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10/Apr/2016, 04:32 AM
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"We have now come to the River Hoarwell, that the Elves call Mitheithel. It flows out of the Ettenmoors, the troll-fells north of Rivendell, and joins the Loudwater away in the South. Some call it the Greyflood after that. It is a great water before it finds the Sea. There is no way over it below its sources in the Ettenmoors, except by the Last Bridge on which the Road crosses."

~ Strider, The Fellowship of the Ring, Flight to the Ford

The Last Bridge is an important place. It is the only way to cross the Mitheithel River, and all travelers, elves, orcs, men, or dwarves are forced to cross it if they wish to enter the Lone Lands. The Rangers, understanding the importance of the bridge and the danger servants of the Enemy present to the Lone Lands once they cross it, decided to put guards on the bridge. The guards are supposed to test your loyalty to the Free Peoples and allow passage to only trustworthy people. All servants of the Enemy who present a threat to the safety of the Dúnedain of the Lone Lands are to be destroyed immediately by the guards who protect the Last Bridge.

Three guards were chosen for the job. They are all trustworthy Dúnedain who were appointed specifically to protect the Last Bridge. Each guard is positioned directly above one of the three great arches of the bridge. Each presents a different challenge to those wishing to cross the bridge. Only once the traveler had successfully completed the challenges do they allow the person to cross the bridge. The three guards are very different. The first guard seeks only amusement. The second is wise, and will test your lore knowledge. The third is a fighter, and will challenge your bravery and courage by assigning you a dangerous task.

The Three Tests:

The first guard will ask you a question quoted from a book written by Professor Tolkien. You will have 24 hours to answer it with an answer different than the one that appears in the book, preferably funny. You may answer with two different answers and see which one is accepted by the guard.
Example: "Where did you go to, if I may ask?" (Thorin, The Hobbit, Roast Mutton)
Answer: "To a party... I mean, a meeting... of some friends in Rivendell."

The second guard will ask you a lore question from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or The Silmarillion. You will have 36 hours to find and post the correct answer.

The third guard will give you a challenging task, meant to test your courage. You will have 24 hours to post an answer involving your character's adventures while completing the mission. This is the time to improve your writing and roleplaying skills!

Please note that although there is a specific amount of time for the completion of each test, you may request more time by PM.


Play nicely, respectfully, with no spamming, double posting, and with everything being Family-Friendly.

Do not double post!

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If you wish to Roleplay as one of the guards, PM Nólewen.

Have fun, and try try to improve your roleplaying and writing skills!

Rivvy Elf
15/Apr/2016, 09:17 AM
Balcheth (Viceroy of Sons of Fëanor Bros. Pictures)
Gloomingly Trying to Cross this Bridge

She sighed, as she moved a strand of jet-black hair from her face. Ever since almost all the Sons of Fëanor died, the propaganda branch kept shriveled until the only membership left was her and the 4 remaining viceroys. All 4 had disappeared, leaving her the Last Viceroy. Her current mission? Find the Viceroy that disappeared in the west searching for the last Silmaril in the oceans. To do so, she had to enter and exit the Lone Lands, more specifically, cross this bridge first.

Wearing leather armor and carrying a staffed spear in one hand, she walked towards the guard guarding the eastern side of the bridge. She put her hand up in front of her face so that the guard could see the palm of her hand and the no-nonsense expression on her face.

"I know what you are doing. Just get it over with, ask me a question and let me cross to the next arch," Balcheth curtly stated to the guard, not bothering to greet the guard with any pleasantry whatsoever.

15/Apr/2016, 12:49 PM
The First Guard

The guard smiled. Finally, something to do. He placed his sword firmly in front of him and put his two hands on the hilt, leaning forward. "Welcome to the Last Bridge. To cross this bridge, you must pass three tests that will confirm your friendliness to the Rangers of the Lone Lands. On the occasion that you do not pass them, we have very clear orders." he smiled, happy to discover that he actually remembered the words they forced him to memorize. "We will simply toss you - " he pointed at the river meaningfully. "Down there." The Guard waited to see the effect of his words before continuing. "Your first challenge will be to answer the following question with an answer that differs from what is truly written in the book. Try to make me laugh."

Your question is: "Tell me, if my asking does not seem foolish, who is Tom Bombadil?"
(Originally asked by Frodo, In the House of Tom Bombadil)

Rivvy, you have 24 hours to answer this question. Everyone else: you may arrive at the bridge in the next 24 hours and immediately answer the first question.

Rivvy Elf
15/Apr/2016, 01:49 PM
"Tom Bombadil is a talking troll purse," responded Balcheth, who was just done rolling her eyes at the guard.

Fairy Nuff
15/Apr/2016, 10:47 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Starbreeze was nearing the end of a very long journey and was looking forward to spending some time out of the saddle, no doubt something her poor pony would appreciate too. She may be short and wizened, but it had been a long walk for the creature who had accepted his lot without complaint, but who was clearly now flagging. They had started many days hence, in the south near Gondor, and woken before dawn each day, plodding at their own pace across the land, choosing the quiet roads, the hidden paths, the ways known only to the elves of old and the wizards, so they would not be disturbed.

The Last Bridge, on the other hand, was a necessary, and unavoidable, point at which their paths must cross with the paths of others. And it seemed that another (Balcheth) was already crossing the bridge ahead of her. She was no stranger to this crossing, nor to many of the guards who served here. She hoped the guards would be in good humour when she met them. "Suilad, hello." she called, dismounting from her pony a short distance from the bridge and leading the horse towards the first guard.

16/Apr/2016, 02:30 AM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

His dwarf-boots felt heavy on his feet as Afird came to a bend in the road and finally saw the Last Bridge in the distance. He was almost home; and he was exhausted. He had spent the winter with kin in Erebor. His distant kin (more robust and jolly than his kin beyond the Lune) liked to eat - and eat, and eat. He left the Lonely Mountain with an extra two holes in his belt, and more weight than his heavy pack had put on his back before he had set out for the Mountain. But he was not to worried. He had always been an active dwarf (uncharacteristically lean for one of his race) and with still a good ways to go before he reached home and hearth, he knew that the pounds would melt off eventually. And so, hoping to get off his feet and brew a hot pot of coffee over a restful fire on the other side of the river, he hoisted his pack and made his way towards the bridge.

As he got closer, he noticed that there was something of someone on the bridge, shadowed beside the great arches. His shortsightedness was getting worst as he got older, so it wasn't until he was almost at the bridge that he could make out three Rangers standing on guard. 'This is new', he thought. There was also two tall females of uncertain origin; one with a pony, one with jet black hair and attitude. All appeared to be in conversation. He decided to take off his heavy pack and wait, allowing the ladies to go first.

Standing at rest - his reddish-brown hair and beard resembling polished copper in the sun - Afird whistled a tune. The familiar site of the bridge, a welcoming landmark, made him happy even tho' he was tired.

17/Apr/2016, 03:31 AM
First Guard

The guard looked unhappily at Balcheth. "You had to destroy my good mood, didn't you?" he shook his head, but couldn't stop a smile after he heard her answer. "That will have to do," he nodded, straightening himself. The guard raised his sword, moving it swiftly in front of him, until the blade almost touched Balcheth's throat, then pulled it quickly and pointed at the guard behind him. "Go on," he stepped aside to allow her to pass.

Second Guard

The guard in the midst of the bridge was the most serious one. Her sharp eyes followed each of the movements of the travelers, her sword constantly drawn. When the first guard allowed Balcheth to pass, she immediately stepped forth and asked the next question.

Who was not dead, but near death?

Rivvy, you have 36 hours to answer this question. The answer could be found in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, or The Silmarillion.

First Guard

The guard checked who the next travelers were. "Hello!" he called enthusiastically, waving at the first one (Starbreeze). "Come up here, I'll ask you both a question together." he added, waving at Afird. "Separate answers, same question. Make me laugh."

Your question is: "What do they live on when they can't get hobbit?" (Originally asked by Sam, The Fellowship of the Ring, A Knife in the Dark) You have 24 hours to answer this question, Drifa and Fairy.

Fairy Nuff
17/Apr/2016, 08:39 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Starbreeze was pleased to find the first guard in good spirits - the previous traveller must have given a good answer to the challenge; now she just had to do the same. She often wondered what would happen should she, or any other, fail to satisfy a challenge set by one of the guards on the bridge, but hoped she would not find out first hand. She nodded politely as the dwarf (Afird) approached.

Listening carefully to the question the first ranger gave to both herself and Afird, Starbreeze rubbed her ear as she gave the answer some thought. "Well now, I suppose that when no hobbit is available, there is naught for them to dine on but maggoty orc bread, for the elves would not spare a crumb of lembas for them, nor the dwarves part with their cram (though the midges would like as not decline the cram if lembas was available, no offence Mr Dwarf). You can see why they were so partial to the hobbits!" She smiled, hoping her answer would be satisfactory.

Rivvy Elf
18/Apr/2016, 03:41 AM
Balcheth (Viceroy of Sons of Fëanor Bros. Pictures)
Gloomingly Trying to Cross this Bridge

The elleth did not flinch as the sword was pointed, inches away from her throat. She merely glanced at the first guard as the sword was relinquished and the first guard allowed her to pass through.

"Good mood? I have not been in a good mood for ages. Were I had spare time I could spend many a year regaling my life to you," Balcheth haughtily responded, and interjected before the guard could respond, "but I think not. I shall be on my way." Behind her was another crosser of the bridge (Starbreeze),but the elleth had no time to give false platitudes towards the fellow traveler. She had a mission.

With that, she moved on towards the second guard, who looked very serious. Hearing the second guard's question, Balcheth thought a little about it, "Turin Turambar, after he saw the burial mound of Finduilas. He grieved so much he became near death, but did not die. Good thing he did not, else Glaurung would have been troublesome to kill."

18/Apr/2016, 01:48 PM
First Guard

"Sure, sure, you may pass," he said to Starbreeze, but his attention was focused on Afird. The dwarf did not respond to his question, and the deadline had passed. Quickly stepping forth, the guard suddenly grabbed the dwarf. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood today," the Ranger explained. "Otherwise I do not believe you'll still be alive." Half pushing, half throwing, the first guard flung Afird into the River Hoarwell. "I'll let you live," he shouted downwards, happily leaning over the side of the bridge to watch the dwarf's struggle. "Just tell me your answer and I'll pull you out!"

Second Guard

"That was not the answer I was looking for," she mused. "But it's definitely a good one. I'll let you rethink about the answer."

Rivvy, you have 24 hours to answer this question again. The answer is in The Lord of the Rings.

The Second Guard turned towards Starbreeze. "Greetings," she said, looking at the approaching traveler. "Welcome to the Last Bridge. Answer this question correct, and you'll pass. Answer it wrong, and you'll be thrown into the river."

In the songs of who's people were the fields green? You have 36 hours to answer this question, Fairy.

18/Apr/2016, 04:39 PM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

Afird was so taken aback as he flew through the air and hit the water that all he could think of was; thank Mahal I took off my pack or I would be down at the bottom. Sputtering and struggling to stay above the water, he noticed black specks on the surface of it. Thousands of black specks. Soon they were in his eyes and nose and mouth. He knew right away what they were and called out furiously as he continued to stay above the water.
'Midges! Midges!'

18/Apr/2016, 07:20 PM
First Guard

The guard laughed. "Midges? That's the best answer I heard today!" he sighed, looking down at the dwarf in the water. "Very well. I think I'll have to rescue you." The guard seemed a little disappointed. He run down the river bank, grabbing a branch that was laying on the ground nearby. He thrust it forward, using the branch to pick up the dwarf's hood. His strength helped him pull the dwarf, slowly and carefully, towards him. When the dwarf was in reaching distance, the guard grabbed his shoulders with both hands and pulled him out of the river. "Go on," he returned to his spot on the bridge. "You may pass."

Second Guard

The second guard watched the dwarf struggle in the river, her eyes narrowed with interest. "I will ask you the next question," she said immediately after the dwarf was rescued by the first guard. "You have 24 hours to answer it. Answer seriously. What song rolled loud and high?"

Fairy Nuff
18/Apr/2016, 09:08 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Breathing a small sigh of relief that she had passed the first test, Starbreeze led her pony a little further on, to stand by the second guard. Before she could say anything in greeting though, she heard a large splash. Looking behind her she saw the dwarf struggling to keep his head above water; it seemed he had been a little slow to answer. Better not dally then, she thought to herself, and turned back to the second guard, swallowing a gulp as she promised the same fate would await her if she failed.

"Green fields eh? Well, I can think of several places where the fields actually are green, but not necessarily sung about." She paused and ran a few verses through her head, humming tunelessly as she did so, to see if she could think of a song referring to those fields. "I'm not too good at this singing malarkey, you know. It's the trouble with having an ageing voice box and an ancient memory. But I wonder if you are referring to the people of Rohan; the song goes like this if I remember rightly" and she sang out in her cracked voice:

"We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,
the swords shining in the South-kingdom.
Steeds went striding to the Stoningland
as wind in the morning. War was kindled.
There Théoden fell, Thengling mighty,
to his golden halls and green pastures
in the Northern fields never returning...."*

She shook her head as she trailed off, mourning for the singing voice she could have had, if she had been a different maia. Then, never one to stay down long, she brightened suddenly, eyes sparkling with humour, and quipped "Unless of course you mean the Battle of Greenfields in TA2747, in which the hobbits invented the game of golf?"

*Song of the Mounds of Mundberg (Return of the King - The Battle of the Pelennor Fields)

19/Apr/2016, 02:18 AM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

Still somewhat shocked by all that had just transpired, Afird stood dripping wet on the bridge as the the guard gave him permission to pass. 'Permission indeed', he thought. As he wrung out his beard he spoke to the guard in his most dignified voice.
'If you please, I would like to get my pack before I cross the bridge. What goes on here?', he asked as he shook water from a boot. 'I have never had trouble crossing the bridge before? Why this is Orc work!' Not waiting for an answer, he walked towards his pack and called out over his shoulder once more.
'Orc work, bah!'

Soon his pack was secure upon his back once more, and he haughtily walk by the first guard and was soon stopped by a second guard. The second guard was just as rude demanding that he answer questions and answer them seriously.
'What song rolled loud and high, you ask?' said Afird. 'Why every dwarf has heard of that song and the tale that goes with it. Listen to it now!'

The quays were thronged with hurrying feet. Some began to sing snatches of old songs concerning the return of the King under the Mountain; that it was Thror's grandson not Thror himself that had come back did not bother them at all. Others took up the song and it rolled loud and high over the lake.

The King beneath the mountains,
The King of carven stone,
The lord of silver fountains
Shall come into his own!

His crown shall be upholden,
His harp shall be restrung,
His halls shall echo golden
To songs of yore re-sung.

The woods shall wave on mountains
And grass beneath the sun;
His wealth shall flow in fountains
And the rivers golden run.

The streams shall run in gladness,
The lakes shall shine and burn,
And sorrow fail and sadness
At the Mountain-king's return!

So they sang, or very like that, only there was a great deal more of it, and there was much shouting as well as the music of harps and of fiddles mixed up with it. Indeed such excitement had not been known in the town in the memory of the oldest grandfather. The Hobbit, A Warm Welcome

With a glint in his eye (not one bit ascared of these rude guards), Afird stared at the guard, daring him to say that he could not pass.

Rivvy Elf
19/Apr/2016, 06:38 AM
Balcheth decided to make up a name, "Frodo" she responded shrugging. If she got it wrong she'll just jump down the river herself.

19/Apr/2016, 12:53 PM
Second Guard

"Incorrect," she calmly told Starbreeze, but could not make herself throw someone into the river. "Please try again. You have 24 hours to answer the same question, although I'll give you a very helpful clue. If you translate the name of the person who's the answer to the original question, you'll find the color of the fields in the name."

"You may pass," the guard looked surprised as Afird provided the correct answer.

The second guard looked at Balcheth and sighed. "No," she shook her head. "The answer was Arwen. However, both of the people you named were indeed close to death. You may pass, or you may throw yourself into the river."

Third Guard

"Here's your challenge," the third guard was possibly the most enthusiastic one. At the moment he heard that two travelers got permission to pass, he excitedly began talking. "This area is loved by trolls. In the first cave you see as you go west from the bridge, you'll find twelve swords. Ten of then were man-made, one was made by elves, and one was made by dwarves. Identify which sword is elven and which sword is Dwarven and bring both of them over here. Teamwork, please. Do this challenge together. You have 24 hours to compete this last test."

Fairy Nuff
19/Apr/2016, 11:52 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

The wizardess's face wrinkled into a frown as the guard replied, not out of consternation that she had been wrong, but because she did not understand the clue the guard had graciously given. She thought hard, and for a while she was perplexed, for she could not think of any songs that matched the requirements. Then, slowly a smile crept across her face; she had been looking at it all the wrong way, she should not be trying to think of a song, but rather the key to the question was whose people it was that sang it. "I'll wager that the answer is Legolas, or I'm a toadstool" she grinned at the second guard.

20/Apr/2016, 03:36 PM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

Afird could not believe what was happening on the bridge. Now he was expected to find swords for the guards!? What kind of jape was this? And on top of that, he had to get together with one of the other travelers (Balcheth). The dwarf had no time for this, he wanted to go home. But it appeared that he would not until this task was accomplished. He looked at the women, Balcheth and said.

'I am going to find the swords and get this whole experience over with. You can come with me or not.' Aye it wasn't very welcoming comment, but Afird was not in a welcoming mood.

Making his way west (uncertain if the other traveler was following him or not), he found the cave and made his way in. He had no light. Maybe the women had one. ' 'Bah!' he mumbled. Now he wished he had been more friendly. Hopefully she had followed.

20/Apr/2016, 06:23 PM
Second Guard

"Correct," the second guard stepped aside to let Starbreeze pass. "Legolas is indeed the correct answer. This statement appears in the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. Please go ahead and complete the last challenge."

Third Guard

"Greetings," the last guard excitedly stepped forward, completely ignoring Afird's unfriendly comments. "I will try to block your way. Be creative, please. For example, throwing me into the river or pushing me aside will be very uncreative. Once your foot touches the ground behind me, the river bank, you're free to pass." He drew his sword, happily blocking Starbreeze's way.

Rivvy Elf
20/Apr/2016, 07:33 PM
Balcheth (Viceroy of Sons of Fëanor Bros. Pictures)
Frustration Dealing with Teammates Trying to Cross this Bridge

The last viceroy took her sweet time, following the dwarf (Afird) from afar. How dare he use such language to her! Did he know who she was? How prestigious her office was in the history of Arda. Of course not, SOFBP made sure to keep their presence away from those historians through bribes and such. She was the one that was allowed to be condescending because of her rank. He had no divine right.

When he entered the cave, she rolled her eyes when she did not see a fire. Balcheth took time looking around the caves, at various rock formations. Using a larger stone, she chipped away some flint on the outside of the cave, took out a torch from her pack that she hid well, lit it using the flint and, some branches, and the torch, and entered the cave.

"Oh look, an elf can see in the dark, while the dwarf cannot. Perhaps its due to the fact I brought along a torch," Balcheth taunted to Afird, then mockingly asked, "I thought dwarves could see in the dark? Do they not mine in caves darker than this one all the time?"

She ignored whatever response the dwarf would come up with and went to work finding the blades. Inside the troll's cave were treasure chests, bones of various creatures, including dwarfs and humans. Perhaps that wouldn't scare the dwarf too much? And... even an elfin corpse or too.

... Was the troll still alive? Because Balcheth did NOT want to fight a troll today.

She found a long femur bone of a dead horse. Grabbing it, he handed it to the dwarf, "is this not a dwarf weapon?" she taunted.

Before she could respond to whatever response the dwarf had, Balcheth saw the blades, all mysteriously gathered around in one location.... So that was why the guard knew the exact number of blades, they gathered them together.

"There are two immediate ways to find out which blade is which," she said, holding up one of the blades, "first way is to see if there are any language inscriptions; typically its maker wants to show off that the blade was made by them." she took a look on the blade, holding it near her eyes. She frowned.

"Second way... is to," Balcheth then quickly made a slash at a large stone, attempting to hew it in two. Sparks immediately emanated from the collision, "is do a test." She inspected both the rock and the blade. The blade had damage, while the stone had less. This blade was not elven.

"Why don't you do half, and I do half, sir dwarf? Or would you prefer to test all of them?" she asked to (Afird)

Fairy Nuff
20/Apr/2016, 10:08 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

"Well, that's a relief, I was starting to think I might be a toadstool after all!" Starbreeze grinned at the second guard, very grateful to have been given a second chance, and resolving to return to the libraries at Isengard and Minas Tirith once her work here was done in order to reacquaint herself with the many text and songs there, for her memory was clearly starting to fail in her hold age.

Leading her pony a few steps onwards she then paused before the third guard. She was a little surprised at the guard's enthusiastic greeting, and then a little more surprised when he drew a sword on her. She pouted, and quipped "You wouldn't pull a sword on an old woman would you now?" - a rhetorical question for she fully accepted this as part of the tests. Nodding to show she accepted the challenge she said "But let me ask you one thing first; will you let my pony pass now, to graze on the grass on the other side whilst I pit my wits against you? You surely do not accept this gentle creature to get caught up in the vagaries of men?" She waited for the guard's response.

20/Apr/2016, 11:40 PM
Third Guard

"This might be part of your plan," the guard looked doubtfully at Starbreeze's pony. "In the Lone-lands, nothing is as it seems. Your pony could wait on the bridge, next to the first guard," he pointed at the first guard with his sword. "I assure you your pony will be safe and treated well. We know how to take care of horses, don't we?" he called out to the first guard, who nodded, clearly beginning to take interest in the challenge the third guard assigned Starbreeze​.

Fairy Nuff
21/Apr/2016, 07:55 AM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Starbreeze chuckled quietly at the third guard's wariness and suspicion. "Of course, it is your job and duty to ensure no rogue ponies pass. Not to worry, this old girl has seen it all before anyway". She led the pony back along the bridge and handed the reins to the first guard before checking the packs were secure on the saddle. "Please hold tightly, she tends to bolt when startled" she advised, then wandered back to the third guard as she straightened out her robes. "Oh, I forgot my staff" she said as soon as she got back to the third guard, excusing herself as she toddled back over to the pony to collect it, and then back to the third guard again.

Nonchalantly she stretched her arms then stood square on to the guard, a small smile playing on her lips, when suddenly, from the other side of the bridge behind the guard an explosion of light sound and colour erupted into the air. "Oh look, fireworks!" She said and pointed over the guard's shoulder to where there were indeed fireworks going off (only small ones but they made a loud noise), from where she had thrown them from the pony's pack. She edged forward, hoping to slide past whilst the guard looked the other way.

21/Apr/2016, 03:49 PM
Afird from the Blue Mountains

As he stood staring into the dark cave, his hands upon his hips, a light suddenly bloomed behind him. The viceroy had followed. She was full of nasty taunts that in retrospect the dwarf could not blame her for; he had been rude. Still he could not help responding to one of her taunts as she searched the cave with her torch.

'For one so haughty, one would think they would be somewhat more intelligent to know when a falsehood blinds them! Have elves never heard of, L A M P S?' Afird emphasized the word by spelling it out.

He shook his head, mumbled and pah'd and humphed and thought, 'I just want to cross the bloody bridge and go home.'

He then began to search the cave whilst half listening to the elf prattle on about swords as she rattled through the debris on the floor. When she handed him a bone, he cast it down among the rest of the litter. For there was all manner of litter upon the stony floor; dented helms and old boots; rusty coins and broken flagons; busted crates and bones.

When the elf (Balcheth) found the swords, he stood back and watched her test them. 'At least she knows how to handle a blade', he mused. When she suggested they each take half and test them, Afird agree..

'Aye, I will do half. A dwarven blade should not be hard to find. It will be the one that bites the hardest....'

The blades were soon found and the dwarf made his way out of the cave -bowing low, his beard almost sweeping the flour, allowing the elf to go first. He may at times appear to be a bad tempered dwarf, but he knew how to be courteous and honorable too.

Rivvy Elf
21/Apr/2016, 04:11 PM
Balcheth (Viceroy of Sons of Fëanor Bros. Pictures)
Completing the Objective, Trying to Cross this Bridge

At last they had found the swords. Balcheth found the elven one, while the dwarf (Afird) found the dwarven one. She exited the cave first, noting the dwarf's courtesy.

"Thank you," Balcheth automatically responded plainly. That was better in terms of manners to a lady that should be well-respected like Balcheth. For a dwarf at least.

Soon, they reapproached the third guard. Balcheth handed the guard the elfin sword, while she expected her temporary teammate (Afird) to do the same in regards to the dwarven one. The sword was elfin due to the inscription forged on the metal pommel of the sword, rather than on the blade itself. It passed the field test much better than the rest of the swords, as elfin swords were known to be more durable and prettier than other swords.

"We found the swords, guardsman. I trust that they are as you requested?" Balcheth asked.

21/Apr/2016, 04:29 PM
Drifa and Rivvy, you have successfully completed all three challenges! You have permission to cross the bridge and enter the Lone-lands! You may keep the swords that you found.

Third Guard
"Nice try," the guard answered. "But you know as well as I do that there are no random fireworks in the Lone-lands." Something exploded behind him. "Or are there?" he mused, slowly turning around. "Fireworks?" He looked taken aback. "What? How?"

Fairy Nuff
21/Apr/2016, 10:50 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Seeing an opportunity as the guard slowly turned Starbreeze wordlessly used a sleight-of-hand trick she learned from a corsair in Umbar to exchange the guard's sword for her "staff" that she had retrieved from the pony - actually just a regular piece of branch she found and had been planning to carve into something when she next had time - and then with a speed unexpected of one apparently so old she made a break for the river bank, carefully carrying the sword so she didn't trip over it, as the guard was rather taller than she was and it dwarfed her somewhat.

She didn't dare look around in case the trick hadn't worked, and she was waiting for the guard's hand to fall heavily on her shoulder at any moment...

24/Apr/2016, 06:24 PM
The Third Guard

The guard watched the fireworks in surprise. For a few moments he completely forgot about the challenge he had given. Then, suddenly, something run past him. The guard shook himself and turned. "Nice try..." his voice trailed off. He turned again, and naturally raised his sword as he began chasing the woman. He brought his sword down, almost touching her, when he suddenly realized that he was not holding his sword. "A branch?" He shouted angrily. Behind him, the two other guards roared with laughter. He snapped the branch in two, flinging it the river. "Give me my sword! You can pass, you can enter the Lone-lands, you can cross the bridge! Just give me my sword back!"

Fairy Nuff
24/Apr/2016, 09:47 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Her foot touched the other bank and, her challenge complete, she stopped running and turned to face the guards on the bridge. She watched as the third guard snapped her lovely branch in two and threw it into the river "hey! That was a good branch!" she called, half-teasing. "Good job I didn't use my staff for that trick then, isn't it!" she said, half to herself. She grinned, and let the guard shout about his sword for a little while, as she held it tauntingly. Then, figuring enough was enough, she stepped back on to the bridge and carefully offered the sword, pommel first, back to the guard. "Don't worry, I have no use for such a blade - those that would fight an old woman tend to have more strength than honour, and I have not the strength to wield a weapon that could match them. I must win my fights by other means" She grinned again, hoping he harboured no ill feeling towards her.

She clicked her tongue twice and her pony pricked her ears and trotted calmly over the bridge to where Starbreeze was waiting. "Thank you guards, keep up the good work, I'll be on my way!" she called, nodding a farewell.