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Angelikus Snape
26/Aug/2016, 11:01 AM

In the olden days, the regions used to compete with each other racing animals against each other on a race track. All kinds of animals frolicked about Middle Earth in those says: cheetahs, foxes, badgers, lava snakes, emus and many more. This is the game of animal racing revived in the Lone Lands! Pick an animal, name it and introduce yourself and your racing companion coming to the start of the racing track, on the field at Deadman’s Dike. Once we have at least six contestants, the race will begin!

If you’re a little late to the party, no worries; jump right in and tell me your choice of rolls for the amount you’ve missed. (So if you’ve missed 3 rounds, you can say A roll, A roll, B roll and you’ll be all caught up!)

I will try to update this thread every 24 to 48 hours, depending on activity, so be sure to check back regularly!

Rules of Play: The announcer, me, will roll dice for your moves, all you have to do is choose A or B,and then describe what the announcer tells you.

A = Move Rolls: If you choose A, you will get to move around the board we’ve set up. If the announcer rolls 2, 4, or 6, you move forward 2, 4, or 6 spaces. If the roll is a 1, 3, or 5, it sets you backwards that many spaces.

B = Action Rolls: Choosing B means the announcer rolls a 20-sided dice with an action your animal will need to respond to. Once the announcer tells you what your roll produced, you post in and describe it! (Length of Post: Obviously we all like to write posts of different lengths, but whether you are writing a post of 1 paragraph or 10, please put your Roll choice clearly at the end) The pre-determined list of moves is as follows:


11. -2




13. -1






16. -2


17. -1






20. -1

***New Roll*** The Big Gamble Roll!
C =This is a new roll, You can only take this option Once per race. You do not have to take this roll if you do not choose to. This is a 2 sided dice. If you roll a 1 you go back 10 spaces. If you roll a 2 you go up 10 spaces!
Rule of use --- You can only take the Big Gamble Roll after you have made 4 separate posts. You cannot take a Big Gamble Roll if you are taking all of your rolls in 1 post.

A few simple rules:
1. No Sigs
2. Please stay in character as much as possible…Develop your character instead of just declaring your choice
3. Spectators are allowed to comment
4. Most important… HAVE FUN!!!

“Let the race begin!”

26/Aug/2016, 01:58 PM
Narni son of Arni, with his pet wolverine, Fierce Beard, from Khazad-Dum

Narni walked up to the start line with his pet wolverine. His wolverine, Fierce Beard, had been a gift from his grandmother. Where she had gotten this strange beast he had know idea. They say they are native to the Ice Bay of Forochel, but a 400 year dwarf women going to the Ice Bays, didn't really make a lot of since. Anyways, Fierce Beard was his companion through it all.

Narni was here to represent Khazad-dum in these game, hoping to be one of the few dwarves to take home the gold. He was dressed with the sign of Durin on his chest, on his helm, and on his boots. He waved to the crowd and waited for the others to appear.

Angelikus Snape
05/Sep/2016, 02:39 AM
Angelikus Snape

Angelikus saw that only one person came to the race so far. However, she expects that more people would come and race with them. She does not give up and won't give up hope. After all, she sent ravens everywhere and to all corners of Middle-Earth to invite racers in the Lone Lands. She just hoped that more racers come soon so that they could finally race.

11/Sep/2016, 07:26 PM
Aden, Ranger of the North, accompanied by his favourite informant Caran

"A race, you say?" Aden looked down at the red squirrel in surprise. The creature chattered, nodding its small head. "How very intriguing. Well, my friend, you are right. It cannot hurt to attend and find out what this is all in aid of."
Bending down, he extended a hand to the squirrel, enjoying the tickle of tiny feet on his arm as Caran scrambled up to perch on his shoulder. Once the animal was settled, Aden checked his weapons, just in case, and set his course for Deadman's Dike.
There, he was surprised to find only three other beings: a woman who appeared to be in charge of proceedings, and a dwarf accompanied by one of the strangest creatures Aden had ever seen. It appeared to be somehow akin to a bear, yet smaller and somehow fiercer. Glancing between this impressive beast and Caran's much smaller form, Aden frowned doubtfully. Reading the look, Caran chattered in his ear, and Aden laughed at the squirrel's reassurance.
"Very well, my friend, it is your decision," he murmured to the creature, before cautiously approaching Angelikus and Narni.
"Greetings. I hear tell that there is a race for brave creatures to be held this day. My small friend Caran would like to join in."

Eamila Bolger
18/Nov/2016, 09:31 AM
NPC Telchar Lightaxe

Why hadn't he seen this before? A race! Telchar loved racing. And his little ferret Bob loved it even more.
The sign on the wall was looking like it had seen too many days of rain and too many nights of storm, but he decided he'd try and find out if this race was yet to start.
When he finally arrived, he say two others standing ready. A ranger of the North, whom he greeted with a friendly nod. The other was standing with his back towards Telchar. When he turned, Telchar smiled.
"Well, isn't that a coincidence! I hadn't expected more Dwarves here! How are you doing? My name is Telchar Lightaxe, I come from the Blue Mountains."
He now turned towards Aden and greeted him. "Well met, sir. Telchar Lightaxe, at your service."