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Angelikus Snape
02/May/2013, 05:54 PM

At the western end of the city of Dol Amroth lies the Dol Amroth Playhouse. A place where people could enjoy different kinds of theater entertainment. From musicals to dramatic plays, we've got you covered. Our usherers and usherettes are always ready to guide you through your seats and different refreshments would be made available to you at the concessionaire's stand just outside of the main theater hall.

Welcome to the Dol Amroth Playhouse. Here you can play as an actor, musician, part of the staff or audience members depending on the type of play to be performed. Each play requires different types of actors and staff. However, directorial duties would be made by yours truly. Each play would consist of the auditioning phase, the rehearsal phase and the main performance phase for the actors, musicians and stage hands.

Those who wish to RP as the audience are more than welcome to do so. Please wait for my first post before you start posting as actors and staff members auditioning for parts within the play.

Most of all have fun!

Angelikus Snape
03/May/2013, 05:40 AM
Today is one of those days wherein Likus is inspired to create a play for the people of Dol Amroth to enjoy. This place is newly built with an ideal acoustic and stage that could be heard by up to the end of the room. It was this day wherein Likus had decided to use this place for a musical. "But which musical?" she pondered on for a while sitting at the first row, looking towards the stage.

It seemed like hours and hours before Likus had made her decision. Having an idea as to what she had in mind, she then looked for a pen and paper and scribbled down in beautiful script writing the following:

"The newly opened Dol Amroth Playhouse is looking for talented people to join in its first theater production; a musical called "Les Miserables". We are currently looking for people to portray the following main cast:

Jean Valjean
Inspector Javert
The Bishop
The Foreman
Monsieur Thenardier
Madame Thenardier
Cosette (both young and older)
Marius Pontmercy

We are also looking for minor characters, members of the orchestra, a conductor for the orchestra and several stage hands who are willing to help in our production. Please apply inside if you are interested to become a part of this historic event."

Likus then proceeded outside of the playhouse and placed the said note at the bulletin board placed at the left hand side of the huge oak wood doors that leads to the playhouse. She then returned inside and waited for the applicants to arrive...


OOC: I'm going to give you the liberty to choose your icons for all those who would want to have icons. However, please be reasonable and stay specific to the characters that you are portraying. Also please take note of the color scheme

RED for those applying as stage hands
GREEN for those applying as members of the orchestra
BLUE for those applying as actors and actresses
BROWN for the audience members

The auditions are now open. Have fun!