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Basic Lore
Beginner discussions in Middle-earth Lore
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Advanced Lore
Discuss more advanced Middle-earth topics
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Middle-earth People & Races
Discuss the People and Creatures of Middle-earth
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Middle-earth Locations
Discuss the various Places and Locations of Middle-earth
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Middle-earth Languages
Discuss the various Languages of Middle-earth
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The Books
Discuss the various Books by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Movies - The Fellowship of the Ring
Discuss the first movie in the LotR Trilogy
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Out of Middle-earth
Anything not Middle-earth Related
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Movies - The Two Towers
Discuss the second movie in the LotR Trilogy
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Newbies & Introductions
Introduce yourself and ask beginner Questions
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Poetry & Fan Fiction
Writings by Fans of the Tolkien Sagas and Poetry
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Tolkien - The Man
Discuss the Man behind the Books
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Art and Fan Fiction
Writings by Fans of the Tolkien Sagas and Art Work
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Movies - The Return of the King
Discuss the third movie in the LotR Trilogy
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Trade, Products & Merchandise
Discuss and Trade Tolkien-related Products & Merchandise
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Legolas Love Letters
A place for all Legolas Lovers to keep the rest of the Forum clean
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Parties, Weddings & Festivities
A General Forum for all Parties, Weddings and Leisure Activities
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The Elven Kingdom of Rivendell
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Battle Arena Forum
Make battle arrangements and discuss past battles
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The Dwarven Kingdom of Khazad-dûm
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Minas Tirith
The Kingdom of the Men of Gondor
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The Kingdom of the Riders of Rohan
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The White Council
The Kingdom of the Istari
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The Shire
The Kingdom of the Hobbits
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Home of the Ents
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The Elven Kingdom of Lothlorien
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The Kingdom of the Minions of Mordor
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LotR Site, Shop and Plaza Related
Discuss the content and stucture of the LotR Network Sites
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Inter Kingdom Competition Forum
A forum for all competitions between Kingdom Teams
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Administrators Messages
Important Messages from and for the Administrators
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Abuse & Spammers
Report bad behaviour by Members
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RPG Forum
Forum for the playing of Role Games (non-point earning)
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LotR Library & Newsletter
Add content for the Plaza Newsletter and the LotR Library
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Strategic Plan
Co-ordination Forum for the Strategic Plan
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Valinor (Private)
Private Forum for the Plaza's Admins & Rulers
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Supporting Member Forum (Private)
Private Forum for the Plaza’s Premiere Members
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Plaza Parties
Forum for our 50.000th member and Anniversary
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