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Leanan Sídhe

  1. Blogging the Plaza - the hard part

    As y'all will most likely have noticed, there has been a distinct lack on blogs the past few weeks. I have been remiss in updating regularly, which has several reasons that I will lay out to you.

    1. I started a new job. This, mind, is my first full time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week job. And getting used to the new daily schedule (getting up at 7, for one... SOOOO not a morning person, me!), the job itself and the new environment and people (for the classic introvert that I secretly ...
  2. From LotR to LARP

    In my previous blog I briefly alluded to how the Lord of the Rings and the Plaza were a big part of the person I grew up to be. This is true in many different ways, some more subtle than others. But one of the bigger things I would probably never have done if I hadn't been sucked into the fantasy genre by Tolkien, and which in big part also shaped me, is LARP.

    LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing and the most basic explanation of it would be that it is quite literally what it is ...
  3. Our shared love

    In 2001, one man in the small country of the Netherlands had looked at his Tolkien book collection, and at all the movie promotionals for the Fellowship of the Ring, and thought, "I can't be the only one." So to he created a place where like-minded people could come and share their thoughts, and the plaza was born. It was a small place at first; it only had three kingdoms, for starters, and one lore forum. It was chatty, and foo, and silly, and a wonderful place for every new Tolkien fan ...

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  4. Plaza roleplaying – from lolplay to whole play

    In the twelve and a half years of the Plaza, the idea of what was considered “good roleplay” has changed drastically. Most of the members who joined after 2005 who now took a look in the archives for 2002/2003 would surely laugh themselves silly at what was then considered great roleplaying. Early plaza was the kingdom of oneliners; RPGs were a series of posts containing one or two lines of text, often dialogue with a rare “she said” attached to the end and barely a hint of descriptive writing. ...

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