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24/Jul/2016, 12:23 AM

Welcome to the surrounding environs of the Lonely Mountain. Here you will have the opportunity RP freely as you wish. Current year is TA 3014, however RPs in previous time periods are also welcome. The are no restrictions on your roleplaying beyond the current Imladris Convention. Above all have fun and happy RPing!!!


Ravenhill: Here you will find the roosts of the messenger ravens and their keepers. Much hisory is attached to this site and the trust between bird and Dwarf is absolute.

The Iron Hills: The home of Dain's folk and temporary refuge of the Dwarves of Erebor.

Withered Heath: The former breeding grounds of the great wyrms before and during Smaug's rampage over Erebor and Dale.

Open to all

In Character Posts only please

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07/Aug/2016, 12:26 AM
Hlaevang's Abode

Hlaevang sat in his study reflecting on the events of the past few months. Wrapped in a warm blanket he thoughtfully puffed on his pipe. Normally he would use some of his own stash but on this occasion, reflective as he was, he chose to use some of his family's Hobbiton Leaf. Things were coming to a head and he knew that his resolve would be tested again in the months to come. He had made his decision though and he would stick by it. Now he was hearing rumours out of the south. Something was stirring and he was worried over how his world would be re-shaped. He was lucky to have such solid friends though. He knew he could count upon them and he hoped that they felt the same. Years of experience had taught him that having close companions was a wealth all of it own and far surpassed any physical riches which he could acquire. Looking around it was hard for him to imagine that he was still able to live a simple lifestyle. Even his home spoke to his desire for a simple life. There had been a time when his life was busier and he had revelled in it then. A person had truly touched his life then and, even now, he yearned to see her face one last time. It had been many years since they had last crossed paths having been separated during a skirmish with some Orcs. To this day he was still unsure what had happened to her. It had taken him some time to finally escape, but by the time he had any trace of her and where she had gone was lost to him. It was still hard for him to speak her name as it always brought an overwhelming wave of emotions. So, he had learned to take these moments when he could and to remember her. One day perhaps he would hear of her or of where she had gone. But, for now, only his memories remained of the Dwarf maiden he loved. Taking a final puff on his pipe, he laid it to rest on the table beside him and settled down and await the sleep which would bring him to a new day....

10/Apr/2017, 08:29 AM
Lore Cavern

Hlaevang entered into the lore caverns after a much needed walk from his weeks of solitude. Here he could find a sense of solace which he could not usually find in other areas. Many years had passed under the mountain since he last graced the threshold of this sagely sanctum. What had kept him away, he was not certain. Perhaps it was his need to travel the lands once more, or perhaps it was a growing sense of unease stemming from the stresses of the time. Whatever the cause, he had chosen this moment to return to his first love under the mountain. Here, immersed in the lore, stories and histories of his people he could glean a sense of purpose. His duties here were truly of his own making. For many years these caverns had been left abandoned as the needs of the mountain changed over time. Now he was taking it upon himself to breathe some new life into this region and, perhaps, to gain some new attention from those who might stop by for a visit casual or otherwise.

Dusting off one of the desks he carefully lit a lamp and surveyed the area. It truly amazed him how nothing had really changed about the place since he last was here. Sure some papers were less dust-covered than others, but the layout had not changed one bit. Spotting his old desk at the end of the row, he took a seat reflecting upon years gone by. It was interesting to notice how the simplest of smells could take him right back to those first timid moments when his journey had begun. Closing his eyes he could still vividly see the faces of those who once strode these halls, many of whom had been close friends and compatriots. This place had been truly vibrant then! Shaking his head, he dispersed the memory. As pleasant as it had been, it was distracting him from his true purpose in coming here. Feeling under his desk he pushed on what to the untrained eye would appear as a knot in the wood. At its push, however, a previously unseen drawer open revealing a few of his most precious keepsakes and documents. Most of the materials would have had no real value except to him. However, there a couple of documents which he had carefully hidden away which detailed his involvement in events from many years ago.So much time had passed and he had grown in wisdom maturity since those tumultuous times. But one could never be too careful these days and he wished to finally excise that part of his past for good and this was the last step on that path. Stuffing the contents into his pack he blew out the lantern and began his long trek back to the comforts of his abode and the warm fire which he would be sitting in front of, in a few hours time.....

15/Jun/2017, 01:33 AM

The silver bearded wandering dwarf known as Kori stared up towards the peak of the great Lonely Mountain. It had been a long time since he had made his presence known, but he still maintained the drive to observe, learn what he could and, and travel the lands. His gear and cloak remained consistent, if not a bit weather-worn, as he recalled past excursions of mining, brewing, rune-smithing, and yes even battle. Despite being a dwarf he was happiest when existing peacefully with the other denizens of Middle Earth then swinging his axe, though his axe too had seen its share of action defending that peace.

All seemed very quiet now. Perhaps the dwarf should not have been surprised. After all, momentous events and epic tales had unfolded rather quickly in the recent past. Still there was probably much that could be done and Kori had a mind to be involved in some of it. Where to start was the question though. From here he could visit the men who had helped take down the vicious dragon Smaug, or see continue up the last bit of trail and see how the dwarves realm was coming along. There were probably still traces of darkness still permeating Mirkwood, and one only knew (despite the recent victories) what still lurked within Mordor. The age of man was pretty much upon the world and it would be interesting to see how all the different cultures got along. Yet even still there remained some elves and dwarves upon the land that may still influence events as well as the delightful people of the Shire. The whole of Middle Earth was yet again opened to the wanderer, but where best to travel was still up in the air.