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On the flat under-side Frodo saw some scratches. “There seems to be a stroke, a dot, and three more strokes,” he said.
“The stroke on the left might be a G-rune with thin branches,' said Strider. “It might be a sign left by Gandalf, though one cannot be sure. The scratches are fine, and they certainly look fresh. But the marks might mean something quite different, and have nothing to do with us. Rangers use runes, and they come here sometimes.”
A Knife in the Dark, The Fellowship of the Ring


Welcome to By the Beech ! This is where you may write a letter to any IC friend or family or foe that is likely to wander the Lone Lands of Eriador. Alternatively you may write yourself a letter that your character receives here, or leave some ambiguous and/or anonymous message to prompt RP situations for yourself and/or others.

The Lone Lands is no fit place for a “traditional” Post Office, as any little station established in the wilderness would be largely unmanned and unprotected. However there are times in an adventurer’s travels when some risks must be taken, warnings made, meetings planned and/or messages interpreted.

Many Rangers of the North visit this notable old beech tree frequently to leave or receive important information, which enables them to better place their wandering kindred on the map, learn from troubles requesting their help, or to leave their own requests to fellow Rangers.

But many are the malevolent minds creeping about these woods, therefore many messages written by Rangers are worded so that it only makes sense to the right recipient. Be careful choosing what you write in your letter: if your message is read by the wrong person, so will your secrets too end up in the wrong hands, and you’ll have to deal with the consequences !

Please note : Whether you are moral or immoral, a character carrying a good a heart or a rotten one, you can RP summoning your allies for any kind of mission.

This is a good option for anyone who wants to start a free RPG in the Lone Lands and gather any size of group of people to write it with.

You may also leave a “diary entry” of your character’s adventures in the Lone Lands, in this thread.

Simply RP placing your letters/entry/message(s) in one of the holes drilled on the trunk of an old beech growing alone atop a gently sloping, grassy hill. Then either play out the consequences yourself with/without friends in one of the Free RP threads of the Lone Lands, or wait and see if anybody else takes up your prompt(s) themselves.

Hints and Tips

All information found in letters hidden in the beech is available to everyone. Anyone can use it in any RP thread in the Lone Lands unless it is specifically marked as PRIVATE in your post !

Anyone and Everyone is welcome to post here but please do make all posts In-Character ! If you want/need to make an OOC-comment, put it in the Lone Lands OOC thread.
No points harvesting please.

(Credit for images and concept attributed with much thanks to Tarawen)

17/Aug/2014, 06:44 PM
The hill rose out of the horizon, against the turbulent backdrop of a brewing storm. Lightning forked the grey sky, stabbing at great weighted clouds which hung, as though ready to burst. A single silhouette approached the single beech tree, and ignored the peril of the vast impending downpour, as it thrust a hand into a narrow hole, channelled deep into the bulk of the least reliable post service outside of Mordor.

The silver-maned example of the Eldar, replaced most of the small scraps of paper and of bark that he had found there. One remarkably creative piece of correspondence had been stained into a scrap of flayed skin. After discerning what horrors he might about that abhomination, pale fingers sent it high where it was eagerly consumed by a foul, lurking crebain.

Moments later, the dark feathered raptor plunged to earth, and tore the flesh to pieces in it's talons, ripping strips off to consume what noone else would ever read again. The Elf scarcely noticed. He had found a rare treasure amongst his usual suggestions for the day's activity. A letter addressed and thus deliberately meant for him ! Scarce it was for such a thing to fall into his hands. But the further he read of it's fine contents, the more knotted came his brow and though the storm struck at last with some finality, and split apart the sky with a tremendous downpour, the Elf sighed. The note he folded carefully, even as the rain ran through it's frail form and threatened to fuse it forever useless. It had already done it's damage. Through rain and shine, mail came and went. But this one was well behind time. It was too late. Silugnir really hoped that this lost message was not the very reason that Tirindo had met his doom ...

For attention of Silugnir

I do remember that you told me not to leave any written message. You also bade me find you within Imladris. And yet I ventured all the way from home with news, and found no sign of you within that realm. I asked at the Starlight Inn as you suggested, and found naught but an angry Elf, named Thirion, claiming you still owe him coin for damages rendered during your last stay.

This is the sole other means I have to relay information that I imagine you might locate. I believe I have heard tell of the Elf that you sought. Tall Noldorin archers with dark hair and grey eyes are two a penny, but not those with a signifcantly festooned quiver such as you described. Emblem of a Phoenix, yes ? I checked with Grandmother (who had actually heard of such a foreign creature, and then was quite suspiciously curious enough to ask where I had heard of it). She is not happy with you getting me "involved" and begs me to remind you of what happened in Aelin Uial. Whatever that is supposed to indicate ?!

But, to the point of the firebird quiver. I was privy to a conversation when I returned last from Esgaroth. Mention was made of a small party of Elves who passed through Mirkwood, assisting the Prince himself against spider attack. Your mysterious Elf was amongst them. Or otherwise an Elf with a strangely similar device was amongst them.

They reputedly set out for Imladris, in search of whatever thing they had long sought and had heard rumour of abiding there. I followed, but found no more sign of them there than of yourself. Might be you have since come across them about the wilds or the Ettenmoors. Talk suggested they were heading in that direction. This was some while ago now though.

I do wish you luck on your endeavour and I trust this information is still of some worth to you. I know it was when we last met, some long time since, that you spoke upon the possibility.

Your secret Friend


I fully intend to look up what and where this Aelin Uial is. I might ask Nariel. Does she know that you are looking for her uncle again, or does she still believe that rubbish about him having taken the Ships back to the older Lands ? I hope you find him before she finds out that you are lying to her. Again.

Beren Camlost
22/Dec/2014, 12:20 PM

Two summers ago, following
the events of the Check, Not Checkmate
and Night Raid Hill Watch missions and
just before Bandit's Gambit.

Arcs of radiant crimson lightning tore across the stormy summer night sky, beads of water dripping off Inspector Anne Crown's floppy fedora of blue felt as she dismounted. "Easy, boy," she pleaded with Nightrunner softly, stroking her horse's black mane as he snorted his displeasure of the strengthening downpour, switching his tail moodily.

"We'll leave soon, okay?" she kissed the white blaze between his large, dark-brown expressive eyes. "I need to leave a letter for one of Aigronding's messengers." She planned to visit the Cedar Inn at Whurjak, waiting for the deluge to exhaust itself before travelling back to Bree. She ached to return home, missing her husband and Gem and the dogs, and the coziness of the woodland cottage.

Nightrunner bobbed his equine head amiably, soothed by her voice, and nuzzled the underside of his owner's chin. Anne led the subdued beast beneath the great spreading boughs of the ancient beech growing alone atop a gently sloping, grassy hill in the distance; she sheltered herself and her Combe Valley thoroughbred stallion beneath the comforting leafy canopy. Many Rangers and Halcyon Guards left notes for each other or for their commanders within holes drilled on the tree's trunk.

She expected someone like Beren Camlost, her best friend's beau and an adventurer who worked with his cousins of Dúnedain lineage in the North, would discover the brass cylinder she was sliding through the bark; he could deliver the message to Lord Mordagnir either at Ost-Halatir in the Angle or at the Last Homely House in Rivendell. She would have given it to the High Elf herself but she couldn't make the journey to Rhudaur or Imladris any time soon. Urgency was vital; it was imperative he read Anne's warning, written in Tengwar she learned at Fort Kingfisher so only Rangers and Elves would understand, before his warriors became endangered by a murderess on the loose.

Anne guided her steed away from the beech and mounted Nightrunner's saddle made of fully tooled bullhide leather and trimmed with engraved silver plates. Riding westward out of the Lone Lands toward Whurjak in the Weather Hills, Anne looked grimly over her shoulder at the tree, hoping Camlost would find it soon.

Anne Crown's Quenya Message
in plain text:


I hope all is well with you, mellon, and Roina. Nathan and I are splendid. I would tell you more about how happy we are together presently but this is not, I'm saddened to say, meant to be a social correspondence between us. I must warn you of a killer I hunted down and subsequently incarcerated in the jail of Belvedere. Her name is Marianna. She is a wily leader of thieves and excecuted one of the town merchants a couple days ago.

She escaped her cell while I was aiding my husband against ruffians at the city stables. I expect she is now armed and has reconnected with her thugs in the Wild. The girl is red-haired and young, barely out of her early twenties like myself, and very beautiful. She is a vain creature, fond of finery, and a dangerous polymath who knows too much for her own good, such as poisons of all kinds. Beware her, Mordagnir. If you see the shrewd little vixen...put your blade through her heart. Eriador will be a much safer place without her filth.


Anne Melimakris

01/Apr/2015, 01:36 AM
Aravorn had left advertisements and wanted posters all over the beech tree, he was determined to have them caught.

Advertisement for Assassins

Assassins wanted will be payed well and get the reward money as well if Varie Todaphel and her mother Tariolpehta are captured and brought in or killed.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Tariolpehta youngest daughter of Varryrl, and Talern, she has long black hair and brown eyes, and is 5'10". She shouldn't put up resistance if captured. she is in company with her family and several servants and guards. reward for her capture is 10,000.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Varie Todaphel daughter of Tariolpehta has brown hair with blonde highlights, and grey eyes. is 5'9" and is alone most of the time. Must be careful, since she has been known for her temper and her ability with her weapons. her sister Vanda has already been captured and as such will make her easier to capture and find. reward for her is 12,000

19/Aug/2015, 02:47 AM
Nolewen climbed the hill. She looked around her quickly, and then pushed a short massage and a map to one of the holes in the trunk of the old beech tree. "I hope she'll find it!" She whispered. Then, looking around quickly once more, she walked down the hill and continued on her way.

Lady Avalein,
I would like to know Avalein and Varie's history and why they want to join me. Also- I would like to know more about your characters in Rohan. Do you think we should look for an orc that will agree to attack us? Do you have any other suggestions?
I'm sending you a map of the Misty Mountains, because we really should decide where and how we're going to cross it.
[The map is from the Encyclopedia of Arada,http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/m/mistymountains.html ]
Nolewen of Imladris