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23/Oct/2011, 11:29 PM

</font>A Game of Imagination

are appearing in time, in the universe itself, inexplicably consuming
everything in their path. One glimmers in Amy Pond's bedroom wall,
another in a Starship, one in a harmless flat, and yet more scattered
about in seemingly innocuous locations. What we do know is that if you
disappear into one you're gone: now, then, and forever - erased from all
memory as though you never were. It's up to you to avoid these cracks
as soon as you see them, leaping from place to place seeking sanctuary.
If time catches up with you, we'll forget you fondly...</font>

To Play</font>

round you will rp yourself having sighted one of the cracks of the
universe. You can play as your Dr. Who character or really whatever you like. Your only hope of escape is to jettison off to another world,
be it by time machine, spaceship, or some other crazy form of
transportation. </font>

One of the things we most enjoy about Dr. Who is
the ability to see crazy new worlds and all their oddities. This is
your chance to be equally creative and astonishing. Once on the new
planet you've escaped to, you must describe it, its people, its culture,
an event, or whatever you like in order to bring it to life. I'll score
each post (you just get one) on: creativity, writing skills, and
general amazingness. You can be silly or seriousness, but a certain
lightheartedness is a given. You must be original! Don't copy a world
from the show - that's not the point. </font>

Assuming anyone wishes to even play, we shall probably only
have about 3 - 5 rounds and each will last about three days. This is
expected to be a quick-moving thread so don't stress over your
descriptions. Our aim is to have fun. Except for the lowest scorer each
round, of course. They'll be erased from all memory. </font>

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Aerlinn Mordagnir
25/Oct/2011, 06:27 AM
Just popping in to say that I will have something up here just as soon as my brain can stay coherent enough for more than a 200 word game postsmileys/smiley9.gif. Love the idea though!

26/Oct/2011, 01:49 PM
Rassilon saw the crack and knew just what it was and what it would do. He also had a pretty good idea of the cause too. "Good thing I made this." he said to himslef. There on his left hand was a glove but no ordinary glove it was a time travel glove. "Well time to go." he siad as he activaed the time and travel circuts. There was quick flash of light and he was gone. Going through the ebb and flow of time and sapce. When his vision cleared Rassilon took in the site of the new world he had arrived on.It looked as though he was in an open plain tall green grass flowing like wave on the sea as a gental breeze blew. Hills in the distance roll across the landscape. He turned and saw what looked to be a forest behind him, green hardwoods it seemed to be, ever darkening as it went futher on. Rassilon could smell the sweetness of the grass and it caught him off guard, this was peaceful, very peaceful. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze and the smell of the grass. There was no one or thing around any where. He could see for what looked lke miles. The ground thensuddenly began to shake. Alow rumble at first then it grew. It grew until Rassilon couldn't stand any longer and fell to his knees. With an explotion of dirt something burst threw the soil and rose skyward. It blocked the sun for it was huge. When Rassilon gather himself enough to be able to look up he was intriged at what he saw. It was a giaint goffer. At least 15 feet tall half out of it's hole.The goffer sniffed the air then quickly bent down and sniffed Rassilon. Rassilon was able to get back on his feet and looked the goffer in the eyes as it sniffed him. Rassiloncouldn't help but laugh at this site. As he did the goffer leaned forward just enough to get it's nose almost touching Rassilon. It being quick as a whiplicked Rassilon's upper body and face. Then even quicker it popped back down it's hole and was gone. Rassilon was left stading there with mud and goffer spit on him. "Well that was rather nasty." he uttered.

Aerlinn Mordagnir
26/Oct/2011, 06:23 PM
"Oh now c'mon..." Jenny said plaintively. The wall of a small-town American grocery store? All she had wanted was to try...marmellows? Marshlows? Mellmarshlows? Ugh, she could never remember the name. She had once heard something about soft, sugary, pillow-esque things that were ritualistically burned in campfires, and after the first time she had tried them, she had become entirely addicted. But now here was one of those pesky universe-eating cracks come to spoil her fun. Jenny cast a last regretful look towards her would-be sweets, yanked on the fire alarm, and ran. She couldn't pile all these people aboard her ship to help them escape, but she could at least get them out of the building.</font>

</font>Still muttering about missed opportunities and interfering evil, Jenny strapped herself into the pilot's seat and set the controls for "somewhat-nearby-random-planet". She just wanted to get out of here. She didn't know much about the cracks that had begun appearing, apart from that they were dangerous, but she didknow that danger considered her to be some sort of magnet.</font>
</font>Several jerks and one rough landing later, the Doctor's daughter found herself in the outskirts of a strangely inverted place. The people, and there were many she could see walking the streets, wore all white: shirts, pants, socks, shoes, dresses...even their hairwas colorless, though not in the same way as an old human's. But the buildings! They were all spheres and trapezoids and spires and shapes she couldn't even put a name to. And theywere colorful. Red and blue and purple and teal and polka-dotted and tie-dye and unknown colors to match the unknown shapes!</font>
</font>Eyes wide, Jenny abandoned her ship for the odd city. "Hello? Weird question I know, but what planet is this?" she asked the nearest reasonably friendly looking being, with a deceptively innocent look on her face. She was answered by a series of whistles. "I'm sorry?" she tried again. She got another flurry of whistles followed by some humming. "Uh, thanks..." she muttered confusedly, and just kept walking.</font>
</font>Without her father's TARDIS, Jenny had run into language barriers before. But she was a quick learner, had picked up several of the more standard tongues, and could usually use those to at least take a guess at the simple phrases she used and heard around the galaxies. But what she had just heard was completely alien. It was as if...</font>
</font>The girl stopped suddenly and stared around her, suddenly hyper-aware of the nearby sounds. It was if she was hearing music. With habitual sneakiness, she sidled up to a nearby pair of what she assumed were women, giggling and gesturing at something in a basket. Their "words", like the man she had tried to speak to, seemed to consist of whistles and humming and even short little musical phrases. Fascinated, Jenny moved faster now, hurrying towards what looked like the city center. There she found a little out-of-the-way niche near a storefront and closed her eyes. 'If you can't see, then forget your eyes and listen,' the soldier programming in her brain projected. 'Your ears work better that way.'</font>
</font>So Jenny listened, and she heard the entire brilliantly colored city with it'scontrarily dressed people singing.</font>

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