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09/Apr/2016, 08:31 PM
The Dragon's End

Welcome to the Dragon's End. This pub is situated within a dark corner of the Mountain. It is a place where Dwarves can meet to let off steam and where like-minded folks of all races will be greeted by the same aloofness. In the back corner of the pub, a fighting ring has been set up. Combatants are required to approach the pubmaster before using the ring so as to avoid unwanted injuries to the spectators.


Durin's Stout - A dark, bitter beer proudly served tonight by Gorun the Pubmaster

King's Claret - a.k.a. Dorwinion Wine imported from down south. Enjoy this merry and sleepy drink! It's rare that Thranduil lets his barrels make it this far north.

Goblin's Grog - A very strong and foul type of alcohol that can't really be described by conventional means. Drink it if you like burning throats, gagging, or proving yourself in front of other Dwarves.

Bard's Arrow - Tales have it that the only reason why Bard was able to slay the dragon was because of the courage and clarity of mind that this expertly made cider gave him.

Sorceress' Potion - a.k.a. Miruvor from Lothlorien. No one knows how the Dwarves came to store so much of it. If you're a foreigner looking for escape, order some of this for renewedstrength and vigour.

Bilbo's Shire Ale - In honour of the great halfling. Polite to the tongue yet fulfilling for any Dwarf's drinking requirements, this one will really get you talking.

The Ghost of Smaug - If you want a rush, this is your spirit of choice. Bubbling with blue mist, it will send you into aspin. Your brain will scream. You'll burp out cold blue flames, and if they don't come out that way, they'll come outthe other end.

Everyday refreshment - coffee, tea, water are availible on demand.

Some Old Favorites:

Telperion Mist - An old favorite of the Dwarves . Drink at your own risk!

The Pippy - A way to get drunk twice as fast and with an extra kick. Beware of boots. Big boots.

Orc Bite - Created to give Dwarves the courage to face a horde of orcs wearing nothing but towels and armed with nothing but feathers.

The Lucust Lake Drink - The histories of this ale are largely clouded, but a counsel of ale experts deemed it too strong to be safe...

Long Mordor Ice Tea - Favorite drink of the Orcs, it is always drunk after battle victories. It cools the throat and quenches thirst. It has a slightly minty flavour, giving even the most filthy Orcs minty freshness. Served with a delicate Shire olive and Oggled Khazad leaf in it.

Lorien Breezer - A light coloured drink, this is a heavily fortified cocktail which is sure to entice the palette of men and women alike. Made from the freshest herbs and spices and several ounces of whiskey, this drink will set your very soul on fire.

Sandbrow Ale - An ale with a caffeine kick due to a wee bit of Mahal Espresso. Best served with limes this very sweet ale inspires singing and turns hair a bright stunning red for about fifteen minutes.

This is up to your imagination. Meat, bread, pie, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, cheese, or any combination thereof, and anything else that you might fancy. Simply approach Gorun and order whatever you're hungry for.

16/Apr/2016, 03:31 AM

Finna, daughter of Floin, took a drink of Orc Bite then sniffed sadly, looking down into the ale, searching the frothy foam in hopes of finding courage. Courage not only to face a horde of orcs, but other obstacles that would pop up when she made her way towards a new life. She sighed deeply whilst alternating between Orc Bite and sniffling , feeling sorry for herself, and allowing the ale to slowly help her drown her sorrows.

She tried to make the army her new home but, her lot was aprons and flour and rolling pins, it would seem. She could not conform to the role of an army person with all its strict rules - its blood, guts and glory. She was much to set in her ways even if she stomped and stormed and made scenes occasionally (trying to be a tough dwarf). She was just a simple dwarf women at heart, who liked to cook ( a rarity for her race). She had sort of made a home here, the Crusty Dwarf Bakery in Lake-town being her pride and joy for a time , and the army. Alas, it was not meant to be - sad to say.

She decided to leave the army and travel to Khazad-dm and join a group of renegade dwarves as their chief cook and crock washer - allowing her to make her own rules, her own way. But she was anxious. There were orcs in Moria; big ugly ones with fangs - well at least that is what she heard tell. And yes, she could wield an axe and a meat clever as good as any dwarf but, she would rather leave that to the berserkers. Her desires were to chop vegetables for the soup pot, not orcs and their necks.

Taking up the mug of ale, she drank down the contents and order another - wiping her tear soaked face with her hand (her beard hanging lank and wet), and trying to get control of herself. But it did not work. When the fresh mug of Bite was placed before her, she continued the spiral dance down ; ale leading sniffling, with sorrow constantly butting in. Maybe she would find happiness at the bottom of the mug this time; or oblivion.