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11/Apr/2016, 01:00 PM
It began in the dead of night. Literally. On the head of the tallest hill in the Barrow-Downs, next to the tallest and coldest stone, a gathering of Barrow-wights was at its midst. Their leader, a fearsome wight who had once been a great king, was lecturing them in his usual murmuring voice. The pale, unhealthy looking, greenish light spread all over the hill, revealing hundreds of gleaming jewels resting on the hands of dozens of wights. The Barrow-King, as their leader was known, was a smokey form, clearly visible yet somehow unreal, with a beautiful golden crown resting on his head. He was giving his usual speech concerning the troubles a certain Bombadil was giving them, when he was suddenly interrupted by a guard. The other Barrow-wight hurried toward the Barrow-King, and in great excitement began whispering in his leader's ear. The Barrow-King listened carefully, then turned to the waiting wights, a smile twisting his unrealistic lips.

"There is a murderer among the men of the Lone Lands. Each night, a men or women from the Rangers or the Wildmen will kill one of their fellow men or women. At sunset, each day, they will all approach us, to hear who was murdered and who was healed and vote who was the Murderer."

Two Barrow-wights placed a big, silver throne lined with precious gems behind the Barrow-King, and their leader sat upon the cold chair comfortably.

"Soon," he announced. "There will be more dead than living in the land." He glanced at his surrounding guards. "Or perhaps, there already are more dead than not."


This is a RPG based on the game mafia (also known as werewolf, assassin, or witch hunt).

The roles in the game are these:


There will be a 72 hour sign-up period! Sign up by RP’ing your walk up the Barrow-Downs until you reach the Barrow-wight King and declaring your intention to seek out this foul murderer. Once the sign up period ends, PM’s will be sent out to the randomly chosen Murderer and Healer, informing them of their selection. The first round will then begin, following a prompt from The Barrow-King. If you have not received a PM before the RP prompt is posted, then you are a Townsperson.

During each round, the Murderer will choose someone to kill, and the Healer will choose someone to heal (you may choose yourself). These choices will be PM’d to me. If more than seven people sign up, then the number of Murderers will increase.

During each round, you will each RP either your search for or logic behind who you think the killer is- you may at once speak out or you may leave the Hall in order to conduct reconnaissance, but be sure to return each night and denounce your chosen culprit. The following morning, The Barrow-King (Nólewen) will reveal who has been murdered, and whether or not ye searchers have apprehended the villain. The person whom the Murderer has chosen to kill will be out of the game each round, as well as the accused with the most votes, unless either of them is the person the Healer has chosen to save. If among the accused there is a tie, the unfortunate one will be chose by the roll of a die. If you are the Murderer or Healer, be sure in your accusatory posts not to let on that you are!

Once you have been killed your vote no longer counts, but you are free to continue posting as a ghost lamenting your fate or/and trying to convince others of who murdered you.

There will be a 72 hour sign-up.
Rounds will continue until either the Murderer has been caught, or all the Townspeople are dead.

You will be killed in many creative ways throughout the course of this game.
Murderers will be able to choose how their victims will die when they send their PM.

Please keep everything family-friendly and you may double-post if a week had passed since your previous post.

Updates will be made in bold grey.

Thread idea and inspiration: Moriel, Angmar: Hall of Judgement (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?21699-Angmar-Hall-of-Judgement-Game-RP)

Sign-ups have started.

13/Apr/2016, 01:05 PM
Please Note That Sign-Ups Have Started.
About 38 hours have passed.
There are still 24 hours left.
Sign-Up in character (IC) here, or out of character (OOC) in the Lone Lands OOC II thread (http://www.lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78231-Lone-Lands-Activities-OOC-II).

14/Apr/2016, 12:55 PM
The 24 hours are up, which means that the sign-ups are over.

Yes, well, technically, the sign-ups are over... but since no one signed up, THEY'RE NOT OVER YET! So please, you have as much time as you like (well, almost...) to sign up. Do it quickly, do it now!

Fairy Nuff
17/Apr/2016, 09:10 PM
Starbreeze - Wizardess

Being a wizard Starbreeze was fond of meddling in the affairs of others, so she did not hesitate when she realised that the townspeople were falling, one by one, to an unknown murderer. She did, however, hesitate slightly when she realised that her investigation would lead her into the eerie green light on the Barrow-Downs to speak with the Barrow-Wights; not her favourite, er, people. She warily trudged up the hill to where the Barrow-King lurked, and on arriving in the foul green glow, she did speak to the dead, and defiantly declared that she would be the one to find the miscreant responsible for the dastardly deeds in the town. "Barrow-King, this cannot continue, and I refused to stand by and watch as innocent folk are slaughtered each night. Please, allow me to investigate and I will bring you the answer."

26/Jun/2016, 12:59 PM

"What is that?" Whispered the murmuring voice of the leader of the barrow-wights. His guards shifted and gripped their weapons, but the king raised a long, skeleton-like hand. "Let her pass," he ordered. He watched warily as she approached, his hand still held high in the air. His fingers curled as one of the wights tried to poke her with a spear. The wight let out a sharp wail and drifted away as if in pain. The Barrow-wight slowly uncurled his fingers and allowed his hand to drop back down.

"You are a wizardess," he remarked in mild surprise. "What causes a wizardess such as yourself to help the townspeople while risking your life... or death?" He made a short barking sound from the depth of his throat. It took everyone a few moments to understand that he was laughing, and gradually the other wights joined in, until the hills echoed with dark, humorless laughter.

"Enough," the Barrow-king tapped the side of his throne in impatience. He turned to the wizardess (Starbreeze), and continued quietly. "I would gladly begin an investigation, but we must wait for more volunteers. An investigation will not be nearly as amusing... I mean, effective... yes, effective, of course... without more people." He put two smokey hands together, leaning on the sides of his decorated throne, and waited.


We are still waiting for more investigators, murderers, and healers! Please sign up quickly!