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Hlaevang walked through the pub attempting to gather his thoughts. Lots had been transpiring lately and it was taking longer than normal to process it. "What I need," he thought, "is something to take my mind off of the confusion. Something to test my skills and challenge me to better myself." At that moment he spied a table with a notice mentioning an axe competition. Reading the notice he decided this was precisely what he was looking for. Pulling out his quill, he put his name on the list of participants and awaited the arrival of others.

25/Feb/2016, 12:42 AM
Okay everyone. I have been pondering this for some time and I would like to gauge interest from those who are still around. One the activities I thoroughly enjoyed when I first joined the Dwarven kingdoms (in my earliest days on the plaza) was participating in the Dwarven guard/army. Since I took my hiatus, there have been a few revitalizations until it finally dissipated shortly before our move to the current servers. Since I have returned to actively participating on the plaza again, I have been giving some serious thought to revitalizing it again. However, this comes with a proviso: I can't do it alone. So what I am asking of all of you, is that as you read this post could you please leave a response as to whether you would like to see something like this again in the Dwarven kingdom? If yes, then the brainstorming will begin and we can decide which direction we wish to take it. Bringing it back though would give ask of us yet another way to RP or characters (NPC and otherwise). Thanks in advance for your reading of this thread and your responses

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25/Feb/2016, 01:23 AM
Grorkin had a reputation for being a rather timid, gentle dwarf. Indeed he had been just that in his younger years. But as he grew older his reputation began to bother him, and the desire grew in him to do something really bold and surprising. So when Grorkin heard about the new axe-throwing contest at the local pub he seized the opportunity to show his prowess. He chose his best axe and donned his favorite hood and set off. When he arrived at the pub another dwarf (whom he recognized as Hlaevang) was already there. He had apparently just written his name on the sign-up sheet. Without hesitation, Grorkin strode over to the table and signed his name on the paper.

Hlaevang: A Dwarven army sounds like a great idea! I'm all for it. :cheeky:

25/Feb/2016, 03:16 AM
Afird signed his name. He had heard news that a new guard was being assembled. Having journeyed from the Blue Mountains close to a year ago in search of adventure, he found himself sitting in the mountain twiddling his thumbs more often than not. He took part in the local pub, but that was all song and dance. He was eager to talk axes and armor. He believed he had just found his chance to. Bowing to Hlaevang and Grorkin, he sat down waiting for the discussion to start.

Great to see some activity. I will help out any way I can.

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Hlaevang acknowledged both Afird and Grorkin as they made their way over to where he was seated. He had waited a long time for this and knew that the timing was probably right. He had strong memories of those whom he had trained under all those years ago, able commanders all. He had risen through the ranks himself through accomplishments and he was ready, he believed, to impart his knowledge on the next generation of defenders of the Mountain. But before that could happen, he would need a core of people willing to make it happen. That these stalwart dwarves had offered their assistance, warmed his heart more than they could know. Taking a swig of his ale, he awaited the arrival of others whom he hoped would show interest as well.

26/Feb/2016, 01:10 AM
Afird, swigged his ale also. Then clearing his throat he said to his two companions.
'I say, how would a new pub/recreation place sound like for the guard? I was thinking of a name along the lines of 'Dragon's End'. I was also thinking that it could be a place where one could just kick-back, cuss and spit, without having to worry about offending some of the non warring types. They can have their Rock N Boot. We need a place where a dwarf can just be a dwarf and not some Rock Star.'
Afird took another swig of ale and said, ' Aye, I was just thinking.'

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26/Feb/2016, 01:32 AM
Grorkin took a long swig of ale and set his mug down with a thud. "That's a swell idea Afird. The Boot's getting a bit soft these days. Nobody ever uses the fighting pit over there anymore." He put his large booted feet up on the table. "We should set up a real dwarvish pub just for the guard and have fights and ruckus all the time, just for fun. I'm willing to help in anyway I can."

27/Feb/2016, 01:40 AM
Hlaevang nodded his agreement at the suggestion from Drifa. "That sounds like a great idea to me. A place for us to just be ourselves will our guardsmen a place to unwind and air their frustrations without the risk of offending the common folk. In terms of the guard itself, how do we wish to approach its re-formation? Are we wishing to focus mainly on axe training and patrolling to start, or do we wish to cover other areas as well? My thoughts are that we should work on or two areas to begin with, and then take things from there. Once we have a core nucleus of participants it will be easier for us to branch out into other areas and perhaps offer specializations. Our most pressing needs at the moment are trainers and conscripts. Have either of you led training disciplines? I have and I would be willing to impart my knowledge on new recruits." Hlaevang took another large drink from his mug of ale and eagerly awaited the replies from his comrades.

27/Feb/2016, 02:09 AM
The ale was going down really good now. Afrid listened to Hlaevang speak, then wiped the suds off his whiskers and replied.
'Aye, I was never much of a disciplined dwarf, per say. My work whilst I lived in the Blue Mountains was mostly mining and crafting. But I would be will to learn what I can to be able to teach and recruit.' Afrid stood and bowed before Hlaevang.
'Afird at your service! What would you have me do?'

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27/Feb/2016, 03:06 PM
Grorkin nodded in agreement when Afird offered Hlaevang his service. "I second Afird," he said enthusiastically. "I too am not an experienced soldier, but I am ready and willing to learn. I'm a smithy by trade, though, and I specialize in making armor and mail. Perhaps my skills could be of some use." With that he drained his mug and stood up. Bowing low to Hlaevang he offered him his service and asked, "How can I help?"

27/Feb/2016, 07:04 PM
Despite lying dormant for several years, the flames of desire for the field of battle still burned within Bovas. The Dwarves of Erebor currently lived in a state of peace, a hard won peace but peace all the same. Sipping his customary dwarven ale, Bovas saw a dwarf he used to serve with back in ages past. Hlaevang. Striding over to him, ale in hand he clapped him on the back "Hlaevang my old friend, what brings you to this part of the Mountain?" Before Hlaevang could answer, he spotted a scroll of parchment with signatures advertising the newly formed dwarven army. Bovas didn't need reminding of the memories his time in battle had given him. Grabbing a quill, he signed his name. "Hlaevang, I pledge my service".

27/Feb/2016, 07:57 PM
Hlaevang thought hard as to how he would respond to the two Dwarves before him. Deep down he knew it would come to this. So much had changed over the years. The priorities of the Kingdom had gradually shifted away from comabt training and recruitment, to more peaceful pursuits. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Hlaevang knew that peace was but an interlude between wars, however. They had to be ready for what might come. His own trainers, commanders and comrades at arms had taught him that much over the years. And, there was a peace to be had in practice with a blade. Looking again at Afrid and Grorkin, he knew these two would serve the kingdom well. They just needed to be trained and pointed in the right direction. It had been some years since he had the pleasure of training new recruits. But he had a feeling these two would be instrumental in the new command structure of the guard. "Thank you both for your support in this venture. Our first step would be to get you trained up to the point where you feel comfortable training others. Once you are comfortable, we will re-open the recruitment office and take things from there. It is going to take a couple of days to clean up the training field outside the walls."

At that moment his old friend, Bovas, clapped him on the shoulder. It had been years since he had worked directly with him and it was truly good to see him again. Suddenly, things were starting to fall into place. This, he felt, would go forward as the nucleus of the new Dwarven Army. "Bovas my old friend. It truly gladdens my heart to see you again. The powers that be within the kingdom have tasked me with the formation of a Dwarven army to assist in the protection of the region as well as to keep an eye on our interests, both in here and in the Western Mountains. So with that in mind, I gratefully accept your offer of service. Have you trained recruits before?" With that Hlaevang​ took another swig of ale.

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"I have, but not for many a year my old friend. However, I feel that the knowledge and skills of battle never leave a dwarf. I would wager, with axe and helm with me once more, the flames of war shall once again kindle in my breast". Taking a swig of ale, Bovas continued, "Whence shall I hasten? What do you require of me my friend?"

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Hlaevang listened to his friend's reply and thought hard before making his response."Those are wise words my friend. Indeed, the lessons of war and battle never truly leave us and I would be honoured to have at my side as we impart our knowledge on our new recruits. I have been clearing some space just outside the mountain for our purposes and should have it ready to go within a day.I am eager to get underway again. There has been a chill in my bones lately which I cannot quite put a name to and it is my hope that as we prepare ourselves, that my fears and apprehensions for the future will subside. Meet me here:http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78639-Dwarven-Army-HQ-and-Training " Hlaevang handed him a piece of paper, "and we will get things started."