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  1. The Unquiet Voice of Saruman

    Jeff LaSala has written up a very good character portrait of Saruman:

    Though there isn't anything new in this article, it gathers up the threads, and writes it up quite well.

    In the process, LaSala illustrates some of the depth of character that Tolkien (‘eventually’, after the publication of The Lord of the Rings, as it was at many points) created for Saruman, and how Tolkien used Saruman to once more emphasise the important point that Elrond makes at the Council: “nothing is evil in the beginning.
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    very good article, thanks!

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    This is an exceptionally good study, synopsis and opinion piece of the Tale of the Wizards. Not sure why I don't remember seeing or reading this before now!

    I like how he mentions the White Council as portrayed in the Hobbit movie and how he hoped Elrond was at least nodding while Saruman talked. :)
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    Thank you for this! As you can see from my username, I want to read this. I've always been fascinated with Saruman. The dark wizard archetype is complex, and intriguing. Saruman's origins really say something to his mindset; that he was for so long on the side of good, and so easily fell to the sway of darkness.


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