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08/Jan/2014, 12:17 AM
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In the unforgiving expanse of the north downs, there lies a small town, covered in snow, hidden in a small valley between frost covered mountains and a large fir tree forest. The town, known as Winterhome, is small and not that rich, although the citizens there always seem to have something to smile about. But it is at Winterlude every year, that folk here really start grinning. Every year the mayor sends hundreds of invites down to Bree and from there to every corner of Middle Earth where the free folk still dwell, telling them to come one, come all to Winterhome! To share in the festivities and the fun and the snowball fights!The streets are full of lights and laughter, open air tables stuffed with roasted meats, mulled wine and baked tarts line the courtyards and massive ice sculptures of swans, giants, horses and dogs smile down upon the patrons below, wrapped in their wools and furs. But what everyone really comes here for are the snowball fights! Outside the town itself lie massive snowball fields, dotted with Snowforts, Snowmen, Snowelves and of course flying Snowballs!

So come and fight to your last breath in the epic snow-battle! Built a fortress from the snow or assemble a snow-catapult of death! Or perhaps just fling snowballs as fast as you can! You may wander the town as well of course, but there's no guarantee that the snow battle may not continue there...

Enjoy and Happy Winterlude!

Normal plaza and region rules apply, please ensure you are courteous in your posting and that you allow the person you are throwing the snowball at to decide whether or not it should hit them and if so where. You may discuss this in OOC (Whited out text please) or over PM.

08/Jan/2014, 02:58 AM
* standing in the snow in the moon lit night, Drifa breathed deeply, the cold air turning the hair in her nose and the whiskers of her beard around her mouth frosty, before she dashed off to get her favorite snowball making mitts with a promise to return for fun the next morn*

12/Jan/2014, 03:32 AM
Aye, all that moon light and the frosting of her nose hairs must have made Drifa distracted because, here it was days after her promise to return. But return she did. She had a pack on her back that was almost as tall as she was. She looked around. It was quite different in the day light. Everything looked like a globed winter wonderland. If she could reach out and shake it, she was sure that snow would magically fall to make it seem even more wonderful.
There were people dressed-up in warm furs and wraps. The ice sculptures sent forth rays of different colors trapped in sunlight. And the air was scented with roasted meats and wine and wet wool mittens. Good cheer seemed to be every where. Standing with her feet apart, Drifa breathed in deeply as she had done the night she stood alone in the Snowball field. The cold winter air always invigorated her. She was glad she had returned.
Clapping her hands, mostly in excitement but to warm them up also, she decided she would have to find a place to set up her tent in the event that her friend Finn joined her. She had invited him and did promise that she would have a place for him to stay if he decided to partake in more wine (something she knew she wouldn't have trouble accomplishing) and less Snowball fighting. Although, Drifa did bring her special snowball making mitts and was eager to try them out.
'Oi'!, she exclaimed outloud and grinned, she was sure that they would find time to enjoy both activities.
And so, slinging off her pack, she began whistling to herself as she prepared for the festivities. She found a spot near a beautiful fir tree on the sidelines of the Snowball field and began to set up her winter shelter.

14/Jan/2014, 07:31 AM
Rowan, halted her horse, breathing in the crisp winter air which, as she rode nearer the town, mingled with the delectable odours of roast meat and bread, and all manner of food and drink. She smiled, looking at the little town of Winterhome. "Look at that", she told her companions, "isn't it beautiful?" Cranach, her horse, shook his head and snorted as if agreeing with her, whereas, Will, Rowan's pine marten, looked out from his hiding place in her fur coat, sniffed, and then burrowed back in to her coat, clearly unimpressed by the sight. Suit yourself, she thought, grinning. Today was too lovely a winter's day to be spoiled by a slightly grumpy pine marten. The smells of food would soon entice him out and brighten his mood.

She urged Cranach on, through the snowball fields. Of course, that was the reason why she was here. While staying at Bree, she had heard of the mayor's invitation, for one and all to come for the Winterlude festivities. Rowan loved snowball fights, or anything games with snow, and was looking forward to the festivities. However, she thought she had better set up camp first. Seeing the start of the fir forest on one side of the snowball fields, she nudged Cranach towards it, and dismounted. Tying up Cranach, she took down her tent and set up camp. She saw a dwarf setting up a shelter a little further up and decided to say hello to her neighbour later. But first, she had a craving for some mulled wine, and a grumpy pine marten to feed.

Gathering pine branches, she lit a small fire, and melted some snow in a pan, stirring in some oats while the water heated. Fortunately, in winter, there was little shortage of water. Finishing the oats, she cooled them down with a bit more snow and untying Cranach, put the pan down for him. Leaving him free to finish his oats and wander and forage, she prepared to leave. Checking that Will was safe and secure in her coat, she walked over to the outskirts of the town. She saw many different people and races walking around in furs and wraps, cheerfully greeting each other. There were gorgeously sculpted ice statues, of animals, people and even giants! Crossing over to one of the many tables set up on the street, she poured herself a mulled wine, and served a plate of some roasted meat and bread. Sure enough, a small brown head poked through her furs at the smell of food. Smiling, she fed her pet and herself. Having satisfied her hunger, she continued to wander through the town, looking in wonder and awe at the lamps and decorations.

15/Jan/2014, 06:10 PM
Drifa was just finishing her shelter when she saw someone arriving on horseback. She squinted her eyes (being a typical short-sighted dwarf), trying to make out the figure on the horse but couldn't. No matter, she was sure to run into the new arrival soon enough seeing as how they were setting up camp as well. And who could say, this might be Drifa's competitor in the snowball fight. She had not seen any sign of Finn and reckoned he may have been too busy to come. And, the invitation had been an open one. He might still show up. In any event, it was to nice a day to be wasted wondering.

She built her own little fire and swept the snow away from around it so that there was less snow to melt, causing it to puddle. She then unrolled a large Warg-skin that had been cleaned (tics and fleas removed), oiled and brushed till the pelt shone, making the course fur softer. It was then treated with paraffin to keep it from getting wet. Breathing in deeply -she couldn't get enough of the fresh air- she looked around and laughed merrily. She loved this little corner of Middle-earth with its 'frost covered mountains and large fir tree forest'. Still smiling, she turned from the wintery panorama and went into her shelter and coming out with a package wrapped in a soft skin.

Sitting down on the Warg-skin, she unwrapped the package. Inside were her new snowball making mitts. The insides of the mitts were made of soft skin (from another small Warg) and the outside was covered in a knitted wool. On the top of each mitt there was a small pocket that could be fastened with a button. Inside the pocket was liner that prevent the wool and skin from burning. The liner was created from a metalloid found in the mines. The objective of the pocket was to place a small lump of coal, that had been broken and heated, into the pocket to keep your hands warm while making snowballs.

Drifa had already broken two small lumps of coal into pieces and had fashioned a heating spoon - with a very long handle- to heat the coal in the fire. As she sat on her haunches before the flames watching the coal turn a bright red, a smile of contentment flickered over her face in the light from the flames. She was eager to try her new mitts but, content to be doing just this simple task of heating the coal, at ease within her surroundings.

19/Jan/2014, 09:00 AM
Returning from the town, Rowan arrived back at her little campsite. She was pleased to note that Cranach had not strayed too far from the camp. While she knew her would never wander too far, and he was trained to answer to her call, she was glad to see him nearby. She gave a short whistle, and he trotted over. "Hello, my darling," she crooned to him, "did you enjoy the rest? Let's give you a brush, shall we." As she brushed her beautiful brown gelding, Will decided to climb out of his pocket in her furs and sit on Cranach, a little king surveying the snow-covered world from horseback. He chattered to her briefly as she worked. She was never sure if she could actually understand him, or if she had just become accustomed to him. Laughing, she reached into her pocket, and produced a little bit of dried jerky for him to chew. That would keep him busy for a while, although he soon finished it and made a nuisance of himself, clambering right over the area she was brushing and nibbling at the brush, her fingers, anything he could reach. Cranach, turning his head, snorted with amusement at Will's antics.

Breathing in the crisp winter air, she smiled. She loved times like this, when it was just her and her animals in the solitude. Finishing brushing Cranach, she remembered her neighbour. She saw the dwarf had lit a little fire too. Depositing her mischievous pine marten in her tent, she picked up the meat pie and chocolate tart she had collected from the feast laid out in the town, and walked over to the other campsite.

"Hello, my name's Rowan", she said, smiling at the dwarf, "although my friends call me Roq. I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me?"

25/Jan/2014, 02:31 AM
Drifa looked up with a start from her small fire (that had gone out) as she heard footsteps approaching. She nodded her head in greeting when she saw that it was her neighbor returned from her days activity. Standing up quickly, Drifa knocked over the long handled spoon she had carelessly left in the fire when, apparently, she had fallen asleep in the flame's comforting warmth. Smiling sheepishly at the tall women that stood in front of her, she bowed low and said.

'Greetings! Drifa at your service! It is a pleasure to meet you Rowan! And yes, please and thank you, I would love to share a meal with you! Come sit with me by the fire. I was heating coal to test my new snowball making mitts when I must have fallen asleep. Ha, but look! It looks like my fire has burned down to just ash. That wont do. I think a little wood would help, don't you?' Drifa busied herself with the wood continuing to chat, not giving Rowan a chance to answer.

'Maybe I can heat more coal as we eat and then you can help me afterwards test out my mitts, eh? They are suppose to be the best snowball making mitts ever. Well, at least that is what I was told by a dwarf that lives down the Tunnel Way not far from where I live. I don't know it I trust him totally tho', he sneaks things in his beard from the food halls, but, they do look like warm mitts, they do.' Picking up the mitts, she showed them to Rowan and continued talking.
'We shall see if they are as good as he says there are, eh?' Suddenly Drifa blushed and stammered.
'Oh mahal, excuse me, I am chattering on, aren't I? I don't usually. I am more the quite type but I believe this valley, this perfect winter wonderland and the crisp air, have brought out the cheerfulness in me
Grinning from ear to ear at Rowan , Drifa motioned with her arm for her to sit by the fire.
'Please, do join me.'

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