north. She grinned at the sight and got up, brushing the dead leaves from her leggings.

"I'll get in on the action!" she called as she approached the players who were already dividing themselves into teams.

Name: Tarawen
Preferred team: Scepters
Preferred position: Shortstop

GM Update

Below are the teams as they currently stand. Sign-ups will now open for players to add a second character in the game; those just now signing up can enter two players into the game right away.

Bring your friends so we can have a rousing game of stick-ball! smileys/smiley2.gif

Current teams:

Pitcher: Elegost (Sur)
Catcher: Darasin (Samthoniel)
1st base: vacant
2nd base: </font></font>vacant</font></font>
Shortstop: Tarawen
3rd base: </font></font>vacant</font></font>
Left field: </font></font>vacant</font></font>
Center field: </font></font>vacant</font></font>
Right field:</font></font> vacant

Pitcher: vacant
Catcher: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
1st base: Dairen (Rian)
2nd base: Caranor (Linny)
Shortstop: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
3rd base: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
Left field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
Center field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
Right field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>

01/Nov/2011, 08:08 PM
Sign-ups still open and highly encouraged!</font></font>Additional NPCs are welcome--more than two characters per playerin the game is alright. The game can't go on with 2- and 3-man teams! smileys/smiley9.gif</font>

02/Nov/2011, 01:08 PM
Word had now spred to some of the further reaches of Eriadoe about a game to be played and not just any game but a stick ball game. This was something the brotherse hadn't played in years. Lothar heard of it first and went and found his brother Tolkus to tell him of it. It didn't take much to convince Tolkus to join his brother for the game so the two journeyed to the field and reported in.Name: Tolkus and LotharPreferred Team: StonesPreferred Position: 3rd base and Short Stop

Beren Camlost
03/Nov/2011, 07:36 AM
Oh, boy double trouble, brawny, dark-hairedBeren joked loud enough for his friends Tolkus and Lothar to hear as he strode across the grass towards where everyone was assembling to play Stick-ball. </font><i style="color: rgb0, 102, 0; ">[/i]The same could be said of us, I hope, his older cousin Khallador mentioned, with a rare grin ; he was strong like Beren but leaner and rougher. </font>Beren wore blue woolens today and on his sweater was sitched the image of a Seeing Stone, symbolizing the team he wanted to join </font>; Khallador was clad in green short-trousers and sleeveless shirt, manfully ignoring the cool autumnal weather. </font>
</font> Khallador favored wearing a green fedora but for this outing had chosen instead to wear a 'ball-cap' as Beren had christened the pecuilar hat Khallador now wore ; upon it was an icon of a silver scepter, an emblem of the team that Khallador would cleave to.</font> </font>Beren smiledat his cousin, raising his fist outwards horizontal ; </font>Khallador thrusthis knuckles against Beren's, a 'fist-bump' as the Men of Bree named it. The two usually didn't get along - although Cousin Jaena adored silly and smug, bold and big-hearted Beren - but Khallador was beginning to like Camlost now since that the two men had faced much danger together in their quests to defend the North as Rangers. </font><i style="color: rgb0, 102, 0; ">[/i]Hello, Tara, what position would you like us to take ? Beren asked as they approached their friend.</font>

</font><b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Name: Beren
Preferred team: Stones
Preferred position: Center Field</font>[/b]<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">
[/b]<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Name : Khallador</font>[/b]<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Preferred team: Sceptres</font>[/b]<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Preferred position: 3rd Base</font>[/b]<b style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">

Rian Eliowen
06/Nov/2011, 08:38 AM
Girion 'Grizzly' Grimstaff had thought that his sporting days were behind him, but the beautifully crisp and clear autumn weather and the arrival of so many of his fellow Rangers on the North Downs made it almost impossible to refuse the invitation to play. He had once been strong and athletic - but now he was old, arthritic and slightly lame, and his eyesight certainly wasn't as good as it once was. He still gamely signed up and seeing that the catcher position was not yet filledin the Stones team(and hopefully this entailed less running around) he signed on and joined the others waiting to get the game started.

<DIV><B style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">Name : Grizzly
[/B]<B style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">Preferred team: Stones
[/B]<B style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">Preferred position: Catcher[/B]

06/Nov/2011, 05:29 PM
Word had spread quickly at Maenorthrond that there was to be a rousing game of stick-ball played in the area. Peldir, face bright with excitement, rushed to see Aithril and Celegon. "There's a game of stick-ball in the works! I think we all deserve some time off for some fun, what do you say?" The two had grinned and nodded, amused to see old Peldir worked up with such boyish enthusiasm. They locked their materials away in the sheds outside the Great Hall, while Peldir shut the huge doors with much effort--it had been a long time since Maenorthrond had been closed!

They had set off in Grizzly's wake (he had rushed off the moment he heard the news) and arrived a few days later at the stick-ball field. Many other rangers had already arrived, and it seemed to Aithril's sharp eyes that they had divided themselves into teams. "What say we go get on a team?" she suggested to the others, who agreed quickly and dismounted their steeds, leading the horses toward the group of rangers already assembled.

"We'd like to join!" called Celegon to the two teams. A lithe young-looking woman (Tarawen) stepped out and greeted them, speaking of the team names--the Sceptres and the Stones--and telling the three newcomers the different positions still available. "We've had quite a few people sign up, but we're always glad to see more folks joining us for the game!" So the three from Maenorthrond chose their positions and stood with their team.

Name: Aithril
Preferred team: Sceptres
Preferred position: 1st base

Name: Celegon
Preferred team: Sceptres
Preferred position: Left field

Name: Peldir
Preferred team: Sceptres
Preferred position: 3rd base</font>

</font></font>Updated team rosters below! We only need a few more players to get the game rolling, so please sign up! New players or those who already have characters signed up are welcome to join!</font>

Pitcher: Elegost (Sur)</font></font>
Catcher: Darasin (Samthoniel)</font></font>
1st base: Aithril (Tarawen)</font></font>
2nd base: Khallador (Aig)</font></font>
Shortstop: Tarawen</font></font>
3rd base: Peldir (Tarawen)</font></font>
Left field: Celegon (Tarawen)</font></font>
Center field: </font></font>vacant</font></font>
Right field:</font></font> vacant</font></font>

Pitcher: vacant</font></font></font>
Catcher: Grizzly (Rian)</font></font></font>
1st base: Dairen (Rian)</font></font></font>
2nd base: Caranor (Linny)</font></font></font>
Shortstop: Lothar (Tolkus)</font></font></font>
3rd base: Tolkus</font></font></font>
Left field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
Center field: Beren (Aig)</font></font></font>
Right field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>

14/Nov/2011, 05:50 AM
(special one-time character for this game</font>)

Osceola had dropped everything she was doing and dashed to the field of the Stick-Ball game. The female ranger wore a black tank and leggings, underneath a buttoned sleeveless leather vest and matching belt. If she had heard of this event earlier, she might have been dressed better. Still, the current apparel would be sufficient. Upon arrival, she untied the sheath that carried her two-handed sword, and tossed it aside. Won't be needing that; she thought, as her brown eyes looked to those who were already here. Hmmmm, which available position did she want? After a few moments of thinking to herself, her gaze caught sight of another ranger (Elegost), becoming the pitcher of the Sceptres. Osceola had always been a bit of a tomboy and loved to challenge men, proving girls can do anything they could, if not better. Arm wrestling, racing, sparring, you name it! She took out a white band from a pocket and tied her hair in a low pony tail. Stretching her arms and ready, for whatever the guys would bring.

Name: Osceola
Preferred team: Stones
Preferred position:</font> Pitcher</font>

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18/Jan/2012, 06:39 PM
Pendrango was a legend in the stickball community, at least in his own community, which most of the folks here had probably never heard of. He had indeed taken the Ranger oath many years ago, but then right before he was to begin his tour of duty he was traded to a team in the Mordorian leagues. Mordor? They sent the great Pendrango to Mordor? Really, what were they thinking? It probably had been the best thing for him though. He worked out all his control problems and even developed an almost unhittable orcspitball. Even the great hitters didn't want to touch that.

Though as usual Pendrango was a bit late, and all the pitching positions were called for. Had he been in Mordor that would not have been a problem as relief pitchers were in great demand (considering what happened to most pitchers in the Mordorian leagues). But there were no jobs for pitchers of any kind, so he cursed a little under his breath in the Black Speech that he had picked up. As he was walking away thinking of what a loss for the Lone Lands fans he remembered the lazy orcs who played in the outfield and realized maybe he could give the fans a treat and not have to even work up a sweat. He didn't look as good when he was all sweaty. And where would he find orcspit up here anyway?</font></span><b style="text-align: left;">

Name: Pendrango Valenzuela, Legendary Mordorian Leagues strike-out King
Preferred team: Stones
Preferred position: Throw him in the outfield on whichever side he can show off the most</font>[/b]

08/Feb/2012, 03:52 AM
A long silence, punctuated by the untimely chirping of crickets, was finally broken when two new players arrived. Tarawen breathed a sigh of relief--they could finally all stop basking about in the sun like layabouts and finally get to playing some stick-ball! Or at least, come closer to playing some stick-ball . . .

"Welcome to our game!" she called, waving to the new arrivals (Osceola and Pendrango). "You're just in time, too. We haven't yet begun and there are still positions open on both teams. Let's get you situated--hopefully we can begin soon! Oh, by the way, the name's Tarawen." She gave a humorous and exaggerated sigh as she looked toward the gathered group of rangers who were laying in the grass, wandering about, or just standing around chatting. "We're usually a lot more active than this, I promise," she whispered as she pointed the new players to their teams.

"Come on you lazy excuses for ball-players! We're almost ready--better get warmed up or we'll never get this game started!" She tossed a ball toward Khall and Elegost, trying to get the Sceptres excited, at least.

Updated rosters! Tell your friends! We are so close to getting started!</font> smileys/smiley2.gif

Pitcher: Elegost (Sur)</font></font>
Catcher: Darasin (Samthoniel)</font></font>
1st base: Aithril (Tarawen)</font></font>
2nd base: Khallador (Aig)</font></font>
Shortstop: Tarawen</font></font>
3rd base: Peldir (Tarawen)</font></font>
Left field: Celegon (Tarawen)</font></font>
Center field: Pendrango</font></font> (Pendragonay)</font>
Right field:</font></font> vacant</font></font>

Pitcher: Osceola (Sur)</font></font></font>
Catcher: Grizzly (Rian)</font></font></font>
1st base: Dairen (Rian)</font></font></font>
2nd base: Caranor (Linny)</font></font></font>
Shortstop: Lothar (Tolkus)</font></font></font>
3rd base: Tolkus</font></font></font>
Left field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>
Center field: Beren (Aig)</font></font></font>
Right field: </font></font></font>vacant</font></font></font>

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