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Beren Camlost
04/Mar/2013, 09:04 PM

On the western spur of Dol Amroth is Tirith Aear; the Seaward Tower built as a refuge originally by the Sindar of Edhellond by the order of Lord Amroth. By special permission of Prince Imrahil, here
gather the members of the Story Tellers Guild, who assemble in the highest
room once a month when the huge, slow-ringing bronze bell in the loftiest chamber tolls . Within, bards and scribes craft their tales. The union of writers is the finest in the land and from afar ; no one can doubt its creativity and imagination !

With the beginning of a new thread, the Master of Stories begins a new tale with a few short sentences that introduce a theme, character or object. Each participant then takes
their turn to weave the tale, adding more drama to the narrative.


How to Play:

The objective is rather simple : Read the opening entry by either the Master of Stories [Aigronding] or the winner of the previous month, then reply to move the story along. You may introduce new characters, alter the location, add twists and turns, write new dialogue, or insert action to the story. Just make sure you don't compose too much, around 300 characters per post is perfect. Each story shall last roughly a month, and will be ended by the Master of Stories. Each month the best writer will be selected by Aigronding and will receive 15 points from Pele if the tribute system works ; he or she can begin a new tale. RNs and Rulers from other Regions, Maiar, and Admins are all very welcome to play.

Stories are told in third person form. No double posting unless it's been more than a week since the last post made. The Tale shall end at the conclusion of each month.

Prompt :

"It was to to be a simple hunt in the wilderness,"
Siradan, a noble of Pinnath Gelin, muttered to his hardy lady wife as he and their guards scoured the thicket, searching for the couple's young firstborn child amid the woody rolling hills of the fiefdom a mile from camp. "Now instead of stalking beasts, we're tracking our son," Siradan complained moodily. "When I have my hands on the boy, I'll..."

Aerlinn Mordagnir
04/Mar/2013, 10:27 PM
"...feed him to the wolves myself, assuming he's avoided them thus far."

His wife stifled an impulsive laugh and turned stern, "Do not make light of such things!"

Some ways away, a young boy was hanging with both hands from the lowest branch of an oak tree, valiantly trying to scramble up into a sitting position. He was about to re-position his arm and lever himself up when his left foot slipped yet again and his back hit the ground with a thunk. He glowered at the mocking foliage above him. This was getting ridiculous. From one cranny, a squirrel...

04/Mar/2013, 10:40 PM
...chattered loudly and gleefully as though deliberately making fun of him! And of course it was, Barad (for that was the boy's name) knew about such things- squirrels could be cute and cuddly but they were great mockers and deceivers when it came down to it! He shook his fist at the squirrel and glowered at it, but to no avail. It simply sprang out of its hold and scurried hastily up the tree. More mockery! Barad hauled himself to his feet and stomped back over to the tree and leaped to grab the lowest branch. It was as he was scrabbling his feet against the bark that he heard an ominous sound from behind him....

Aerlinn Mordagnir
06/Mar/2013, 04:44 AM
...It was a growl--rather high-pitched, but vicious sounding. Barad muttered a few words he wasn't supposed to know and pulled harder at the branch. He could almost hear his father's master-at-arms scolding him. What do you do with yourself all day, boy? You couldn't lift a real sword even if failure meant your death!" He managed to get further than he had before, but this time, even as he hauled his stomach onto the tree limb, it broke. There was the loud crack! and a rustling of leaves, then he was on the ground again with the wind knocked out of him. After a moment, he lifted his head to find a pair of big brown eyes staring back at him...

10/Mar/2013, 11:48 PM
...from the face of an enormous hound! The hound was growling and snarling and looking down at Barad with what looked like a very hungry look to the boy from below and these few inches' range. Barad really didn't want to become anyone's lunch, but especially not a smelly hound. And so, cringing in terror, he shot a hand up and grabbed at the dog's head, beginning to scritch it voraciously behind the ears! To his astonishment...

Beren Camlost
12/Mar/2013, 03:24 AM
....the dog rather liked that, Barad surmised moments later when the tail-wagging monstrous hound began to nuzzle and lick. Upon careful investigation as he petted the big dog which had nearly attacked him before, Barad noticed there were scars upon its body. The lad deduced that the now-friendly canine had been roughly abused. "Maybe he's escaped his cruel master and is bound to treat everyone just as badly," Barad morosely thought, eyes burning, as he rubbed the hound behind its ear. Perhaps the boy's kindness had caused the dog's innate goodness to resurface though and....

Aerlinn Mordagnir
12/Mar/2013, 08:05 PM
...with one last lick he promptly ran off a few feet and returned with a stick. Barad blinked. "What?" The dog thrust the branch at clumsily at the boy, its eyes pleading. The boy took one end, intending to play tug of war, but the dog dropped it immediately and sat panting at his feet with its tail wagging. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, he could nearly hear it say. Oh.


Of course. Feeling rather silly that he hadn't realized it before, Barad threw the stick into the forest and his new friend went tearing after it. The boy grinned madly. He was in for a world of trouble, but it was all completely worth it now. The dog returned after a minute with a mouth full of...

15/Mar/2013, 11:30 PM
...worms. "Arrgh! You daft dog!" Barad cried, as the dog dumped the worms on his feet. Barad had not been wearing shoes, and so the slimy ickiness of the worms was all over his feet, and he couldn't avoid stepping of a few of them as he shook his feet free. "Worms and sticks are two COMPLETELY different things! Don't they teach you that at dog school?!" The dog of course had no idea what Barad was saying, but it could tell an angry voice when it heard one, and immediately...

Beren Camlost
17/Mar/2013, 03:22 AM
....it began to growl threateningly and slaver, edging closer to him ; the dog's fur bristled and the hound barked a warning at the human boy. It would not be beaten again ! An icy stab of dread made Barad tremble, worried that the animal would bite him. The kid raised his arms slowly skyward, showing the beast he had no intention of hurting. The canine simmered down and whined, backing away, embarrassed. Barad approached him with cautious steps and tentatively wrapped his arms around him and...

18/Mar/2013, 07:52 PM
...nuzzled his face in the animal's fur. The dog gave a sigh and gently broke the embrace. He took three steps further into the hills, moving in the opposite direction of the camp. "Wait, where are you-," Barad began, but the dog stopped and looked back at him, waiting. Barad began to walk alongside his canine companion in silence. It was well past midday, Barad noticed. What would my father have to say about this?

Meanwhile, the search party...

Beren Camlost
19/Mar/2013, 05:00 PM
....discovered evidence of the boy's trail. The imprint of the lad's shoes in some mud south of camp was unmistakable. Also clearly distinct was the buzzing noise of bees somewhere above. The father lifted his head slowly and espied a hive hanging aloft from the nearby tree. Suddenly....

27/Mar/2013, 01:42 AM
...with a loud clang, a rock was haphazardly thrown towards the hive, barely missing. Laughter erupted from behind the Noble, driving him mad. "Have you utterly lost it, Edryd?!" In a matter of seconds, Siradan had the pest pinned to the ground. He knew exactly who it was. Edryd was the son of Siradan's closest friend and guard, Grigor. The boy was only a good four years older than Barad, and should have looked after him. "This is entirely your fault, and yet you make time to toss stones?"

Edryd was trembling, but knew better than to try and escape. "I-I'm sorry. I only meant to--" Smack.The side of the boy's cheek turned bright red from the blow.

A hand rested on Siradan's shoulder, steadying him. "My lord, I will punish my son for his actions, but I must remind you that the sky is losing light." It was Grigor's voice, instantly calming Siradan's frenzy. He loosened his grip, and Edryd squirmed out from under him.

"I'll find Barad, sir, I swear it!" The boy started running up the nearest hill and abruptly came to halt on its peak.

"What pauses you?" Grigor called.

Edryd shook terribly. "It's...

Beren Camlost
24/Jan/2014, 07:47 AM
Well, let's all pretend that Siradan and his wife
found Barad and grounded him for a month...but
the youngster was allowed to keep the dog *G*.

New story commencing

Nengon, a Gondorian viscount of fair Lebennin of the Five Streams, coursed his fingertips lovingly through the soft waving hair of his young adult sleeping daughter. Lissuin, small and pale and pretty with large grey eyes and long dark lashes, rested unaware that her father watched her still form, sadly smiling, and that it was, in fact, a ritual of his to look upon her in the dead of night ever since she was a babe.

"You look so much like your mother," he uttered quietly, tears sliding from his deep-blue eyes into the whitening hairs of his well-kept black beard. The widower nobleman was short (Lissuin had inherited her late mother's height and beauty), well-muscled, and handsome though he was in his early forties. He wore a silken green robe slashed with gold and carried a red candle in a gilded holder in his left hand, casting a lambent yellow light on the velvet purple bedding, feather pillow, and white lawn nightgown of his slumbering child.

"Sir," whispered the familiar voice of Astalmir, the stone-faced valiant captain of Nengon's men-at-arms and shieldmaidens.

Nengon turned to look at the guard standing rigidly outside the door which he had left slightly ajar.

"Yes, my friend?" asked Nengon, stepping close, eyebrows drawing down. A cold stab of dread smote his heart. There could only mean trouble since Astalmir looked so serious.

A bolt of lightning flashing from without, tearing across the stormy sky above the waterfront mansion, illuminated the chief's's tightening features. "Scouts have reported," he said. "The rumors are true. There are Corsairs in the southeastern coastal forests forests along the Ethir Anduin...."

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