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    Do Dead Trolls Also Turn to Stone?

    I've been thinking a little about trolls for one of my RP posts, and one question has been bothering me. Suppose a Stone-troll, like the three creatures encountered by Thorin & Company in The Hobbit, is killed. In The Hobbit we see that the trolls could get hurt and wounded, so I would assume they could also be killed, if they are wounded badly enough. Does a dead troll turn to stone when exposed to sunlight just like a living one, or does the dead troll remains as a pile of meat which eventually rots away and leaves only bones, just like any other animal or man? Otherwise, do the bodies of dead trolls perhaps vanish like the bodies of the dead wolves which attacked the Fellowship in FotR, chapter Journey in the Dark?
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    Nolewen: Yes, I recall that chapter, those wolves vanish indeed. But of other dark creatures I never read they vanished, so supposedly not. The cave-troll dies in Moria too, to stabs and the arrow of Legolas and he turns to a big pile of meat, or so the Fellowship leaves him behind. Those stonetrolls in the open and that one dies other than sunlight turning it to stone? I guess it doesn't matter much and that they in dead state still turn to stone. After all they are 'stonetrolls'. The dead orcs don't vanish either. Other trolls are just a pile of meat, decay over time and become skeletons. Or they serve as food to other evil creatures. Orcs eat each other as well. Your questions are well asked and leave a lot open for further debate. I hope this answers what's on your mind, or help you to form your own answer.
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  3. Well, I think answering this is somewhat tricky as the "magic" that turns stone-trolls to stone in sunlight is never fully explored or explained (but then again Tolkien's concept of magic in Middle Earth has never been comprehensively laid out as far as I am aware either).

    Does a troll have to be living for the magic to work? Or, to put it into a modern sense, is their something in their genetic code that reacts to sunlight and then turns them to stone? If it is dependent on them living, then when they die either of natural causes, sickness, or battle, if they're nowhere near the sun at the time and then the sun shines down upon them later, I would argue they will remain just a corpse and not turn to stone. But, if it is something genetic, then regardless of how or where they die, if sunlight chances across them then they would naturally turn to stone if their body had not completely decomposed and there were still living cells in the body.

    Definitely an interesting topic. I don't think there can be any definitive answer, which gives you wiggle room to do what you please RP-wise. :)


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