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    Do animals die a natural death in the Undying Lands?

    I have a question about animals in the Undying Lands. For animals like Huan, I know they are immortal, perhaps even having sort of a spirit similar to a maiar. But for 'normal' animals living in the Undying Lands? Can they die a natural death due to old age for instance?

    I'm asking this for RP related reasons, since I have a few RP characters who lived in valinor.
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    Rivvy: Most likely yes. Immortality was natural given to the elves, not the other animals. Huan is a special case, but the wolfshound was a companion to Oromë first. Hence he could have altered the life expectancies of the wolfhound, so he didn't have to say goodbye and have hundred companions he had to train across the ages. Oromë had more wolfhounds, they would have shared the same alterations as Huan.

    Animals and plants might in Valinor have lived longer, because not destructive influences of Morgoth. But all would die and renew again. I can't see it another way, because immortal life was never given to the plans and animals naturally in Middle Earth and Valinor.


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