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Lady Aikári
16/Apr/2015, 10:30 AM

An idea from Drifa and Aikári

A reconnaissance mission. Year TA2945.


Very long ago this was the awaking place of Durin the Deathless, the Father of the Dwarves, where the descendants and their people would evolve from. For ages the Dwarves of the people of Durin slept there and after their awaking they lived there. But somewhere in the Second Age that changed, Orc took hold in the mountains and attacked the strongholds of the Dwarves, losing their sacred home to them. Since then the people of Durin felt a hot and fierce hatred for anything that served Morgoth and Sauron. Sometimes missions were undertaken to see if the place could be retaken. Alike Erebor rumour was there the mountain had also a backdoor, but no paper survived where that was written on, nor remained anyone alive among the Dwarves to know. And the powers of the elves in the south had no knowledge of this place, except the strength of the Orcs living there. The Orcs felt strong here and comfortable and the old furnaces of the Dwarves burnt lively to create armour for their kindreds in the north and Orc women raised their young into the fabled warriors of later. With the main entrance deep hidden in a gorge it was easy defensible against invaders. But how would that be from the other side? Or via the secret underground tunnels of the Orcs that they had forgotten about? For it had been their ancestors who had attacked and driven the Dwarves out, but had never taken pride in preserving their own history. Orcs burned records and destroyed their own history along with it. Bolg, son of Azog, is currently in charge of Gundabad and all training and life there…

- You can play your own character (All of their kinds are welcome!)
- You’ll receive additional RP training for the kind you choose, if you prefer.
- Ideas for minor plots in the RP are welcome, you can discuss them in the ooc thread
- OOC thread >>here (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78081-Erebor-Area-Gundabad-RP-OOC-thread)<<
- Keep to the Imladris Convention
- Respect everyone
- Have fun!

Rough plot:
- Gathering on the plains of the Dwarves
- Search for the backdoor, without special maps or incantations
- Entering Gundabad
- Strong Orc defense
- Leaving Gundabad
- Back to Erebor

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Lady Aikári
20/Apr/2015, 03:00 PM
They drew up the last boat and carried it to the trees. They laid beneath it such of their goods as they did not need and could not carry away. Then they left Parth Galen. The afternoon was fading as they came back to the glade where Boromir had fallen. There they picked up the trail of the Orcs. It needed little skill to find.
'No other folk make such a trampling,' said Legolas. 'It seems their delight to slash and beat down growing things that are not even in their way.'
'But they go with a great speed for all that,' said Aragorn, 'and they do not tire. And later we may have to search for our path in hard bare lands.'
'Well, after them!' said Gimli. 'Dwarves too can go swiftly, and they do not tire sooner than Orcs. But it will be a long chase: they have a long start.'
'Yes,' said Aragorn, 'we shall all need the endurance of Dwarves. But come! With hope or without hope we will follow the trail of our enemies. And woe to them, if we prove the swifter! We will make such a chase as shall be accounted a marvel among the Three Kindreds : Elves. Dwarves, and Men. Forth the Three Hunters!'
Like a deer he sprang away. Through the trees he sped. On and on he led them, tireless and swift, now that his mind was at last made up. The woods about the lake they left behind. Long slopes they climbed, dark, hard-edged against the sky already red with sunset. Dusk came. They passed away, grey shadows in a stony land.

~ Description from Two Towers, third book, page 6

Gabilân and Gamila

Endurance of the Dwarves… his kindred was a fabled about it. Or so the Friendly Races knew about them. Gabilân was his name in the home language. Khazâd was his people, or so he thought about his kindred. He never referred to himself as Dwarf in the basic language of Middle Earth. It was not a proper name. Galibân was about a hundred-thirty standard years old and was nearly middle aged. His image was a vigorous Khazâd in the bloom of his life. Youth had left his face and with it young innocence that a young Khazâd could get killed. Galibân couldn’t be so easily skilled anymore. He spoke his own language with the love he left as embraced the culture that was his. He was tall and strong build, as their lord Mahal had wished on them. But tall was Khazâd perspective, not from another kind. He could no interest in other kindred, except what via trade could be established. This travel was an urge to adventure than instead pursue his life with crafting. Galibân had quite unusual darkgreen eyes, mixed with what could be yellow spots, but his girlfriend Gamila would say that they looked like a green emerald where light shone through. Gamila had in her turn brown spickled eyes, that reminded him always to soft furs. Galibân thought they sparkled. Gamila’s hair was a lighter shade of brown than his, same for both their beards. The other kindreds said female and male Khazâd were very much alike in voice and appearance and that way it was almost not detectable that Gamila was female, but Galibân would know very well the difference.

That was translated into the way women did their hair and beard and the way man did their hair and beard. Men used to be quite unruly with that, braid her and there, dull colours on jewellery and things like beads were missing. Gamila had that sorts of things in her hair and within her beard. She was sturdy build like all of her kindred, but what females set apart was still the softness over the whole body where strong muscles hid underneath. She wielded an axe as easily as Galibân did. All hair was braided neatly away and in symmetry, so her mouth was free and when eating nothing would stick behind in the hair. Gamila was proper on herself and had her influence on her boyfriend also. They were not married yet. They lived in one of the halls of the Orocarni peacefully. Khazâd weren’t a feeble people, so fine as the Elves or so seasonal as the humans. They had a different creator and honoured in still, unlike some of the other kindred about the fabled Eru. Their minds and hearts could simply not be turned. Sauron might have tried that with the Rings of Power, but that was futile.

Gamila and Galibân were well dressed in armour and had a mix of usual weapons with them, swords, knives and axes. Galibân was fond of the warhammer, where he had one with him. Both carried a rucksack on their backs with what Khazâd travellers needed, they had donned helmets on and carried a shield over the rucksack. Both came from a people known by as the Ironfists and over the course of history was said they were a very greedy and warlike clan of Khazâd among the other Dwarven peoples. Henceforth neither Galibân nor Gamila would say to which clan they belonged, only that the came from the Red Mountains, known as the Orocarni. Still they existed and cut through the land of the east from the north toward the south. They lived together with the Stiffbeards. They had decided to stay on the Longbeards and living in the Iron Hills. They had their consent to go back to Gundabad from their Lord Khelgar IV Ironfirst. Maybe one day it could be taken back? Something was always nice worth to have a fight over, when off course an older enemy was extinguished. They had come all the way toward the Kingdom of Erebor and had been admitted as guests, hailing from the Iron Hills. Galibân could a real firehead, but Gamila held him well in check. Now they stood outside the Erebor mountains on the plains and waited for a party of Dwarves to arrive. Galibân knew they would be from the other Dwarves peoples; Longbeards, that lived in the Grey Mountains, in Erebor and in the Iron Hills; from halls in the Blue Mountains, Firebeards and Broadbeams. The others would all be from the deep east, but most likely not in many numbers. Gamila and Galibân waited, on other Dwarves. Other kindreds they wouldn’t tolerate at all.

22/Apr/2015, 02:50 AM
Talina was descended from the Longbeards (or Durin's Folk), so when she heard about a possible reconnaissance mission to recapture the place where the Dwarves first awoke, she gladly volunteered to help out as much as she could. She was about 161, had light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back that was now neatly braided into two braids on both sides of her head. The reason she opted for two braids instead of one is that she was a little self conscious about having a longer beard (since some dwarven women had shorter ones, but not Talina, or any female member of her family, for that matter) and she liked to hide it within her hair (which is why she preferred to wear it down most of the time). Her family had always called Erebor home, although they lived for a time in the Iron Hills and other places during the time Smaug the dragon was occupying it.

Although she was alive at the time, Talina was much too young to remember much about the attack (being only a wee lass at the time), though her parents did, and what she knew of it was from what she learned about it from them. Talina may have lived most of her life in the dwarf kingdoms of the Iron Hills and other places, but they never felt like home. It was only after they returned to Erebor (though it was quite in disarray after being occupied by a certain dragon for so many years) that Talina really felt like she belonged somewhere (probably because she heard so much about it), and she would gladly defend it if she could (though that's not what this current reconnaissance mission was all about, but that was besides the point).

Talina was the average size for a dwarf (about four and a half feet), so finding armor that would fit her wasn't that much of an issue, even if it was armor that hadn't been used in years (Talina wasn't sure if the armor she currently wore was used in either the attack on Erebor by Smaug or during the quest to reclaim it). She also had with her a small single-sided battle axe, which was passed on to her by her grandfather and her father (who was probably hoping to pass it on to Talina's older brother, but unfortunately got himself killed during the Battle of Azanulbizar, so Talina got it instead).

Although she didn't fight much, she was looking forward to causing some damage to the Orcs that seemed just as much of a threat than any dragon was (though Orcs didn't breathe fire, or at least not from what Talina learned of them), since both always seemed to take things that didn't belong to them. As she approached the rendezvous point (which was outside the Erebor mountains on the plains), she was glad that she wasn't the only female dwarf to answer the call, since she was sure one of the two already assembled was a female (since female dwarves were so similar in appearance, it was easy to mistake them for men). If she was right about this, this was the first time she came across a couple. "This is a first," Talina thought to herself, as she approached the pair. Though Talina was beyond the age to take a mate (since many dwarves didn't get married until they were about 100 or so), the thought never occured to her. Being exiled for so many years can kind of put a damper on things.

28/Apr/2015, 02:12 AM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

Afird stood looking wonderingly at the female dwarves (Gamila (standing out like a fancy bird with baubles in her hair and beard) and Talina), then smiled into his beard and shook his head.
'The times," he said to himself, "must surely be a changing'.
For every dwarf knew that female Khazâd's differ only in that - they do not go to war, and seldom save at direst need issue from their deep bowers and halls. It must be a very important scouting mission indeed, if their womankind were going abroad. But this was all new to Afird, and he could not judge.

He had left home soon after the news of the expedition had reached the dwarves in their halls in the Blue Mountains. He traveled to the Shire and then took the East-West Road straight towards the Redhorn Pass. No one seemed to concerned about a dwarf traveling alone and he wasn't harassed. His journey through the forest on the Old Forest Road was, due to its reputation, done with great speed and no straying from the path. And so, he soon found himself standing before the shores of the River Running. Although it was not much to his liking (not one for boats and such), he was very appreciative when he was offered a ride on a barrel raft by boatmen from Lake-town. When he arrived at the docks of that water town, he began to inquire about directions to the Lonely Mountain. On his tour, he thought that the gossip he had heard regarding the rebuilding of Lake-town and Dale, was more truth than untruth. There were marvels he saw in both places that were beyond words. In all it had taken him two months to reach the Lonely Mountain.

Taking his pack from his shoulders he placed it by his feet and flexed his shoulder muscles to ease the stress from the weight of the pack. He twisted his neck from side-to-side to relieve the kinks that had knotted there. He was a dwarf in fairly good shape but, even a robust dwarf would find the walk from the Blue Mountains to the Lonely Mountain a long haul, and glad when it is over. He had quite a few adventures on his journey to Erebor. Many tales for his family's ears when he returned home. Yes, when he returned home - not now. The thought of home made him feel lonely but, one would never know this by looking at the him. He was good at hiding his feelings.

Home was the Blue Mountains and had been for all his one hundred and forty-three years of life. He was born in 2802 the year his king, Thrain II and his son Thorin Oakenshield, settled in the South of Ered Luin beyond the Shire. His king and his son, were later kings in exile. Afird heard tales of great wonders and songs of burning desires to reclaim kingdoms of old but, he himself was content with the fair halls and hard work that kept him at home. Even though his lineage was that of the descendant of kings (his father a cousin of Thorin) the Longbeards, Afrid did not feel the desire as most of his kindred did and that made him set apart from many of his house. But he was honorable and would avenge any of his kind. He had that dwarven trait.

Afird had brown-eyes with fine creases folding at the corners when he smiled or squinted in the sun (which he was doing now as he looked off into the horizon over the Lonely Mountain). His mother called them raven-feet and said they made him look wise. He was of average height, five feet two inches tall, with reddish-brown hair and beard resembling the colour of polished copper. His long beard he kept tucked into a thick, wide, black belt about his waist. He wore a sleeveless hauberk (crafted to fit his stature), fine polished black boots, and a durable hooded cloak. He carried a small sharp knife in his boot and a mattock.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a piece of dried meat that he had been chewing on. It appeared that they were waiting on a few more dwarves to join the party. Afird didn't mind the wait. It gave him time to rest up before the march. He eyed the other male dwarf (Gabilân) that was present and decided that he would introduce himself once his meat was thoroughly chewed. No use getting off on the wrong foot with a mouth full of food whilst you speak.

Lady Aikári
22/Nov/2015, 01:36 PM
Gabilân and Gamila from the Red Mountains

“Are they coming or not?” grumbled Gabilân in his beard. He was getting impatient and therefore unfriendly, which was more or less his label in the clan. Gamila was not impressed by his grumbles and raised her shoulders only. “They will surely come, but you know our kind. We come when we want or like. We don’t allow us letting told what to do.” And when she turned around she found another female Khazâd walking towards them. “Very good morning,” replied Gamila socially. “I recon you are coming for the travel to Gundabad?” she asked. Word had spread around and she was content of it. She was at least looking forward to it, to see the fabled mountain and see it from the inside. That it might be an Orc stronghold, didn’t enter her mind now. But she came not unprepared. Her love Galibân nodded to the new arrival, but said nothing. He was in a bad mood.

Another arrival came in the form of a male Khazâd. Their kind did their own biding as their new companion first quietly eat a decent piece of dried meat. Gamila noticed she was being eyed and then ignored. Galibân was eyed with more interest. Men! They were always the same and in search for buddy companions if it could. Gamila shrugged inwardly and rather turned toward the other female Khazâd. “May I learn your name?” she asked politely as she knew her kind would never share their sacred names. “I am Gamila,” she said, giving a short bow to them to greet. Handshake was not the common way to greet among the Khazâd. “My mate and I are from the Orocarni in the east, and heard of this ancient place.” She hoped the other woman would like some conversation.

Galibân stood like some thundercloud. Off course if there would be riches in Gundabad, he would take them all! He waited on other Khazâd to arrive, for how bigger the party, how more chance there was they might be able to take their ancient home back from any enemy there lived. Oh yes, that would happen. He stamped from one foot on the other on the ground. Their boots were strong, but heavy. However Galibân never felt that weight. “We visited the Iron Hills,” he added to what his fiancé said. “Family lives there.” Secretly he hoped none of the arrival Khazâd would be from one of the disliked clans. His eyes travelled down the road. “Some Orc blood on my blades means one lesser evil in this world. Or more.” Galibân hoped on the day to see the Orc extinct, but he would see that in life, he didn’t know. Until it had only increased and as so many surmised, war was coming. But as no more members were coming, it was not really optional to go. So an announcer from Erebor came from the king, that the journey would be postponed. He invited all gatherers to come inside and have a pleasant evening over roaring fires and fine beer. The gatherers accepted this gladly and followed the messenger inside.

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