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16/May/2012, 09:14 AM

to Wilderland's brand new racing league, The Amazing Race! All the
leaders of Wilderland have come together to plan these exciting races
and have registered their most talented racers and coaches to take part.
The first stage of the tournament is taking place at Erebor, the Lonely
Mountain. That means today's racers will be ravens and badgers!

About the races:</font>

will be an ongoing tournament. Once one race finishes, a new one will
open in a different area. It is not required that you take part in all
of the races, but doing so will get you more points on the overall
competition ladder!

Each race, your coach (your RP character)
will pick one of the two available area-specific animals to be their
racer. You can create a new animal or use an existing character if
you've already made a character of that animal type. By the end of the
five races you will have assembled a team of speedy racers that you can
use again the next time the tournament is held.

Race rules:</font>

Following the rules of IR racing, you will have 7 rolls per race. You can ask for either an A roll or a B roll.

A Roll: You will get to move around the board. If you roll 2, 4, or 6, you move forward 2, 4,
or 6 spaces. If the roll is a 1, 3, or 5, it sets you backwards that
many spaces.
B Roll: Choosing B means a 20-sided dice is rolled with an action your animal will need to respond
to. Once you are told what action your roll produced, you post it
and describe it. The pre-determined list of moves is as follows:

1.+3 11. -2
2. –2 12. +4
3. +3 13. -1
4. +2 14. +2
5. +4 15. +4
6. –1 16. +3
7. +2 17. -1
8. +4 18. +3
9.+3 19. +4
10.+2 20. –1

race will be updated every 24-48 hours. If you miss one or a few rolls,
you can catch up by asking for more than one roll in your post.</font>

About the Erebor race:</font>

Because the first race is at Erebor, you can choose either a raven (they can speak!) or a badger (they can't speak!)
to be your racer. The race will begin in the halls and caverns under
the mountain, then head outside of the mountain, up to Ravenhill and then
back down again. To keep it fair, a flying height restriction has been
put in place. Ravens must not fly higher than three metres above the

To sign up for the race, please fill out the below form
and then RP arriving at the starting line with your animal in the great
hall, and ask for either an A or B roll:

Coach name: Your RP character's name here
Animal name: Your racer's name
Animal type: Raven or badger</font>

</font>To keep track of coach's teams of racers, an OOC thread (http://www.lotrplaza.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=243926&amp;PID=7493397#7493397) has been set up.


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16/May/2012, 03:47 PM
Coach name: Runefil (Human)
Animal name:Snappy
Animal type:Badger</font><br style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Runefil had heard of the great race of Erebor, and as he had never raced Snappy before he thought he would give it a shot. Snappy was so well trained he did not need a leash, but simply followed Runefil. His gray-white-striped fur was brushed and shining - well, for a badger at least. Runefil walked into the great hall of the Mountain, dazzled by it's beauty. He walked over to one of the managers and presented Snappy, and asked for a B roll. Now the race was on!

Beren Camlost
16/May/2012, 07:24 PM
Coach name: Jeor (Dwarf)
Animal name:Bran
Animal type:Raven</font><br style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">

</font> Berries ! squawked Bran, the raven that Jeor had been training for several months to participate at the great race of Erebor. His feathers were a glossy black and he wore a grey band that depicted the Lonely Mountain in a small circle. His owner, Jeor, was a Longbeard dwarf, muscular and gruff ; he had cobalt green eyes and a long mass of brown hair. You already ate, bird, Jeor firmly reminded Bran with a grunt. Yes, but corn isn't fruit. I prefer payment before this race starts ; I know you have what I want in that pouch ! Bran replied, the talking raven, replied stubbornly from his perch upon his dwarven master's broad shoulder. One berry ! Jeor growled, angrily opening his pouch to retrieve the red gooseberry. You can have the rest when you're finished ! Jeor added decisively.</font>
</font> Deal ! piped Bran merrily as he alighted upon the ground ; Jeor bent, offering the crimson berry to his racer. Pleasure doing business with you ! Bran wryly spoke, which caused Jeor to roll his greenish-blue eyes, before he clasped the fruit with his sharp ebony beak. Once he eaten his gooseberry, Bran stately walked toward the starting line in the great hall. My annoying raven, Bran, is ready to fly, Jeor announced, stepping forward, and cast a worried look at the bird ; Bran had a mind of his own, Jeor hoped he didn't get into too many misadventures while he raced so he could stay in the lead.</font>
</font> B Roll, please !</font>

that ugly guy
16/May/2012, 07:51 PM
Coach Name: Zul the goblin
Animal Name: Po
Animal Type: Raven

Zul came upon the Lonely Mountain at dawn and saw the other racers ready to go. He brought his raven Po crunched inside a makeshift crate of wood and iron. Being such wicked creatures, goblins do not care for their animals very well, using cruel methods to pound them into submission. This raven was proof of that. His feathers were patchy and not very clean. His beak was cracked and splintered. But he was fast. Very fast. This is what he was trained to do.

" Gimme an A roll!", Zul yelled, "And no negative moves, or bad things will happen!"

16/May/2012, 08:07 PM
Coach name: Kes Lowbuckle (Hobbit)
Animal name: Shaydrik</span>
Animal type: RavenAs he stepped into the Great Hall, Kes
silently cursed the friend who'd brought him all this way and then
ended up imprisoned for rambunctious merry making but two days
earlier. He should have said no when Roran pleaded for him take his
place as coach. But Kes, feeling sorry for his friend, had accepted.
He sighed in surrender and finally looked up from his feet to behold
the magnificence of the Great Hall in which he now stood. His eyes
widened in sheer amazement and for a few moments words eluded him.Kes inched his way to an official close
by and managed to stammer, “Name's Lowbuckle. From Eriador. And
this here's Shaydrik the raven...” But there appeared to be no
raven. For a terrifying moment Kes thought he forgot to bring
Shaydrik. But much to his relief the raven had been walking quietly
along behind the hobbit the entire time. It flew up and perched on
Kes's shoulder. The hobbit smiled as confidence crept back into
him.“We're ready to race.”

B Roll please.

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16/May/2012, 08:40 PM
Coach name: Corudir (elf)</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal name: Honeybadger</span><br style="text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal type: Badger</span></font>

</font></span>The elf and the badger made a drastic opposite pair as they walked into the great hall, the elf moving gracefully and the badger trundling along grumpily. Corudir had a suspicion that the badger was his personality expressed in animal form: solitary and grumpy. This particular breed of badger did not give a flying fox what the other animals thought, and was known to be hardy and long-suffering. The elf hoped he was fast, too. Their relationship had been an odd one. He was nominally training the badger to race, but he felt that the badger might be using him as an easy source of food and opportunities to fight. Corudir eyed the badger warily, and then looked toward those in charge. "We would like an A roll, please."</font></span>

16/May/2012, 09:21 PM
Coach name: Galavaliel the Wizard
Animal name: Liam
Animal type: Badger

Gala and Liam walked side by side, the wizard humming a song to herself while the badger stopped erratically to sniff out one thing or another, all the while Erebor slowly coming closer and closer in to view, looming above the landscape. "This will be fun, your first race!" she beamed down at him. Liam however, didn't appear to be listening. He had his nose stuck to a spot in the ground, and had started pawing at it every so slightly. "C'mon now, we can't be late," when Liam didn't budge, she sighed and bent down to pick him up. This did not make the badger happy at all, and he squirmed and squirmed, ultimately clawing her in the face a little bit before she gained control over the little guy. "We'll come back, okay? Calm down! Save your energy for the race!" The badger huffed slightly, but stopped moving.

They finally arrived at the race, and saw that many others had turned up for the occasion as well. It seemed finally safe to put Liam back on the ground, and fortunately for her, once she did, he went off racing directly towards the mountain! Gala started to cheer loudly. This was going to be fun, hopefully he would be able to keep up the pace!

B roll please!

Baingíl Randír
16/May/2012, 11:10 PM
<b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Coach name[/b]: Celegdal</span><br style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal name:[/b]Thosta (Stink)</span></font><b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal type:[/b]Badger</span></font>

</font>Celegdalwas incredibly relieved to be out of jail. His poor hair would probably take weeks to recover from the lack of washing there. If he had been a bit gaunt-looking and perhaps had a few wounds, he might have been able to pull off a sufficiently martyred look that people would have pitied the poor, beautiful, injured elf; but instead he just looked like he'd let himself go to waste. So, he had decided to take a bit of a vacation until his appearance recovered to its former perfect, godlike glory.</font>
</font>How he had let himself be talked into this, though, he had no clue.</font>
</font>He glared down at the badger at his side - disparagingly named "Stink" (or Thosta) - and watched as the animal nosed about and entirely ignored Celegdal. The elf bore something of an affinity for communicating with non-sentient animals - learned from long years of living with his cat, Gilfaron - but that didn't mean he liked them. Far too often they did not show the slightest appreciation for Celegdal'snumerous merits. This one was no exception. "Foolish thing,"he murmured down at the badger; it tried to nip his heel and then showed no other sign of interest in the elf.</font>
</font>It was time to line up, though. Celegdalpushed the badger with his foot. "Go, you smelly thing,"he told it. The badger looked up at him placidly, then sunk its teeth into the elf's heel before scuttling to the starting line. Celegdalhopped about, holding his foot. "Curse you!"he yelled, but stayed back; the race was about to begin.</font>
</font>B roll, please!</font>

Shasta Stark
17/May/2012, 01:11 AM
<b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Coach name[/b]: Shasta (Human)</span><br style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal name:[/b]Bucky</span><br style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal type:[/b]Badger</span></font>
</font></span>Shastawas more accustomed to lurking places, but even doing that gets old after a while. So, it was time to try something new. This is his first public appearance, at least willingly. Oh, there had been other times. Certain... imprisonments. He shook his head, his dark brown hair flailing about like helpless limbs on his head. Now was not the time to reminisce.</font>
</font>Living in the wilds for most of his life, he had become accustomed to dealing with animals. An amazing race was being heralded about Wilderland, featuring distinct animals from each prominent area of the region. The first stop was Erebor. Shastahad frequented Lake-town, but seldom came up to Dale in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. He was still familiar with the animals that dwelt there, though. Ravens he did not trust, so he chose a badger.</font>
</font>It was the first badger he saw in the pen. He hoped to whatever gods still were about that the thing was well-trained, or he would come back and make these peasants' lives a living nightmare. He was good at doing that, especially when he felt ripped off. It was not a pleasant thing to experience. Less pleasant for the cheating scum.</font>
</font>He led the badger to the race track. The badger seemed to do a fair job of keeping up and on the path, though at times would have a mind of his own and go off exploring some brush, ignoring the cursing and threats spewing from the Man. Shastadecided to name the badger Bucky. The name just seemed to suit the animal, though he did not know why exactly. Well, it was about time to start the race. He led the badger to the start line, made some promises of some sweet delights that he thought a badger might like (though in truth, he really did not know), and muttered a few threats should the badger fail the race.</font>
</font>Standing up from his crouched position accosting the badger, Shastatook the time to survey some of the other competitors. Not the animals, but their coaches. Another Man, a Dwarf, a Goblin which caused him to bristle. There better not be any trouble caused by that Goblin, or I'll make sure he gets a taste of his own medicine, Shastathought to himself as he patted his longsword which hung ever so delicately at his hip, like a close friend and brother. A wizard, a pair of Elves, and a Hobbit so far. Hmmmmm, this would be an interesting race indeed. Shastasmirked as the animals took off.</font>
</font>A roll, please!</font>

17/May/2012, 01:51 AM
Coach name: KingODuckingham (Istar)
Animal name: Blackbeard
Animal type: Raven

KingODuckingham yawned and stretched. It had been a long time that he had been asleep under the mountains. Something to do with the lack of light that reached down in the deep places of the world. He hadn't showered in ages, probably looked like a Balrog. But there were obviously more important things to do, he saw. There was a race being set up. He wouldn't have to run. Best kind of race. Could he use his duck?

No. Sad day.

He went with a raven, since they were at least birds. He whispered softly too it, using his gift of languages from the Valar, and learned that its name was Blackbeard. Odd, he thought. Ravens don't have beards. Maybe it had some deeper reference. Well, he would find out. For now, the business was to stand off a short bit away from the others, since he probably smelled like the dickens, whatever those were. Oh, and to ask for a roll:

B roll, please!</font>

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17/May/2012, 11:52 AM
Thank you all for joining! Let's get this show on the road. Anyone still wishing to join can still do so, just ask for two rolls in your first post.

Current race setting: The racers are shooting off from the starting line and racing through the tall halls and winding stairways under the mountain.

Runefil with Snappy - B-roll 9, +3, - A drunken dwarf charges your animal, mistaking them for an enemy. How will your racer get out of this unfortunate situation?
Jeor with Bran - B roll 8, +4, Discovering the Yukog workshop in the halls of Erebor, your racer
finds a device that will help them get ahead in the race. What is it and what
does it do?
</font>Zul with Po - A roll 6, +6, You go forward 6 spaces!
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik - B roll 8, +4, </font>Discovering the Yukog workshop in the halls of Erebor, your racer
finds a device that will help them get ahead in the race. What is it and what
does it do?
</font>Corudir with Honeybadger - A roll 1, -1, Unfortunately your racer is off to a slow start!
Galaviel with Liam - B roll 1, +3, A taste test at the kitchens of the Uzbuns sends your racer into a frenzy. Whatever they tried must have been mighty powerful! What was it that they taste-tested?
Celegdal with Thosta - B roll 2, -2, Your racer runs into one of King Dain's guards and knocks
him down. Another guard takes your racer captive. How does your racer
manage to get away?

</font>Shasta with Bucky - A roll 4, +4, You go forward 4 spaces!
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard - B roll 2, -2, - Your racer flies into one of King Dain's guards and knocks
him down. Another guard takes your racer captive. How does your racer
manage to get away?

</font></font>Zul with Po: +6 (6 rolls remaining)
</font>Jeor with Bran: +4 (6 rolls remaining)
</font>Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: +3 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Galaviel with Liam: +3 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>

Corudir with Honeybadger: -1 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: -2 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: -2</font> (6 rolls remaining)</font>

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18/May/2012, 04:14 AM
Coach Runefil with Snappy the Badger
"You dang drunk dumb dwarf!" snapped Runefil, as a danged drunk dumb dwarf screamed in his outlandish tongue and charged Snappy.Snappy was off to a good start and didn't see him coming, and all of the sudden felt a dwarf-boot in his ribcage. If badgers could talk one would not have wanted to be around at the moment. Badgers can be quite ferocious. Snappy snapped at the dwarf's right leg. The dwarf, a brutish blonde with a black eye from a brief brawl a bit before, screamed in pain as the badger's teeth sunk into his calf. He began to swing his leg around trying to shake Snappy off. He then attempted to kick the badger with his left foot, in the effort falling flat on his back. Snappy released his grip and crawled onto the dwarf's chest, scratching at his face while the dwarf shielded his eyes. Finally the dwarf grabbed the badger around the middle and tossed him as far as he could and ran for the hills, stumbling while muttering "It dint offur me a drinkz!" Snappy knew it was no time to give chase, for he had a race to win.Runefil found it extremely hard to control his rage. He all but chased the dwarf down himself as he called the gamekeeper: "Gimme an A roll, on the double!"

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Baingíl Randír
18/May/2012, 04:44 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>

</font>Celegdalwent to sit in the stands to watch Thosta, grumbling about badgers in general and his badger in particular. He pulled his fine cloth shoe off - now totally ruined - to examine the damages. He winced. That would need some medicine... and he foolishly had left it elsewhere. Oh well. He'd tend to it after the race; he didn't suppose they'd let him walk off without his badger... But he still eyed the door, contemplating whether he could manage his escape.</font>
</font>Thosta, meanwhile, had run straight into a person. Usually he'd have thought of it as a Big Person; but this one - or these two, rather, since another one promptly appeared - were rather small compared to the annoying elf that had gotten hold of him. Thostawas mainly running because he liked racing - he had simply lacked a coach; and though the elf he found was hardly the sort he wanted to run with, he was just happy to be running.</font>
</font>But it looked like the second person didn't want to let him run. It was holding him up and making loud noises at him. The badger eyed him calmly; these sort of people often made funny noises at him, of different sorts. However, Thostahad a race to run. He abruptly wiggled; the person's grip on him tightened, and the noises grew louder. Thostahad begun to tire of the fellow, so he proceeded to sink his teeth into the finger that wagged accusingly in his face. The effect was instantaneous; the person dropped him and began to yell even louder. Thostadidn't stay to watch the show that he knew usually unfolded after he bit someone; he had a race to run. However, as he trotted away at full speed, he breathed a little puff of satisfaction at the loud curses behind him, and used the sound of running feet to motivate himself to run faster through the tunnels.</font>
</font>Let them run. It'd be good for them.</font>
</font>A roll, please!</font>

18/May/2012, 03:07 PM
<b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Coach name[/b]: Folgar Helblun (Traveler from Rohan)</span><br style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal name:[/b]Bleach (an all white Badger)</span><br style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; "><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: -webkit-center; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Animal type:[/b]Badger</span>

</span>Folgar had been so eager to participate in this renown race, that he actually took a wrong turn towards Erebor, finding himself in Laketown at the Long Lake. His race-badger, Bleach, was in a foul mood... being locked up in a small box, strapped onto the back of a horse for several hundreds of miles. But Bleach was a very patient Badger... He knew he would get his revenge eventually...</span><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">Folgar[/b] finally made it to the entrance to the Great Halls of the Lonely Mountain. Many participants had already been given directions and was ahead, though a couple seems to have been heading in the wrong direction. He took out </font><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">Bleach[/b] from the box and put him on the ground... The badger stretched its body, lifted his left back-leg and started to pee on </font><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">Folgars[/b] boots... "</font><i style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">You filthy bastard...[/i]" </font><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">Folgar [/b]shouted but </font><b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; ">Bleach[/b] just turned his head and looked at him with something, that could resemble avengefulgrin. He was sure, that Bleach could understand what he was saying... he just wished that he himself, could understand Bleach just a little better.</font></span>Folgar started the long walk up the stairs to the Great Hall, when loud gruntings came from the ground. "Oh no, I'm NOT carrying you... you gotta prove yourself worthy for this race, my friend. You gotta climb those stairs yourself... remember, there's a lot of stairs within that mountain."</font></span>Bleach looked at Folgar with both a</font></span>disgruntled face and pleading eyes at the same time...</font>"There's a big fat worm for you at the top of the stairs, if you just..."</font>Before he had finished the sentence, Bleach had raced past him up the stairs...</font>"...make it yourself!" Folgar said and laughed... "Boy, with that determination and speed, you should win this race easily."</font>At the top, Folgar fetched a worm from a bag filled with soil...and worms, that he always carried with him, and fed it to the badger. Satisfied with the treat, Bleach followed Folgar inside, to the Great Hall and found the race-master.</font>
</font>"I'm sorry, we're a bit late... but this white badger, Bleach is his name, would like to participate. He perfectly understands simple commands, just as long as his stomach is filled... though he not always complies with them."</font>
</font>A double B-roll, please!</font>

18/May/2012, 04:04 PM
Gala with Liam

Gala started biting her nails uncontrollably. She got sudden
flashbacks of racing years ago, her little mouse friend really kept her
guessing all the time. Shaking her head, she found herself back in the
present, and watching her little badger friend doing relatively well
already in the race. She cheered him on and waved her hands over her
head. Thinking back, she realized it probably had something to do with their stop on the way to the race. There had been a taste testing in the kitchens at the Uzbuns and, not being one to pass up food of any kind, the two of them had gladly helped themselves. Now that she really thought back, she remembered the cook warning them before they ate that the stuff had a real kick to it, and that they might be feeling it later. She had laughed and told the cook Splendid! they were going to need that for the race! But then again, she couldn't remember the cook ever telling her just exactly what the food was that they were eating. It reminded her of mud. He couldn't have served them mud though... could he? She suddenly felt her stomach tumble and she realized... it was probably mud.

Well, at least Liam liked it.

B roll please!

Dimcairien Luiniel
18/May/2012, 04:37 PM
Coach name: Zâram (dwarf)
Animal name: Wispy
Animal type: Raven

They were late. Zâram did not like being late to events, but at least she wasn't horribly behind for this race and as she was slightly behind, she would be given an advantage for her first round. "Are you ready to do this, girl?" Zâram asked her raven Wispy, hoping that the light raven would be up to this. At least there weren't going to be very many strong gusts at nine metres in the air.

"I am," answered the small raven confidently.

Zâram let a small smile escape from her face and went to the officiant. "We are ready to race," she answered.

A and B roll, please!</font>

that ugly guy
18/May/2012, 11:37 PM
"Trainer" Zul with Po

Po bolted off the starting line in a flash of black. Twisting and turning through the stone halls, he quickly took a commanding lead. He flew over the dwarf gaurds, past the kitchen and workshop, and into first place.

"Nevermore!" he croaked in a dark voice. He was happy things were going well already. He may avoid his daily punishment, yet!

B roll, my good sir.Edited by: Ghitzo son of Paul

19/May/2012, 01:13 AM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

</font>Choosing a raven in an indoor race may have been a mistake in retrospect, thought Ducky. While his own eyes were adjusted fairly well to the darkness, since he had been sleeping down here for years, but the bird clearly had not developed this peculiar adaptability. As the bird began to wing his way forward, trying desperately to avoid an air collision, since landing amidst the badgers would spell certain doom for the much lighter and smaller ravens, he crashed, not into a raven, not into a badger, but into a dwarf. NOBODY CRASHES INTO A DWARF.

Apparently. They took Blackbeard back across the starting line and locked him into a cage. Ducky had to spend an inordinate amount of time convincing Dain's guards that the raven needed to be released--in fact Ducky suspected that his odour, rather than his diplomacy, was what finally convinced the dwarves to let Blackbeard go. Even dwarves had standards about personal hygiene. In fact their beards were quite nice, while Ducky looked like a hobo.

To be fair, he was. Is. Whatever.

B roll please!

19/May/2012, 02:43 AM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; Shaydrik

Right in the midst of instructing
Shaydrik on the most efficient manner of racing, some of the other
racers bolted over the starting line. “Drat.” Kes muttered.
The race had just started and already Shaydrik was behind. “Well,
away with you, raven! Go! Go! Go! Get racing!” Kes whispered anxiously.Shaydrik soared from the hobbit's
shoulder, landed on the floor and proceeded to run in the direction
that the other animals had went.“What... in... the...”Kes muttered,
utterly stupefied. His bird was literally running the race!
“Shaydrik!” He yelled. “Shaydrik, look!” Kes began slicing
his hand horizontally though the air, the signal to take
quick to flight.Shaydrik looked behind and saw the
signal. He skidded to a halt, turned and tilted his head to the side
a bit. He just stood and watched the hobbit hopping around and waving
his hand like a maniac. Quite amusing.“Fly! Fly! Fly!” Kes yelled, hand
still slicing the air, “Fly you fool!”Shaydrik snapped out of it, turned and
took to wing. It wasn't his fault... the hobbit hadn't specified
whether to walk, hip, hop, run or fly the race! Some coach he was.
Irritated, the raven sped up to become but a blur through dizzying
spirals of stairs and vast various halls. It was as he zipped down
one of these halls that a sparkle in a room caught his eye. Shaydrik
whipped around and soared back to investigate. He was already behind
in the race. A little detour shouldn't hurt his standing too much.It was a workshop full of wondrous,
shiny thingamabobs! Shaydrik perched on a door arch and watched some
of the thingies be reverently placed into a hole in the wall. When the worker
left to another batch of shinies, Shaydrik smoothly descended
into the hole and landed upon an ornate metal rod protruding from the
wall within. The rod suddenly gave way. The raven fell to the floor
and before he could hop up and escape a wooden door slid down over
the hole's opening. He was smothered in complete darkness.What had he gotten himself into this
time? Shaydrik flapped and squawked and fluttered around in the dark
looking for an exit. An evil squeaking noise made the ordeal even
worse. Was there a giant ravenous rat was hiding in the dark
somewhere just waiting to devour him? After a few claustrophobic
minutes the door finally opened onto a completely different room! Shaydrik screeched out of the hole,
zipped out and around an archway only to thud into an armored statue. He lay twitching on the floor. Just as the world came back into focus another raven zoomed past right over
top. It was the goblin's raven! He didn't know what place Po was in
but Shaydrick surely would catch up and pass him. He ran a few
steps, launched into the air in pursuit of Po.
Back at the start, Kes paced back and forth silently praying that Shaydriks surplus of speed would make up for his lack of smarts.
A Roll Please.

Edited by: Lowbuckle

19/May/2012, 03:02 AM
Current race setting: The racers are almost out of the mountain safely, but they have one test to pass. As the animals pass the kitchens of the Uzbuns, can they avoid being distracted by the many tasty bits of food being prepared?

</font>Runefil with Snappy: A roll 5, -5, unfortunately your racer's progress has dramatically slowed.
</font>Celegdal with Thosta</font>: A roll 6, +6, your racer shoots forward 6 spaces with a burst of energy.</font>
Folgar with Bleach:</font> B roll 5, +4, &amp; B roll 1, +3, 1) </font>Your racer stops by the library of the Kagam Khazads to get some pointers. One of
the wise dwarves gives it some advice on how to run faster.
What’s the advice?</font> 2)</font> A taste test at the kitchens of the Uzbuns sends
your racer into a frenzy. Whatever they tried must have been mighty
powerful! What was it that they taste-tested?</font>
Galaviel with Liam:</font> B roll 13</font>, -1, Your racer takes a wrong turn and ends up in the sewer system of the dwarves. How do they get back on course?</span></font>
Zaram with Wispy:</font> A roll 6, +6, &amp; B roll 14</font>, +2</font>, A dwarf approaches and gives your racer a drink that he says will increase your
racer’s speed. However, he forgets to mention that the drink has a curious side effect. </span>What effect does the drink have on your racer? </font></span>
</font>Zul with Po:</font> B roll 6, -1,</font> Your racer follows the smell of pie to the kitchens, and
raids the pantry. Your racer is caught. What is your racer's
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard:</font> B roll 14, +2</font>, </font>A dwarf approaches and gives your racer a drink that he says will increase your
racer’s speed. However, he forgets to mention that the drink has a curious side effect. </span>What effect does the drink have on your racer? </font></span>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik:</font> A roll 3, -3, unfortunately your racer's progress has slowed.</font>

</font></font>Zaram with Wispy: +8 (5 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +7 (5 rolls remaining) </font>
Zul with Po: +5 (5 rolls remaining)
Celegdal with Thosta: +4 </font>(5 rolls remaining)</font>
Jeor with Bran: +4 (6 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Galaviel with Liam: +2 </font>(5 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +1 </font>(5 rolls remaining)</font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: 0</font> (5 rolls remaining)
Corudir with Honeybadger: -1 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: -2 </font>(5 rolls remaining)</font>

19/May/2012, 03:08 AM
Runefil &amp; Snappy The Badger

"What the...what in Arda is going on?" said Runefil as Snappy for no reason at all slowed from fifth place to last. He knew it had something to do with allergies - Snappy was extremely allergic to leather boots, particularly dwarf boots. He decided not to make a scene. Heroically controlling his impulse to to decapitate the badger with a sledgehammer, a near impossible task unless one is seething, he screamed out at the gamekeeper: "Fine then, give me a B roll!"

19/May/2012, 12:42 PM
</font>Folgar with Bleach</font>
</font>Bleach quickly found a path to follow... This was like his own childhood home, back in Fangorn, just massively bigger and he made fast progress through the hallways. This was definitely badger-heaven...</font>"Hey... wait up!", Folgar shouted. "This place is not build for man..." He had to walk with his head bowed and knees bend, to be able to follow his racer through the narrow passages. Folgar uttered some unmentionable words, knowing that his size probably would cause his badger to lose this race. Bleach was not without brain, he knew what he was doing... getting help for his "not badger build" coach, friend and worm-holder. After a short while, Bleach made hold at a door in a hallway. When Folgar made it there, stillmurmuringthe unmentionables, Bleach started scratching the door. A dwarf opened the door... looked at the badger and then at Folgar. "Ohh, are you participating in the race?", he asked, and tried not to laugh when he saw the tall human. There could be no other cause for the tall ones to enter this far into the mountain. "Yes, we are, my good man... that is... if just I was able to shrink in size! I feel like a cat in a mousehole... No offense meant, but I'm glad I'm not a miner and shaft-digger." replied Folgar. The Dwarf started to laugh... "No offense taken, tall man... You're not the first one in here. We know of your problems roaming around our quarters and mines... Well, I think I can help you... Here, you can borrow this cart... we use them for the scrolls of the library." Not until now, had Folgar noticed what was behind the door... A huge room, filled with scrolls and some, for him, normal books. The Dwarf pulled out chair sized cart... "You can sit on this, and even lay down on it, for smoother passage of our hallways. Mind the stairways though... the wheels don't know how to climb stairs." Folgar placed himself on top of the cart, with the feet still touching the ground. "This is actually great... now I can follow pace with my badger. Thanks, my good man!"</font>"You're very welcome... And have apleasantstay at Erebor... and may your badger win the race!" The Dwarf said, not telling howridiculesFolgar looked upon the cart...</font>"Come on Bleach... lead the way... Now we're racing"</font>The badger quickly picked up a fast pace through Erebor, with Folgar following shortly after on his newvehicle, not really knowing why all the dwarves they past were laughing...</font>
</font>For a while Bleach and Folgar made great progress... but eventually hunger sat in and slowed them down. Bleachstopped, put his nose into the air... something smelled good... something eatable. Just round the corner, they found a kitchen with pots and pans, filled with some kind of stew. Nobody was around, but the wonderful aroma made it a too great temptation... Folgar filled a plate for himself and Bleach. It tasted absolutely deliciously and nothing was wasted... Bleach licked the plate completely clean. Just then, the Dwarf-chef entered the kitchen... "Oh, I see you have already tried my new stew... It's a kind of experiment... I've never tried it before... How was it?"</font>Folgar had to admit, that it had been the best stew he had ever tried... "What's in it?" he asked the chef.</font>"Oh, just a mix of our local roots andvegetables... and some badger-meat..."</font>The scream of Bleach might have been heard in all of Erebor... The badger started to run faster than ever, continuously screaming with a very high pitch... "...and some WHAT!" Folgar cried out...</font>"Hey Bleach... wait...", Folgar quickly kicked the cart in motion but Bleach was already way ahead and out of sight.</font>"I was just kidding... It's deer-meat from the forest...", the Dwarf-chef shouted... but Bleach and Folgar was already out of hearing range.</font>When Folgar finally caught up with Bleach, they had passed most of the other racers... Finding themselves in second place. He pulled out the bag with worms and fed Bleach with the two fattest he could find... "Here you go... something else for you to think about." Still believing, he had been tasting badger-meat, Folgar couldn't put the thoughts out of his mind... Bleach had already forgotten the incident, worms tend to do that for badgers, but he couldn't understand why his coach kept looking at him like that...anddrooling...</font>
</font>A-Roll, please</font>

Edited by: Celonel

Beren Camlost
19/May/2012, 08:06 PM
The raven decided to take a little break from flapping its ebon wings and so glided into the Yukog workshop to admire the works of the smithy ; Bran alighted upon a work table and took a look around, the din of hammer on anvil not bothering him so much or the hot gusts of nearby bellows. Perhaps, there's something that can aid me in this race, Bran thought mischievously ; the raven was naughty and thus didn't mind cheating. He waltzed his talons across the counter, gazing upon the wonders of Clan Yukog. He espied a metal cart a Dwarf was wheeling to his work bench probably to move some finished creations to another point in the smithy. Excuse me, blacksmith, may I trouble you for a moment ? spoke the raven as he flew toward the burly, sooty dwarf ; he grumbled but gave pause.</font></span>
</font></span> I'm a contestant in the Amazing Race ! And I'd like to my wings a rest for a few minutes ; would you mind if I caught a ride on your cart down the hall, please ? the raven respectfully asked and the amused Dwarf laughed. That's unscrupulous ! Bran tilted his avian head. Quite so, the tricksy raven agreed, but there may be something in it for you. My master, Jeor, a prosperous merchant - you might have heard of him ? - would sponsor your craftsmanship in his sales if you help me out. The dwarf's gray eyes widened ; he gestured for Bran to hop on the cart. If the raven, who now sat comfortable in the metal cart, could have grinned he would have smiled smugly as the dwarf sped hurriedly down the hall.</font></span>
</font></span>B Roll and two A Rolls, please !</font>

19/May/2012, 09:37 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; ShaydrikShaydrik's only purpose for living now
was to pass Po. Nothing would stop him. He swore it on the resting
places of all his ancestors. Like a raging demon, he flew. On either
side the world was but a blur. There would be no chance for glittery
things to catch his eye and distract this time. He strove on with
only one thought repeating over and over in his obsessed little
mind... FASTER!The raven suddenly burst into a pocket
of heavenly aromas. He slowed a smidgen and inhaled deeply, his mind
quickly sorting through and identifying particular foods. Had it only
been food that he'd perceived, Shaydrik would have pressed onward.
But almost hidden under the symphony of odors the raven had detected
the intoxicating scent something irresistible. Wine.Shaydrik landed on the floor. He looked
in the direction of the wine, then back to where he'd last seen Po
and then back toward the wine. No contest. He lifted off in the
direction of his beloved drink. He'd grown tired of staring at the
scruffy rear end of his adversary anyways. In the wink of an eye he
landed before the kitchen of the Uzbuns and proceeded to walk in.
He'd learned long ago that the best way to be stealthy in the midst
of big folk was to walk through them. They hardly ever looked down.
And like a moth to flame Shaydrik found a freshly opened wine barrel.
He perched atop it drank greedily. When he'd had his fill he
fluttered to the floor and strolled about, staggering slightly, in
search of something to nibble on.B roll if you please.

Edited by: Lowbuckle

that ugly guy
20/May/2012, 03:46 AM
"Trainer" Zul with Po

The wicked Po snickered to himself, "These fools have no chance against me. Nevermore!". The cocky raven didn't realize he was passing yet another dwarf kitchen, when a sweet pastry scent wafted through his nose. He never smelled pie before, being fed only rotten cave-fish and goblin-garbage.

"These fools will never catch....hhmmm? What? What is that smell? Why I've never...". The raven couldn't resist.
He ducked into the kitchen and saw the most spectacular pies in the Ainulindale. "Mmmmm.....why I've......Nevermore!"

Po stuck his dry, cracked beak into the delicious pies. He didn't notice the dwarf sous-chef sneaking up on him.
He soon had a dwarf-net over him. Flapping his wicked wings, he tried his best to get out. But the dwarves gave him more than he wished for. They pumped him full of dwarf-pie, giving an edge to the other dwarf coaches.

When Po finally exited, he glanced back at Zul and knew he had to get his first place position back or else. He saw two other racers ahead of home and cursed, "B roll, PLEASE!!!!!!!"Edited by: Ghitzo son of Paul

Dimcairien Luiniel
20/May/2012, 06:27 AM
Zâram with Wispy

She was off to a good start. Of course, it helped that currently the race was inside, so it was a place Wispy was used to flying. Despite her rather late start, Wispy had zoomed into first place, much to her surprise. That made her all the more determined to keep her lead.

She was soon stopped by another dwarf who offered her a drink that would supposedly increase her speed. Figuring that it couldn't hurt her chances, Wispy agreed to take a sip, but she wasn't expecting the side effect of the drink. Yes, her speed suddenly increased for a short amount of time, but what she hadn't expected was that whenever she tried to speak, she could only recite in poetry.

Oh dear, will this ever stop?
Or will it go until I pop?
Can I break out of the spell?
Or will I end up landing in a dell?

Wispy let out a croak of surprise and horror. At least her thoughts were still in a logical order, for now at any rate. She desperately hoped that this poetry ability would not last for very long as poetry wasn't a major strength for her. Determined to put on an extra burst of speed, and to stay ahead of the racers steadily closing in, she called out,

If it pleaseth thou,
I will have a B roll now.</font>

Baingíl Randír
20/May/2012, 07:24 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>

</font>Thostasoon realized that the runners behind him were a bit faster than anticipated, and began to run faster. And faster. Soon they were entirely left behind, besides faint curses that rang out in the halls behind the running badger. Thostahuffed again, noticing that he had passed a number of the other racers. A pleasant thing. Maybe he had half a chance.</font>
</font>A bigger trouble was looming, however - the sweet smell of food. Delicious food. The path led straight toward it, which was fine with the badger - until the path began to lead away from it again. The steady padding of the badger's feet faltered slightly, then picked up again, as he thought he caught sight of Celegdallimping alongup ahead, acting... furtive. That couldn't be good. The badger ran even faster toward the elf. Wherever the fellow was going, Thostawould at least make sure that it wasn't very fast.</font>
</font>Meanwhile, Celegdalhad headed for the kitchens to find materials for a poultice... and to get closer to the gate of the Lonely Mountain, so he might perhaps be able to sneak away. As he had neared the kitchens, he'd discovered something very interesting - namely, that the gates were quite close to the kitchens indeed. Therefore, he veered from his course and began to sneak toward the gate, glancing about right and left.</font>
</font>However, he didn't look down, and therefore didn't notice Thostauntil the badger sunk his teeth into Celegdal'sgood ankle. The elf yowled as the badger trotted off. "I hate badgers!"he wailed loudly, sitting down at the side of the course to nurse both of his poor wounded feet.</font>
</font>B roll, please!</font>

20/May/2012, 04:00 PM
Corudir with Honeybadger</font>

</font>Corudir frowned as he watched his badger friend. Honeybadger was going the wrong way. How was that possible? The majority of the other racers were going the right way. It could not be hard to simply follow them. Hopefully overtake them at some point. "Oy! Badger!" He shouted at it, "Turn around!" Honeybadger stopped entirely and turned to glower at the elf. He did not like being given orders. He was an independent badger and didn't need anyone. He was only doing this to break up the monotony of fighting other animals to the death for fun and eating them. Honeybadger turned again and raised his tail to Corudir in a rude gesture. The elf glared at the badger, but did not try to coach him again. At least not yet.</font>
</font>1 A roll and 1 B roll, please.</font>

21/May/2012, 04:07 AM
Current race setting: The racers are now making their way through the Front Gate and must skirt the river and find the path that leads to Ravenhill.

</font>Runefil with Snappy: B roll 4, +2, </font>A bunch of mountain goats are running across the narrow path, and this
is not acceptable according to the Code of Conduct. Your racer may fear goats, or the goats may fear your racer, but what happens?</font></span>
Folgar with Bleach: A roll 5, -5, Unfortunately your racer's progress has dramatically slowed.
</font></font>Jeor with Bran: A roll 3, -3, &amp; A roll 2, +2, &amp; B roll 11, -2, </font>Smaug's come alive again! He accosts your racer and demands their name.
Remembering that giving dragons real names is not very wise, how does your racer fool the dragon? </font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: B roll 20, -1, Your racer comes upon a crazed dwarf who blocks the way and keeps babbling about gold. How does he manage to block your raven and how does your raven get away?</font>
Zul with Po: B roll 15, +4, Battle fever! Your raven is stirred by the memory of the last fight they
were in and speeds madly ahead. What happened in the fight?</font>
Zaram with Wispy: B roll 17, -1, Your racer is flying comfortably past a discussion about the origin of various dwarves' names. Interested, your racer stops to contribute - what does their own name mean?
</font>Celegdal with Thosta: B roll 7, +2, Eagles fly high above in the sky. One descends and stops your racer. If
the racer can convince the Eagle that they are on a noble quest, the Eagle
might carry your racer for a good distance. What does your racer say to
the Eagle?</font>
Corudir with Honeybadger: </font>A roll 6, +6, &amp; B roll 13, -1, </font>Your racer takes a wrong turn and ends up in the mountain's sewerage outlet. How do they get back on course?</span></font>

</font></font>Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls remaining)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +7 (4 rolls remaining)</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: +6 </font>(4 rolls remaining)</font>

Corudir with Honeybadger: +4 </font>(4 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +2 (4 rolls remaining) </font></font></font></font>
Galaviel with Liam: +2 </font>(5 rolls remaining)</font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: 0 </font>(4 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: 0 </font>(4 rolls remaining)</font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: 0</font> (5 rolls remaining)</font></font>

21/May/2012, 07:13 AM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

Ducky </font>had finally managed to get his raven's wings untangled and about to fly off again, when an apologetic dwarf ran up, saying "Sorry about them and all their codswallop, didn't mean to interfere with the race, really they didn't, sometimes they just feel the need to ruffle some feathers."

"No problem," Ducky began, but the dwarf said "No really, I insist, here have this drink." Ducky eyed the mixture dubiously, then began to lift it to his lips. "No wait!" shouted the dwarf." Ducky paused, the drink half-tilted towards his face. "It's meant for your bird there," the dwarf explained. "It'll make him fly faster."

That was more welcome news. Ducky let Blackbeard dip his beak in, then shook him off and watched him take off. He did seem to get off to a decent start at last...but Ducky realized that the raven was transforming...into what?

Nothing different, he realized. But the proportions were changing. The raven was becoming fatter, and stretched. Very vertical body and very horizontal wings. Hopefully he could continue to fly in that condition. Gross, honestly.

An A roll and a B roll please!

21/May/2012, 10:56 AM
<b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">Folgar with Bleach[/b]

<b style="color: rgb0, 51, 0; text-align: left; : rgb255, 255, 255; ">
[/b]Unfortunately, the incident at the kitchen had made Bleach run in theoppositedirection, further into the vast maze of shafts and hallways of Erebor, making the two of them loose a lot of time trying to find the right trail again...</font></span>When they finally spotted the Front Gate, they had dropped down to sixth place.</span>"I can see the exit...", Folgar shouted, "Now, let's get back into this race again...Bleach, lead the way..."</span>
</span>A B-roll, please...</font>

21/May/2012, 06:59 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; ShaydrikShaydrik strolled out of the kitchen
and lazily took flight. Heavy with food and dizzy with drink the
raven barely lifted from the ground. He veered hard to the left just
in time avoid a faceplant into the wall. He jerked to the right to
become entangled in a pair of trunk-like legs. A vocal commotion of
dwarf curses and raven squawks ensued.“Be-feathered weasel!” The dwarf
growled. “You took it! You took it! And you ate it like you always
do! I know you did! Give it back else I'll make a weasel kabob outta
ya! ”Shaydrik disentangled from the dwarf
and skittered backward, thinking he'd been busted for stealing from
the kitchen.The dwarf, wild eyed and nearly foaming
at the mouth with rage advanced on the bird. “GIVE IT HERE!” he
yelled, “GIVE ME MY GOLD BACK YOU WRETCHED LITTLE THIEF!”Shaydrik was confused. He had no gold.
Even if he did why in the world would he eat it? He'd learned long
ago that eating gold was easy enough but passing it wasn't pretty.
And besides, gold left a horrid metallic aftertaste. 'Crazy dwarf'',
Shaydrik thought as he attempted to fly over him. But he couldn't. He
was too heavy and his reflexes were slow. The dwarf simply reached up
and swatted the raven clean out of the air. He quickly hopped to his
feet, shook his feathers into order and tried to fly over the dwarf
again. Same result, smack down. The raven tried and failed again and
again and again.Shaydrik decided to give it a go one
last time. With all his feeble will and tipsy strength the raven
launched into the air and flew as high as he could. SWAT! He was
batted out of the air again and knocked a good distance down the
hallway. He hit the floor and rolled to a dead stop. He did not move.The dwarf's eyes grew wide. He ran to
the lifeless raven body and gave it a soft kick with his toe.
Shaydrik didn't move. The dwarf bent over and very daintily picked
the raven up by the wing tips. Shaydrik's head lolled loosely on his
shoulders. Then, oddly enough, dwarf sniffed the raven. His face
contorted into a mask of bitter disgust and he tossed the raven
corpse carelessly over his shoulder.Suddenly another young dwarf bearing a
heavy sack rounded the corner.“YOU THERE!” the crazy dwarf yelled
while pointing an accusatory finger, “You took it. You took it and
ate it like you always do! I know it was you! Give it back... NOW!” The young dwarf didn't know what was
going on but opted to take flight instead of fight. He dropped the
sack, turned and ran like his tail was ablaze. The crazy dwarf was
hot on his trail bellowing the entire way behind him.And behind the both of them one of
Shaydrik's eyes peeked open. The coast was clear. He hopped up and
stretched his wings. He had to get out of this madhouse! But which
way was out? He had no clue. He started walking, reasoning that
eventually he would blunder across escape.A roll for the zombie raven.

Dimcairien Luiniel
21/May/2012, 10:38 PM
Zâram with Wispy

Zâram's face split into a grim smile when she realized that Wispy was in the lead, but her raven wasn't in the lead for long. Curse those dwarves for having a discussion about names. Any intellectual discussion that Wispy heard was bound to stop her because she loved conversations.

Wispy had just exited the Fount Gate and was heading towards the river when she overheard a small group of dwarves talking about the origin of names. Very interested, Wispy circled down and listened until there was a break in the conversation.

"I am called Wispy," she croaked. "My parents gave me this name because of my small size. I was like a wisp, so they called me Wispy. It is similar with my dwarven companion. She is called Zâram and was given that name due pearl-like state as an infant."

With that, Wispy flew back into the air, somewhat unsteadily, but soon she was on her way again.

B roll please.</font>

22/May/2012, 01:35 AM
Gala with Liam

Doing rather well, Liam suddenly got a brilliant idea. If he was doing so well with his eyes open, why not give himself an extra little challenge, and close them! Jubilant with his brilliant new idea, Liam closed his eyes with relish. It was just like flying! He couldn't feel his feet anymore, it was just like he was being transported through the mountain by a set of wings. He suddenly had the feeling that maybe he had turned in to one of those awesome flying things... what were they called... ravens? yeah, maybe he turned into one of those! And maybe he could easily get ahead in the race! Maybe he could win! All this raced through the little badger's head, until something extremely hard hit him square in the nose, propelling the rest of his moving body to also collide with whatever he had hit.

Ouch. Forced to a stop, he opened his eyes, and lifted a paw to rub his nose. There was a wall in front of him! Somehow, he had left the race, and ended up underground. Maybe the eyes closed thing wasn't exactly the best idea.

Above ground, Gala continued to cheer, oblivious to her little friends' poor decisions. She wouldn't have been surprised unfortunately though.

Liam lifted his nose and realized that he couldn't smell anymore! He must have hit the wall a little harder than he had originally thought... it was normal to see little floating duckies around your head, right? He turned his head right, and saw darkness. Turning his head left however, he saw a small crude sign that had some symbols and images that he didn't recognize. But, seeing as how there was light up ahead from where the sign happened to be, he merrily walked down the small corridor, closing his eyes every so often for fun.

This yet again, proved not to be such a good idea. All of a sudden, the floor disappeared beneath his feet, and poor little Liam went hurtling down a waterfall, landing in the water below with a big splash. Shocked, he kicked for the surface, and made his way in a panic to the bank of the lake. This was simply not turning out to be such a good experience. With one more shake, he made his way up to the road, and seeing a large Front Gate a ways behind him, decided that perhaps he might be better off than he thought. Either way, he had better start running.

An A roll and a B roll, please!

22/May/2012, 05:31 AM
Runefil with Snappy

Snappy, after falling to last place, was suddenly startled. For behind him came a large band of mountain goats along the path. Snappy was not allergic to goats, but he did have an acute case goatphobia. This rapidly proppeled him forward, making Runefil slightly happy. He screamed for an A roll.

Baingíl Randír
22/May/2012, 06:56 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>

</font>The badger blinked as the sunlight appeared, continuing at a brisk pace. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light; but Thostarefused to slow down - he meant to finish this race, and by Elbereth he would finish well. He ignored the yells of the elf back in the mountain, but tucked into the back of his head that he should probably keep a reasonable distance from Celegdalwhen the race was over.</font>
</font>Due to the fact that Thostawas concentrating on the race, he barely noticed the eagles flying high in the sky until one was almost upon him. Not good. The badger sped up, attempting to get ahead and away from the eagle, but it stopped in front of him. "Where are you going, little badger?"it said.</font>
</font>Not good. Thostadidn't expect that the eagle particularly liked badgers; most didn't. But he also didn't figure that it would be easy to outrun. "I'm attempting to run a race, Master Eagle,"he told it in badger-speech. "Now may I continue?"</font>
</font>The eagle cocked its head. "Why are you running a race?"</font>
</font>Thostahesitated for a moment, then spoke slowly. "I have always wished to race, from the time I understood what racing was. And also, I wish to prove the elf that named me "Stink" that he is wrong."</font>
</font>He looked the bird in the eye; it stared back. "Perhaps I will carry you..."it said slowly.</font>
</font>An A roll, please!</font>

22/May/2012, 11:43 AM
Current race setting: Having found the steep winding path, the racers now begin the gruelling ascent up the south spur of the mountain to the outpost on Ravenhill. Ravens, remember you have a restriction that keeps you within three metres of the path!

</font>KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: A roll 3, -3, &amp; B roll 15, +4, </font>Battle fever! Your raven is stirred by the memory of the last fight they
were in and speeds madly forwards. What happened in the fight?</font>
Folgar with Bleach: B roll 10, +2, </font>Your racer closes their eyes and suddenly begins imagining they are in the Battle of Five Armies. </span>What happens to your racer and how does this spur them on with newfound energy?</font></span></span></span></span></span>
</font>Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: A roll 6, +6, Your racer speeds up and goes forward 6 spaces!
</font>Zaram with Wispy: B roll 15, +4, </font>Battle fever! Your raven is stirred by the memory of the last fight they
were in and speeds madly ahead. What happened in the fight?</font>
Gala with Liam: A roll 2, +2, &amp; B roll 20, -1, </font>Your racer comes upon a crazed dwarf who blocks
the way and keeps babbling about gold. How does he block your racer and how does your racer get away?</font>
Runefil with Snappy: A roll 4, +4, Your racer speeds foward 4 spaces!
</font>Celegdal with Thosta: A roll 6, +6, Your racer speeds up and goes forward 6 spaces!</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: +12 </font>(3 rolls remaining)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +11 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +6 </font>(3 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +4 (3 rolls remaining) </font>
Runefil with Snappy: +4 </font>(3 rolls remaining)</font>

Corudir with Honeybadger: +4 </font>(4 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Galaviel with Liam: +3 </font>(3 rolls remaining)</font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: +1</font> (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls remaining)</font></font></font>


22/May/2012, 08:03 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp;
Shaydrik</font>It must have
been pure luck, for any who knew Shaydrik would not ever admit that
he found the Front Gate intentionally. The raven himself could
barely believe he was now standing there. But there he was, still
alive and still very much in the race. Shaydrik croaked happily, not
only because he was still in the race but because he was finally free
of those crazy dwarfs and their irresistible wine. Now he could make
some impressive progress without shiny whatchamacallits, armored
statues or swatting mitts to impede him. The raven took to wing and
soared, in a leisurely fashion along the river to find a path
leading ever upward.</font>Shaydrik landed
on a ragged little rock that had odd markings etched into it. The
raven took no notice of the etchings but only inspected the path before him
with wary little eyes. The path looked troublesome at the very least.
For a few mad moments he seriously considered breaking the 3 metre
flight restriction. But it had been taught to him long ago that
winning dishonestly was not winning at all. With a determined flap of
his wings Shaydrik soared up the path. With each pump of his slick
wings his speed picked up exponentially. In no time he was
buzzing along as if his very life depended on his ascent up the path.</font>

B Roll for

23/May/2012, 12:39 AM
Corudir with Honeybadger</font>

</font>Honeybadger somehow managed to right himself and start heading in the proper direction. Corudir eventually lost sight of the creature as he disappeared down a side tunnel. The elf sighed in exasperation and waited impatiently for him to reappear. In the meantime, Honeybadger found himself in a dark, smelly tunnel. He sniffed the water trickling around his claws and sneezed. It was dwarf waste. He gagged in disgust, sensitive nose offended. He needed to get out. Honeybadger raised his snout, sniffing the air as he walked along. There was a cleaner smelling air off to his left. He followed that for several moments, and eventually saw light ahead. He trotted toward it, and emerged back on the race track. The other racers streamed past him, and he rejoined the pack somewhere in the middle, trying to pick up speed to gain on the frontrunners.</font>
</font>1 A roll and 1 B roll, please.</font>

23/May/2012, 04:00 AM
Runefil's heart leaped as Snappy surged forward. The badger, slowly yet surely, was gaining on the others. There was a light in his eyes, a fire that would not die. Yep. His dwarf-boot allergies were making his eyes water. But his rage moved him forward at a pace so Rapid Runefil was elated beyond all bounds. He shouted out to any who would listen; B roll, and make it good!

23/May/2012, 04:55 AM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

Ducky </font>focused his mind as his bird wound its way unsteadily forward. It was not making good progress, so Ducky peered into his mind to see what was the matter. Sometimes, though, entering a beast's mind caused alterations one could not predict. Ducky saw with his mind's eye just what the bird also was remembering.

Blackbeard was flying high above the battlefield, casting a sharp eye down on the dwarven and goblin combatants below. Much blood was being shed--one could tell from the scents drifting upwards. The raven dipped lower. It's blood raced more quickly (and so did it in real time). As it swooped ever lower, it began circling around towers of smoke rising in columns from torches and spilt braziers on the battleground. The clack clack of arrows on armor, the meaty thud of hammers, the screams and howls of the wounded, all blared in on Ducky's ears. He really did not want to see this. He urged his way out of the bird's mind, glad Blackbeard was speeding up, but wishing to get out of the very carnal pictures he was seeing.

In a moment, he was free, watching with his own eyes as the bird flapped its wings more vigorously in front of him. One could not have told what was going through its head. Unless one was, well, a rather intuitive Istar. Which he was.

A roll please.

23/May/2012, 05:06 AM
Gala with Liam

Having made it back on course and back into the race, Liam began racing in the direction the rest of his opponents seemed to be going. Or, at least, he tried to. Standing directly in his way, was a strange dwarf, who had seemingly come from nowhere! The badger was baffled, and tried to go around the dwarf, but to no avail! Each time he tried to pass, the dwarf gave him the evilest eye and bent forward as if gearing up to tackle the little guy. Frightened, and a little bit squeamish from the stink eye, Liam simply sat himself down, and stared up at the dwarf. As he did, the dwarf began to speak! "I know you have it, you, you, you, thief, you, you, mongrel, you, you... thief!" He babbled, crazed, "Where did you put it, where did you put my gold? You WILL give it back to me! NOW! You will never get past me, no, no, no, you will not! Gold, gold... GOLD!"

The dwarf's yell echoed throughout the mountain side, and set Liam running off back the way he came from. The race completely forgotten, the poor creature was terrified of the crazed dwarf and his grumblings about thing he didn't understand. He couldn't be sure if the dwarf had followed him, but plunging himself into a small thicket of green, Liam kept as still as possible and waited for his heart to stop beating so insistently.

After a few moments, the crazed dwarf went running off down the path, screaming, "THIEF!" and "GOLD!" sometimes mixing the two together in strange combinations, such as, "THOLD! GIEF!" Liam scurried out from under the thicket and started off in the right direction, unaware of just how badly he was doing so far in the race. Meanwhile, back at the start, Gala hummed to herself while drawing little picture in the dirt with her staff. Hey, it was a way to pass the time.

One A roll please!

23/May/2012, 01:08 PM
Bleach with Folgar</font>

</font>Finally, out in the open, the race-course continued towards Raven-Hill. But what a course... Bleach looked upon the long steep stairway, then on Folgar...with his most pleading andsaddenedeyes. "No Bleach, I can't carry you... You have to follow that path and climb those stairs yourself." Folgar looked at the path and sighed... "I wish, I had somebody to carry me as well, but not even the mightiest Mearas would carry anyone up that slope...Well, I guess we both have to gather strength before this quest, my friend. I little nap won't hurt...what do you say, Bleach? ...Bleach?" Folgar turned to look at his racer, but it was already far away... far far away...</font>
</font>...</font><b style="font-style: italic; ">Bleach[/b], the mighty Badger warrior, stood ground at the hill-side of Raven-hill. In shiny white armor, long nails and sharpened teeth he was feared by all non-furredcreatures. Beside him stood some dwarves, nervous and scared of what was to come. Horns was heard from below... A mighty assembly of the forest-elven and lake-men was about to charge upward the mountain side. <b style="font-style: italic; ">Bleach[/b] was not scared... "Just let them come... I'll bite and scratch their legs and feet to shreds..." he thought, "...I'll make them regret, ever being born!" He gave his worst roar and his finest battle cry and started his own preemptive strike downhill...</font>"NO, mighty Bleach... not that way!" A loud cry came from one of the dwarves, from behind... "...Those are our friends! The enemy is coming from over there..." He pointed to the right, to the direction of the Misty Mountains. Up that hillside came a host of... of... "NO WAY... those have fur. I can't fight them..." <b style="font-style: italic; ">Bleach[/b] let out a scream... How could he have not seen them come?</font>The Wolves came charging up the hillside, towards their spot... Fierce and angry looking, huge furred creatures with even bigger and sharper claws and teeth than himself...and faster! They quickly came so close that he could smell their foul breaths. Bleach turned around, trying to avoid an encounter with those teeth, he was about to run upwards the slope to Raven-hill, but the lead wolf was already at level with him, about to let him feel those deadly fangs...</font>
</font>Folgar looked at his racer... He almost felt sorry for having to wake him up. But this was a race, and you don't win a race by sleeping... He gently poked Bleach on the back, to wake him up...</font>For some reason, still not known by Folgar, Bleachcried out a loud scream, bite and scratched Folgars hand, turned around and started to run up the slope towards Raven-hill. When Folgar eventually catched up, Bleach was just sitting there... with a kind of shameful face... "What in the name of all the horse-lords made you do that?" he asked... "...and I thought, I had to bribe you with worms to make you do that steep climb... Don't tell me, you've been dreaming again..." Now, Bleach did not only look shameful, but also mad... mad at himself... for missing a possible worm treat...</font>
</font>Another B-roll, please</font>

24/May/2012, 10:11 AM
Current race setting: The racers finally make their way up to Ravenhill where they must do a loop of the watchtower before heading back down the hill again.

</font>Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: B roll 4, +2, </font>A
bunch of mountain goats are running across the path. This
is not acceptable according to the Code of Conduct</font></span>, so your racer honorably decides to help clear them off the track. How do they succeed in that, or do the goats retaliate?</font>
</font>Corudir with Honeybadger: A roll 4, +4, &amp; B roll 20, -1, </font>Your racer comes upon a crazed dwarf who blocks
the track and keeps babbling about gold. How does he block your racer and how does your racer get away?</font>
Runefil with Snappy: B roll 12, +4, All of a sudden Roac, Chief of the Ravens, swoops down and lands in front of your racer. What words of wisdom and advice does the great raven offer to help your racer go faster?
</font>KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: A roll 3, -3, unfortunately your racer has slowed up.
</font>Galaviel with Liam: </font>A roll 3, -3, unfortunately your racer has slowed up.</font>
Folgar with Bleach:</font> B roll 17, -1,</font> Your badger is running comfortably past a discussion
about the origin of various dwarves' names. Interested, your racer
stops to contribute - what does their own name mean?</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: +12 </font>(3 rolls remaining)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +11 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls remaining)</font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +8 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: +8 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>

Corudir with Honeybadger: +7 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +3 (2 rolls remaining)</font></font></font></font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Galaviel with Liam: 0 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: -2</font> (2 rolls remaining)</font>

24/May/2012, 12:41 PM
Runefil with Snappy

Snappy was slowly gaining on the lead racer. As he was lent new speed by his rage, his limbs were greased with fire and he moved ever faster. At that moment a movement which he caught in the corner of his eye caused him to pause.
The raven landed next to him; this was confusing to a badger. Then Snappy noticed this was a not an ordinary raven. It was Roac, the chief of the ravens. Badger, if you wish to win, here is a tip. Keep your head close to the ground and don't look up. Also, if you keep your tongue hanging out it will help with balance. Best of luck! The raven flew away, much to Snappy's continued bewilderment.
He decided to follow the ravens advice. As he ran along, head to the ground and tongue dangling, it may have looked quite hilarious, except for the fact the Snappy was catching up. Runefil watched with delight. The end was coming up fast. He called to the gamekeeper: Two A rolls please!, in his excitement accidentally being polite.

24/May/2012, 05:19 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; Shaydrik
Wings pumping like mad, Shaydrik could
see he was gaining on the racers ahead of him. As he closed in he
caught sight of a familiar flying rear end. Po! That darn raggedy
raven was still ahead of him! This would not do. Shaydrik could not
be out raced by a creature no where near as handsome as himself. He
strove harder. And as long as there lay no wine ahead, Shaydrik knew
he would catch up to and surpass at least this one racer.

The raven was just beginning to hit his
stride when straight ahead a bunch of goats surged onto the path.
Shaydrik was simply going to soar over the bleating lot of them but
realized that their presence was violating a Code of Conduct. But was
this his problem? He was no goat herder. He was no do-gooder. He was
only here to win this race. Yes. Focus. Win this race.
But as he soared over the filthy
behooved beasts Shaydrik felt something tug at a long lost part of
his spirit. Somewhere deep, deep inside of him the raven felt that it
was his duty to help clear the goats off of the track. While his mind
screamed at him to keep racing, his spirit told him to stop and do
the honorable thing. Shaydrik whipped over top of and beyond the the goats,
circled around and landed near the beasts.
In several different languages Shaydrik
ordered the goats, “move along.” But they were either deaf or dim
witted... or both for the goats did not heed the raven in the least.
He took to the air and soared around them, squawking and dive bombing
in an attempt to frighten the goats from track. The herd only turned
away from and ignored the disturbance he was making. Shaydrik landed
nearby and paced back and forth, struggling mightily with all his
meager mental capacity to come up with a way to move these stubborn
animals. With a resigned shrug of his wings the raven soared away and
over an outcropping of fang-like rocks. The goats continued to clog
the track, gossiping in goat talk amongst themselves.
“AAAAAAAoooooooooooooooo-oooooo” A
long, sharp, echoing howl silenced the goats. Their ears and tails
perked up and they glanced about nervously. “Ooooooowwwwww-
ow-ow-aaaaaooooooooo” came another howl, closer this time. It took but one goat to high tail it out of there for the rest
to fall into a frenzy and follow. The goats scattered trying to put
as much distance between themselves and the hungry sounding creature
that had crept upon them. In mere seconds there was nothing left of
the goat herd but settling dust and hoof prints in the dirt.
Shaydrik flew out from behind his rocks
and landed in the midst of the previously goat clogged track. He
looked up at the pristine blue sky and howled again in victory. How
glad he was that he had taken the time to learn the language of the
wolves. The raven stayed in the midst of the track for a bit to
ensure the animals did not come back. When he was certain the way was
now cleared Shaydrik lifted off , mind bent on racing once more.
He sped to the watchtower, tightly rounded it and began his decent
down the hill again. Flying downward was always so much quicker and
An A Roll please.

Baingíl Randír
25/May/2012, 02:43 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>
</font>The badger waited, and the eagle slowly nodded and began to chuckle to himself. "Yes,"he said. "Yes, I think I will help you. Climb on my back."</font>
</font>Thostadid so, and the eagle flapped up into the air, gliding over the land below. The badge huffed in pleasure. Now he even had an edge on those ravens - theyhad to stay close to the ground, where even a badger had a chance. But now with the eagle's wings carrying him along - why surely he would win. He'd make sure to give Celegdalan extra nip in the heel when he got back, if the elf was still there... serve the elf right for saying the badger would never amount to anything.</font>
</font>"This elf - is he an uppity fellow with blonde hair named Celegdal?" The eagle's question startled Thostafrom his thoughts.</font>
</font>"Yes, yes he is,"Thostareplied confusedly. "How did you know?"</font>
</font>"I met such an elf last year while he was crossing the Misty Mountains,"the eagle replied. "Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get him with that rock I tried to drop on him - quick little nasty fellow, he is."</font>
</font>Thostawould have grinned if badgers were capable of grinning. "I think I like you,"he said. No need to bite this one, he added mentally.</font>
</font>An A roll and a B roll, please!</font>

25/May/2012, 07:03 PM
Gala with Liam

Still afraid of the crazed dwarf, Liam decided it was best to run for a small while, and then find some place new to hide. He jumped into yet another set of small thicket along the pathway, and decided to stay there until he felt safe. Unfortunately for him, that meant that he was wasting quite some time that could be spent catching up to the others in the race. After a sufficient amount of time, Liam emerged from the thicket, and continued at a slow pace along the path. However, after a little while, something ominous appeared up in front of him... a hill! Ravenhill to be exact. He slowed down even more, until he was barely even at a walk. If he was going to have to climb a hill after facing a mad dwarf screaming about gold, he was going to take his time. What would happen if that dwarf were to come back and ambush him? He decided that wasn't going to happen, not again! A lot of bad had happened to him so far while running, therefore, logically, he figured if he went the rest of the race at a walk, he wouldn't have to worry about anything else sneaking up on him.

B roll please

26/May/2012, 03:11 AM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

</font>Most unfortunately, as Ducky's head cleared, he saw that the opposite had happened to Blackbeard. The silly <strike>duck </strike>bird had turned around in his bloodlust, heading back the way he had come, toward the dwarves! No doubt this was reflective of the battle he had watched before--the dwarves had surely come out the worst, and been ripe for the picking. Later, of course, they had caught the raven and subdued his nature, but now it was coming to the fore. It was time for Ducky to take matters into his own hands. He didn't really want to interfere with the race, there were kind of these things called rules, but desperate times....well, you know.

B roll please!

26/May/2012, 07:44 AM
Note: As many racers are nearing the finish line now, if you still have quite a few rolls remaining, you might want to begin piling up a few rolls into one or two posts.</font>

Current race setting: The racers, after having done a loop of the tower, are now speedily descending Ravenhill towards the finish line.

</font></font>Runefil with Snappy: A roll 3, -3, &amp; A roll 4, +4, Your racer pushes forward towards the finishing line.
</font>Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: A roll 1, -1, Your racer starts to slow down a bit.
</font>Celegdal with Thosta: A roll 6, +6, &amp; B roll 17, -1, </font>Your badger is running comfortably past a discussion
about the origin of various dwarves' names. Interested, your racer
stops to contribute - what does their own name mean? (since you already answered that, perhaps he could start ranting about the meanings of various other names or something like that!)</font>
Gala with Liam: B roll 11, -2, </font>Smaug's come alive again! He accosts your racer and demands their name.
Remembering that giving dragons real names is not very wise, how does your racer fool the dragon?</font>
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard:</font> B roll 7, +2,</font> </font>Eagles fly high above in the sky. One descends and stops your racer. If
the racer can convince the Eagle that they are on a noble quest, the Eagle
might carry your racerto the finish line. What does your racer say to
the Eagle?</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: +17 </font>(1 roll remaining)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +11 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: +9 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls remaining)</font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +7 </font>(1 roll remaining)</font>
</font>Corudir with Honeybadger: +7 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +3 (2 rolls remaining)</font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls remaining)</font></font>

KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: 0</font> (1 roll remaining)
</font>Galaviel with Liam: -2 </font>(1 roll remaining)</font>

26/May/2012, 07:39 PM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

</font>As the raven rounded the corner, it was face to face with a giant eagle. As if there were any other kind, especially compared to ravens. "Wow," Ducky mouthed to himself. "I hope he is at least indifferent." But the eagle wasn't. It had actually descended to say something to Blackbeard. Ducky was no longer close enough to hear, only to see, so he watched as the raven click clacked, and the eagle scree scrawed, and they turned their heads back and forth as they eyed each other. Ducky was pretty sure Blackbeard was explaining something confusing about how he was trying to escape from dwarves, or battling, or something. The raven was obviously still in a bit of a state after his bloodlust earlier. Or maybe that was just hunger. Did ravens eat blood?

More importantly, what was the eagle going to do with the raven? He seemed to be willing to help, but had Blackbeard convinced him?

An A roll please!

Baingíl Randír
27/May/2012, 06:06 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>

</font>Thostashifted a little as the eagle began to spiral downward. "This is as far as I can take you, little badger,"it said. "You must find your own way now - it is time for me to go back to my eyrie. I think I have put you far enough ahead that you should do well. Good luck and run swiftly!"</font>
</font>The badger hopped from its back. "Thank you, friend eagle. You have taken me quite far, actually." Thostalooked around. "It was most kind of you! And now I must be off." Without further ado he took off running, heading down the road. The finish line was so close... closer than he expected it to be. He thought he could spot Celegdalglaring daggers at him... he wasn't quite sure, though.</font>
</font>But here at hand was something of interest - he thought he heard some dwarves, not at all interested in the race, but instead discussing names. Names! Now he knew something about names. He paused and went to investigate.</font>
</font>"And I was named after my grandfather. Everyone's named Dwoin these days. Now you-"</font>
</font>"Try being named Stink and see where that gets you,"Thostasaid. The dwarves looked at him.</font>
</font>"Was that badger trying to talk?"one said.</font>
</font>"Yes, these prissy elves,"sniffed the badger. "They have all these names - my coach is named "Swift-foot" and the Chief Guard of his home forest is "Beautiful-star". But me? Stink. It's a shame, I tell you. He really ought to be named "Tiny-head". What is that, anyway? Tithendol?" He suddenly realized that none of them could understand him. "Er, got to go,"he said, and headed down the mountain toward the finish line.</font>
</font>An A-roll, please!</font>

27/May/2012, 02:51 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; ShaydrikCruising at a formidable speed and with
the finish line clearly in sight, Shaydrik made the mistake of
thinking nothing else could possibly go wrong. He veered too close to
a shrub from which a chorus of angry bird chirps erupted. A split
second later the raven found himself the center of a storm of tiny,
scarlet, attacking birds. Fire Finches! Small but formidable birds
that defend against territorial invaders ruthlessly.Shaydrik was thrown off course as he
dipped and dived trying to escape the finches. He could not. They
were small and quick as lightning. The finches swarmed and ruthlessly
pecked at Shaydrik in mid air. It felt as if someone were continually
driving pins into his body, everywhere at once! What misery. He'd
rather be smacked around by a crazy dwarf than endure this type of
torment.A raven sized hole at the base of a
tree caught Shaydrik's eye. He whirled in the air and sped, full
tilt, for the hole. He did not slow down as he approached and in a
spray of oily black feathers, he slammed into the safe space. The
fire finches attempted to pursue but from inside the tree Shaydrik
could fend them off. After a while half of the finch storm fluttered
away. The other half stayed perched in the branches above Shaydrik,
twittering about the many means of attack they would employ upon the
raven once the coward emerged from his hiding place.Even as he cowered Shaydrik could see
the finish line. He could not let those furious little finches stop
him. Not now. He was so close to the finish. So agonizingly close.
The raven did a quick survey of his self. He'd be slowed down by his
many mini wounds and the loss of some of his more important feathers
but he could still fly. He decided to go for it. Only half of the
fire finches remained. He must nearly be out of their territory by
now. They couldn't possibly pursue him for much farther. Yes. Finches
be damned, he was going to risk life and wing to finish this race. He
did not suffer traveling across Middle Earth in the bungling company
of a man and a hobbit to not finish.With a war cry of a croak Shaydrik
launched out of the tree. The finches set immediately upon him.
With the remnants of his endurance in tatters Shaydrik pushed forward to the finish, though slowly and
tormentingly, while surrounded by a flurry of still vengeful finches.
B role for the final stretch please!

28/May/2012, 02:37 AM
Note: All racers have 48 hours to get their final rolls in before the race will be drawn to a close and final positions announced. smileys/smiley1.gif</font>

Current race setting: The racers, after having done a loop of the tower, are now on the home stretch, speedily descending Ravenhill towards the finish line.

</font></font>KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: A roll 3, -3, Exhaustion has hit your racer as they head to the finish line.
</font>Celegdal with Thosta: A roll 3, -3, </font> Exhaustion has hit your racer as they head to the finish line.</font>
</font>Lowbuckle with Shaydrik:</font> B roll 12</font>, +4,</font> All of a sudden Roac, Chief of the Ravens, swoops
down and flies beside your raven. What words of wisdom and advice
does the great raven offer to help your racer speed as fast as possible to the finish line?</font>

Celegdal with Thosta: +14 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +11 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +11 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: +9 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls remaining)</font></font>
Corudir with Honeybadger: +7 </font>(2 rolls remaining)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +4 </font>(6 rolls remaining)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +3 (2 rolls remaining)</font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls remaining)</font>
Galaviel with Liam: -2 </font>(1 roll remaining)
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: -3</font> (FINISHED)</font>

Edited by: Dwimmerlaik

Shasta Stark
28/May/2012, 05:24 PM
Shasta with Bucky</font>

</font>And the badger was off to a good start. This pleased Shastagreatly. Perhaps he had not made such a bad choice, after all. But, it was only the beginning of the race, and it was a pretty long course. Anything could happen. The badgers and ravens were running into each other, stumbling into each other. Ravens were shrieking, badgers hissing. Well, it was to be expected with every one of them at the same point in the race. They'll start spreading out and then it will be a good race.</font>
</font>Leaving the halls of Erebor, the animals had to pass by the kitchens. This was the first test for his acquired badger, Shastaknew. He only hoped that Buckycould withstand the tempting smells that would come wafting up. All of that delectable food, all up for grabs. Nasty race-makers, tricksing the poor animals. He smiled as he saw a couple of the animals pause and wander toward the kitchens. But the majority of them pressed on with a slight pause to take in the smells, before deciding to continue on out of the mountain.</font>
</font>Soon, they came to the Front Gate. It was awe-inspiring, a gaping mouth set into the mountain side, from which the river began to flow out of. The next checkpoint in the race was Ravenhill, but it was pretty well-hidden among the forests along the river. The animals did a good job, for the most part, of skirting the river, finding the hidden paths that led up to Ravenhill. The ravens seemed to do a better job than the badgers, as some of the badgers thought it fun to take a swim, or wander off of the many trails in search of some delectable grub to munch on while contemplating life and these silly games their owners make the participate in. Shastagritted his teeth, urging Buckyto continue on.</font>
</font>There he was! Shastaspotted Buckyclimbing the steep path up the hill to the outpost of Ravenhill. The distinctive emerald-green collar around his neck is what allowed the badger to stand outamongthe other racers. Soon, the little badger made it up to the top of the hill and began wandering around the outpost to make the required loop around the watchtower, to come back down the mountain. The badger had a plan and began to tumble down the mountainside. Shastagrimaced, hoping the poor thing had not been hurt. Wait, he was actually caring for this badger? What was this world coming to?</font>
</font>He didn't have much time to contemplate on this as the race was drawing to an end, and the finish line in the halls of Erebor were beginning to get crowded and noisy once more with the calls of the animals. Shastafinally saw Buckyappear at the other end of the hall,barrelingtoward the finish line!</font>
</font>6 A rolls, please!</font>

28/May/2012, 07:51 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; Shaydrik</font>This was it! This
was the finish! Kes paced back and forth, every now and again
glancing up to see his tormented racer striving monumentally to
finish this race. He could not watch for long, for the sight of
Shaydrik being attacked by a bird swarm was horrendously distressing.
He wished there was something he could do to help the poor creature.
Kes's eyes suddenly lit up. He dashed away and came back just as
quickly with a massive goblet which he held over his head. “SHADRIK!”
he called, though unsure if the raven could hear him yet, “SHAYDRIK.
WINE!” The hobbit focused his thoughts sharply, the way Roran had
taught him. He thought out the following words as well as yelling
unrelenting little beasts the fire finches were! They continued to
swarm and dive bomb Shaydrik who, with every peck of their tiny
beaks, felt his resolve slip a little more. He struggled to keep his
wings rising and falling and his eyes on the distant finish line.
Could he make it? Could he outlast the demonic little birds that were
intent on pecking the life out of him? Shaydrik lost his wings rhythm
for a second and nearly surged, beak first into the ground. What
misery!</font>“You are
plagued.” a calm voice mentioned casually from beside the wearying
Shadrik. He glanced up and saw another raven flying along side him.
Oddly, the fire finches didn't bother this new raven. Shaydrik gave a
quick nod of his head.</font>“You are
weary.” the other raven mentioned. Shaydrik nodded again, veering
for a moment to try side-fly the fire finches.</font>“And yet you
press on. What strength, will and utter determination must reside
deep within you.” the other raven said, a tinge of respect coloring
his voice.</font>Shaydrik nodded
again, though he didn't feel particularly strong, willful or
determined. Truthfully, he just wanted to flop into the dust and lay
there for an age or two.</font>"I will help
you. You can out-speed your plague by flapping your wings in this
rhythm.” The grand raven flapped his wings in an odd way which made
him speed up considerably. “With each rhythm set you grow faster.
Try it and be free.” With that the raven veered off and soared away
without a backward glance.</font>Shaydrik mimicked
the flap pattern and immediately left the fire finches behind. They
attempted to follow but he was now too fast. An inkling
of hope blossom within him. At that very same moment Kes's
voice unfurled in his mind. WINE! Thought Shaydrik. A giddy elation
surged through him. Like a crazed demon he flew, faster and faster
until he was nothing but a glimmering shadow streaking to the finish
line.</font>Kes jumped for
joy, Shaydrik's wine splashing over the rim of the goblet and down
into the hobbits curls. Laughing as if he'd just won Smaug's hoard of
gold all to himself, Kestrel called continually to Shaydrik until the
bird landed in a poof of dust and feathers, at the hobbit's feet.
Shaydrik looked up and for the first time, spoke to Kes. “Wine!”
he croaked.
</font>The hobbit laughed and surrendered the prize. He didn't care what place they'd claimed. Kes was simply happy that Shaydrik had made it back to him, and mostly in one piece.

Edited by: Lowbuckle

28/May/2012, 11:48 PM
Gala with Liam

Inching along at his incredibly slow speed, all of a sudden, a terrible dread came over the small badger. He realized that the sun had all of a sudden vanished! A large shadow was cast over him, and a gust so powerful that it sent him rolling over himself backwards overcame him. Panicked and deathly afraid, he tried to run for cover, but it was too late! Once he had recovered from his somersaulting adventure, he lifted his head to find that there was a dragon sitting in front of him. At that moment, Liam thought for sure he was a goner, in fact his heart stopped for a moment.

"Who are you, tiny creature?" the dragon asked him. Liam began to shake all over. In fact, he shook so violently and even stopped breathing out of fear... that without warning, he up and fainted right there in front of Smaug!

It took a few minutes for the badger to come to. When he finally did, the dragon was gone! It was such a strange set of events, that Liam convinced himself that it was just a dream. Somehow, the sun had gotten to him, and he had fainted! He resolved to hurry up with the rest of the race, to cross the finish line, and get a treat and some water from his friend Gala, who he had decided he was extremely angry with for making him compete in this race in the first place.

One A roll please!

29/May/2012, 01:28 PM
Corudir with Honeybadger</font>

</font>Honeybadger felt like he had just escaped from the sewers when he found his path blocked by a crazy dwarf. He was babbling about something. Honeybadger moved just a hair closer to try and hear him. Something about gold. That nasty yellow stuff that he could not eat. Why did the dwarf care about that? He tried to walk casually past the dwarf, but the long-beard would not move. Honeybadger growled, trying to look at ferocious as possible, which was rather ferocious. The dwarf paused in his rant for a second, but then kept going. Encouraged, Honeybadger raised his hackles and puffed himself up as large as possible. He made sure his claws and teeth were prominently displayed, and then gave a mighty growl as he began to move toward the dwarf. Apparently the dwarf had some sense, as he saw what was about to happen and turned and ran. Honeybadger relaxed, feeling self-satisfied, and rejoined the other racers.</font>
</font>2 A rolls, please.</font>

Dimcairien Luiniel
30/May/2012, 05:55 AM
Zâram with Wispy</span></span></font>


As Wispy skirted the river and began
up the bath towards Ravenhill, her mind went back to the first fight she had
been in. She hadn't been any in many fights yet as she was a young raven, and
her companion Zâram was still a young dwarf, but she had been in a skirmish


It was a rather silly one when she
thought about it. It had happened quite recently and involved herself, Zâram,
and another dwarf and raven, well, and a large piece of metal. Like all ravens,
she was attracted to shiny objects, so a fight had started between herself and the raven, resulting in several dropped objects and destroyed feathers. At some point, Wispy hoped to be in a proper fight, but that probably wouldn't happen until after she finished her training.
</span></font>3 A rolls please.</font>

30/May/2012, 10:11 AM
Current race setting: The badgers and the ravens have finally reached the finish line. Most of the racers seem to be extremely exhausted as they struggle over the line. Clearly the animals haven't yet reached full fitness, a sure result of this being the first race of the season!

</font>Shasta with Bucky: A rolls 2 (+2), 5 (-5), 2 (+2), 5 (-5), 3 (-3), &amp; 6 (+6), Total -3, Your exhasted racer struggles to the finish line.
</font>Gala with Liam: A roll 5, -5, Your exhausted racer struggles to the finish line.
</font>Corudir with Honeybadger: A roll 3, -3, &amp; A roll 3, -3, Your exhausted racer struggles to the finish line.
</font>Zaram with Wispy:</font> A rolls 1 (-1), 6 (+6), &amp; 5 (-5), Total 0, Your racer makes it to the finish line at a comfortable pace.</font>

Final Standings:
Celegdal with Thosta: +14 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Lowbuckle with Shaydrik: +11 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Zaram with Wispy: +11 (FINISHED)</font>
Runefil with Snappy: +9 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Zul with Po: +9 (4 rolls unused)</font>
Folgar with Bleach: +3 (2 rolls unused)</font>
Corudir with Honeybadger: +1 </font>(FINISHED)</font>
Shasta with Bucky: +1 </font>(FINISHED)</font></font>
Jeor with Bran: +1 (3 rolls unused)</font>
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard: -3</font> (FINISHED)
</font>Galaviel with Liam: -7 </font>(FINISHED)</font>

And so with the first race complete, the competition ladder looks as follows:

Celegdal</font> (Bain)</font> - </font>11
</font>Lowbuckle - </font>10</font>
</font>Zaram </font>(Dimmy)</font> - </font>10</font>
</font>Runefil </font>(Eafurth)</font> - </font></font>8</font>
</font>Zul </font>(Ghitzo)</font> - </font></font>7</font>
</font>Folgar </font>(Celonel)</font> - </font>6</font>
</font>Corudir</font> (Cair)</font> - </font>5</font>
</font>Shasta - </font>5</font>
</font>Jeor</font> (Aig)</font> - </font>3</font>

- </font></font>2</font>

</font>Galaviel</font> - 1</font>

(Points scored on a scale according to position. Equal position getters will receive equal points, unless a person did not complete all their rolls, in which case they will be considered a position below those they were equal with.)

smileys/smiley14.gif Congratulations to Celegdal and his badger Thosta! smileys/smiley14.gif</font>

Everyone may feel free to make one more RP post crossing the line if you wish.

Thanks all for playing in the first race! smileys/smiley2.gif I had a very enjoyable time reading all your posts and reactions to the prompts. Each participant has been given some tribute for playing, and the top three place getters have been given a little bit more.

The next race is in Dale and will open in approximately a week. I hope to see you all there!

Edited by: Dwimmerlaik

30/May/2012, 05:55 PM
Kes Lowbuckle &amp; ShaydrikAs the racer's places were announced
both Kestrel and Shaydrik were apparently bewildered that they had
made second. The odd pair stood there stupidly for quite a long time,
as if their minds could not manage to comprehend their victory. Kes
suddenly burst into excited laughter and scooped Shaydrik away from
his goblet of wine. “Did you hear that! Second place! I
can barely believe it! I could just kiss you!”Shaydrik wildly flapped his way out of
the hobbit's hands and soared a safe distance away from him. He'd
rather fly back into a fury of fire finches than suffer a hobbit's
kiss. The raven shuddered at the mere thought of it.Kes walked over to Shaydrik and knelt
near to him. “Roran was right. You're a quick one. No doubt about
that now. He'll be pleased to hear you placed in the race. Not bad
for a first time coach and his reluctant racer, wouldn't you say?”Shaydrik nodded just to keep the hobbit
at bay, finding it bitterly amusing that the hobbit was claiming
victory for doing next to nothing. Who did all the work? Who had
strained and suffered and succeeded? Certainly not the hobbit.
Shaydrik sighed. Oh well. It was behind him now. The raven proceeded
to preen and take stock of his missing feathers. Race over, there
were other things to focus on now, such as healing, making himself
handsome again and the pretty little raven across the way that had
placed third. What was it her coach called her... Wispy? Yes, there
were more important things to think about now.In a hobbit's warm and good-natured
way, Kestrel approached all the other contestants to greet them
reverently. To those who would take it, he offered a handshake. To
those who would not, he offered a humble smile and nod. He was happy,
not only to have placed in the race but to have had the honor of
standing in the company of such an array of grand contestants.
Already his thoughts had turned to the next race, wondering if luck
and skill would be as generous to them next round.

smileys/smiley14.gifAmazin' Race!

30/May/2012, 10:31 PM
Gala and Liam

Exhausted and all-out terrified from his experiences in the race, Liam struggled to get himself across the finish line. He could see it up ahead, but every time he moved, flashbacks of the past just tormented him, of Smaug, of the crazed gold obsessed dwarf, and of his adventures in what he now realized was probably a sewer... he began regretting even coming along to this race in the first place. What kind of other horrors might be in store for him elsewhere? Suddenly panicked, Liam decided the only way to avoid all the terrible things the future might hold, was by never finishing this race at all! All the other racers had passed by him what felt like ages ago, they weren't like to even miss his disappearance at all. He struggled off into the sidelines, and fell over onto his side in the trees. He stayed this way for a few moments, until a familiar voice came echoing into his ears.

"Great job, Liam! I'm so proud of you! C'mon, let's finish this race!" Gala yelled at the finish line, a little worried since her little friend had seemingly disappeared all of a sudden. She hoped nothing too bad had happened to him, it was his very first race after all. There were many more yet to go! Her worries were dashed away when Liam came walking across the finish line, making a beeline towards her. He jumped right up into her arms and nuzzled up against her. "Aww, here," she gave him a small treat and he passed out into a fitful sleep. "Don't worry, we'll do better next time!" she assured him with a smile.

Congrats to everyone, this was fun! smileys/smiley2.gif (Even though I lost miserably!)

31/May/2012, 01:57 AM
KingODuckingham with Blackbeard

Well, it appeared that the eagle was not impressed with Blackbeard's explanations for his behavior. Saddest of days. As a result, Blackbeard actually crossed the finish line after the races was over. Ducky wouldn't beat him up about it though, physically or verbally. It was enough to have tried. Better to have raced and lost than never lost at all. Right?? Maybe, thought Ducky to himself. And hey, if Blackbeard didn't seem to mind too terribly much, what right had Ducky to worry. It's not like the wizard was the one racing. There was always another race, another day...

Thanks for the race!

Baingíl Randír
03/Jun/2012, 05:36 AM
Celegdal with Thosta</font>
</font>Celegdalgrinned charmingly at the guard. "So you see, I definitely don't own any of the racing animals; these bite marks in my boots came from a random and unrelated creature I met on my way here. So if you'll excuse me -</font>
</font>Another guard approached. "You are Celegdal?"he said.</font>
</font>"Ye- no,"Celegdalstammered. "I -"</font>
</font>"Your badger, Thosta, won the race. Now will you come with me to collect him, please?" The guard spoke in a bored tone.</font>
</font>"He... he won?"Celegdalgrinned for a moment, and then the excitement drained from his face. "Ah, you can keep the badger, I really don't mind - perfectly fine fellow - doesn't bite that much, really, well he does but surely you dwarves won't mind that -"
</font>"Will you please come with me, sir?"the dwarf said in a patient tone.</font>
</font>The elf sighed resignedly and followed the guard to where the badger waited for him, one streamer stuck behind its ear. Thostatrotted forward and stopped at Celegdal'sfeet, looking upward with a resigned, tired face. Celegdalstarted to back away. "Ah... I think I'll just... go over here... OUCH!" He ended with a shriek as Thostavery calmly bit his toe.</font>
</font>Thanks to Dimwim for running this, it was fun! smileys/smiley2.gif</font>