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25/Oct/2014, 07:50 PM
Lonely Mountain

Pie Eating Contest!

Welcome to the inaugural Lonely Mountain Pie Eating Contest! Middle Earth has been invaded by good guys and bad guys, but all guys and gals must eat!! I hope all of you have come with hungry, empty stomachs! The Dwarves of Lonely Mountain have come together and prepared a feast of boysenberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, coconut cream, key lime, lemon chiffon, and custard pies for all to devour in a wild and hilarious frenzy.

How to Play:
Bring your character, good or bad, up to the feasting table and take a seat!

For each round, you choose the number of pies you are going to attempt: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or an outrageous 20. A dice with the amount of sides you choose will be rolled, and the rolled number will be the number of pies you manage to eat in that round. Pies are also graded in points, which means going higher can wield you a lot more pies at a higher point range, but it can also be more volatile:

Attempted Pies
Points Per Pie Eaten
Points per Pie Left on the Table
Probability of successful roll

3:1 (75% chance)

5:1 (83% chance)

6:2 (75% chance)

7:3 (70% chance)

9:3 (75% chance)

14:6 (70% chance)

If you roll too low that your negative points are higher than your earned points, your score will be a 0 for the round.

Rounds will begin every three days for the duration of the Halloween season. New Souls and Admins/Stewards/Rulers can choose to be good guys or bad guys as they wish!
Round 1: Began 10/25/14
Round 2: Begins 10/28/14
Round 3: Begins 10/31/14
Round 4: Begins 11/3/14
More Rounds afterwards!

BONUS: Bonus points will be given to exhibition of rank character usage, including possible cheating or helping out like the good guy you are :)
BONUS: Points will also be given for exquisite descriptions of the pies you ate and how you felt afterwards!
BONUS: People cheer on your Good Guy/Bad Guy Participants for extra points for their round!

Additional Rules:
Play Nicely
Follow all normal plaza rules
have fun folks!

Current Scores:


Dracula (Drifa)

Loki (Melahny)

Your GM for the first round is Corlisswyn.

26/Oct/2014, 01:59 AM
Flapping leathery wings, Dracula suddenly transforms and stands by the table of assorted pies. The sweet smell of sugar and spices assails his senses making him noxious. The living can have their sweet treats he broods as he fades from sight and then reappears further from the table and its malodour. His taste buds are more tuned to a saltier fare. And soon they will arrive in all their salty goodness, bloody right. Unawares, drawn, like him, to fresh treats, salty or sweet.

As he stands thirstily waiting, attempting to show an interest in the pies on display, tho' hold his fingers pinched upon his pale nostrils- his fangs begin to protrude down over his dead lips. He moans softly to himself, anticipating sucking back at least, 10 pints, eh, pies, or more before the night is through.

26/Oct/2014, 07:07 AM
Loki of Asgard
Pie Eating Contest

Loki wove his way through the crowds, easily avoiding attention by sticking to the shadows and sneaking around the back side of the large table covered with goodies. He stepped lightly and peered over the side of the table, judging the pies and their qualities. Which ones would be good enough for him to devour? He briefly contemplated making a clone of himself eat the pies for the contest, in case they were poisoned, but thought better of it. He certainly had some tricks up his sleeve that would cure him of any poisons which might be lurking. So instead, he prowled around the table, encircling it while he tried to decide which pies to consume. Hey, Asgardians had to eat too. And they looked delectable.

As he prowled he plucked up two lemon, cherry, apple and lime pies and got himself a table of his own. He would conquer--erm...feast upon, his 8 pies in the allotted time!

27/Oct/2014, 03:32 PM
Ah, Drifa I knew you couldn't resist a very dwarvish game! and Melahny, welcome to the Pie Eating Contest!!

Dracula (Drifa):

The Dwarves in the kitchens, when several of them turned into vampires themselves, made sure to accommodate all the new tastes they now had. Fresh raw bloody meat pies were created for all sanguinovores and once fangs were shown as proof, the traditional pies were changed out. Afterall, we can't serve these to normal eaters, now can we?

Ten pies were served, but only eight were eaten! That is afterall a lot of blood to suck down at once, no?

Drifa, your new score is 78! Well Done! 2 bonus points also awarded! Grand Total: 80

Loki (Melahny):

King Dain was relieved when Loki, famed failed conqueror of Earth, did not immediately attempt to lay claim as ruler and dictator of Erebor. He was also further relieved when Loki went for the pies instead of the jewels buried deep in the mountain. Dain was impressed at the eight pies attempted, though not surprised when the formidable Loki could only take down six of the eight. They were after all pretty large pies.

Eight Pies were served, but only six were eaten!

Melahny, your new score is 42! Fabulous Job! 2 bonus points also awarded! Grand Total 44!

27/Oct/2014, 05:02 PM
Elsa made her entrance...
"Pies? Did anyone say Pies? I love Pies...all kinds of Pies. I'll try them all..."
"A Snow-ball pie... but not one of the yellow ones, thanks."
"An Icicle pie... An Ice-cube pie... A snow-cone pie... A crushed-ice pie... A powder-snow pie..."
She had forgotten the names of most of them, but she knew she wanted them... badly. Whether she actually could eat that many, she didn't know and didn't really care...she was just greedy!
"I'm the Snow-Queen... I want all your pies... or just one of each, that is. All 20 of them..."

28/Oct/2014, 03:09 PM
His lips smeared with blood , Drac closes his eyes feeling heavily sated in spite of the fact that he could only suck back 8 of the 10 pies -his one fault being that he always falls quickly to sleep after feasting- and transforms himself back into a bat and flies up to the rafters for a quick nap.

Some time later, rousing himself from the fitful nap, he descends down to the floor and transforms once more. He is suddenly aware of a few changes. One, he seems shorter than he use to be and two, his usual pale smooth skin feels prickly and itchy. He reaches up and feels course stubble upon his chin, the beginning of what he detects is a, beard?

Musing over this strange phenomenon, wondering who's blood the pies were made from, he is alerted to a shadowy figure (Loki/Melahny, with thoughts of subjugation on their mind) keeping to the shadows of the room and a greedy Snow Princes (Elsa/Toof), who's obsession with snow and ice , it would seem, almost as obscene as his with blood. Fearing that they may eat all the blood pies before he gets a chance to sample more himself, he attempts 12 pies, hope against hope that he does not fall asleep before he is done eating.