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Swan Knights: Headquarters, Barracks, and Armoury


A beautiful yet elegantly simple set of sprawling white stone buildings cover land in the North-West of Dol Amroth, near The Bay of White Ships. They make up the Headquarters, Barracks, and Armoury of the Swan Knights, the Navy and Cavalry branch of Gondor's military forces.


The main building of the grouping is Swan Knight Headquarters. A heavy oak door guards its entrance, and the members of the guard can be seen entering and exiting, going about their daily business. It opens into a spacious hall with several windows open to the outside, letting in light and fresh sea air. Along the halls are several offices of the high-ranking officers of the Swan Knights. Outside of the Commander's office is a notice board with several pieces of parchment pinned up, noting updates and important information for the military men and women who serve Gondor.

Uniform and equipment of the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth

The uniform consists of a pair of grey leather knee high boots, grey trousers, a white sleeved shirt, blue tunic and surcoat, both emblazoned with the White Swan and a grey ankle length woolen cloak.
Armour: a chain mail hauberk, conical helm with nose and cheek guards, hard boiled leather vambraces. Additional equipment could also be acquired: greaves, etc. Swan Knights carry a shield of blue bearing the White Swan of Dol Amroth.
Weapons: one or two daggers or knives, one main melee weapon, and one ranged weapon of your choosing, depending on your skills or preferences.

*Upon reaching Swan Knight, soldiers may add a second melee weapon
**Upon reaching Roquen / Ciryandor soldiers will work with and receive a battle-trained horse

Renown System:

SWAN KNIGHTS of Dol Amroth

26 - 100

101 - 200

Swan Knight
201 - 300

Roquen / Ciryandor
301 - 450

451 - 650

Training is available for the Swan Knights in both the Cavalry thread and the Navy thread. You may only train if you have already gone through basic training in Minas Tirith,but you may train with the Swan Knights even if you did not choose this branch of Gondor's military.

If you wish to enlist, please head to the Minas Tirith Headquarters [HERE (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78733-Headquarters-amp-Armoury)].
You can follow your renown score in the [Renown Thread (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78722-Gondorian-Military-Roster-amp-Renown)] in the main SL forum


Adjacent to the Headquarters is the Armoury. It is a low but very spacious building. The torches on the walls between the racks of weapons give light to it. At the first sight one might think that a map is needed to find the way among all the tables and racks of armour and the wooden figures displaying the armour.

There is a section with spears and javelins lining up neatly according to their lengths. Next to them is a small collection of battle axes. After those come a vast display of swords - lines upon lines of long swords, a fewer lines of short swords, some broad swords and some rapiers. And then there is a section almost as big as that for swords, but dedicated to bows. The greater part of it consists of longbows, though there are a few other types of bows found among them. The tables in the midst of the large room contains pieces of armour, various daggers, helms, belts, scabbards, and some other accessories. One of the walls has shelves rising almost to the ceiling and filled boots on the two lower shelves and the garments meant for the uniform stacked high on the other shelves.

The back door leads from the armoury into a small forge. The bulk of the weapons and armour are made by the city's blacksmiths, however the smith in this forge has his hands full with trying to repair all the weapons and chainmail shirts, and whatever else wrought of steel the soldiers bring to him, claiming that the item needs emergency repairs. From new recruits to seasoned soldiers, they all visit the armoury from time to time; whether it’s to gather the necessary equipment, or to have it fixed or replaced.

Lieutenant Ioneth is the main soldier on duty at and in charge of the armoury, though soldiers take shifts here.



Living Quarters, Common Room, Mess Hall & Kitchen
Across the courtyard from the headquarters of the Swan Knights are the barracks - a sturdy four-story building. The front door opens into an entrance hall.
To the left is the Mess, to the right – the Common Room. Two long stairways lead upstairs. Right in front is the Barracks Master's office.

Mess Hall
The mess may be entered both from the entrance hall of the Barracks, and directly from the courtyard. Long tables with the benches run down the middle of the room. The officers' long table is at the head of the hall, but not all officers keep to strict discipline at mealtimes, preferring sometimes to sit with their soldiers. Along the outside wall are large windows providing more natural light for the large hall. On the inside wall there is are big fireplaces. All along the outer wall, under the windows, is a long buffet carved of hardwood. The soldiers can find the available drinks and food set there by the cooks. At both its ends are pumps providing fresh water from a natural spring.

Meal Times



Lunch (first serving)


Lunch (Second serving)






There are also special meals for forces returning from or setting out on a mission.
There is a smaller room outside the mess, sometimes referred to as the “little mess”. Here too there is a buffet, and a water pump. This buffet only serves fresh fruit, nuts, bread, honey and similar snacks. However, it remains open all day long.

Every soldier in the barracks knows the kitchens: all soldiers are required to do shifts there, helping with the washing and the cleaning, the unloading of merchandise brought early in the morning, and the bringing of items from the cellar, though never with the cooking. The kitchens take half the ground floor of the South Wing. Four large fireplaces are equipped for spit-roasting, but those are only used on special occasions. In the cooler cellars bellow, there are stores of cheeses, sausages, smoked meats and fish, apples, potatoes, as well as barrels of ale, mead, cider and wine.
There's also a cellar filled with pre-packed field rations, ready in case a big force of the Swan Knights needs to march or take to sea with no time for preparation.

Chief of the kitchen staff is Sergeant Torwald. One of the largest Knights on the roster, this tall dark-bearded man cuts a forbidding picture, but despite his great muscled mass and a height topping the next tallest by a good head, he is one of the kindest and gentlest souls you could ever hope to meet. He is quiet, and rarely speaks, but when he does, one would do well to listen.

He is married to the Barracks Master, Lieutenant Ioneth. She is harsh, but fair, though no one would dare cross her twice - assuming they survived the first attempt. Together the pair run a tight ship.

Living Quarters
Two stairways lead off from the entrance hall of the barracks: one to the South Wing, where the women are housed, and one to the North, for the men.
Crossing between the wings is strictly prohibited.

Each room has four hammocks, as the Swan Knights sleep in quarters designed to prepare them for long missions at sea. There are heavy oaken chests at the foot of each bed for the storage of the personal belongings. Rooms are also furnished with a large wardrobe, two desks, and several chairs.

The officers live in the central wing, in private rooms a bit more spacious than those of the soldiers.

Common Room
The ground floor of the North Wing is taken by the common room, meant for the soldiers to rest in and enjoy each other's company or solitude - at times. It is spacious and has many large windows letting in the light. Several fireplaces have been built along the inner wall, and some armchairs have been placed before each. There are more armchairs, sofas and low tables around the room. Along one of the walls runs a bookcase filled with books for those who enjoy reading. It has a wide variety of literature beginning with some historical records and books on weaponry and ending with some volumes of poetry and fascinating stories. After 23:00, the common room must be kept quiet, so as not to disturb the soldiers sleeping on the upper floors.


Officer Quarters

Room 1

Captain Thorongil

Room 2

Lieutenant Ioneth, Sergeant Torwald

Room 3


*usually spends his nights on the ships

North Wing

Room 106

Room 109

South Wing

Room 105

Room 107

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