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11/Dec/2013, 12:21 PM
-Based on The Towers of No Return in Mordor-
(source (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FSn5Jc5bSag/T9KJei5VSZI/AAAAAAAAALI/vjj2GRsCocY/s640/Iconic.jpg))
OP by Tarawen, banner by Moriel

As a prisoner in the dank, putrid underground dungeons of Carn Dûm, you really don't think you can take it anymore. You have been here for too long, and you have a lot of life that you would like to live above ground and free. Not the kind of prisoner to be beaten down, you decide to take a risk and plot your escape. Little do you know that the dungeon guards are corrupt enough that you may just get out of this place alive!

A full escape from the dungeons means defeating the three corrupt guards that can be found at various outposts throughout the dungeon. So corrupt (and bored at their posts), in fact, that they can be bribed into letting you pass onto the next guard--and finally, to freedom!--by simple demonstrations of your strength, knowledge, or wit! You will confront them in this order:

Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit (Riddles)
At the door of your cell, you will find yourself confronted by a bearded and bent old man who keeps a rusted and clanking set of keys. You may either be in the process of attempting to escape, and he will come upon you, or you may see him outside, and attempt to persuade him to free you. He will speak to you in confusing rhyme. Answer his three riddles, and you will be permitted to pass. Fail to answer them, and you will have to start fresh, challenging him again after 48 hours have passed.

Seregruth: The Feat of Strength (Combat)
Here you will come face-to-face with three of Seregruth's wily creatures that assist him in guarding and torturing the many prisoners of the dungeon. You provide the target, and he'll provide a sword. His creatures will attack you and you must prove your physical prowess by defeating the creatures. Fail to defeat the creatures, and you may have to challenge him again. Or die.

Túron: The Feat of Knowledge (Lore)
The final test will require that you prove your knowledge of the wide world of Middle-Earth and its history. Your knowledge can make or break your escape back into the less downtrodden world of Carn Dum.

To begin your escape, you must RP how you will escape from your cell. Your character should be someone who would actually inhabit Angmar, or a freep with an extremely convincing story about why you're in the dungeons and still alive. You will RP approaching the guards one at a time and in order (see below). After each successfully completed challenge, the guard will brand you with his mark, a sign of your having defeated him to the other guards and a token of your skill once you escape into the upper-world. Once you have been branded by a guard, you are free move on through the dungeon and to challenge the next one. If you fail to defeat a guard and earn his brand, you must wait 48 hours before re-challenging him. Moriel will play each guard, and provide the various tests.

Feat-Specific Rules:
Feat of Wit:
-You must answer three riddles to complete this feat.
-Riddles can and will be about anything that might exist in
Middle-Earth. If it didn't exist in Middle-Earth (for example, a
television), it is not a plausible answer.
-You will have three guesses at each riddle.
-Incorrect answers mean that you must wait 48 hours before re-trying the same level of challenge with a new riddle.

Feat of Strength:
-You will fight three NPCs at this outpost. They may be people, orcs, or other creatures. Be prepared for anything.
-You will RP your reactions to the attacking creatures as well as the creatures' reactions to your combat skills (yes, this is god-moding, but for efficiency's sake we are allowing it in this task).
-If your post is deemed unworthy of passing (i.e., you left out something major about the attacking creatures, your post is incredibly unrealistic or outlandish, etc.), you must wait 48 hours to re-try the challenge, at the risk of facing three creatures more terrible than the first ones you faced.

Feat of Knowledge:
-You must answer three lore questions to complete this feat.
-You have three guesses at each lore question.
-Incorrect answers mean that you must wait 48 hours before re-trying the same challenge with a new question.
- Questions will come from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.
-Answers to lore questions should not include your character citing Tolkien's works! The answers can be justified when your character offers historical explanation that you can glean from the text, of course.

General rules:
-All posts should be IC. White out any OOC comments or PM Moriel with questions.
-Please post your name, the name of the feat you are attempting, and the challenge you are completing (example: "Challenge 1") at the top of each post.
-Complete each task individually and without god-moding (except in the Feat of Strength).
-Do not post in #CC0000 as updates will be made in this color
-Enjoy yourself while escaping from Carn Dûm's disgusting dungeon!

12/Dec/2013, 01:04 PM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
First attempt

Finn wanted to venture outside Dale more, now that he turned 28 he was old enough to take care of himself. His parents were not very fond of this idea but they didn't have a choice but to let him go. After his recent trip at the Lonely Mountain, Finn became quite adventurous and perhaps a little to eager but he was firmly convinced that he was doing the right thing. He left home leaving his parents behind crying and headed to the west.

He didn't know much about the world, but he had some rough ideas from his father's tale. Finn did not like weapons very much and he wasn't a great fighter either. All though aware of the dangers he may expose himself to, he did not waver, but hoped he'd find a companion. The young adventurer liked to travel fast and thus he carried no armor or a lot of supplies, even though his mother would have wished it that way.

After many exhausting days of walking continuously, Finn decided to make a break and sat himself on a patch of grass at the edge of the road. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and coughed loudly. He felt urgently the need to sleep but there was no place in sight that seemed safe enough. Walking along the road, a tall man with black, messy hair, wearing a long, gray cloak approached the young adventurer and greeted him.

The two engaged in conversation and eventually became friends... or kind of. The tall man proposed Finn to take a nap and assured him not to worry about thieves because he would watch over him. The young man from Dale believed him and lay himself in the grass happy that he would finally rest a little. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep as he was at the end of his ropes.

A few hours later a bump in the back waked him up. The ground was shaking like fury, so Finn tried to stand up to figure what was happening but his feet and hands were tied. He soon realized he was being kidnapped and transported, Eru knows where, in a cart pulled by two horses. He heard the tall man mumbling to himself something about slaves, mercenaries and money. The young man from Dale was brought a very long way to the west and after weeks of travelling they finally arrived at the final destination in the Lone Lands. He did now know what was going to happen with him, but he hoped that no harm would come to him. He was brought deep into a labyrinth of tunnels and passages and finally into a filthy cage.

It looked much like a prison that Finn knew nothing about. All though highly demoralized and scared as hell, the young man knew that he would have to get a grip on himself and pull himself together if he'd want to survive all these. After days and nights spent in the dark, eating just rats and cockroaches, Finn began to slowly loose his mind. He started to see things and most importantly hear things that sounded much like voices. Mom, is that you?, whispered Finn crying.

After many days of captivity the imprisoned young man completely lost track of time. His beard grew insanely long and madness was taking over him. Finn inspected the bars of the prison hoping he would find a way to escape, but the prison was very solid and masterfully build. The ground however seemed quite moist and soft and hence he started digging a tunnel that would go beneath the bars. After escaping the cage, Finn would still have to find his way out but how, since everything was so dark.

As he stood there thinking what to do, Finn heard a noise. He couldn't quite figure what it was, but he would rather find out from within the cage and thus he sneaked back in and covered quickly the hole in the ground. As the noise came closer, Finn saw a bearded and bent old man, named Lamgenion coming closer and carrying a torch in his left hand and a rusted set of keys in his other hand. He came straight to the bars and looked inside the cage. He saw Finn in a deploring condition sitting in a corner. The young man from Dale approached the bars as well but carefully and asked the old man if he could let him out.

13/Dec/2013, 01:04 PM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #1

"Let you out?" Lamgenion cackled, "No one gets let, must get met! If you are sharp, you'll get through the dark, but to get my keys, you must answer me three questions… three." The bent old man jangled his keys before Finn's eyes tauntingly, then drew himself up to his full (and lacking) height, and stroked his beard.


Who are the children of the kindly West
Living not aboveground in a nest;
Forever they strive while hoping to thrive,
To eat and smoke more than the rest!"

14/Dec/2013, 09:40 AM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
First Attempt

Finn listened carefully to the old man's words trying to figure what was he trying to tell him and even though he didn't understand much, he did hear something about the children of the West, that lived not aboveground and ate and smoked more than the rest. The young man from Dale did not know much about the races and places of Middle- earth since he just started venturing into the world a few months ago and pulled himself back a few steps from the bars so he could ponder a little on what the old man said.

Finn started walking in circle, muttering things to himself, trying to figure the answer to the riddle. The bend old man began to lose his patience and said: Well? Whether he was right or wrong, Finn had to give an answer and approached the bars once more. He looked the old bearded man straight into the eyes and said: The Hobbits?

15/Dec/2013, 01:10 AM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #2

"Ohohoho!" Lamgenion cackles madly, doing a little jig which rattles his keys, though whether from glee or temper it isn't clear. "You're a smart one aren't you? A clever little fart, aren't you? Well let's see.


Who flew above the dew?
High in the skies
Ranged far and wide
To a great doom he flew;
But he gave his last gasp
On a tyrannous mountain
Cast down by a friend of the sea."

Irrelevant OOC: This post is earning me my 10,000th point! :flowers: And it has the word fart in it.

16/Dec/2013, 09:59 AM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle #2 (First attempt)

Finn felt quite relieved after hearing that he has given the correct answer to the first riddle and put a broad smile on his face. He would soon find out that the old man had no intention to let him out though and his smile turned into something of a mixture beween frustration and rage that the old man didn't like at all. After a short moment of silence Finn looked at the old man and the old man looked back at Finn. He placed his left hand in his poket and jangled the keys again with the other. You want them?, he said with a mocking voice. You must earn them.

The bearded old man coughed a few times pretty badly and pulled his left hand from his poket to cover his mouth. He immediately realised how deplorable he must have looked and hit the bars with his foot as hard as he could. You'll never get out, he said. You'll rot in this cage like all the others, he continued with an evil grin on his face. Finn distanced himself from the bars and from the coughing old man and went to the other side of the cage and after waiting a few moments he said: What now?

Lamgenion didn't like at all the idea of letting Finn out, though of another riddle and whispered it to the prisoner. It didn't take him long to figure this one out since he was born in Dale and since he heard so many tales about the evil flying dragon and turned toward the bearded man and said: Smaug. He wasn't entirely sure that this was the correct answer since Lamgenion spoke silently but he hoped it was and that he would come out soon.

16/Dec/2013, 10:51 AM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #2 - second attempt

"WRONG!!" the bent old man screeched, dancing back away from the cell bars, jiggling both lantern and keys with glee. "Wrong wrong wrong! So close and yet so far… Lucky for you, I've a soft heart." Lamgenion pressed a grimy hand to his stomach -for he wasn't entirely sure where his heart was- and bowed mockingly. His eyes glittered meanly as he stared at the prisoner. "Guess again, guess again... or you'll never see the light, my friend!"

((OOC Finn: Sorry if it isn't clear enough in the OP, but the only challenge in which you control anyone but yourself is the feat of Strength, during which you can control whatever beasts I set upon you- otherwise I am playing the guards, not you! :XD:))

16/Dec/2013, 11:56 AM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle #2 (Second attempt)

Finn felt very disappointed as he heared that his answer was wrong but he had no choice but to re-think his answer if he'd ever come out from this filthy place. Lamgenion's screech and dance did not make it any easier for Finn and thus he waited until he settled down. The young man though a few good minutes before he approached the cell bars again and gave the old man a good look before he opened his mouth: Is it perhaps Ancalagon of whom you've spoken of?

17/Dec/2013, 02:46 PM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #3

"Yiiiiiiiiiis, that's right, cleverclogs." Lamgenion pouted moodily. "Though I sort of gave you a hint so that should hardly count! But rules are rules I suppose, and I am bound by my sacred honor hehe to obey them. Now then!


Many are we, up and over,
Cheating, deceiving,
Bringing only bad ends;
Search to find the way,
Dangerous, long, and lonely."

17/Dec/2013, 03:45 PM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle #3 (First attempt)

Yahoo, exclaimed Finn delighted upon hearing that he's answered correctly. He jumped in the air as high as he could and started leaping for joy. He took notice of Lamgenion who pouted moodily and came down immediately. Finn set his eyes on the keys and started plotting against the old man. And if he doesn't let me out even after I answer all his riddles, what then? There was a lot going through his head but heard Lamgenion teeling another riddle and tried to focus on his words. He pondered over what the old man said but couldn't come up with any answer. He hasn't been in every corner of the world but he had met a lot of men, orcs, goblins and other ugly creatures pretty much everywhere he went and they all wanted to either cheat, deceive, kill or stitch him. Much to loose he did not have and turned toward the old man and said: Is it the orcs?

Master Eruedraith
18/Dec/2013, 09:29 AM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
First Attempt

"Akiz Melik! Mana Gadek!(Pitiful Creature! Let go of me!)" Alcarad spit, his arms bound, as a foul orc forcefully grabbed him by his hair and bent him over the back of a cart while two other orcs throw a rope over his neck and tie him down. A few more orcs had circled around to see the spectacle, as the largest of the orcs, a shirtless, scarred creature, dragging a whip along side of him. The large orc was known as a Master, and what the master said in that region, goes. The master gestured to the orc who threw Alcarad down, and swiftly the loose under shirt was ripped in half, showing the back of Alcarad. The orcs hollered, whistled and grunted, as the ripping of his shirt revealed healed over wounds and scars from previous lashings. "Siz Orc Lazemdir! Menim at das kimi...(Do what you must, Orc. My flesh is as stone...)" grunted, his voice harsh, as his neck was held down by a tight rope.

Lash, after lash, blood began to trickle, but soon, began to spit. When a good enough strike from the whip sent blood far enough to land on nearby orcs, they screamed, growled and gargled in excitement. This was simple a show for them, and some of them, licked their lips, hoping the captive would die, and be discarded. Alcarad was a feast to most of those foul beasts, drooling orcs, standing in a ring, waiting like buzzards. The only crime Alcarad committed was speaking in a foreign tongue. Moving through the crowd, an orc had bumped into him and he swore at him in his lowly southern harad language. As Alcarad came from a nomadic tribe to the east of southern harad, his language was foreign and harsh to anyone who heard it. He knew of the languages of the north, learning from the travelers and merchants from Umbar, but he insulted his own people by not staying true to his own language, and now, he's paying for it.

The next thing he remembered, was waking up on the floor of his cell. His back wounds had began to heal, however his shirt was torn, and critters had went scurrying out of every crevasse of his body. Once he got to his feet, he rolled his shoulders, cracked his neck, and began looking around while stretching his stiff elbow joints. A cell, with stone walls and a large opening in the rock filled from floor to ceiling with thin, but wide iron bars. Alcarad was imprisoned, and he knew that he must use every ounce of his being to get out of there, he would not die a slaves death. Just as he was trying to come up with a plan, he could hear the dragging of sandals against the cold rock. He ducked into the dark corner near the wall and the bars, keeping close eye on any movement that would pass his eye line. An old man, by the name of Lamgenion, jingling keys, peered into the cell and then gave out a yelp as Alcarads hands reach out through the bars grabbed him by his shirt. "Nadeel, qoca daneesh-sarsiniz?(What language do you speak, old man?) spit Alcarad, as he pulled Lamgenion close to the bars. The old man then bit his hand, pushing himself away from the bars, Alcarad stood close to the bars, with his hands still reaching out. "Burada mani adek!"(Let me out of here!)

18/Dec/2013, 12:53 PM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #3 - second attempt

"NO NO NO NO!" The key-keeper howled. "Orcs? How stupid can you be? Or maybe I'm just unspeakably clever, that's better; yes yes, it's much more tricky than that. Didn't think I'd let you out without a fight eh? No no, my neck's on the line, such is the path I wander! Guess… again…."

Lamgenion - with Alcarad - Riddle #1

"Bhlaaah." Lamgenion stuck out his tongue and smacked his lips, attempting to rid his mouth of the taste of the man's flesh. He was dirty and nasty and who only knew what lived in the grime of the dungeons, nothing the bent old man wanted to ingest, that was sure. He had no idea what the orcs saw in eating men at all. "Yore a queer one, aintcha? You the one shouted at the nasties in that wretch tongue… well well," Lamgenion shook his head pityingly, "they can hardly understand common speech, can't they, of course they think you're cursing them, don't they? Deserved every stripe. Mmmm… our Queen's from the south too, yanno… might find this interesting… that's if you were ever to get out. Lamgenion pushed his face closer to the bars agin- but not quite close enough to get grabbed again. "I'm gonna spume you want to get out. But it ain't gonna be that easy, peasy, no no, first you must please me and answer me these questions three, and if you can I'll set you free!" He cackled made, sending some spittle flying towards Alcarad before taking a deep breath and continuing.


Like herons in gait but not in speed
Weaponless wonders of ancient times
Rising from the shadows of legend."

20/Dec/2013, 01:38 PM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle 3 (second attempt)

"Darn", said Finn frustrated and sighed irritated.
"And I thought I had it", he continued.
The young adventurer from Dale was not very pleased with the outcome in this riddle battle but he wasn't the type that gave up easily either. He pulled back from the cell bars to escape Lamgenion' bad breath and tried to remember what his father taught him.
"So if it's not the orcs, then it must be something else that exists in great number", thought Finn.
"But what?"
Lamgenion finally came down with his howl, giving Finn the silence he needed to re-think his answer. After a few good minutes he approached the cell bars and said:
"Is it the goblins?"

23/Dec/2013, 04:19 PM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Riddle #3 - third attempt

"Nope." Lamgenion sneered and leered, tried to think of a name for the expression, then decided that sleered was a stupid word and gave it up as a bad job. "Oh ho ho, I've got you now! Another hint I'll give, because I am so generous, but if you fail, then you must languish... the answer is no person nor ring, but a place and a thing! It's cold and high, sometimes dry, and very dangerous and misty."

23/Dec/2013, 05:23 PM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle 3 (third attempt)

Upon hearing that he's gotten it wrong again, Finn started to hit the cellbars with his head.
"Dumb, dumb, dumb..."
He wasn't very proud of his performance on the last riddle and having punished the cellbars didn't help much either. Finn reflected on Lamgenion's words and could only think of a single thing. Whether he was right or not, this was his last shot and he had no other choise but to spill it out.
"The paths over the Misty Mountains from Rivendell"

25/Dec/2013, 01:25 PM
Lamgenion - with Finn - Success!

"Yeeeeees!" Lamgenion squealed, momentarily forgetting the fact that he really didn't want the man to get his riddles right, as that meant that a.) they hadn't been hard enough and b.) he would now have to let him out and that was problematic. But he couldn't help himself, it was his love of a tricky wit that had got him started asking people riddles in the first place, and solving one was always exciting. But the key-keeper quickly calmed down, and removed the keys from his belt, jangling them at eye level. "Well you've done it and I'll keep my word- but that's not the last, I've warned you, you've heard!"

Lamgenion unlocks your cell, and you may now proceed to the next feat. Up the only flight of stairs from your level of the prison there is a wide flat landing. There are two small doors (clearly locked) and a large gate. Though it you can see more stairs, but the gate is blocked by the massive figure of Seregruth...

28/Dec/2013, 04:10 PM
Seregruth: The Feat of Strength

The sound of jangling keys was music to Finn's ears. He would have thrown both hands high into the air and screamed "Hurra!!" as loud as one could but Eru knows what creatures he might have awoken. He may have not answered the riddles from the first attempt, but one can hardly think straight when locked in a filthy prison whilst being mocked by an old man. But this was far from being over, for Finn still had to find his way out. The bent old man unlocked the cell and made a simple gesture with his head probably pointing out in which direction it would go next. The young man did not hesitate a second to rush out from the smelly cage and took off like an arrow.

He would soon find himself in front of a flight of stairs, so clearly it would now go up. At the end of the stairs there was a wide flat landing and two doors and a gate. Finn couldn't see that well from that distance but as he kept walking, a black figure appeared that seemed to be blocking the passage through the gate. Due to the deep darkness, there wasn't much detail about the figure to be distinguished, however, Finn was not willing to take any chances and tried first to open the two doors. As he saw that the doors were locked, Finn soon realized that the only way forth would be through the gate.

"Hmm...", murmured Finn concerned. He could approach the figure gently and ask him politely to move away or he could force his way through by shoving him aside. He thought for a minute and asked himself whether was worth challenging the figure, who was clearly larger than Finn, but as he looked through the gate he saw more stairs that were most likely, or at least he thought so, leading to freedom.
The young man from Dale made a few steps backwards so he would have more space for the take off and ran as fast as he could toward Seregruth with his left shoulder in front preparing to knock him out but as he made full contact with the figure, Finn bounced back and fell on his ass. Seregruth felt something but probably thought it was just a fly and tried to brush it off his arm.

After taking a heavy blow and with his head spinning, Finn decided he would better try to sneak around the creature. He made himself as tiny as he could and advanced slowly whilst keeping an eye on Seregruth. The stairs behind him were in sight...
"...I'm almost there."

Master Eruedraith
29/Dec/2013, 08:47 AM
Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit
Riddle 1

A game of wits, Alcarad was once well versed in such things, but surely this was a child's game, for this old man, who ever he was, surely knew just how to push Alcarads buttons. "Agilsiz koca! Siz hayata boyuk Alcarad agil olar? Mene tapmaca haqqinda dusunmek ucun vaxt imkan verir. (Foolish old man! You think you can out wit the great Alcarad? Allow me some time to think about your riddle.) With that, he strolled over to the stone wall, crossed his legs, and sat down, with his knees folded. Placing his elbow on his knee, and his chin on his fist, he pondered the words the old man had given him. "Herons...yeris(gait)...deyal surat(not in speed), Bela hi, onlar yaras!(So they are slow!)" He wiped the sweat from his brow as he thought on the next line. "Silahsiz...(weaponless), ecaz ya mocuza...(wonder or miracle), qadim...(Ancient), goruram!(I see!)" He then thought of the last line, as this seemed most tricky. "Dan yuksalan...(Rising from the), kolga(shadow)...afsana da hadis(legend or fable)." By this last clue, he realized what it could be. At first he thought mountains, but mountains do not walk, nor are they of legend. "Siz damek Aga-Muhafizaca! Aga kisi! (You speak of the tree guardians! Tree men!) A smile rose over his face, as he thought about stories from his childhood, for those creatures did not really exist in this world. He waited to hear if this was the correct answer.

29/Dec/2013, 11:27 PM
Seregruth – with Finn – Challenge #1

Something bounced off of Seregruth’s upper leg and midsection. Though he was quite used to the darkness, spending most of his time down here, he hadn’t really been paing attention, and so looked down to see what it was that had run into him. No one was quite sure whether Seregruth was a troll or a man or some strange crossbreed of the two, but the dark rumble of laughter that came up form his chest at the sight of Finn sprawled on the floor could have belonged to either. “Weeeeell, look at that…” he drawled slowly, pointing a finger at Finn, “tryin’ to escape, are we? Can’t have that, not without a fight anyway.” Seregruth managed a whistle from between his massive lips, and the smaller door to his right swung open. A grimy, somewhat bedraggled looking orc slithered out, clutching a worn scimitar in his hand. His eyes darted about furtively, then landed on Finn, then flicked to Seregruth. “Go on, Kark!” the gatekeeper ordered the orc, “if you beat him, you can go up instead!”


Defeat the orc! You may control his actions- he’s not too difficult of an opponent, and you might need that blade later…

Lamgenion – with Alcarad – Riddle #2

Lamgenion, clever old boffer that he was, had mystically developed the ability to understand the babbling of this Alcarad chap, and waited impatiently as the man reasoned out the answer. He got there eventually, and Lamgenion clapped his hands together, jangling the keys. “Yes, yes, quite right! I bet you ain’t ever hardly even seen trees, have ya?” He mocked, quite forgetting that there were rather a lot of trees between the far East and Angmar. Moving along, he continued to chatter, “Now, now, a riddle for you, let us see here, number two, a rhyme pour vous…


Born under starlight
Never knowing tree-light
Caught in the eye-light
Of a maiden of twilight
Ever there to remain.”

30/Dec/2013, 06:21 PM
Seregruth: The Feat of Strength
Challenge 1 (first attempt)

Finn was now confronted with a bedraggled looking orc holding an old scimitar and all though he didn't look very menacing, he had the advantage of having a weapon. A plan of action was needed. A single step made at the wrong time and it was all over. The gatekeeper ordered the orc to attack; the confrontation was imminent. All though quite hesitant and anxious in the beginning, Finn learned his way around in tight situations such as these. His imprisonment turned out to be quite fruitul after all. He stared the orc into the eyes and hopped around tauntingly:
"Here boy!"

The orc made a sound like a grunt, raised his arms and sword at chest level and charged furiously running in Finn's direction. The young man noticed the infuriated orc coming his way and made himself ready. He pulled back a few steps until he reached the edge of the stairs he came up here in the first place and waited patiently. Kark was storming like a tchu tchu train unaware of Finn's plan to jump aside in the right moment to let Kark fall off the stairs all the way down hoping he would break his neck and die and...

The next second you know, the orc was rolling down the stairs like a rock and hit the floor in a horrendous noise. Finn rushed down as well and saw a contorted orc-like looking creature on the floor in a bath of blood. His head was pointing in the wrong direction. Finn bend over the orc and heard him grunt again... his very last grunt apparently and the world turned black. He looked for Kark's scimitar and saw it a few meters away laying on the ground. He picked it up thinking it might come in handy later and rushed up the stairs back where Seregruth was.

05/Jan/2014, 07:32 AM
Seregruth – with Finn – Challenge #2

Well, that hadn't been all that exciting. Seregruth had been hoping for at least a little bloodshed, and technically he had gotten it, but really! Making the stupid orc fall down the stairs?! He did have to admit that this Finn character had at least been clever about it- cleverer than Kark anyway, though that wasn't saying too much. But would his cleverness hold up to a (slightly) smarter opponent? One who had seen his trick, and wasn't going to fall (heh heh) for it? The door on Seregruth's other side swung open, and out lumbered a troll. He was rather a small troll, young and athletic looking, with no gut yet lapping over the top of his loincloth. There was just a hint of intelligence in his eye as he advanced on Finn, hefting his club...

06/Jan/2014, 04:17 PM

Seregruth: The Feat of Strenght
Challenge 2 (first attempt)

The orc hasn't been that difficult to eliminate but something was telling Finn that the orc has been just an appetizer and the main course of the vening was still to come. Reaching back the platform where Seregruth stood, the young man glanced at the black figure and spotted disappointment in his look. The giant probably wished for a gory fight, or at least a fight but no one had expected that the orc would fall for Finn's trick so easily.
Luckily for him though, he thought. His clothes were full with filth and smelled like poop, the last thing he wanted now was orc blood in his soft black hair. Whatever Seregruth would send upon him, Finn was ready holding the scimitar in his right hand swinging the blade meticulously hoping to impress the black figure. The next second you know, the giant figure called a troll, a smaller one but still a troll, growling furiously and advanced on Finn, hefting a club.

"Ha!" the young man burst into laughter.
"It's just a... a..."
He tried to figure the word he was looking for but he soon found himself in the shadow of a creature so big that it blocked all lights.
"Ohoh!" said Finn panicking.
He must have felt the way Gandalf felt in Moria when he met the balrog burning with a sudden desire to do what the fellowship did: "fly, you fools". But where to? If he'd go back, he'd bump into that creepy Lamgenion again.
Without having much of a choice Finn squeezed the handle of his scimitar and threw a brief look at it...
"What the...?" he exclaimed astonished.
The scimitar was long past its prime and looked now more like a saw than a weapon; much of the blade was rusted and blunt but was still better than nothing. One last time, thought Finn, one last time for the sake of his unborn children.

Trolls were powerful and massive but they too had their weknesses. This particular troll was quite young and cunning; finding his weak point was definitely not going to be easy. The beast seemed very eager to throw itself in combat, grabbed Finn taking him completely by surprise and lift him above its head. The young man felt helpless at this point letting his sword fall on the ground and thought about the worst it could happen. The troll threw Finn against the wall with such speed and force that the entire cave shook. As he felt felt down rolling, the shape of his body remained impregnated in the wall.

The troll growled delighted at the sight of Finn crawling on the ground but his growl turned soon to annoyance as he saw the young man standing up completely unharmed. The soft ground of the cave must have soften the shock causing the man nearly no injury. With only one thought in his mind, which was to end this fight before he would get seriously injured, he stroke the troll with such force that blood splashed in all directions, some of which flew as far as Seregruth landing on his shoes. The beast staggered but did not fall.
"Eeek!" said Finn wiping the troll's blood of his face.
The scimitar held pretty good during this attack but it got completely red and sticky. The troll shook his head once and glanced at Finn probably planning his next strike. He threw himself at the young man with the entire weight of his body and struck him with his giant fist throwing him a few meters back. Finn took a pretty nasty tumble as he landed on his back and needed a few good seconds before he could pick himself up again from the ground. He wiped the blood of his face, some of which was probably his own, and rasied the sword as high as he still could and attacked the troll hitting him in the neck area.

The troll grabbed himself by the neck wiggling and eventually collapsed on the floor in a horrendous noise. He still found some force to stand on his knees and stroke Finn one more time. The young man felt the hot blood of the beast dripping from his hair onto his face. In that moment of dismay, he stood up an charged the troll with raw ferocity slashing and cutting in the troll's flesh until he tumbled under the young man's weight. Blood splashed in all directions painting the walls of the cave in colors Finn would soon not forget transforming the cave into a scene from a horror movie. Guts were hanging from the sealing and puddles of dark red blood were everywhere. He dragged himself into a corner taking a seat on the freezing ground and started staring first at Seregruth and then at the troll lying on the ground.

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Seregruth – with Finn – Challenge #3

"Oohhh, that one's gotta hurt..." Seregruth muttered as Finn smacked into the wall. But despite the fact that there was now a neat impression of the dirty man in the wall, he seemed little the worse for wear, and before the gatekeeper knew it, blood was spattering on his shoes. "Oi, these are new!" He protested, but Finn was still busy with the troll. In an unexpected burst of manic ferocity, the man hacked up the troll like he was auditioning for the next installment of Carn Dûm Scimitar Massacre, sending blood flying this way and that, and intestines sticking to the ceiling (the troll must have eaten something particularly viscous). Seregruth looked at Finn with a mixture of approval and concern- did they really want to be letting this one back aboveground? But eh, rules were rules! With a grunt, he turned and nodded at the first door again. From behind it came a low and terrifying rumble of a growl, and a hulking black werewolf emerged, looking extremely hungry. He too had been belowground some time, and knew what was at stake. He glanced at Seregruth, who nodded, and began to pad menacingly across the bloody ground towards Finn.

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Seregruth: The Feat of Strength
Challenge #3

If he'd have known how much energy and physical stength he'd have lost fighting the troll, he'd have probably run back over to Lamgenion for another set of riddles. The taunting sound of jiggling keys didn't sound that bad anymore now that he was drained of energy that he could barely raise his arms. He checked himself touching his body here and there trying to figure the extent of his injuries when he suddenly felt a bump in his breast pocket of his nearly fully shattered shirt. Closing his eyes and praying it wasn't something nasty enough to make him pass out, he actually realised it wasn't even an injury or anything of the sort. He slipped his fingers into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle filled with a thick fluid that seemed much like one of those drinks that tasted horrible but worked miracles. His face would soon lighten up and his eyes glitter as he realised that his bottle of ent-draught was still intact in spite off all the nasty tumbles he had taken.
"It's all up to you old friend", said Finn nodding.

Descending from parents who used to produce hundreds of liters of wine every year and sell most of this wine sometimes even as far as Rivendell or Rohan allowed him to meet many people and come in possession of many things, some of which quite useful, others completely useless. The day he bacame old enough to count his father sent him with his first load of wine far into the west to sell it. On the way to Rhosgobel though, an old man convinced him to trade his whole load for just a puny looking bottle filled with something Finn knew nothing about.
"It will save your life some day. The bottle for the wine", the creepy old man said.
Being fairly naive back then, Finn made the deal and returned home to his father unaware of how angry he will be and how many months of unpaid work he'll do.

He took the bottle pouring the content down his throat and felt immediately a huge boost of energy and vitality. He wished he had a magic potion for his scimitar too. The handle was wiggling and the blade looked so worn that it could hardly be called a weapon. He hold tight to it despite looking more like a break knife than a sword, as you never know when it might come in handy. He stood up feeling much better already from the draught and started hopping on one foot, dancing and giggling like a small kid. The pain in his legs was gone and his arms were feeling all strong and ready now. Whatever Seregruth would send upon him next, he would be ready.

All though unhappy to see his troll lying dead on the floor, Seregruth looked at Finn quite satisfied with his performance but the blood-thirsty creature had no intention to end the blood bath any time soon. On the contrary. Through the door to his left a werewolf made himself appear and all though much smaller than the troll he faught earlier, the animal looked very hungry which made him twice as dangerous. Finn has seen beasts like this before and how swift they could sneak around and ambush you from behind. Luckily for him though, the cave was far too small for complexe combat strategies, which meant they both had to charge frontally.

Finn felt very invigorated from the draught and attacked first striking with his wiggling scimitar but the werewolf dodged and got away without a scratch. The furry beast stared Finn into the eyes snarling and struck swiftly biting the young man from the arm but luckily for him the werewolf retreated shortly afterwards. He felt something like a pinch but his arm seemed fine and still capable of action but for how long though. He charged the snarling beast striking with his scimitar aiming for the head, but the werewolf jumped back almost causing Finn to lose balance and fall making an easy target out of himself. Trying to take advantage of this short moment of vulnerability, the werewolf attacked with his long fangs at the ready and his mouth wide open aiming for the throat and for a fatal blow but the young man managed to parry saving himself at the last second. The furry beast made a new attempt at biting but Finn saw him coming and hit so hard that his scimitar broke in tiny pieces. The werewolf fell to the ground like a rock. Silence ~ no more snarling. The young man froze holding just the handle and what was left from his sword confused about what he should do. Was it over? Could it really be that it was now all over? thought Finn and kicked the werewolf with his foot checking if he was still alive but it didn't seem that way. At this point he was simply happy that the much bigger creature, Seregruth didn't take on the last challenge himself but he didn't want to give him any ideas and looked at him with puppy eyes.

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Seregruth - with Finn - Success!

Seregruth didn't know what had been in the little bottle that the man had somehow managed to keep on his person despite being imprisoned, but clearly it was powerful stuff. Despite the fact that it made him dance like a fool, it seemed to have imparted Finn with an incredible renewed strength, for he faced the werewolf without a glimmer or terror! It was a wholly unexpected blow that put the beast on the ground, a seemingly puny blow that broke the scimitar into pieces- but he must have hit to wolf just right, for it crashed to the ground. Seregruth lumbered over and bent down, pulling back one of the wolf's eyelids and sliding a massive hand behind its elbow to check the pulse. "Mmmm.." he rumbled, "You've not killed him, but that was a sneaky hit- you've knocked him clean out! He's not going to be happy when he wakes, I'll tell you." He straightened, looking down at Finn, wondering if this was within the regulations, but in the end decided that it probably was, and who was going to know anyway? And he was pretty impressed with the little man anyway. "Awright, go on then." Sregruth unhooked the keys from his belt, unlocked the gate, and drew it open with a grunt to let Finn pass.

You may now travel up the stairs and to the final level of the Dungeons! Though you are not aboveground yet, there is an occasional window along the ceiling of the long corridor that lets in a watery sort of light- you're nearly there! Past the final row of cells at the end of the corridor is an orc sitting at a desk. He looks very much like an ordinary clerk, pens, papers, etc... and one very large security troll. The hefty oak door behind him is securely locked. This is Túron, and you must answer his questions before you make your final escape.

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Finn felt very relieved upon hearing the keys neatly jingling as they open the door behind the large creature. The stairs were leading to another room that was fairly obscure, which meant that the way out was still somewhere in there but beyond Finn’s reach. And indeed as the young man strolled along the corridor, another orc looking very much like an ordinary clerk guarded by a massive troll sat at a table right next to a large oak door. The man raised an eyebrow as he hummed softly thinking whether the door led truly outside or was just a doorway to another room just as creepy and dark as this one. Well there was only one way to find out, he thought as he approached the orc’s table. Judging by the papers and pens lying under Turon’s nose, Finn figured it would either have to be a knowledge battle or a "x & 0" game- he was better at the latter. He would roll up his sleeves if he’d still have any and made himself ready for whatever the orc was about to ask of him.

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Challenge 1 - Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit (Riddles)

That it had come to this, Raisa was both surprised and exasperated, in equal measure. Squatting in an abyss of abject despair, some place deep within an even greater dank pool of unholy territory. The woman released a small tremor of self-pity upon reflection. Having sought out a hole to ride out the damage of her latest escapade, the woman’s sole thought had been to secret herself where her dread persistent hunter would not think or dare to pursue her. It had to be admitted that she had achieved this terrible ambition, although to say that her fortunes had been much improved would be a grave error of judgement. Fleeing for her life across the Lone Lands almost held allure, now that she contemplated on the matter. At least then she could have seen the sky above her, felt the grass beneath her feet.

The pit, or so she deemed it, for although there were for certain stone walls and strong bars to ensure her attendance, had no window to the outside world. She possessed no means of knowing or guessing the length of time that she had languished in the dark. It might have been years, so dim now sat the memory of the last time she had felt not afraid. When she had been on top of her game. When she had believed herself capable of any sly persuasion. The indisputable dilemma about being a con artist was that she required somebody to fool. Such innocence and naivety that she relied upon was not exactly a plentiful resource in Angmar.

She was close to giving up and surrendering to the blurring walls of her own sanity when she managed to observe a figure lurking close to the confines of her captivity. It was undoubtedly human, and this fact alone inspired Raisa to try her luck. She was after all, quite lacking in all other options and to ignore the first sign of life that she had noted yet would be beyond stupid. Knotting her hair cloth about her brow, she veiled the mark of warning that had been carved into her skin. Greying hair hung down like a dishevelled cobweb, and her great green cats eyes she widened to terrible degree.

“O Woe for an old woman left to rot by some most horrible mistake,” she wailed. And threw herself with ferocity against the bars. “What danger could one such as I be to the lords and masters of this land ? Will you not show mercy on this poor fool who has been torn from her family. My daughter writhes in fever and her infant babe lies bawling by her bed. I only went out to fetch some little thing to nourish them and myself, for tending their sickness. They need me. This most dreadful place does not. Alas ! O woe ! I beg you find humanity within your heart and let an old crone from your watchful eye. One less to worry about, my good sir ? What do you say ?”

The end of this theatrical performance stole something from all the implied maladies she had mentioned before falling to desperation. But the man seemed far less dreadful than those fiends she had encountered at the Dagger Inn. Who knew ? She could scarcely find herself in a worse position after all.

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Túron - with Finn - Challenge 1

Túron looked up as Finn approached. He had heard the echoes of the confrontation from which the man had previously come, and judging by the state of him, it was clear that he was on the last legs of this peculiar path out of the dungeons. The orc stretched out a hand and pointed with one long claw at the chair on the opposite side of the desk, indicating Finn should sit. There would be no brawling here (unless of course the man decided to be ornery, in which case Glog the troll over there would have something to say- or do- about it), but a test of Finn's worthiness to rejoin the world above. "I require some assistance," Túron said in a dry, toneless voice. "If you can answer my questions, you may pass through this door." He gestured to the door behind him, and in the same movement, his other hand pushed a paper across to Finn, upon which was written:

What are two other names of the one known as The Deceiver?

Lamgenion - with Raisa - Riddle #1

The wailing and caterwauling were nothing new, prisoners shrieked and gnashed their teeth all the time down here, but not usually with such theatricality. Lamgenion stuffed his fingers in his ears and shuffled over to Raisa's cell, waiting or her to stop. When she had, he cautiously unplugged his ears and sneered down at her. "Fetch a little nourishment, eh? Stole a loaf of bread? I know your sentence- five years for what you did, and you may get fourteen more if you try to escape! Are you willing to risk that?" Prisoners didn't have numbers down here unless names couldn't be determined, but for some reason Lamgenion began to think of the wretched woman as 24601. "Risk it risk it, can't have a biscuit, can't go pitter patter, up where the sun do scatter!" The bent old man cackled madly, shaking his keys at her just out of reach. "Still, I suppose it's only fair, a chance for air... so...


The first of my kind
I dwelt at my master side
In once the elf-lord's halls
Although defeated by
An upstart pup,
The progeny surpass their father.

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Turon - Challenge 1

Finn seated himself at the other side of the desk, looking in astonishment and wondering what was weirder: the length of that claw with which the orc has pointed at the chair or the fact that an orc could write and read? Either way, the only way through was to do as he was told, on account of that Glog creature that stood next to the orc looking as if about to run amok trampling everything under his ginormous feet. The strange clerk looked smart and respectful enough, so who knew; perhaps he would really let him through if he provided him with the assistance he had asked. Seeing a paper being pushed towards him, Finn was quite relieved as he realized that there would be no more fighting, not that he resented the idea, but he lost his scimitar and magic drink after all; only Eru knew how things would have gone without them. Taking the paper in his hands and holding it in such position that he could also read it (on account of the darkness), Finn hummed softly, then looked up at Turon and said: "two other names for the one known as The Deceiver are Annatar and Necromancer."

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Challenge 1 - Lamgenion: The Feat of Wit (Riddles)
Riddle 1 – Frst Try

The shadow of a man shuffled eventually close enough that she might better hope to guess at the strength of his loyalty to masters she knew not. But he would have her guess more besides. It chanced mayhaps that he was a long-time resident of this fell hole who had been granted approval to wander at his will, showcasing the other inmates to what shape their wits would eventually fall. He had clearly been stripped of sense but did that render him incapable of being reasoned with ? She resolved to make an attempt. If nothing else to pass the time.

A loaf of bread she would have died for, at this moment in time, although she could not recall having taken such, as the man claimed. Unless an entire of harvest tribute counted, from those fool villagers. Somehow she doubted that this oddball of a man would care at all for the plight of the men and women she had duped. Even more likely he could not recall what he said from the one moment to the next.

Considering the fellow, Raisa opened up her lungs anew, determined to give up a rousing speech of all injustice done, and at the least earn her sorry self a biscuit. But he shook keys at her ! The means of a proper release. From hunger, and all else this devastation could torment her with. Already her belly growled loud as the most ravenous wolf ….

She cocked her head, considered for a moment, and then decided since there was none of more sane mind here to witness such a fool performance, she hoped on one foot and then the other, twirled, with both arms spread as though as Eagle’s wingspan, and then coiled up against the cruel railings that separated her from him. And then she threw back into the bleak surround, a little verse all of her own:

"Tis true the risk I dare is great
to throw myself down at your feet
But death is foul that comes by wait
and I would yet the sun to seek
Thus do I venture, breath abate,
and ask if Draugluin you do speak ?"

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