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Beren Camlost
10/Jun/2017, 08:12 AM
"Little do they know of our long labour for the
safe-keeping of their borders. Yet, I grudge it not."
~ Halbarad, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

"Elladan and Elrohir were out upon errantry :
for they rode often far afield with the Rangers of the North."
- Narrator, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

"Elrond will send out a fair number...Elrond is sending Elves, and they
will get in touch with the Rangers...we shall have to scour the lands
all round for many long leagues."
- Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

__________________________________________________ _____________________


__________________________________________________ ______________________

In the craggen heights of the North Downs there is a large cavern that leads deep under a cliff, to a natural earthen and stone stairwell that rises through a narrow cleft in the rock to a high and hidden ledge, overlooking the lowlands. In this place of sanctuary, secreted away from prying eyes, stands an outpost named Osdolen, a refuge of the Rangers of the North and stands several strong, silent guards.

Osdolen's gates are strong, and lead through the outer stone walls into the age old streets,
empty now save for the rangers who frequent them briefly, before moving on.
There are two hundred residents here, driven from their lands and farms by
ravaging hordes of Orcs out of the Misty Mountains and ancient Angmar.
Rangers crowd the taproom of the Four Winds, exchanging tales and gossip,
the tongue of rumour and omens of ill augury are often spoken in this place. Warnings of grave peril are
given and heeded here. Plans to foil the cunning of many enemies. But even the best laid plans can go to waste...

Encamped within Osdolen are the Northern Dúnedain. Known also as the Rangers of the North, these hardy people are the descendents of the Dúnedain from their lost kingdom of Arnor. For over a thousand years they have been led by the Chieftans of the Dúnedain, heirs of Isildur and rightful claimants to the twin thrones of Arnor and Gondor. The current Chieftan of the Dúnedain is Aragorn [Beren Camlost] son of Arathorn, who travels Eriador in the guise of a ranger named Strider. Second only to Aragorn is Halbarad
[Whoever I appoint sometime down the road], trusted Captain of the Grey Company.

Players might enter this thread to take the Oath of the Rangers from its
captain Khallador Galerida [Beren's NPC; I'm only RP'ing him for recruits in this particular thread until I state otherwise]
and offer their support to the Dúnedain. Players might also be returning veteran rangers,
bringing news and supplies from Bree and other
settlements to the south. Players can also make use of the hidden settlement to sharpen their weapon skills
under the calculating gaze of their comrades. Important news and events will also be
revealed by whoever is chosen to be Halbarad someday or Aragorn within this thread,
especially with them announcing news of new adventures
open to Rangers of the Lone Lands.

Any player is also free to form their own band of Rangers, with a unique name. Players can also join with an existing band
by gaining the permission of their chief within an RPG or open-RP thread. To create a new band, a player should find a willing comrade-in-arms to join with them. The leader, or chief, of each band is expected to GM stories
for their band within the open-RP threads of the Lone Lands

Train and socialize with others throughout the city. Engage in a game of horseshoes by the stables, or barter skins for coin by the tannery. There are kennels, too; here there are hounds for the hunt to supply the Four Wind's kitchen but also dogs of battle may be chosen to aid you in combat or a canine may be chosen for a simple pet. There is also an archery range and mastered by Emeralda (Rillewen's NPC) but you don't have to RP here with her.


The Wall -

Prowl the wall of Osdolen, always keeping
watch on the lands to the north.

The Library of Osdolen -

Among the buildings still intact within the ancient city, the Library of Osdolen
is an imposing, grey stone and white marble domed structure
surrounded by a copse of oak trees at the
heart of the refuge ; it's a repository of knowledge, custodian of information regarding
the lands of Eriador and distant Wilderland specifically.
Its caretaker is a Dúnedan senior, Eriston (Beren Camlost's NPC), who had once been a Ranger of the North in his youth.
No one must interact with my NPC; you can use another librarian of your own making to help you if necessary.

The Four Winds - Tavern and Council Hall

Here the rangers of the north exchange news and stories over a brimming tankard of Tubeng, a curiously strong cider brewed by the rangers. New arrivals to Osdolen might visit here, and take the Oath of the Rangers. The tavern is owned by Abrazân (Moriel's NPC), a middle-aged Dúnadan of grim complexion, but a friendly tongue. He is ever-present behind the bar to dispense food, drink, and conversation but please feel free to use a server NPC of your own making during the times Moriel isn't here. The Four Winds is a plain establishment, with its heavy wooded chairs, tables, and benches, but chances are if your pleasure in food and drink is simple and hearty, Abrazân will be able to produce it.
Attûbêl Gûrphen (Rillewen's NPC) may interact with you.

If you wish to add more locations within Osdolen grounds, please PM Beren
so we can disscuss your idea toegther before I edit it in the OP.



- In-Character posts only please. Include your location at the top of each post. Any out-of-character remarks like questions or planning discussions can be taken to the Lone Lands Activities OOC (http://lotrplaza.com/showthread.php?78231-Lone-Lands-Activities-OOC-II).

- Membership of the Rangers is available to all Plaza members, regardless of Area and Region, as long as they are playing Dunedain of Eriador. Relatives or friends from Gondor are happily permitted to visit or adventure with their northern relations/mates.

- Elves from the Halcyon Guard or Lindon Guard may post here; just be respectful of the mortals, please, thank you.

Angelikus Snape
13/Nov/2017, 03:54 PM

Four Winds

After a long tour of patrolling different areas in Eriador, Emora returned home, or what could be called home. She had not been seen or heard from in more than a year and she thought it was necessary for her to go back and report that everything had been peaceful, or relatively peaceful so far. After all, nowadays, nothing could be completely peaceful but at least no one is being harmed by evil in the places that she visited. As she entered the Four Winds, it seemed that she arrived early because she was the only one there so far.

She called one of the servers to bring her some ale and a good piece of steak. She thought that she deserved to splurge a little bit. After all, she might be called to action again and leave this place as soon as she arrived and it would be better for her at least to get a decent meal and drink before she gets called off to another adventure again. To be honest, Emora thought her job to be tiring, but she keeps on persevering because she knew that the lives of many depended on her and her comrades.

While waiting for the food and drink, Emora looked around and realized that this place was not as busy as it used to be. Then again, they were few enough to begin with but the emptiness of this place was a little bit jarring for her. She was used to the hustle and bustle of the Four Winds before she left but, maybe, just maybe, she was overreacting and she was just early and maybe other Rangers would come through those doors sooner or later...

Beren Camlost
20/Nov/2017, 08:36 AM
- Source Image: James Purefoy (http://www.mbc.net/default/mediaObject/Photos/Grid/2013/june/04/SOLOMON-KANE_1024/original/7bd92cbeff8816184cb8f5a6df6ad0404a628493/SOLOMON-KANE_1024.jpg)-

For the Reader:
Set in the present day during the time of
Aileen's Quest, Lindon Guard: Nightshade,
and my Islands Mole posting
I'll do with Ercassie soon.
This post further sets up
an RP I want to run in
Bree in the new year.

Khallador Galerida, a senior Ranger and the city's commander, entered the warm stone interior of the Four Winds. The scarred, stubbled veteran doffed his wide-brimmed felt hat to hang on a rack of wooden pegs near the iron-bound oaken door. He moved closer to the taproom's hard maple bar where the Harbinger's sweet, yellow-haired daughter named Aurora was serving Dúnedain today. She wore a bright linen chemise beneath a violet frontlace kirtle. The teenager greeted the soft-spoken man kindly before taking his order for Combe lamb curry and pumpkin buttermilk biscuits.

"Anything to wash all that down with, Mr. Kal?" she asked with a twinkle in her light-brown eyes. Her father was a menacing Ranger captain but his fresh-faced young girl had a sweet temperament.

"Barliman's Yulemath Lager would be delightful, lass," he answered, licking his lips in anticipation. Butterbur's new spiced brew was flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and Lindonese orange peel; it had a malty finish and was quite pleasant to the palate.

"It pairs so well with warmed gingerbread or some hot apple pie, Mr. Kal," Aurora informed him with a saccharine lilt to her dulcet voice, waggling her blonde eyebrows.

Kal wanted to say no, he tried to save as much coin as he could for travelling often to the Bree-land, but that sure did sound good and she was so darn cute...it was difficult to say no when those bewitching eyes shone so prettily.... "Gandalf's beard, you're a good saleswoman, kid," grumbled Khallador, passing several electrum coins for the meal and her tip. "I'll take the gingerbread."

"Would you like to sit with Emora, sir?" she nodded toward the Ranger seated at a round table near a freestanding hearth fragrantly burning cherry logs of the Chetwood.

"I would fancy it!" Khallador exclaimed, already striding over with his ceramic mug. "It's great seeing you back, my friend, and in one piece!" he merrily spoke to Emora, sitting across from her. "I hope your travels have been enjoyable and that you haven't been in much combat." Khallador heaved a sigh. "Some quests still give me nightmares," he admitted candidly to her, shaking his head ruefully. Since Moriel, one of the closest friends he felt comfortable admitting his innermost worries to, was momentarily not here he needed someone to confide in.

He paused for a second when Aurora came by with Emora's drink, Nob's Holiday Ale which tasted richly of caramel and milk-chocolate covered nuts. "I know there's not a lot of Rangers in town currently," he mentioned just low enough for her to hear when the lass swayed away. "The Lone Lands and the Misty Mountains are becoming more perilous to venture through as the years go by, Emora, and it's not very odd receiving no reports from a Ranger for months at a time." Khallador took a deep, pleasing sip of his lager before continuing on.

"I haven't news from Sarn Ford in several fortnights," he shared gravely, folding his muscled arms over the table. "I'm worried that the outpost keeping watch over the Greenway may have fallen to either bandits or Corsairs of Umbar. Yes, pirates from the South. Lord Círdan has told Aragorn that two families, the Gameelas and Halsads, have intensified raiding in the Wethrin Isles and may threaten Harlindon's shores; there's rumors that Amarthel Delgaran, a sorceress of Umbar, remains alive and has joined forces to pillage alongside them. It's possible they may have slipped past the nets of the Lindonese navy and wrested Sarn Ford from us."

Khallador's strong fingers trembled around the handle of his tankard; he didn't remark about the mage's northern dragon, a black wyrm which had entirely vanished... "We cannot permit the pirates to control that crucial roadway which connects Eriador to the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor. They could easily try taking the fertile lands of the Shire and the prosperous villages of the Bree-land. Speaking of the latter, many lumberers and miners from the community have been steadily gone missing from the Chetwood and the Weather Hills since the summer; the Hill Watch have investigated but any detective who goes looking for them has disappeared, too."

Khallador lapsed into thoughtful silence, nursing his lager, and smiled at Aurora when she returned with his food and Emora's. "I'm not telling you should leave immediately to find out what's happened to Sarn Ford or search for clues about the Bree-landers," said Khallador clearly as he waited for his meat and dessert to cool, "but I want to keep you informed of recent events, I hope you understand. Winter approaches so any assignments to far-off locations should be taken before the first snows fall."

03/Dec/2017, 10:06 PM
’There’s a reckoning a-coming and it burns beyond the grave
Lead inside my belly ‘cause my soul has lost it’s way
Oh Lazarus, how did your debts get paid ? Lazarus, were you so afraid ?

When the fires have surrounded you, and the hounds of hell coming after you
I’ve got blood, I’ve got blood on my name.
When the fires are consuming you, and your sacred stars are not guiding you,
I’ve got blood, I’ve got blood on my name ..’

(Blood on my Name, by the Brothers Bright)


Gwandhyra Harion Ranger of the North
(aka Domanol Raxëlilta – long lost of Minas Tirith)
The Four Winds, Osdolen

The brown elixir churned, licking the cold walls of the dented tankard. A single and solitary splash suggested that the Ranger had begun to rock his hand too wildly. He slowed the idle motion now, bringing up his second hand to support that which was cradled in his first. Still he did not drink but persevered with nursing his alibi. One hand loosed a single finger that poked at the puddle, spilt on riven wood. With that finger, Gwandhyra encouraged the shape and size of the new distraction to extend, out of sheer boredom else. Words were absent from his corner, driven off by thoughts he would not share. For all that he had tendency to make with grand speeches and passionate tirades, he did not raise up this day to note the Captain’s entry, any more than he had acknowledged Emora.

It was a strange day indeed when the Man of Gondor was not to be found with either one of his Northern-born kinfolk. Yet Mirana had found new acquaintance of a farmer in Breeland. Coleman Finch was the honest, solid sort of strength that Ana required, after what had come, and been, and gone. Gwandhyra could not begrudge her a vacation, but neither could he bring himself to celebrate his loneliness. Jowan’s death had been a hard blow, and the house was that much larger, colder since the winter past. Ana had fled Osdolen, proper, to escape the grief of her father’s passing. Gwandhyra retreated into memories of the short time he’d known the Man of the North. Family, who had accepted him, no questions asked. His own daughter had faltered in her letter writing, And while that no doubt meant that she had finally made good with friends in Bree, it left her Father absent of another strand he clung to.

Come to the Four Winds, to there raise spirits, even the alcohol had let him down, for that had spent far more of it’s potency spilt on the tabletop than warming the Man’s gullet. Gwandhyra had nigh begun to believe himself sunk to the absolute depths of despair. And then he learnt that he could plummet yet more.

“Corsairs of Umbar” Khallador’s grim tone roused an ancient terror from the Gondorian’s past. But, nay. He must be mistaken. Perchance the alcohol had in fact filtered some effect upon his senses. Umbar was so very far away ..

“Yes, pirates from the South” the Captain continued, ignorant of how Gwandhyra slowly lowered his head into trembling hands..” Lord Círdan has told Aragorn that two families, the Gameelas and Halsads, have intensified raiding in the Wethrin Isles and may threaten Harlindon's shores …”

The Ranger listening intently, managed to wash his throat with the entire remainder of his ale. As though dousing a most heinous thing with water that might see it from all sight. It helped none. If anything, the words mocked him as though some nightmare from across the room.

“They could easily try taking the fertile lands of the Shire and the prosperous villages of the Bree-land. Speaking of the latter, many lumberers and miners from the community have been steadily gone missing from the Chetwood and the Weather Hills since the summer; the Hill Watch have investigated but any detective who goes looking for them has disappeared, too."

Gwandhyra found his height, and his chair fell away from him as he rose. Without words, he fled from the Four Winds, never stalling to learn more of the horrific rumour.

He had heard more than enough to know that all the alcohol in all of existence would not aide him. The worst thing in all the world that he had ever known was come to the place where his oblivious kin were abouts. Bree. Dessy. Mirana. He required no orders but that what his heart commanded. He was going to Bree.

There was just one thing he had to do first ..